Is Extortionist Jack Smith Being Extorted to Pursue Trump?

It started off as a typical DeepCapture intrigue, this one set in Europe with whistleblowers whispering in the backs of airport hotel bars, stakeouts in obscure Swiss hamlets, and back-alley brush-passes in Eastern European capitals. It ended with proof that is a liver-punch to Garland’s politicized Department of Justice.

The superb 151-page whistleblower complaint (attached) speaks for itself. Three allegations to take from it:

  1. Jack Smith is the current Special Counsel prosecuting Donald Trump on two grounds, one related to J6 (for which I take full responsibility) and the other related to the “crime” of being an ex-President with an active Department of Energy clearance possessing classified materials. Before pursuing such novel legal theories as are expressed in those indictments, Jack Smith was the US prosecutor in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where Jack Smith was a blackmailer.
    • Jack was sending henchmen to Eastern European to convey the following message to various parties (both innocent and perhaps not-so-innocent): We know that during the Yugoslavian Civil War you murdered some people, Jack Smith is going to indict you unless you put $X in a suitcase for me to carry back to Jack so your problems go away.
    • $X = from $400,000 to $9 million (bribes of $7 million and $9 million were paid through Bitcoin, not suitcases).
    • Jack sought a $100 million bribe from a head of state who refused payment and is now in prison.
    • We learned of these allegations because of a passel of European whistleblowers who ultimately wrote superbly detailed affidavits, provided texts and financial records, etc. Read the 151 pages with exhibits yourselves. I am no lower, but from where I sit, Jack Smith looks royally shtuped.
  2. In April 2022 (18 months ago) this information with supporting documentation was provided by these whistleblowers to the the DOJ in lengthy phone calls.
    • One of the key whistleblowers contacted the DOJ in Washington DC to report it directly. Nothing happened. Then he called the US Embassy in Spain, who also did nothing. But then he received a phone call from the DOJ’s Alan Tieger. That main whistleblower then had a phone call with Alan Tieger, thinking it was someone to whom he could safely bring this information. Initially he thought Tieger was with the DOJ -SDNY (Southern District of New York).
    • Alan Tieger spent the first few minutes of the call trying to get the whistleblowers to recant, and when they refused, reluctantly walked through their allegations and evidence. We know this because the 90-minute Zoom call was recorded (and is dynamite to hear, and which, of course, we have).
    • Alan Tieger then buried the matter. This is likely explained by the fact that Alan Tieger turns out not to have been from DOJ Internal Affairs, nor was he in the SDNY: he actually was in the Hague with Jack Sith. In fact, Alan Tieger is a man who spent his career carrying Jack Smith’s luggage around the DOJ, and he has since replaced Jack as the American prosecutor at the ICC. So while the whistleblowers thought they were blowing the whistle on Jack Smith, they were tricked into doing so to Jack Smith’s own DOJ-butt-boy.
  3. I infer:
    • Attorney General Merick Garland learned about this material 18 months ago, and he (or Lisa Monaco, the Littlefinger of Garland’s DOJ) summoned Jack back to Washington, DC to tell him something along the following lines: Listen you SOB, we know that you have been blackmailing people over in Europe and we are going to put you away for 30 years…. or you are going to come home and prosecute Donald Trump. We don’t care how far-fetched the legal theories, you are going to indict him and hound him to thwart his return to office.
    • This explains why Jack Smith has indicted for possessing classified materials a man with an active DoE clearance, and for whatever that man did on J6 that no one can really explain.

NB This post has been corrected to fix a small and inconsequential error (one whistleblower’s understanding of where Alan Tieger was when they spoke: initially he thought Tieger was standing in SDNY’s offices in lower Manhattan during the call, but it later turned out Tieger made the call from the Special Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague. Which means that for all we know, Jack Smith was standing quietly in the room during the whistleblower call.

NB A word of caution to any in DOJ prosecutors considering retaliating against me for making this information public: retaliating against a federal whistleblower is a felony with provision for 15 years in prison for each occurrence. I am sure you good folks are getting enormous pressure to retaliate against me. But if you step aside, I will make sure no harm befalls you when these traitorous punks get lit. Think it through.

        1. This MFK Jack needs a metak u glavu for what he or his ilk did to Slobodan Milosevic, who was found innocent after his death. No wonder Americanci cowboys are detested, loathed, hated not only in the former Jugoslavija, Serbia but many other countries. May Jack and his flunkies swim in the lake of fire. Daj Boze, Amin!

