How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 6: The Aftermath (v. 1.2)

testing of atomic bomb over ocean with mushroom clouds – red destroy

In my humble tale thus far, I sought to stick to what I saw, what I heard, and what I knew. In this final chapter I will cover what I think. That means I will be less rigorous and more given to speculation (which I openly concede here) than in previous chapters, as I skim across a number of subjects.


“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose —with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” ~ James Stockdale

Our Founding Fathers designed a Constitutional process for selecting our President. I recognize that the Constitutional process ran its course and selected Joe Biden as President. So Biden is President.

Federalist Paper 68 (Hamilton) argued that one thing our process had to recommend it was that it would filter out certain types of politicians and select for others (one wonders which describes Biden):

Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States.

The drafters also anticipated state level corruption might disrupt a national election:

“It was also peculiarly desirable to afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder… But the precautions which have been so happily concerted in the system under consideration, promise an effectual security against this mischief. The choice of SEVERAL, to form an intermediate body of electors, will be much less apt to convulse the community with any extraordinary or violent movements, than the choice of ONE who was himself to be the final object of the public wishes. And as the electors, chosen in each State, are to assemble and vote in the State in which they are chosen, this detached and divided situation will expose them much less to heats and ferments, which might be communicated from them to the people, than if they were all to be convened at one time, in one place.”

By bifurcating the choice into (on the one hand) “an intermediate body of electors”, and (on the other hand) a Senate to examine and formally accept the votes of the Electoral College, another thing was accomplished. Elections may degenerate into debate about corruption, but at the end of the day, for an office such as President there needs to be a mechanism to guarantee that a selection is made. The system created by our Constitution, whereby electors are chosen and sent to an Electoral College to cast their votes, then at a later point the US Senate (by recognizing and counting electoral votes) accepts that decision, accomplishes that.  No matter what goes on at the state level, no matter how corrupt the events, there is a US Senate to look at the facts and by accepting electoral votes, certify the decision. That bifurcation guarantees that disputes about election integrity cannot swamp the overriding constraint that by some date, a victor must be established. This Constitutional process decides the presidency. On January 6-7 that process ran its course, and selected Joe Biden. So Biden is our president.

Thomas Sowell has pointed out that the Right normally sees fairness as an attribute of processes, while the Left sees it as an attribute of outcomes. For example, imagine a fire department sets up a system for testing and ranking applicants, and the test measures physical and mental abilities related to the job duties, then spits out a ranking of candidates. In the eyes of someone who sees fairness as an attribute of process, if the testing made no reference to race and purely measured abilities related to the job duties, then whatever that ranking is, it is by definition fair.  The process was fair so the outcome is fair. But in the eyes of the Left, if the outcome has too differential a mix of Whites and Blacks, it is unfair. That is why (says Sowell) the two sides argue and never get anywhere. They can argue about “fairnesss” until the cows come home, but underneath that one word they are arguing about two different things: one is talking about a process, one is talking about an outcome.

So we are experiencing a rare moment where Left and Right have switched sides philosophically. The Left is saying, “The process ran its course, Biden was selected in that Senate process, so he is now the legitimate President.” Others are saying, “Yes, but that outcome occurred only because of unprecedented election irregularities which created an enormous and complex election fraud, which survived because the shot-clock expired on January 6-7, leading to a perverse outcome that is unfair and does not reflect the will of the people.” Both are holding, in a sense, just the opposite view about fairness that they normally do.

If nothing else I seek to be intellectually consistent, and I think that justice and fairness are attributes of processes. The process mandated in the Constitution (Article II Section 1) ran its course, the Senate looked at the facts (as much as they wished to, anyway), they voted, and so the outcome they generated is the outcome. Thus, Biden is indeed President. End of story.

It would be tempting to use the Left’s own playbook against it by continuing to maintain, “Not my President!” (as the Left said for four years under Trump). By doing so one could force them to reveal their hypocrisy (as if further revelation were needed), watching them froth over a phrase they used for Trump’s entire presidency based on a theory of Russian collusion that Robert Mueller investigated and upon which he came up empty. However, I am nothing if not intellectually consistent, and as tempting as it would be to do that publicly for the next four years, it feels churlish. So with regret, I must acknowledge that while the Constitutionally-mandated process was corrupted from its inception by election fraud, the process ran its course, Joe Biden was the winner, and so he is, indeed, the President.

Having acknowledged that, I turn to the world of sports for semiotics. In 2007 Barry Bonds hit homerun 762, the final home-run of his professional career (surpassing Hank Aaron’s record of 755, which had stood since 1974). However, because for much of his professional career Bonds turned out to have been using performance-enhancing steroids (BALCO labs’ “the Clear”, so named because it was not detectable in urine samples until it was), Bonds’ achievement is noted with an asterisk (often printed in red: *).

In the National Baseball Hall of Fame (to which Bonds has still not been elected), Bonds’ record-breaking 756th homer is displayed with an asterisk:

Hall: Asterisk will be key to Bonds display (Daily Star, July 2008)

10 years later, Sports Illustrated wrote a story on the asterisk: Ten Years After 756, A Reminder of What Barry Bonds’ Record Really Means

Lance Armstrong won 6 Tour de France bicycle races. Yet it turned out that he did so with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs, so, as the New York Times wrote in 2012, his record will forever be marred: Armstrong, Best of His Time, Now With an Asterisk

I am going to adopt the same typographical convention for President* Biden. Referring to him as “President* Biden” accomplishes two things: it recognizes that he did, in fact, become President through the Constitutional process; it also recognizes that irregularities (such as have been described in this story) marred that achievement. So Biden is indeed President*, in the same way that Barry Bonds owns the home-run record with 762*, and Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France 6* times. 


I hear from otherwise sane-sounding people, and read in social media, assertions that Trump is really still in charge, or the military is in charge, or that there is a plan, that this has all been a big 4-dimensional chess trap, and on March 4 Trump is going to reemerge as President, of the Republic not the Corporation (or some such)…. It is time someone tells all such folks: that is all delusional. Trust me, there is no such plan. Trump’s people in the Defense Department have all left. There is no network of secret agents ready to spring the trap and restore Donald Trump to the White House on March 4. It is delusional to think otherwise. The brutal fact of current reality is that (as a result of a process riddled with election fraud), we have a President* Biden. If enough of it could have been unwound by the middle of December, state legislators would have had something to think about in choosing their electors. But the genius of those who designed this scheme was that after the election, they simply had to rope-a-dope for 8 weeks, and the grinding of constitutional gears would do the rest of the work for them.

The Senate selected. Joe Biden became our President*. Yes, that really happened. Do not live in a delusion by believing some trap is going to spring, a storm is on its way, and so forth.


As I indicated in “How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6)”, the Republican Party is a disgrace. Through this process I saw enough of them that I came to understand who they are. Other than a small number of strong players, it is mostly socialites and dilettantes, fat-cats and grifters (e.g., raising $300 million to help expose election fraud, then provide no apparent help: someone should look into where that $300 million went).

I advise the Reader: Never give a dollar to the Republican Party again.

In these recent months I met two people for whom I can completely vouch. Two people of whom I can say, “These two people are fully and entirely about helping the USA, and are not in it one iota for themselves.” Those two people are Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn. They have started an excellent organization, Defending the Republic, and they mean business. Give them whatever donations you would otherwise send the Republican Party. They will be putting the money into two different endeavors: one is organized to fight election fraud, the other will be focused on finding the right candidates to back and fund.  If you want a one-stop shop, the one place you can give money to help the pro-freedom side, forget about the Republican Party, and remember Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn, and


I wish to repeat again that I have been a long-term admirer of Rudy Giuliani. I always thought he was a great American. But at age 76 he was not the right man to manage an complex litigation involving matters cyber, and certainly not while putting a lot of work into a daily podcast and other pastimes. I also believe he is driven by things like “jealousy over who gets airtime,” and not a guy used to working with or seeing females as equals.

In short, he’s Grandpa. I love Grandpa.  But I don’t think the fate of the free world should hang on his shoulders. That was an unforced error on the part of President Trump. As much as I kick myself with should-haves and would-haves, at the end of the day I think that, given this one error, no victory was possible. Numerous people who worked with Rudy’s senior team independently came to wonder who among its top members were working for the opposition: that is how weak it seemed. There were fine people on Rudy’s team lower down, but it was so horrible at the top that one decision alone may have made victory impossible under any circumstances. And Rudy should have had better judgment than to take it on.


“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

– Isiah Berlin

The astute reader will notice my ambivalence regarding President Trump. I have included flattering details as well as unflattering ones. I did so because I really did not intend this to be a polemic. I felt I owed it to our country to relate precisely what happened in those fateful days. I have.

What else may I say about Donald  Trump? From my hours with him I can tell you he is a smart man, smarter than I expected. He is more soft-spoken and gracious than I had anticipated as well. He is not the monster the Mainstream Media wishes you to believe.

I also think Trump has a taste for chaos (someone pointed this out to me as a trait of those who grew up around alcoholism). One of my mentors taught me that the first task in any leadership situation is to determine, “What’s the mission and who is in charge?” One needs clear chains of command to focus an organization. President Trump’s leadership style (which is to throw a problem against the wall and have a crowd swarm in to fix it) seems more appropriate to me to running a marketing company, than it is to someone running an operation with millions of employees.

Significantly, I think Donald Trump is a 74 year old fellow who has lost a number of friends over the years, and like all men in that position, he perhaps clings to his remaining ones too closely. I was floating around inside his operation from the wheels up, and I saw what I saw: Rudy was not capable of managing anything like the effort it would have taken to defeat The Deep Rig. Thinking otherwise was an absurdity. I am not even sure Rudy wanted to.   Trump clung to Rudy from a place of loyalty, even after Rudy’s disastrous hair-dye-meltdown press conference, telling me twice he would not entertain a solution that did not have Rudy at the helm. Donald Trump paid for his loyalty.

Here is another thing to know about President Trump: I look over all the evidence, his refusal to take the 3-foot putt, and it occurs to me that at some level Trump may have wanted to leave. Maybe it was his age, maybe it was threats to his family, but it is entirely possible that by the time I met him in December he was looking forward to moving on and golfing (as he slyly hinted to me when we met). He is 74, a tad heavier than he should be, statistically probably has 5-10 years to live, and may well not really have wanted to spend most of them doing what he did the last four.

If that is indeed the case… more power to him. He did go to DC and, in one term, leave a mark deeper than most two term presidents. And he did that while having to fight the Esablishment for every inch.

If that is how he really felt, however, it would have been better for him to concede, and not to call millions of people to spend their savings to come defend him. I am not entirely certain he thinks in those terms, however.

I have indicated a lot of ambivalence about Donald Trump. But for the first time I have a clear understanding of the meaning of Donald J. Trump in our history. It is not about his mannerism, his hair, his speaking style, his management style…What Donald Trump did is he figured out one big thing:

The people of our country are suffering because elites sold them out. The people can look at what has happened over the last 30 – 40 years, and know they have been sold out. They correctly understand that when they look at Trump they are not looking at an “elite” but one who wants to stand up (however coarsely) against the elites on their behalf. That is his source of appeal, and that is what causes so many to look the other way on his personal foibles.

I agree with this worldview. I formed DeepCapture 13 years ago to document a war I would be waging against precisely the same observation. the USA has become an oligarchy, and the oligarchy has two wings: Wall Street and the Deep State. We are a republic grown corrupt, and the nation is not being run for the benefit of the people. Check. Trump’s movement is inspired by the same reaction to the world that inspired DeepCapture. Trump gets it. The problem is that Trump’s personal foibles leak into his management. Even his admirers within the administration told me that the chaos I was experiencing was par for the course for four years. Being President is not a branding exercise, and the management style one might take in approaching a branding firm is not right for running an administration.  President Trump is intuitive, and does not do heavy homework (e.g. reading his full PDB). In this case, that resulted in him not understanding his full powers or the courses of action that were available to him.

He left the details to personnel, but his personnel choices were terrible.

Until he was elected President, Donald Trump had never spent one night in DC. Based on all that I observed, my guess is that the day Donald Trump fired Mike Flynn, his goose was cooked. For the next four years Trump got managed, he got handled, by the bureaucracy. It is indeed a wonder Trump got done what he did. But I am confident that had Mike Flynn been there history would have been completely different.


The same side maintaining there was no significant election fraud has since November 4 fought tooth-and-nail against allowing any real scrutiny of the systems to take place.

For example, in November, a Nevada court gave some cyber-ninjas of my acquaintance an order allowing an “audit” of election machines in that county. When they showed up to look at the machines, the audit was thwarted by election officials who said, “It does not say ‘digital audit’, it does not say ‘forensic audit’,” and on that basis gave minimal compliance. They revealed some certificates but gave no access to inspect the machines. Similarly, in Arizona, currently, the Maricopa Board of Elections is refusing to honor a subpoena from the State Senate. And so on across the country: despite the most suspect election in American history unfolding before our eyes, there has to this day been almost 0 actual inspection of the systems and ballots, and what inspection has occurred, has been exaggerated (e.g., Georgia). While these machines were sold to election boards as offering transparency, in practice there has been overwhelming digging-in-of-heels against transparency since the day after the election, and every scrap of information we have obtained was fought for inch by inch.

That is how they ran out the shot-clock on January 6.

By federal law, all the election materials used in the 2020 election must be preserved for 22 months. There are efforts to keep investigations running, court cases and Senate hearings and such. I believe that one breakthrough anywhere, will embolden State legislatures to get more aggressive on demanding their own local independent investigation. Still, the opposition has achieved its primary objective: it made it impossible to audit any of the materials meaningfully before the Senate made its decision on January 6-7.  Now it continues the fight against transparency, knowing that revelations that would come from a full audit would shape Americans’ beliefs about the need to reform our election systems.

That’s odd, because one would think that if they actually believed their assertions of there being no fraud, they would welcome scrutiny to establish that election fraud had not dominated the election in key spots.


You are living through a psyop (a psychological operation) being executed with military precision.

What scared both Flynn and me (and what drove us both forward whenever we asked each other, “What the hell are we doing here?”), was this possibility. It sounds far-fetched to most people, but we considered it an obvious possibility: what America has experienced for the last year has been a psyop, just like ones we have used to destabilize and impose regime change on other countries.

The stages of a regime-changing psyop (per what’s known as “the Bezmenov Model“) are:

  1. Demoralization of the country;
  2. Disorientation;
  3. Crisis;
  4. Normalization

It takes little imagination to fit to this paradigm the events of the last year:

  1. Demoralization of the country – Covid-19;
  2. Disorientation – Antifa & BLM;
  3. Crisis–election counting stops in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise;
  4. Normalization – the media gaslights anyone who sees anything odd here.

Regarding Step #1 (“Demoralization– Covid-19): how reasonable is it to suspect that Covid-19 may have been used in a plan to hijack the USA? I am not referring to the origins of Covid-19, or asserting that it was deliberately released as part of such a plan. But once in the open, does it seem like there were some who sought to take advantage of it? Might it be possible that some wanted the pandemic to be worse than it needed to be?

Let us look at some things that are now known to be true, but which caused mini-hysterics when they first arose in the public discourse a year ago.


In 1983 a couple dozen other college students and I traveled to Asia to attend a semester in Beijing. We were all instructed to take Hydroxychloroquine prophylactically while there, increasing the dose at the onset of malarial symptoms. Hydroxychloroquine had been around for decades back then: I vaguely remember some statistic like, “Of people who take it daily for 10 years, 2% will develop heart arrhythmia.” But other than that warning, and one that slight dizziness might occur when one first took it, HCQ was described to us as being quite benign.

I stayed a year in China, then went and lived in the north of Thailand for five months. In dusty one-shop villages I would see on store shelves one bottle containing aspirin, one bottle containing hydroxychloroquine, both sold by the pill for 5 cents. When one had malarial symptoms, one bought a handful of hydroxychloroquine pills and treated oneself, just as if one had a tooth-ache one bought a handful of aspirin and treated oneself. Hydroxychloroquine was sold to kids with no more thought than one would give selling a few pills of aspirin to a 10 year old with a tooth-ache.

Thus when last Spring doctors started reporting favorable results with early treatment of Covid-19 using hydroxychloroquine, it was with some surprise that I saw the Mainstream Media go apoplectic about this suddenly-dangerous HCQ. Talking heads on Mainstream Media discussed whether or not in extremis they would take hydroxychloroquine, as though they were discussing taking a radical new form of chemotherapy in the event they had cancer. Governors got in on the act, creating special orders making it impossible for doctors to provide HCQ for off-label use to their Covid-19 patients (a rare moment that the government ruptured the doctor-patient privacy within such decisions are normally made).

It reached such a fervor that Jim Acosta (CNN) attacked the president for including in a White House gathering of Covid-19 survivors, some who had survived by way of HCQ, as though that put them beyond the pale.

If video does not play, click;

In time, some hostility to HCQ abated when it was learned that the study upon which WHO had made its decision had used fake data (BUSTED: W.H.O. And Global Governments Used Fake Data From A Suspicious Company, That Employs A Sci-Fi Writer And Adult-Content Model, To Discredit And Stop Hydroxychloroquine Studies , June 2020).  

Yet the HCQ hysteria continued to simmer over the course of summer 2020.

By September 2020, antagonism to HCQ had come to seem foolish not just in the alternative press, but to non-obsessed mass media: cf. “The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean “.

Now the point is no longer in serious dispute: see “HCQ is effective for COVID-19 when used early: real-time meta analysis of 201 studies

The hysteria over HCQ cost countless lives, and thwarted the ability of doctors to use HCQ to snuff out the pandemic early on.


Since 1981 Ivermectin has been used as a frontline treatment for parasites (lice, scabies, rimgworm etc.) around the world. In fact, it is included in the World Health Organization’s List of 40 Essential Medicines (2019).

Yet this benign and standard-issue drug went through the same process of demonization by the Mainstream Media as did HCQ. Eventually, in the face of enough data regarding its efficacy having reached the public, the NIH softened its stance against Ivermectin.  The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons put out a statement welcoming that change:

“The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons [AAPS] notes that there are now 49 ivermectin studies summarized on, 100 percent of which show favorable results” (from the report).

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Applauds NIH Revised Stance on Ivermectin for COVID-19:

From Australia to South Africa, doctors reported rapid improvements in Covid-19 patients from this cheap and readily available drug.

Yet Ivermectin was another drug from which our betters protected us for months of this pandemic, rather than using these safe and dirt-cheap drugs to address early onset of symptoms (which would have done more to “flatten the curve” than all the press conferences we saw).


The Left has pushed for the most extreme lockdowns, while President Trump pushed for something more limited.

Sweden, operating from a perspective that was science-based (rather than “hysteria-based” or “politically-based”), instituted a more limited lockdown than anything contemplated in the USA. Their model was to quarantine the vulnerable yet have the rest of society continue with their lives with modest social distancing, thus pursuing herd immunity and the least disruption to the economy and civil liberties of the citizens. In other words, the Swedish approach  was significantly more Trump than Trump (and the precise opposite of the lockdown-mad approach demanded by most of the rest of Europe and the Left in America).

Sweden’s strategy turned out to be wisest. The second wave they experienced was not larger than the first, Sweden avoided turning into a police state, and now Covid-19 deaths have tapered to 0 (all data and graphs from World Health Organization website):

Covid-19 Deaths in Sweden

Meanwhile, most of Europe and the industrialized world is experiencing a second wave more intense than the first, and deaths have most certainly not tapered to 0. For example, here are Covid-19 deaths in lockdown-mad Germany, France, and the UK over the last year:

Covid-19 Deaths in Germany

Covid-19 Deaths in France:

Covid-19 Deaths in The United Kingdom

Please note the scale dissimilarities on the right: while Sweden has tapered to 0 deaths, Germany, France, and the UK are still experiencing daily deaths in the many hundreds and even over 1,000.


The people who were maintaining positions thought whacky a year ago, have turned out to be right about other things besides Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. For example, a year ago no “conspiracy thory” was more reviled than one that held this disease started in a government laboratory in Wuhan.

Yet by the beginning of 2021, we were seeing articles such as: Corrupt Corporate Media Finally Admits Coronavirus Probably Came From A Communist Chinese Lab (The Federalist, January 5, 2021), citing an article appearing in mainstream New York Magazine: “The Lab-Leak Hypothesis” (New York Magazine, January 4, 2021).

On February 2, 2021, PBS ran a 90 minute documentary (“China’s Covid Secrets”), maintaining that the Covid-19 pandemic began in a Chinese lab accident and the CCP engaged in a cover-up.

On Febuary 11, 2021, the Director-General of World Health organization did a U-turn on his previous dismissal of the possibility of Covid-19 originating in a Chinese lab, saying:

“Some questions have been raised as to whether some hypotheses have been discarded. I want to clarify that all hypotheses remain open and require further study.” 

WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the Member States briefing on COVID-19 – 11 February 2021

One year ago, nothing enraged the mass media more than people who espoused any form of this “conspiracy theory”. Now PBS and New York Magazine (both Establishment) are reporting it as true and WHO has retracted its previous assertion it was untrue.

Which raises a question: Why at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic was the Establishment so intent on suppressing possibilities such as HCQ, Ivermectin, and the possible origins of Covid in a Chines government lab? It sure seems they went to extraordinary lengths to denormalize these ideas (which have since proven true). Does that seem odd?


The discourse around this pandemic has been distorted by people seeking to weaponize it politically. As a result, the pandemic inflected more harm on the United States than it had to. The Swedish (science-based) approach would have left us far better off as a country, with less harm to our economy and our civil liberties, than the path we took. Coupled with the use of two cheap, safe drugs that have been in use for decades, this entire pandemic might have been snuffed out in its infancy.

Yet one group consistently fought any such measured discourse, insisting instead on a reaction marked by unscientific hysteria and, arguably, political calculation. As soon as Biden’s inauguration was confirmed, some proponents of lock-down switched to a less hysterical position essentially immediately. For example, among the most extreme lock-down proponents in the USA have been Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio. In Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot recently decided that a much less stringent approach would be best: “Lightfoot Says Restaurants Should Reopen As Quickly As Possible “ (Patch, January 14, 2021). A similar pattern is unfolding in New York City.

If it is hard to imagine any politician being so cynical as to push for a lock-down that has destroyed millions of lives and tens of thousands of businesses (60% of which will not reopen), simply in order to achieve political advantage…. then you don’t understand the Goon-Left.

Above I asked regarding Covid-19:

“But once in the open, does it seem like there those who have sought to take advantage of it? Might it be possible that are those who wanted the pandemic to be worse than it needed to be?

Make your own call.


We now return to the Bezmenov psyop I hypothesize may exist:

  1. Demoralization of the country – Covid-19;
  2. Disorientation – Antifa & BLM;
  3. Crisis–election counting stops in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise;
  4. Normalization – the media gaslighs anyone who sees anything odd here.

Regarding Step #2 (Disorientation – Antifa & BLM): One day this fall I was walking in front of the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI-HQ), when goons came roaring up on motorcycles and ATVs and took over the street, stopping traffic. They did wheelies and donuts for several minutes. Then they roared off. Again, this was on the street in front of putatively the premier law enforcement agency in the world. The guards at the FBI building stood and watched. I understood the message: “This is not the FBI you thought it was, this is not the USA you thought it was.” That, in fact, has been the subtext of the Big Broadcast since June, 2020.

Regarding Step #3 (“Crisis – election counting stops in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise”): I would call this election a crisis indeed, but I believe I have already covered this point thoroughly.

Regarding Step #4 (“Normalization – the media gaslights anyone who sees anything odd here”). In September, just four months ago, the possibility of a massive election fraud occurring in the USA was (as I demonstrated in the introduction) a proposition that enjoyed more support across the political spectrum than any other one could find. Now the possibility has become inexpressible, even unthinkable, as far as our Mainstream Media is concerned. Even Right-of-Center Newsmax recently saw a host walk off its show, rather than participate in a conversation where the possibility was discussed.

So why do things seem surreal? Perhaps because you are living through a psyop to take over our country, and reality as you know it is being engineered.

That’s the weak hypothesis.


If the Weak Hypothesis is correct and we are living through a psyop, who is behind the psyop? Consider the possibility that China is behind the psyop.

I am not the proverbial Old China Hand, but decades ago I was once a Young China Hand. What follows is speculative but worth considering.

Since the Chinese publication in 1998 of: Unrestricted Warfare: Two Air Force Senior Colonels on Scenarios for War and the Operational Art in an Era of Globalization, by  Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗), it has been understood that hard-line elements within the Chinese National Security community have been envisioning and positioning themselves for war with the USA.  

The “unrestricted” part of “unrestricted warfare” is the part that avoids direct military confrontation, and seeks instead to conquer through non-kinetic means.

In 2015, Michael Pillsbury, a lifelong China-dove (i.e., advocate of helping China modernize and prosper) wrote a book (The 100 Year Marathon) where he reversed course. He had been wrong all his professional life, he said, as he now understood that China had embarked on a 1949-2049 plan to turn the USA into a vassal state.  In this book, he discussed a phrase circulating in Chinese national security literature: the “Assassin’s Mace” it planned for the USA. The reference, Pillsbury knew, was to an old Chinese story from the Warring States period, and refers to, in essence, a sucker-punch one-punch knockout.

Is what we are experiencing right now China’s “Assassin’s Mace”? Nothing would be more of an Assassin’s Mace than a scheme to take out the USA with a rigged election that could not be unscrambled through our court system by January 6, thus allowing the Constitutional forces to go to work and let turn to cement what had been presented as a fait accompli.

I am raising this not merely as a theoretical possibility. My colleagues and I discovered ample evidence of Chinese involvement in these election shenanigans. Go through the narrative that proceeds this, and note the mentions. Their money shows up in the firms supplying the election equipment in widest use; their IPs show up tickling our election equipment online; receipts from their print shops show up on stacks of ballots in our election operations… DNI Ratcliffe belatedly delivered on January 7 his opinion: he sees more of the intelligence than anyone in government, and his conclusion was that the Chinese had meddled in the election.

If the Strong Hypothesis is correct and this is all a Chinese psyop, there is one way you will be able to be able to tell.  Authoritarian measures will be imposed on the US population (under the guise of stopping something vague like, “extremism”). President* Joe Biden will fill his administration with China-doves, and he will reverse an Executive Order of Trump’s to allow the Chinese to resume building components of our critical infrastructure (e.g., electrical infrastructure). Because of the political discourse being constrained by Big Tech and authoritarian measures, within 10 years there will be prison camps in America built next to hospitals for the purpose of organ-harvesting from dissidents. By that time, Xi Jinping will have a button on his desk: one day he will hit it, the US electrical grid will shut down, and over the course of one year 90% of Americans will die off and the USA will turn into a farm (for which China’s 1.6 billion people will be grateful).

Those will be your warning signs that the Strong Hypothesis was correct.


I will devote a full essay to this shortly, but I would be remiss if I did not remind citizens that we have a Supreme Court. The Supreme Court let us down once, in 1936-1937, when they succumbed to FDR’s threats to pack the Court. The result of their succumbing were allowing FDR’s propgrams to punch hole punched in the Constitution (e.g., Wickard v. Filburn), and through those holes the federal government grew to three times the size it should have been (and bankrupted the nation in the process).

