The Unbearable Lightness of Being… a Mainstream Journalist (Michelle Smith, Associated Press)

I could set this up by explaining how for 20 years the bane of my existence has been dealing with journalists most of whom are 30 IQ points less intelligent than they believe themselves to be, and a few so thick I am surprised they are allowed out of their bedrooms unattended. I have decided, however, to let one of them speak for herself.

Behold Michelle Smith, noted reporter for the Associated Press, and one who has in a most dutiful manner amplified the “Big Lie” allegation (that claims of election fraud are baseless). I encountered her last summer in the ReAwaken America event in Rochester, New York, and she approached me with questions. I had just left a stage where I had (nearly extemporaneously) shifted the subject of my talk to Frederick Douglass, who in 185, right there in Rochester, had given the best July 4 speech in American history. I still had in my hands two items I had carried on stage but not used (because of the late shift in subject of my talk), the then-recent admission by DHS that the Dominion’s election systems were incredibly porous and the Mesa County #3 forensic report showing that one county had in fact had its results hacked (cf. “DHS Issues Report: Patrick Was Right Again. Again.“) So with Michelle’s knowledge I caused our interaction to be filmed as I entertained her questions, then politely asked about the “baseless” claims of her articles asking her to square them with the recent DHS admissions.

I had previously compared her publicly to a college sophomore, capable of boldly declaiming a position but incapable of defending, supporting, or even explaining it: after the interaction, I wondered if that comparison might be unfair to college sophomores. Rather than inviting the reader to prejudge her any further, I would like to experiment with crowd-sourcing. I want you to watch this 5:36 interaction, and then in the comments below, you tell me what it is you think of Ms. Smith’s intellect, manner, and reasoning skills. So I know whether it is just me and I am being a snob, or I am correct to feel as I do about the intellect of MSM journalists (for believe me, Michelle is no less intelligent than the median).

For extra credit, and if your only alternative use of the next 33 minutes would be something like spraying your face with lighter fluid, setting it afire, and trying to put it out with a fork, you might prefer to listen to this additional recording of a telephone conversation between Michelle and me (recorded a few days after Rochester with her permission), to enrichen your experience of what it is like talking to an MSM journalist.

Recorded with Permission of Michelle Smith on August 16, 2022
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  2. If you don’t already know what was being said in this video, it’ll be totally unintelligible. There’s somebody blasting out on a stage microphone, and some jerk talking loudly behind the cameraman, and then there’s Patrick and Michelle out in center field barely mumbling at each other.
    If it’s all that important, you’d better include a transcript.

  3. Skip the difficult to understand video and listen to the taped phone conversation that demonstrates Patrick’s point clearly.

    There is a reason that journalists and teachers have below-average to average IQs and think they are smarter than they are because they failed the “weeder” courses (typically calculus) in college that kept them out of difficult studies. The Colleges of Journalism, Social Work, Education and most Humanities majors do not have a difficult math requirement (such as calculus) and, consequently, students in these colleges consistently score the lowest on IQ tests among colleges at every university campus. This is by design.

    For instance, a student may start out at university taking core requirements as a freshman and sophomore hoping to get into, say, engineering, medical, business, or other major, but they can’t pass calculus so they can’t get into a serious area of study. But they are conscientious, want to get a degree and so plod through the process of entering a college that they can qualify for, like Journalism, Teaching, etc. So, early in their lives these youths develop a view that higher math is not just mysterious, demanding and difficult for their level of intellect, but are “unfair” because higher math stood in the way of their childhood career dreams and higher math is “not really needed in the real world” and then they discount their obvious lower IQ as not “real” or meaningful. After all they could read, speak, and write well enough to get a college degree just like all those other students who could do the math. They thus develop a view of the world that experts with credentials know more than they do (and everybody who disagrees with them) and these favored sources must be trusted regardless of whether the Journalist understands what the expert is saying or not, or even if they have been proven wrong in the past. Then the young journalist develops a crutch for understanding the world by using “trusted sources” in lieu of actually figuring out how the world actually works by themselves. That is, they have been brainwashed with BS and are incapable of breaking out of what is effectively a cult.
    People with higher intelligence are able to more easily recognize disparate patterns among seemingly random data sets than people with lower intelligence; that is, they can “connect the dots”. When you, Patrick, try to connect the dots for this young journalist with an inflated evaluation of her own intelligence supported by her blind faith in credentialed trusted sources, she is incapable of seeing how the dots connect and justifies this condition in her small mind by simply regurgitating the words of her trusted sources like a talisman. Further, like all cultists, she refuses to discuss, much less debate, the merits of your premises and arguments because it sounds like a foreign language to her as she has been taught what to think by the cult leaders, not how to think and recognize objective truth. Nice try, though.

