Dear Professor Reich,

First things first: we had a mutual friend in Professor William Slesnick. Though I knew him many years after you did, he often spoke to me of his admiration for your mind, your drive, and your character. He was fond of saying that if you had set your sights on playing center in the NBA, you would have succeeded. Bill did not grade on a curve, as you may remember, and that was high praise indeed.

Second, I see that you have taken to living under a rock. Your recent essay, “Robert Reich: A Personal Question To Powerful People Who Continue To Deny Results Of 2020 Election” (Eurasia Review, October 9, 2022) has been brought to my attention. In it, you write:

“I have a serious question for people who have power in America and who continue to deny the outcome of the 2020 election and enable Trump’s Big Lie: What are you saying to yourself in private? How are you justifying yourself in your own mind? I don’t mean to be snide or snarky. I’m genuinely curious…. I’m asking you, Peter Thiel, and you, Stephen Schwarzman, and Ken Griffin and Steve Wynn and Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne and others: Is this really the way you want to spend your fortune? Is this your legacy to the nation?

I accept your invitation, Professor Reich, to bring you up to speed on what it is that we of the Election Integrity movement understand ourselves to be doing.

On June 3, 2022 DHS – CISA issued a 5 page report that might as well have been titled, “Patrick Byrne was right again. Again.” In five succinct pages, it explains that the most common election system in use in the USA turns out to be riddled with nine major security “vulnerabilities” so gaping that in my view it is more appropriate to call them security “failures” than “vulnerabilities”.  As apparently you missed this development, I will quote their descriptions of nine hacks of Dominion equipment that tabulate 43% of ballots cast by Americans on November 3, 2020:

1. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to install malicious code, which could also be spread to other vulnerable ImageCast X devices via removable media.”

2. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to disguise malicious applications on a device.”

3. “…which could be leveraged by an attacker to gain elevated privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.”

4. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.”

5. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to spread malicious code to ImageCast X devices from the EMS.”

6. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.”

7. “An attacker with physical access may use this to gain administrative privileges on a device and install malicious code or perform arbitrary administrative actions.”

8. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to gain access to sensitive information and perform privileged actions, potentially affecting other election equipment.”

9. “An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to print an arbitrary number of ballots without authorization.”

– DHS-CISA ICS Advisory (ICSA-22-154-01)

So this past summer, DHS-CISA acknowledged that Dominion boxes are hackable nine ways from Sunday.

In addition, if one clicks through to the CVE database where one would normally find patches for software vulnerabilities such as have been announced here, one finds that there are no patches available and that all these gaping failures are simply, “Under Assessment”.

That is to say, the same federal organization that 20 months ago boldly praised itself for overseeing “the most secure election in history” now meekly reports:

“While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be mitigated as soon as possible, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections.”

– ibid

That is a considerably weaker statement. They have gone from saying We know it did not happen to the much weaker claim: We have no evidence that it happened, but we are not going to tell you if we looked, how much we looked, and the machine vulnerabilities must be “mitigated” but there are no patches.

It is a burden, but from time to time I needs interact with journalists. Some, after reading this pig’s breakfast of cybersecurity horrors from DHS-CISA, have had the gall (I-shit-thee-not) to reply along the lines, Well this shows that they can be hacked, but it is not proof that they were hacked!

That logic may pass in an undergraduate Lesbian Dance Theory seminar at Berkeley, but as a fellow who built a $2 billion eCommerce company that faced 1,000 daily cyber-attacks for 20 years and was never defeated, I assure you, it is an absurd response. One cannot release such porous code into the wild and hope it was not hacked. Given the prize (US elections) and the shit-code, there is no realistic chance these vulnerabilities were not exploited.

But just to settle any doubts, leets collapse the wave-form.

Let us just examine the election databases stored on the hard-drives of election equipment in question. So we know for sure. Just in the six places which saw odd activity on election night, the unprecedented act of counting being shut down, things like that…. Perhaps we should just look at the election databases of those six machines, so we know for certain.

For some reason, since November 4, 2020 that suggestion has sent the intellectual class into paroxysms of outrage. No one will explain why. But massive legal efforts have been mounted to prevent citizens from getting access to those six hard drives in those six counties. Massive, expensive legal efforts. And in the one county of the six where legal authority to examine was granted (in the form of a subpoena issued by the Arizona Senate Judicial Committee and then ruled enforceable by a Arizona State court), the county deleted its election database the night before turning the machine over.