The Supreme Court has their chance to make up for that one, by riding tall in the saddle, cleaning up this industrial election fraud and all future election fraud, and thus saving the republic.

They can do it on one principal: stopping voter suppression. Remember, every fake ballot that gets counted nullifies the vote of one actual voter, just as surely as a poll tax (or other forms of voter suppression) would. If the Supreme Court has courage, they will recognize that the moves Democrats made in 2020 to loosen everything that bringa integrity to an election, were part of what was, in essence, a massive voter suppression scheme (because industrial-sized election fraud creates massive voter suppression).

This is what voter suppression looked like in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963:

This is what it looks like now:

The signs are that in six key states there were collectively millions of acts of voter suppression in the 2020 election, by any of numerous methods.

Two generations ago we choose not to live in a world where this occurs:

Image result for american south bull connor

But in the 2020 election it happened millions of times. Every illegitimate vote in the system is one act of voter suppression against some citizen somewhere who cast an opposing ballot. Thus, in the 2020 election, there were (effectively) several million of these (without the individuals whose votes were suppressed even knowing it):

Image result for american south bull connor

I believe the US Supreme Court should, at earliest opportunity, save the republic by recognizing tht election fraud is mass voter suppression, and they should create the kind of blanket standards they imposed on states starting in the 1960’s. Standards such as: voter rolls must be kept clean; voters have to identify themselves; ballot-harvesting is an invitation to Goon-ism; reconsider using any electronic equipment (Dominion voting equipment is not used in Canada, though the firm is HQed in Toronto); and recognize (with almost all other countries) that mail-in voting is too given to fraud to be used in an election except as a special accommodation. Take the word of a bipartisan commision led by Jimmy Carter and James Baker:

Heed Jimmy Carter on the Danger of Mail-In Voting: Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud” (WSJ, April 10, 2020).

‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” That quote isn’t from President Trump, who criticized mail-in voting this week after Wisconsin Democrats tried and failed to change an election at the last minute into an exclusively mail-in affair. It’s the conclusion of the bipartisan 2005 report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker III.

The United States Supreme Court is faced with a novel situation. I believe I have presented enough evidence in this work to raise the possibility in the mind of any sane person, that a well-thought out and crisply executed organization hijacked our national election in 2020, by hijacking 6 key swing states, by hijacking the anchor city in each of those states, via election fraud that began with simultaneous and unprecedented shutting down of vote-counting, and continuing through countless forms that have been documented in videos and affidavits and with what forensics have been allowed.

That took a lot of chutzpah. And I think that if there were ever a time that the Supreme Court should act with chutpah, this would be it. All our other institutions have failed us, and this is as serious a moment as the 1960’s Civil Rights crisis, perhaps the Dred Scott decision (another one they flubbed, thus causing Civil War I). If they give a hall pass to the behavior and activities in Election 2020 that have already been extensively documented, it will bring about the end of the republic. Not just from the emboldened current administration, but from the acts of politicians brought to power by future Rigs, great and small, and how that defeats the very concept of consent of the governed that is central to our tradition.

The Supreme Court might show some chutzpah worthy of the moment, and solve this problem once and for all by recognizing that, thanks to the magic of modern election systems and methods and rules, we are back to is a world where this just happened to millions of people:

So it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Supreme Court (which on Friday, February 19 will have a conference on Sydney’s Michigan case, a case which is chock-full of evidence), will do something as meaningful as they did in the 1960’s era, when voter suppression and other matters of egregious civil rights violation came before them.


We can pull this out if everyone will follow three pieces of advice.

  1. The first rule in all situations (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy):
#SL Blender dropping COLLADA support - DON'T PANIC, Keep ...

2. Remain non-violent. Is there anyone who does not see how much the events of January 6 hurt our cause? There was a huge number of Americans on the side of wanting to get to the bottom of election fraud, until the Capitol was stormed. It was a tremendous setback to our pro-freedom side. That may, in fact, be why it was engineered (and to some degree, it was engineered). At this point, the Goon’s in power want you to go violent, so as to justify them unleashing the FBI and CIA and DHS on you with a vengeance. Don’t do it. Remember the audience: middle America, who knows something goofy is going on, but will not side with the team that is bringing violence. so remain non-violent. It is better ethically, and it is better tactically.

To understand why it is better ethically, please see this post:

To understand why it is better tactically, please see this post:

3. Focus your political attention, ire, and efforts on election integrity. No matter what else you want, you want this first and more.

A philosopher named John Rawls referred to “primary goods” as those goods you want no matter what else you want in life. When it comes to our political life, there is one good you must want beyond all others, and that is election integrity. No matter how strongly you feel about education policy, or abortion, or medical care, or gun rights, or or or… No matter what your interest in politics, you need to care about election integrity.

That means: get involved with your local elections board. Run for it if you can. Otherwise, volunteer to work in precincts. Do the 2 days of training. By November 2022 the pro-freedom among us (libertarians and republicans) have to be election mavens. We have to be working in the precincts and making sure the Rig cannot be repeated. You have 20 months to prepare: all your political ambition should be focused on this point. There is no point worry about any other political matter, without worrying about “election integrity” first and more.

2022 will be our last shot. If there is election integrity, I believe the Goons will lose the House and Senate in a landslide, because Americans see their true colors. On the other hand, if we do not restore election integrity by then, then next election will also be rigged, and we will have tipped our way into a fascist, authoritarian dystopian version of America, run by Goons.

And with the backing of China, the tech titans, and America’s Goon-Left, you can be confident that Government of the Goons, by the Goons, and for the Goons shall not perish from this Earth. So no matter what you care about in politics, for the next 20 months turn that care into intense focus on election operations in your county and state (swing states are especially important). These processes are open to the public: volunteer, get inside them, figure out what has to happen to make them run with integrity, and fight for that. That’s how we win.


I know that some of the beliefs I have espoused here are not in synch with the times. Regarding my ability to publicly espouse and defend these beliefs, the First Amendment seems particularly on-point:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If our new Congress passes any bill criminalizing people for challenging the integrity of the 2020 election, not only would it violate the First Amendment, but it would violate every principle on which this free country was founded and it would criminalize the conduct of every member of the “resist” movement and war that was waged on President Trump.  

So I say to the United States Department of Justice: you are going to need a test case. Choose me. I say that not in a James Cagney “Come and get me, Coppers!” disrespectful kind of way. I mean it respectfully but sincerely. If our rulers wish to claim that in America, maintaining and expressing political beliefs such as mine ist jetzt völlig verboten, I’d really like to know. So I invite the DOJ to prosecute me for this four-part statement:

  • I acknowledge that Joe Biden proceeded successfully through the Article II Section 1 Constitutionally-mandated process that selects a president. He thus is, indeed, President. I also believe substantial irregularities affected the election process, and that those irregularities should be studied, discussed, and prosecuted in order to restore election integrity to our nation in time for the 2022 election. Because of these irregularities I refer to him as, “President* Biden”.
  • In addition, to the degree that Biden tries to loosen rules governing future elections, or changes immigration policy so as to dramatically shift voter composition in the USA, I will claim it confirms my Weak Hypothesis: industrial-level election fraud rigged the election for Biden, the Left knows it, and wanting the Rig to be locked in for future elections, they seek to change the rules and the electorate now.
  • In addition, behind some election irregularities I see the hand of China. Therefore, when President* Biden accommodates China through his appointments and Executive Orders, I take it as confirming my Strong Hypothesis: we are experiencing a Chinese psyop to take over the United States without firing a shot.
  • Lastly, I want those who join me in doubting election 2020 to work non-violently to pursue our investigations, promote our point of view, and get involved with local election activities across the country, with an eye to restoring election integrity in time for the elections of November, 2022. Every fake vote allowed into the system is an act of voter suppression against one legitimate vote from a citizen somewhere.

If it becomes illegal to espouse that worldview, I’ll be your huckleberry.

  1. Sorry Patrick,

    I disagree on calling him him *President*…he did not earn it, it was stolen. Hoping somehow someone in the judiciary will allow us to expose the fraud and right this wrong so it never happens again. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Thank you Patrick for taking the time to give us all the back story. At least now we know what happened. So very sad to see our Republic and freedoms being sacked every day. Don’t know where else to turn now except God. That’s probably the place He wants us to be.

      All your efforts to provide wise counsel to the President and his team are very much appreciated by all of us. We’re grateful for all you’ve done!

      1. Why are you thanking him when he copped out at the very end. He hedged. “to the degree that Biden tries to loosen rules governing future elections, or changes immigration policy so as to dramatically shift voter composition in the USA, I will claim it confirms my Weak Hypothesis: industrial-level election fraud rigged the election for Biden,”

        After THE MOUNTAIN of evidence he uncovered he doesnt have the courage to unequivocally state that fraud rigged the election for Biden? He knows (without qualifier) that it did. Does he honestly think there is ANY chance Biden won the electoral college count by legit votes. He knows he’s not allowed to say directly without qualifier that Biden did. So he rolls it into a “weak hypothesis” and says he will consider certain actions as “further evidence” of that weak hypothesis. 🙄. No one is gonna call you out for weak vague claims of “further evidence of a weak hypothesis” that Biden’s side stole the election. On top of that he knows they did. Great work, until it wasnt. Nice bail Patrick. Sorry youre otherwise great, but I have to say it Sir. Fake challenge. Fake bravery.

        1. @Al: I think you read that wrong. “Weak” and “Strong” do not characterize the quality of the hypotheses; they are a way of categorizing them.

          He has clearly asserted the election fraud happened. He is here stating that Biden’s efforts to loosen election laws and artificially revise electoral demographics will serve as confirmation of what he has asserted elsewhere.

          1. Thank you. Youre right I did. It doesnt change my larger point. He wont even say he *believes* the election went to Biden by fraud. He says he will consider further actions as confirming a hypothesis rather than just make the statement, “Biden won only due to voter fraud.” But even that isnt such a big deal. People ARE saying it. Even published by a prof. If youre gonna pretend a statement isnt allowed and claim you are crossing that line, at least cross that line. Thats all. But Im a big fan of Patrick so is Ok. Thanks

          2. To Patrick Byrne and All Readers of This Blog:
            PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THE LINK TO THE VIDEO OF GARRETT ZIEGLER (A link appears way down in the comments in this section).
            The video of Garrett Ziegler (done by MonkeyWerx, currently on YouTube) is a first person account of what actually happened in the White House. President Trump did not give up. Garrett worked in the WH, and he and his small team tried to help DJT. Peter Navarro ran the office of that department with just a few employees (I don’t remember the name of it–something to do with international trade issues?)
            President Trump had a horrible staff of WH lawyers, which Patrick started telling us about soon after the WH meeting on December 18.
            The video of Garrett Zeigler is an articulate (and really sad) account of what life was like in the WH after the election. Garrett is young, but obviously super intelligent and he loves DJT.

          3. Sorry, my attempt to post a link to the Garrett Ziegler video didn’t work. I hope someone vwill come along who will post a link that does work.
            Garrett Ziegler confirms a lot of what Patrick Byrne has written. Garrett explains that the big problem in the White House was that most of the staffing was done by Reince Priebus in the early days of Trump’s presidency. Many of those people turned out to be loyal to the RNC rather than DJT.
            Garrett Ziegler is one of the people who helped Patrick Byrne, General Flynn, and Sidney Powell get into the WH on December 18.

        2. Yes Dyahac I did have that exact confusion. Thanks for clarifying. My main statement still stands. But also, people ARE saying it. Even a published prof. If hes gonna claim to cross a line and claim it’s forbidden (which I say it’s really not), then at least actually cross it. Just say “Biden won due to election fraud”. Or my goodness at least “I believe Biden won due to fraud”. Not ~•this or that evidence may one day confirm a hypothesis”. But Im a big fan so.

      2. I’m with you.
        Sorry I can’t tweet.
        Permanently banned from that sewer.

        I have zero faith in USSC. NONE of the justices defended Texas in Texas v Penn et al with a full throated dissertation as to why it was necessary to hear the case to save the Republic. They’re useless to us. We have to win at the ballot box or live like hunted rats.

        1. First we have to complete the unveiling of election fraud. We must cross every “t” & dot every “i” and step cautiously, because we know if we’re sloppy the bad guys (the oligarchy) will either dismiss us as conspiracy theorists or worse, frame us.

    2. I agree Biden and Harris do not deserve those titles and should never be referred to as president and vice president. I am still not convinced they are in total power of this country but time will reveal that truth, as painful as it might be. What I do know is we all just lived through two of the biggest hoaxes in history; Covid 19, a real but hyped up virus and the stolen 2020 election.

      Just watching how the MSM pushes the idea the virus came from a lab in China screams to me it was intentionally released, most likely by our own CIA in China, to give them the blame and destroy Trump’s chances at re-election. Releasing it in America would have been too obvious. It was the first domino that had to fall to put everything else in motion. So many events played out so perfectly that could have never been the result of a string of coincidences. It was beautifully orchestrated and carried out by people who obviously have stolen elections in the past. The Left are the ultimate gas lighters so wherever they point, turn your head and look in the opposite direction.

      If it is true that there is no plan in place to start arresting those involved in the stolen election and put Trump back in power, then I sadly believe Trump will go from one of the most trusted and loved presidents of our lifetime amongst his supporters to one of the most despised as things get even worse for this country. Trump may start a new social media company or a new political party and those same people will cling to it in desperation, but they won’t ever forget how Trump simply walked away from a clear win by caving into the pressure from the Democrats along with the MSM and threw the future of America into the wind.

      1. I agree with you, Madison, about how I will feel about President Trump if things get worse for this country. Why in the world would he give up and just feed us to the wolves? So many things just don’t add up.

        1. We deserve an explanation and the fact that Trump has been so silent is very strange. He must know his supporters have been left feeling lost and angry. I will be holding out hope this election will be overturned and he will be back in the Oval Office where he belongs. A few cases might be heard by the Supreme Court. They have gotten a step closer to making that happen. Anyone who cannot see it was stolen must have a deep seeded hatred for this country.

          1. Trump is just a dude who cared, worked his ass off, and loved USA.
            It was literally Trump vs. the world.

      2. Trump promised to ‘never give up, never give in, and always respect our great American flag’ so I am counting on yet another promise kept.

      3. The problem is the traitorous GOP. If Trump did anything that crossed the line (use the military), they’d give Pelosi the go code to impeach, and they would convict. His hands were tied.

      4. Covid-19 is a not a real virus. There is no evidence that it actually exists. And then, flu down 98%? Yeah right. 98% of flu was just renamed to Covid-19. It’s an entirely FAKE virus, not real AT ALL, and it was the premise for the stolen election.

    3. Patrick,

      While I respect your determination to acknowledge the constitutional aspects of the process resulting in Biden taking the Executive Office, I think you do a disservice when you say that conservatives and leftists have flip-flopped their traditional analysis (process vs outcomes).

      In this case, the constitutional activities are only the tail-end of a process that was corrupted to facilitate illegal activity. Conservatives are still agonizing over the process when they say Biden is not a legitimate president. His legitimacy is limited to the electoral college activity on 12/14 and the Senate activity on 1/6; every other step in the process was tainted by criminality, obstruction and obfuscation.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree, and you have more than earned your right to your opinion on this matter.

      Thank you again for all that you tried to do for the country.

    4. Lori is right Patrick is wrong Biden is NOT a legitimate president, the congress has illegitimate members too.

      Patrick lacks tenacity of vision and the necessary bravery, losing a battle does not necessary loses the war, listen to Flynn he said ‘dont concede yet’ .

      Dont forget that after any robbery the thieves squabble about the spoils, there will be betrayals and backstabbing among them … the house ‘house’ build on rotten foundations will collapse either way.

      1. “after any robbery the thieves squabble about the spoils, there will be betrayals and backstabbing among them.” I agree.

        Now that they believe they have vanquished Trump and conservatives, they will turn their rage on each other with political purity tests. Antifa and BLM are still rioting and hate Biden so they will be dealing with that mess. Polident Pelosi won’t survive.

        1. They have vanquished Trump. He has lost more support than you realize. Our country has been taken over an he fumbled the ball for over 10 weeks. He let us down with his ineptitude.

          We have a new champion rising. One that is not an egomaniac, one who will not be fooled by snakes in the white house….

      1. Lori is correct. Patrick has done a great job but, perhaps, understandably, missed a a final push to action. The outright fraud was so well documented in Pennsylvania and Georgia that if presented through some other approach, would have had to be viewed favorably by SCOTUS. It was made too easy for SCOTUS decline on process and standing but not because the evidence in any way lacked merit. They all got spooked and Trump had to be declared the loser through the flawed process. SCOTUS was given none of the data that needed to see the light of day. Of course, for reasons that are obscure, SCOTUS provided no hints as what would have been threshold requirements, under what circumstances they could have taken the evidence more seriously.

    5. I think “President*” sums it pretty well. Officially he has been elected, but the election has been possibly influenced by frauds. It’s not confirmed as in the doping cases Patrick mentions, but should be investigated because the there are factual irregularities (up to critical ones that should invalidate the result).

      Personally, I am using his “Name Lastname” or “occupant of White House” when referring to the guy.

    6. Someone has to ask the traitorous bastard Pence what that Satanic looking coin is that was placed in his hand after he certified the election.


      RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    7. Well said Lori – I agree, but I understand Patrick’s point of view here, it’s just that I can not abide liars, cheaters, and thieves and Biden is all three. He is literally a man in a suit for Obama and I’m really not sure that they think they have won – Kamala did not relinquish her Senate seat till the 19 of February. That tells us a lot.

    8. I’m not going to ask how much or for financial advice, Patrick, but would you tell us if you’ve invested in Bitcoin?

    9. Donald Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial, seven Republicans voted to convict.

      February 13, 2021

      Former President Donald Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial on Saturday, clearing him of charges of “incitement of insurrection” that stemmed from the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

      The vote to acquit Trump was 57-43, which fell short of the 67-vote threshold needed for a conviction.

      Every Democrat voted to convict the former president, and they were joined by seven Republicans.

      Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.)
      Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.)
      Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)
      Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
      Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah)
      Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.)
      Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.)

      The trial ended after less than one week of arguments, making it the shortest presidential impeachment trial in American history.

      No witnesses were called in the trial, despite an initial vote early on Saturday that would have allowed witnesses. The Senate, however, quickly reached a deal to not call witnesses.

      What did Trump say?
      The former president released a statement immediately after his acquittal, expressing thanks for those members of Congress who defended him.

      “My deepest thanks as well to all of the United States Senators and Members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution we all revere and for the sacred legal principles at the heart of our country,” he said in a statement. “It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree.”

      “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people,” Trump added.

    10. Absolutely correct, Lori.

      I thoroughly disagree with the argument that going through the motions of a procedure makes something constitutionally correct.

      Sometimes people follow the letter of the law and undermine it by evading the spirit of the law. This is not that failing. This is pure and simple criminality and subversion of the LITERAL letter of the law. We need to denounce its tripartite ILLEGALITY, CRIMINALITY, and IMMORALITY and to keep on doing that until the evidence gets through to the population.

      If someone is unable or unwilling to do that, a counsel to work on election integrity for 2022 rings very hollow. What happened to those who recognized the criminality in the 2016 elections and worked on election integrity for 2020? We fail those people by not pushing to overturn the current fraud. We fail them when we counsel people to again WASTE their time and energy working on the next election.

      No. We should SIT OUT ANY FURTHER ELECTIONS until this one is fixed.
      We should have sat out the Georgia run offs. There should be no FURTHER legitimization of the electoral system until the criminals in this one are prosecuted.

      Joe Biden is NOT the lawfully elected president because the law requires the decertification of illegal and invalid votes. That was never done.
      You can call him the resident of the White House, Commander In Thief, the Imposter, NoPotus or anything else, but those are jokes. This is real.
      Biden is a puppet installed by a consortium of enemy states and domestic traitors and we should be pressing for his IMPEACHMENT FOR THE HIGH CRIMES OF TREASON AND BRIBERY.

      Working on election integrity and forgetting about negating this election only gives Biden false legitimacy and authenticates the fraud. I cannot support it. I cannot support the false equivalence between the aggressive violence of BLM and Antifa that raged against innocent people, on one hand, and on the other the justified defense of their persons, property, and vote, by enraged and defrauded citizens who remained almost entirely peaceful in their lawful assembly, despite police brutality, provocation, and entrapment during the rally and despite multiple attempts to pin the violence of infiltrators on them.
      Any counsels against violence must be made against the STATE for its destruction of small businesses, support of goon violence, and complicity in this cyber Pearl Harbor.
      Dr. Byrne may have his reasons for writing as he does.
      But we have good reasons to not take his advice at face value.

    11. How can a house invader be granted a legitimate title of home ownership?!
      Jesus said “ye have made it (my house) a den of thieves.” He proceeded to drive them out instead of saying “next year we will make sure they don’t come in.”
      Are we so well educated (conditioned) by human law that we forget a higher law?

    12. I have no trust in our justice system. Supreme Court failed to take any case on time. It looks like they are also involved in this. Why could not they take case before Jan 20 and let the country go through hell for next 4 years. They have their cushy jobs for the rest of their lives, live in gated communities, send children to private schools. They hate every average American. We have seen our senators and Representatives in this sham impeachment, how they behaved. Have no trust in any court, senators, Representative, law enforcement. I trusted only one person, that was President Trump, but if he is going to listen to Rudy only, rather than who are giving the right advise, there is nothing in our hands. How many people pay attention, when they vote and decide the right candidate.
      After all the destruction that Biden* caused with his executive orders, still the people are attacking Trump’s attorneys, their families and their homes. This is their thinking. I don’t have much hope, except faith in God that some miracle might save us.

    13. So do I. I disagree that the process was followed. The VP, as President of the Senate failed utterly to follow his part of the process. Also, the debates were cancelled and the already ragged process was further ripped by moving to a vote without debate. With all due respect to Patrick, he is dead wrong in claiming that the process was followed. A different and improper process was allowed and Biden is not a legitimate president.

    14. I agree! Biden is not legitimate. Also, Patrick, why do you continue with “Biden is our president.” We know what your opinion is. Is it necessary to rub our faces in it? We know that you believe he is our president. That DOES NOT make it so. It is only your opinion.

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  2. Is Patrick Byrne on target with his analysis?
    Is he feeling Doomsday coming?
    Is he leaving (or has he left already) the USA, permanently?
    I surely feel his disappointment and disillusionment with what happened in recent months, after doing his best to be an honest American.
    Thank you, and God be with you, wherever you are, Patrick Byrne.

    1. Damn it…this sucks! We’re totally screwed. I don’t want to hear this crap about how we the people have to come together and go out and fight for election integrity…it’s too late! They already have too much power

    2. Hi Patrick,

      I just have one lingering question that’s been bothering me as I read through all of your accounts in one sitting:

      Who was the Trump on Twitter?

      How can that man and the man you describe be the same person? I have such a hard time reconciling your account (which I believe to be true) to the proud, assertive, in-control, outspoken, and tenacious individual we’ve all witnessed and followed throughout the years.

      A truly selfless account to be respected, so thank you for taking the time. I’ll continue to follow you and look forward to hearing your opinions. God bless.

      1. I have truly enjoyed this Patrick, I’m hoping you will continue to write and end up making it a book. Thank you for all you have done for our Country.

      2. Well Patrick, so now you’re finally suggesting that DJT _wanted_ to lose. And I somehow do agree with that. But you’re saying his motivation for that is supposed to be – that he wanted to get out because of personal reasons? Really? I don’t buy that.
        First of all, they (DS) will never let him or his family alone. NEVER. And he knows. Even if he makes a deal of some kind, or even if he was a cabal member from the onset, there will always be huge temptation to make an example of him and his family for us all to see. He became a symbol and symbols must ALWAYS be torn down. That’s how fascists/communists work and there is nothing that can protect him after they get what they want.
        Secondly, he was and still is mumbling something about coming back. Why would he do that, if he really wants to get out? If he leaves because of personal reasons, why not to secure a succession? Like endorsing junior, or Flynn? Again it makes no sense.

        And regarding military stepping in. The only argument you provide is that the Trump’s loyalists are long gone from DoD. But we both know that it’s not how the game is played. (And not only because of legal reasons.) If we say military, we don’t mean _civilian_ oversight. We mean the real deal. Like USMC Centcom, or DIA. And while later on, when the country stays on present course they will be inevitably affected, it has not happened yet. I will not pretend I have any real intel, all I am saying that your arguments are not the most convincing ones.

        However, I want to thank you for all the excellent work you’re doing. I just hope there will be time we all be able to appreciate it in the full extend.

      3. The Twitter Trump was clearly a manifestation of what Patrick described, a man with a flair for chaos. I personally believe that his tweets were a direct reflection of HIM, the man, warts and all. .Sometimes deadly serious, sometimes a product of his frustration, sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes used (as he has done his entire career) to attack and destroy his “enemies”, sometimes a diversion successfully moving the herd to look one way while he got things done somewhere else, we are all complicated and fortunately he had and has no filter. He is who he is, warts and all but he is clearly a good man with honorable intentions in the part that matters- in his heart, in his soul as he clearly worked every day, impossibly long hours to get things done but it took years for him to clearly understand how to do the job, how to accomplish his goals and like it or not, he was doing things HIS way because whatever that was has served him well his entire life.

        We are all complicated people, I see President Trump in his heart, in his gut a man who appears completely self-absorbed but in reality is the complete opposite. I believe that he ran for office for the very reasons that he told us…he loves our country, he saw it going to hell. Obama’s very personal to the point of mean/disrespectful roasting at the WH Correspondents Dinner was the final straw IMO, I think that he had about decided to run anyway but that did it for him…that was the match that was probably going to be lit anyway that set off the chain of events that led to his announcement. His rallies, characterized by the media as some sort of ego stroke was more of a reassurance, a reminder to himself, a recharging of the righteousness, the reason that he chose this path- for millions of others because every waking hour he was surrounded by obstacles, obstructions and the constant negative drumbeat of seemingly every reporter, every report, every newscast, every journalist, every story screaming negativity, creating a caricature that is the antithesis of who he is but more a reflection of what they wanted him to be.

        Further, I have maintained from day one that he did not expect to win in 2016 but he expected to give it all he had…his throttle has two gears- wide open or he doesn’t participate and I believe that on election night (based on much reading of how he thinks/operates) he was probably largely alone thinking that he *might* have just pulled this off…winning simply paused his backup plan…to flip the run into a media empire, a natural extension that would grow from “Our Movement”. I would wager a lot of money that he and his team are currently working on just that…a news outlet, perhaps a social media platform to start with and grow from there.

        This makes total sense from a variety of perspectives. If we have learned nothing else, the media controls the story, the narrative, what gets reported (or not) and how it is reported matters. There are virtually NO reliable sources left- nearly all are hopelessly corrupted therefore he intends to fill that MASSIVE gap and this will be yet another wildly successful endeavor…IF it is well managed. I believe that President Trump is fully capable and I’m not sure that he trusts anyone to nor will he allow anyone complete autonomy so time will tell if he succeeds. I believe that this will be successful and part of the success will be because he is such an obsession, a target of the left and every or nearly every competing outlet- they will be fighting what they created and this time, to use another Tombstone quote…”it’s for blood” because this time, their very existence is on the line.

