A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie)

On the morning of January 6 a stranger approached me and told me he was a militia member. He spoke of a concept with which I was unfamiliar, “The 3%”, and said it was a reference to the fraction of the population who fought and won our Revolution. The stranger told me there were tens of thousands of them around the county in communications on the dark web, armed and ready. He told me something that blew my mind: they know who I am, and are willing to do whatever I tell them needs to be done. I just need to give the word.

Then and now I found that statement so hard to absorb it was difficult to respond. All I could think to tell him was that if they were willing to do what I said, then to spread the word that what I said was, “DO NOT GO VIOLENT. WE ARE PEACEFUL, WE ARE BETTER THAN THE OTHER SIDE, AND IF WE GO VIOLENT WE LOSE.”

January 6 played out as it did. As things are building towards a crescendo at the moment, it is time I give a more reasoned response.  I ask that any militia and patriotic Americans who read this essay to please retransmit it far and wide, on Twitter, on DarkWeb, on morse code, on African drums, on whatever means you use, in the next 24 hours.


A few years ago I found myself in Moldova, in Eastern Europe. Conversing with a barman one evening in Chisinau, he told me of their 2009 elections. They had been rigged, and a communist, pro-Russian party had “won” the rigged election. Crowds formed around towns and cities in Moldova to protest.

Hundreds of men started drifting into Chisinau (the capital) on buses, trains, and foot, nondescript men who took up lodging in hostels and shelters and camps at the outskirts of towns. The barman said, “We knew they were Russians, sent by Putin.” As the street protests grew, these men would infiltrate the crowds and then start working them, both following along but nudging the crowds, trying to turn the crowds violent, getting them not just to protest in front of government buildings, but riling them up, getting them to charge, to break windows, to storm government buildings.”

He told me that the Moldovans had caught on, and resisted letting themselves be turned into violent crowds. Why? “Because we had the mass of Moldovans behind us. But if we had stormed government buildings, if we had attacked police or broken government windows, the middle class would have deserted us. We were fighting for their support, and we knew they were watching and trying to figure out whether or not to back us. But the middle class will never back the side that they see as violent, the ones who are going to disrupt things and start the civil war that they fear more than anything.” Patriotic Moldovans had spread the word to stay disciplined, and while there were isolated instances of breaking of government windows, by and large the Moldovans had resisted letting these men lead them in that direction. As a result the Moldovan general population stayed backing them, and they won. A new election was run, this time cleanly, the communist, pro-Russian side got trounced, and Moldova preserved its independence from Russian hegemony.

The French have a term for such infiltrators: agents provocateurs.  “Provoking agents”. It is a long-term technique of secret police, tracing back at least to the days of the Ohkranka (the secret police of the Russian Czar). Instead of trying to defeat a mass of protesters with violence, one defeats the protestors by salting them with these secret agents, agents provocateurs, who provoke the crowds of protestors into doing things that will lose support of the middle classes.

In the days and weeks leading up to January 6 I warned crowds on numerous occasions not to turn violent. I told them that we should not do so because first, “We’re better than that, we are better than the goons who have been burning cop cars and police stations for 9 months, and we are going to show it to America.” But second, I told people, “We lose if we turn violent. It is the one thing we can do that will ensure that we lose.”

Perhaps I should have given this history lesson to explain my reasoning. In any case, it looks to me like the terrible events of January 6 at the US Capitol were to a substantial degree a playing out of just such a plan on the part of the Goon Left. Every day  brings more evidence of this possibility (cf. “EXTRAORDINARY: Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan To Turn Trump Rally Into Violent Riot,” National Pulse, January 15). Yes it is sinister of them to have done that, but it was weak and undisciplined for those of the pro-Constitution side to let themselves be led to storm the Capitol as they were.

In the next few days there is going to be ample opportunity to remember this lesson. Patriots around America are forming and congregating at state capitols. I want you to remember that the true purpose of the mission is to win (and keep won) the hearts and minds of that vast bulk of the citizenry for whom we are fighting to preserve our way of life as a constitutional republic, and not being taken over by the Goon-Left. Tempting as it may be to squash the latte-boys like bugs, I urge my fellow patriotic Americans to resist that urge, and to remember what the ultimate goal is: we are to keep the American middle on our side. This is all about narratives. I know that in any of these stand-offs that are about to occur, you could crush the other side in a New York minute if you wanted to. And satisfying as that might be to do to the latte-boys, if the result is endless TV news-cycles of “militias composed of bullies with American flags beating up harmless Americans,” we will have lost. And Nancy Pelosi will have won.

So the goal at all times must be for our side to keep the moral high ground. The 1st Amendment covers us too, we get the right to peaceably assemble too, but unlike the Goon-Left we do so in a disciplined, controlled, non-mob-like way. The other side will try to provoke us, but we are like Shaolin monks: We “walk on past the barking dogs”, as Master Kim, my martial arts master, told me so many decades ago.  “When a dog barks at you, you don’t feel a need to bark back at it, or to run over and kick the dog: you walk past the barking dog.” Similarly, in the days, weeks, and months ahead as we constitutionally-oriented Americans publicly make our positions known, we do not get in screaming matches with the Goon-Left, we do not let our tempers rise.  We let them bark all they want while we maintain our discipline, poise, and calmness. That is how we show the American people who we are, and who the Goons really are. It is how we win.

Of course, if and only if the dogs actually attack, not just bark but attack,  at that point you have the right of all free men and women to defend yourselves, with whatever minimum of force lets you resolve the situation safely. Just remember, however, the Goons think they win if they can make you be violent in front of the TV cameras. And they are right, they will win….. unless you have shown such a preponderance of control that no reasonable observer could question that they were the aggressors, and you were exercising your right to self-defence.


Let me address what happens after Tuesday. I remain hopeful that some stroke of luck, some intervention of the Gods, prevents us ever really having to deal with an Imposter President name Joe Biden. But for the moment, let us consider the possibility that this is what happens.

If it does, Nancy Pelosi is going to be praying for you good patriotic Americans to be violent. Because no matter the blind eye she has turned to nine months of political violence from the Left, she will decry anything you pro-Constitutionalists do as “extremism”, and she will seek to bring the forces of law enforcement at local, state, and federal levels against you. The Left will have the situation of which they always dreamed: all the forces of the government will be brought down on any movement put together by pro-freedom, pro-Constitution Americans. Gun seizures, internment camps…

If that unfortunate day arrives, there is actually a beautiful solution. We are not going to fall into their trap by going violent. Instead, we are going to get shirts, signs, and buttons that simply say, “Not My President” and “No Justice No Peace”.  Just like we have seen them wear for four years. We are going to exercise our Constitutional right to wear such buttons publicly, in restaurants and airports and in parades of our own. It will be far more effective than armed parades, because they strip Nancy of her “extremism” argument. Yet in their own way such statements will be more intolerable to the Left than anything else we can do.  If we get violent they will be able to handle it (and win) with overwhelming response on their own (once they own the State). But a simple parade of people with signs that say, “Not My President” and “No Justice No Peace” will blow mental fuses for them. What are they going to do, say statements that they have made for four years, are themselves now extremist? No courts will support that. On the other hand, they will not be able to turn a blind eye to such statements, as a key part of their plan is normalizing the new world they have invented, and a public display from large amounts of citizens that we do not buy into that new world will be something to which they simply cannot turn a blind eye. It will put them in the position of having to be the aggressors, the ones who have to look unquestionably goon-like before the people. It will force them unequivocally into the role of the aggressor. And that is how they will lose whatever support of the people they have been able to muster .

But I get ahead of myself. I still have great hope that something extraordinary is going to happen this week. I do not know what it is, but my faith is there, for in moments like this I take comfort in an observation from that old wise man of Prussia:

“God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

– Otto von Bismarck


Patrick M. Byrne, PhD

    1. There were dogs in Tulum that bark at tourists ridding bikes, praying for cannot save you from their bites, would not tolerate them, I am on rollerlablades, when confronted I charged and kicked one in the head, ever after, they would bark and see me coming and run for their lives… Stop hidding, eventually, enough is enough, pick a fight you can win and work your way up the food cain!

    2. The Miracle didn’t happen. The military was the last hope for the country and they bent the knee. We should all be appalled the swamp not only won, but privatized our elections. Peaceful protests will not undo Dominion and the corruption. In order to fix that problem the military will need to restore the constitution. I disagree with Patricks view in the sense that peaceful protests will prevail. Where the US goes the world follows. This is not just happening here, it is planetary. This is good vs evil.

      I would love to say that this fight is strictly political. It isn’t. Every institution in our society has been infiltrated by communism. You can’t unwind that with talk and pins. It requires people with guns, trials and executions. These people are not just communists, they are also human traffickers, drug lords and blackmailers. We can’t just protest our way out of this mess. Keep that in mind as the swamp changes the constitution.

  1. Thank you for this. I agree 💯. I grew up in martial arts. My family owns a school that was inducted into the US and World martial arts hall of fame. I have been using every ounce of my moral fiber to remind myself of our tenants. Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit. I have to chant it like a mantra some days. But with God all things are possible right?

  2. Fantastic read, Patrick! Thank you for your patriotism and your constant reminders to hold the high ground! May God bless our country with a constitution-saving miracle this week! 🙏

    1. dude, what are you doing here if you go on twitter. we all MUST LEAVE TWITTER/FACEBOOK/ETC immediately. stop. going. there. and they will go bankrupt. the millions of international users is not where the money is. it’s us. the millions of trump voters.

  3. Thank you for the sound advice and words of reason! I haven’t heard of any legitimate protests anywhere. In fact, my Twitter feed constantly says there are no protests anywhere in the US organized by any republican or Trump supporter. They warn NOT to attend any protests, because it’s a set up by the goon leftists. They also show the flyers of the purported protests. After what happened at the Capitol, I would recommend that no one attend any protests. Patriots were infiltrated at the Capitol. BLM, Antifa & other agitator groups ARE planning protests. Stay as far away from them as possible!

    Thank you for the slice of hope at the end! I’m praying for President Trump to do something to stop the Totalitarian communists from taking over. I just can’t imagine that he would feed us to the wolves. Even if he HAD originally planned to do nothing, I would think that after everything that happened January 6th forward, that he couldn’t possibly allow it to continue. He can’t just stand by and watch America transform into Chinamerica!

    Thank you, Patrick, for being the voice of hope and reason! We all greatly appreciate all that you have done to help save us! America will forever be grateful for your true Patriotism and belief in The Constitution! I continue to pray for your health and safety. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Patrick, I love your insightful essay, thank you for taking the time. Cool heads will prevail, but there is the terrible perpincity for a few to make bad moves, or for agent provocateurs. I believe the need for strategic leadership is underscored here.

  5. Patrick,

    There are hotheads and jerks on both sides. I think I read that Soros funded both the left and right extremists because his goal is chaos. President Trump stated in his last video that true Trump supporters don’t get violent, which is why the protests this weekend fizzled out.

