Those who would hijack the legal institutions shielding society from Wall Street perfidy must hijack the political institutions overseeing them, hijack the media’s discourse about those institutions, and hijack social media’s discussion of all of it. The capture must run deep to be stable. So deep, in fact, that records of the past become untrustworthy. Stories have disappeared from databases and video clips from websites. This chapter will serve as an archive of material to which the rest of DeepCapture may link. Those who wish to take issue with DeepCapture’s archiving and deconstruction of their copyrighted articles and videos (and, perhaps, emails) know where to find us.

The Archive

Jim Cramer Discusses Subpoena with Herb Greenberg, the Worst Business Journalist in America

In February, 2006, Herb Greenberg joined Jim Cramer in spinning their SEC subpoenas, and Jim discards his casually. What they do not mention is that upon receiving his subpoena, Jim Cramer had immediately begun...
Patrick Byrne
14 sec read

Dave Patch Keeps It Simple: “OK, then just settle the trades”

On October 14, 2005, CNBC began covering the implosion of of Refco, a broker-dealer which was under criminal investigation for its involvement in naked short selling. With admirable aplomb, Patch met the spinning and...
Patrick Byrne
11 sec read

Smarmy Jeff Mathews Helps CNBC Refine the Cover-up

In the week after the Miscreants’ ball call and that day’s interview with Ron Insana, I was invited to appear to debate Jeff Mathews. Jeff is a deacon in his church and a four-flusher...
Patrick Byrne
54 sec read

CNBC’s Ron Insana and the Miscreants’ Ball – August 12, 2005

On August 12, 2005, I launched an offensive to expose crimes and corruption on Wall Street that I believed were leading to the destruction of dozens (perhaps hundreds) of companies, the loss of countless...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

James Cramer, Larry Kudlow & Me 23 July 2004

In the summer of 2004 I went on Kudlow & Cramer to discuss 2004 Q2 results. We were still growing extraordinarily fast (88% in real terms, and gross profits were growing 106%). Our GAAP...
Patrick Byrne
33 sec read

Kudlow & Cramer and I Discuss the Upcoming Google Dutch Auction IPO

On April 30, 2004, I went on Kudlow and Cramer. Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer invited me on to discuss the upcoming Google IPO, which was being performed as Dutch Auction IPO (pioneered by...
Patrick Byrne
16 sec read

The Deepening Mystery of “Gross Profit”: Kudlow & Cramer – 23 April 2004

Interview: Patrick Byrne, chairman and CEO of, discusses the company’s revenues and earnings 836 words 23 April 2004 CNBC: Kudlow & Cramer English (c) Copyright 2004, CNBC, Inc. All Rights Reserved. LARRY KUDLOW,...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

The Mystery of “Gross Profit”: Kudlow, Cramer & Me – 28 Jan 2004

After releasing Overstock’s Q4, 2003 results, I drove to a studio in Salt Lake City and appeared on Kudlow & Cramer for the second time (and third time on CNBC).
Patrick Byrne
6 sec read

Larry, Jim and I Get to Know Each Other – 2 Dec 2003

On December 2, 2003, I appeared on Kudlow & Cramer for the first time. Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer both seemed like fine, reasonable guys, and they asked intelligent questions. This interview was a...
Patrick Byrne
13 sec read

CNBC and I Get Acquainted

On November 28, 2003 I appeared on CNBC for the first time, and the interview they conducted was perfectly fair. They asked me pointed, intelligent questions, and let me answer. We discussed sourcing and...
Patrick Byrne
29 sec read