        Back to your question, the man is a leader, he’s crass and he’s kind. He’s always been a consummate self-promoter and in the context of POTUS he quite literally was surrounded by the enemy and he knew it, I believe that he simply didn’t know what to do about it. As a developer he surrounded himself with the best talent that he could assemble however the pool in government is clearly infested with people who do what they do for reasons well beyond the scope of their oath of office, in fact those are clearly simply words to most, the role of “public servant” has been completely bastardized by the very culture of America today and that alone is extraordinarily disheartening but not completely surprising. Basically, he relied on those who had been there for awhile for guidance and they weren’t serving him or Americans, nearly all were serving their own self-interests and much of that is influenced by money. This brings us back to the Strong Hypothesis and the CCP has been working the system for decades, the only difference today is some are aware, many are not and a few simply can’t or won’t see it for a variety of reasons.

        If nothing else, President Trump is an American hero for many reasons, in my opinion his most successful/notable and important accomplishment was to lay bare what an absolute disaster…disgusting, treacherous, fake, nauseating, in many cases illegal and dishonorable mess our elected leadership and their supporting cast are. The CCP figured this out many years ago, they’ve slowly wormed themselves in across our country and their tentacles are spread from MY rural county in Oklahoma to the top of our Federal government, they now own the controls. It is up to Americans to recognize and eject this cancerous tumor before it kills us. I believe that this is a worthwhile and likely futile exercise at this point, what we just witnessed was the beginning of the end of self-government. They have fed on our Achilles heel, freedom.

        1. Well, creating a media empire in a time when elections are completely manipulated and all freedoms frontally assaulted and destroyed is like bringing knife to a gunfight. Far too little and far too late. And I doubt DJT does not understand all this.

          1. I disagree.
            The election fraud is impossibly difficult to get out precisely because of sustained media suppression and hostility.
            If Trump supporters had a truly reliable and powerful network, equal to NBC, it would go a long way to right the problems in this country.
            As usual, Trump has it right.
            The media is the single most powerful, most unaccountable, and most lawless entity in the USA. Political corruption pales next to it.
            That most people fail to see this is the reason it continues in plain sight. I have from the first recognized the media as the underlying chronic disease in our body politic.
            After controlling minds, controlling a mere election is child’s play.

          2. To Lila Rajiva:
            What I am saying is that no media can save you when there is freedom no more.
            I mean – how exactly do you want to oppose unlimited “hard power” grab by a “soft power” of media? Even if you expect that your message will reach a few more percents of population, what difference does it make?
            I am afraid we are past the point when “public opinion” mattered….

          3. Lila, I totally agree with you about the corrupt media. I have long said if the Democrats didn’t have 80% of the media on their side they would finally be seen for what they truly are ; a rouge political party with only one vision which is to destroy America from within.

            Working on behalf of the Globalists, the MSM legitimizes every illegitimate thing about the Democrat party, works to destroy their opposition through lies and fake news and provides aid and cover for all their evil deeds. The Democrats could not ask for a better friend and partner in crime.

          4. mkwinco, I am 100% in agreement with you. Even if President Trump were to start his own network, it will be silenced. With the corrupt administration in the White House making all the calls, there is no way any of our voices will be heard again. We are being censored now and it is getting worse by the day. By just sitting back and allowing the fraudulent election results to pass on by, our Country and our Freedom as we know it is no more. Once our election is allowed to be violated, it will continue to be decided for us.
            When Patrick accepted and compared the illegal *biden win to *bonds illegal batting average,by adding the *before their title, I felt a thud in my heart. Bond and the sports worlds illegal achievements have little impact on our Constitution or our Freedom. On the other hand, biden and election fraud have a major impact on every aspect of our Constitution and our Freedom. Our vote is supposed to matter”and it is a legal process. The Fifteenth,Nineteenth, Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth Amendments established, the right to vote and the right to have your vote counted is one of the “privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.”
            “If any state prevents a legally caste vote by a citizen of the United States from being counted, it violates the constitutionally guaranteed “right of citizens of the United States.” We have a right to have this illegal election thrown out, what do we do? I have never felt so lost and frightened in my 66 years of life.

        2. Interesting analysis. The problem with ejecting the tumor is that this would be a multi-generational exercise. And the younger generation(s) seem to have already succumbed.

    3. This is an interesting and thought-provoking analysis by Patrick Byrne but it contains at least one glaring inconsistency.
      If, as he says, his coterie of “cyber-ninjas” were unable to push through the stonewalling tactics of the many officials and departments overseeing the election fraud, why would we expect Rudy Giuliani to succeed in the extremely short time he had to produce the goods? Saying a man of 74 lacks expertise in “cyber matters” and that therefore he was the wrong man for the job is a poor argument, in my view.
      Byrne’s additional, casual comment that Giuliani knocks back triple shots of an alcoholic beverage (implying that this habit contributes in some way to a failed legal campaign) is veering close to an ad hominem attack. A bit snide, that!
      I would be careful with this line of argument. I’m always surprised that the West pays no attention whatsoever to casual ageism, obsessed as it is with racism and gender politics.
      At 74, Giuliani lacks neither verbal lucidity, cognitive acuity nor intellectual nuance. He has experience and is far more media-savvy than many politicians half his age. How many of them run a podcast, let alone a successful one?
      At 77, Trump beats Biden any day. Hands down. At 77, Trump achieved some stunning victories for the forgotten people of America while fighting persecution every day of his Presidency. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s kept his sanity and nothing more than a perfectly normal girth for an American white male whose chosen form of recreation is golf rather than rock-climbing. Surely the man is allowed some flaws.
      I’m surprised you don’t give two words to Biden’s glaringly obvious flaws. Ah, now we come to an interesting question:
      are Biden’s gaffes age-related or not? If they are not, then what could possibly explain them??
      One thing I pride myself on is my intellectual consistency:)
      All said, thanks for your article. I enjoyed it.

      1. Ming, the answer is that rudy represented trump in court, as his client (or could have). Sidney and mike and patrick were not permitted to represent trump and so couldnt purse the suits.

    4. Dear Patrick,
      I must say that you are wrong. There is a plan!
      1.Trump and his family has repeatedly said ” The best is yet to come!” How could the best be Biden?
      2. General Flynn has said “not to concede the wine ” . Why?
      3. Biden is in Castle Rock studios. And that’s not even the real Biden he was exicuted over a year ago.
      4. The 1871 corporation of America is gone.
      5. We are now the Republic of 1776 and Trump will be our 19th president.
      6. Trump and his family can’t walk away they ( the cabal bad guys) would go after him!
      7. The military is in control because of the proven voter and the are using the executive order that Trump signed in September 2018!
      8. Lin Wood, Sydney Powell,, Juan O Savin , Mel K, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, and Robert Steele are still saying there is a plan. So..
      I will choose to follow this plan. You should be careful to say that there isn’t a plan because people will go to the streets! We will not put up with what Biden is doing! So we have to hold the line and hope and pray that God will see this plan through!

      1. Yes Janet!! I am thinking we may need to go to the streets before biden and harris sell us all to the CCP. It looks as if the consensus is telling us; too bad biden is President get over it, maybe next time your votes might count….if there is a next time. Even some of the conservative media is telling us to give up, it’s done. Just fix the election irregularities…2022, 2024. How long has biden unlawfully been in office? Look at the destruction he has done already.

      2. Janet, stop watching idiots like CirstenW with her talk of executions and clones. Reality is strange enough. I suspect the Deep State is laughing at people who believe this nonsense they likely created to discredit Trump supporters.

      3. 1. Well, it might just be a pose. However, it’s a hint, but not a proof.
        2. No one knows, but he is surely aware about e.g. cases on SCOTUS. And maybe there’s more.
        3. Really? And no one else from Cabal/MSM noticing? Or they all have been replaced and now their clones controlled by military are doing harm to people by opening borders and shutting down pipelines? And this makes sense how exactly? 😉
        Btw, Gen.Flynn said “nonsense” about all this in the same interview as he mentioned the wine.
        4.& 5. So why do they need clones? And how exactly all the offices and organizations created after 1871 transform themselves into 1776-ones? 😉
        Remember – the problem is not lack of a legal paths to destroy the cabal, the problem is lack of “hard power” to do so. If military really steps in, it makes not much difference which legal avenue it use to justify it.
        6. On this one I completely agree with you
        7. Well this cannot be true simultaneously with items 3.,4., and 5. Pick the correct one. 😉
        8. How do they know?
        E.g. as you’ve just read in Patrick’s account, Sidney was working hard on voter fraud and tried to convince Trump to activate EO and recount. It does not look like she is aware of any plan, actually she had her own plan. ChW & SP are full of crap, they are maybe even controlled by the enemy.

        > “We will not put up with what Biden is doing!”
        So how it is? Was he executed, or not? 😉

        Please stop believing nonsense, it is either a product of a sick mind or worse, counter-psyOp. As not everything we see is true, not everything we see is false. Use your common sense.

      4. This “Plan” has kept so many people glued to the YouTube shows during the critical 2 months post election. Instead of springing to action, the “Plan” followers have made the psyop promoters rich.

      5. “I will choose to follow this plan”…Who the hell are YOU? Other than a complete idiot. A omelet stupid ASS. A JOKE of a human being. You are a NOBODY, who keeps sitting on your fat disgusting ass doing NOTHING. Who CARES what YOU do! You could have watched a poll. You could have signed up to count a vote. You could have done SOMETHING. You “holding the line” like you are someone important (you are NOTHING) is EXACTLY what they want you to do, if you are an actual real person. If you ARE a real person, you should be ashamed of yourself for being a failure. And a fool and a tool of the greatest psyop in history. TrUSt tH3 PlAn!

      6. The worst thing currently happening in the US is, people like you, making pant on their head statements, such as your post, are accepted into mainstream society, rather than regulated to a facility that is capable of treating your illness. I have no issue with plausible scenarios, but Biden was killed, the military is in charge, blah blah blah, is just the delusional ramblings of someone with a mental deficiency. We are now seeing the true ramifications of Reagan’s disastrous decision to gut mental healthcare, and it’s only been 40 years.

        Any human wishing death on another because of their gender, color, place of birth, religious beliefs, or political affiliation, shouldn’t be considered human.

    1. EO already was signed to get them back into our power grid. I think this guy is right on all counts, or nearly so. And that’s sad, scary and infuriating. I wish I was more involved with politics up until now. Not that there’s much I could have done but knowing about it now is just frustrating. I see no option but to die a warrior’s death.

  3. I am SO pissed.

    You can call him the * President, but knowing this election was 100% stolen, regardless of the “process”, will forever make him, “not my President “.

    You said the process worked as it should. But I disagree. Unless, the Senate is simply ax”rubbercstamp”, their job was to do more than count illegitimate electoral votes.

    “The system created by our Constitution, whereby electors are chosen and sent to an Electoral College to cast their votes, then at a later point the US Senate (by recognizing and counting electoral votes) accepts that decision, accomplishes precisely that.”

    On Rudy, I’m absolutely sickened. I was never impressed by his weird rants, but I always gave him the benefit of doubt, that he had a plan. Understanding that while entrusted (rightly or wrongly) with such a historical challenge, that hexdrowned that in a bottle infuriates me.

    While you saw our President as clinging to loyalty, I see him as clinging to those he trusted, and many of those let me down.

    I want to scream, cry. Im so freaking angry.

    Thank you for writing this down. I want vengeance against every one who let this happen.

    1. Right On! Okay, , I hope you don’t mind if I bring God into this conversation… Ignore me if you are atheist. God says: “Vengence is mine.” People of faith, worldwide, are praying fervently for God to bring judgement / Vengence swiftly on every single corrupt politician in this nation and abroad, particularly those politicians who suppress the people and who fail to up hold Constitutions and Laws of their land. It may sound like a pipe dream, but I’m asking God to show himself STRONG and POWERFUL in our day and age. Reading God’s word, especially, the book of KINGS will give you excellent insight into how God deals with nations and their leaders.

      1. I agree, Anonymous; I put that verse in my Christmas letter: “Vengeance is mine” and I am praying that daily, for about 30 individuals, that God would deal with them. He is a God of Justice, after all, especially in the last days.

  4. Too late for me to provide any good comment…except, after following this for over 3-months on the outside, I’m sure glad you’re discussing what went on in the inside…Always thought Sidney was the truest. I had too much hope in Rudy. Thank you, much appreciated…I’m buying the book when it comes out.

  5. I am so scared of what this country is becoming by the day. The stolen presidency, Biden, the virus takeover, the lockdowns…tyranny…China takeover…I am so scared.

    Thank you for this but in reality we all were right about the “17th” letter. We were told this was all going to happen. Also, the “17th” letter never said that the military was in charge…those are words from independent YTbr’s.

    I still pray that everything will be revealed, Patrick.

    You are a Patriot and without Donald J. Trump, NONE of this would have been revealed to the People.

    1. A lot of people are afraid. We can’t move forward unafraid. I wrote to the military joint chiefs and ask that they protect the People from this government that elected a president through their own willful negligence and unlawfulness.

      1. Hi, Please give us the Military Join Chief’s emails so we can write them as well asking for support.
        thank you!

  6. Patrick,

    Appalling, but it sounds right. Can we please stop using “shenanigans” when we mean criminal felonies like election fraud? I’ve been astonished at the words used by otherwise intelligent people involved in all this. “Kraken,” really Sidney?

    I hope you have a Chapter 7, how to take back our nation. I’m afraid with your devotion to non-violence there won’t be a chapter 7. So, what is this other than a really sad story? You’ve burdened us with truth, I trust, and no solution. Perhaps ignorance would have been more bliss.
    Wish you well. Thanks for the truth you have told.

    1. Todd, I feel the left is rubbing our faces in their steal:
      Opening the floodgates at the border and killing the pipeline. I see that the interior border patrol are already at ease I suppose that Trump had seriously damaged the cash flow and kickbacks to our politicians by trimming the fentanyl and human imports. Brennan berates those of us who do want aspire to have Uncle Sam be our Daddy, he uses the same demeaning rhetoric of Hillary sneering out conservative and Constitution as if they are vile words.
      I conclude they want us to rise and resist Patriot pushback will be the final excuse to lock us down.

      1. Agreed, look what they have created out of their own operation on Jan. 6th. The excuse to persecute and hunt down Trump supporters, and let known antifa criminals free. The more I find out about what actually happened, the more I question everything about it. Even the shooting of Ashli Babbitt is questioned by some, and the police officer was not killed by a blow from a fire extinguisher. The whole narrative is suspect, but it is now legend, and it accomplishes the purpose intended.

        I notice some folks on this forum seem to think the military could have/would intervene (foreign and domestic enemies of the constitution and all…) The generals in power now clearly are obama generals, they and the secretary of defense under DJT made it pretty clear they had no intention of taking any action. I think it was made clear to DJT by the military leadership, and by those in the DOJ who controlled the documents he wanted declassified that they were not going to obey his orders. Either playing out the clock, or just a blatant refusal. In some ways, DJT may have been powerless in the last two months before he left DC.

        I wonder why DJT didn’t call in those who had a firm grasp of the evidence, such as it was, and create a video like Mike Lindell made? He already had Navarro in his administration! Call in Byrne, Powell, and Flynn and make a video with other witnesses. Post that on the WH website with the details that no court would hear, promote it every time he spoke in public, have everyone promote it, then maybe the word would have gotten out that there was evidence, it wasn’t baseless. I’ll never understand why he didn’t do something like that.
        He still could do that, a much better version of what Lindell made, with Trump connecting the accounts with what he was told to do and not do by the traitors around him in the WH.

        I don’t want to give in to hopelessness, but the oligarchy is so entrenched in every power center in our country, that is does seem impossible to remove their control. Our home grown oligarchy is bad enough, but when they have submitted/allied themselves to that evil empire in asia it does seem only a miracle can save us.

  7. Thank you for writing this, I shared it with many. I can tell you even from my peripheral perspective as a concerned citizen, I could clearly see Giuliani and others were amateur and liabilities, and I still can’t wrap my head around how Trump didn’t see it. I tend to agree with your musing, that perhaps he wasn’t up for the fight because he didn’t truly want the presidency as much any longer, or was complacent with returning to a semblance of normalcy. A sad ending to a presidency, or better yet movement, that I thought had a lot of promise, and many of us took a ton of grief for defending and promoting. The whole situation is deflating. That being said, it truly isn’t about Trump any longer, it is about halting what we all know is to come now that the fraud was able to occur. I wholeheartedly agree with all your conclusions, and I’d love to lend any support I can to stop it from happening. Thanks again, I look forward to reading future articles or responding to any manner in which I can support you guys.

  8. Wow. Excellent writing. I really don’t know what else to say — I’m partial in shock & numb and partial in despair & fighting feelings of hopelessness bcuz one thing is pretty clear—If true, then the Deep State has finally achieved taking over all branches of govt in America and our votes not only didn’t count this time but most likely never will again. How did our military even allow this coup to occur? Surely the NSA / military intel knew all or most of this, watched it unfold even. Should we start forming militias like were formed prior to the American Revolution? What/How can we take our country back from the precipice of being destroyed within by China and our own deranged, deceived, indoctrinated fellow Americans on the Left? Or is all truly.,… just lost? Progressivism aka liberalism aka Marxism aka communism has not only arrived (really subversion started in early 1900’s) but it has already manifested & infiltrated the highest levels of govt, Intel, bureaucracy, judiciary, media & our education after 100 years & esp these past decades as the sleeping Silent Majority ‘went along to get along’ ..,it looks more & more like we awoke too late. ]Theyve] been deliberately dividing us for decades by race, gender, religion, politics, etc… bcuz it is true —a house (nation) divided cannot, will not, stand. We saw it coming. We experienced it. Some were aware. Others fell for their Marxist indoctrination tactics hook, line & sinker. What do we do when the enemy is within & our own fellow Americans? Do we capitulate or do we fight? What do we do with them though if we win? The half of the country who have been so indoctrinated as to punish right as wrong and celebrate wrong as right? What must our path forward be? And who will lead us? Obviously it won’t be Trump. I think he’s tired, and done & I don’t blame him after 4 years of such vile hate & 24/7 attacks & being so handled & deceived. But we do need a champion. Someone who can unite & empower us like POTUS did! Perhaps General Flynn?! He’d be a great choice, if he were interested. After what’s been done to Trump by the Left Demonrats & their despicable Deep State controlled medias, he may not be interested. But I do believe patriotic Americans would get behind him. We can’t wait until 2022 to figure it all out though —although if we do nothing? It won’t matter bcuz our votes won’t matter anyhow & soon will come the day, if your fears about becoming a vassal State are realized, that there will be no more elections. We truly are at a precipice aren’t we?
    Thanks for your writings. And for your courage to write them. I hope they wake folks up to fact there is no “plan” going on in the background, no military operation, and that nobody is coming to save us. That whole Q thing was all obviously a psyops itself. Probably put on by the Deep State operatives. So folks need to stop falling for it &/or waiting on “them” to do something to save us. Just like in all times past 🔜 We have to save ourselves.

    1. Yes, the obvious thing about the Q crap is that it’s all over the internet. So, if there truly was something like that going on, would we all be seeing their plans to make it happen? And even if they are showing their hand somewhat to give people hope, do they not think they are signalling their plan to a group of people who have “war room simulated” all these actions, and know how to stop them? The TIME article alone told us that they were IN OUR FACE doing this and there is nothing we can do to stop them. If you do not believe that, look up Transition Integrity Project. There for all to see they have played out all possible scenarios
      There was simply no way they were going to let a guy disrupt the plans they had in place. They obviously hoped to do this in 2016, and I suspect they had vote tampering in place then, and simply did not have the plan B in place that let Trump squeeze through. Hillary is probably disappointed because she was supposed to be queen, but other than that, they are happy as pigs in a sty.

  9. First, Patrick, biden is much a president as the cat turds in my cat’s litter box. He is illegitimate. A cheater. Not even deserving to call that creature “human”.
    Secondly, your dismal approach to writing was a waste of my skimming. More fear mongering, and more dread, more darkness. Shame on you Patrick, adding more fear and uncertainty to people’s lives. You are a VILE person.

    1. Agree with Biden not being legitimate. But there is no need to abuse Pat and call him a vile person. You can disagree without being obnoxious. Let’s see what solutions you have now. At least Pat went way out of his way to expose the fraud and had a solution. That the solution was not accepted and implemented is a different story.

      1. One thing is for certain. This is only ONE person’s view of what was happening. And one person who admits he was not part of many conversations, or major events. Perhaps there is more to the story, and PERHAPS there is more to come. I fail to believe that the NSA wasn’t on top of this, and isn’t ready to make something happen when all is revealed. We are still revealing at this point. After the fake impeachment, we will know who is truly a patriot. I suspect many more senators will vote to impeach. “Oh- wow- I hadn’t realized he did THAT! (clutching pearls)” And (I believe) there is better than a 50/50 chance they will do so. Don’t be shocked if it happens, But be pleased that more has been revealed. Then the only thing remaining is how the SCOTUS reveals itself. Much is still yet untold.

        1. Enough has been revealed already and we all have a very good idea of things and where people and our institutions stand and it’s not pretty.

    2. Calling someone vile for telling the truth as best he understands it, is ignorant. Patrick Byrne is a journalist. He’s a writer. He’s not claiming to be infallible. America is still a free country in so far as this website is concerned. All the people who say Patrick Byrne’s writing is a psy-op, are really confused. If you don’t like what Patrick writes, don’t come here to read it. Those of us who want to know his point of view, all have minds of our own. We all have the option of evaluating his perspective for ourselves.
      Maybe you should start your own website if you don’t want to read what other people think. If Patrick’s writing is too dark for you, it could be a real contribution to the world for you to create a website with sunshine, rainbows, happy everything. There’s room for that in this world, too.

  10. So depressing! As you warned, we bent the knee to the fraud, China and the deep state won, and USA will never again be the country we thought it was with constitution justice and consent of the governed. Too many leaders in the massive government complicit or happy to look the other way. I doubt we’ll ever have an honest election again. Pretend patriots folded and real ones were overwhelmed. I’m sure this is what it felt like whenever every other decent republic and free societies were lost. Will the truth you and others uncovered ever see the light of day in a process, or is all lost till people revolt and start another America somewhere?

  11. Patrick, thanks for providing closure for all of us. It’s good to know the details so we can move on. In serious trouble, but at least aware of the things to come and what has transpired. With media as it is, we absolutely need voices like yours to help find truth and center ourselves. Thank you for spending your time and money to fight for justice. I’m sorry it didn’t return favourably but I hope you consider the gift you’ve given worthwhile. It has been a gift to me. Thank you.

  12. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so much sadness and hopelessness! I feel American is lost!

    Thank you, for your patriotism and honestly.

  13. One of the best articles I read for a long time! It explains many things. It’s unbelievable that mainstream media categorizes Patrick as a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracies existed and will always exist, that’s a fact. Some are discovered, and others not. Patrick knows that people who think that Biden is in a Castle Rock studio are dreamers. These dreamers or the ones who manipulate them are damaging the serious work of people like Byrne, Flynn and Powell.

    1. Why do the lights in the White House go out at 11 P.M. most nights??
      Where are the snipers on the rooftop? Explain THAT if you aren’t willing to contemplate that there’s no one in the White House…

  14. Thanks, Patrick.
    I am not an insider like yourself, but following the progress of the fight and your stories.
    I agreed with your analysis regarding Trump’s management style and betting his presidency on just with that old Rudy was a big mistake, but that seems to fit his thinking of walking away on the last month in the WH.
    One question keeps bugging me that Trump seems to know exactly what his opponents will do to eliminate him, but he did not even put any trusted person to at least monitor or capture the evidence in secret!
    Now it is tough for some patriotic groups to present or bring forward the evidence!

  15. Mr. Byrne, your synopsis is spot on!
    Thank you for your debriefing us on both the election, the inside information and your opinion which I share.

    1. Illegiment President Biden. And there needs to be a re-do now that a Judge has ruled about early mail ins. A complete re-do with paper voting and a new system in place with the military monitoring.

  16. I have also thought about what Biden should be called, in light of the incontrovertible FACT that he did not win the presidency. To call him “Not my President” is too partisan and too much like the infantile Left. But to call him President*Biden to my way of thinking is too respectful, and even with the asterisk is too legitimizing. So I have decided that I will forever refer to him as Not-President Biden, and will encourage others to do likewise. Then when asked why I call him that, I have the opening to say, “Because any rational person who took even a cursory look at the actual evidence and the known facts would quickly and easily conclude that the election was stolen on his behalf. Thus, he is not legitimately the President.”

      1. I like that, Scat….
        Resident Biden….Patrick, what do you think ? If you are reading this, please consider my vote for modifying your article above to replace the “asterisk” with “Resident Biden”….
        Btw, did this final Chapter get updated between last night and now ? I dont remember seeing “the three things we can do” Section ? (When i read it last night with the sinking, numbing shock at finally seeing in writing what i always thought would the final end to this 2020 election saga.)

        Pam, Lila, anyone ? Pls let me know if you know the answer to my question above ?

        Many thanks !

        1. I’m reasonably certain that Patrick Byrne did add the “3 things we can do” after he first posted this section. He’s done that with other installments, such as adding the paragraph about Melania and the warning someone relayed to her about the President not being safe in a 2nd term (in a previous section).
          Patrick has made numerous updates to his writing in this project. As he explained early on, he intentionally chose to post his writing early in the process, rather than waiting for a finished, perfect product. He said he felt it was most important to get his thoughts posted so people could start reading the story. It’s an interesting approach to journalism, and it gives us a window into his writing process.
          I think the “3 things we can do” is a very good addition to this section of the story. Perhaps Patrick realizes how dark his writing is at times. I’ve been thinking about his life, and about how much darkness he’s lived with, in terms of his health challenges. He hasn’t mentioned much in this series about his health issues, but he’s written about his health in other series on this website. (And I might be totally wrong about his health issues being a factor in his total life outlook.)
          I think it’s really important for everyone in the Freedom Movement to find a positive outlook about life. One reason why I need to distance myself from politics is that a lot of it is unbelievably toxic. This is not a new problem. I’m old enough to remember the 1970s, a time when many Conservative Americans were convinced that the Soviet Union was an imminent threat to America.
          It’s not healthy for anyone, Patriots, Freedom Fighters, or whatever people call themselves, to be in a morbid, fear-filled frame of mind. Political issues are only one aspect of life. There’s more to life and living than who occupies the White House.
          And RESIDENT is a good way to describe the man I call FAKE 46.

          1. Thanks, PrayForTheUSA:

            Helps to clarify my “confusion” on whether I missed that section on my first reading within a few hours of PB’s posting. (BTW, I’m glad he added that section – it was too “dark” without that – and I need all the help I can get to overcome my tendency to get depressed ! :))

            Good night,

            ps. I do remember your “name” from some of your comments here – good to connect on this one ! 🙂 and all the best to all of us ! May our hearts and minds continue to stay clear and confident.