        2. I posted on my x account: check out jacksmith ,
          And it showed it didn’t post but I got msg saying : maybe you should check the bank in Venezuela. That’s weird so I thought you have more resources than I do, it it means anything great if not sorry for wasting your time. thanks

  1. Phenomenal!

    We all knew this sort of thing happened, and happens in this administration.

    I look forward to watching it all unfold, and pray that actual justice takes place!

    1. This info has been out for a week now and not one story, even on conservative news sites, has been done. The story itself is a utter true bombshell… but STILL nothing… so disappointing, and, I’m sorry to say, expected…. heavy sigh

      1. “ for whatever that man did on J6 that no one can really explain.”

        There is an entire indictment thoroughly explaining this. Why write something so incorrect, thus undermining the entirety of the post? Hence, no media coverage.

  2. Hey folks, stop complaining about “The media won’t cover it” and start a pyramid dissemination on your own. Remember Six Degrees of Separation (the story, not the movie)? Remember the movie Witness? Make Big Media Irrelevant Again. I wrote a letter to the Public Editor of NPR back in 2019 – when they said that they weren’t going to waste their listener/viewer’s time with the Hunter Biden laptop story. I told them that they were declaring their themselves irrelevant, and that I would never waste my time on the left end of the FM dial again; and I haven’t either. I’d already ditched TV in 1987; none the worse for it. Without being an annoying gnat, I send SIGNIFICANT links to my email list. Do the same; it’s magic. When I hear the subject in “coffee house chatter”, or even get it back in my own email, I know that it’s working. btw, I’m nobody in particular and have a pretty small, but widely scattered, social circle. But I try to harness that “frustrated” energy toward doing my small part, and it’s super cool when it works.

    1. Yup, too many whiners, and not enough ‘doers’. …….. Stop waiting for the cavalry …… it is up to US, it is up to YOU. ……… Too many ‘freeloaders’ want freedom, BUT don’t want to work for it.

    2. Paul,

      God bless you. I always have the same reaction when I listen to these women gripe, “but what’s going to happen? Oh, what can be done?!“ I can’t tell if they’re stupid or just playing stupid. They are the thing that needs to be done. If they’re waiting for ABC News to do a story on it, it’s never gonna happen. But they almost know hundreds of people to whom they can send these articles.

      1. Done.
        I don’t know if chasing the naked short and stock manipulation has lead you far from where you started or just in a big circle , right back to the center you started from.
        Could it all emanate from the same center?
        Can it really be all the same small group ?
        Can the power with which they encircle the world be stopped?
        Only be Truth and exposure.
        Thank you for your contributions.

  3. “ When will you let go of human intellect and understanding, and Look to Me alone?”
    “Beloved, be quick to repent of your pride and relinquish the need to be in control.
    Why make Me wait and delay My Divine Deliverance and wonder-working Power to perform Miracles in the midst of you, because you have chosen to rather explore and exhaust all other man-made ideas and quick fix solutions?”

  4. Of course he’s being extorted. But it’s sodomy and pedophila.
    Being caught for sodomy or pedophilia or the threat of being outed for sodomy and pedophilia are what keeps them all in line. satan is not effing around with them.

  5. Our biggest problem is that too many of us refuse to believe
    that the people in control of government ‘couldn’t possibly be that evil.”
    But they are.

  6. You’re putting a lot of faith in a system that is broken protecting you. Regardless, what you have said needs to be in the public domain. I have doubts that anything will happen, however.

  7. Patrick,thank you for your courageous efforts.
    PLEASE consider sharing an action plan to counter corruption and censorship using boycotts and “buycotts”.
    IMO,boycotts are the OBVIOUS peaceful solution.

    Why is there NOT EVEN ONE famous,pro-freedom media personality or politician promoting an action plan to rally and unite people to counter corruption & censorship?

    IMO,there has been a HUGE waste of time,influence & resources by many famous ,pro-freedom media personalities & politicians who made millions complaining about corruption and censorship but never offer a specific action plan to encourage people to unite and take simple,peaceful actions to change things for the better.
    Ever notice pro-freedom media personalities have lots of time to plug products they get kickbacks on,but NO time for an action plan or solutions?

    Imagine if someone like Trump,Tucker,Rogan,Crowder,Bongino,etc. promoted an action plan like this and pinned it to their social media pages.
    It would have immediate impact and be SO EASY to do.
    With a few clicks they could easily rally millions of people to make positive change,yet they STILL won’t do it.Why?

