Those who would hijack the legal institutions shielding society from Wall Street perfidy must hijack the political institutions overseeing them, hijack the media’s discourse about those institutions, and hijack social media’s discussion of all of it. The capture must run deep to be stable. So deep, in fact, that records of the past become untrustworthy. Stories have disappeared from databases and video clips from websites. This chapter will serve as an archive of material to which the rest of DeepCapture may link. Those who wish to take issue with DeepCapture’s archiving and deconstruction of their copyrighted articles and videos (and, perhaps, emails) know where to find us.

The Archive

Ouch. I'm The 1st Daily Show Guest to Owe Them an Apology

Details to follow. In the meantime, here’s the clip: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c The Money Honey Bee Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant Things w/ Demetri Martin Political HumorJim...
Patrick Byrne
16 sec read

Gasparino Reports. Fluffy Yelps.

One of these men is a reporter. One of these men is a bootlick nervously fighting the exposure of those for whom he shills. See if you can spot the difference.
Patrick Byrne
8 sec read

Chris Cox, Bear Stearns, and Naked Short Selling 3 Apr 2008

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox appeared before a US Senate commitee to discuss the Bear Stearns implosion. Be sure to watch this video to the last second. To decode the Washington-speak, note that Senator Tester...
Patrick Byrne
11 sec read

Jim Cramer Channels DeepCapture

By December 2006, the cover-up of widespread stock manipulation by favored hedge funds with friends in the financial press was starting to unravel among all thinking observers. Thus, Jim Cramer repositioned himself from a...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

CNBC Finally has a non-Gasparino Sober Story on Naked Short Selling

In early November, 2006 CNBC finally manages to air a simple, straightforward report on the issue that I had fought to bring to their attention, without deriding it as being about me, Overstock, how...
Patrick Byrne
9 sec read

Charles Gasparino Speaks Plain Truth, Dan Colarusso Prevaricates, & Becky Gets the Joke, CNBC Follows

Charles Gasparino reported on an upcoming Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to which he, evidently, had been invited to offer guidance. Dan (“We have buckets of ink and barrels of cash to crush them”) Colarusso...
Patrick Byrne
24 sec read

Charles (“Charlie”) Gasparino, CNBC, April 26, 2006

On April 26, 2006 Charles Gasparino delivered this story regarding SEC Chairman Chris Cox’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. As a prefatory comment, however, I should note that as far as I can...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

CNBC, My Celebrated SEC Subpoena, and Fluffy. And a Dog.

Herb Greenberg (“The Worst Business Journalist in America”) appeared on TV with his fluffy dog to criticize my recent announcement that I celebrated receiving an SEC subpoena. In that press release I had written,...
Patrick Byrne
22 sec read

With No Evident Irony, CNBC Wonders Why 60 Minutes Covers Story – March 2006

Having done everything they could to twist, distort, and suppress the story, in late March, 2006 CNBC wonders with faux innocence why 60 Minutes would be picking up the story.  
Patrick Byrne
6 sec read

Becky Quick Bickers Quickly but Blithely Fails to Follow

Becky Quick invited me on CNBC. I expected another CNBC spin-job and was not disappointed. Becky began with a half-truth about an Overstock accounting restatement, failing to mention that it was a restatement up...
Patrick Byrne
38 sec read