Michelle Smith (AP) and I Have a (recorded) Telephone Call

A few days after our Rochester encounter, Michelle called me. We agreed that the call would be taped:

Michelle & I mutually consented to this recording being made

Incidentally, I do not with to pick on Michelle, or be mean. She is actually at least as good as the standard national-level journalist, and a good bit more polite. In a weird way I am rather fond of her, as one would be of a stubbornly persistent but flailing student. But I found this conversation a tad frustrating. Combined with the 5 minute vide of my previous post, tell me in the comments below what you think of her and give me advice as to how I might penetrate better.

  1. Paul Murphy LibertyOrDeath17@PaulMurphy
    12 minutes ago
    I am still trying to put out the lighter fluid fire on my face 😂 That was grueling to listen to. I am starting to think for Michelle it is beyond low IQ or leftist Boss that require her to take this untenable position. I think like many, many others she has ‘Spiritual Scales’ on her eyes so that she can not be reasoned with.

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      1. She’s not seaking the truth honestly. She’s only interested in pushing the lie. Maybe she knows it’s a lie. Or maybe she fears that if she looks at the evidence properly then can’t continue to pretend it’s the truth. If I shut both eyes I can say honestly I’ve seen no fraud.

    2. Yes. The fact that men try to talk to these people is completely a waste of time. They are completely indoctrinated (hypnotized) and there is no special word or phrase to break them out of it. They will die slaves to satan.

    3. Yes. The fact that men try to talk to these people is completely a waste of time. They are completely indoctrinated (hypnotized) and there is no special word or phrase to break them out of it. They will die slaves to satan.

  2. Patrick,this is difficult to listen to and I sincerely hope this woman can break free from her thorough brainwashing by the DNC/MSM cult.

    Her claim that the elections are legitimate because “courts and experts have looked at it” is laughable at best.
    Would you look at that! LOL
    Reminds me of the “look at this car” video that went viral.

    The bottom line is we have no way of knowing if our votes were counted accurately or how many fraudulent votes were committed in any election.I think the only solution are elections that overcompensate in favor of proving accuracy,legality and transparency of the votes to settle the issue so people can stop arguing about that and start debating specific policies and positions.

    Regarding the election in Arizona in 2022, it’s extra pathetic that people are so biased that they believe it acceptable for vote counts to take a week, as long as their favorite team wins.

    My best guess to breaking people from this type of brainwashing is to bombard them on social media with the best pro truth/freedom videos one can find on Covid crimes/fraud,election fraud,politicians crimes,Wall Street fraud etc. rather than arguing with them.

    Conversations like this are one of the reasons why I requested the online tweet interview and was glad you gave it the OK.If people like this can get an interview,I figure I can do an interview at least a little bit more interesting and productive.

    Here is the thread for the tweet interview which I pinned at the top of my twitter page.I figured I would only ask 1 or 2 questions at a time and wait for responses before I ask another so you can comment at your leisure or if you prefer I will post all questions at once.
    I set the thread up so only you or I can leave replies to avoid trolls.
    Thank You.


  3. This woman may seem polite but I find her no better and no more than a paid hack. Who pays her salary?
    She is even ignorant of this: https://raheemkassam.substack.com/p/fox-vs-dominion-discovery-docs-show. Don’t waste your time arguing with mainstream brainwashing, especially those whose livings depend on allegiance to the Soroses of the world.
    She objects to being presented with too many valid arguments and derides with a perjorative term to save the integrity of her little bubble from being popped.

  4. just because she believes ‘it’ doesn’t make it fact…just using her words against her. “Bombarded with false information” … she makes me laugh. Does she believe there’s a financed campaign “narrative” using the term “the big lie”. Hasn’t she heard of the Democrats that complained about stolen elections…UNTIL 2020. She uses the term a “danger to democracy”…pathetic. She made a statement…it wasn’t a question at 21 minutes. She simply refuses to see both sides. Patrick is at least willing to discuss openly.

  5. well aware of his limitations, then he will do everything in his power to ensure he is not considered for a position where he would be incompetent. Dr. Peter described the mode as creative incompetence.

  6. To My Sendai 🙏
    Chanting a prayer to Buddha into a horse’s ear (馬の耳に念仏)
    This proverb means lecturing idealistic or magnificent things to a person or a thing that can’t or doesn’t try to understand is a waste of time. Similar Japanese sayings are, “reading the Discourses of Confucius to a dog,” “giving money to a cat,” and “giving pearls to a pig.”

    1. The advice to not cast pearls before swine (don’t give pearls to pigs) is actually from Jesus. Maybe Japanese say it too.