          1. Yeah, Lila – Am glad he added it… !
            You’ve been gone a while.. has become a daily addiction for me :), and with not much new content, I keep re-reading the comments 🙂

  17. Patrick,
    The South Carolina Regulators posted
    a detailed study before the election which was similar to your psyop hypothesis.
    They were on Twitter but it seems they were banned and their tweets expunged.
    They self described as ex LEO and military, although I suspect that may be a cover.
    With your cyber skills, I assume you can find their report which does not come up on google. Their report is very factual and applies military background analysis, and I think you will gain from reading.

  18. Jeffrey Prather talks about the Chinese prosecuting 5th Generation Information Warfare. The election was lost due to fraud and incompetence. The Republic is fallen. The time to contest fraud, says Prather, is over. The time to fight domestic totalitarianism is upon us. Prather says, “Get your head in the fight.” Find a local circle of Patriots, and do something daily to create a new Republic. It is 1774.

    1. Anybody still pretending there is a civil and legal solution to this is stuck in self delusion.

      We have to get ready to fight to defend our land from our own tyrants in power.

  19. Great read Patrick.
    I’m on the same page. Unfortunately the only conclusion that makes sense is the psy-op you describe. Our circle came to the same conclusion. It seems so obvious.
    What keeps running through my mind is, where is the line in the sand? When will America wake up? I’m tired of people saying, “vote locally” and “get involved locally”. Am I reading this wrong or did voting not work? Einstein said something about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…
    I get we have to accept President* Biden and a soon to be promoted VP but the weak or strong hypothesis is too obvious a threat to my kid’s future to ignore. And, I hope once the government comes for our guns and/or our property the we the people will stand up.
    However if people don’t stand up when their businesses and livelihood is stolen because of a good story it’s hard for me to believe people will stand up if there’s a good enough story explaining why it’s okay to shame anyone who doesn’t give up their home and guns.
    I’m venting, but I’m so pissed about this feeling of helplessness and I’m not sure how to shake it. I know I’m not the only one searching for a horse to back and a solution to get behind and I’m confirming what you wrote:
    Your horse is Sidney and Gen. Flynn?
    Thank you for all you’ve done and the great risk you’ve put yourself in. 🙏🏼 Don’t get suicided.

    1. So much this. We all know what happened and why. What we don’t know is what to do about it. Voting will no doubt yield the same results, with the same bad actors and machines. I feel that people are waiting until 2022 to see if elections still work. My fear is that allows the regime the time to see that the military will be gutted and replaced with personnel who are sympathetic to the new world order…all the great military might of our amazing country could be turned on its citizenry, which would lead to the same happening around the world. It is critically important to remember two things at this juncture: the 10th amendment and a convention of states may be our way to salvation. States must nullify with State law and regulation and strong push-back against unconstitutional edicts from DC, EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF LOSING FEDERAL FUNDS. States may even need to collect federal taxes and use if federal funds are withheld, exempting citizens of the onus/penalty of having not paid federal tax. States have the power to nullify laws (see liberal states and their ignorance of any laws they don’t agree with) that are unconstitutional. We need to immediately ensure that everyone from local school board up to governor is on board in our states and if you live in a state where that isn’t possible, consider a move. There is work to be done on that level, and we need to start there. We are going to have to push back strongly against attempts to label us domestic terrorists and attempts to purge the military of conservatives. If these things don’t work, a civil divorce will be in order.

      1. I’m with you, except it’s been proven down ballot and local votes have been manipulated. Are we to trust they won’t be next time?

        I’ve been reluctant to get behind a Trump media organization because he was the only man in the moment able to do what looked so obvious to us before during and after the election fraud. But, if a media organization was able to organize well enough to show in real time the election fraud taking place in 2022 with preparations in place to execute what should’ve been executed this time, I might just think voting locally and all that fluff could be worth it.

        Lots of caveats though.

  20. Both Donald Trump’s achievements and weakness are outstanding and significant! He showed we the people what good president should be for we the people. You are right that his management skill, especially people judgement skill, is problematic.

  21. In the end DJT surrendered to the enemy. I thought he should have used the military as commander in chief, seized the vote machines,all records, seized control of all news outlets to provide transparency,held a revote by paper ballot, with voter ID, installed minimum national election standards, arrested multitudes for treason, and cleaned up this mess once for all. We were throne to the wolves. The hope of gaining back control from the ground up seems more challenging than ever. But then again, if they have to resort to fraudulently stealing an election, bribing, threatening, and using violence and creating mayhem in our cities, and breaking the law at every level, they know they can’t win any other way. They know they are already defeated. That’s encouraging to me. That gives me hope.

  22. Patrick, have you seen this article? The information comes from a blog that is now in a “coming soon” status, but I had read through it. In one post he said that he knows that Rudy Giuliani was reading the information he had posted. I remember thinking that was good, but now after reading through your experience, I realize that wasn’t good. That meant it was going nowhere. Maybe you can get this info to Sydney Powell and see what she makes of it?

    1. Thatd work. Only a very public campaign will get trump to do squat at this point. Make his legacy hinge on it. Byrnes should call Tucker TODAY

  23. Thank you so much Patrick for sharing what really happened inside. Without you, Donald J. Trump, Sidney, Lin, General Flynn, and all Patriots fighting against these corruptions, we would’ve never uncovered so much crime with the Deep State and CCP. We can put the * on a lot of Presidents and politicians now that we know that the election machines are rigged like a third world country…extremely sad.

    Can you comment on Jared and Ivanka Kushner’s roles…did they crippled Donald J. Trump like Rudy? The fact that they made out like bandits during Trump’s 4 year does not sit well with me either.

    Thank you again for standing up for us little people and blessings to all who are woke or waking up…

  24. While I appreciate all your efforts (I truly do), I strongly disagree with you on this seeming shoulder-shrug of a summary. Shoring up future elections should certainly be a priority, but exposing the fraud and cheating that occurred this past few months is paramount and should not be met with any resignation! That’s so disheartening, as the consequences are very dire. We should NOT be complicit in allowing injustice to stand, especially knowing the impact on our country, our future and our children’s futures. We should not accept Biden as President, as not only did verifiable cheating occur, but also the refusal of precincts and counties to abide by election laws at the most basic level, and then denying transparency and obstructing audits, should have been grounds for invalidating entire precincts their votes until they complied and VALIDATED the proper vote counts. This should be a legal right of the American people… election transparency! The process did NOT play out fairly, NOR CONSTITUTIONALLY per your claim. For example, state legislatures were the only bodies legally able to change any state election laws, not governors or partisan secretaries or committees. Furthermore, other constitutional rights and laws were violated through the entire process. So no, we should adamantly DENY accepting Biden as President – we should continue to demand investigation, justice and accountability – and not simply concede. How do we collectively push/fight back?? Also, why no mention of Mike Lindells substantive evidence, or of Mary Fanning and the affidavit with a confession of an Italian minister that claims he himself switched millions of votes in 17 states?

    1. RIGHT ON! Go to Sidney Powell’s site that Patrick talks about and write to every senator in those 6 swing states! Maria Zack of “Nations In Action” is the one who is handling Italy.

  25. Nope. You aren’t thinking about the crimes. Human trafficking, child abuse to name two. And many more. There is work to be done and the faux president can’t do it since he’s involved. None of this is a secret. There is a plan. Too bad Trump didn’t see your solution. But there is a plan and election integrity is part of it.

  26. If fraud was committed it needs to be addressed, people must be held accountable, and at the end of the day the People must be the ones to choose who and how we are governed. Those facts do not change. When our government and courts are unwilling to exercise their authority in accordance with the constitution, there is a remedy.

    Did you know that in extreme circumstances, military commanders can invoke martial law? When our government and courts are unwilling to exercise their authority in accordance with the constitution, there is a remedy. even if Trump was unwilling.

  27. Isn’t that the point, the process didn’t take its course and neither did we get the correct outcome. The election was stolen with the help of foreign and domestic actors. In fact, the fraud and irregularities which the framers thought will sort themselves out, didn’t. If the election were merely rigged by American grifters, we might have survived it – we survived the fraud when Kennedy stole Nixon’s election – this is not survivable because we are ruled and not governed with our concent now. Moreover, the fight isn’t between the left and the right, but between the old Americans who love the country and the new Americans who hate it – there are lefties and righties on both sides. Our problems begin with immigration which requires complete freeze for a while and end with complete revamp of the entire federal government, but certainly FBI, CIA, DOD and DOJ. So far as Trump is concerned, there’s a lesson to be learned for all of us – if we want to save the republic we must start workin* on it and not wait for some guy to come alone.. specially when the guy is not much different than all of those before him. After all, it seems Trump is preparing to make as much money as he could from the presidency and the only difference between him and the grifters before him is that he’ll make money legally and won’t sell the country to do it.

  28. Very intelligent sequel; seriously just want to give you a hug. Love your opinions and look forward to hearing your point of view in the future. Birds of a feather must flock together. As crazy and surreal that life seems, we need to stay connected.

  29. I’m just incredibly, incredibly sad.

    Bereft. Of everything I believed in and loved.

    When a person dies naturally, it’s also natural to grieve. When a person is killed, as in a victim of crime, there is hardly ever any closure, especially when the perpetrators are never brought to justice. The grief goes on and on, and one tries to live through the broken-heartedness of everyday life that ensues. Or the few, who are determined to find in their grief, a strength to overcome, by creating a new way to combat what happened. At least that’s the way it was years ago, like M.A.D.D. for example.

    I feel like the latter. But I don’t want to be one of the ones who live the rest of their lives broken-hearted. I’ve survived many things–things others have not been able to live through, unfortunately. I’ve never had a victim attitude. I always believed I could overcome whatever was in front of me. And I have.

    Now, I honestly don’t know how. And yet, this has happened to ALL of us.

    All I know, is this…what I decide to do with this:

    I will be broken-hearted as I should be, and the grief may indeed seem endless. We have lost so much. This is my reality.

    Yet… I can’t stop looking to the horizon, scanning it. I WILL NEVER stop looking for opportunity… overcome, to restore, to combat this collective wrong. I will find some way, somehow, with God’s help. I hope we all will.

    They may, indeed, permanently or temporarily, taken my country (either through the weak or strong hypotheses, or both).

    But I won’t let them have my spirit.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful post, Anon. This is a real answer you have found. If every one of us keeps the faith, whatever that means to each of us; if each of us keeps scanning the horizon as you say, ready to do what needs to be done: we will each find our work…. our “opportunity… overcome, to restore, to combat this collective wrong.” So beautifully said. We each have a sphere of influence, smaller or larger, and even a very small action could mean much more than we realize. Many small drips of water hollow a massive stone, many small drops build to a massive wave. We must believe that even our smallest actions are important and valuable, and be courageous in our strong, true deeds of hope.

      For me, finding these Patrick Byrne articles came only because I was continually “scanning the horizon” as you say– that is a wonderful image you give. In all the great myths, the hero chooses to continue even when all appears to be lost. Each of us can strive and aspire to be of value, in our own small ways, in our own spiritual battles every day, and trust that unexpected help may come. That is what Byrne and Flynn and Powell decided to do, despite everything that confronted them: full of courage they kept on going.

      These articles from Byrne are like signs: like stepping stones, clues, keys, answers for my further journey…. And your comment here is yet another sign for my way. We will help each other, and the Spirit of God, His Word will inspire us, each of us will find that faith and source of strength, though we may call it by different names. Together we will build a huge force, though we may not even have an outward leader. We may have many different leaders, in smaller circles, but all working together for the hope and vision that we still have for our country. We will find each other, and we will never give up.

      Perhaps much of what we do will only be seeds, that sprout and bloom in some distant future, but what is done in the spirit of Love lasts for all eternity. We really do have nothing to fear but fear itself. Suffering and death is only a gateway to a new life….. We must fight against our fear, and give it no quarter. You have described so well another key to our survival now: acknowledging and living through the brokenheartedness as we watch the country we love being ripped and torn and mangled. We can acknowledge this tremendous grief and sadness, our feelings of helplessness and horror. We can live and breathe through these sufferings, and somehow keep going.

      It is also important to be honest in our relationships, as far as we can, rather than just going silent…. We should speak our truth without backing down. Yet at the same time we need to understand that we are surrounded by sick and brainwashed people, and try to realize why they cannot hear us, why they seem to be so blind. Our fellow Americans are held captive by a sickness, and we must find the compassion to see that clearly so that we may find ways to help them, while rejecting their path of hatred….

      1. I’m struck by your last paragraph; I’m angry at family members that are so brainwashed by the MSM and cheer Biden on. I have gone silent instead of confronting them as I don’t want to lose them forever. I copied your words on a note to myself; maybe someday I will move forward. Just not yet. Thank you.

    2. However sad and lost we feel at the moment, it shall pass. We ought not to lay down and bear the burden laid upon us by the injustice. We need to channel the grief, compassion and righteous indignation towards a positive resolution. Don’t compare pursuit of justice to the Left’s fake Resistance over Trump administration. Just as it is wrong to compare cheating to win a sport’s trophy with usurping the leadership of the free world. We need a leader to unite us to defend and save our beloved Republic. The right leader for this time of crisis, being Trump or someone else, needs to embody the fighting spirit of the founding Fathers, the resolve and shrewdness of Lincoln and the fiery eloquence of Churchill. Who can harness the will of We The People to reclaim the White House and the Congress which both have turned into dens of thieves?

  30. Hi Patrick, Thank you so much writing and giving us the details on what happened. 😢😢 I’M SO SCARED FOR OUR COUNTRY “PATRIOTS” 😢😢 EVERYDAY I WANT TO CRY, SCARED OF THE CCP TAKE OVER!!

    I will continue to pray 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻 Hopefully God wins🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

    Thank you so much for you’ve done! YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT “GREAT GUY” God bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Also, Lance Armstrong holds no Tour De France titles. They’ve all been stripped. All of them! Are we now beneath that for the most powerful title on the planet? They didn’t stop after the probable cause accusations were made and refuted. Are we going to accept this after it’s proven, even if it’s well after the fact? No asterisk. Justice!

  32. Yea.. had seen one of his (DJT) and Melania’s older interviews, where she says for him loyalty means everything.

    Also is it true that the Italian or rather vatican satellites pushed votes on the server?

    Also there was coup in myanmar, where the military is rerunning the election, as it found the election was rigged. Is that ever possible here?

  33. So Patrick (or anybody who can answer this question from knowledge), how long have you been working on this with these ‘white hats’? Forgive me, so much information and it’s confusing…I keep thinking you (or some group you joined) were working on something even PRIOR to the actual election. I can’t remember how precisely you came to be involved, you seemed to hit the ground running (like you were already there). Again forgive my ignorance, I am so confused. Maybe it’s been wishful thinking on my part, that you were already part of some clandestine operation to monitor… IDK what all.

    P.s. I worried even before Jan.20, as Melania changed her hair color to something much lighter (blonde, for her, compared with typical shades she wears) and she was seen coming/going in different, more youthful, e.g. leather leggings paired w/over-the-knee leather boots and a shawl (still elegant of course, but not the carefully curated prim/proper ‘First Lady’ ) . I had this awful feeling in my gut that she knew she was getting outta there. 🙁

  34. Thank you Patrick. Spot on analysis. Look no further than *Biden’s pick for the CIA to verify your hypothesis.

    What a sad turn of events that left the fate of the free world in the hands of Rudy. Does he even realize what he has done?

    I am completely disgusted with the Republican Party. They should have been screaming election fraud from every rooftop on the morning of November 4th. I think that the only obvious course of action is to encourage EVERY patriot to register as a Democrat and change the direction of their party from within. There are more of us than them.

  35. Thank you, Patrick. What an incredible story…but credibly told.
    I say that with some relief….considering the number of double and triple agents crawling out of every tortured episode in this ongoing take-down of the US, September 11, 2001 -. November 2, 2020.

    I doubt they will make you a test case.
    They wouldn’t want to make a martyr of you. We already have one St. Patrick who drove out the snakes…

    I worry about some subtler means…a vaccine, an exotic bug, a poisoned umbrella tip, ….a remote aneurism. You live in a spy-versus- spy world where these things happen mundanely.

    Or they might discredit you through a shady download or a defamation suit rigged against you. Dominion is headquartered in Canada, right? You haven’t had too much luck with them there.

    You are one of a kind and we need you to stick around.

  36. One other thing….what were/are your reasons for telling us so often to “mock them”, “don’t go kinetic!”, and you several times talked about “30 days” (though you may have said 30-60 days…am I tripping? lol, nobody else seems to remember that). (I actually don’t do any drugs, lol, so the tripping has to be age-related or maybe that’s normal when USA has just been taken over and this is no f’n joke. 🙁 )

    You had to have some reason beyond “Don’t walk into a trap” I think you mentioned how Pelosi would love excuse to really put the hammer down, but….There going to do any GD thing they want to now and we ought to understand that. So why did you keep telling us to behave????

  37. Tough to digest even with an asterisk –– and I think this is your best chapter! When everything has become almost impossible to verify, you are one of those rare actors of 2020/21 who I believe being authentic and honest. I do wonder, though, given that you ran a team of experts who should have seen absolute proof, why you are still hesitant to call it as such: the biggest political scandal in US history and a factual cyber war against America? Is it because you DIDN’T see that 100% proof? Are you afraid of legal consequences? In a live interview, you have come forward claiming you were involved in a $18m bribe of Hillary Clinton under the FBI. You said in the same interview that you have information that they found nitrous oxide in the blood of Jeffrey Epstein’s prison guards. You are certainly not of the faint of heart. Why then wouldn’t you use more determined words to describe what has really happened in the US election? — Thank you for your work!

  38. Thank you for being an integral part of trying to save the US. I am sad at our state of affairs. Biden is a puppet being used by the left to take us straight into China’s trap. Our country is being destroyed from within. I will continue praying and pondering how I can best help fight against this evil.

  39. I disagree that Constitutional process was followed. That argument is void when you have 5 of the battleground states (and many other states) who unconstitutionally changed their election Laws and statutes by not putting the changes through their legislatures. Newsom did that here in California, was sued and lost. This election did not follow the constitutional process, starting with any state who unconstitutionally changed these laws and statutes. WHY was that never the focus???

    1. Carol, i think what Patrick was saying is that ‘a’ constitutional process was followed insofar as the Senate received and certified the electoral college results on January 6th as prescribed by the Constitution. How the states conducted their elections is another matter.

      1. Supreme court still has the authority to boot Biden but this will not happen when they rule no standing based on the interpretation of “shall” to mean “should”

    2. Carol, you’re talking about two different things.
      A. State legislators get to decide how their state’s elections are run
      B. Presidents are elected by states’ electors, not the voters in each state.

      “A” was violated, but “B” wasn’t. If the state legislators wanted to do something about what happened with “A” in order to make sure “B” was a legitimate expression of the voters’ selection, they had plenty of time and means to do it. Instead, they ended their sessions and went to hide in their homes hoping the courts would intervene and keep them out of the hot seat. That didn’t happen. The courts punted it back to the (now adjourned) legislatures. By the time the legislatures were back in session and saw that their constituents were NOT going to let this go, it was too late unless they could convince Pontius Pence to ignore the electors that were sent until the election fraud could be investigated. Pence being Pence, he refused and gave the country to Biden (probably to the great relief of the state legislators who really wanted the issue to go away and could now say “We tried!”).
      So, Patrick is right that Biden is President*, but he is not the person the American people elected.

      1. This is part of the answer, and well stated, but another element was the number of RINOs that didn’t force the issue to go into session without the governor’s approval.

        See: Pennsylvania. Mastrione couldn’t get over the hump to get a majority. Fell maybe 60% under the needed votes.

        On top of the RINOs was what was likely Chicom organized pressure to cave. See: AZ Legislature missing 1 vote to arrest Maricopa County supervisors.

        Anyway, a whole lot of dirt was going on behind the scenes.

      2. Nicely summarized, Rick.

        Only point I differ from you is…. now we have Joe Biden as the Resident :)… (I don’t want to say that he is even qualified to be a “President*”… he is an absolute incompetent).

        Cheers, and let’s keep moving forward to exposing the Truth .

  40. Thanks Patrick for a great series of articles that really tied up a lot of loose ends for me. I’ve tried to follow events closely, but have been bewildered about what might have been going on behind the scenes with Trump, Rudy, Sidney, et al. I’m not particularly bothered by the Democrats winning an election, but have been haunted by the fact that the CCP may have been behind all this. I’m going to take your advice regarding contributions to Flynn’s and Powell’s organization.

  41. We feel asleep at the wheel and are now living in a spaghetti western where the sheriff, mayor, judges, doctors, bartenders, hookers are all owned by the richest person in town. How can we overturn this without outside help like the Magnificent Seven / military ?

  42. Patrick,

    Thank you for devoting the time to put all this together. Inquiring minds want to know what is going on behind the curtain. Much of what you speculated is what I have been thinking for a long time. Hearing all these other plans on Telegram was giving me hope that justice would be served, but they are not adding up. For many years I have felt that it didn’t matter who you voted for in the White House because both sides were controlled by the same people (DS). They both carried out the plans for the elites until Donald Trump came on the scene in 2016 and I believe that that election was rigged also but they didn’t realize that he would get as many votes as he did, Advance 4 years and they were ready this time with a very massive sloppy cheat. November 5th on my way to work I was so upset with Trump for not making election security a high process. The very best thing that came out of the last four years was the fact that many entities have been exposed and that a movement has been started by true patriots from both parties, but I am afraid that the swamp is so deep that a civil war is the only thing that will bring us back to a Republic. Lord help us! I sure hope it doesn’t come to that. When traitors were not being prosecuted to the fullness many years ago (as far back in the 30’s) and not being held accountable, treason kept growing until what you said in this chapter that there are only a few good men left in congress. Greatly outnumbered!

  43. Thank you so much for this insider view of what was going on. What you described confirmed much of what I was suspecting. I’ve thought all along that Xiden is a Chinese plant – installed to reap his rewards while he gives away the USA. A traitor. Not my President. I wondered why DJT used Rudy – didn’t make sense and I thought that either (or both) DJT has been threatened or was just just tired of being knee capped every time he took a step. Amazing what he accomplished while trying to save the USA. And then I saw the Chinese video – since removed – right after the election where the speaker had a big satisfied smile on his face as he told his audience what a successful election they just had in the USA.

    I have one question – where can we escape to? New Zealand/ Costa Rica? My family has been trying to figure out where we can live in peace and without tyranny once China decides it’s time to Hong Kong us?.

    1. escape? No ma’am; no can do.

      The Oath I took at age 17 has no expiration. This is the hill I fight on and die on, God’s Will be done.

  44. Patrick,

    I’m back to “no party affiliation” status after donating my vacation money (meant for a trip to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and to check out TN/KY for a future move) to candidates who had their elections stolen. I donated to Sidney a few weeks ago and likely will again.

    When I need more information than is available in the physical world, I look for answers in the metaphysical. In the ’80s, Carol Ann Dryer, my first spiritual teacher (Tina Turner and Madonna were also clients) predicted there would be no more elections and saw China invading the US. But there is a difference between prophecy and prediction. The former is Fate, the latter can be altered.

    Before I abandon all hope and enter Dante’s Inferno, I will pray to God, saints, gurus and spirit guides for a miracle!

    Thank you SO much for your hard work on this excellent series. I wish you had had no reason to write it.

  45. Thank you Patrick for taking the time to give us all the back story. At least now we know what happened. So very sad to see our Republic and freedoms being sacked every day. Don’t know where else to turn now except God. That’s probably the place He wants us to be.

    All your efforts to provide wise counsel to the President and his team are very much appreciated by all of us. We’re grateful for all you’ve done!

    1. Definitely bringing me closer to God. Listened to “Mere Christianity” on youtube. Life changing. And realized im not lazy; im addicted to tech

  46. Couple of thoughts, Eo 13848 that was created to deal with exactly what happened in the election in sept 2018. You wrote Trump was somewhat unaware of this and had to ask about it? Horseshit. Ratliffs report was what was needed to trigger the EO, it was late, but provided. Foreign intervention confirmed is what I read in the report. That was 19 Jan 2020 one day before inauguration. Seems to me the civilian side of this govt had to be allowed to remedy the shit show, congress, courts? nothing! right up to hand leaving the jesuit bible he swore in on. Pat love your work, doubt you were a soldier. Foreign intervention in our election, confirmed constitutionally by the DNI. All enemies foreign and domestic, the military will perform there duty pal, I will stake my life on it, there is no way in hell the military is going to knowingly allow this fraud to occur if they had the constitutional authority to right the wrong. Our oath is to the constitution not to a president. If the fellas had the proof of interference in our election they will take the constitutionally appropriate action. You can take Rudy and crew and all the rest of the incompetent assholes and stick them were the sun don’t shine. You think you know Major Gen M Flynn, I say you don’t have the full story on the good General. Sorry for getting worked up about all this. Markist/Communist attempted take overs tend to do that to me. As a side note what do you think everyone of those Senators and congressman will say when ole MS MAXWELL starts dropping the nuggets about Jeffies Island adventures, I say change of heart, we’ll see.

    1. Im am not going to read his story. I have read some of it in the past. Reading some of the comments here i have come to the conclusion that he is writing about Biden being president of the bankrupted united states corporation. His next chapter will be about all the stuff we know about Trump already, he is the President of the new republic. (last summer) He will probably have a public inauguration March 4th (Trump loves the constitution and thats the traditional date) I know if I read what Partick wrote it will stress me. I know its a book and he is telling the story. Books at the end you have the climax…That chapter will be fun to read. I choose not to put my blood pressure through the thought process of this book while we are living through it. It will be a great book someday…not now!

      1. The fantasy that there is some kind of big shoe about to drop will end in nothing but demonization and further delusion. The fact is that the military is probably about as corrupted by the left as every other institution in this country, and that isn’t to say the rank and file aren’t the best of us, but the top is populated by ambitious careerists who know what side their bread is buttered on.
        I’m convinced that QAnon and some of the other conspiracies which circulate on the right are seeded by the left to lead us down the wrong paths. Many get distracted by this sort of thing while they gets away with actual corruption right in our faces, and then not only does our get demoralized and look incredibly foolish when this stuff comes up empty. It damages our credibility and gives the left a big stick to fend off our attacks on their actual crimes: everything we claim becomes “just another conspiracy theory.”
        The fact is our side has been sleeping on the left’s mission to capture our institutions for 60+ years, and it may take us that long to get them back, though it’s doubtful there will be much left by the time they’re finished.
        All that stood between a complete takeover by the left was an imperfect man with some remarkable qualities, and in the end, it wasn’t enough. There is no cavalry coming to the rescue. Is there a political remedy left for us? I don’t really know right now. Let’s donate all we can to organizations like Mike Flynn’s and Sidney Powell’s, pressure our legislatures to enact election reforms, not be silent about the fraud, and see how things go in 2022.

        1. Picton C:
          Very interesting (and new to me) idea — that Q is seeded by the Left to distract and lead people down a la-la land path… Thanks for sharing.