And yet, the same media which normally would waste not an instant in reading meaning into that chain of events, is so disinterested in it now, one would think it was Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Thanks to the work of an American hero named Tina Peters, the County Recorder for Mesa County, Colorado (roughly speaking: “Grand Junction”), the election database of that county for November 2020 was recovered. Analysis of it revealed (in Mesa County Forensic Report #3) to have a cloaked script that created an illegal database, shifted tens of thousands of votes, and generated thousands of others.  

This is exactly what the DHS-CISA warning concerns: that such “malicious code” and “malicious applications” could be installed on a machine without its operators’ awareness.

In Williamson County, Tennessee, the October, 2021 municipal election produced such extraordinary anomalies (e.g., 163 ballots fed into a machine that then generated only 79 votes counted) that the State of Tennessee investigated…. and found 7 out of 18 machines in Williamson County election headquarters generating remarkably erroneous miscounts. One machine was fed 167 paper ballots, and it counted only 19.  In one machine, 330 ballots were inserted, but only 98 votes were counted.

Tennessee called the EAC (the federal body that oversees elections), who called Pro V&V and SLI (the accredited laboratories which did the certification of the election equipment), who called Dominion (who manufactured the certified equipment)….

Their “Root Cause Analysis” is that indeed “erroneous code” is in the machines but they cannot find it.

Which, incidentally, is not a Root Cause Analysis at all, though they try to pass it off as one. It is (to coin a phrase) a “Failure to Find a Root Cause Analysis”. They are saying, in effect, Yes these certified machines generate fake tabulator counts and we cannot find the cause.

Anything seem odd about that?

The corruption is being noticed by Democrats as well as Republicans. In Cherokee County, Georgia, Michelle Long Spears, running for a seat in the US Congress, placed 3rd in the Democratic Primary earlier this summer. She noticed that while she had received 24% of the vote, there were many precincts where she had received 0 votes. That itself, she knew, was statistically improbable. Then she noticed that in her own precinct she had received 0 votes, which she knew was impossible (Michelle had voted for herself, as had her husband, presumably).

Michelle demanded a hand-count, and it turned out she had in fact won with a landslide 60% of the votes.

Fulton County, Pennsylvania has had its equipment tested by a Michigan forensics lab named, “Speckin”. The Speckin Report shows that the Dominion machines in Fulton, PA generate fake results like the machines in Williamson, Tennessee (as is admitted now by the EAC and Dominion itself).

In addition, Speckin reports that Fulton County, Pennsylvania’s machines’ logs show that during the November 2020 election there was not just outside connectivity, but international outside connectivity (in this case, to Canada), which is wildly illegal.

Now Fulton County, Pennsylvania is suing Dominion for its money back. Eight other counties have similar lawsuits in the works, I hear.

In an August 2022 primary in Cherokee County, Kansas, Dominion equipment was discovered to have taken thousands of votes from District 1 County Commissioner Myra Frazier and given them to her opponent, Lance Nichols, who was initially declared the winer then stripped of it once the vote-flipping was exposed.

Tests have been performed in 67 Georgia counties, and this “erroneous code” that spits out fake results has been found on machines in 65 of the 67 counties.

This past week, emergency relief was sought.

Ongoing examination of the much-maligned Maricopa Audit’s preliminary results (which proved that the election database had been deleted, and that there were hundreds of thousands of votes lacking chains of title) continues to surface clear proof of criminal activity in Maricopa’s election administrations:

I could go on and on, Professor Reich. Outside of intellectual backwaters such as Berkeley, citizens are paying attention. Citizens know of such developments and dozens more like them across the nation. In over 3,000 counties across the country, citizens are digging into the US election systems like they never have in my lifetime. Everywhere they do they are finding causes for deep concern, while being met by Government Fundamentalists challenging the right of citizens to seek transparency (though a fundamental principle elections globally is that an election lacking transparency has zero credibility).

In a further sign of the corrupt times in which we live, the investigators are themselves being investigated by authorities, rather than the horrific data they have unearthed. Exampli gratia: Tina Peters.

So let us turn, Professor Reich, to those six locations which experienced blackouts/shutdowns while counting ballots on the night of November 3, 2020.  The six counties that have been the center of our attention since the morning of November 4.

Curiously, all six of those counties fought letting their election databases be examined. Five were successful. In one of those counties (Maricopa), the Arizona Senate got a subpoena to examine the election database, Maricopa County fought the subpoena for five months, and then when a court declared it enforceable, deleted their database the night before turning over the equipment.

No one will explain why, for the first time in my lifetime, such a constellation of facts is not supposed to arouse suspicion. Perhaps you can try, Professor Reich.