    Meanwhile,people like non-violent J6 prisoners & Assange suffer in jail endlessly and the Constitution is ignored.
    They need & deserve our help NOW.

    Things like demands for government integrity,free speech and pardons will have WAY more power once enough people back them up with boycotts. Money talks.
    When you vote with your wallet & attention,these are votes that they cannot switch or erase.

    I realize many will be hesitant to boycott the tech giants.
    But considering those who have fought and died worldwide for freedom,INCLUDING FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I don’t believe it is such a big sacrifice and these are peaceful actions anyone can take to counter censorship and corruption NOW,WITHOUT waiting for politicians to maybe get elected and do something.

    ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption , censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance giants and politicians:

    1)Cancel Cable/Satellite/Streaming TV bundles (All channels should be made available individually so consumers don’t have to give money to channels they don’t want to)

    2)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches.
    Boycott Google,Apple,Amazon,Facebook/Meta,Microsoft,Paypal,Netflix,Disney,Vanguard,Blackrock,WEF partners and other tech/media/finance/pharma giants.

    Consider selling shares of big tech/media/finance/pharma stocks & mutual funds and investing a modest amount in the best pro-freedom companies you can find,like Rumble and others.
    This ONE THING could change the world. Money talks.

    3)Bank with small local banks/credit unions.

    Buy from small local stores and use cash when possible.

    4)Demand IMMEDIATE pardons for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and non-violent J6 prisoners,vaccine mandate protesters and other truth tellers.

    5)Use Pro-freedom social networks.

    6)Use web browsers like Brave or Tor rather than Chrome or Safari.
    Use search engines like Brave or Qwant rather than Google or Bing.
    Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail.
    Save important online videos/articles/posts to your PC hard drive or phone.
    Post videos to Rumble,Odysee and Bitchute rather than youtube
    Shop online at smaller independent retailers rather than Amazon/Wayfair

    7)Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint,Debian or others on your computer rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS
    Almost any PC can be switched to Linux and Linux is free.
    Search Linux tutorials online & ask a tech savvy friend for help if needed.

    Use a degoogled Android phone or a “dumbphone” rather than an iPhone or Google Android phone.
    Avoid a “smart” TV if possible.

    Use a Linux mini PC with wireless keyboard & touchpad on your TV for web browsing/computing/video streaming rather than smart TV apps,amazon firestick/roku/appleTV/chromecast.
    This way you control what you can watch and don’t depend on apps on smart TV devices which can be shut down anytime.
    Never forget when apple,google & amazon shut down the Parler app and website so they can do it again.

    8) Demand accurate,fair,transparent elections in which every citizen can verify their votes were counted accurately with a receipt.

    9)Demand secure borders(land/air/sea) & securing energy independence.

    10)Demand drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine be made available over the counter.
    Demand NO vaccine mandates.

    11) Support a new foreign policy where We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds.
    Support a worldwide effort to voluntarily help others in the hope that it will win over more people to these principles.

    I wish that JUST ONE famous, widely followed “pro-freedom” media personality or politician would promote an action plan to counter censorship and corruption,which would be SO EASY TO DO and have immediate impact.

    But they won’t,so I will and I hope others will too.

    Feel free to copy,paste & share this message.

  8. LOL Trump wasn’t indicted for “possessing classified materials”. He was indicted for knowingly stealing thousands of pages of it from the owners, improperly and insecurely storing it, showing it to people, lying about it, and refusing to give it back. Everybody here knows this, including Patrick, although some might pretend you don’t, and it especially shouldn’t surprise Patrick, who has previously informed us that Trump is a habitual crook, with a long history of repeated stealing from business associates. Why would he be any different as president?

    It can happen that somebody in high office can inadvertently have some classified material in their possession. Once discovered, anybody sensible and law-abiding would immediately cooperate fully in turning it over (including, I am sure, Patrick Byrne). But apparently, no rules apply to Trump.

    1. Biden was content keeping his until he saw what happened to Trump. Of course they only had to search a couple of his places before he cried Uncle, who wouldn’t?
      Who knows if Hunter wasn’t showing those to Russia and China to gain millions?
      I’m suspicious why aren’t you?

  9. The witnesses cited in the affidavit clearly intended these statements to be private and not publicaly released. Aren’t you and whoever your source is, putting them in danger by publishing this and disclosing their identities?

