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A Respectful Invitation to All Hoodlums, Cutpurses, Thugs and…

Mark Mitchell’s writings seem to be striking a nerve, at last. After months of no response but silence, in the last few weeks DeepCapture...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

Chapter 1 of a book-length story about the financial underworld and the vulnerability of the U.S. markets to deliberate attacks
Mark Mitchell
0 sec read

The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out: Preface

In some respects the financial crisis is what the Mafia calls a "bust-out", but on a gigantic scale.
Patrick Byrne
56 sec read

Barry Minkow’s Lawyer Seeks Divorce, Cites “Irreconcilable Differences” with…

On March 10, 2011, Alvin E. Entin, Esquire, counsel to one Barry Minkow, filed with a Florida court a “Motion to Withdraw” as Barry...
Patrick Byrne
40 sec read

A New Party Heard From: Clyde Eltzroth, Bloomberg (UPDATED)

The sounds of squealing could be heard over the low hum of the air recirculation machinery in the drab, windowless federal interview room.  “Please!”...
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Paragon of Integrity Whitney Tilson Gets Laryngitis, Too

In the summer of 2006  Whitney Tilson took me to lunch, and invited me to speak at his then-upcoming 2nd Annual Value Investing Congress...
Patrick Byrne
4 min read

Barry Minkow’s short trip from ex-felon to current-felon

Barry Minkow’s sudden return from ex-felon to current-felon has come as a surprise to some, but not to the Deep Capture team; for we...
Judd Bagley
5 min read

Rut Roh. The “Stock Manipulator” Meme Finally Escapes the…

“Minkow’s manipulation of the market … caused a severe drop in the stock prices of a large local corporation. This type of deceit and...
Patrick Byrne
6 min read

A moment of déjà vu

In the absence of a legitimate defense, hacks always attack the whistleblower’s mental state.
Judd Bagley
56 sec read

Memo to Barry Minkow and Sam Antar: Roll Early,…

An email Sam Antar sent on May, 2010 puked out of my junk email folder today.  Note that besides addressing it to me,  the...
Patrick Byrne
10 min read

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Were we to write these entries today, a different tone would most certainly prevail.

Yet, being a record of a pivotal time in our global economic history, we’ve decided to leave the rawness unedited, with the proviso that readers take the context of the creation of certain posts into account, and that those easily offended re-consider the decision to read them.