          It’s the time for hard work required to stay calm, stay focused, accept reality and start working on the ground up for Election Integrity, so we can reverse the pendulum by 2022 and have a clean(er) election next year.


  47. Well … if true then the psyop hasn’t been fully completed yet so maybe we still have a very narrow window of opportunity to change the course, or at least delay the train wreck. But what can we realistically do about it? Forget elections in their current manner. Now that they know they can not only get away with the steal but are rewarded with even more power, they will never give it up willingly. But what if all that money that was raised to fight election fraud was put into a new Election Integrity Project. Instead of donating to any political party, people who truly care about freedom donate to the fund and start as many local grassroots chapters as possible with a mission to force local voting stations to revert to IN PERSON PAPER BALLOTS only (with photo ID) with local law enforcement observing all ballot counting, which would be recorded by video at all times. No computers, no servers, no wifi. Just good old fashioned paper ballots and real people counting them while being filmed on video at all times. Any ballots not counted on film are immediately disqualified. All filmed counting will be reviewed before any certification by the local chapter before any vote certification. Strong and continuous pressure needs to be put on local precincts where real people, (rather than the minions that work for the elitist cabal) will have more of a vested interest in saving freedom within their own communities. Give everyone a stake in their own community. Just a thought … we need realistic ideas to move forward that are ‘outside the box’. The time for action is now, while we still can. Now that we know what they’re planning maybe we can figure out how to outplay them somehow.

  48. Your writing is riveting. However, you’ve to take all hope from us. You are asking us to support Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powel and we have the utmost regard for them both but what does it matter at this point? You have just told us that all is lost!
    We’ve always been told that our military would fight and die to maintain our freedoms and the Constitution, but you are saying they gave up EVERYTHING with not as much as a whimper.
    If this sounds bleak, it reflects my heart tonight after reading your last post. Best to you, Sir, it’s been real.

    1. Not a chance Vicky, the military will do whats constitutional. I believe they don’t want to be viewed in history as having taken over for optics. Lets let things play out in the courts, if the military gets a court to say the election was stolen then watch what happens. When this is over, Pat, I’m either gonna buy you the best steak you ever had for the best male actor in history or hunt you down on that beach you been wanting to retire to and piss in your Pina collata!

      1. I’m pretty sure the top brass is compromised. Very sad. My guess is this has gone back decades and Trump just shined the light on it for us. CIA was part of the Coup in Rome. There is no going back or fighting this if the SC ignores the cases on the 19th…and I’m sure they will.

  49. My ‘Blink” on this, having read everything you’ve shared so far, is Trump wanted to go home. He won, he knew they were stealing it (and what that would mean for all of us, yet he kept letting them take our money to *stop the steal*), but the fact he let it go…when you made it clear victory was possible, even likely… I won’t enjoy watching his family create a ‘media empire’, knowing what we know now. 🙁

    I am gutted knowing that people forget, are too often intellectually lazy and avoidant, will want to forget what hurts to know (many simply will refuse to know it). I already see around me (in a conservative area in Texas, no less) evidence that non-Left just want to get back to comfort. People here are going around like sheep, over 50% of them masked-up and eager to get “the vaccination”.

    I am gutted to remember Jonathan Gruber “We were relying on the stupidity of the American voter” (and how few remember that or paid attention to it or pay attention to anything, present company here on DeepCapture excluded).

    My parents are patriots and very old. I hate that this is the world and reality they’re experiencing during this season of life.

    I hate the GOP as much as I hate the Left/Marxists.

    1. I would surmise that Trump knew there was no winning, not in any real way. Can you imagine a second term after he had to use the military to right the fraud? Lol, they went bananas over the Russia hoax, this would be four years of sheer Hell. What would be accomplished? Look how pathetic even ” our ” GOP congressmen are. They are impeaching him now, if he “won” , they would surely throw him out of office or worse. I don’t fault him for leaving, I fault him for asking his most ardent supporters to fight on long after he had made the decision to go golfing. People sacrificed to go to DC, many lost their jobs, some lost their lives. This is very hard to forgive. Quit if you must but don’t drag us along on a fools errand.

      Imho there is no political solution. We are in the denial phase where people are still hopelessly flailing about talking about election integrity and getting the ” right candidates ” in office. JFC, the government is totally compromised ( to say nothing of the media, entertainment, sports, big tech and big pharma) its way too late to think you are gonna vote your way out of this mess.

      Its decision time. You can run, but I’m not sure there are any risk free options. You can get lost in the remote areas of the country. You can go along to get along ( for now ) and dutifully wear the mask , take your vaccines and shut your mouth , least you be outed an as ” extremist”. Or you can fight, although I suspect your opponent is not only the Deep State and China, but age old globalists with unlimited resources and spheres of influence. I don’t think this is about China taking over, I think this us a reordering of the world order the Great Reset.

      So there you have it, its a fascinating and terrifying timeline. Gather your most loyal, like minded posse members and buckle up. Good luck all.

      1. They wanted politics as usual, and were willing to go to outrageous lengths to get it. Things will swing back to some degree. It’s up to us to unleash hell at that point and not turn back. They have set themselves up for a final conflict, and we must give it to them. Justice at this point means tens, if not hundreds of millions of deaths. That is what we must strive to accomplish. If that is not something that you think you can get behind, that’s your prerogative, but don’t tell yourself that you are and kind of patriot if you want to take that route. Are you really ready for death or glory?
        Then buckle up your constitution and see the world as it really is.

        1. I do think people are simply in that regrouping phase. Its been one crazy year and many are still in disbelief. Choices will need to be made, leaders will emerge ( not useless politicians ) and we will see how it goes. Patrick talks of peaceful resolutions because he has means, he can flee , he can live out his life in comfort. Many wanna persevere what they got, I get that. But many of us have nothing left to lose, this latest sham made sure of that. After losing family members to the 9/11 inside job , having three great paying jobs lost back to back to back to greed and outsourcing, losing another job to the 2008 manufactured crash and losing my business forever to the lock downs I’m wide awake to the greed and corruption and beyond GAF. So sign me up on the fighting side of the ledger. Death don’t mean squat to me, but I don’t wanna go out like Ashli either for some politician’s ego trip. I wanna get my pound of flesh. We can win though the odds are long imho, but so what? There is no winning living perpetually in lockdown land. My cousin just sent me an ad for a government position related to the covid ” crisis”, the contract ran through 2025. This bs ain’t ending, when people wake tf up to that reality maybe they’ll stop worrying about election integrity as if that matters in a Banana Republic.

      2. I am much more hopeful than most of you.
        Because a gigantic mass of people have awakened.
        That is why Trump spoke about a Giant Voice.

        Tell me, if it is all so hopeless, why is it that it is the DEMOCRATS who are going from one insane ploy to the next?
        Think about it. They have the Presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court, the academy, Hollywood, the media, the banks, high finance, big tech, fintech, a good chunk of the military, the alphabet agencies, a huge mass of churches, the unions, the chamber of commerce, the DEM party machinery and most of the REP party machinery.

        Why would they still go berserk over one out-of- work 74- year old man, apparently quite happy to go back to golfing?
        It’s not Trump. Trump is simply the focus of the thing they fear…which is US.
        Tens of millions… hundreds of millions… of wide- awake, angry, dispossessed, middle-class people, who now understand exactly what it is they have lost and who is responsible for it.
        That is what they fear. And rightly so.
        We must not despair. Power is still with us..
        and what has been broken can slowly be rebuilt, if only we will it and not give up.

      3. Well I believe imagination has real power. What will it be like when justice comes to DC? What will we say when our borders are secured? When a suit or a culture shock shift or leader or some other surprise changes things in a big way? Imagining and visualizing are not denial. Just see it, feel it. Then is so much more likely to happen. Do it

    2. Thank you Jean, I think I’m seeing things closely to your take. All you wrote resonates deeply. I am noting the number of people I see (read) who outline the amount they’ve spent, contributing to causes, traveling to rallies. Many, probably most aren’t so wealthy that the $ doesn’t matter, it’s a choice they’ve unselfishly made for posterity. Makes me ill to see the GOP on Twitter, elsewhere, blathering on about the latest Biden is up to (because they know people forget/forgive/seek comfort, the ‘normalization’ Byrne mentions, if I’m understanding correctly).

      Tom, though in some contrast to Jean and me, I completely understand why you say what you said. I hope that if it ‘comes to that’ there would be “glory”, but I am not certain. They’ll be the ones telling the story, writing the history. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just not certain of a great deal, ATM.

      Lila, thankful for your consistently constructive, positive approach to our situation. You are making points I’m grateful (as certainly are others) to consider right about now.

      Of course each of us is only writing a little bit, not everything we’re thinking, everything we’ve witnessed and come to know and understand. While I haven’t been a “Democrat” since college (I didn’t know anything, but to my credit, I knew I didn’t.) Back then I just listened to my radical feminist roommate, because she was so passionately opinionated. Years and experience (A LOT OF Dennis Prager radio) taught me that roommate was simply very angry with straight, strong men. (She a librarian living in the Midwest with her wife, harasses people who ‘open carry’, making the news even.)

      Long-story shorter, I’m a now and long have been a non-Leftist (prior to November I thought of myself as Republican). I used to shake my head when I’d see a car w/bumper stickers saying (what it seemed were) preposterous things about our ‘government’. Suffice to say EYES ARE OPEN NOW. They will FAKE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. Maybe that should read “They will fake anything”. Ashli Babbitt? Because I’m certain the ‘storming of the Capitol’ was/is a farce they implemented….IDK. It’s now a big f’n game they’re playing (and apparently has been for a long while). Laura Ingraham’s one of them, for only one example. Establishment, Globalist, it seems. Ben Shapiro, same thing. Just want to GET BACK to the game have figured out how to do well in, played with THEIR RULES. (I mention Ingraham, Shapiro, because I used to follow them. Add Jordan Peterson, whose ‘breakdown’ conveniently began just before and apparently ended just after the US election cycle, to that list. (That’s only the first three who come to mind.)

      Sorry ^^that’s all over the place.

      THANK YOU Jean, Tom, Lila. We have each other and thank God for that.

      1. Keeptryin thanks for you comments. Good luck and God bless. All credit to God.

        And jean and tom and lila. I share the frustration that Patrick allowed leftist thugs utterly unimpeded blocking of court orders and completely unharassed sellout by politicians at multiple levels and more when so many on the dark web were willing to act. And that doesnt even necessarily mean means that arent legal. Clearly force and defense matter. Why does middle class opinion determine things if theres no voting? The left is where they are by intimidating and even assaulting reporters at events who misreport, and a dozen other examples. What will the press do, spend 24/7 slamming conservatives? Oh wait

      2. Interesting about Jordan Peterson. You might want to read criticism of Peterson at Vox Popoli…from someone on the Christian nationalist right who is also a Trump supporter.
        The tone is somewhat abrasive for me, but quite a lot of the analysis sounds right.

        1. Thank you, Lila! Only just seeing this now… Freezing my tuchus Hop in Texas right now… Rolling blackouts… All manner of ridiculousness in this energy-rich state ,but I digress. I appreciate the recommendation very much.

    3. He misread his base if he thinks he can start a media empire but allow our vote to be stolen. Rude how he ended all of this as well by just walking away. Almost feels like he is one of them playing us.

        1. I’ll give you my answer. I think people have been supporting an imagined Donald Trump, who has a gift for reaching out to angry, disaffected people and seeming to be on their side, but he’s just talented at selling an image. Sure he can climb up a scaffold and help a construction worker snap a chalk line as we heard somewhere in this website, or tell people he will build a wall with Mexican money to keep dangerous immigrants out, but it’s all an illusion, He has never actually cared about anybody, and now that the game is up he is happy to walk away and do his own thing. As Patrick pointed out, his White House was never functional. He obviously spent far more time tweeting than governing, so any of his accomplishments were due to other Republicans like McConnell catering to the power of his base (which can be indirectly credited to him, of course), and now that his base are starting to lose faith, many of those other elected officials (again like McConnell) will drift away too.

          But it was never about you. He promised to build the wall in the hope Congress would pay his companies to do it. He contested the election to get you to donate to a fund he can do anything he wants with – except contest the election! He tried to get Ukraine to go after Biden’s son because he thought it would benefit him, not you.

          People outside the MAGA bubble have known Trump is a liar (a very charming and effective one) forever. Even Patrick acknowledged either on this site or somewhere else I saw, that Trump’s business track record is one of repeatedly stiffing contractors – he also repeatedly declares bankruptcy, letting other take the hit. His fake University had to pay back $25 million to students he had cheated. It’s highly likely his companies have hired illegal workers. That’s where you really need a wall – at the back door of American corporations that hire the undocumented workers, so the one he claimed he was going to build at the border was a distraction to stop you scrutinizing his own companies, or the Nunes dairy business or whatever.

          He’s a godless man who pretends to be devout, like that staged bible photo op in the fall. He brags about groping people, he repeatedly cheats on his wives, and he savagely bullies his enemies like “lying’ Ted Cruz” and “little Marco” or ridiculing women for their appearance or menstrual bleeding ), yet somehow he is adored by evangelicals, because he can fake caring about their values.

          Now, some of his base, at least, are starting to have the scales fall from their eyes and see him as he truly is.

          1. You sound lonely, bitter and depressed without any Trump supporters at Twitter to bully. Why don’t you go annoy Beijing Biden and Polident Pelosi with your delusional rants? Birds of a feather.

          2. I did see all those aspects, real or alleged, of Trump and gave him a miss in 2016. Blogged quite a bit of negative stuff about him, thinking he was a Trojan Horse to discredit conservatives. Maybe he is. Some will say that was proved over the last few days.
            But there is a difference between now and then. Then we had no proof that Trump would do anything.
            Now we have proof that he did. His rhetorical achievements were really unprecedented…and many others as well. Sure, there are lots of negatives and one could make a good argument that he too is another level of controlled opposition…but then, we should be prepared to consider the possibility that this is all the representation of our views that we are ever going to get.
            And we should make the most of it.

  50. How did Flynn’s brother get promoted to a 4-star general though? Yeah, it seems like Trump was passive in the last days. He knew bowing out would posture others (such as his kids) to run and eventually hard evidence of fraud would come out allowing him to say, “I told you so.” So he left exposing corruption, giving his kids a guaranteed spot in congress, and 4 more years of golf. The Trump team should have simply focused on state legislatures and put the pressure on them as they were the only people that had the unquestionable authority to change the electors.

  51. I’ve appreciated your insights. Though not a US citizen I’ve watched in dispare the horrible summer riots,tech. censorship, a rigged election, the installing of a president beholden to China. I am wondering if the forensic election data brought forth by Fanning/ Jones is legit? If so, will sidney powell being presenting if she gets her case heard in court? Is Dennis Montgomery a charloten or a genius( as opined by Lt. Gen. McInerny? Does scorecard and hammer exist?. If it exists and has been used to alter this US election and elections in other countries the ramifications horrify me( your vote no longer counts and democracy is dead!) Why are Lt Gen. Mcinerny & Steve Pieczenik claiming this a US military syops and the US military is in charge of the country? If there just having perverse fun they should be admonished in the strongest terms. There rhetoric confuses and inflames people. Thoughts anyone?

    1. I think they can’t come to terms that our military is compromised. They know the military saw what happened on the night of the election and can’t wrap their head around the fact top brass is part of the fraud.

  52. You got a lot of praise from the democrats & those of little faith. I absolutely refuse to give up on GOD. CHEATERS NEVER WIN.

  53. One year ago I retired after 33 years in the power generation industry. I worked in fossil fuel steam plants, simple cycle combustion turbines, combined cycle plants, co-generation plants and fixed panel solar plants. Over that time I had a front row seat to witness countless changes in the industry. I met and worked with thousands of people from all over the world.One of which was one of the most intelligent individuals I met. In the top five in brain power. I spent many hours conversing with him. In his position he was able to provide me with a lot if information I normally would not have been privy to. One day he stopped to talk to me after attending a meeting. He was asked to over see a project to implement “ smart grid technology”. The technology is designed to electronically control our companies portion of the national power transmission grid. The entire national grid is cross connected via circuit breakers and transmission cable. Power is traded as a commodity by power companies on the half hour wholesale. After 9/11 the industry was placed under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security with increased oversight by FERC and NERC two other federal agencies, an important point to note. My friend and I spoke about what smart grid would do and how it would do it. At that time 2010 ish, there were only two companies that sold the software to control the grid. One company was USA based, the other in China. The decision was made , based on cost alone by my company and many others in the US to buy and use the CCP software to control our nations power transmission grid. All with the blessing of the Obama administration and the three federal agencies I mentioned. To be clear , the CCP has had access to the grid for 11 years. My company changed 1000 lines of code in the software which was done on a voluntary basis. We were not forced by the feds to do so. Many smaller power companies may not have had the resources to change the code. The story does not end here. Our business network ran on Lenovo computers made in China. The control systems I worked on daily that control the generation equipment, boilers, generators, turbines etc. the “ human machine interface” HMI’s are CCP made computers that have US based software running on CCP made servers. Knowing that the CCP has spent decades infiltrating our country at all levels by corrupting people with their money, I believe they possess the ability to put the lights out across the country any time they want and have had that ability for 11 years.

  54. Thank you Patrick.

    Your final chapter was brilliant, although terribly sobering. The facts are heartbreaking. A tragic ending…

    Betrayal…to the bone…the fresh air of Liberty, departing.

    God leads His children along. This world is NOT our home.

  55. Mr. Byrne,

    First off, thank you for sharing your account of what has transpired. We are caught in the information crossfire of multiple psyOps it seems, so your first hand accounts do great service to providing Americans and others with somewhat of an “Informational anchor”. Your purely patriotic sacrifice and pursuit of factual understanding and even correction to the corruption of our election process has permanently lifted you in my mind to true American leader status. You have risked significantly and battled diligently.

    And thank you also for your respectful portrayal of Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell. It helps to know who some of the “good guys/gals” really are, when so many “mediocrities” and “swamp creatures” abound and escape media scrutiny, while good ones are pilloried.

    I find your analysis prescient. It is hard news to hear that the 2020 “game is over”. I must admit that between stories of Biden’s trouble gaining Pentagon access, Flynn’s sudden retreat, Trump’s multiple reported trips to the command center in Abilene, and Gen. Charles Flynn’s recent promotion, I have been hoping against hope for the proverbial “hail mary”. Even after your sobering report, I feel I can’t quite shake a “1%” hope. I always tend to stay for the last play regardless of score…

    I would argue one point related to your interesting take on the surprising swap you suggest has happened to Dems and Repubs re “process” and ”results”. I’ve made the opposite point to some of my democratic friends: that they should care MORE about the fairness of the process, and the extensive fraud with foreign interference and domestic treason has surely displayed a broken, unfair process. They are not too upset though, because it yielded a good result for them, they think. I’ve suggested they have opened Pandora’s box, as the Dems may underestimate the Repubs’ capacity for retaliation and matching corruption. But your point that they lack the competent leadership in those not already affiliated with China is a strong counterpunch which I must absorb.

    I would love to hear you weigh in on a related topic: if it is time to abandon what seems like a cancerous Republican Party, what do you think of the possibility of a new party? E.g. The “Patriot Party”, or other similar undertaking. Is the Republican Party infrastructure part of the problem such that new people will not be able to fix it? Although I struggled with Trump’s flaws and “coarseness”, I took solace that he may have been largely free of the compromises almost all candidates seem required to make in fund raising.

    And my final question is: are you aware of, and can you offer any insights or opinions about the authentic looking whistleblower video recordings released first by Lin Wood, and now also by some others? Some are identifying the whistleblower as J. Clapper, but I question that claim. Nonetheless, its seems authentic to my untrained eye, and the charges are extreme, implicating Rosenstein, Pence, and Roberts in crimes of murder, treason, and even some pedophilia. I had previously dismissed all the “pedo” stories as random “conspiracy junk” until hearing these tapes. They can all be found searching Lin Wood’s thread back a few weeks on Telegram. I suppose Lin Wood would take a call from you as well to better authenticate. He is a big Powell and Flynn admirer.

    I so appreciate any more thoughts you may have. Thank you so much for sharing what you have, and for what you’ve tried so valiantly to facilitate.

    1. “Trump’s multiple reported trips to the command center in Abilene”

      I forgot about that. I remember when Monkey Werx US reported it but never heard anything afterward. Anyone else talking about it? And why doesn’t Mar a Lago have a No Fly Zone overhead like George W Bush still does?

  56. Mr. Byrne, your efforts to expose the election fraud are appreciated. My next comment will NOT sit well with the 90% of you sucking on the Teet of Patrick Byrne. Have you considered that what Patrick is writing is a psyop? A depressing one at that. In a nutshell he claims the election was stolen, President Trump gave up (quit on us) and there is virtually no hope for us.

    He also labeled my Tinfoil Hat wearing ilk delusional. Are we? Is it delusion when:

    Amy Klobuchar says at the inauguration that “It’s a sunny day” when even mainstream media are reporting it is very clowdy with light snow within minutes of her statement?

    When the Military turned there back on Biden when he drove by after the Fauxnauguration?

    How about that Biden has only one or two pictures coming off Marine One finaly after two weeks in office.

    Or there was one video from Air Force One which was so pathetic it looked as if it was borrowed from the Ronald Reagan library.

    Anyone with eyes to see can tell that many photo ops were NOT in the ACTUAL White House.

    The list goes on and on. Come on people… just because PB tells you what to think you listen? Do your own research. PB is conducting a Psy Op… He virtually spells it out for us.

    He mentioned the Great Gen. Flynn as someone he deeply respects. The Gen. Made two key statements the other day.

    1. The Military is NOT in charge (he must say that because of his security clearance).

    2. When asked by Doug Billings if Doug should pay his bet off with a bottle of wine because Trump is not our president… Flynn responded with “Not just yet, you may be drinking that wine yourself” (paraphrased but you get the jist).

    Wearing my Tinfoil hat I suggest every chapter of Byrnes Deep Capture although based on truth was a Psy Op.

    The good news however painful it may be was to keep the enemy thinking we are weak and we have lost.

    Which bye the way is one of the greatest acts in The Art of War!

    Great job Patrick… Reach out to me for an interview and we can debate this live on a video chat.

      1. Do you mean not revealing what the President said when he pulled him aside? I thought Patrick said it was something personal and therefore nobody’s business.

        1. No RealPam,

          I don’t mean Patrick’s personal life.
          I mean that he is aware of his audience: whom he needs to inform and whom he needs to keep in the dark and how to accomplish both.
          Twitter is a different medium and has a different audience from that of a book..,,even one told in installments online.

          There is no such thing as perfectly transparent writing on political matters by people in the thick of them.

          We should be grateful for what insights he gives us and even his silences, which might be just as revelatory as his statements, and exercise discretion in judging prematurely what he chooses to say and how.
          He may have the unassuming manner of the guy next door but it would be extremely silly to think he really is.

          1. Agree, Lila.

            He said clearly that he cannot reveal everything *especially* because Sidney is now *his* legal counsel as well, and there are all these sharks circling around his noble efforts..

            Unfortunately, there are some, even on this site, who will question his motives and come up with malarkey like “did he really write all this ?”…. “is this is a psychop ?” etc, etc…. it is so irritating ! 🙂

            (guess he is used to it by now, and keeps his cool – I certainly couldn’t — no wonder i was not even half the CEO he was….. )…. armchair commenting is so easy, and taking potshots at others…

            Oh well, morning blues ;)… (another day in hell ;)… Apologies to all for the rant…

    1. If you watch video of Trump leaving Washington the same day, you can see it was sunny. It’s actually possible to be sunny, cloudy and snowy within minutes of each other in coastal cities in winter. There are thousands of photos and videos of the Biden inauguration that you can view, and the deep state doesn’t have the time to modify them all, because they are too busy surveilling Patrick. That last part was a joke.

    2. you are delusional. patrick’s iq is too much for you to handle. but you would definitely be the smartest person in most kindergardens. your room temperature iq is actually amusing.

  57. Testing… Hmm… At 11:40 I made a comment detailing that Patrick Byrne’s article was actually a Psy Op.

    Go figure… it didn’t get posted. Censorship?

    Cmon Man (Bidens Voice) post it!

        1. Laurie –
          Highly unlikely he is deleting anything.. it takes a while for posts to show up… See the other comment below mine as well, and search through all comments you will see a pattern emerge. This site is an old one (thank God – and it takes a while to get used to it….

          Enjoy –

    1. It takes time for posts to show up. And, no, Patrick’s posts are not a psy op. How big do you think his audience is?

  58. Please tell me again why we pay taxes to fund the largest and most modern military in the world if they have no desire or ability to honor their oath to protect and defend our country from domestic, treasonous enemies? With their intelligence capabilities how could they not have definitive evidence of foreign voting manipulation resulting in the inauguration of their fraudulent commander in chief. What will they do if push comes to shove with the foreign enemies of America? Will they take a knee and simply stand down? Surely there must be a huge percentage of patriotic officers and enlisted men and women who know that if they stand down now then they and their families will be the first in line for the re-education and execution camps by a successful invader. I am an optimist and I still have faith in our service men and women and their patriotic commitment to our constitutional republic.
    After reading this series by Mr. Byrne I honestly do not believe the former PDJT has the judgement or ability to ever become the new president of the United States of America. General Flynn or Admiral Rogers yes, Trump no.

    1. That information is on a need to know basis. You don’t need to know. When it happens, then you will know. Got that?

  59. Interesting. I concur with many observations and thoughts. But not all of them.

    1. I’m no bureaucrat. I think freely. The constitutional process involves many people. Each of them could’ve changed the outcome.

    2. The declaration of independence contains a paragraph that if the government becomes dysfunctional, the people shall create a new government.

    3. Biden is a fake president. He gained that status by using a corrupted machinery of bureaucrats which does not represent the people and works against the condition. Not as constitutional process. The rules of the constitution were violated by fraud, lies and corruption of every branch of the USG.

    We don’t know yet what will happen in the future. Flynn said Trump would remain president.

    I see the last 4 years like a gap in the matrix. We’ve seen that elections are not honest. I believe election fraud was rampant for decades. Somehow, something went “wrong” in 2016.

    First of all, against all odds Trump won the primaries. Then the presidency.

    Many say Trump is a fighter. But he’s apparently not a warrior. I knew in 2016 that Trump may be a intermediate. Until we get a real warrior. Because there will be wars worth fighting. That needs a warrior at the helm.

    I knew after a few days when that Covid narrative took over the news cycle that something was wrong with it:

    1. No cases in Africa. Really? With those terrible sanitary conditions there?

    2. Masks. They won’t help. Needs pressurized hazmat suits to keep a virus out.

    I couldn’t understand why Trump let Pence literally sabotage his presidency with this psyop. Fraudxi as the chief clown.

    I even wrote some private tweets to Trump but I guess they were deleted by his nanny staff.

    Now we’re back to square one and with Biden in the WH. With a big advantage:

    A) We’re aware of the fraud.
    B) We know we are at least 100+ million Patriots.

    Every one of us has immense power. Combined even more so!