    My father was in the Air Force so the military doesn’t scare me. A military junta would be preferable to Beijing Biden and Kameltoe Harris. I feel calm about what will happen. The President will be taken to a safe place while the military handles the dirty work. Patriots are in control.

    Don’t fret, Patrick, or you might have a relapse. There is nothing you can do. Watch the Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera. Laughter is the best medicine!

    1. Please try and have respect for people and don’t resort to name calling, regardless of how you feel about them. Name calling is the cousin of violence which is what this essay strongly recommends against. Be the bigger person.

      1. agree. also sounds kind of silly when adults call Kamala/Biden those names. as much as i dont like them both, kamala has a style that needs to be copied in terms of irritating the left – and patrick kind of said it already LAUGH at their ignorance!



        1. Stupid people. You laid down for the left. You had one chance to take back your country and its over. Your rights are now gone. Lockdown coming back and economy destroyed. When will you ever fight back, as you are being led off for execution?Stop listening to Trump. He was a swindler and he played you all into the hands of a Biden dictatorship. Stupid fools.

  6. Run for office Patrick! We need more business men! People who have the skill set of knowledge of checks and balances. Look to 2022, if we can last that long as a Nation without a Constitution and rule of law. Fasten your seatbelt folks, it will be a rough ride!

    1. we need to first ensure that elections are fair. then… we will elect patrick to whatever. we need libertarians to be bold and strong AGAIN.

  7. The 3% movement is quite known in many circles, for instance some baseball player had a “III%” tattoo that causes a minor ruckus this last year I think. Whether there are 100s of thousands on the Dark Web is likely exaggerated, but certainly it’s a nontrivial amount.

    As for the rest of the post, it simply doesn’t matter what occurs after Biden is inaugurated. Media control and propaganda suffices to control the narrative (see, for instance, the 2020 election), so there will be no “mind blowing” apparent. Anything and everything will be done, anyone and everyone will be blamed (see any number of 20th century regimes), regardless of facts. Patriots would do best simply to leave the US (though the time to “flee” is perhaps not arrived yet). 2022 and beyond is a no-hoper, Biden already says amnesty, and the final number will likely be 20-25 million, about 80% Dem votes. Also, unlike previous rigged elections (1876, 1888, 1960), rather than a popular tone for reform, it seems like Dems are intent on permanentizing the fraud.

    On the “positive” side, debt will soon kill the US just like with other empires. I had thought the timeline was closer to 10-15 years (after the 2010s delaying tactics, at no small cost in other places), but most likely by 2025 IMO. Maybe we will be “lucky” and the demise will come quickly rather than declining slowly. Probably China controls the time and method by now (a decade ago already there were articles saying how fast US would collapse if China backed its currency by gold – of course it’s a two-way street to engage such a decision, but soon there will be little left for them to scavenge here anyway). In any event, von Bismarck’s quotation is much passed its use-by date.

  8. You’re lying. Russians don’t have such a thing. Only Americans do it. Russians don’t give a damn about Moldova. You are a liar.

    1. they also dont care about ukrainians, do they? the military industrial complex doesnt exist in russia. only in the capitalist bad very bad amerikkka? putin waants peace. russians care about their citizens and the bad bad bad usa doesnt…

      are you pro-putin russian living in russia who never set a foot outside of your russian city (and so never saw the rural poverty)?

      one thing though. i wish our president were bold like putin and did what is right to expose the election fraud. i think putin’s policies suck big time. corruption is RAMPANT. but on a personal level, i like putin. he seems like he is a fun guy. a smart hard worker. he is very bad for russian people, however.

      … now back to wishing trump were brutal like putin….

      1. Putin and Co sold out to globalists, guess where do they store their hard stolen money. You think America got deindustrialized? Just look at real hard data about what happened in former Soviet republics. The beef globalists have with Russia is that Putin keeps more money to himself from robbing his country than globalists fancy. But in nature they are the same.

        1. “Putin and Co sold out to globalists, guess where do they store their hard stolen money”
          swiss banks

          “The beef globalists have with Russia is that Putin keeps more money to himself ” in swiss banks

          “But in nature they are the same” yes in principle they all function by making laws that favor their income and kill off the competition

  9. Patrick, I stumbled upon you in 2016 and, after watching your talks, wrote these words to you back then:

    “You are more aware than I am of the fact that throughout history, there are those people whose timing and message are so profound and relevant that their existence changes the world. As I was watching you speak, that is exactly what I sensed, Patrick, that this life has chosen you and groomed you for a vital task, and that your time has come.”

    Five years later, I am not the least bit surprised that the American People are now calling you a patriot and a hero, and looking to you for wisdom and direction. How fortunate for us that you are here and up to the task!

    It would appear that God does indeed have a special providence for the United States of America. 🇺🇸

    1. Patrick mentioned “the God’s” in his opening, I just want to say there is only one GOD Almighty, and HE is the ONE and only creator. Amem

      1. THANK YOU for saying this! That line bothers me greatly as well.

        PATRICK, not to be preachy here, but you must recognize and accept the ONE TRUE GOD, the Creator who sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for us..yes THAT God..
        You’ve maybe heard this a few hundred times only because it’s the truth. Seek Him and He will make Himself known to you, ask Him into your life and you will have the.power of all powers backing you in your endeavors. against the evil that is taking over our beautiful America.

  10. If that unfortunate day arrives, we’ll need a strategy to call out the agents provocateurs. I hope we never get there.

    1. you cant do that. when a million people gather … all you can do is have bouncers who catch and take care of those that try that kind of stuff @ the perimeter of the gathering… but then you would need a lof of them

  11. Patrick,

    You are definitely the only voice of reason that seems to be left. You are definitely more optimistic than I am, and I do hope it’s something that you know and that I don’t. I feel like Trump has failed the cause, even though I find it hard to believe that the man who has been saying the same thing for the past 40 years would suddenly change… I do hope he does something becuase …. what does HE have to lose? He will be a pariah anyway… And can he really guarrantee that he will be arrested by the goons? The way they brazenly kicked out all poll watchers and refused any recocunt… seriouslly…

    Either way, my greatest concern is that dominion will be deciding who we vote for in 2 and 4 years… so how do we proceed,

    Have a good week.


    1. Oh, ye of little faith. Read your own sentence: “I find it hard to believe that the man who has been saying the same thing for the past 40 years would suddenly change.”

      Just because YOU don’t know what he’s doing doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything. The Left wanted Trump off Twitter but now his silence terrifies them. The calm before the storm. Why tell the enemy your plans? Think logically. Be patient.

      Start watching RedPill78 and X22Report.

      1. pam, i pray that you are right. i would love to be wrong.

        my faith is strong, but i dont trust politicians. logical thinking tells me trump should have acted in november. silence terrifies left? THEY ARE LAUGHING! They are walking the streets of NYC in ammunition. Calm before the storm? Where is the calm part? The brazen stealing of ballots? Be patient? Well, as i said. i am not the militant type. but i get a feeling that on Jan 20 things are not going to get better.

        i would prefer to be proven wrong though. i pray you are right

        1. My friend, Jesus has promised His followers before his second coming only one thing: persecution.

          And His coming, according to the Bible is going to be totally unsuspected, not something that any intel agent with access to any confidential or classified information can have access to.

          There is only one authority and only one who knows when He is going to come. And that’s Him.

          The worldly semi-biblical plan that Q claims some people are executing behind the scenes for doing the things that Jesus is supposed to be doing, is a mocking forgery of the biblical teachings by the very commies who mean to enslave you:

          “We told you and we say it again: if anyone of us or even an angel from the heavens preaches a gospel to you contrary to what we have taught you, let them be accursed”

          And I think this applies perfectly to the Q psychological operation which is impersonating the authority of God and promises you things that only God can have the knowledge or the authority over.

          Haven’t you noticed that Q prophesies almost never come true?

          That’s because Q is not a prophet. And I am sure this is just one of the many anti-biblical things you can notice about it.

          “Test the spirits,” my friend.

          The plan Q is talking about and the only worldly plan that the smug ruling elites and the intel community are colluding to execute is a Marxist takeover of your God given lives and liberties. The persecution of the followers of the Word as Jesus has promised you.

          The reason that they want you to “trust the plan” is that they want you to be passive about it, not think for yourself, and not do anything substantial to organise and oppose it.

          They know they cannot control the conservatives through the MSM, so they instead have created this Q psychological operation to get the conservatives to “trust” their Marxist “plans” as it unfolds and gets executed in front of your eyes.

      2. just watched a segment on x22. it says we are winning? 2 things that make sense and one that is crazy unreal. MSM is no different….

        while the antifa is breaking the windows and silencing any dissent? we are winning? wow

        wake up and smell the humus.

        BUT deep inside i pray you are right and trump has the mettle to act, not just talk.

    1. i too dont know if patrick is right on this one. while i will not go out with a gun, i will support those that do for the cause of honest elections. in fact, i dont know what trump can say now… i just dont buy the “bad advice” argument… trump is very well read. if he didnt fire cippolone, he didnt want to fire him. it’s not about loyalty. it’s about somehing else because trump is definitely smart.

      it’s all just so frustrating. i dont know what to read anymore becuase patrick’s postings are the only ones that make sense. all others want you to believe trump will fight for the constitution @ the last moment. and i see zero logic in waiting to do that. courts are compromised. goon left is emboldened to do whatever. a colleague recently put up “she/her/hers” behind her name. wtf

        1. indians dont have a 2nd ammendment

          a large segment of our population has a gun @ home. indians believe in government being necessary. a large segment of our population thinks government is a necessary evil (which should be as small as possible

          indians respect authority. we believe we are all equal….

  12. Mostly agree, but what I find hard to believe that while Americans are aware of the hypocrisy of their media in their internal affairs and think it’s somehow different when external affairs are described. Imaging that everything mass media tells you about strong man Putin is an opposite of truth. With Putin in charge (since 2000) Russian sphere of influence only shrinks and yet media tells you otherwise and brainwashed people repeat the lie. I used to think America is bad because of it’s international policies. Now I think there are two Americas – one represents globalist control is despised, the other one that I start to fall in love with. I hope freedom and reason wins.

      1. It’s not over till it’s over. If Trump is right in his claims and is indeed about law and order – is it not his constitutional duty to get things fixed? Will he be complicit if he gives up? Just 2 days left to be sure.

        1. not complicit in losing for suree… but lacking courage nevertheless. i am not holding my breath… i am sure he wont do anything even though i wish he would

    1. antifa probably. all white, “We are BLM supporters”. and if you subtract the fake 6 state inner city votes, trump probably had at least 20 % of the blacks voting for him… very strange.

  13. The only job Patrick needs in our government, other than an outside presidential advisor, would be head of the SEC for a few years to usher in Block Chain.

