Fulton County Sues Dominion: Are These Also Domestic Terrorists, Adolph Sniffler? (UPDATED WITH SPECKIN REPORT OF SEPTEMBER 15)

  1. And the database is in what? SLQ Server? APL scripted? DBF built around DataFlex? Why is this so hard to figure out, especially if a python script is there for all to read?
    Sloppy, yes. Fraud? Don´t see it.

  2. Why is Fulton County waiting until a month or two before the mid-term to file this? It is good to hold Dominion accountable–but the County also did not do their due diligence to make sure Dominion was certified prior to votes being cast in 2020. All they want is a refund and lawyer fees?? What about the citizens who did not get their votes properly counted? Seems like this should be a criminal–not a civil matter.

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