    I refuse to surrender! Biden is an usurper. As illegal as the illegal aliens who voted for him!

    CONgress is the one who incited the violence! Because they certified the fraud! ALL of CONgress plus the corrupt supreme court need to be replaced by a new, legitimate government!

    Most important, the bad actors need to be arrested ASAP!

    1. No infections in Africa — the reason is obvious. Sterile Western conditions are ideal for viruses to spread like wildfire; there is little immunity build-up based on routine exposure to pathogens. In Africa, SE Asia, etc., well if you spend every day swimming in a fetid canal of sewage and grey water from cooking, etc., and SURVIVE, you have nothing to fear from Covid.


  61. Dear Mr. Byrne;

    I believe that you correctly wrote about what you saw. However, let’s just cut to the chase – even though you were involved in one (1) meeting with President Trump that was not a planned meeting, you certainly and obviously do NOT know everything regarding the 2020 election. You do not have the clearances to classified materials or intel and clearly President Trump wasn’t just going to blindly “trust” you and let you in on the Plan. Same goes for Sydney Powell. You did a great job telling us YOUR story, unfortunately you only saw a very limited part of The Plan. Because of that your story is just that…a one sided story. I’m so glad Sidney Powell didn’t sell out President Trump, I hope she doesn’t.

    Further, I have no doubts that you have a friendship with General Flynn. If we (the Trump supporters) were just being played in a Psyop as you state then that would mean General Flynn was in on it. General Flynn went very public by making a video having digital soldiers take an “oath” (Where We Go One We Go All). I don’t believe we were played by General Flynn. I do believe that General Flynn has a very good idea as to what “The Plan” is but as previously stated, he just can’t tell you 🙁 so you were essentially left in the dark, having only your one sided view of what is transpiring.

    Also, we are literally watching Washington DC be made into a fenced in prison. The lights go out at the White House every night with the flip of a switch. No this didn’t happen when President Trump as in office, the exterior of the White House was lit. Furthermore, can we talk about the fake Inauguration? A military parade done in the theme of 1776 soldiers which just happens to be President Trump’s theme (remember his 1776 committee?) How about the fact that Sleepy Joe (no I won’t refer to him as President *Biden that’s just ridiculous) hasn’t been seen one time getting on Air Force One. There are plenty of pictures lately of him boarding Air Force Two which just happens to be the airplane for the Vice President and his wife, not the POTUS.

    I didn’t even meet with President Trump as you did and these things seem very obvious to me. So with all due respect sir, I will use discernment with your assessment as everyone who reads it should. You should have run for President Patrick because clearly you think you could have done a much better job. The problem with that, is you wouldn’t have won an election for POTUS. You’re a smart guy and have strong leadership skills, but I just don’t think you would resonate with the general population. As much as you attempt to slyly belittle President Trump, you cannot take away what he did for this country. He brought people together like no other leader ever has done. I’m sure you know the significance and size of every single one of his events. There is no way President Trump would just abandon his supporters like you relay.

    Thank you for investigating election fraud, as a citizen of this country I appreciate it. Now we see you, like so many others trying to capitalize on your limited experience by selling a book. Gee, how many others who have betrayed President Trump went on to write books? The very fact that you are writing a tell all speaks volumes in that President indeed COULD NOT TRUST YOU!

      1. Thanks Dodge. Just a perfect answer.
        So I would add just what it is for me to add as a foreigner.
        This election concerned the whole world. We Europeans have long lost our freedom and power. And so, those of us who have understood it continue to wait for a favorable outcome in the United States. Mr. Byrne is undoubtedly a good man, but he lacks the character for combat, too emotional and naive. And the literary soap opera he set out to produce, in addition to being bombastic, often embarrassing and deeply demoralizing, shows the major reason why he was never educated on the true objectives of Predident Trump.
        A little cat has passed between the paws of a lion.
        Nothing more and nothing serious.

    1. I appreciate what you wrote, but please consider the possibility Byrne is actively playing a part (one he may explain someday that runs contrary to what he’s saying here now. Remember a couple entries back when he told us they were going to send Byrne out to explain, or ‘talk to the public’ (that talking to the public would’ve conceivably been to explain the great heist, prepare us for whatever was likely to happen next, and would’ve been well-before Jan. 20, I believe).

      Maybe not, too. God help us help ourselves.

  62. Trump can’t be a “smart man” and also have taken all the actions he took and those which he failed to take if his heart is indeed in the right place. It was Trump after all that encouraged tens of thousand of people to show up in DC on the 6th — It was “going to be wild”, as he stated. Do you think those people showed up thinking their presence would not result in positive action being taken? They trusted the plan. They thought their presence was required for positive action to be taken. However, even the least bit cynical realized that they were being set up for something…perhaps even a physical attack on them, and those cynical people would never go near such an event. The reality and the result of thousands of Trump supporters being in DC on the 6th was much more subtle and even more sinister than being in danger of physical harm. It was a false flag which was set up to discredit and prevent the full airing of election fraud evidence, ensure that no delay of the certification would be allowed to examine any evidence of fraud, and most importantly it was a false flag to brand all Trump supporters and those who believed election fraud had occurred as “insurrectionists”. The Trump rally on the 6th was nothing more than a pep rally and Trump brand promotion, as previously stated in your article. So if Trump is a smart man he’s in on the false flag. Either that or he and his family are nothing more than clown narcissists, whose hearts may or may not also be in the right place.

    1. Vern, the more I see about the 6th the more my intuition tells me the whole thing stinks. Lots of videos are showing up that have been removed from almost all sites, to many people coordinating movements and directing traffic. Total set up, paid actors and protestors. Did some Trump people get carried away? yup, will they pay the price, Yup. I spent 8 years as a firefighter/ paramedic in a big city and have seen my share of gunshot victims, along with being a lifetime hunter. I don’t know what happened to Miss Ashlie, but I know she did’t get shot in the neck with a 45cal at close range, you can sell that line of bullshit to someone else. The damage to soft tissue and bone damage would of either tore her head half way off, or if just soft neck tissue you could of seen the blood pumping out her neck wounds from the White House. Been hands on in more than one, didn’t happen.

      1. I agree, it was totally a setup. I think those that planned it expected it to be even worse, so in that respect it wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. They were hoping for more violence. Those in government who were not in on the plan suggested more security before the 6th because of the number of people expected at the Capitol, those people were denied the extra security by House and Senate leadership. In the hours after, the representatives had prepared speeches ready to go before the certification vote. The speeches were highly exaggerated from what actually took place. No way in hell they had those speeches written up in a few hours. The question is whether Trump was in on the set up, for whatever reason. The video of him standing on the WH lawn telling everyone to “go home” a few hours after was either filmed at a different time or faked altogether. He was wearing lighter clothing than he did in his speech to the crowd hours earlier, and the vegetation in the background didn’t suggest winter.

        1. Just a thought, if the members ran for there lives and the people who stormed the building were there to do harm not have a prayer meeting in the Senate chamber, why then didn’t the capital police beat the living shit out people inside the building and have two hundred people in handcuffs and zip ties? More like ok boys and girls you’ve had your fun now lets move to the exits. The cowards have to get back to work selling out the country! As far as Trumps message to return home peacefully, check out just for shits and giggles what has to be done before the insurrection act is declared. If in fact as you stated he was in different clothes I haven’t looked that far yet, it was pre recorded then you know they expected it and theres a lot more going on than we all know about.

  63. Soooo you are telling us you were never in the inner circle? Well I assumed that. Trump trusts very few people. He and his children have repeatedly said that the best is yet to come for a reason. And you clearly do not know

  64. Patrick, I appreciate your efforts in all of this, but I have to say I find some of this really hard to believe.

    So that’s it? Those assholes steal the Presidential election and they are just going to get away with it because Mayor Rudy was too drunk and too clueless about cyber to fight it in a competent manner, and Trump was too loyal to his old friend to allow someone competent to take over? It is exceedingly hard to believe that our country has been taken over by the communists, not because the bad guys were so smart, but because of a drunk and clueless lawyer and the President’s misguided loyalty to him to allow him to totally screw it all up. There is too much at stake to bet it all on a friendship, and that just reeks of incompetence that I can’t believe of Trump.

    Patrick Byrne and Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell and General Flynn–NONE of you had direct access to the President, like the cellphones that Rudy said the President may be calling him on? I find that very hard to believe. I find it hard to believe the story that came out about Sidney not being allowed into the White House after being appointed Special Counsel by Trump. I absolutely believe the Deep State traitors would roadblock ALL of you, but I can’t see Trump being clueless about that, and I can’t believe the Sidney we’ve seen thundering against the crooks just whining about it that way. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    The military that WAS under Trump did not and is not going to defend the nation against this attack by the CCP? First the bio-warfare of COVID-19 and then the cyber assault on our entire system, including the election machines (which should NEVER have been allowed to be used in this country in the first place!) I was flipping back and forth between Faux News and MSDNC on election night, and I knew when Brian Williams cut Trump off to “correct” him that this election was stolen. There’s no way humanly possible for ANYONE at MSDNC to have known better than Trump that night to presume to “correct” him. I knew they were scared, and I knew THEY knew they were caught. But ever since then it has been like a bad dream, watching them get away with it, and slander all of us who know what we have seen in the mountains of evidence that have been compiled. I’m sorry President Trump, but if you knew on election night that there was fraud and CCP interference, and you allowed this stolen election to stand, and an attack on our nation to go without response, then in my opinion you are derelict in your sworn duty as CIC. I have held a clearance and maybe I would see things differently if I DID know all that you all know, but that’s how it looks from out here.

    There are just too many questions… Why did Trump never FIRE the cockroach quack Fauci? Why does that POS still have a job LYING to the American people? He should have some kind of twisting back injury from the number of times he has flip-flopped on his “expert” advice.

    I gave $100 to Stop The Steal—TWICE, and now I find out that not a single dime went to fighting this fraud of an election and SOMEBODY is going to misappropriate ~$300 million that were collected? How are we ever supposed to know whom to trust ever again? I don’t have the funds now to give to anyone anyway. But I will again one of these days. Or maybe not, if the communists have their way. I don’t trust the military anymore. I don’t trust the FBI or the CIA, and I haven’t trusted any of those cockroaches in the DNC, the GOP or the Congress for MANY years. And now I don’t trust Trump if he is truly just walking away from this and letting this stand. What happened to the speech about his most solemn duty to protect America from attack, which COVID-19 and cyber attack ARE? Why EO 13848 in 2018? Why the flurry of EOs in the last couple days of 19 and 20 January? Trump is relentless and never quits. He didn’t get where he is by surrounding himself with incompetence. There seem to be a great many irregularities in the “inauguration” itself, and in filling DC with troops. I am not a Q-Anon person and I never could get into that. But NONE of this passes the smell test.

    What about Trump’s war on human trafficking? He’s just going to allow that to start up again, unabated now, because Biden is neck deep in it?

    Somebody is going to have to answer a lot of questions before I ever give another dime to any politician or political group.

    1. @Mytoiletsclogged, I gave appr. same amount of money as you did. I think between us we probably covered Rudy’s bar-tab one evening (three triples in under 90 minutes and you know they only roll in swanky joints). Rudy was *earning* at least $100,000 USD per week to represent the leader of the Free World. So much is absolutely FUBAR. We are a self-selected group here and while we may do our best to share what we know, the vast majority just want to have some drinks, dinner, watch TV, and go to work tomorrow. They’re not reading here.

      Most won’t understand what happened well enough for it to matter. Like my 70-something mother, a patriot ( she does know that the election was STOLEN) who refuses to believe me when I try to explain why Laura Ingraham is a phony (afterall). Mom wants the comfort of turning on the t.v., she wants Fox news to be Fox news (even if we should understand now that they are the enemy to Americanism).

      1. “We are a self-selected group here and while we may do our best to share what we know, the vast majority just want to have some drinks, dinner, watch TV, and go to work tomorrow. They’re not reading here”…

        Exactly, Lisa. That is one major reason they could STEAL the election, and install whoever they wanted.

        Most of us here at Deep Capture are awake,… we have to continue staying the course, and help more people awaken while staying true to our commitment to TRUTH.


      2. I’m struck by your last paragraph; I’m angry at family members that are so brainwashed by the MSM and cheer Biden on. I have gone silent instead of confronting them as I don’t want to lose them forever. I copied your words on a note to myself; maybe someday I will move forward. Just not yet. Thank you.

    2. I fell the same.
      Here’s one small thing you can do. Go to your bank statement or wherever you have records of your donations. You need the amount(s), date, and I think some account info like the last 4 digits. Then go to the WinRed site. I easily found the return contribution section. I applied for 4 small returns. They were all approved immediately and saw my funds returned within days. That’s a small part of the huge dysfunctional state we are in. But, by the weekend you could have your $200.00 back. Hope this helps others. I did it because I learned it was possible on one of these threads.

      1. I think you should all do that. Trump’s only interest in making a show of fighting the election was fundraising, as Patrick demonstrated. I hope some of you in the MAGA bubble are starting to understand that.

  65. With *biden signing his E orders on power grid for ccp. Your right on, on line 3 syop. Your going to need the the7 huckleberry’s plus real President. And full military.
    Or better yet GOD. Pray

  66. In the film ‘MacArthur’ Gregory Peck plays the general fighting WW2, the Korean War and the politicians in Washington DC.

    There is a scene where MacArthur, now Governor of post-war Japan, is sat with his wife one evening watching a Jimmy Stewart movie – ‘Winchester ’76’.

    The phone rings. MacArthur answers.

    We hear the telephone voice state that the North Koreans have invaded the South.

    “In great numbers?” Peck speaks into the mouthpiece. “Assemble the staff. I will be there shortly.”

    “What is it general?” asks an anxious Mrs. MacArthur.

    Peck stands up to his full height, pauses and says:

    “Just one last gift for an old warrior.”

    I was reminded of this scene each time I saw Rudy on the television since November. He got his last battle, his last war to fight and an army to command. He was in the limelight. Wrong general.

  67. Pat really enjoyed reading all 6 parts! your account confirmed so many suspicions of mine. the news was the death threat to Trump via SS/FLOTUS. i just figured DJT made a deal to walk away to protect his brand/family; so more as a business reason rather than one of safety.

    i believed he was tired and wanted out and was right.

    i knew something was really wrong about the speeches on Jan 6. i couldn’t believe he wasted 1 1/2 hour repeating what everyone already knew. DJT jr’s speech was garbage too not to mention Kimberly’s. what i didn’t know was they ate up the time slot for you and GEN Flynn and your forensics guy. now it makes sense. very sloppy from DJT and organizers of the event and very stupid.

    i’ve been calling rudy’s team the b-team for a while now and referred to sidney’s team as the a-team. totally right on that. frankly, i would love to see a ticket for 2024 with powell/flynn. that’d be awesome.

    i suspected those around him were trash and was right. i read some tweets from you before i got kicked off twitter about how you were shocked and sad about all the saboteurs around DJT steering him into conceding or just giving up.

    DJT is an entertainer/businessman. he will always play to the camera/audience. that vanity resulting in the way he mishandled things was his own doing. you can’t blame people around you for losing if you chose to put them in your inner circle. he owns his loss.

    he should have never called people to DC to “protest” just to use them for the cameras and when things turned to shit he just said “it’s over” and “go home”. this was after a girl was shot in the neck and died. people went there at their own expense to support him. after the breech, he chastised, his supporters without distinguishing the good from bad. then a video is posted by Ivanka showing the Trump family celebrating, listening to loud music and dancing and having a great time as the world just fell apart.

    although DJT did great things for our economy, everything else had limited success because he trusted people who sandbagged his efforts but stuck with them anyway. for a guy famous for saying the words “your fired” it turns out he was just good at reading the script.

    building the wall with military funds just gives libs a reason to say “see you don’t need all that money at all”.

    lastly, having observed DJT at his worst (final month), i am convinced he would have been a terrible commander in chief. his indecision and unwillingness to get his hands dirty would have been disastrous in a military operation.

    i know disorganization can be found in every presidency but i think the last 4 years was example of the highest degree of disorganization we’ve ever seen. if the team is bad, you look at the leader.

    1. I don’t buy this–if he was tired then why did he run again? Are we to believe that he couldn’t even be honest with himself?

  68. Trust Flynn he is singing a different tune then this…
    Trump is not a weak man following others, Trump is a leader, and very intelligent. I agree he loves golf but he loves America and God more!
    The goal is to wake people and so many have been woke- keep waking up America and never give up hope for a better future for our Children!!!!

    1. Remember that story about the legendary former GE CEO Jack Welch after he left a meeting with Trump, where he said “God help anyone who underestimates him.” Where is THAT Trump?

      1. GE Jack is/was a great hero of mine… Would you mind posting a link to this if possible ?

        ps. Yes, I can use Google, but would prefer to save the time *if* you have the link handy ?

  69. So this is it? This is how we save our republic, with an asterisk? And give money to Flynn and Powell? This is the end game? We just accept the fact that the election was stolen and walk away with our asterisk? As our liberties and values are stripped away day by day, we just sit back and do nothing and wait for more insiders to change the inside from the inside? With an asterisk? For some reason, I thought your series here would actually do something, actually have an end game, something that would provide hope for the future. But all it did was leave us with this notion: The Chinese won, the democrats won, but at least I have an asterisk.

    1. I wish I could pin this response to the top with a big applause in lights. It pisses me off that NO ONE has a solution other than to suck it up and take it on the chin. That’s NOT who we are as Americans. We stand up for truth, ffreedom , and liberty and right now our entire country is being stolen. This will have horrible repercussions for generations. I’m not satisfied with an asterisk. It is time to rally together and fight back for our country and its values.

      1. That’s Right On! They say don’t fight or get violent? Getting involved in local elections isn’t enough. We must demand from our Congress and Senators that these FELONIES of Election Fraud be EXPOSED and JUSTICE served!
        all the senator’s emails and phone numbers from these six (6) swing states are here… Time for a massive email campaign!

  70. A psyop only works if people believe it, right? Well NONE OF US READING THIS BELIEVE IT! There are about 80 million of us who voted for Trump, and likely millions who didn’t, who see the past year for exactly what it was. We are not fooled, we have not gone to sleep, we will NOT accept this going forward, and we will do whatever it takes to get our country back!!!!!! It’s so much bigger than Trump. Thank you Patrick Byrne for your illumination. I pray for you and the other Patriots daily. May God keep all of you and your loved ones safe. May God give you strength, determination, and guidance to take actions that will help us all. We are Americans and we WILL find a way through this together. We start with DefendingTheRepublic support and please keep advising us how to help.

  71. Funny, Flynn seems to be singing a different tune… “don’t concede that bottle of wine”…. and well, he is in Trump’s circle. You aren’t

    1. So, let’s get real. This guy shows up and he has done lots of data dumps. And he finds a way into your inner circle, and he has no clearance. What do you do? How do you sideline him so he does not harm the setup? Set up one of your guys to keep an eye on him, lest he gets carried away, and blows the whole thing. Then you tell the players to give him a bit of time, keep him in the dark as much as possible, give him an ear now and then, and make him feel important, and then send him (safely) home to cry in his beer and write a story about his experience so that the public doesn’t interrupt the reveal that is afoot.

      EVERY DAY wee see more of the reveal. I find it impossible to believe that anybody is prepared to give our country over to people who we were aware were trying to steal our country. Let the cards ride. Let the bets be placed. Let them ALL reveal themselves. We still have lots of senators ready to vote impeachment- despite what they may be saying up to now. And POTUS- poor POTUS. They got a lot of tests coming. Which of them will be revealed in the closing moments?

  72. Pats account has all the hallmarks of authenticity, both in evidential findings but also personal testimony to the human spirit must of us know. Trump was a good man, not accustomed to the depths of swamp creatures he set out to to expose. Their horrors were so bad they overrode his understanding of the crooked and perverse people who overran his administration in those first days.

    Trump is likely to be impeached and we should now look to find a man capable of replacing him without delay. I don’t know who that is but one man who shines for me is Robert Kennedy Jr.

    We have found some great people in Lyn Woods, Sidney Powell, Patrick Bryne, Gen Flynn but many, many unmentioned others and these are the trusted people we need at the heart the new non-republican party administration by which to stake the risen vampire of the world.

    If you all follow the clear simple requests, like stop funding and dump the republican party, apple, google, facebok, etc, we can build a mighty army – before its too late.

  73. We’re closing in on the point of no return. We need to get our 80 million patriots organized quickly so we can make our voices heard. At this point who cares what politicians think, do or say. They do this to keep us distracted and divided. Are there groups popping up yet that are trying to amass the 80-100 million pissed off people in the US? We need to focus our anger onto things we can do in a concerted and coordinated effort to affect what we can where we can ASAP (no politicians please). With 80 million people on board we could have masks eliminated in no time by all agreeing to not wear them. Once this starts to take affect it’ll show who’s with us and who may be against us when you go to stores, restaurants (which we can also deem to re-open and frequent), etc. We can also target the monopolies like Walmart, Amazon, You Tube Twitter FB. 80 million people not using or frequenting their services would put them all out of business or at least know we mean business. F___ the politics for now and focus on putting a hurt on those pulling the strings. Politicians are great at dividing people by creating hot button issues that in reality affect our daily lives very little but are great to seperate into sides. We need to use our 80 million strong to organize and pick the best actions that obviously may be a bit of a sacrifice by shopping local, getting off FB etc but seems a small price to pay. It’s now time to make some sacrifices in creature comforts in order to save our country.
    What about starting right here and now. If we flood social media with a message that doesn’t involve political issues or politicians we have a better chance of people joining our cause. I loved Trump as President but he’s much to polarizing a figure to get a larger demographic involved. We pick a couple issues such as doing away with masks and frequenting places that don’t require them then we could extremely quickly start to change the narrative and it wouldn’t involve violence. 80 million strong. We need a a concise message we can bring forward. Hopefully this can spread to other boards we all frequent. We don’t have time to waste. What do we have to lose. Patrick, what say you about taking this first step with Sydney and Michael to begin the revolt?

  74. I can give you one hypothetical to show where our country is really at.

    Every night Antifa is violent.

    Have a group of patriotic Americans go to a state building in one of the stolen swing states where election staff have offices. Don’t go to a state Capitol but just an average state office building. Don’t go near DC.

    Protest loudly with no weapons and only throw rocks and spray paint some stuff.

    Watch the response that comes down on that. It will far surpass any response to Antifa.

    Then the country will see what’s really going on. Maybe then people will wake up and take our country back.

    1. That will work just about as well as the false flag attack on the Capitol that started out as a TOTALLY peaceful protest. The problem is in the corrupt state run fake news media that reports ANTIFA as peaceful and patriots as violent rioters.

  75. We’re closing in on the point of no return. We need to get our 80 million patriots organized quickly so we can make our voices heard. At this point who cares what politicians think, do or say. They do this to keep us distracted and divided. Are there groups popping up yet that are trying to amass the 80-100 million pissed off people in the US? We need to focus our anger onto things we can do in a concerted and coordinated effort to affect what we can where we can ASAP (no politicians please). With 80 million people on board we could have masks eliminated in no time by all agreeing to not wear them. Once this starts to take affect it’ll show who’s with us and who may be against us when you go to stores, restaurants (which we can also deem to re-open and frequent), etc. We can also target the monopolies like Walmart, Amazon, You Tube Twitter FB.

    80 million people not using or frequenting their services would put them all out of business or at least know we mean business. F___ the politics for now and focus on putting a hurt on those pulling the strings. Politicians are great at dividing people by creating hot button issues that in reality affect our daily lives very little but are great to seperate into sides.

    We need to use our 80 million strong to organize and pick the best actions that obviously may be a bit of a sacrifice by shopping local, getting off FB etc but seems a small price to pay. It’s now time to make some sacrifices in creature comforts in order to save our country.

    What about starting right here and now. If we flood social media with a message that doesn’t involve political issues or politicians we have a better chance of people joining our cause. I loved Trump as President but he’s much to polarizing a figure to get a larger demographic involved. We pick a couple issues such as doing away with masks and frequenting places that don’t require them then we could extremely quickly start to change the narrative and it wouldn’t involve violence. 80 million strong. We need a a concise message we can bring forward. Hopefully this can spread to other boards we all frequent. We don’t have time to waste. What do we have to lose. What say you Patrick, are you with us?

  76. Patrick, I suggest a follow up article, to clarify moving forward, titled something like “What can be done now?”.

  77. As always, Pat, infuriating. But because every single point is true and the public is too stupid to realize it and our leaders too weak and/or corrupt to do anything about it

  78. Patrick,
    While I agree with your analysis of what is coming down the road take solace in the fact that it will not occur in a vacuum. A great struggle lies ahead.

    The psyop has worked so far but is about to run headlong into the awakening masses who dont give a damn about lawmakers. While you do not acknowledge that force those who would destroy our nation do. Expect a stroke to fall whose aim is to disarm the country.

  79. Patrick,
    While I agree with your analysis of what is coming down the road take solace in the fact that it will not occur in a vacuum. A great struggle lies ahead.

    The psyop has worked so far but is about to run headlong into the awakening masses who dont give a damn about lawmakers. While you do not acknowledge that force those who would destroy our nation do. Expect a stroke to fall whose aim is to disarm the country.

  80. Dear Patrick,

    As always, thank you for writing this. I know it must be difficult. Such are the days that try men’s souls.

    I have a side request. I enjoyed what you wrote about COVID and low cost treatments. Would you please comment on the COVID vaccine? I don’t trust Fauci, double masks, and enforced vaccines in regards to the control exerted on the general public. I also am a COVID survivor and know first-hand what a beast it can be. Judging by what you wrote, President Trump probably delegated Warp Speed to people he trusted who didn’t always serve his best interests. I would really like to read your take on all of this, seeing that in order to travel they will soon be trying to stick an injection into our arms.

    Thanks and glad you are feeling better after COVID too! I have ongoing issues. After 30 minutes in a mask, I am extremely breathless. I’m hoping it gets easier to comply with mask mandates or that they just go away all together.

  81. While I appreciate your work in gathering data related to election fraud, you cannot really speak to the inner workings of the President and what has gone on behind the scenes. You do not hold a clearance and aren’t privy to declassified info. I also find it interesting that Flynn is singing a much different tune than you are. So your opinions of Trump and what has happened after (which you completely neglect the obvious and extremely abnormal presence of the military in DC) is just an outsider’s story.

  82. on January 12th, you stated that John Roberts signed off on FISA requests. Why haven’t you talked about that in these installments? You also mentioned that “the storm is coming” on January 22nd with video of AF One in a thunderstorm. What is that about?

  83. On Telegram, dated January 13th, you said “ Q is definitely part of the military. Not sure how high or low, but something is in the work as we speak.”

    Care to elaborate?