    1. what’s the point of advising the president who speaks with both sides of his mouth. i am totally frustrated. when trump had both the house and senate, he didnt push through what he was supposed to. i refuse to believe that somehow president has no power. he has the power to hire and fire people. and if he hires a never-trumper… does he somehow expect miracles? wtf.

      the MAJORITY of the country voted for trump. he knew that. patrick, sidney, gen flynn share the info. why did he not act on that? he knows that romney was jeered en route to DC. that means he is TOTALLY up to date on even the minor things. and he still went along to support the 2 senators assuming a different outcome? wtf. does he not believe patrick? does patrick sound like a moron? “conspiracy theory” supporter? it’s not like he is a big time weirdo and a failure.. right?

      i am now tending to side with some (not all) Ann Coulter reviews of the president. he should have been more strict on immigration. the wall must have been completed by now. as milton friedman said, it’s either the wall or no welfare. it’s very sad that he had a potential to do so much and missed the opportunity.

      … also dont misundeerstand me guys. i voted for trump. i want him to remain. i am just being honest. it’s always the CEO who is to make the final decision. peace in the middle east is good, but what we need is peace @ home. why was antifa allowed to riot? do you think reagan would allow them to push it that far? stop, arrest, and if you lose the court case … well… make a big deal about it. the masses would still support you if you fight against blm/antifa. … digressing here. too much to say but i got to go.

  14. You’re a dreamer. That’s perfectly okay. Like Einstein said: Imagination is everything. You can look up the rest of the quote yourself.

  15. Well written essay except for the end. Trump needs to ensure Beijing Biden never gets in office. Any peaceful demonstrations would only be inflltrated by the imposters and would perform the heinous activities and the fake media would propagandize it. There is no winning, but for Trump to act.

    1. agree. we are not the types to be wearing “not my president” stickers. we just vote the right way. once machines are compromised, our votes mean nothing. our voices mean nothing. most of us will have no choice but to vote for the lesser of the 2 evils and even then… it will become like a lottery… did i guess the winner right…

      trump, if he doesnt act, … and i dont think he will… has FAILED us, failed the constitution. he got 2 more days. and i dont think he has anything planned. but he better not say anymore, “be strong”. none of us can really do too much. i am not in militia, for example. i am just a normal libertarian supporting peace and constitution. i voted and i am supposed to be. my state is one that matters. but somehow we lost.

      all i remember is telling my wife on the day of voting that it makes no sense that we identify ourselves, then get some credit card-sized cards to put into a voting machine. Why not have the machine read our driver’s licence instead? … whatever.

      1. Indeed, I perhaps agree with about half of what was written in this particular essay by Patrick. But my action on this matter must only come from God. Once / if I am ever positive that God is leading me down a path, I will make my way down that path (stumbling as I go) one way or another, and at all cost. I do agree that the 20th is not the day for the violent option, as it would be like walking into a trap. I’m not sure of when that day might come, but I certainly do not rule it out. But at the same time, I also don’t agree with the weak forms of protesting by wearing buttons or something like that. That’s so weak it’s almost laughable. Though I respect Patrick’s personal position on that. They will walk right over everything with blatant control of all power, just like they have been walking all over everything even without blatant control of all power. So this is really a tough spot. And if the courts and and all the traditional means of figuring out all this stuff are all compromised, then what other option do we have left? All I can personally come up with is wait for God. If he wants me to go down without a physical fight, and to only continue fighting spiritually (and there’s enough there to fully occupy me, to be sure) — then I’ll do it. But if I’m moved to go the alternative route, when the time comes, I’ll do that as well. Only thing that truly matters, in my opinion, is to be in alignment with God, so I must constantly check myself in the flesh. Because I fear I would turn into an absolute animal without God. Basically feels like the fight for our nation is in a state of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” state. Very sad. But there is hope in God alone.

    2. Try wearing anything remotely conveying something positive about Trump or a Right Leaning philosophy in my city and you at the very least be verbally acousted and at the worst physically assaulted

  16. I hope you are reading this. I pray to GOD you are better.. please do a real account on telegram. And write here that you have done it do we know it is you.. Check your account on Twitter it is back.. what do you think of the heavy foot of military in DC .. S.Powell said Trump didnt send them !!! keep us informed. Don’t stop writing or going live.

    1. while i am a trump supporter, i find it hard to believe that the commander in chief doesn’t have the right to send them back.

      1. Thank you for your reply, hope are you well .. I m praying that he is the one who is doing all this. too much conflicted reports from all the ppl. whom are connected and usually saying the right things
        .. Linnwood is saying Trump in control .. Sidney is saying otherwise.. Ppl. are in dark and it is not a good place. please keep writing and analyzing and publishing .. either ways we shouldn’t give up to this ..

        1. do you really believe that trump cant fire cipplone?

          i dont. he CHOSE not to fire him.

          i refuse to believe that he has no power. BS big time.

  17. https://www.coindesk.com/us-judge-u-turns-on-ruling-in-overstock-digital-dividend-lawsuit

    Seems they want to destroy everything you have ever done. Also there is a mistake in this article.

    “Patrick Byrne, Overstock’s CEO at the time and a defendant in the lawsuit, was famously anti-short sellers and reportedly first became interested in blockchain as a way to limit their actions.”

    Those the know, know you are not against short selling but naked short selling and the settlement process.. I think you should contact coindesk and make them retract

  18. also, just read sidney’s telegram saying twitter act like fascists. the embedded video doesnt play if you dont have the app and i dont want to waste even more time with downloading etc…

    we MUST stop whining! how difficult is it to understand? twitter is a private company. we can EASILY literally destroy twitter/facebook/you name it if we, … welll.. STOP READING TWITTER/delete the facebook account/and LEAVE. i have done it. will you? never go there.

    this is whaat trump had to do 2 year ago. never talk about fox. do interviews on OANN. make up a really easy to pass bill where no one would vote against to preserve their ass… and add section 230 there and yell bloody murder on a NON-twitter platform. even now, all trump has to do is to say, i will be on ..XYZ to get millions to sign up… and instead he chose never-trumpers for various positions. wtf

    1. I deleted twitter account before the purge out of protest. I ended my sustainer support for NPR when they refused to report on Hunter’s laptop. I canceled my Amazon account when they suspended parler.

      I am voting with my pocket book and my data.

      There is a very simple system that could create the backend for 100’s of social media and ecommerce sites to use and it would not be owned by big tech. It could not be taken down and it could not be censored and no central authority would have any control. A truly free system that anyone around the world could use. All of the functioning for this already exists and could easily put together in a few weeks with a couple of competent programmers.

      But no one wants to listen….

      1. can we talk in private? a libertarian here… i have seen your other posts. your link has no contact info…. i will check back occaionally

        most of these anonymous postings of the past hour is me decompressing after work… 😉 2 years ago i was telling my wife that trump will run into trouble becuase he is using Twitter and news media that are biaased and that he should focus his energy on immediately changing that and leaving twitter….


    that’s the way you fight best. money talks best. dont think what your contry can do for you. think what YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!! if all of us, like-minded people delte our accounts (already done) and never use facebook and twitter products (Square comes to mind, Jack!)… we win.

  20. “What are they going to do, say statements that they have made for four years, are themselves now extremist?”


    “No courts will support that.”

    Wrong again.

    1. agree. you ride a subway in NYC with a sticker? Get beaten up?

      You go to whole foods get beaten up? no thanks.

      i rarely disagree with patrick… but this one was totally wrong

      1. Well. i like the advice and got a t-shirt and pin and will wear them where I choose.

        If someone wishes to pick a fight with me, bring it. Fvck them.

        1. individual fighting will only result in us being rounded up. we shoud have response teams. fast response teams…. that have body cameras and rip off the masks off the antifa/blm supporters live on cameras.

          also, whenever they write BLM, our black supporters should paint it over and write USA and announce, like Candace, that BLM is a political party… not a movement to help black americans. only to enslave them…

        2. Well I can respect that. If violence is going to start, it is much better that it start THAT way, with them attacking you for wearing a pin that says, “Not My President”, than it is by you going out with an armed gang and swarming a courthouse. In other words, we draw the line in a safe and incontrovertible way, so that if violence starts, it is them, the goon-fascists, starting it over something clearly covered by the 1st Amendment. That way the American people know for sure with whom to side.

      2. I am done and in. I will wear a not my president and no justice no peace shirt as much as possible for 4 fvcking years. Be prepared if you decide to pick a fight.

        1. can you pls scroll down and look up the suggestion of honking our car horn each wed @ noon tomorrow followed by 5pm weekly. that’s 3 waves across the country actually 4 with AZ

  21. My Opinion on the Jan 6 “Insurrection”: Majority of the country voted Trump -> Mjority dont believe the media narrative

    We all know what happened. We all know it was a set up. This is how it should have been handled. There should have been a very short “It’s wrong to riot” statement.
    1. STATEMENT OF THE FACT: MOST PEOPLE SHEEPISHLY FOLLOWED THE INSTIGATORS INTO CAPITOL. say so. say so and say, that we dont care about that fact and that we will go after the .. instigaators! (helmet-wearing definitely non-Trump supporters)
    2. Who were the instigators?
    3. Who killed Ashlee Babbitt? Why did he pull the trigger? (The guy wore a bracelet and cuffs on his shirt. Does he look like a typical secret service guy? Def a pro to be able to hit the neck oh so precisely). BIG DEAL should have been made ABOUT THIS FACT. UNARMED VETERAL KILLED FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! Hand over the murderer and try in the court of law!!!!! (somehow strongly doubt that normal secret service guys would do that…)
    3. Who else were killed and how and why? DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. LAUGH @ those suggestions of “insurrection”
    7. PROVIDE HISTORY OF THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS when the left infiltrated capitol multiple times

    never let a serious crisis go waste… if we dont reclaim the truth we will fall prey to those pushing lies….

    they say insurrection… and we …. we should LAUGH… NOT APOLOGIZE.

    The reality is that peaceful protestors followed agitators/were invited into the capitol by security. WHY ARE WE APOLOGIZING? There are videos of it to prove it.

    It was no biggie. Except that those helmet weearing agents provocateurs should be all identified with photos publictly available as potential instigators for other mass protest.

  22. Deadheded: can we talk in private? a libertarian here… i have seen your other posts. your link has no contact info…. i will check back occasionally

  23. No, Patrick. It is now or never. The courts ARE corrupt enough to do exactly such crazy things. IF Biden were to actually get in power, we would HAVE to start a revolution, which means violence. It is our RIGHT to revolt and create a new government under these circumstances. Sometimes, we MUST fight.