    1. A responsible journalist would have edited out or redacted any personal information that could put individuals at risk.

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  11. I have now read the affidavits by the 2 married journalists, and it is all extremely circumstantial, indirect and dubious information. Pretty well all the allegations about Jack Smith being involved in corruption in the Kosovo court in those statements come from smooth operator Faik Imeri, who makes a lot of unsubstantiable claims, for example that he is CIA, that he was present at the death of Bin Laden (oh come on!!!!) and that his buddy Halit is German intelligence (seriously?), and we are told that Imeri apparently trained and bribed Halit (German Intelligence, right?) and another guy, Geci, to lie to the Kosovo court, including a €70,000 payment to Geci to make false testimony against President Thaci.

    It was Imeri who extorted €320,000 out of the two journalists, claiming Smith was in on it, of which they ended up paying €200,000, because Halit supposedly paid the rest (German intelligence, right? Right?!!?). The female journalist thought it was bunk, and didn’t want to pay, but I guess her husband was more vulnerable to this manipulation, having been threatened with unrelated serious false accusations (of murder) in the 1990s, and arrested in 2014 for leaking information, taking 5 years to be found innocent.

    There is no evidence Smith had any involvement or knowledge of the criminal behavior of Imeri and Halit, or any evidence that they had his backing in their extortion scheme, except Imeri’s say so.

    It is true that Imeri was able to introduce the two journalists to Schwendiman (Smiths predecessor in the Kosovo court), and apparently had a relationship with disgraced FBI agent McGonigal, now accused of money laundering for Russian oligarchs, but that tells us nothing about Jack Smith, and if anything, the McGonigal link makes Imeri even more dubious. As for Schwendiman, he could have been using Imeri for his connections and insider knowledge of Kosovo, without being in bed with him or even aware of any of his dirty dealings, or not caring about them, if they didn’t involve him.

    Not impressed, so far.

  12. Kostyantyn Kulyk
    Andriy Derkach
    Look them up…

    Patrick Byrne has turned into click bait, or a need for attantion….

  13. Patrick,
    Your title insinuates Jack Smith is being extorted. But the report you posted is not about that. It is the opposite. It is about what the author beleives is extortion by Jack Smith against others.
    It is clear from the comments here, that people do not read.
    Patrick, you should check if you suffer from confirmation bias.

    1. Yeah, Patrick knows this. He is counting on his readers being willing to believe the lies that suit them. In his cover story for this post, Patrick invents a fictitious exchange where Merrick Garland, having supposedly found out dirt on Jack Smith ,threatens to lock him up, if Smith doesn’t in turn agree to go after Trump. It’s straight out of Livy, putting the words the author himself wrote, in the mouths of historical persons. That part is all Patrick (or his manipulators) building lies on top of lies. Are we honestly supposed to believe that they would choose someone who could be exposed as corrupt at any moment, to be the lead guy investigating Trump, in one of the highest stakes prosecutions in American history?

      1. If they can install the second most treasonous traitor as POTUS they need to defend daily, what is a little Special Counsel who most peeps won’t question his personal validity?

      1. You know perfectly well that a lot of your followers don’t know the difference between speculation and fact, and think what you wrote is gospel. I read the report, sand what we have is suspected Serbian agent and extortionist with underworld ties, Imeri, convincing some vulnerable marks that he is a CIA agent working with Smith, to terrify them into being blackmailed themselves, and compliant with his schemes to blackmail others and seed Kosovo with disinformation.

        You’re the highly educated former academic who should have scrutinized it closely and skeptically, not exaggerate it. It shouldn’t have to always fall to me to be lone devil’s advocate in this echo chamber.

        Loved your old work on naked shorting – that’s how I got here years ago.

  14. What all these “pingbacks” show, is how quickly and easily fake news spreads on the right. I clicked on a few and they were mostly duplicates. None that looked at it critically, or questioned it at all, and of course when it inevitably turns out to be baseless, like Pizzagate, none of these websites will retract or correct it, and no true believers will reconsider their automatic acceptance.

  15. Patrick: “I am just asking questions here.”
    No you are not – you are making direct allegations with no evidence. You write: “This explains why Jack Smith has indicted for possessing classified materials a man with an active DoE clearance, and for whatever that man did on J6 that no one can really explain.”
    Falsehood #1
    Your fictional story does not explain the real world reasons of why Jack Smith indicted a man. You provide no evidence to support this opinion of yours.
    Falsehood #2
    Patrick, you have not been listening. An important ingredient in confirmation bias. Because it has been extensively said, documented and really explained, ad nauseum, what that man did on J6. If you ignore it and choose not to listen to that information, that is confirmation bias.

