Patrick Byrne Responds to Nick Moseder

Nick Moseder reported in a video this evening that he had uncovered a connection between Konnech and myself. It turns out that he is right, in a “He knows a guy whose cousin dated a girl who knew the sister” kind of way.

Who knew.

Anyway… yes, I knew in 2014 that US election systems were crapola. Yes I invested in a blockchain company (Voatz) to create foolproof voting technology based on blockchain. Later, 2018-2019, someone else at the company made an even smaller investment in the other firm in the field, which turns out to have bought some software a few years earlier from… Konnech.

I could not really have told you the name of that other company (VoteM), into which we made an investment of something like $100k – $200k (I vaguely recall), let alone met anyone there, or known anything about code they had purchased years before I came along. And in any case, I sold all of this three years ago and have nothing to do with anyone there (as Nick acknowledges, honorably).

  1. How can voters know these block chain voting systems of any stripe work? Votes need to be treated like currency in a bank. Tracked, counted by hand, locked in a vault with all sorts of controls. Instead, the American vote has become nothing but Monopoly money.

  2. A block chain system with an immutable ledger of all votes cast is the only way to secure the integrity of the data. Not a block chain that has a central control system but one like RVN or BTC, where the data is secured by thousands of distributed systems that make sure the data can not be changed.

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