  24. Good god, listen to you all, trying to deepen the divisions and weaken the US further. If Trump had all of the information that Patrick has made public, ie that the United States used an electoral system designed in Venezuela (seriously?) and that the system performed flips in the wee hours of the morning while no one was watching to push Biden ahead, then why the heck hasn’t he done anything with that information? He is the President and the Commander-in-Chief for heaven’s sake. Why does he just pout and stamp his foot and make heated phone calls to Georgia providing no hard and fast evidence when the (apparent) hard and fast evidence was handed to him on a platter? Why didn’t he, as Patrick suggested, call for manual recounts by the National Guard of the Georgian counties in question? Not a huge ask. There has to be a reason. Either he doesn’t believe it himself, or he doesn’t have the grit to take the matter in hand. In whichever case, he has failed you and doesn’t deserve to remain in office. If I may make a plea, as an outsider, a non American, pull yourselves together, not apart, at this critical time. Yours is not the only country that risks becoming an overseas canton of China. The CCP is taking on the whole world, my native country Down Under included, and the only way to block their ambition is to have a strong America as a bulwark. The EU is not a substitute, it is too disunited. Confession: I am not a Trump fan but I will give him lashings of credit for going hard on China. However, I have seen absolutely no hard evidence that Biden intends to change that course, have you, honestly? If Trump did not use the hard evidence put before him as grounds to have the Georgian vote forensically investigated, then he doesn’t deserve your support. Dear Americans, please identify your enemy. From where I stand, it is not the Democrats, it is China. Do yourselves and the world a service and unite against that malevolent, expansionist, autocratic beast so that we may continue to enjoy freedom and prosperity on our own terms. Truly, the rest of the world is relying on you, and we are relevant. No country is an island. Unite and conquer or divide and be conquered. How patriotic would that be?

    1. Read Patrick’s new book on Amazon Kindle, The Deep Rig. Most of the questions you are asking will be answered there. President Trump had the weight of the USA on his shoulders and no White House support. Yes, some people were note dependable.

  25. “Either he doesn’t believe it himself, or he doesn’t have the grit to take the matter in hand. In whichever case, he has failed you and doesn’t deserve to remain in office. If I may make a plea, as an outsider, a non American, pull yourselves together, not apart, at this critical time. Yours is not the only country that risks becoming an overseas canton of China. The CCP is taking on the whole world, ”

    china is our geopolitical aversary. competition. we can win fair and square with the right guy in charge: and biden is a china puppet. his people are compromised.

    “Either he doesn’t believe it himself, or he doesn’t have the grit to take the matter in hand. ”
    you are right. or both… he is a smart man…

    “he has failed you and doesn’t deserve to remain in office”.

    so support someone who is without any principles and who only cares about his own pockets? biden is not as innocent as you would think. he is one of those who think that left can be manipulated… well, to a certain degree. no one can conrol a fully fledged antifa riot across the country

    “If I may make a plea, as an outsider, a non American, pull yourselves together, not apart, at this critical time.” …LOL … and support the dude who wants to pack the court and tak away your freedoms. you dont know what our freedoms are. we want to keep them. unless you have lived in the USA long enough to understand this country you will not understand what freedom means. no country in teh world comes close. europe is only free if you talk what is acceptable.

    “Yours is not the only country that risks becoming an overseas canton of China. The CCP is taking on the whole world”

    politically expedient talk. USA is stil by far the leader AS OF NOW. HOWEVER, our elections were stolen by liberal left… and yes… some countries may have had a vested interest… but that is just a part of the problem… our left is the problem… the other countries come second…

    do you know where the rich chinese kids love living? california… and really they often dont want to leeave and go back… o in the end the money is sttill going to find its way here…

    so no, we are just ranting… and are very united. this is called public discourse. we may disagree on a few issues but we know that as of now, it’s trump who is the best for us. and while he may have failed us, it’s us trying to figure out what to do…

    1. I have lived in several countries around the world, developing and developed. I attended high school in the US. I didn’t find anything amazing about your freedoms. Bit of a police state, was my impression, and let’s not get onto your guns and murder rate, school shooters, rampant inequality and, and. Why don’t you book a holiday to Australia or New Zealand, that’s where you will find true freedom and the citizens don’t have to keep an arsenal of weapons to ‘defend’ that freedom. Chinese kids love Melbourne and Sydney as well. We’ve had to stop their parents buying up our prime real estate.
      The US Supreme Court is majority conservative. The constitution is in their hands. Isn’t that enough of a safeguard against the dastardly things you are predicting from the Dems?

      1. i can also tell from your name that you were probably born in vietnam? being here in high school and living here in the US is not the same. your assumption i that none of us have traveled AND lived AND worked in developed/developing countries. i have family in christchurch and melbourne fyi. one of my grad school advisors was an australian. … see … we americans are not as stupid about the world as you would think. i also have family AND personal friends among those chinese that you so hate who are buying BOH in australia and here in CA. so i know exactly what i am talking about.

        giuliani put it correctly. if you are young and not a democrat, you dont have a heart. if you are older (a tax payer, i guess) and not a republican, you have no brain”.

        supreme court refuses to be involved in elections. “predicting? … it is already happening on a daily basis if you live here. but you would not see it becuase you are not american and just stumble across some weird web site that pushes “weird stuff” not on CNN….. some australians see it, and that’s why they call australia home… but live here.

  26. Truly, the rest of the world is relying on you, and we are relevant. No country is an island. Unite and conquer or divide and be conquered. How patriotic would that be?

    we are not responsible for other countries. we want our country abide by the rules = constitution. you are welcome to disagree. it’s patriotic to fight for the constitution that gives us our freedoms. against those that flagrantly violate it.

    the rest of the world is relevant. and you are welcome to change your laws and write a constitution that you are happy with. and we will deep inside support your fight against your own corruption.

  27. Good Idea.. In Canada.. I need to look at how my community will appreciate a Mask that Says:
    Not My Mayor.
    Not My Premier.
    Not My Prime Minister.

    1. strange that foreigners start projecting what is happening here to their own situations…

      canadians speak the same language but live in a totally different environment… you may KNOW what is happening here, but you guys MOSTLY thought that the country hates trump. and we voted for him and he got 75 million votes.

      that dude from australia… even biden would say, c’mon man….

      do whatever applies there….

      1. Just so you know, the cyber guys I was working with think the correct number was 79 million. they believe Trump got 79 million votes, Biden 68 million.

          1. Biden got a lot of fake paper votes don’t forget. We will never know the true number since hundreds of thousands were destroyed

      1. Try wearing anything remotely conveying something positive about Trump or a Right Leaning philosophy in my city and you at the very least be verbally acousted and at the worst physically assaulted

  28. anyone willing to look up laws or already knows them REALLY WELL (fact vs opinion): cant trump just order the national guard to leave? This is from Sidney’s telegram. I am confused. He is the CIC. sorry this may have been already discussed on the telegram… but i dont have an account w them

    All the military for a “virtual” inauguration that will be the least attended and least watched in the history of television for a completely fraudulent candidate and “election” process. The #Left’s best political theater and fear-mongering. This was not a Trump choice. If he had militarized anything like this, the would be screaming about his dictatorial and totalitarian regime. Always remember, the Leftists are the masters of projection, deception, and manipulation.

    1. our own republican senators like mitch and graham are no less masters of deception.

      somethgin we ought to laern, imo

  29. I agree with most of what you said, except we the 3% and Oath keepers are not the Communist left. If they steal this election they will steal all elections and unlike the Communist left we will not protest with signs, if our forefathers did what us suggest then we would still be under the union jack flag. Some will have the resolve and fortitude to do what comes next if this shameful election stands, others can support the Patriots by being an information network and resource sharing service. But make no mistake if this election stands we will push back hard and fight to maintain this Republic. We are not of descendants of weak men.

    1. there are many, many people across the country (speaking about a few people i saw while shopping…and of course i am not talking about myself!), who will support EVERYTHING you do (peacefully). God bless you all.

      CNN says 75 % of trump voters think that the election was stolen. so the reality is whaat? 90+ %? So plus or minus 70 million of those tht voted and most likely their families are unhappy becuase their votes were overturned by goons blocking off proper vote couning with pizza boxes?

      I get a feeling that after seeing mobs burning down business of people

  30. Nice to read Patrick. Internet has been very thin and you are no there when I search. Thanks for your work.

    Twitter is George No. 1

    Moving to I am Jonah

  31. Watching all this unfold from a mountain village in Italy, & praying that Trump can pull it off.. if not we’re well & truly screwed here.
    Great essay Patrick.. hope you’ve recovered, best wishes..

  32. “Beautiful and Gracious Melania Trump Publishes Farewell Message After Her Four Years of Abuse as America’s Most Elegant First Lady” says the gateway pundit. it’s time to face the reality. trump is unlikely to pull rabbits of of a maga hat.

    i too hoped he would do something. especially after patrick wrote that they met him @ the white house in december. i am just disappointed and yes, i too still have that 0.0001 % hope that he will do somethign outrageous. but someone who has no guts to order national guard to count votes based on credible evidence is unlikely going to do a much bigger damage on the inauguration day.

    yes, had he stayed one more term, this country would have been better off… and from what i heard he was beginning to finally think of @ least refinancing our national debt… but now… everything is just bs and all he can do is whine a la clinton.

    funny fact: hillary also appeared on the front page of the gateway pundit just a few inches above melania. “Hillary Clinton Says President Trump Likely Called Vladimir Putin During Capitol Riot (AUDIO)” was the heading.

    patrick, for the teetotalers among us, pls post something … 😉

  33. Patrick, I love this! Bravo! I’ll add to it and recommend you read Solzhenitsyn’s essay Live Not By Lies. He basically says that if everyone stopped lying in Soviet Russia, the Communists would have had no power over them. I wish we’ll all do the same and not lie, only speak the truth as much as we know it.

    1. i remember an old joke i read and it went something like:
      2 Stasi officers patrolling the wall in East Berlin.
      Otto: “Hans, what do you think about our government?”
      Hans: “Otto, I assume I think the same thing that you think!”
      Otto: “Then it’s my duty to arrest you right now!”

      Kelly, I like how you say, “as much as we know it”. This is why we are here seeing whaat Pat has to say!

  34. Patrick Byrne, where have you been all my life?

    You had me at Otto von Bismarck. 💕

  35. President Trump has done everything he legally could in this situation, including recent Executive Orders. Now it’s the military’s move. They have sworn to protect the Constitution so won’t allow traitors to take power.

    January 19 is National Popcorn Day. Stock up and enjoy the show!

  36. Patrick,
    I agree, we should not be egged on to violence (except in clear self defense), because the MSM will blame it on us. But the Commie/Fascist DNC/CCP will have no qualms at all about using brutal, physical tyranny since the MSM/BigTech will always be able to lie uncontested, with full control of their lying narrative. If President Trump’s landslide 2020 election victory is stolen, there will be no more real elections. EO13848 and Insurgency Act (military) is our only human hope, at this point.

    1. I don’t know what to say, we Iranians have been told the same things Patrick is advocating in this article for more than a decade. “Be peaceful” “keep the moral high ground” “use civil paths for bringing forth the reform” “go vote in the next elections to the so called moderates.” And so on.

      The problem is that, it is only told to us. Not the regime. Calling the election fraud opposition “insurrectionist” is not the political stunt of your democRats. It is actually the invention of Iranian Regimes Supreme Leader after the Iranian presidential election-fraud of 2009, which now your Dems are copying.

      Now I can assure you that more than 95 percent of Iranians are against the Islamist regime of Tehran.