  7. This just reflects different priorities on what they were going to discuss. Clearly her agenda was NOT to debate any evidence that the 2020 election was rigged, but instead to talk about what Patrick is up to now, and his agenda was that before talking about anything else, he wanted her to concede either that the 2020 election was rigged, or at least that it might have been. So they had two different goals in mind and as a result couldn’t get a conversation going.

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  12. Patrick, This reporter was not listening to you. Her communucations was not allowing for the back and forth of a normal conversation. The rhythm of a discussion. She was locked in to her belief, probably not very bright. When she would not answer, you let her get away with that. You have the patience of a learned man. I have heard this before. Her view was way too narrow. Unable to envision a broader paradigm,. Therefore was facing fear.

  13. Hi Patrick,
    Michelle spews off the rules of a Democracy having no clue that we actually live in a REPUBLIC! That fact alone makes everything she says, pure bullshit. In a Republic, power is in the hands of individual citizens. In a democratic system, laws are made by the majority. In the Republic system, laws are made by the elected representatives of the people. In a democracy, the will of the majority has the right to override the existing rights. In a Republic we are protected by our Constitution. You are allowed your individual rights no matter what. Michelle should go live in a Democracy where she has no protection as the minority or individual rights! She would fit in well with all of their sheeple!

    1. That’s a false dichotomy between Republic and Democracy. There are no direct democracies where everything is decided by majority vote of the public. Pretty well all democratic countries have representive democracies, just like the USA, where laws are made by elected members of the government, but where there are also constitutional and judicial protections for individuals and minorities against “mob rule”, and “tyranny of the majority”.

      The main reason a lot of western democratic countries aren’t called “Republics” is not because they are somehow “too democratic”, it’s because they still have a King or Queen, although they have no real power. Personally, I think England, Spain, Canada, Denmark etc. on would be better off ditching their useless and often embarrassing Royals, but one argument for keeping them, is that in theory they could fire a president or Prime MInister who tried to make themself dictator. For example, if Germany hadn’t ousted Kaiser Wilhelm in 1919, it’s possible he might have been able to force Hitler to call an election after 1933. Instead, with no ceremonial Head of State to whom he would theoretically report, there was nobody in a position to enforce the constitution when he chose to override it and remain in power for 12 years without re-election.

  14. IQ of a reporter (communicator of information to the masses) is optimal at about 105. Communication becomes difficult between persons differing by more than about 20 IQ points. Kapish?

    1. The few facts Patrick did mention were wrong. There is a pattern:
      Previously he touted Italian Satellites connected to Dominion servers, then Mike Lindell’s “proof” – which turned out to be not even election related data, then that it was only 800 people that stormed the capitol – it was thousands with over 1,000 charged. Then the Mesa county “report” he touts was investigated and found riddled with many misrepresentations. The Arizona recount, that he himself helped pay for – showed no evidence of massive fraud and surely that Trump lost….on and on….At the latest during the lawsuit where he has to defend himself from Dominion’s suit against Patrick, will we be able to see what Patrick has in the way of evidence.
      Please accept the result of what comes out in that lawsuit.

      1. 1000 charged with what? Trespassing, parading? Far cry from storming the Capitol by 2,000,000. So the huge difference between 800 and your 1,000 is totally insignificant! Nice Try🏹

  15. I am sorry, Patrick needs an intervention of some sort. He knows better or has mental issues. Fox would not have paid $750 million if FOX could have shown there was some proof of fraud or of a rigged election.
    Patrick is being sued by Dominion too. So now he can prove all of this in open court once and for all, if any of this is true. So far, Patrick has tried to dismiss the case instead.
    Italian Satellites anyone – remember that? Only 800 stormed on Jan 06 without guns? Yeah right, try thousands and a lot of firearms and over 1,000 people charged. 800 MA
    How many were Antifa? How many were extraterrestrial? Patrick may know.

  16. Patrick if you are wondering if the insurrection happened on Jan 03 or Jan 06, I am left speechless. It doesn’t matter what a hard drive says about that date. The correct date is the correct date, whether or not a hard drive concurs. The date of the storming of the capital is clear and if you have trouble with pinning that date down accurately, then I truly feel for you.
    I do think you are a very good person. Your intentions are noble. I say that in all seriousness. I am sure. But you have lost your way….