What we of the Election Integrity movement believe we are doing is saving our nation from a soft-coup perpetrated through sophisticated long-term exploitation of our election systems and the corruption of institutions which we citizens created and funded to protect us from such an event. That is our reality. We are peacefully saving the America republic from a tragic fate.

Of course, in your paradigm, the desire of citizens to have transparent elections is disrupting American democracy. (Incidentally, would it kill you to use the more precise term, “republic”? It shows that you understand it is about both consent of the governed as well as constitutionally limited government. You would not want it to be thought that Democrats secretly support mob rule, would you?)

Fortunately for our nation, this does not have to continue as though we were debating the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. We may “collapse the wave form” in a matter of a week or so. Perhaps in just a few days. All that needs to happen is that the computer science professors who wrote Mesa County #3 get a chance to inspect the election databases of those six counties in question. Now that we know what to look for, I believe they can even do it in a few hours.

When set against the tragic national fate about which you are so concerned, Professor Reich, surely letting sophisticated cybersecurity professionals access images of six hard drives for a few hours each… surely that does not strike you as unreasonable? You who are so concerned with what fate may befall our nation, surely this seems like a reasonable request to you, right?

So may we count on your voice to join ours in saying, Let the citizens’ experts inspect those six hard drives for a day!

If experience is any guide, I can comfortably make two predictions:

  1. You will quickly say, “No that’s a horrible idea.”
  2. You will search for a reason to rationalize why it is a horrible idea.
    • I have heard them all. I have heard that we cannot resolve this by conducting an afternoon’s inspection of six hard drives because:
      • We don’t want to set the precedent.
      • If we give the citizens an inch they will take a mile.
      • Why should we? Let citizens look at pieces of paper, but they cannot inspect the machines that count them. For this, there will be no good reason adduced to explain why, for the first time in US history, citizens can have transparency to an arbitrary level determined by government officials, but not beyond that.
    • And so on and so forth.

So I challenge: I predict you will not join me in this call to look at six hard drives and resolve this dispute in a day, rather than face the risk to our nation of which you have written. Whatever your reasoning, that will be your conclusion.

And that is how we will know you do not really believe what you have written, Professor.

  1. Spot on Patrick, I personally believe that he’s getting paid BIG $ to get on social media and spread this propaganda. And I believe your 💯 % he won’t take you up on any sort of challenge

      1. Well, his last name is reich 👀
        They like propping up people with the same letter in both names
        Is he just another khazar

  2. VERY well said, Patrick. It addition to the volume of evidence you detailed that has NOT been examined or explained, I could add the Antrim County Michigan vote-swapping incident, the report findings of which have also not been explained but only deflected.
    In addition, examination of certain “features” within the Dominion software, clearly explained in their manuals, shows that Ranked Choice Voting can weight votes for candidates under the cover of enabling calculation of multi-candidate (more than two) race tabulation results. Those who have attempted to rebut this by saying that RCV does not use decimal vote values are proven incorrect by Dominion documentation. Section 11.2.2 (Ranked Choice Voting) in the Dominion Democracy Suite EMS Results Tally and Reporting User Guide dated May 28 2019 on page 71 plainly states the Fixed Precision Decimals setting allows the user to specify how many decimals votes should be represented during calculation, for STV and Points IRV methods where votes and points are expressed as fractional values (for calculations of results).
    It should be noted the Antrim County report stated that RCV was set to active during the 2020 election.
    There is NO legitimate reason that vote values should be expressed as floating-point variables, they should ONLY use integers. I have had supposed “software experts” tell me that multi-candidate races require FP, but this is nonsense. All tabulator algorithms do legitimately is count integers – use of FP calculations is algorithmic sleight-of-hand for accomplishing election fraud.

    1. Agreed… Votes are whole numbers. Why would fractionation ever be needed unless it was for nefarious purposes? I remember watching Bev Harris’ film “Fraction Magic” way back in 2006. Nothing was ever done about the sinister code in these machines and it only got worse. Happily, the 2020 theft was so egregious that the tide is now beginning to turn against those who’ve profited from this digitized blight on the American landscape. Good riddance, machines…

  3. Is it okay if I send your response to a Seattle Times reporter which has on two occasions erroneously reported on the efforts of dr Frank and Seth Kashel?

      1. Pat,
        Isn’t it odd that we CAN’T trust our government yet we CAN trust one report from the DHS report highlighting 9 vulnerabilities of our election system? If we can’t trust our government with its psyops galore, why would you tout any DHS report as anything but suspected misinformation?