    1. You were most likely reading Patrick’s fake telegram account. Check an article on this site titled: Beware Imposters on Social Media

  84. I have asked you many times. Do you know Rufus Paul Harris?
    I think you do
    Then you have a better understanding of DJT and his motives and his operation. That operation is front and center. In plain site…if you know RPH

  85. Regarding “process vs outcome,” I disagree that the right and left switched philosophical sides. In your example from Sowell you note “In the eyes of someone who sees fairness as an attribute of process, if the testing made no reference to race and purely to abilities related to the job duties, then whatever that ranking is, it is by definition fair. The process was fair so the result is fair.”
    In this case, the testing was weighted, intruded upon. Not in regards to race, but certainly in regards to objectivity. Therefore, the process being unfair, the outcome cannot be fair. I think this is consistent for the right to believe. That said, you are certainly right that he was sworn in and is president, and I like the * that you have appended.

    1. I completely agree. There was no role reversal between the adherents of process fairness (the right) vs. outcome fairness (the left) in the 2020 election. In point of fact, the entire line of reasoning in which the right engaged was that the elections that played out in many states were horribly flawed process-wise. The processes by which elections are supposed to be conducted are codified in legislated statutes. They were ignored, subverted, or changed illegally. The right correctly claims that because the election process was illegitimate it is not possible to claim that the result is legitimate.

      The left, on the other hand, claims that because the states certified the results (without having performed any meaningful investigations of purported process violations) the outcome is legitimate. Their view was that the constitution’s process was followed to the letter so the result was constitutional. Unfortunately, the finding that the result was constitutional depended upon SCOTUS refusing to find that plainly unconstitutional changes to several state processes were illegal.

      As usual, the left has sought to shut off any further debate or investigation the moment that the winning ballot count puts their candidate ahead.

      1. I agree with Lawrence L.’s first paragraph. There was no role reversal. The Right in this case is still concerned with the “process” being fair and the Left is still concerned with the “outcome” being fair.

        I disagree with some of the wording in Lawrence’s 2nd paragraph. The Left isn’t looking at the certification of the results by the states to decide fairness. Certification by the states is still part of the process. All the Left sees is that Joe Biden won (the outcome), which in their minds is the only fair outcome, so the election was fair regardless of whatever “process” delivered that outcome. It matters not how many laws were broken or whose rights were violated. The outcome was correct (Biden won), so the election was fair.

  86. No matter how corrupt or fraudulent? I disagree, especially when it’s this obvious. You just relegated us to the level of inconsequential voters, whose votes don’t count. There is no proper representation in a vitiated electoral certification. It’s a sham.

  87. I have mixed feelings about this. Why now? Why did you pick now – did you intend to throw salt on an open wound to his base in order to wake them up? Did you want to burst the last bubble of hope there is no cavalry coming to save us? Like many of us, I simply cannot comprehend Trump can walk away with a smile and a nod. So maybe you are doing everyone a favor by sharing your story. Fair enough.

    I do not doubt all of your story. However, as the saying goes, ‘There are three sides to a story. Your side. My side. And the truth.’ You have obviously gone above and beyond, and for that we are forever grateful. But you have only snapshots of an album – albeit – some whoppers. Yes, you caught a big fish, but did Trump include you in on every conversation he has had the last 5 years? Were you privy to every thought, every word, action? And you said you will most likely never hear from him again. Why? Your writing creates a lot of unanswered questions. Perhaps that is intentional?

    And what doesn’t make sense is why you are keeping the identity of Mediocrity a secret when you have no problem telling people Rudy is a feckless, incompetent lush and Trump’s entire four years was a shit’ show. As a commenter pointed out, for a shit show, he certainly managed to get a lot done. While taking so much incoming any normal individual would have folded.

    But thank you for your tireless and invaluable work. It is definitely enlightening, surprising, sad and heartbreaking. A lot to digest. But regardless, I will continue to hold out some hope and will always love and respect Donald J. Trump for the sacrifices he and his family made for this country. Maybe it was too much for one man and his band of merry men who so many turned out to be traitors.

    God bless you and all of those who had a hand in trying to expose the despicable evil which has crept over our country like black toxic mold.

    1. <<<>>>

      That is a great point that I forgot. What is the big deal with outing Mediocrity’s identity? If he’s part of the reason for the greatest nation on Earth falling to communism, then SCREW him!

      1. Mediocrity has been outed by other people. She’s totally unknown to the public. I have no idea who she is, never heard of her before. If Patrick Byrne chooses not to name her in his writing, that’s just a journalistic choice. A lot of journalists choose not to identify non-public people in articles and books.
        Rudy Guiliani has been a public figure for decades. Everyone knows, apparently, that he’s a bit too fond of drinking.

  88. The strong hypothesis sounds plausible and leads me to believe that the largest purchase of farm land owned by a single individual ( Bill Gates ) was to hedge his position within the new regime.

  89. Patrick,
    In your paragraph beginning with “If the Strong Hypothesis is correct and this is all a Chinese psyop, there is a way you will be able to be sure…” I think you meant to say “electric grid” rather than “electoral grid.” (I don’t normally bother with typos, but this one is substantive.)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed these articles, and since they seem to ring true I feel that I have a pretty good understanding about how the election fraud survived “challenge.”

    Thank you!

  90. Patrick,

    Thanks for you great efforts of time and money to expose… Well, what are you exposing, that still seems to be the real question doesn’t it. But to some people it’s as plain as the nose on your face. …lies. Lies are what you are trying to expose but you have to call them that. A spade is a spade, not a shovel. But our generation has lost the importance of that saying. To many seasons watched of the Office has brought down the intellectual acuity of the nation; “was that election fraud… that’s awkward”. We see so much “fake news”. No we hear so many lies! A spade is a spade. They feed the small lies “HQL isn’t safe and doesn’t work” so they can force down the bigger lies “we need a vaccine yesterday so skip needed safety trials”.

    How much election fraud proof do you really have? I suggest you will never have as much proof as the evidence they give by trying to hide what they have done. They tell on themselves by their own actions. What more do you need? Well if you lack understanding I guess a lot more.

    Their lies are obvious and blatant if you know to look for them. Overcome evil (lies) with good (truth). And people still wonder why social media and the like censor truth, it’s the ONLY defense.

  91. They don’t care about Trump , hes just a distraction and its working perfectly as people wring their hands over an outcome that has already been decided. In the meantime Biden has signed 52 EOs and is purging the military of Patriots. They will get everything they want while hapless masses celebrate what? A Trump acquittal, a gym opening in NJ? Imho we will win when people are ready to fight which is after they lose their livelihoods, not a minute before. Ill be waiting.

  92. Let’s all keep in mind that the COVID crises is the first crises in human history where people are FATTER at the end of It than at the begining …

    1. RIGHT! Also, why isn’t it decimating the homeless population? Why aren’t the ‘essential employees’ dropping like flies? Covid pays. Gov’t. pays more if they’re treating ‘Covid”. They want you on a ventilator and frankly, they’re very fine if you wind up dead. Many birds, one stone.

  93. This is the end of this country then? “They” will not leave Trump alone now – even you said there was an attempt on his life after the election. If this fraud isn’t stopped now, there is no hope for our future, the demonic house has already put forth bills that will every make sure the elections are rigged in their favor.
    Let’s be real, Joe isn’t our president and he isn’t even the one calling the shots, This is the same administration that Obama had and the same “transformation” of America agenda.

  94. “this is not the SUA you thought it was.”

    Is that a typo for USA? If so please correct, or if not please explain the acronym. Thanks!

  95. I have to take issue with your pronouncement that Biden is president because of the constitutional selection process established by the founders. What was accomplished in November was decidedly NOT the constitutional process established by the founders. It was a fraudulent selection process, which should cast illegitacy on the current White House occupant.

    Thank you for your efforts and documentation, Patrick Byrne.

  96. So, you were on team Black Socks all along.
    Thanks for the reveal.
    – Clean out the latent support
    – pump self-inflicted Flynn. the guy that was nothing. what’s he doing here?
    – the Military all stuck their dicks in a meat grinder.
    – Keep your masks on. I had a cold.
    You look more like Rudy than Rudy. Didn’t see you fighting like that. Even though he tried to make amends for being a coverup artist by … ?
    ya, dolphin speak to you.
    try (truth, logic and reason)
    else (virtue signal AND be pathetic)

    Game On. We’re the productive ones. We don’t play by rules. don’t need luck.
    If our Orange savior lost his hard-on, we’ll get back for him by showing him some chinese butt (gender neutral).

  97. “Our Founding Fathers designed a Constitutional process for selecting our President.” …. “By bifurcating the choice into (on the one hand) “an intermediate body of electors”, and (on the other hand) a Senate which would examine and formally accept the votes of the Electoral College..”

    1. Founders could never have anticpated the type and severity of state level shenanigans transacted in November. What safeguards then are provided by the existence of SEVERAL electors, all simply reflecting the result of the fraudulent shenanigans.
    2. The Senate did not examine the electoral college votes. Examining would have included consideration of the requests by multiple state electors, who had second thoughts about accepting the certifications. (not to mention the debate challenges which were cut short).

    Judging by this narrow take on the constitutional selection process: the November election fraud was constitutional, although the process on January 6 may not have been – unless you want to challenge what is meant by “examine.”
    Aaahh, now I understand the actions of state legislators, the supreme court, the US Senate.
    This was not a normal election. We cannot overlook the massive fraud at the front end just because it is does not conform to simple traditional rules of the game. Maybe look elsewhere in the constitution (relevant to racketeering,…)
    And Biden cannot be a legitimate president.

  98. 2 Chronicles 20:10 And now, behold, the children of Ammon and Moab and mount Seir, whom Thou wouldest not let Israel invade, when they came out of the land of Egypt, but they turned from them, and destroyed them not; 11 Behold, I say, how they reward us, to come to cast us out of thy possession, which Thou hast given us to inherit. 12 O our God, wilt Thou not judge them? for WE HAVE NO MIGHT against this great company that cometh against us; NEITHER KNOW WE WHAT TO DO: but our eyes are upon THEE.

    14 Then upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah, the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mattaniah, a Levite of the sons of Asaph, came the Spirit of the Lord in the midst of the congregation; 15 And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the Lord unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

    This is indeed a perilous time and many are fasting and praying even now. We pray on until we PRAY THROUGH! PS…..I wouldn’t bet against God OR president Trump.

  99. Well then now what? I think you Patrick for tell us the truth. And thank you for telling people Q is BS people need to stop listening to all that Q crap. That being said we are screwed we need to face facts the democrats communist that have taken over have blocked every legal Avenue to fighting this mess legally and we will never be able to win a election the democrat communist have already EO laws to keep them to continue to win from here of out. So we the people have no Non Violent Options No Legal Options so now what so we do? It sounds like to me there is only one option its the one option no one wants civil war but what other options are there because I can think of one. We maybe one option and thats for all the state that want to live in a free country and live by the Constitution need to come together and secede Now ASAP and dont bother with the courts they are corrupt they need to just leave and tell DC to go screw themselves. Thats the only way I can see to possibly not having a civil war. If the red states come together we would have all the oil and food cause the red state produce 95% of all the food in the USA so we would have money from the oil plenty of food can see the food for more money. Red states of most the military bases and they need to keep them so we have a good size military. Red states would have No debit. The USA DC could be sgueezed into giving up they will have a oul shortage and food shortage they have all the debit trilions in debit and they would loose all the money from the peoples taxes. The news red states can tax and sell oil food ti make money for starters. I giving a very short verse to much to write in a comment. The red states will be just fine. The DC usa would be hurting for money. The red states will need to financially put the squeeze on DC usa and the Red states will win if we want the whole country bad. This will be better then civil war if we can get the red states to stand up and fight back. Its either this or war we cant keep going they way things are this country will be completely destroyed within 6months if the democrat communist are not stopped Now we can afford to wait 2 or 4 years for a new election that we wont win anyway. Like I said I dont want war and seceding from the usa is our only real hope for reap change. But how do we push the states to secede who do we contact and start the process… does anyone else have a better idea that doesnt take 2 or 4 yrs to do?

  100. Patrick,
    I understand your point about the process. BUT the process itself was not fair or legal. So I am still indeed focused on the process. I understand that there are still open court cases out there. I hope that there will be some rulings that acknowledge the fraud. However, even if SCOTUS were to rule in our favor, I guess the outcome still remains. I assume nothing can change that. ?? Therefore, I will continue to focus on the process by contacting my state senators and representatives to demand that they make changes to ensure this never happens again. Am I naïve to think that they can or will do anything about it? In case anyone cares to respond to that question, I think I should note that I live in the state of Georgia. And I assume that everyone on here is familiar with Brian Kemp and our SOS, Brad Raffensperger. 🙁

    1. Michele, I am particularly intrigued with the level of corruption out of GA, these so-called Republicans (Jordy only pretended to be an R, Raff. claims he’s switching, Kemp pretends still to be pure as driven snow). What a slough of grifty-snakes there in the beautiful peach state! Poor Harrison Deal, collateral damage to warn all the others (IMO). Oddly, Harrison’s GF (Kemp’s daughter, one of ’em) was at the WH w/her dad a mere 2 ? weeks after her BF of a couple years (dog years when you are that age, may as well have been a decade) was murdered (oh sorry, after he was involved in a perfectly normal auto wreck that sent his engine block into the next county on the wings of a fireball).

      My question is one for you from your perspective as GA citizen…do most GA citizens realize how GD corrupt and compromised your politicians (top to bottom) seem to be? What’s the water cooler talk, so to speak? It’s a regular “All My Children” over there in Georgia. I think I would cry tears of joy were these charlatans brought to earthly justice, seriously.

  101. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick…dude!!! If the election was STOLEN in front of everyone then who is the rightful President?

  102. deep respect and gratitude from Switzerland for what you did Patrick. Thank you. That said, re: “his refusal to take the 3-foot putt” it’s obvious that you don’t golf… these are the hardest puts to make!

  103. Well then now what? I think you Patrick for tell us the truth. And thank you for telling people Q is BS people need to stop listening to all that Q crap.

    That being said we are screwed we need to face facts the democrats communist that have taken over have blocked every legal Avenue to fighting this mess legally. and we will never be able to win a election the democrat communist have already EO laws to keep them contining to win from here of out. So we the people have no Non Violent Options No Legal Options so now what? What do we do?

    It sounds like to me there is only one option its the one option no one wants civil war but what other options are there because I cant think of one. Well, maybe one option and thats if all the state that want to live in a free country and live by the Constitution need to come together and secede Now ASAP…

    They need not to bother with the courts they are too corrupt. The red states need to just leave and tell DC to go screw themselves. Thats the only way I can see to possibly not having a civil war. If the red states come together we would have all the oil and food cause the red state produce 95% of all the food in the USA so we would have money from the oil plenty of food can see the food for more money. Red states have most the military bases and they need to keep them so we have a good size military. Red states would have No debit. The USA DC could be sgueezed into giving up they will have a oul shortage and food shortage they have all the debit trilions in debit and they would loose all the money from the peoples taxes who live in the red states. The new red states country can tax the people and sell oil food to make money for starters. Im giving a very short version to much to write in a comment.

    The red states will be just fine. The DC usa would be hurting for money. The red states will need to financially put the squeeze on DC usa and the Red states will win if we want the whole country bad. This will be better then civil war if we can get the red states to stand up and fight back. Its either this or war we cant keep going they way things are…

    This country will be completely destroyed within 6months if the democrat communist are not stopped Now we cant afford to wait 2 or 4 years for a new election that we wont win anyway. Like I said I dont want war and seceding from the usa is our only real hope for real change. We just need to figure out how do we push the red states to secede. who do we contact and how to start the process…

    Does anyone else have a better idea that doesnt take 2 or 4 yrs to do?

    Let me repeat myself I dont want civil war I want to find a way to keep the war from happening if possible…
    This is my disclaimer… Im not inciting a civil war just incase some nut Job read this then take me words and trys to twist them all around.4

  104. Patrick, I know through out your interviews there is a lot you have mentioned, but have not shared. One thing in particular I am curious about is when you mentioned how Warren taught you a specific way of thinking about the world, and usually if you bide your time an opportunity presents itself and you strike. You said you are pretty sure you got Comey, Brennan and Obama. I hope you did.

  105. What to do with China?

    Bomb them back to Stone Age? But what happened to the people after Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak gone?


    Let Reason shine through?

  106. Patrick, you are drawing a convincing picture of DJT as a talented, but weak old man. Yes, there remain open questions, e.g. why DJT didn´t fire Fauci, Barr and others. But all in all you wrote a 200% perfect portrait of a old man, tired of all the traitors, looking for a future playing golf in the sun. The problem is, from a professional view: This story is written far too brillant. A lot of CEO´s do write books, a few of these are very well written. But your pieces are over-the-top quality. Who wrote this really, and why? Crossing psy-op?

    1. Sheesh! Give Patrick credit where credit is due. He isn’t writing a textbook or an article for the Financial Times. Read some of his previous articles on his website.

  107. Patrick,

    You posted on twitter a while back that a plan didn’t go as planned and God have mercy on the U.S. what was that about? Please give us the details.

  108. Really disagree with you saying that it’s because of US (Jan 6th) that we are in this military state. No where is media reporting on the BLM/ANTFI involvement. You even MENTIONED it was a set up when you showed the photos of all the media trailing them around. No matter WHAT WE DO, we are evil. Not wearing a mask? We are terrorists. Want to stand for the National Anthem, we are racist.
    Yet Antifa and BLM rage – nothing is done!
    I thank you immensely for your work here. You have enlightened and confirmed many things. I would never vote for DJT again, nor any of his family.
    His heart was certainly in it – but everyone deep in the swamp played the long game with him, and now here we are. I had hoped your “What Do We Do Know” was helpful, but that was the least helpful thing you’ve written.

  109. Patrick, have you read The Thirty Tyrants article in Tabletmag written by Lee Smith? He seems to have come to some of the same conclusions as you. It’s a long article that literally put a chill down my spine. I’ve been watching and thinking for years, trying to understand why so many decisions have been made that seem to directly contradiction the interests of American Citizens. Smith’s article put it all together. What’s happening to the US goes far beyond than how any of us might feel about Trump’s personality, or what is the best approach to improving race relations. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Excellent read. I encourage everyone to find it and read it. Lee Smith is a brilliant writer and he’s nailed what’s going on in our country right now.

  110. Dear Mr. Byrne,
    I believe we must focus on resolving the voting machine issues. They are honest and dependable or they are not. Everything else is of no matter if voting fraud is unresolved. Help us as a people move forward and get to forensic proof. I know of no one person more qualified to lead this effort. Give us assignments please. We will comply and enable our experiment known as USA to continue. Thanks for your efforts.

  111. I respect you, Patrick, and your opinion. But I do not agree that our only option to sit down and take this lying down and HOPE we can somehow push through changes to election integrity by putting our hope & trust in people who have to fight the Establishment to even get into a position to change things. That is not a plan. We put our trust in Trump to lead and he failed us. But that doesn’t let US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, off the hook. If we do not want to condemn our children and grandchild to future tyranny and revolution, we MUST take back our country RIGHT NOW. I will continue to look for leader who has the ability, the means, and the format for the people to rally behind and who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to redirect the Titanic away from the iceberg. You keep saying that violence is not the answer. In your opinion, is there EVER a moment when violence is justified? Do you think our Founding Fathers would agree? If Britain had secretly and through fraudulent means kicked Washington out of the Presidency so they could install their own puppet, do you think our Founding Fathers would have passively stood by and done nothing? While I normally do not espouse violence, I DO believe there is a place for it and I also believe we are fast approaching that moment when people will have to choose. According to a new Zogby poll, nearly half the country (both Republicans & Democrats) believe we are headed towards a 2nd Civil War. That is a somber reality and I truly don’t wish it on our beloved country. But most Americans WILL stand up to defend our liberty and freedoms against a government regime that is corrupt and illegitimate. It IS our Constitutional right to do so.

  112. Interesting and I do agree with the Chinese Psyop. I’ve been saying for months and especially since the 6th, that it literally feels like Red Dawn is taking place, but with the Chinese and in a more covert way than parachuting troops invading the West Coast. Another hint was a mobile game I play, Marvel Realm of Champions, ran a Red Dawn promotion the week of the inauguration promoting Red Hulk, which I felt the play on words were a little more intentional to those paying attention. I’ve since deleted the app, no matter how much I love Marvel.

    1. <<>>

      Remember that in the Marvel movie “Civil War”, Marvel, who is run by liberals, presumed themselves to be the “patriots” (i.e., Captain America), while Stark and his side were the “traitors”, representing the evils of corporate America and Wall Street. Notwithstanding that MANY of us now have a very different opinion of corporate America who seems to have thrown in with the communists who have historically condemned them…

  113. I agree on the constitutional analysis and the Biden Presidency.*

    On the Covid hysteria, smearing of HCQ and other cheap and effective drugs, one can certainly feel the pharmaceutical industry’s presence, maximizing their take from the Pandemic (huge growth in vaccine revenues forecast, plus other more expensive cures), while controlling through ad buys so much of the media, controlling elected officials through their donations, controlling government and academic research institutions via hundreds of millions in funded research.

    As to China doing this Psy-op to the USA, I cannot believe any of it was done without the active complicity of the FBI, C_A, NSA, DOJ, CISA, DHS, the NIH, etc. You yourself were party to an operation that covered-up sting evidence to compromise HRC. We’ve watched the Biden Crime Family be bought and paid for by China and Ukraine, while the FBI has covered up much of the evidence, along with the Seth Rich, Anthony Weiner, and Imran Awan DWS laptops. Is Durham just going to rollover?

    What are we to make of these agencies? Are they all under the control of the CCP? I could believe the effort was there when Brennan ran C_A, but under Pompeo and Haspel? That is impossible for me to digest. Are all these key people “trained Marxists” working for the CCP and the Revolution? Are they merely useful idiots? Do they just want to turn sovereignty over to the CCP without it ever coming out how they interfered in foreign elections for decades?

    And who was Q? Did he work for Trump? or was he, too, a Psy-Op plant, designed to focus opposition to the Deep State in a single channel to observe, distract, discredit and confuse? And what about Patrick? Did you turn down that offer to be made a billionaire? Or is it still on the table? You too join the chorus to abandon the Republican Party, with which I totally disagree. You invite the DOJ to make of you their Huckleberry for your statements. Will you then struggle mightily for awhile, but then settle, apologize, and ask the rest of us to follow you into the re-education camps (yours to be a short stay)?

    I guess I’m still in the denial and grief stages. How can I meet my forebears in the hereafter having been alive as the Republic was taken over by totalitarians? Having done nothing but type out a few blog posts, and become known as a conspiracy theorist among those closest to me?

    Once I get over my grief, I will try to focus on the way forward – namely joining my local Republican Party, becoming an activist in screening all candidates and party functionaries to ensure they all stand for election integrity, and MAGA policies, otherwise working to displace them. With grass-roots activity, fair elections, and Trump supporting those who will primary the RINOs and turncoats, one or both houses of Congress can be retaken in 2022.

  114. Let’s keep in mind that Patrick Byrne is not an insider. He’s a businessman with some superficial connections to the inside. His analysis can only run as deeply as these connections go, which means–like anything else–take everything he says with a million grains of salt.

    1. “He’s a businessman with some superficial connections to the inside.”

      Patrick is much more than just a “businessman”, and your bogus definition of “superficial connections”, outs you for who you really are.

    2. Agree 100%. Patrick is an opportunistic non insider. He literally is on the outside… clearly as insiders wouldn’t be sharing stories on the internet.

  115. Patrick, Step 1 of the PsyOp began in 2008 with the so-called “Financial Crisis”. Which was nothing more than the controlled demolition of the US middle class at the literal expense (monetarily speaking) of the US middle class.

    The 5 step PsyOp as executed by the Money Masters:

    1) Demoralization of the USA- 2008 “Financial Crisis”

    2) Demoralization of the USA & the West – Covid-19

    3) Disorientation – Antifa & BLM

    4) Crisis –election counting stopped in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise happened

    5) Normalization – the media gaslighting anyone who sees anything odd about the election

    End Goal:

    Statism is the norm, at the expense of individual liberty (aka/ populism).

    But the real end goal is essentially the enslavement of the masses by the rent seekers.

    I.E. – “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”.

    China is one of the key players. But China is NOT the Puppeteer, pulling the strings. China is just another Puppet.

    The Puppeteer is the 4 power groups (aka/ The 4 Horsemen) who have unimaginable wealth and therefore tremendous control.

    “Security Expert Reveals the Secret Rulers of Our World”

    The 1 hour interview of the late William Pawelec:

    The good news is that no matter how wealthy and powerful they are, they are still just petty tyrants. And all petty tyrants have chinks in their armor that can be targeted.

    But the NUMBER ONE thing you never want to do when dealing with petty tyrants is to join them in their game by becoming angry and fearful. That’s how they want you to react. Conversely, the best way to deal with them is the best way to deal with any Bully. Ignore them, while at the same time separating yourself from them.

    Instead of worrying about getting “cancelled”, cancel yourself, first. Thereby starving them of the main thing they want more than anything else, negative energy.

    Start by getting off of all social media. Stop using Amazon, and do business with small companies. Separate from the Google, Apple, Microsoft, cabal, and move on to a free and unencumbered life.

    Don’t play their game, by their rules. Create your own game.

    “Resist not evil.”

    1. <<<>>>

      Patrick, on that note–let’s start up a competitor to Amazon, or work with Overstock to become the biggest pain in Amazon’s arse. One parameter is they MUST exclude 3P sellers from China and every other country that participated in the election theft. Ideally it would also sell EXCUSIVELY Made in USA products, but that might not be immediately realistic.

  116. China can not, and will not, successfully invade our country directly, but they sure as hell can subvert our system through corruption of our leaders*. Before 2016 we had no idea the breadth and power of the Deep State. Donald J. Trump exposed the Deep State and their actors, and has the scars to prove it. A relatively small cadre of oligarchs control the DS and hence us. WE must find a way to oppose the actions of the DS, otherwise we are lost to an unfortunate lifestyle. The 2020 election* may just be the catalyst for our salvation.

