Gasparino Reports. Fluffy Yelps.

One of these men is a reporter.

One of these men is a bootlick nervously fighting the exposure of those for whom he shills.

See if you can spot the difference.

  1. I have a different story to add.

    It were, according to a Dutch insider, not hedge funds who factually killed Bear Stearns, but it was J.P. Morgan! This independent insider, who I deeply respect, claimed that it was NOT Bear Stearns that got rescued by J.P. Morgan, but Bear Stearns became the ‘collusive saviour’ of J.P. Morgan! This is what the insider claimed, past Sunday on the Dutch RTL commercial TV Network: – Bear Stearns was not by any means in bad financial shape or facing any serious liquidity problems. – Bear Stearns seemed to have possed a rather ‘limited’ portfolio of so called Credit Default Swaps or CDS’. – The management of Bear Stearns envisioned a ‘tough season’ ahead for the market of those CDS’ and had decided to put them up for sale. – That decision, was not the problem for J.P. Morgan. – The problem for J.P. Morgan, as the insider asserted, was the fact that Bear Stearns possessed just a relatively small portfolio of CDS’ and J.P. Morgan seems to be ‘packed till the roof’ [as the Dutch insider claimed]. – At that time, the market for CDS’ was rapidly and seriously deteriorating and at Bear Stearns the decision was made: sell at any price in the market. – This decision made the alarm bells go of at J.P. Morgan. – Why? Because the market for those CDS’ was so weak at that time, that despite the relatively small portfolio of Bear Stearns, the decision to sell-at-any-price, would for sure have caused a steep drop in the pricing of CDS’. – The fact that J.P. Morgan is ‘packed till the roof’ with those CDS’, would have lead to a situation, wherein J.P. Morgan would have had to write-off $multi-billions. – Such a sudden and due to be predictable massive write-off, of $multi-billions, would have caused a massive run on the J.P. Morgan Bank instead of a run on Bear Stearns. – So accordingly, as the Dutch insider claimed, J.P. Morgan had to act swiftly and decisively, in order to gain control at and over Bear Stearns. – Ultimately, within days, it factually worked out and J.P. Morgan gained control over Bear Stearns. – It was Bear Stearns who saved J.P. Morgan from collapsing.

    Who is this ‘Dutch insider’? First of all, here’s the interview in Dutch: You may know someone, a independent person, who’s capable of speaking Dutch? Please skip the video to the 50th minute of the show. The guy is called Mr. Rienk Kamer, who’s a financial genius, very rich and very influential. Powerful contacts? He had established with some other rich contacts, a joint-venture aimed at trading in CDS’, with the super influential U.S. private equity firm “The Carlyle Group”. Trust me, that Dutch guy is no joker and neither a liar.

    So the sudden collaps of Bear Stearns was NOT caused by collusive criminal hedge funds, it was caused by Wall Street’s most influential Banks. So this is why, very plausible IMHO, the SEC is not investigating the stinky Bear Stearns case.

    No before you may call me a hedge fund crony or a cahoots, which tries to take the attention away from the alleged criminal hedge funds, I have a message for Dr. Byrne: Sir, since you possess my e-mail address, please get in touch with me. I can deliver you verifiable documents and evidence, that Milberg Weiss partners got collusively paid, in terms of multi-millions, by a NYC based hedge fund manager and also, the prima facie evidence, that the Californian D.A. Office seems to have ordered the Federal Inspectors, which were involved in the criminal probe, to NOT investigate the obvious ties between the Milberg Weiss lawfirm and a number of hedge funds. Am I joking? No, I have the emails and so on. Just drop me a email and I will allow you to evaluate my bold claims.

    I am looking forward to cooperate.

    1. Great readings. Great research. Great insights. As for this Rienk Kamer: he might be an authority on a certain level of financial systems but the platform he chose to vent his theories (the TV program “Business Class”) is a tenth-rate sunday afternoon collusion-infected advertorial hub for right wing airbags and their grannies. The host himself is connected so I wouldn’t rule out any relevance. Then again, that would probably add to the trustworthyness of the issues raised, since they might indeed have had word from someone operating within the machine.

      Another interesting theory on the collapse of the monetary system, other then CDS is explained here

  2. I cannot get the CNBC (Gasparino Report) to play & everything seems to be working on this end.A picture of a broadcaster appears and I cannot activate the piece. Would you please check?Thank You/ QF

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