      Each time millions of unarmed protesters rise up and totally peacefully protest against the corrupt tyrannical ruling of the regime, the regime arrests them in tens of thousands and sends them to dungeons to get brutally tortured and killed.

      CNN BBC and your other MSM also push the Rehan regime’s talk points whenever this happens.

      We Iranians need to get armed.

      We cannot do anything with empty hands.

      I cannot say things for America, but when you are dealing with other ideological regimes in other parts of the world, you are seeing similar patterns.

      How much the followers of the Falun Gong were able to peacefully protect themselves from getting sent to the concentration camps.

      I have never heard of the poor Xinxiang Muslims doing anything non-peaceful in opposition to the genocide, forced labour, torture, and the organ harvesting they get subjected to either.

      Same with the North Koreans. They have been mostly very peaceful in following the Kim’s communist ruling.

      I don’t also know why the peaceful opposition of the Hong Kong people against the tyranny of the communist party of China never got anywhere.

      I don’t know why the Hong Kongers get sent to prison camps while they were very peaceful in their opposition of the tyranny.

      I also don’t know why US and other countries have militaries. Because violence is evil. I just don’t understand why they have to make these many weapons and not follow the peaceful path for opposing foreign powers or invasion. It is so heart breaking that they don’t understand how to keep the moral high ground.

      There are many strange things in the world that are violent and I don’t understand. Because I dislike violence so much.

      In fact I am so peaceful and innocent that whenever I even see a picture of a gun in the news I get totally terrified thinking to myself why there are such evil people in the world who make these dangerous tools that can take humans lives.

      I have never handled a gun in my whole life in my hands and I don’t understand why anybody ever should.

      Guns are very scary. There are at least 20 bullets that can be loaded in each of them, and every single one of them can take a person life.

      I am not a violent person. I only want peace for the world. I stand for human lives. Because human lives matter.

      I hope Patrick some day would write an article for peaceful people who don’t want to see any violence in the world, and explain all these things that I don’t understand and are so heartbreaking to me.

      I am looking for answers, Patrick.

      I don’t understand.

      1. This is an excellent example of what happens when you loose democracy. The USA overthrew the democratically elected president of Iran in the 50’s. Now look where they are and you will see where they want us to be.

      2. with all respect, situations in the 3 countries are very different.

        usa is experiencing this thing the first time around. you guys all are the 2nd or more generation living under torture.

        peace is MAINLY the way to go here. but i dont think it is the way when brazen manipulation of ballot counting happens. THOSE places have to be invaded and ransacked right there and then.

        peace oherwise

        1. We weren’t living under torture the first generation right after the 1979 Islamist Marxist revolution. The brutality was far far harsher at the time compared to now. I can now get away with loudly criticising the Supreme Leader in a cab drive with other passengers in the car without getting arrested. If it was 30 years ago, I would have been disappeared the other day.

          1. what’s your point? talking is not equal to doing.

            75 million here voted for trump despite the media. we are mostly free people. very few of those will take up arms. i wont for example. but i wish someone does whenever left goes overboard = counting votes, etc… right there and then PREVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            and protest peaacefully otherwise

    2. by the way, we Iranians used the exact same peaceful opposition methods Patrick is suggesting in here for opposing the 2009 election fraud in our country. We were indeed so peaceful that we didn’t even use any “insurrectionist” slogans on our Buttons. The buttons we used were the happy emoji faces. 🙂 Exactly like the one I posted here. Because we were peaceful. And our message was demanding a peaceful reform towards gaining our basic human rights.

      We wore green bands around our wrists instead of shouting anything because green was the color of our favoured reformist candidate who got cheated despite gaining 70 percent of the votes. Yes, we never yelled. We never beated anyone.

      I just don’t know what happened, then. We did all the right peaceful things in the most peaceful way that you can ever imagine. Very peacefully.

      I just don’t know why all of our influencers, some of whom our classmates, got disappeared. Some of them later complained to their lawyers that despite their peaceful protests, the torturers of the regime had put hot eggs in their vaginas or killed others under torture.

      I guess they were totally wrong and it was just rumours. Because it is absolutely impossible that you get brutalised, killed, tortured, and raped if you are peacefully protesting to something. Peace and keeping the moral high ground is the magic potion. It can protect the humanity from all the horrible violence that we hear about in the news.

      Also they say some of the peaceful Iranian protesters whose not even DNA were later found anywhere were thrown alive in acid baths to dissolve. And I am absolutely sure that’s the craziest conspiracy theory you might have ever heard.

      The Islamist regime of Tehran never kills or tortures anyone because we Iranian people always keep the moral high ground and only protest peacefully.

      And you can dismiss all the complaints you hear about the tyranny of the Islamist regime of Tehran, including mine, as total conspiracy theories. Because we Iranians always keep the moral high ground and remain peaceful in our protests against the regime. We never carry guns. We are so peaceful that we never shoot one single guard down when they arrest us during our totally peaceful protests, or the midnight after.

      Peace. Yes. Peace. We only need peace in this world. That’s the only thing we need for solving our problems. We have to keep the moral high ground. Always.

      I suggest you Americans to always remain peaceful and keep the moral high ground.

      – an Iranian

  37. What is happening in USA right now reminds me of what happened in Soviet Union circa 30 years ago. Rotten elites do not care about the people and ready to throw everything out of the window, both good and bad, for their own benefit and wealth. Results have been economic collapse, social misery, brain drain with neofeodal system on top. I hope USA doesn’t follow the same path, but situation is dire and surrealistic.

  38. 545 vs 330,000,000
    Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel… He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN.

    545 vs. 330,000,000 People
    -By Charlie Reese
    “Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.
    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

    You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The President does.
    You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.
    You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.
    You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.
    You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

    I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

    I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one cotton-picking thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s responsibility to determine how he votes.

    Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

    What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up andcriticized the President for creating deficits.. (The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.)

    The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriationsand taxes. Who is the speaker of the House?( Nancy Pelosi. She is the leader of the majority party. She and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. ) If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agreeto.
    It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility.I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

    If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.

    If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.

    If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan ..

    If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.

    There are no insoluble government problems.

    Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject;to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.

    Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that preventthem from doing what they take an oath to do.

    Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.
    They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses. Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees…We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

    Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.
    What you do with this article now that you have read it… is up to you.
    This might be funny if it weren’t so true.
    Be sure to read all the way to the end:
    Tax his land,
    Tax his bed,
    Tax the table,
    At which he’s fed.
    Tax his tractor,
    Tax his mule,
    Teach him taxes
    Are the rule.
    Tax his work,
    Tax his pay,
    He works for
    peanuts anyway!
    Tax his cow,
    Tax his goat,
    Tax his pants,
    Tax his coat.
    Tax his ties,
    Tax his shirt,
    Tax his work,
    Tax his dirt.
    Tax his tobacco,
    Tax his drink,
    Tax him if he
    Tries to think.
    Tax his cigars,
    Tax his beers,
    If he cries
    Tax his tears.
    Tax his car,
    Tax his gas,
    Find other ways
    To tax his ass.
    Tax all he has
    Then let him know
    That you won’t be done
    Till he has no dough.
    When he screams and hollers;
    Then tax him some more,
    Tax him till
    He’s good and sore.
    Then tax his coffin,
    Tax his grave,
    Tax the sod in
    Which he’s laid…
    Put these words
    Upon his tomb,
    ‘Taxes drove me
    to my doom…’
    When he’s gone,
    Do not relax,
    Its time to apply
    The inheritance tax.
    • Accounts Receivable Tax
    • Building Permit Tax
    • CDL license Tax
    • Cigarette Tax
    • Corporate Income Tax
    • Dog License Tax
    • Excise Taxes
    • Federal Income Tax
    • Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    • Fishing License Tax
    • Food License Tax
    • Fuel Permit Tax
    • Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
    • Gross Receipts Tax
    • Hunting License Tax
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Inventory Tax
    • IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    • Liquor Tax
    • Luxury Taxes
    • Marriage License Tax
    • Medicare Tax
    • Personal Property Tax
    • Property Tax
    • Real Estate Tax
    • Service Charge Tax
    • Social Security Tax
    • Road Usage Tax
    • Recreational Vehicle Tax
    • Sales Tax
    • School Tax
    • State Income Tax
    • State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    • Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    • Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    • Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
    • Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    • Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
    • Telephone State and Local Tax
    • Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    • Utility Taxes
    • Vehicle License Registration Tax
    • Vehicle Sales Tax
    • Watercraft Registration Tax
    • Well Permit Tax
    • Workers Compensation Tax
    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middleclass in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
    What in the heck happened? Can you spell ‘politicians?’
    I hope this goes around THE USA at least 545 times!!! YOU can help it get there!!!

    1. valid point. what do you do now though, with rigged machines.

      seriously, ron paul had a 3-yr plan to pay off the national debt. all others have a 25-yr plan….

      1. This is what we do https://github.com/Deadheded/DTM-MIT.Solve/blob/master/Draft%20Solution.md

        We build a economic system “They” can’t control.

        “The DTM (DirectToMarket) is an autonomous, non-discriminatory, global online marketplace. The DTM allows anyone, who wishes to sell their digital content, access to the world market. There are neither corporate ententes nor shareholders to pay. The majority of each sale goes directly to the content producer instantly. Creators retain full ownership and are assisted to copyright their material. A level playing field for all, intended to interject wealth and stability into all communities on all continents. So if you are a small independent researcher in Zambia, a documentarian in Korea, a local band in any city that is exhausted and grinding it out for the last 30 years, a young book writer in the Middle East, that one hit wonder with a million dollar song, you now have access to the world without giving up control and a majority of the revenue to corporations without your best interest in mind.”

        This same system can replace twitter and other social media apps also.

        1. And here comes your commie technocrat intruder with the plan to hijack this conservative political movement with a centralised global power that controls everyone and all the resources. And Sir or Mam, we have long ears like donkeys and we don’t realise what you are trying to do after all the hellish BS you commies have implemented in one country after the other.

          1. commie technocrat? he is offering a project. pls come witht valid criticizm so you let us all know your probs

        2. which of these have you reached?

          What are your goals within the next year and within the next five years?
          First goal is to have the code development done and in beta testing by 4th quarter 2020.

          There is one agency in active development with a goal of having 10 to 20 agencies setup by the end of 2020.

          We are currently working with industry insiders to market the DTM to content providers. Our goal is to have 250 content provider active at time of launch. We may revise this number upward based on current interest.

  39. “Because no matter the blind eye she has turned to nine months of political violence from the Left, she will decry anything you Patriots do as “extremism.”

    And if we do nothing, she will have her thugs dress up as us and do it anyway. The MSM will print anything she wants, and we still lose.

    What you propose is not a winning strategy. Was Moldava’s press and national police as corrupt as ours is?