  4. Thank you, Patrick you are on the Target!! I live in PA. There was more votes than voters.
    Thank you, to the America Project for fighting for election integrity.

  5. We deny the validity of the election as well as the outcome, especially since there were early indications that Trump had won.. As Patrick has shown we know that the system is vulnerable, and that the system was actually hacked. In addition to the system hacks, we know that mail-in ballots are subject to easy fraud. We also see one side persuading its followers to vote in person, and the other side relying on mail-in ballots, drop boxes, other voter “assistance”. We understand that it would be disruptive to overturn the results, but we must all agree that we cannot let invalid elections continue or “democracy” loses its meaning –the election will be decided by which side has the best “hackers” and cheaters. And then our election becomes WORSE than electing by simply flipping an unbiased fair coin.

  6. “I have a serious question for people who have power in America and who continue to deny the outcome of the 2020 election and enable Trump’s Big Lie: What are you saying to yourself in private? How are you justifying yourself in your own mind? I don’t mean to be snide or snarky. I’m genuinely curious. “

    So how do one reach Reich if he wants to know what those he calls “election deniers” think in private? I know he says; “people who have power in America”, but even if I was, I still wouldn’t know how to give him the answer he says he is really curious about.

    And why do Reich and others like him continue to call it “Trump’s big lie”? Those are the words which fuel the narrative that the reason millions of people refuse to accept the outcome of an election that is missing both transparency and integrity, have big issues with the chain of custody, where Democrats and judges refuse audits and do what they can to sabotage every investigation, are doing so just because Trump says it was stolen. If Trump was the cheater and Biden the honest guy, then anyone who is convinced it was an honest election would welcome any proper investigation with open arms. Not even Hillary, who accused Trump of cheating in 2016, demanded any audits back then. I wonder why.

    Accusing the MAGA-movement and just people in general for “believing in Trump’s big lie” is itself a big lie. People mean the same as Trump, they agree with him, but they don’t have to believe him, because they have seen the evidence with their own eyes. If Steven Spielberg wins a new Oscar next year or so, and I tell people who also saw the same academy award show that Spielberg won, they know I’m telling the truth because they saw it themselves. Saying they “believe” me wouldn’t make any sense. Unless one assumes that those who agree with Trump are just stupid and uneducated “hillbillies” who have no other evidence other than Trump’s own words. That’s not the case.

    When I heard Biden was going up against Trump, I wasn’t worried. I was willing to bet Trump would eat Biden for breakfast. But I underestimated how far both media, common people and politicians would go in their efforts to stop a president they didn’t like from winning again. Still, the day after the election I heard from the mainstream media that Trump had lost and Biden was the winner. And that Trump was such a sore loser that he accused Biden of cheating.
    For me it was horrible news, because I knew what was going to happen next. And I (and millions of others) was right, the whole world can see what has happened to USA after Biden occupied the white house. But the point here is that I accepted the loss. It was really painful, but I accepted it. I didn’t accuse anyone of cheating, and I was thinking that Trump should show some dignity and at least pretend to be a good loser instead of throwing out what was claimed to be empty accusations.

    Then already the next day I heard how the counting stopped in the middle of the night in all the strategic cities in the strategic swing states (from what I have heard: after it was announced Trump won the bellwether state Florida). Trump was leading in all these states, and when the counting started again, Biden was suddenly in the lead. If the counting stopped (and counting should not be allowed in the first place with no observers present), then how could Biden have these numbers unless the Biden continued without anyone’s knowledge?

    I saw evidence of statistical anomalies and mathematical impossibilities. I saw ballots being pulled out from under tables after everyone had been sent home (“DEBUNKED”, screamed a democrat when the video was shown in public for the first time ever). I saw votes from Trump go to Biden on live TV. There were countless other “human errors and glitches”, and Biden benefited from every one of them. And Trump lost votes in every case.

    I saw a media who refused to address these issues, and how Youtube deleted all these videos and many others I had not had the time to see yet but which were on my list to see next. I read how Zuckerberg had spent countless millions on his boxes in strategic states. Or how almost 100% of those living in nursery homes voted for Biden, included demented individuals who even barely knew who and where they are. Dead people, voters who were sent away because they were told they had already voted, people being chased out and windows covered with pizza boxes, people voting without ID, new voter laws who violates the constitution, election data being illegally deleted etc.
    I saw footage of vans arriving in the middle of the night loaded with boxes, I heard testimonies from witnesses on TV, some of them being harassed by the FBI, I saw the evidence and anomalies presented by Douglas Frank, Seth Keshel, Shiva Ayyadurai, Patrick Byrne, Mark Levin and many others.

