Patrick Byrne Testimony to J6 Committee

For the good stuff regarding my meeting with Trump, start reading around Page 135. It will become clear why the J6 committee came up Dick-O’-Hand on Trump. Every word I told was true.

  1. Dr B, Did you finally actually speak to congress? @papervote on telegram

    I didn’t know that happened? Where was I ? Someone let me know please!

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  3. You have always been a hero in my eyes for speaking the truth and I know I’m not alone in that view.
    Sending all the light I can muster your way.
    Godspeed SIR

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  5. Hi Patrick.As the OG CEO who fought against Wall Street corruption like naked short selling and counterfeit/phantom shares,I am glad to see you speaking out on these issues again.

    What do you think about this idea?

    Imagine if a million or more people sold their shares of big tech/media/pharma stocks/ETFs & mutual funds to counter censorship and corruption and invested in pro-freedom companies,like Rumble,as one example.

    That could send a LOUD message and change the world .

    We The People can take simple,peaceful actions to make positive change immediately WITHOUT waiting for help from politicians.

    Money talks and it can be used for positive change in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

    I believe Rumble is a great example for a pro-freedom stock for people to engage and invest in because the shareholders can also directly contribute to the success of the company by posting content,especially video content that currently is lacking from Rumble,like music,do-it-yourself,educational videos and other categories .

    IMO,things won’t change much until citizens unite behind principles like truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and become an economic and ethical force.


  6. Q I’ll refine the question. Do you believe that there was manipulation of the
    election through compromised electronic voting systems?
    A Yes.
    Q And by whom?
    A At this point, hypotheses only.

    Admittedly, zero evidence.

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