George Orwell’s 1984 foresees tyranny’s need for propaganda that renders listeners incapable of critical thought, to the point that they cannot process what is in front of their eyes and even the food in their mouths.

Fine illustration was given in these early minutes from the movie 1984, following the protagonist (Winston) through a typical day. As a loudspeaker incessantly broadcasts statistics demonstrating Big Brother’s progress in all areas of life, we witness their impoverishment (a friend of Winston’s asking for a razor blade learns that Winston has been using the same blade for six weeks), as well as (through another colleague) Big Brother’s assault on language as a way to control independent thought.

We also witness the inability of the brainwashed to process the world they inhabit. The loudspeaker’s lies about Big Brother’s successes cheers up Parson while he works his way through a bowl of mush and meat-substitute. He is indoctrinated to the point that he cannot process the taste of the food he is eating, let alone the reality in which he is sitting.

Here is a situation that resembles that scene from 1984. Yesterday in the United States Senate, a British actuary presented the following information from the UK (which has excellent public health surveillance): getting vaccinated makes one somewhere between 26% and 145% more likely to die.

British data shows that all-in mortality is 26% to145% higher for vaccinated than non-vaccinated

And yet, I know plenty of educated, normally sensible people, who cheerfully continue their defense of Big Brother’s handling of Covid-19. They espouse their willingness to continue subjecting themselves to shots with all the alacrity of 1984‘s Parson’s reciting statistics about Big Brother’s successes while shoveling down his gruel and meat-substitute with gusto.

  1. Thanks for the write up Patrick. It is startling how much our nation has mirrored many of the bone chilling concepts of 1984.

  2. – and I note that the naysayers, supposedly educated, will say, “[but of course, if there are more vaxxinated persons, it naturally follows that more cases/deaths will be among the vaxxed.]” – IGNORING the fact that it is not absolute NUMBERS being shown here, rather the RATE, or PROPORTION, that is higher. It is a kind of self-obfuscation trick. (n.b. I deliberately misspell to “vaxx” to distinguish from the homonym “vacc” which refers back to the mode of operation of the original COWpox/smallpox true vaccine). (P.S. please strike the fifth word in this post; the “is”, following “1984”, appears to be a stray from editing. )

  3. While we are close to 1984 levels, and indeed, many cannot process the reality around them, part of it is willful ignorance perpetuated by the sunk cost fallacy. The zealots among these jabbed individuals cannot bare to admit that they were wrong or duped on such a grand scale. Defending the jab has turned into an ego defense mechanism as much as anything.

  4. Very clever of you, Patrick, not to link to the source. I’ll be back to critique this once I see the actual data and not your carefully curated snippet.

  5. Very clever of you, Patrick, not to link to the source. I’ll be back to critique this more thoroughly once I see the actual data and not your carefully selected snippet.

    In the meanwhile, a couple of quick thoughts:

    The chart you posted purports to show higher rates of death from ALL CAUSES in vaccinated people in the UK, not just due to COVID. However, even though there is high vaccine uptake in Britain, there was an especially strong push to get the most vulnerable people vaccinated, so it is likely that a much higher proportion of people with a variety of life threatening illnesses fall in the vaccinated VS unvaccinated category. So any excess death rate in the vaccinated group (if it really exists, which I highly doubt) could be due to that group containing most of the people who were already the sickest or most prone to die, independent of the vaccine.

    Also, since COVID has been circulating and killing people for three years, it is certainly possible that most of the COVID deaths and deaths where COVID could have played a role, that were going toe happen in the unvaccinated group, have already happened. So again, if it is true that in the brief 2022 snapshot the slide is from, deaths are currently higher in the unvaccinated group (and also again, I doubt that is true) it could be because the most vulnerable people in the unvaccinated group have already been winnowed out.

    1. I think there seems to be a connection between cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients post covid. Not sure if the vaccine makes things worse or not, but my grandmother in New Hampshire has shown signs of more rapid decline since recovering from Covid. I have heard similar claims by other people. I have also witnessed the cognitive decline of Joe Biden along with the rest of the world at a more rapid rate over the last year. I would be interested in comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated in these cases. If people could put politics aside and just focus on the science. My personal belief is the vaccines are a coin toss that are riskier for younger people. However even as someone in their 30s I see no reason to get vaccinated for Covid. I got it this year. To say it was mild would be an overstatement.

      1. I posted an earlier reply with links and got a notice it would be moderated, but it hasn’t appeared. Briefly there is some evidence of persisting cognitive impairment in a subset of patients weeks and even months after COVID, but so far it is not known if that is eventually reversible and/or if it leads into Alzheimers; and zero evidence of a link between the vaccine and dementia, but it is always possible that more evidence will turn up.

        Most likely Biden is just old (the oldest president ever) and not actually suffering from dementia, but who knows? Reagan was diagnosed with dementia a few years after the presidency, but its possible he already had some early, missed (or covered) up signs of it while still in office.

        Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    2. In Brasil you have OVER 100 PERCENT of the 60 and over age group vaccinated, yet the unvaccinated are supposedly dying at higher rates. Any genius theory to explain that? Are the unvaccinated crawling out from under rocks, only to drop dead? Did they crawl out to vote for Bolsonaro?

      1. You kinda lost me at “OVER 100 PERCENT”. Do you have a link to that claim about Brazil? Happy to debunk any and all bogus claims.

    3. It’s clear you’ve made up your mind on many issues and don’t want to be confused with the facts. There’s plenty more-a LOT more-in raw data showing spikes in excess deaths and the jabbed dying more and getting COVID more often. I realize this is scary and you’re probably jabbed an in denial, but it’s there if you look for it.

      1. I’m responding to RoberG (is that missing a “T”…maybe a little too much graphene oxide in the brain?), not Patrick or anyone else. For some reason it didn’t indicate that on my first reply.

          1. As for excess jab deaths, I’m not going to do your homework for you, but you can start with the work of Professor Norman Fenton, Steve Hirsch and John Campbell. Anecdotally, people in my circles know dozens of family members and friends with “sudden” chronic health conditions who were young and healthy pre-jab…kind of like all of the died suddenlies.

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