    I have learned that media, politicians, minions and celebrities don’t have to believe the narrative they keep alive, they just have to pretend they believe it to get away with the lies. Those who believe are either misinformed or show an impressive ability to lie to themselves.

    Then there is January 6th and its kangaroo court, but that’s another discussion.

    Why do machines like Dominion need software in the first place? Shouldn’t hardware and memory storage be enough? Why do states use private companies with connections to other countries to count the votes?

    And why do media keep saying 2000 Mules is “debunked” when it’s not. A laughing and mocking Bill Barr who is wrong about the technology does not debunk the movie, which focus on just one of several way it was cheated.

    Like I said, I accepted that Trump lost the morning after the election. But as I saw the evidence of fraud pile up, with media either lying about it or being silent about it, I knew there was something seriously wrong with this election. One cannot deny all the countless evidences of election fraud. A few smaller fishes have been arrested, but this was organized on many levels. If one had access to all the information about the 2020 election, we would finally learn who is the real winner. And I’m willing to bet a billion dollar it is not Biden.

    1. BRAVO, sir!! You are 100% spot on! We all saw (knew) what happened and were called conspiracy theorists for not believing the Democratic line of pure BS!

  7. Best concise argument for inspecting everything election related I have heard. I will be using many of these points for the very few that still have cognitive dissonance regarding our elections. I think we the community of readers should twatt this out at RR, try and get him to respond. Would luv to see you two on a vid cast together.

    Patrick, you want to get the word out to the younger crowd go on TimCastIRL, I know Tim Pool would have you on. Made Joe Ladapo a known person around the country and will greatly enhance the spread of he new letter about the Jab.

    I am going to attempt to cross post this article on the Ravencoin BC over at so that it will live as long as the internet does.

      1. I just left a comment on Ian’s (from TimCast) MINDS page suggesting they have you on the show to talk election integrity and stock market integrity and that you said you were interested.
        (I included link to this DC article.)

        That would be a great episode.Although youtube would likely censor it,it would be great on Rumble,Odysee and Bitchute.

    1. Hi. You suggesting that fewer and fewer people still believe their big cover-up? I am having that same experience as well. Even in northern Vermont, I recently discovered, people are talking election integrity, and suspecting that there is none.

      Maybe if they arrest me or kill me, that will help them quell the fears of 83% of Americans.

      Or maybe not.

  8. Patrick you have diligently worked at exposing the btruth uncovering lies , deceit, flaws and injustice . You have also developed remedies and graciously shared them . Being that you are who you are men like Reich only work for what they take not what they give. Our world needs to be reminded that which you have , why Deep Capture is special .
    I sincerely wish you after all is done will continue to write . Honestly how I wish there were more like you educating the next generation . Maybe consider that challenge going back into education ..younger generation understands Crypto etc …..they don’t need their minds twisted by Reich opinions …they need their minds to be filled with ideas which you would inspire tgem to bloom…my opinion …Merci

  9. How is more votes than registered voters not suspicious? I bet a huge red flag would have been raised if Biden lost under those same circumstances .. just sayin’

  10. Please do so ..Squawking app blog many young minds appeals to many especially upcoming generation. Thank You Deadheaded ….

  11. It’s disgusting to see Byrne kissing the ring of this cabal mouthpiece and tool. As if the achievements ‘a turtle sitting on the fence-post’ are laudatory- he has the entire worldwide cabal promoting and amplifying him! GIVE US A BREAK.
    One can’t spend 10 minutes on Twitter without him magically appearing in ones feed with some anti-humanist, anti-American, thinly veiled anti-God propagandist swill.
    He is excrement, worthy only of avoidance at all cost. Engagement will never benefit you.

    1. Thank you Patrick. Reich knows the truth, he simply justifies his “big lie” as necessary to save us all from ourselves. He promotes the idea that only people like him can save us, the environment and even the planet itself from certain destruction at the hands of the climate deniers. Climate Change is the ultimate boogie man. The perfect club to beat over someone’s head. “what good is doing anything if we destroy the planet in the process?” They say. And all the sheeple believe and dutifully fall for the lie. Because of the results of the 2020 election, Climate Change has been elevated by the fake news to a top priority. Every time I unfortunately see John Kerry he never fails to mention “Climate Change”. They push that big lie 24/7. Politically it’s brilliant. Who ya gonna vote for if you don’t have enough brains to find the truth, the candidate that wants to save the world, or the candidate that talks about election fraud, inflation and family values?
      Reich is a member of “The Big Lie Club”. He already knows the truth, he lies to try to keep us from finding out. The globalists need everyone to be afraid of climate change to move their agenda forward. Their agenda relies on the destruction of the United States to further their cause.
      There are two ways to have the tallest building in town. One way is to build the tallest building. The other way is to knock everyone else’s building down until yours is the tallest. The globalist’s are knocking everyone else’s building down. Stealing the 2020 election and installing a puppet president is all part of their plan.

