Maricopa Voter Roll Analysis Surfaces Irrefutable Proof of Criminal Activity

To stuff the ballot boxes, the criminals have to first stuff the voter rolls. You might as well watch this video that explains it clearly, because soon you will be understanding that this is going on all over the country.

That also means that if you wish to help, get involved right now with your local organization that is canvassing and cleaning voter rolls of dead, moved-away, duplicate, and fraudulent voter registrations. Do not wait until November 8 (it will be too late). Get involved now to address this.

  1. This is the second time you have posted this exact video and claimed it shows “irrefutable proof” of election fraud, and that claim is no more valid than the last time.

    For anybody else who actually takes the time to watch it, instead of just swallowing Patrick’s dramatic headline, you will see that the guy narrating the video makes NO such claim. He found duplicate voters on the the registry,which is normal, as they get added in various ways, and he shows the list regularly being purged and tidied up. No evidence these were deliberate and partisan duplications of people who voted multiple times for Biden. The video is proof, “irrefutable” or not, of nothing.

    And of course Patrick, the one-time “scholar”, knows this and has been told this, and as usual is selectively deaf/blind to information that doesn’t suit his agenda, like his false identification of Ray Epps on the Capitol stairs in another recent video he posted, where he doubled down on the lie when it was exposed by some of you sharper commenters.

  2. Still waiting for someone…anyone! To be held accountable. Next election will likely have even MORE fraud than the last one…

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