  16. So now I have read the Halit and Darko statements.

    Halit is the guy that Imeri identified to the 2 journalists as a German intelligence agent, but in fact he is a Spanish and Serbian businessman, who was manipulated by Imeri into lying to the court in the Hague to help bring down president Thaci and sabotage a peace deal, to implicating other people of Kosovo and Russia, and to approaching Russian oligarchs with various blackmail messages on behalf of Imeri.

    Halit never saw Smith in person, but had several conversations with someone that called him on Imeri’s phone, claiming to be Jack Smith, and giving him vague general encouragement like you are doing a good job. So, no direct evidence implicating Smith, whatsoever. However, Imeri did seem to introduce Halit to legitimate Serbian secret service agents. Imeri also conned Halit out of $400,000 US, and tried to persuade Halit’s lawyer to drop him.

    Eventually Halit realized that Imeri has ruined his life, has gotten him jailed, probably got him on the enemies hit list of wealthy Russian oligarchs, put him at risk of being arrested for false testimony, caused him to have a Serbian passport rescinded, and manipulated him into helping to contribute to the downfall of president Thaci, and the failure of a peace deal.

    So Halit contacted the Court in the Hague to file a report about Imeri (and Smith) and says he was interviewed by phone by Alan Teiger and others. Since he initiated the call to the court, it seems likely he really spoke to Teiger, but like the journalists, he never actually met Jack Smith. He simply spoke on the phone a few times to someone who contacted him through Imeri, claiming to be Jack Smith.

    Finally I reviewed Darko’s statement. Imeri put him through all kinds of paces, and through him, dragged various officials and politicians of the government of Montenegro into his web. He introduced Darko to someone (no name given) who claimed to be Jack Smith’s assistant, who wore a French looking hat, but no direct contact with Smith. During their interactions, Imeri started laying the groundwork towards extorting $100,000,000 from impoverished officials of Montenegro. Eventually, Darko reflected on what he had been through, and concluded Imeri must be “an agent of a foreign government”. So he, at least, is not specifically claiming that Jack Smith is involved, while the other 3 seem to have been bamboozled by Imeri into thinking Smith is his collaborator, despite no information supporting that, except information provided by, or controlled by, Imeri.

    1. It sounds like Byrne is not unlike James Tracy, the disgraced phd prof at Florida who for some insane reason just began going hard with conspiracy theories. There must be attraction greater than money to these profs cum theorists and I think it’s vanity. They think they are the gatekeepers of inside knowledge and they have unraveled the mysteries binding the worlds problems. Their phd’s have gone to their heads and with thousands of uneducated paranoid anti gov followers cheering their every article, they begin to believe they have godlike insight.

      But it’s possible they do this primarily for the money – I’d like to see some numbers though on what they make off these thousands of followers – certainly it can’t be more than their professions before could it?

      1. Never mind after reading the story written by Mitchell his associate it becomes clear that he’s merely involved – wittingly or not – with the IC. Dead giveaway was Wales and wiki, which is under IC control according to wales himself. Same old American mafia. It used to be fun and there was intrigue, now it’s boring to watch the undercover agencies win like they’re the globetrotters playing agains the generals.

  17. From Patrick’s congressional testimony:
    ” Q: Give me the topics or the types of fraud that you think you’ve seen evidence of.”
    A: ….CISA has now come out and said these things have nine serious
    security failures….” referring to, the ICS Advisory, ICSA 22-154-01, Vulnerabilities Affecting
    Dominion Voting Systems, lmageCastX, original released date June 3rd, 2022.
    “A: I find it very strange that for some reason, it’s a crime against humanity that we want to go image five hard — that we want to be able to image five hard drives and look for the kind of stuff they found.”

    Patrick, So you admitted you had seen no direct evidence…..OK then. Just all fishy stuff. Just want to be clear.