  117. Thank You Patrick Byrne for publishing this information and exposing the truth at a great cost to yourself, along with other genuine patriots who like the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew what that signature meant to the King of England.
    This is an excerpt of a talk by Ezra T Bensen in 1967 Exposing the play book of the Communists, which we have been fighting against for at least the past 100 years. We have to know their strategy or “ phyop” to defeat them. We saw ALL These Tactics USED this past year 2020 in the USA.
    Ezra Taft Benson (1899 – 1994) General Conference Talk, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints– October 1967. Was called to be an Apostle in 1943. He served as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture from 1953 to 1961. On November 10, 1985, he became President of the Church.
    “Trust Not in the Arm of Flesh”
    In 1942 Presidents Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr., and David O. McKay warned us about the increasing threat to our constitution caused by revolutionists whom the First Presidency said were “using a technique that is as old as the human race – a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them. They a suit their approaches to the particular group they seek to deceive.” (The Improvement Era, May 1942, p. 343.)
    That timely counsel about a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate” could have saved China and Cuba if enough people knew what the Communist masters of deceit really had in mind when they promised agrarian reform.
    There is no doubt that the so-called civil rights movement as it exists today is used as a Communist program for revolution in America just as agrarian reform was used by the Communists to take over China and Cuba.
    This shocking statement can be confirmed by an objective study of Communist literature and activities and by knowledgeable Negroes and others who have worked within the Communist movement.
    As far back as 1928, the Communists declared that the cultural, economic, and social differences between the races in America could be exploited by them to create the animosity, fear, and hatred between large segments of our people that would be necessary beginning ingredients for their revolution.
    Three-fold attack
    Briefly, the three broad objectives were and are as follows:
    1. Create hatred
    2. Trigger violence
    3. Overthrow established government
    First, create hatred. Use any means to agitate blacks into hating whites and whites into hating blacks. Work both sides of the split. Play up and exaggerate real grievances. If necessary, don’t hesitate to manufacture false stories and rumors about injustices and brutality. Create martyrs for both sides. Play upon mass emotions until they smolder with resentment and hatred.
    Second, trigger violence. Put the emotional masses into the streets in the form of large mobs, the larger the better. It makes no difference if the mob is told to demonstrate “peacefully” so long as it is brought into direct confrontation with the antagonist. Merely bringing the two emotionally charged groups together is like mixing oxygen and hydrogen. All that is needed is one tiny spark. If the spark is not forthcoming from purely spontaneous causes, create it.
    Third, overthrow established government. Once mob violence becomes widespread and commonplace, condition those who are emotionally involved to accept violence as the only way to “settle the score” once and for all. Provide leadership and training for guerrilla warfare. Institute discipline and terrorism to insure at least passive support from the larger, inactive segment of the population. Train and battle-harden leadership through sporadic riots and battles with police. Finally, at the appointed time, launch an all-out simultaneous offensive in every major city.
    Revolution through force and violence
    If Communism comes to America, it will probably not happen quite like that. Even, though this is the basic formula used in so many other countries now part of the Communist empire, there is one very important difference. In China, in Cuba, and in Algeria, the segment of the population that the Communists used as the “battering ram” of their revolution of force and violence was the majority segment. In America, though, the Negro represents only 10 percent of the population. In any all-out race war that might be triggered, there isn’t a chance in the world that Communism-led Negro guerrilla units could permanently hold on to the power centers of government even if they could capture them in the first place.
    It would be a terribly bloody affair, all Americans suffering mightily but with Negroes paying the highest toll in human life. And the Communists know this better than anyone else. They do not really expect to take America with a “war of national liberation” (which is their term for internal conquest through force and violence) unless the aggressive revolutionary force can be broadened to include not only the minority of Negroes, but also migratory farm laborers, the poor, the unemployed, those on welfare, other minority groups, students, the so- called “peace movements,” and anyone who can be propagandized into mob action against established government But unless and until they can manipulate an overwhelming majority of the population into at least sympathizing with their revolutionary activities, they will use violence, anarchy, and sabotage, not as a means of seizing power, but merely as a support operation or a catalyst to an entirely different plan.
    Using unidentified Communist agents and non-Communist sympathizers in key positions in government, in communications media, and in mass organizations, such as labor unions and civil rights groups, demand more and more government power as the solution to all civil rights problems. Total government is the objective of Communism. Without calling it by name, build Communism piece by piece through mass pressures for presidential decrees, court orders, and legislation that appear to be aimed at improving civil rights and other social reforms. If there is social, economic, or educational discrimination, then advocate more government programs and control.
    And what if riots come? Then more government housing, government welfare, government job training, and, finally, federal control over police. Thus the essential economic and political structure of Communism can be built entirely “legally” and in apparent response to the wishes of the people who have clamored for some kind of solution to the problems played-up, aggravated, or created outright by Communists for just that purpose.
    The Communists are not entirely certain whether force and violence or legal and political means or a combination of both would be best for the internal conquest of America. At first, there was talk of splitting away the “Black Belt,” those southern states in which the Negro held a majority, and calling them a Negro Soviet Republic. But, as conditions changed and more Negroes migrated to the northern states, they applied this same strategy to the so-called ghetto areas in the North. It now seems probable that the Communists are determined to use force and violence to its fullest, coupled with a weakening of the economy and military setbacks abroad, in an effort to create as much havoc as possible to weaken America internally and to create the kind of psychological desperation in the minds of all citizens that will lead them to accept blindly the application of legal and political means as the final blow.
    Some wonder if it can happen here. Just take a good look at what has been going on around us for the past few years. It is happening here. If it is to be prevented from running the full course, we must stop pretending that it doesn’t exist.
    We need a vast awakening of the American people as to the true nature of the Communist blueprint for revolution. Considering the degree to which the controlling influences of the federal government and many of the communications media are now furthering this Communist revolution, it is unrealistic to expect most of our present leaders or the networks to bring about this awakening. In fact, they may be expected to resist it.

  118. I’m you’re huckleberry! God bless you for the efforts and insights! Stay in the fight – we need you! Grace and Peace!

  119. Thank you, Patrick, for all you’ve done and for writing from your perspective about the circumstances surrounding the election fraud. These are really scary times. I disagree, however, that the Constitution was followed in naming Mr. Biden President*. The Constitution protects our right to vote for the true President and that right was denied in the last election. So Biden is not really the President but merely a usurper. I have really enjoyed reading your postings., You are a great writer and great patriot!

  120. Um…no, not over!!! #WeThePeople are still here!!! We love President Trump and yes we need his spirit! But Trump doesn’t have to be “president” to succeed!!! No wooz here!!! The fight is still in process…press secretary was ask just today about the “military coup”, SCOTUS still has work to do, Sydney Powell, General Flynn and L Lin Wood are still in it!!! We the people spoke and we the people were ignored…they are telling us this as we speak at the Capital!!! Stay strong, stay fighting!!!!

  121. I don’t know. Maybe I’m in denial. Maybe it’s not okay to be in denial. And maybe I should just move on and get involved with local legislators even though if I’m being honest I wouldn’t even know how that works. And maybe our country was always this corrupt but my eyes weren’t open to it until President Trump came along. So if this country that I once believed was free and fair and abided by the laws and our Constitution has come to this.. stealing an election and we have to accept it.. sorry I’m out. If that angers anybody I don’t care. I’m having a good old fashioned cry about it and going back to my willfully ignorant ways. My mental health will be better for it.

    1. That IS denial, and your mental health will only be better until they start dragging people out in the street and shooting them in the head–or dragging them to FEMA camps to be beheaded by some high tech guillotine bought by the Obama administration (anybody know if THAT story is real?)

      I have been increasingly disgusted for many years as I have learned of the depth of corruption EVERYWHERE there is human activity, but until this year I had no idea just how bad it is in our government, fake news media (now including Faux news after election night, and even Newsmax who censored Mike Lindell), and American corporations like Amazon and Walmart. We knew Amazon leaned left, but never did we think they would throw in with the communists. And Walmart has always tended to be more right leaning than Target, but this year they showed their true colors also.

  122. As of today, the second day of the second impeachment of DJT, I would say The cabal and Democrats have succeeded in stealing the 2020 election in a way that beyond one can imagine. A plan that comprised all three branches of government involvement in including DOJ and NSC departments.
    All the evidence so far from independent groups of patriots although credible but worthless because they are not officially from authority governmental agencies who totally corrupted and bought out by cabal’s money.
    It is, the stealing, well-planned, coordinated, and carried out. We should give them good credit for this job. While the Trump team has foreseen this will happen but failed miserably to catch the thieves. Trump could have been lied to by people around him and very well that he was just simply so convinced that Judicial systems will rule in favor of him. He was so wrong and too late now! The casualty is not just his administration but also millions of patriots who supported him wholeheartedly. Trump’s undecisive action probably caused by negative suggestions from his “loyal advisors” and his own bad judgment! Biden and cabal knew very well that Trump has unprecedented support and influences from the vast majority of people. That why eliminating him from the future political arena is a must. From now on, his life will not be as normal as he wishes if not miserable!
    It is just an honest opinion from an independent voter!

  123. Dear Patrick, it hurts reading “your” truth. People need hope & the Patriots have a Plan. You just don’t see the whole picture. Sorry 4 you. I won’t follow you anymore. I love Gen. Flynn, Lin wood, Sidney Powell, Charlie Ward, Scott McKay, Steve Pieczenik, Mike Lindell, Mike Pompeo & many others that have a Plan & believe in it. You are discouraging people, but maybe it’s your purpose.God Bless You!

    1. Discouraging? From what? Sitting on your hands and letting them steal 2022 while you still make excuses about the “plan” never coming to fruition?

      Wake up. As he says if you’re still listening to trolls or psyop handlers regarding some secret “plan” you’re deluded and need help.

  124. I do not even know why I write here. I am old, have probably 30 years to live and that’s it. The younger generations have to make their bed which they need to sleep in.

    Addendum regarding your addendum:

    I really appreciate some info you are putting out here/there. But some words are just too vague. Maybe you can get over the text Patrick and give it more thoughts.

    1. “no violence” sounds like “free market”. Neither makes sense. But even market proponents use it like it would be magic. Markets are regulated by supply and demand, so it’s not free in the first place. Communists use the term “free market” to distract from the truth. Their claim: Free markets need to be regulated which we will do. Sadly, even libertarians pick up the wrong term and use it all day long. Language is where it all starts!

    2. “No violence” – what does that even mean? Our government is committing violence every day! Even a refuse/trash company is using violence every day! They destroy our garbage. Antifa and BLM is using violence. Gangs are using violence. So we just talk about it? I think that is what CONgress did already for years and that’s why it gets worse by the minute.

    Blind and uncoordinated and useless and unfair violence is of course counter productive!

    But do you still believe we would enjoy the fruits of liberty until this day if George Washington would’ve stopped being violent?

    I AM the American middle class, Patrick! I AM the guy who hates lies, war and destruction! But at the same time I recognize something needs to be done to ARREST the perpetrators! I don’t care what party they come from! I don’t care how it’s done, but THIS is the key to a good future. Are we just going back to the status quo and have “fair elections”, whatever that means and all is fine? We just forget all the coups by the deep state actors?

    Fair elections? Pah! Most people are even too dumb to get that a diaper over their face won’t help. Or that politicians lie while moving their lips. Yes, we need fair elections, but that is only ONE part of a constitutional republic and not the core of it. If we had fair elections, the first thing we needed would be some sort of an election license. Everybody can ruin the country with his vote, but to drive from here to the bakery I need a license? If we had something like a basic constitution knowledge check before somebody gets to vote, we wouldn’t even need to talk about corrupt courts! Every legal migrant has to pass that check, btw.!

    But BEFORE that we need ARRESTS! Because EVERY DAY those who get away with treason and corruption become more bold in their actions and do more harm! Not only censor they free speech from their opponents. They are starting to erect kangaroo courts and sue innocent people! They do even impeach a past president!

    Regarding the Capitol “riots”. Well, if that would’ve been patriots, all the inmates of CONgress would now hang from trees on the WH lawn. So those actions were staged. Very simple for the traitors to do the false flag coup: “If the Americans won’t riot, we’ll do it for them and blame it on them!” That’s what happened – if you believe otherwise, convince me! Maybe there were a few poor guys who went in there after the doors were opened and got caught, but those were not the people who broke into the buildings – I am very sure about that! Why? Because one just has to follow historical events. It ALWAYS works like that!

    I can understand that you, Patrick, has now the objection to correct the election fraud. But that is just one part of the puzzle. Important, yes. But not the most important. The most important part is to get rid of all the talk and no action. Because that is what brought us to this point in the first place! WWII wouldn’t have been won without “violence”! We wouldn’t celebrate the 4th of July if there hadn’t been “violence” earlier!

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    What we actually need is MIL tribunals to get ARRESTS of the deep staters! Yesterday would be better than today and today would be better than tomorrow! Even with the understanding it won’t be perfect. But some well known actors need a one-way ticket to Gitmo. Why? Because if we won’t do that, they will do it with us – the American middle class! Maybe not as obvious, but over the long term for sure. A “poisoned” vaccine here. A little help with a “heart attack” there. Destroying small businesses was apparently done already last year. It all looks like what they did for 30+ years in Eastern Europe just some decades ago!

    So, regarding the future with an outcome on a scale of tyranny 1 .. 10 liberty, I’d rather live somewhere around 7 or so than 3 – even if that means taking the risks if those risks can be controlled for the most part!

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    What we don’t want is unfair practice of violence or just destruction of American liberty. But we need FORCE to support and make the American constitution shine again! By first and foremost ACTION, not empty talk to distract from the key issues!

    Yes, optics are important. But the TRUTH is far more important than optics! Back to CONgress, suddenly they care about life, insurrection and overthrowing a government? Did they care about the life, insurrection and overthrowing a government when the riots were going on in the “summer of love”? Nope! Frankly, I couldn’t care less if somebody would nuke DC tomorrow. Sad, right? Yep, but that’s because the deep state made it so! I think if somebody would nuke DC tomorrow, we would get rid of at least 75% of the bad actors there! Now, I am apparently not a war strategist. So, please read that with a bucket of salt. I just know one thing: No arrests, no fixing of the root issues!

    1. Your frustrations are shared by many. What we need is leaders and plan to do that. A plan that can challenge the Deep State directly, in a physical way.

      1. Yep, agree. The key is the DOJ. Apparently compromised. We do have all the evidence. What we now need is an apparatus which does the job the DOJ is not doing. If that’s MIL tribunals or militia tribunals – I don’t know. But it needs to be done!

        CONgress is as useless as a cockroach infestation in the kitchen.

        Just to add in general, blaming Q or Trump or Rudy doesn’t help. They are not responsible for the mess in the first place. We need a WARRIOR at the helm, a simple plan for arrests and some action. That’s it. Can’t be that hard, right? It’s all out there in the open. And all y’all stop wearing silly diapers. Instead read a book about hazmat suits with pinholes in virus labs to learn how stupid face masks are! LOL 🙂

    2. From one old guy to another (I suspect I’m actually OLDER), I salute you, fellow American! Your words came from the heart, not the fingers. I agree with every syllable. Even though I likely only have a couple more decades of life left, I’d be more willing to have it end prematurely than live it as a servant.

      1. @MrLanders, salutation back, Sir! You absolutely got it!


        Bureaucrat chit chat. How many investigations did we have regarding all the wrongdoing in the last decade and how much of it was resolved? There’s even a sentence in there that Kemp is not a target of investigation. I speak German perfectly, so I say: Eine Krähe hackt der anderen kein Auge aus. You may use a translator to check what that means. 😉

        What we need is solutions. We have an oversupply of investigations and an undersupply of solutions. The Glozis have in opposite an oversupply of solutions for them and an undersupply of investigations. Because they do not investigate. They lie and project and do whatever works for them.

        I know somebody old school who worked in and for the JPL. I know how those bureaucrats think. They do NOT think like:

        “Oh, we can only do this or that and we cannot be violent.”

        They think like:

        “What can be done to reach our goal? NOTHING is off the table!”

        That includes white and black hats.

        Our federal and many state governments are too big. It can’t do what it’s supposed to do and it does what it is not supposed to do. That’s the problem. We need solutions, first and foremost the evil hats need to face some music SOON! Or it’s over until it will be so bad that everybody is starving to death or faces unimaginable misery otherwise. The absolute evil USSR lasted for 30+ years. Islam, which is as much as evil if not more exists since 14 centuries. I hope and pray I am wrong regarding the future here in the US, but I fear I am right.

        If you have cockroaches in the kitchen, you don’t start thinking how to get rid of them without harming them. You get rid of them ASAP! Of course you don’t kill the pets and family members, but you go after them without thinking about “optics”. If you have ants in the kitchen, you kill the queens! The rest follows. If the queens die, the ants die as well.

        Why are evil puppet players like Soros and Gates still at large?

        cultstate dot com may explain some of it.

  125. As I keep mulling over all this , there are still a lot of things that don’t make sense to me. DJT signed the EO in 2018 that gave him special powers in the event of foreign interference in our election. What were his intentions when he signed it and why did he fail to use it? What was the alleged seizure of a server in Frankfurt all about? What about the Solar Winds raid in Texas ? Why did DJT retweet a post by Lin Wood that stated Kemp and Raffensperger were going to jail soon? What was Giuliani talking about on his Christmas podcast where he said incredible evidence would be coming out in the next week or so and it would be so shocking many would have a hard time believing and it would come out all at once? Nothing new ever came out……Why would DJT reorg the special forces and put them under Chris Miller at the very end of his last term and why would Mr. Barr resign with only a month left to go? So many loose ends

  126. I DO NOT CONCEDE… .That is what Patrick is asking us to do. We need a secure place for Patriots to rally and coordinate and carry the banner forward.

  127. Patrick, your assertion that Biden was elected is absurd. He was INSTALLED by Red China and their Deep State proxies here at home. He didn’t go through the process. Illegality is not part of the process. An equivalency is calling illegals immigrants once they set foot on our soil. Without going through the process, they are invaders. The same can be said for Biden who illegally is occupying the Oval Office because he failed to go through the process.

  128. Biden was not elected. He was INSTALLED by Red China with the aid of their proxies here at home. He did not go through a legal process anymore than an illegal who without going through the immigration process manages to set foot on our soil while calling himself an “immigrant” instead of the correct term “invader”. Biden is illegally occupying the Oval Office that rightfully belongs to President Trump.

  129. Your ego may tell you that President Trump thought enough of your potential contribution to allow you a peek inside his inner sanctum, but it is obvious from your ill-informed report that he is way too intelligent to have ever allowed you to see the true inside. You were blindfolded and given a chance to feel the elephant’s leg and from there proceeded to tell everyone that what you felt was a tree stump. Not even close. You haven’t the most remote clue as to what’s really going on, so all I can say is… I hope you like surprises and I hope you enjoy eating crow. The landscape is littered with the pathetic remains of little men with little minds who underestimated Donald J. Trump by imagining that they new better.

  130. We deserve an explanation and the fact that Trump has been so silent is very strange. He must know his supporters have been left feeling lost and angry. I will be holding out hope this election will be overturned and he will be back in the Oval Office where he belongs. A few cases might be heard by the Supreme Court. They have gotten a step closer to making that happen. Anyone who cannot see it was stolen must have a deep seeded hatred for this country.

    1. Madison,
      I think Mr. Trump has to stay quiet until the “impeachment” (ha ! – what a hoax) is formally over and the “Senators” have voted 🙂

      These are strange times, but there is no point in him speaking now. I think he will most certainly become more visible after the “trial” is over….

      1. I agree with this. I think he also has to wait until this sham is over with, one way or another, so that he cannot be accused of obstructing “justice.” It’s not like facts matter to democrats and to the left, but I think he has to do that at least for the sake of honest people.

  131. And yet again, there’s no hill to die on.
    2022 is obviously lost already (20+ million immigrants). MASSIVE waste of effort, though DJT clan might make bank.
    The precept of “non-violence” is ultimate loser-ism. (Stokely Carmichael).
    Even after 4 years of DJT hemming, never was there a better chance to take back the country, and willingness.
    But the MSM convinced whomever that a “violent” solution wouldn’t be legit. Psyop here, psyop there.
    So enjoy your gulags. Today’s two-tiered justice will seem benign. Unless you give up your right to opine (like many).
    I’m out of USA, for good.
    Unfortunately I expect your capitulation of freedom to infect the world, quite negatively so.

  132. Trump could have done it just like they did in Myanmar recently–military coup in response to voter fraud. However he has too much to lose to risk it all (Family and businesses), and I believe he was threatened by the deep state. So who is running the government now? The same people as before. Same actors, different act. The deep state is too entrenched to remove. The senators and representatives all have their little thing going–and getting their cut.

  133. Thank you for writing this series Patrick. I enjoy reading your story.

    With that being said, I am not losing hope. Trump is not done. There is more to this story than most people know. God wins every time. God is in control. There is an evil force that is running the world and through the grace of God I believe we will come out on the other side winners.

    #wwg1wga #savethechildren #patriotsdontquit #godisincontrol #Trumpismypresident #Jesusismysavior

    1. It seems to me we have 2 enemies, with some aligned interests, but in the end, with significantly different goals. Yes, the Chinese have taken the long road to subverting and taking over the USA. However, the globalists also have taken the long road of subverting and taking over the USA. To date, both have had very good success, and no conflict has arisen, but in the end game, China wants China to be #1, to some degree ruling the world, and the globalists want only a small number of elitists ruling the world, and not the Chinese. If it gets that far, they will have to battle it out, overtly or covertly. However, I do suspect there is a long term plan by some in the military and intelligence, to counteract both forces. I began reading Q with a huge dose of skepticism, as I always do. I counted along the way at least 17 times(Coincidence, could well be more) when things were predicted and passed, and the author had to have inside foreknowledge. It was not entirely a ruse, it is not possible. It is possible Q failed, or was an insider but also a cruel prankster, but I doubt that. If Patrick wants I will provide all those proofs to him. On the other hand, I do not believe Biden is a clone or in a studio, or anything outlandish. Instead, I think the military intel did know the election would be stolen, as Q said many times. They did nothing to stop it, as they need to let Americans see their enemy to the full extent, to suffer greatly, and to come to accept hard truths. I do think the military/NSA etc allowed DJT to be elected in 2016 by stopping the cheating for HRC. That was why she was so shocked and upset. How could she lose a rigged election?! I do not think DJT will go back to the white house. The purpose of DJT was to wake Americans up, and also to put some key people in place(e.g. Durham), and change a few key things to allow later steps to be taken. When the time is right, I think the Globalist Cabal will be taken down, and likely with China helping, as they are a common enemy. DJT will not come back, but America will have learned the lesson, and will only elect at that point relatively honest leaders who intend to represent Americans, and try to improve their lot. How exactly this plays out and when I do not know, but I think it is in the works.

      1. I do agree, this is very likely scenario.
        Apart from probably one difference. It is going to be the “against-China” team that will (try to) take over. Either globalists (if Trump was part of their game) or White Hats (if globalists want to create one world government with China).
        It is much more likely that military will step up against foreign adversary than with foreign power against domestic one.

        1. Once the currently ongoing dumbing down of the military under the Joe Puppet is done, America will never will another war. Military will be used for the genocide of anti-Communists.

  134. Thank you again for this – again. You are starting to feel like a friend.
    I think are that that evil might be a better word than cynical (re: leaders who shut down their states for political gain). It seems pretty obvious they did. 😞
    What I haven’t understood is how/why the left leaders media and tech are going along with this Chinese coup. Are they bought, stupid, brainwashed, blackmailed, threatened? Can you write about this.
    How can we have safe elections with compromised machines? Can you make suggestions to improve election integrity going forward?
    Won’t they be part of the 90%? So many questions.
    You and the Bad News Bears are my heroes.

  135. I tried really hard to get people interested in cleaning voter rolls and being poll watchers in PA. However, if poll watchers can be denied access, if the votes can go to adjudication with no oversight, if machines can be accessed through the internet, if chain of custody is broken, what difference does it make? You can’t even get in to do a forensic examination or do a signature verification and Shiva can’t even get ballot images. And ballots are turned over to be turned into pellets. The Republicans are content to not fight and not care and be a bygone of a former age. It looks hopeless and will take a miracle.

  136. It’s important not to get the lesson of Sweden wrong. It’s true that their second wave didn’t greatly exceed their first wave, but that’s partly because their first wave was much larger than seen in neighbouring countries (which the WHO graphics didn’t show), so they are still way ahead of Germany, Denmark and Norway, and a a little bit ahead of France in total deaths per million, and like almost every country, far below the numbers seen in the US and UK. And the better performance than the US might be due to better population adherence to voluntary guidelines, than seen in the US where there was a lot of anti-mask, anti-lockdown activism.

    Also Sweden’s death rate has dropped, but not to zero. That’s an artifact of them reporting deaths to WHO 2-3 days late. Sort of like the delayed settlement of shorted securities. So the number it is still low and dropping, but is not zero.

    It certainly might turn out eventually that Sweden did the right thing, but the jury is still out.

    COVID-19 Deaths per million as of Feb 10, 2021
    UK 1700
    US 1420
    Sweden 1185
    France 1181
    Canada 556
    Russia 528
    Denmark 385
    Norway 109

    I was quite interested in the fairly low COVID death numbers reported in Russia. It might be that they under report, it might be that the disease didn’t spread as effectively in their vast low density areas, and it might be that their elderly people don’t live as long, and thus don’t count for as big a chunk of the deaths as seen in more Western Countries.

    As for hydroxychloroquine, I can’t find any information on who runs the website and whether that review article is peer reviewed and the metanalyses done rigorously, so I think I will wait to see more information before I risk my eyesight or cardiac health on a potentially useless and toxic choice.

    1. RoberG,

      HCQ works! and is proven to knock out COVID in around 48 hours or less, say many of our patients who had full-blown COVID. Let me know if you need some. It is inexpensive and available. Additionally, I have conclusive peer-reviewed studies by front liners and clinicians.

      1. Thanks, I on’t need any and have access to published studies. I would like to know who created the web meta-analysis and if it has been or will be submitted to review.

    2. Fake numbers…
      In USA if you die from getting shot but have COVID, it’s a COVID death.
      Stop buying into it. I’ve had it, my elderly mom has had it, and I’d rather COVID ten times over the flu.

  137. Wow Patrick – I can not thank you enough for this. You are one of the people through this election nightmare that I have enjoyed reading and learning from. With the loss of traditional media, it’s very difficult to get real news that legit. More often it’s alt-right or alt-left and nothing respectable and trustworthy in between – there are a few bright spots, but not enough. People have been asking me (I’m a newshound) “when” the military is coming to rescue us in March, and that they are really in charge now, we just don’t know it. I’m not sure the “red pill” will work on these folks, but I’m trying to convey to them what you and General Flynn are recommending and saying. There are no rescues coming to save us but ourselves. This is when we pick ourselves up and we do exactly what you and Flynn recommend. This is the movement that can not be halted or stopped if we all participate…JOIN OR DIE! I’ve even started with our little Ward 1 city council race, with a candidate who is moral and ethical and I’m working hard to see that he wins. I’m donating my $$$ and time, and when it’s all said and done, I will be attending city council meetings to make sure that the Antifa-wannabes don’t take over our city government. After that, our state conservatives are looking at our Senators to get some really strong leadership there. No more mamby-pamby stuff – this is serious and we need seriously, ethical, strong people to represent us. Thank you for your honesty, forthrightness, and courage and hopefully, you won’t get deep-sixed with your last comments! And finally I’m forwarding this to all the smart people I know!

  138. Got here via Instapundit (i.e. “The BlogFather”).
    Wow. That was quite a read, and I’m going to be digesting it for a bit.
    Chapter 6 certainly gives us some things to do… and, to watch for.

    Mike Y

  139. I think Patrick is too smart to show all his cards. I’m pretty sure he knows that not much of what he wrote in Chapter 6 is completely accurate. A little psy-op of his own until this plays out. If Q is all nonsense, not only has the Trump family been playing along, but so are the military and a number of his close circle (e.g. Pompeo, Ratcliffe, Hyten, and most of all…Gen. Flynn. He has his own line of t-shirts on a Q-dominated site. Something tells me that “The People’s General” wouldn’t be standing in his backyard pledging the QAnon oath with friends and family and selling t-shirts for them if he didn’t want his “digital warriors” to keep hope. Enjoy the show.