Patrick Byrne Responds to Nick Moseder

Nick Moseder reported in a video this evening that he had uncovered a connection between Konnech and myself. It turns out that he is right, in a “He knows a guy whose cousin dated a girl who knew the sister” kind of way.

Who knew.

Anyway… yes, I knew in 2014 that US election systems were crapola. Yes I invested in a blockchain company (Voatz) to create foolproof voting technology based on blockchain. Later, 2018-2019, someone else at the company made an even smaller investment in the other firm in the field, which turns out to have bought some software a few years earlier from… Konnech.

I could not really have told you the name of that other company (VoteM), into which we made an investment of something like $100k – $200k (I vaguely recall), let alone met anyone there, or known anything about code they had purchased years before I came along. And in any case, I sold all of this three years ago and have nothing to do with anyone there (as Nick acknowledges, honorably).

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  1. How can voters know these block chain voting systems of any stripe work? Votes need to be treated like currency in a bank. Tracked, counted by hand, locked in a vault with all sorts of controls. Instead, the American vote has become nothing but Monopoly money.

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