Jim Cramer Channels DeepCapture

By December 2006, the cover-up of widespread stock manipulation by favored hedge funds with friends in the financial press was starting to unravel among all thinking observers. Thus, Jim Cramer repositioned himself from a total skeptic who derided this as just some wacky theory of a malcontent CEO, to something Jim Cramer knew about all along and in which he had participated (because he is such a crucial part of the “smart money”). Which is, of course, precisely the claim I made about him in the Miscreants’ Ball.

As I have shown, in his writing Jim is up-front about his own law-breaking. However, the previous video, with its confession of participation in crimes, apparently embarrassed Jim when it became public. He continued to shift his position, now remaining vague about whether he is talking about himself, or about other people. (I am reminded of something I figured out when I was about 10: When adults espouse psychological theories about how others behave, they were generally talking about themselves. Please remember that hypothesis as you watch the following two clips.)

On March 2, 2007, Jim explained what he he did when he ran a hedge fund. Or is he just saying that this is what he saw when he ran a hedge fund? He stays just coy enough that it is hard to say, but after he gets it off his chest, he acts like a blow-hard with his colleague, trying, in my view, to to bury psychically what has just confessed publicly.

Then, on March 9, 2007, Jim Cramer explicitly stated on his TV show that hedge funds work with compliant members of the financial media to manipulate stock. In other words, he said just what I had been saying for two years, that he had been deriding.

When I first began to raise the issues being explored in DeepCapture, I was roundly and severely criticized, especially by CNBC, and especially by Jim Cramer. They did this though they (or at least, Jim Cramer) knew I was right. Once the issues raised by DeepCapture became impossible to ignore, Jim Cramer began dealing with his guilty knowledge by explaining these issues to the public, in the process saying precisely what I had been saying since 2004, for which I had been roundly and continuously criticized, especially by CNBC, especially by Jim Cramer. Thus, if the preceding pieces have a surreal quality, it means you were paying attention.

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    or short the stock OTC with a Wall Street Firm that settles to cash (no stock required)

    If you want to take a short position there is no need to borrow the shares first…

    you see Patrick – if someone want to bet against your POS stock – they can without the need to short sell.

    What you gonna do now – attack the equity options market and delist all put options – (investors can only buy calls)

    Worry about your bottom line you freakin moron!!

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    1. Yeah right. The last one he picked was BGBR. Then he cancels the pick. This is after people have had a chance to buy it. It tanked. He says if it didn’t triple in three weeks or something like that he’d quit. He should. This guy should be investigated. Subscribers beware.

  3. With all of this in the public eye, I find it even more curious the term “ENFORCEMENT” is never used on bubblevision. Regulation is always mentioned. Also note that RICO and Asset Forfeiture are never used on the Wall Street financial predator mega fauna. Only the small time crooks on Main Street need fear these tools. The first sign of descending into 3rd Word status is selective enforcement.

  4. I watch FOX Business now. CNBC is a freaking joke, and people like Jim Cramer, Steve Liesman and Carl Quintinilla are the reasons!

  5. What happens when everybody lies to everybody and nobody believes anybody else? We can’t expect the government to help, they are busy setting up their post “public servant” careers with the very institutions they are supposed to regulate. Cheating and lying has become a sport. Personal integrity is an anachronism.

  6. I’ve seen this Cramer’s foolishness on CNBC only once and was appalled and perplexed by his wierd antics.

    He’s a bad actor and, from reading just half of Mark’s story I was sickened to have documented the extent of his, and his employer’s, brazen criminality.

    Bravo, Deep Capture

    Rob Wold

  7. The videos posted for this article of extremely poor quality — so much that they defeat the credibility of the author of this blog and I wish that weren’t so. Please provide the date, time and original organization of release of the actual videos. They can probably be ordered from CNBC, but please provide any relevant info that would facilitate an order.

    I really don’t want this blog of well-written information to be just another fox-sponsored, breitbart-type of hack job deal that pretends to be working in my favor as a citizen but in reality actually helps the criminal. For that would render me as dumb as the tea-baggers and republicans — some of whom think they are doing good, but in reality are only helping only the criminal enterprises like the Koch brothers, the Icahn’s of the world, and the Glen Beck’s and Jim Cramer’s of the world.

    1. You can’t be serious:

      “On March 2, 2007, Jim explained….”
      “Then, on March 9, 2007, Jim Cramer explicitly stated on his TV show….”

      As for the top clip, that was featured in John Stewart’s epic takedown of Cramer (guess who provided that clip to The Daily Show, btw?).

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