    1. probably was even more so. but antifa is the difference imo. you get bashed up for having maga hat. and masses accept it even though majority votes for trump. we have become docile fools trained by our puppet mastters to express out opinion when voting. but becuase the process is now rigged we are left without a voice

  40. I am not happy that most people who see the tyranny are just trying to expose it but don’t really have a solution. In my opinion, the solution is to be well organized and be well defined. Most people are gathered in smaller groups and can’t quite join each other except very temporarily. They have their internal disagreements. But the forces of evil can cooperate with each other far better – they have no real requirement other than “be evil”. Recenty we learned the bitter lesson that they evil can kick us out of conversation and effectively block our peaceful assembly. And we seem to be unable to at least come up with a fairly reliable platform for discussion and coordination. What is the point of being reactive and only pointing out the flaws of the evil? Why are we not organized?

    1. Thank you, Mehdi. This is the most sensible idea I read in the comments.

      Also please tell that to the followers of the Q psychological operation. Q is just there to give them the drug of “trust the plan” while their country is undergoing a red revolution.

      – an Iranian.

  41. Amen Patrick, thank you for putting your message out there!
    We must keep faith and remember that none of what is happening is a surprise to God.

  42. Democrats counted the votes.
    Democrats broke the rules for counting.
    The media says, ” Nothing to see here”. (They are Democrats too.)
    The courts say, “Why are you telling us the Democrats broke the rules? Be gone!”
    (They see it as a political issue)
    Why do the State AGs do nothing? The State SOS’s do nothing? They are Democrats/Never-Trumpers too.
    You can’t vote the Democrats out of office. They count the votes.
    Occam’s Razor would say… too many Democrats.

    1. the community organizer who became he president organized communities like Saul Alinsky taught him. they have no qualms about anything and are focused on the outcome. they knew hat all they had to do. the only thing they failed in is to dominate the congress. but they still have the majority.

      … and we have to trust whose plan? God’s? Written by a democrat?

      stop kidding guys. we’ve been robbed. disrespected. cheated on. and played with. they used our honesty and our desire for peace to achieve their goals. played us.

  43. From Sidney’s Telegram: “Biden and his crew couldn’t get real people to come to the inauguration so they planted flags to ensure it wouldn’t look so empty.”

    with our money, bastards.

    next point is beautiful:
    What are the odds that they pipe in some fake applause when Biden speaks too?

    now try fighting this kind of orwellian reality with peace. if they didnt hesitate to get this far, why will they hesitate to kill a few dissenters?

    very, very, very sad.

    trust the process? do you still believe this nonsense? Shame on donald trump the guy who let it happen. i dont care whaat he did, for i will remember him as snake oil peddler who spoke from both sides of his mouth. pat and sidney and gen flynn gave him all he needed to follw the constitution.

    he let antifa/blm roam our streets. he let them steal this winnable elections. he is a smart guy. put in all that incredible effort to win. and won it but had no mettle to fight the corruption of the left.

    an amazing politician. one of a kind. lost it when iit mattered the most.

    i dont trust the process. i trust the reality. the reality is that “biden is my president” and any dissenter will probably end up in some kind of a guantanamo gulag they will end up building.

    th trump family is refusing to go into an ll out war with corruption. this is best exemplified by his kids still tweeting that jack sucks…ON TWITTER!!!!

    as the guy we , on this forum voted for, would say…. “sad. very, very sad.”

  44. Something you can do is act local. I have emailed and called all of my representatives in my state and my governor. I was these voting systems out of my state.

    Contact you local election officials. Anytime they us systems that do not meet the “certification”, and none of these systems do, file a law suit.

    Make noise in our county. Make sure your county is conducting free and fair elections. We need to do this county by county….

  45. is melania bolder than donald? she has a telegram.

    all his kids are still on twitter complaining about jack.

    and he is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. he is definitely not a loser. but he lost the game. he chose to appease too many in the deep state.

  46. just saw lin wood’s telegram (very quickly). we all really appreciate you. love you. and trust you. but the MSM discredits you to masses because of literally 1 or 2 videos put out by “Q” and labels you a nut case.

    pls take your foot of the gas just a little. you give invaluable info. but pls publish it after you have the supporting data verified.

    Thank you for everything you do. keep doing your work. you are a blessing to us all.

    1. Those are fake accounts on Telegram meant for disinformation to discredit and demoralize Trump supporters.

      By the way, Q never mentioned Patrick, doesn’t put out videos and hasn’t posted since Dec. 8. Nature abhors a vacuum so imposters are pretending to be Q or have inside info from Q to discredit Anons. The same happened another time when Q went dark for weeks. The best way for newbies to understand Q is to read the Dave Hayes book, Calm Before The Storm. Amazon blocked the sale so you can only buy from the prayingmedic website. It gives you the index to codes Q uses. Otherwise you will find it confusing.

      Do your own research. Here are real Q drops. You can use the search feature.

      1. pam libertarians also vote trump. i am a libertarian. i did vote for trump. i dont think trump is a messiah, however. and i do wish he had used his power to do waht he was supposed to.

        so dont assume too much.

        PAM, CAN YOU READ?

        trump voter here.


        KEEP MUNCHING ON YOUR POPCORN AND EXPECTING A COUP. next election is in 2 yrs and we have to ensure that machines are fixed by then.

        trump blew it. also didnt fulfill his constitutional obligation. he was a nice guy but did fail us – his supporters @ the end.

        i feel your pain, but as much as it hurts, pls use your energies ot ensure the local elections are not stolen. there are more of us, but the other side doesnt play by the rulles.


  47. rasmussen just published trump approval numbers… why do they eeven matter. the election numbers clear showed that he is very popular. is it 51 %? hell no. much higher

  48. Thanks Patrick! Very inspired by your works.
    A note to the community that this article reminds of of the Disney production from the 60’s about Francis Marion – The Swamp Fox. Great series that portrays the very man that made things happen against the redcoats.

  49. There is an entirely plausible explanation for Trump waiting this long. He is a master at getting eyeballs on him when he wants. Right now, it seems everyone is waiting with bated breath for what he MIGHT do. He won in 2016 by working the propaganda machine in his favor. Using the military for anything would seem much less out of proportion today or tomorrow than it would have seemed on the 6th. Does that mean he’s sitting on a royal flush? No. Does that mean he is going to do anything substantial? No. However, the stage feels better set now than it did 13 days ago. IF Trump was planning to move, it’s entirely reasonable to expect him to move when everyone in the country believes something potentially dangerous is looming, even if they think he and his supporters are the danger. If I’m Trump, I’m happy with how frantic the left has been. They have amplified the temperature – and the only way he is able to act boldly is if everyone, not just his supporters, feel the temperature is high. Praying for a “miracle”, but not holding my breath.

    1. guys, pls. most of us on this forum voted for trump, or … like patrick… are just fighting for elections to be fair.

      PLS stop this stupidity. the fact is that pres trump failed us here.

      what he can do as a pres pales compared to what he can do from mar a lago.

      stop it. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice…

      1. They pushed through an impeachment without a trial. They pushed conversations around the 25th amendment. They have de-platformed an entire platform (Parlor). Saying Trump tried to lead an “insurrection” by calling on his supporters to “peacefully make voices heard” is frantic. All of it is frantic.

        1. no, this is not called frantic. this is all pre-planned game plan. cool as is gets. look up the meaning.

          lissten, i am pro trump libertarian. i am trying to organize a weekly car horn rally across the country once a week, every wednesday, starting tomorrow. until the next election for congress or maybe president. 5pm maybe better when all of us get off work or are off… ? lets talk time… the idea matters…

          join me tomorrow @ noon for 5-10 s. spread the word.

        2. They didn’t push impeachment without a trial. That’s literally how impeachment works. The House votes to impeach and then a trial can be held in the Senate.

          Democrats did not de-platform Parler. Amazon chose to stop hosting it and Apple and Google chose to stop listing it in their stores.

          You’re dumb.

          1. biden is not my president, lapdog.



  50. stop antifa propaganda

    guys, let us try to do somethign about thte stolen election. change election laws to prevent shit like this in the future if we can.

    that is one way to never give up. trump failed us. failed his duty. that’s a fact. and yes, he will be out of office tomorrow. stop wishful thinking. melania is on telegram already.

    you are lying through your teeth and anyone else expecting things to happen is too.

    we all want trump to have 4 more. that’s not gonna be though.

  51. If I’m Trump, I’m happy with how frantic the left has been. They have amplified the temperature – and the only way he is able to act boldly is if everyone, not just his supporters, feel the temperature is high. Praying for a “miracle”, but not holding my breath.


    temp is high only among those that believe in constitution. left goons are laughing because htey won the game, wtf

      1. this is how most guys talk in my circle of friends – no disrespect intended. true, my free speech COULD/SHOULD be more polite.

        i just utterly disagree with the narrative that somehow left did it spontaneously/are panicking…. they were well organized, fully prepared. there are videos of them going through classes as to what they should do in terms of ballot counting etc…no accident. it was an almost perfectly executed theft starting with governors changing laws @ the last minute, SCOTUS refusing to look @ it (justice roberts is not himself since obama time), dead people voting, etc, etc…

        the left is laughing their asses off about us believing, the Q narrative that Trump will save us all. Trump had all the power to do it, he didnt use it. what can EX-president trump really do now from Mar-a-lago? Make Ivanka his successor? Honestly, I dont like her political approach – she is a democrat. I am a libertarian. And the fact that all of his kids/wife still use twitter is BAFFLING, or should I say STUPID. He has a following. But I believe in constitution, not in worshipping an individual.


    I propose something.

    Tomorrow @ 12:00 PM during Biden inauguration, we will all blow our automobil horn for 10 sec.

    Across the country.

    12 PM EST for those in that time zone

    We can connect across the country. 3x and show our tremendous power.
    Get out your recorders and whatever.

    Passive Agressive Patriot

    1. anyone wants to join? even for 5s for those in bigger, more populated areas = to aavoid trouble with antifa cracks

    2. we can discuss what time will have the most impact and spread the news even via facebook or twitter as an exception.

      if we do this every week, just one time on a specific day, as a protest meaning “supreme court see the evidence by patrick/sidney/etc…” the # of people would be growing daily.

      this will also unite us all. it’s just 51 x per year and then the other elections will b coming….

  53. Yes, I prayed Trump would pull the “Trump Card”, but how much can we ask of one man? He appointed 3 to SCOTUS and all three bailed. Two AG’s betrayed him; Fox News betrayed him. How was he supposed to DECLASS everything? Grab a key and personally go into a vault and grab papers? Generals betrayed him…only a handful in Congress stood by him. He opened our eyes; it’s up to US to drain the swamp.