  18. Patrick,
    You had this exchange:
    “Q So how is it that the cyber team — or what was the cyber team able to do to
    investigate these theories? What data did they have available to them that they could try to explore whether any of these theories had come to pass?
    A The publicly available data from The New York Times and Edison was among
    Q And let me stop you on that. That’s reporting data that goes from the
    various secretaries of state, through the SIDL (ph) system, out to reporting to journalists
    and other entities that then report them out to the public
    A Yes.
    Q Okay. So they had the information that was, for example, put out by The
    New York Times that was derived from reports from the various secretaries of state.
    A Yes

    Since this is where your data came from, how can you ascertain that 50-90,000 ballots in a row where cast for Biden in any district, thusly reporting? As far as I know, these entities only report in batches, not one by one as each ballot is cast. So how did you do it?

    Secondly, which counties were affected by ICSA 22-154-01, Vulnerabilities Affecting
    Dominion Voting Systems? In California for instance, even those that used Dominion machines were unaffected as only very specific versions were affected. But can you state if the anchor cities you mention were affected by this vulnerability?

    I really do not expect you to answer, unless you have an explanation.

  19. Patrick,
    You invent the fantasy that maybe Merrick Garland is a blackmailer, without mentioning a trace of a motive of why Merrick Garland would do that. There are plenty of qualified individuals that Merrick Garland could appoint as Special Prosecutor in this case. He has no need to blackmail anyone.

  20. Patrick admitted this to Congress:
    Q I’ll refine the question. Do you believe that there was manipulation of the
    election through compromised electronic voting systems?
    A Yes.
    Q And by whom?
    A At this point, hypotheses only.

  21. Also from the transcript:
    Q Okay. And on the machine that they examined, they did not find evidence
    that their votes were flipped or switched or moved or manipulated. And I’m — I’m — so
    I’m wondering what you think — what piece is missing there?
    A Well, the security log would be a great start.

    The transcript is full of stuff like that. Patrick, you have only suspicions. Even though you do state this, you should make it clearer to your followers.

    1. The bit where Patrick he says he “infer[s]” that Smith is being extorted, is just weaselly “plausible deniability” shit, sort of like when he said “the publisher believes” when he kept videos up falsely accusing Ray Epps of instigating on Jan 6, even after some of actual his fans here called him out on it. And of course, he didn’t have the honour to admit he was wrong when he quietly disappeared those videos and the comments from the site later, I’m guessing under threat of lawsuit (or should I say I’m “inferring”?) Can’t let anything burst the Patrick Byrne infallibility bubble, can we?

      He’ll be proven wrong on this too, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s stopped caring about the actual truth of anything he posts here anymore.

  22. Patrick used to be an upstanding guy. Now he’s gone down the same road as Rudi Guliani. It doesn’t seem to matter how he gets attention. It’s sad.

  23. It is clear that this page is important in the Propaganda wars. Patrick has been hard-working to find the crumbs left behind by thieves and henchmen of the Deep-Globe.
    I have a few questions for you Patrick and I love the X-spaces concept for group conversation. Would you please schedule a Spaces meeting and invite me as a co-host with you? (dexterity1111)
    The magic of teamwork and a shared love for free society will make it possible to penetrate the mefia stranglehold.
    Elon has opened a door to real conversation without the talking heads and distracting screen scanning.
    My hope is to emphasize the human part of your knowledge bank. Instead of piling factoids and attempting to adjudicate wrongdoing without a court proceeding to ensure fairness, we need to focus instead on the cooperation we can inspire. We need to educate our community of concerned citizens on how they can band together in trusted networks and learn to build the thousand points of light into some laser beams of truth.

    I see how your paid trolls have stepped in to call you a charlatan, and a grifter, and it seems like their anonymity is what allows them to hide behind the text.

    I would be a very good moderator for discussions and I can help to bridge some of the gaps in your listener groups…

    We need you to keep your sense of humor and to attract the Joe Rogan-sized audience by spreading the conversation net much larger than just the hope for the lefty-gotcha… we need to strive for a broader call to action than just waiting for the “other shoe to drop”.

    Your real wealth is your understanding, of startups, of China, of philosophy, and of finance vultures.
    Let’s build the community of smart philosophers like yourself, and others, that sense the real magic in interpersonal connection, and not just info-sharing.

    I will hope to meet you and discuss the opportunity for a broader approach to saving the world. I could be wrong, but it seems that there is a real hunger for humanity, and not just for the breaking news of the plots against humanity.

  24. With naked short selling, I was the first to get actual evidence on black and white from the SEC via an FOIA fight, that Wall Steet actors were shorting shares they didn’t own or control (naked) in massive quantities.
    Patrick got money damages via settlement from these actors for naked short selling OSTK. They knew they were caught and that there was hard evidence. There was tons of evidence in the end.
    Here, with all the allegations of a stolen election, no evidence has ever come to light. Discussing this topic with a believer of voting fraud is like trying to nail jello to the wall. The discussion is endless without evidence being presented.