    2. Reich called him out by name and Byrne used him like a Boss. Turning the tables on a sleazy opponent is always a good thing!

  12. I believe Prof Reich and those who share in his deceitful hive mindset are being equated as nothing more than “Evil Villains” set on the absolute destruction of this beautiful nation. Whether it be from pride, greed or some other nefarious reason, we see the truth that many awesome patriots have uncovered.
    Thank you Patrick for such a beautifully written and truthful expression that so many of us stand with you on.

  13. I have been asked this question regarding contested election results.
    Can a hand count reproduce the voting machine totals and still be in error?

    1. I think it can to a certain extent. As jovan says- take $20 one dollar bills. Only, 4 of them are from a Monopoly game. Count them 100 times and you still have 20. Audit them and you have 16. And 4 illegal dollars.

    2. If they have time to backfill and edit the ballots to match the machine count, then yes. You have to verify the validity of the ballots you are counting. 100 counterfeit dollar bills are equal to 0$, not $100. The same principle applies for ballots.

    3. If you are talking about Arizona, once the county lost in court and knew they had to provide the ballots to auditors, they were caught doing the following:
      1. Throwing shredded ballots into their dumpster. They tried to deny it at first, saying someone else might have put them there, but security cams showed a county worker disposing of the shredded ballots. The quantity of shredded ballots has not been determined, nor which candidate was selected, but they appeared to be official 2020 ballots with ovals filled in. There may be other shredded ballots, but we just happened to get the last of them.
      2. Created fake ballots. Both Pulitzer and Speckin found thousands of fake ballots, confirming the claims of audit counters. Of course, the cheaters knew there was going to be an audit, so the fake ballots would be caught, so they assured there would be roughly the same number of fake ballots for both candidates, knowing that they can always shred enough ballots to both decrement Trump totals and also to make up for the added fakes. They knew if only Trump had fake ballots found, they would be certain to flip the state. The ballots of both candidates used the same fake pdf file that had irregular ovals on close-up view.
      3. They packed all ballots onto trucks and drove them off to an unknown location away from the required 24/7 video surveillance, for no explicable reason and with no chain of custody papers. ANYTHING could have been done to the ballots during those hours before the ballots were returned to the MCTEC building. After that stunt, only 52 out of over 1600 boxes of ballots retained their tamper evident seals. Inside the boxes, few tally sheets matched the actual counts of the contents, duplicates were not togeta bizarre incident her and there were multiple sightings of batches that were more than 90% Biden or Trump, indicating sorting of some kind, including possibly inserting fake ballots.
      If you are talking about Georgia, they also had incidents of ballot shredding (ask Patrick, but these may have been counterfeits, not completed official ballots), fake ballots, such as obviously Xeroxed ballots and a bizarre incident where all ballots were unsupervised for hours. Plus, the GA recounts generated more affidavits of malfeasance than the election itself and was aggregated in secret. Fulton County couldn’t count a half million ballots in 2 days.

      1. I meant to say on number 2 above that “if they only had BIDEN votes that were fake, then it would flip the state.”

  14. You stated the TRUTH Patrick!!! Way to put him in his
    place! In the end, TRUTH wins out!!! Thanks so much for all you do for our country!

  15. In some places, such as Washington state, they won’t even let us look at pieces of paper (ballots). Except, perhaps, for the chain of custody docs that do not show how many ballots were picked up from a drop-box on any given date or drop box location.

  16. Just days ago, Eugene Yu was arrested for his company’s (Konnech) sharing of the personal information of 1.8 million United States poll workers on Chinese servers. His company is in Okemos, MI and ALSO sells (licenses) his “Poll Chief” election software in 1000’s of polling stations in North America and into Australia.

    The tentacles are deep between Konnech, Hongzheng Tech, Huawei, China Telecom, Lenovo, and the 18 Confucious Institutes found near college campuses in the USA (and over 500 worldwide).

    Curiously, Konnech also provides services to our own Department of Defense.

    Patrick has been, clearly, laser focused on the issue of election interference in 2020. The information specifics and overview provided have been consistent and continually growing with any legitimate argument other than the foolish blabberings propagated by Reich and others like him.