    1. I call BS. A presidential decree is a decree. You get FIRED if you dont do something your supervisor demands of you last time I checked.
      3 SCOTUS – Yes = Well no problem with that, although I still dont know why he didnt ensure that he gets some in that are actually pro trump vs not. Cavanaugh was wishy-washsy….the other 2 were proconstitutional, so i am ok… but the constitution demands that they look @ it. and they didnt. why didnt he interview them. he had the right to, and that is not illegal… but still that’s not his fault. john roberts probably… but still…
      AGs betrayed him? so waht?
      Fox news betrayed? so waht? private enterprise. Where was he in 2017-2020. why was he not establishing a new news outlet. kept using twitter. kept walking into the enemy’s den
      generals betray? simple. FIRE. C’mon man… military is pro trump… clear …
      patrick and sidney showed him the evidence to act. he didnt.

      you CANNOT drain the swamp. and instead of firing them, he hired them.

      he is a good guy, but he failed the constitutional duty. he is better than what hillary would have been. and i do wish he had stayed, but now we are left with the left running the show after clearly stealing the election and probably laughing @ us all like crazy

      did trump do a lot of good thingss? yes. but when the time came to be a tru leader… one of a kind. he got scared

  54. If Biden is sworn in and starts throwing around regime changes like ‘good ol times’ people all over the world will have a lot of reasons to unify in their hate for USA. And with overwhelming evidence of election fraud USA still decided to go through with fraudulent results. What does that speak of? If USA is allegedly the last bastion of freedom – how could it happen? There is no explanation that saves the day. For the outsider it looks like either America is weak for not upholding the law or hypocritical – all moan and no action.

    1. if? he will do it.

      however, dont forget that majority of the world blindly believes CNN etc… and calls fox a right wing network

      1. I looked at the comment section of BBC’s livestreaming of the puppet select’s inaugration. everyone was calling the fraud out. Also I looked at other leftist MSM YouTube channels. The comment section and the live chat closed. They know that people know. Hence the 25000 guards. Even Guards from Puerto Rico were flown there. Imagine that. They know that even Biden voters know. If you look at all the Twitter accounts of ordinary people who have voted biden, since December, there is a major silence over politics. They used to advocate for biden and harshly mock trump before. But now. Just silence. The few ordinary people who write something pro-biden or anti-trump, just get two likes or get ignored, while other tweets get lots of likes. Check the social media accounts of ordinary people in the society who were biden voters. I am curious also about your observations. But from my point of view, the closed comments and live chat sections on YouTube says a lot. Also the comments on BBC.

        1. interesting observation. didnt watch the inauguraation.

          the point, however, is that those that really pushed through the theft are basking in glory of having won the SUPER SUPER SUPER BOWL X100000000000000

        2. I like your analysis and would like to keep track of you on Patrick’s site. Would you mind posting under some name (doesn’t have to be a real name), but just so that I keep an eye out for your posts – hard to keep track with so many anonymouses, I will always post my real name, Anil, at the end of my message, and also sometimes put in my email address as well, so my gravatar (which I once set-up 10 years ago) will show up… (if you would like to keep in touch with me).


        3. BTW, I meant the person who wrote the post about…. BBC livestreaming comment section etc, etc, in my previous comment about your analysis.

  55. These people are just petty tyrants. There is nothing new about petty tyrants, they have always been around, and are everywhere.

    Patrick’s suggested approach to dealing with them is exactly how to deal with them. Never join a petty tyrant by responding to them with rage and anger, because that is exactly what they want you to do. That is how they get their power, by feeding off of negative energy. So, why would you want to empower them?

    The best way to deal with a Bully, is ignore the Bully. “Walk past the barking dog”. While at the same time exercising passive resistance by taking the actions Patrick suggested. Stop using FB, Twitter, Apple, Google, Amazon, and any and all companies that join the bullies. Just stop doing business with them altogether.

    Consumerism is a tremendous weapon. So quietly cancel yourself, before they can cancel you, and move on to greener pastures.

    1. agree about NEVER using twitter and FB. I am an android/windows user, so apple is not a problem. BUT what about the millions using the iphone? harder… Amazon? name alternative that is equivalent. google? their search engine is no longer waht used to be but duckduckgo is atrocious in terms of quality.


      1. I long for the early days of google. You put in a search term and it brought up everything!! no filtering. Now it is almost impossible to find anything that is not paid for…

    1. also, it doesnt really matter that they do it. they have the right to do it, and we shoujld offer an alternative….

    1. Christ this is a stupid article. You think conservatives were “not really doing anything very bad” when they broke into a government building with the intent to kill people?

      They literally beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher. You people are sick.

      You say they “were quite justified in whatever they did do by the egregious behavior of their targets.” Would you say the same thing if a group of BLM protesters beat a police officer to death?

      1. hey mama’s lapdog found a new place to hang out.




      2. Name calling means you don’t have arguments.
        Did you watch what happened from the beginninge or did you get your info cud chewed first?
        The protestors were let in. Then they were tasered and shot at and pepper sprayed while they were peaceful.
        The protestors and the police were infiltrated….that’s been proved already.
        Someone broke in a door, much later in the whole thing.
        That was when the scuffling began.
        But no one beat a cop to death with an extinguisher. That has been debunked. A USAF vet, whoever, was deliberately shot in the neck by what looked like a secret service guy in a suit with cufflinks.
        That was murder BY the police, not the protestors.
        Even the Washington Compost has retracted the Trump incitement narrative.
        Don’t even start with the moral equivalency.

        1. that was murder premeditated. they were trigger ready to kill 1 person.. pretty sure.

          that dude wore cuffs, and had a bracelet.

          i dont get secret service vibes… i get pro killer vibes

      3. Seriously,now who’s being stupid? If that truly was an all out assault there would be dead people from both sides laying all over the place. If the real intention was to storm the chambers & start killing Democrats, there wouldn’t have been anytime to stop it. And BTW, there were BLM/Antifa there as well as coordinated fringe groups from around the country that came specifically to infiltrate the rally and start the shit rolling according to the FBI, they were already up front at the Capitol doors before Trump even finished his speech, so he didn’t incite them! Not justifying or condoning any actions that day, certainly not the LEO that got hit with a thrown fire extinguisher (not “literally beat to death”) or the unarmed vet who got shot in her neck while a known leader of Antifa was filmed standing over her taking pictures, but at least put the whole thing into perspective instead of being a drama queen.

      4. “””You think conservatives were “not really doing anything very bad” when they broke into a government building with the intent to kill people?””” You aren’t really believing the garbage you just wrote..are you? Maybe turn of CNN and MSDNC and search around for videos and stories from the real live people who were there, see what they saw and listen to what they heard. Hard to believe there are still people who choose news narratives over real life after all the deception from the past decade plus…You are blind to it which makes you a big part of the problem.

    1. agree. NEVER RANDOM. we should have response teams all over the country that can respond to domestic terrorism when provoked. that includes showing up @ antifa/BLM gatherings immediately, so police has no choice but to respond/or national guard is sent in. WIPING OFF blm signs and writing USA instead (should be done by black patriots to make them realize we are never racists). act as domestic police force if they dont. this is only important for inner cities.

      for the rest of the country, … be yourself. avoid the goons. be peaceful.

      i still dont know about the not my president stickers etc…

      i for one will never wear it becuase i am not the time to fight with goons.


      the fact is plain. trump failed us. going ahead with GA election was plain STUPID. WTF

      either he thought patrick/sidney/gen flynn were lying and patrick didnt prove his point well enough (WHICH I DOUBT), or he is talking from both sides of his mouth.

      face the reality. after 4 years of this president many good things were done. some bad things still haappend. the worst was the skyrocketing national debt.
      the best, NO WARS STARTED.
      i give trump a pass on the national debt. apparently he had issues orders kind of getting us ready to refinance/start paying it off… which was hindered by covid… which kills 99.99999 % of the population…

      ooooopss… 0.000001 % of the population… 😉

      and yes, i know it’s very dangerous for immune defficient/elderly.


      1. I didn’t vote for PDJT in 2016 thinking he was a Trojan horse to finish off the conservatives. But I loved the way he upended the media narrative, got us out of wars, and cut taxes…the money printing and debt, not so much.
        But no one’s perfect and look at the other side…BLM, Antifa, gender chaos, organ trading…
        In 2020 I voted for him, sure of a landslide.
        Not a day of peace since November 3.
        Non-violence is not a substitute for courage.
        Targeted, just, limited resistance is not violence.
        It is retribution or vigilante justice.

        1. agree. you’ve got to attack the goons when they start their extemism. when police do nothing, someone has to do something.

          the number of trump voters says tells me masses arae not stupid. no one trusts cnn anymore.

    2. Lila,

      i kind of advocated for something similar without reading your article. now that i have read it, i have to say… i disagree on a few little details

      camera cant be turned off because those things happen in big cities, cell phones are ubiquitous, etc…

      BUT the militant right has to capture faces of ANTIFA/BLM by wearing body cameras and for example learning to start self-defense by ripping off the goons’ masks… literally that should be the first action.

      also, maybe everything should be live? so we see it first hand?

      that way, there is no doubt and sufficient proof….

      love it regarding the journalists – SHAME THE HELL OUT OF THEM. keep reminding folks about them being wrong, wrong, wrong ON EVERYTHING…. WHICH IS TRUE AFTER ALL

      pat’s policies make sense in suburbs where most of us live… no in big cities

      1. When I said take off the gloves when there are no cameras around, I mean it in the sense of going dark.

        Obviously, in a brawl, everyone has cell phones and some cell phones will be deemed more authoritative than others.

        Avoid brawls. Practice subversion and metaphoric assassination.

        Limit smart phones and big platform usage to what is absolutely essential. I have never been on twitter except a few times just for the sake of having an account for people to see something or recently to read some tweets and repost them. You lose visibility. It does not matter. Visibility is not working in our favor any way.

        Quote and support only other conservatives, alternative sources. Ignore the major media. Don’t seek its approval.

        Embrace the extremists…a tactic that will marginalize a single person, but taken as a concerted action, will shift the public discourse in the direction you want. If you play along with the media shaming, the discourse continually moves leftward. The left embrances BLM, which assaults innocent people. The right won’t touch anyone who even discusses the JQ however justly and non abusively.

        As long as we adopt the premises of our opponents, we lose.

        1. we were separated @ birth or had a telepathic thought transfer around inner harbor 😉

          you are cool either way.

          also, impressive how you aren’t scared to post w real name

          1. I started writing under my name before it got scary and by then it was too late to acquire a pen name.
            Now I’m too far gone to care about it. Have already lost the job, the gigs, the contacts, the respectability.
            What’s a little more..

          2. keep wrting. you are amazing. i made a throwaway acct: [email protected] to contact the deadheded1 on this forum. he never replied, but the acct is still valid.

            know inner harbor because of grad school. so if you have time shoot me an email. so many crazies around, so once we “validate” it’s me/you… would be veery interesting to have a small chat.

            either way. dont give up . your style is great.