  25. So now it is being picked up by some so-called mainstream media, who did what Patrick failed to do, which is read the complaint with a critical eye, and dig deeper.
    Mother Jones, and the New Republic, make a lot of the same points I already have. All the “evidence” of Smith’s supposed wrongdoing is supplied by suspected Serbian undercover agent and possible mob associate Faik (“Florian”) Imeri, and all money so far known to be extorted, was extorted from the complainants by Faik Imeri, claiming (with no corroboration) to be working with Smith.

    1. Also, despite Patrick’s bold assertion that they better not come after him as a whistleblower, this is not a whistleblower complaint, so Patrick might need his own lawyers to tell him if he’s really protected by law (you did ask, them, didn’t you, Patrick?)

      A whistleblower is someone inside an organization who comes forward about wrongdoings by the organization, that their superiors are covering up or ignoring. This complaint is all by outsiders. Moynihan, who brought it forward, is retired DEA agent and he’s acting on behalf of another retired federal agent, and all 4 testimonials are from people who have no ties to any US government agency.

      Moynihan, some of you will remember, is the guy who told a congressional committee he had 6000 pages of evidence of criminal behaviour by the Clinton charity, but refused to show it, even though he could have claimed dozens, or hundreds of millions in reward money if he was correct. Some of you may also remember that the Clinton charity was investigated by the IRS and ordered to change some of its practices. The Trump charity was also investigated by the IRS and ordered to pay out money it had used for other purposes and ended up shut down.

  26. You made a mistake. Let’s have a zoom call Patrick. Good match.
    Thomas of AlphaOmegaEnergy.
    Twitter @AOEvcBreakthru

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    1. I’m actually quite worried about Patrick in this lawsuit, because despite his smarts, he’s also kind of gullible, and slapdash, and has a zealous self-righteousness and an infallibility complex that have cost him dearly in the past, and I’m worried that he might not take it seriously enough, or get the best advice. This lawyer, Lambert, in your link, who seems to be in way over her head, and in a huge conflict of interest, might just be the tip of the iceberg. Fox News, who I assume were very well represented, ended up settling with Dominion for hundreds of millions.
      There’s a long list of people who have suckered Patrick, or who he has naively misjudged, including Sydney Powell, known fraudster Terpsichore “Tore” Maras Lindemann, the FBI, Lin Woods (he dodged a bullet when he actually tried to hire even though he was already skeptical of him, and Woods turned him down) Alex Jones, and wager welcher Mike Lindell. Also a host of people whose junky misinformation that he uncritically posted here, like Stephen Miller, Seth Keshal, Matt Braynard, whoever sent him the false Ray Epps videos, and so on.
      And maybe…Mark Mitchell, his collaborator in the abortive attempt several years back to paint Altef Nazerali as an international master criminal. Most of the presumed dirt on Nazerali was supposedly turned up by Mitchell, and Nazerali sued, and then the two of them (Byrne and Mitchell) went into the lawsuit completely (and arrogantly) unprepared or equipped to handle it, and were humiliated.
      And now Lambert, the lawyer who damaged Patrick’s case, and cost him a better lawyer, by illegally releasing court documents from his case, that she thought would help her own legal troubles. Seriously Patrick? These are the people you put your faith in?
      So I hope some wise people with more favour in Patrick’s eyes than me, are strongly urging him to get the best advice he can, and make an early settlement, before this escalates any further, into a mega-disaster – for him.

  28. Patrick has access to information we don’t have “Lambert had access to the Dominion files because she represents former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who is being sued for defamation by the voting company over his 2020 election lies. As part of the case, they have access to “discovery” from Dominion, whose lawyers said they have already turned over more than a million documents.”

    Here is just some of the document he has access to and they vindicate everything Patrick has said about the 2020 election

  29. Lambert had that access for the strict purpose of defending Patrick in court. By releasing it, apparently with his blessing, she caused his wiser lawyers to dump him as a client, put her own career in jeopardy, and exposed Patrick to further risks of legal sanctions or punitive damages – an outcome she should have protected him from, except releasing it served her own agenda in another case she is involved in.

    You heard it here first: Patrick will either settle (best case scenario) or lose, as he did with Nazerali, due to his own bad decisions.

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