Dave Patch Keeps It Simple: “OK, then just settle the trades”

On October 14, 2005, CNBC began covering the implosion of of Refco, a broker-dealer which was under criminal investigation for its involvement in naked short selling. With admirable aplomb, Patch met the spinning and downplaying with a simple statement: “OK, then just settle the trades.”

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  1. Dear Patrick,

    Thank you for publishing this paradigm of deep capture. As a model, it explains and integrates a great many investigations and conclusions. And not just in finance.

    For those who have gone down the rabbit hole, this is a good paradigm – much better than “how doth the busy little bee.”

    You are onto IT Patrick by investigating hedgefunds. But IT is not separate to private money cartels that own nations, Tweedle Dum / Tweedle Dee wars and within those wars – covert wars where certain Players on all sides are working together for a common agenda, historical records that are being diappeared and deconstructed. I could go on and on, but already I see the eyes of the bloggers glazing over.

    For those who have not answered the Caterpillar’s first question, this is just too hard.

    So who are these Players really? You have named some names on Wall Street and in financial journalism. But it goes far beyond that.

    Congressional Records classified since 1919 and only declassified in the 1970s establish clear evidence that Wall St financed the Bolshevik Revolution and over one hundred million deaths under their Soviet. But Who on Wall St – how were they organized behind their proxies and why? And still IT goes far beyond this question.

    What is IT that you are really looking at? – a supernational Unity capable of generating a Matrix that can colonize and instrumentalize all sides of every conflict and every nation and every institution within every nation? a global money trust and its banking structure? a secret order with an inner circle and its concentric rings that approach the core by degrees? a race? a covenant and its cultus and religons? a dynasty?

    A hedge fund is only an instrument. Of course.

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