  17. I predict that Patrick will get off scot free in the Dominion Lawsuit against him, not because he is correct in anything regarding Dominion or elections integrity, but because he not really damage Dominion.
    I read the Jan 06 testimony and looked in vain for any evidence he presented. Nothing but relying on other people’s opinions and observations, and modeling streaks of 50-90k votes, without explaining how those streaks were put together and served to the NY times and lastly to him. As far as I know, nobody reports vote by vote with time stamps for each vote, which would be the only way to ascertain that 50k votes were cast one after the other for one candidate.
    It is clear to me Patrick thinks he is smarter than he actually is. He is no cyber expert, no mathematician, no election expert on how every sec of state tabulates and reports those votes to the public, etc…..the questioner just let him go on.
    He never explained that the solar winds software that had been hacked was not even used by dominion. Patrick’s lack of knowledge is visible when he admits he was unaware of the Albert Sensors…..they’ve been around since 2007 or so.
    He claims all the evidence is on 6 hard drives, but not even he knows what is on them, so he admits he has no evidence, since he has not seen those hard drives. He just keeps pointing to them.
    He admits there is no evidence of hacking, just touts vulnerabilities without being specific if Dominion was affected by the vulnerabilities (not attacks) mentioned in ICSA 22-154-01 and of activity he deems “suspicious”. Nor does he ever explain how the NY Times reports votes to the public – which is where he got his data on votes cast from.

    1. Wow, I am no longer the lone voice in the wilderness. Thank you thoughtful stranger! If you post here again, can you use a nickname? That helps in knowing who said what. Or are you the same person as Tom V?

  18. Election Officials in GA DID NOT follow their election laws. Trump said if you negate the late mail-in ballots that were counted – he would have majority votes. Election laws were not followed cuz of Covid don’t you know. Is this a reporter or a paid influencer? Also, most judges ruled “lack of standing”. The brain-washing runs deep with her.

  19. The requst by Byrne and others to give them the hard drives so they can inspect them, can never be granted for the reason the Colorado judge pointed out: The counties can not relinquish custody of the hard drives, because If the chain of custody is broken and the hardware passed around, the danger that malicious code could be introduced is present, where there no danger of that now. Might as well give them all directly to DT.
    So no, can never happen.

  20. I have come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to break through the irrationality, duplicity and delusion exhibited by the AP reporter. Sadly, hers is a mental state that exists in large numbers in particular intersections of social grouping, most notably amongst individuals born after 1990. It’s a phenomenon referred to by various names, perhaps most commonly as Mass Psychogenic Illness.
    BTW, one sees this even in many comments on this page that similarly reveal a distorted worldview defended with eerily similar patterns of fallacious arguments and regurgitated disinformation — a surreal take on “two legs bad, four legs good”

    Patrick asks as to how he might better engage people like Ms. Smith to, essentially, snap them out of her trance. My answer to that is that there would seems to be a little chance of success on that count, by any means. I believe that society’s only recourse is to quarantine individuals with the illness. In practical terms, this would preclude their working in occupations, such as journalism and teaching, just as where a person infected with typhoid would be barred from jobs entailing food handling

  21. Poor woman is clueless. Trump loses 700,000 ballot lead with no more than a million real ballots to count? If she dropped her ass, she would never find it, unless someone showed up and claimed to be an expert showed up. The NAZI’s told us in advance what they were going to do, then did it. I venture 20% of the ote is now fraud and both parties are doing it. I bet she hasn’t shut up about 2016.

    Democracy today is dangerous, because they believe they don’t have to follow the rules. This election was run under the idea those in charge can make te rules as they go along. And, we te people can’t look at the goods.

  22. How many people would feel intimidated, if they were asked if 27 people lived at their address? If they voted for the loser, they might be interested in who took the ballots they didn’t get. AS far as the capitol? What she saw was what happened when the police attacked the enormous crowd. Had those people attacked the Capitol, they would still be there nearly 3 years later.

  23. That woman is the quintessential stereotype of a brainwashed, trained apologist that awkwardly deflects when confronted with anything that resembles damning evidence. Any point mentioned, conveyed, or given as example is quickly slapped down with a label of incorrect, falsehood, disinformation, misinformation, or conspiracy theory. Video evidence is mentioned, and the subject is changed again, to deflect away from addressing it. The asinine tone of this conversation is, these Marxists have the gall to invoke this idiotic talking point of “dangerous to our democracy” which is an affront. These vipers wouldn’t know democracy unless they control it. Conversing with a woman like that is a waste of time. It sounded like arguing with Jen Psaki. The accusation she made saying that merely repeating the notion this election was stolen or questioning it, is “dangerous to our democracy”. These LEFTISTS ARE A THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY. Change my mind.

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