    Byrne is not alone in this field of expertise. Many companies and individuals continue their battles and/or engagements with county boards, secretaries of states, state representatives, etc.

    It’s working.

    It’s working enough that seemingly the GREAT majority of our country can feel and now SEE the vast corruption… albeit at different levels in personally impacted subject matters.

    It’s working enough to put a spear of justice in Eugene Yu (this guy is grossly dirty and a TRUE BELIEVER in the Communist cause).

    High praise for Patrick Byrne. Each of us needs to keep digging for more info in order to fully see this “real” version of the matrix that surrounds us.

    Reich can go f*ck himself and his self-righteous attitude.

    We ALL must VOTE to win in the next 3 weeks. The corrupt will not be able to overcome the strength of ALL of us combined.

  17. Fox news is complicit. how did teh media know to call Arizon for Biden when 0 votes were counted. That’s when I knew there was fraud. And the thugs in Detroit tossing any and all republicans from the counting house. How was it ALLOWED that democrats had total say and control in the vote counting in Detroit? Seriously! AND THAT WAS ALLOWED TO STAND. THERE WAS NO OUTRAGE FROM THE MEDIA. There was no investigation either. So much documented bad behavior and predictions based on what exactly? A phone call to Fox? Restore SmithMundt to it’s pre 2010 text. We talk about a red tsunami in the midterms. I don’t believe it will happen due to rampant fraud. Vote in person and only vote on election day. Its amazing none of the security “features” has been addressed and we are so close to the midterms.

  18. “In over 3,000 counties across the country, citizens are digging into the US election systems like they never have in my lifetime. Everywhere they do they are finding causes for deep concern, while being met by Government Fundamentalists challenging the right of citizens to seek transparency.”

    In Collin County Texas, the top county executive, County Judge Chris Hill, along with most of the rest of the Collin County Commissioner’s Court, have responded to citizen concerns regarding election integrity by changing the rules governing public comments to no longer allow discussion on election integrity. Originally, if one wished to speak on a subject not on the day’s agenda, one could do so simply by submitting to the court’s secretary a request to speak and it was always granted. However, after months of an ever increasing number of concerned citizens commenting on election integrity, Judge Hill and the Commissioners Court changed the rules to only allow public comments on the day’s agenda items. Since the change, election integrity was never placed on the agenda – despite numerous requests from the public for it to be added, effectively shutting down any possibility of discussion on the matter.

    Before 2020, I knew nothing about how elections were run. However, after 2020, I, along with millions of others, knew something wasn’t right. So, I became a Precinct Chair (Precinct Committeeman) and learned all I could. If so many of us can figure out something was wrong with 2020 and the current systems being used in the last 2 years, it stands to logic that those in charge of those systems and processes must have known well before then. For them to continue to deny that anything could possibly be wrong now suggests they are either totally incompetent or complicit in the fraud and must be removed.

    I endorsed and voted for Chris Hill before and will do so again this November only because he’s not the communist Democrat running against him. But, after this election, I will revoke my endorsement and help work to primary him and replace him with someone actually willing to work for and with their constituents rather than rule them. This is the American way.

    1. thank you so very much for your efforts !!! i hope you are following Seth Keshel’s work.
      i am returning to my Native Texas in a few months after decades away and will be joining in the battle.

  19. I’m afraid Oregon is guilty of election fraud since the 80’s. Then they sealed it for dems with vote-by-mail. I have to admit, I was at first naive about the method and imagined it was still legit. I’ve since grown up.

  20. A well documented display of countering STUPIDITY. With the FACT that reich is not adequately equipped with the level of intelligence you attribute, why waste so much time & effort. You’re a good man Patrick. We are ALL very Proud of your quest for election integrity. reich is simply seeking attention. You can send reich my sentiments. Mr. reich “heres your Sign” !

  21.’s security was an absolutely, total joke. I saw it with my own eyes. I’ll give you an example:

    When I worked at in 2005-2006, about half a decade after Patrick Byrne had been in charge, the password of almost every customer was available, in plain text, from the customer service application. That’s right, any of the customer service agents, or anybody at the company with access to the customer service application, could look up almost any customer, and see their password.

    It was a level of insecurity that I’m baffled didn’t get Overstock sued. If Patrick Byrne claims any operational competence in these matters, he’s full of shit. As he is in most things.