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  5. I think a more fruitful line of questioning would be to ask,

    1. can the election system be corrupted?
    2. if so, how would we know it?
    3. if we suspected it was corrupted what would steps to resolve it should a citizen take.

    If the answer to #1 is no, then there really isn’t any point in continuing the conversation.

    Patrick you are correct in your analysis of this journalist and her critical thinking skills.

      1. Wow, incredibly accurate and articulate comment by MD, you must have times you think you’re taking crazy pills or something, a terrible environment indeed, regardless of the weeder courses, horse sense would lead you to think one would start to ask a few questions, especially a journalist..?…holy cow…glad to see you keep your sense of humor.

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  7. I did not vote in 2020. And since then and until things change, I’m a dedicated Patriotic non-voter because I’m sure my vote doesn’t count. And the People’s vote cannot matter because the grifting urban machine politics dictates that “they win” at all costs — too much money and power is at stake.

    Welcome to your oligarchic tyranny, folks, where politics is a charade played by the earnest few upon the rest of us who pine for an honest day like July 4, 1776.

    FOR YOUR INTERVIEW SUBJECT, moronic Michelle, HERE IS A VERY BRIEF RUN-DOWN on unverified voting (ie, vote fraud) during November 2020s election, with the author’s new book at the LINK

    1. You are on point. I too have never voted because I read the book “Votescam, The Stealing of America” ( back in the late 80’s I think it was ) In my opinion Voting is nothing more than a Dog and Pony show to give the people the impression that they have a say in who governs them. Trust me …. They do not . even IF you happen to get your favorite “Politician” (never liked that word or what it represents) elected to an office he/she is facing a wall of those who will fight him him tooth and nail on anything that doesn’t protect their usually decades running corrupted politics.

      I DO however believe that our Constitutional Republic ( Not Democracy ) can possibly be saved by masses of like minded people on a Community level, and on the right side of things, work together to oust those who have been corrupted . It has to start and grow from local community levels nationwide.

      In this recorded call it became obvious to me that Michelle did not want to enter into an actual debate because she did not have the critical thinking skills to address any of Patricks questions . All she had was the easy answer that she was buying what the so called “Experts” said . No further discussion warranted as far as her brain could see. Period
      More proof that the MSM (nearly all fed the SAME EXACT parroted info from the AP btw….) believes ONLY what their source tells them and has no interest in questioning authorities of any sort.

    2. However, by not voting you are giving the cheaters an opportunity to use your vote for themselves. The idea is to vote, so they have less non-voter votes to utilize with their vote by mail scam.

    1. Does Michelle not realize that America is NOT a democracy?! This is a constitutional republic. Those are two completely different things. It annoys me so much to hear these main stream leftists drone on and on about the importance of democracy, undermining democracy. Idiots.

  8. Michelle Smith should be embarrassed. She’s proven herself to be about as intelligent as a rock, brick or block of cement.
    Patrick, this is the perfect example of how to conduct oneself when attempting to have a reasonable conversation with the unreasonable.
    A painful listening experience. I wanted to pull my hair out and Michelle’s too.
    All made worth it when I read your words in the final paragraph. Your analogy made me laugh.
    Thanks for the education, Patrick.

  9. Take any other country with her scenario and we would throw a fit. Some clown wins an election that cant be verified. But we fo it for the sake of Democracy. Surreal world.

  10. You did great. She seemed very afraid of the possibility you might be correct. The beauty of stealing an election electronically is one just has to spread the steal out thinly over 5 or 6 key states. Her attempt to disguise this fact by insisting it would have to be massive is a clue!

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