Becky Quick Bickers Quickly but Blithely Fails to Follow

Becky Quick invited me on CNBC. I expected another CNBC spin-job and was not disappointed. Becky began with a half-truth about an Overstock accounting restatement, failing to mention that it was a restatement up (in other words, Overstock’s auditors had decided that Overstock had kept its books too conservatively – I am not sure if I have ever heard of such a “corporate restatement”).

Becky seemed put-off at my correction, then proceeded to bicker in an attempt to sound like a hard-headed journalist. Unfortunately, as you will see, in her eagerness she began tripping over her own statements, simultaneously accusing me of orchestrating a federal investigation and not knowing the first thing about it. Anticipating that something like this was going to happen, and having grown tired of going on CNBC and having them talk over me in order to prevent my actual claims from getting aired, I slipped into a Morchai Vanunu routine.

If you forgot who Mordechai Vanunu is, this is he (and yes, I had prepared the sign before showing up at the CNBC studio in San Francisco).


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