  22. ” ‘CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections.’
    That is a considerably weaker statement. They have gone from saying We know it did not happen to the much weaker claim: We have no evidence that it happened, but we are not going to tell you if we looked, how much we looked…”

    Reminded me of Barr’s ‘weasel words’:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Disputing President Donald Trump’s persistent, baseless claims, Attorney General William Barr declared Tuesday the U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election.
    Barr’s comments, in an interview with the The Associated Press, contradict the concerted effort by Trump, his boss, to subvert the results of last month’s voting and block President-elect Joe Biden from taking his place in the White House.
    Barr told the AP that U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

  23. The first problematic sign before the 2020 election was the Covid excuse for allowing mass mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes.Considering that thousands of people were going through individual supermarkets and big box retailer stores EVERY DAY, NATIONWIDE, it is ridiculous to think that ONE DAY in November was a danger for people to go vote in person at their local voting location.

    Another obvious ridiculous notion is that somehow requiring ID to vote is “racist”.
    Is requiring ID to buy beer at the supermarket also racist?Obviously not.

    Regarding voting machines, voters have no way of knowing if their votes were counted accurately and no way of knowing if all of the other votes were from legally qualified voters.

    Regarding election integrity,I don’t see any better way than a system where every voter gets a receipt for their votes that have a unique serial number immediately after voting.

    You get a receipt for buying a pack of gum,but not for your votes??

    It seems to me the solution would be a voting system that perhaps had both an electronic,blockchain vote AND a paper vote cast simultaneously in which the electronic ballots and paper ballots were counted separately to expose any discrepancies / fraud.

    Voatz system seems to be a good solution which accomplishes this which I first heard about years ago when Patrick Byrne mentioned it when he was CEO of Overstock.

    But for now,it seems that requiring in-person voting with ID using paper ballots that are hand counted is the best we can hope for.

    Does anyone really believe that people involved in politics and elections (or people in general) are fair,honest and unbiased and they should just be trusted “counting” votes using the current election systems however they want to?
    I don’t think so.

  24. Patrick, Great response.
    Wondering if the solution to the election software would be to create an opensource election software.
    I work in the software and just like OpenJDK, or any number of other Software products that are open source.
    Nothing more transparent than OpenSource.

  25. I´ve spent so much time over the last two years reading all this stuff and trying to digest all of it, that any insinuation that I´ve WASTED my time do it …. is an INSULT. Either you prove it, “Bob” Reich, or go f— yourself. Okay?

  26. I can think of no better legacy than the one bequethed to us by our hero men and women who stand up and speak out for the principles that govern our republic. If we survive as one it will be because of people like Peter Thiel, Stephen Schwartzman, Ken Griffin, Steve Wynn, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, John Campbell, Naomi Wolf, Steve Bannon, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Chris Martenson, and so many others who show us, every day, what real, raw courage looks like,

  27. The machines while wildly corrupt are only part of the Steal!! Padding the voter roles to jam through many fraudulent ballots only to clean up the voter roles after the election. Disregard signature matches. Do all you can to stop Observers from overseeing the election under the darkness of Covid. Stuffing drop boxes. The usual run of the mill fraud on steroids: dead voters, illegal voters, stealing the votes of the elderly in nursing homes, voting with people’s ballots who had moved out of State. etc. Allowing Democrats to cure votes while blocking Republicans from doing the same. And totally decimating the chain of custody for ballots or keeping ballot boxes secure. All of this fraud alone would more than overcome the margin of victory in at least 6 key States. Data and numbers that are totally impossible! The election was stolen on many levels. It is totally undeniable any longer. The receipts are there. The only ones who would deny the Democrats overturned the 2020 election would be the election deniers like the psycho Commie Robert Reich.

  28. Does nobody think clealy here?

    “To a roar of laughter from the audience in attendance, evidence was also presented indicating the voting machine computers were never connected to the internet, as claimed: the Windows software has never been updated and computer clocks lag behind those constantly updated online.

    Voting machines are not connected to the internet as a security measure to protect against hacking. People who subscribe to election conspiracy theories, including Peters, have claimed without evidence that voting results were altered via internet access in the 2020 election.”

    “A hand count of paper ballots in Antrim County, Michigan, has verified the election results there, refuting a “forensics report” promoted by President Donald Trump that baselessly claimed the election equipment in the county was “designed” to create “systemic fraud and influence election results.” Experts said the faulty report showed a misunderstanding of voting system technology.”

    I could go on and on quoting these….just look for them.

    And Dominion is being sued because they are not allowing their machines to be used anymore for future elections since they were tampered with by unathorized 3rd parties are are now deemed unrelieble and are insisting those counties use new, certified machines and pay for them..
    I had respect for Patrick, but wow.

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