    3. i also wrote about it yesterday:

      Agent Provocateur De L’Insurrection Says:
      January 18, 2021 at 12:42 pm
      My Opinion on the Jan 6 “Insurrection”: Majority of the country voted Trump -> Mjority dont believe the media narrative

      We all know what happened. We all know it was a set up. This is how it should have been handled. There should have been a very short “It’s wrong to riot” statement.
      1. STATEMENT OF THE FACT: MOST PEOPLE SHEEPISHLY FOLLOWED THE INSTIGATORS INTO CAPITOL. say so. say so and say, that we dont care about that fact and that we will go after the .. instigaators! (helmet-wearing definitely non-Trump supporters)
      2. Who were the instigators?
      3. Who killed Ashlee Babbitt? Why did he pull the trigger? (The guy wore a bracelet and cuffs on his shirt. Does he look like a typical secret service guy? Def a pro to be able to hit the neck oh so precisely). BIG DEAL should have been made ABOUT THIS FACT. UNARMED VETERAL KILLED FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! Hand over the murderer and try in the court of law!!!!! (somehow strongly doubt that normal secret service guys would do that…)
      3. Who else were killed and how and why? DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      4. LAUGH @ those suggestions of “insurrection”
      5. LAUGH AGAIN
      7. PROVIDE HISTORY OF THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS when the left infiltrated capitol multiple times

      never let a serious crisis go waste… if we dont reclaim the truth we will fall prey to those pushing lies….

      they say insurrection… and we …. we should LAUGH… NOT APOLOGIZE.

      The reality is that peaceful protestors followed agitators/were invited into the capitol by security. WHY ARE WE APOLOGIZING? There are videos of it to prove it.

      It was no biggie. Except that those helmet weearing agents provocateurs should be all identified with photos publictly available as potential instigators for other mass protest.


        The whole media narrative is a lie and by giving in to it at the outset, the right has already lost the argument.

        No justice, no peace, is a leftist slogan to begin with, and is the kind of thing you wear on your lapel when there is a rift between two parties that still have some common grounds.

        This is way beyond that. This is sedition and treason. It is undeclared war…and we are supposed to wear buttons in response? Anyway, Mr. Byrne’s slogan sounds like Michelle Obama, who preached, ‘When they go low, we go high..’

        The only difference is conservatives are all bark and no bite, whereas the left talks healing and walks arson and assault.

        There are only a few just responses to sedition and treason.
        One is martial law…the window for which is rapidly disappearing.
        The second is a war against our foreign enemeis, rounding up the seditionists and traitors in the process.
        The third is civil war.
        The fourth is secession.
        The fifth is dropping citizenship and fleeing to foreign counties. USA in diaspora.

        The rest is just capitulation and will only aid the enemy.

        1. my personal opinion is that we need militias: multiracial!!!! groups dressed like captain america for cities ONLY. suburbs are ours. and are peaceful so far.

          1. rip of the mask on live cam
          2. show the face in LIVE FEED!!!!
          3. get out

          peace through strength.


          you dont need to do anything else, unless someone is in trouble. we just need to show their faces. id them. you do need strength to be able to do that though.

          Lila, dont forget majority of middle class arent gonna drop their jobs and fight. the goons on the left have nothing to lose, and that’s why so gullible.

          1. I have no idea why people are skulking about as though they did something wrong and are in some kind of minority. We are the vast oppressed majority!
            Militias in urban areas would be good; citizen patrols….
            Lots of the middle class are retired or have lost their businesses…they have time to read and become radicalized. They have time to get out.

        2. hold on. you are way too cool to live this country. we need you here. DONT LIVE. sucks that i didnt bump into you @ some starbucks in inner harbor though 😉 you sound so damn cool.

          we do have to give patrick some time if he asks for it. the man has earned that right. i have met a lot of people in my life. rarely been impressed as much. keep doing our part to prepare though…. but in the end, even if we win every single legal case, … we need militia that will protect our interests when those thugs count the votes AGAIN!


  56. Patrick Byrne
    Replying to
    No. Things may be different in 30 days. But first we have to build away to communicate amongst pro freedom people without being silenced like they just did.

    Then look at look at what I sent you. You want a free and open way for the world to communicate and conduct business without censorship or interference, then look at what we can do with the BC you supported, Ravencoin.

    It is a brilliantly simple system that could change the world.

    If you don’t think it won’t work then just say it sucks but I have had multiple people look at the design and it will work.

    I want to take my voice and my buying power away from big tech. With this system we no longer need Kindle, iTunes, Spotify, twitter, youtube, netflix or any centralized marketplace for digital content.

    you have my email here and I also used my real info to send this to your press@deep a few weeks ago.

      1. It is not centralized!!! it is BlockChain and the beauty of the system is NO ONE OWNS IT….

        You post something, you get to decide who gets to see or display it and NO ONE can take it down.

  57. I am kind of surprised that you are posting on twitter again. Why are you supporting them other than to direct your followers away from the commies?

    1. second that, patrick… makes zero sense.

      would be nice if you explain your logic. because for me personally, it contradicts what you are preaching….

    2. ok, just looked up what you have to say on twittter and look forward to you establishing an alternative.

      thank you for everything you do. i am more than sure that i am speaking for all of us when i say, the nation and the patriots appreciate very much.


    3. above are patrick’s tweets.

      and my opinion. read the tweets. make up your own.

      dont reply on twitter. leave twitter. reply here.

    4. I wanted to get a message to a quarter of a mmillion followers quickly. I am figuring out where iI want to crate and develop my new social media location. Ideas welcome.

      Also, I am still woozy from covid. Weak. Lethargic. Give me time to ramp up.

      1. PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Can you clarify – thought you are working on something? Keep using twitter, work on the 30 day new project and then just delete your tweets and send us to your new location. It’s better you save your energy and get things done. But @ some point we do have to leave twitter. And if we dont catch the wave now it will be difficult.

        Vit D, dont forget. Vit A, D, E, and K are lipid soluble vitamins we all need with age. Get them. I get mine from Solgar. They are reliable, and US made (I believe consumer reports rated them really high). Vit d was low in Covid patients (association, no idea about causation)…

        Also, can you contact me @ my email address that i will provide and let me help you with things?

        I am the libertarian/anonymous guy ranting on the forum the most! hahaha

      2. also, before i go, i too had covid in march. felt what trump called “low energy” for 3 months after that… that cough was horrible….

        dont know what you have… but i’d take the lipid soluble vitamins i mentioned before… also vit c 1 g/d (be careful and ensure to drink enough water. my dad’s a urologist… says if you already had kidney stones >2 liters h2o OUTPUT……. i dont know your kidney situation… after all you’ve been through…) nothing more you can do really…

        alright dude. you made my day. gotta go. i was never a celebrity worshipper but you are definitely a giant of a man. there are very few giants that roam the earth @ any given time in history. you are one of those in my eyes.

        thanks for all you do.


  58. it’s also important to somehow clarify that none of the cases that went to courts were lost. they were deemed to hav no standing.

  59. I promise I will start doing so. But you have to do something for me: understand that you are walking into a trap. Nancy Pelosi wants to provoke you to be scared enough to go violent, and then they will create their police state under the guise of ending your “extremism”.

    agee partially only:

    they have a majority. they will do so anyway…. they only stop doing shit before the elections because the nation had a long history of proving that it’s stupid and will vote for demagogues.


  60. Here is an easy, non-controversial act people can do to express displeasure with both Dems and Reps: Re-register to vote as ‘no party affiliation’ or however it’s designated in your state. Less spam from your current political party is a bonus!

    There are rumors that Trump might start the Patriot Party. If he does, millions who voted for him will join and we will have more power being the tie breakers of the future. GOP and DNC leaders will have to kiss Trump’s arse to beg for his help. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    1. we are not trump ass kissers. we are pro-constitution citizens.

      for eg ron paul>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trump>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>biden.

    2. pam, “express displeasure”? you think they care? today is jan 20 th. i am still waiting for trump to do what he was supposed to.



        1. and the goons from the left showing up here proves it. fight fire with fire… as discussed.

          go to your mommy’s lab thief. HAHAHAHAHA…

          Cant run fast… make a cut… right?


          HAHAHHAHA LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. Political parties get lots of money from small donors, so that’s a good reason to not belong to either the GOP or the DNC. No more robocalls!

        Why don’t you volunteer to help journalist John Solomon wade through the foot high stack of FBI docs that Trump just declassified?

        1. pretty sure that majoritty of us here are libertarians pam

          we are pro constitution. and while we wanted trump, and did like him, he did fail us.

          and yes, i voted for him. and dont regret.

    3. He should just join us Libertarians. We are the only 3rd party that is registered in all states and his views align more with us then with the Reps or Dems

      1. i think he did briefly after ross perot… i might be wrong.

        i dont think he will. plus diluting votes wont help. we will lose everything. purpose is to get what the goons stole back. not be negotiate.

        now next question will be how to deal with mcconnell and co

        regret rand paul supporting him

  61. Look at this year: the Left’s political violence burned police stations, hurt 700 cops, killed 33, but since you got unruly on Jan 6 they used “information dominance” (the MSM are their toadies) to turn against you millions of Americans who until then had been on your side.

    partially agree, BUT: 75 million people voted for trump and we (if you believe if your data, buecause we TRUST YOU!!!!) knkow he won the election despite this massive MSM propaganda… I AM PROUD TO SAY, AMERICANS ARE NOT A STUPID NATION. WE NOW ALL KNOW THAT MEDIA HAS BEEN LYING ALL ALONG.


  62. So I will try to contribute more starting immediately. In 15-30 days there wi be robust social media alternatives to counter their information dominance. It is important we focus on migrating to such alternatives and building our audiences and our connections with each other.

    PATRICK IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YAY!!!!! MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!!!!!



  63. And until we do undermine their complete information dominance like that, you must do nothing controversial. Nothing they can spin, nothing they can exaggerate, nothing they can grasp their pearls and have vapeurs about.

    just beccuase it’s coming from the man patrick byrne himself. if it were coming from anyone else, i would have told you it’s another communist strategy to make you look “forward to our 5yr goaal!!!!”

    seriously, i would laugh @ it if trump had said it. but patrick has been very consistent. honest. and reliable.

  64. Trump declassified a foot high stack of FBI documents before he left. John Solomon reported it on his Just The News website. He will be going through them and revealing his findings. Most people know what he is likely to find and I doubt MSM will report.

    1. declassified using “to the extent possible” meaning… protect most of swamp

      after not pardoning snowden…. in addition to no fighting the stolen election… i think trump failed us in the end… why pardon jared’s dad and not snowden or assange?

  65. What can you do in the meantime? One easy simple thing: “NOT MY PRESIDENT”. Get it on buttons, get it on T-shirts, get it on hats and bumper stickers, Normalize it. Do not let them denormalize it. Wear it peacefully. Smile.

    I am sticking to talking … dont want to be physically attacked. 😉

    but doing my little part nonetheless..

    hate violence. although i do have some basic martial art training… 🙂 those guys are crazy have nothing to lose, tons of time, and i get angry easily.. so wanna stay low…

  66. As funny as it sounds, that’s all you have to do to drive them nuts. “NOT MY PRESIDENT”. They can handle violence from you. They WANT violence from you. But they cannot handle ridicule, and this simple statement will drive them crazy.


    1. adopt “NOT MY PRESIDENT” as your mantra;
    2. Do nothing more provocative than that, and certainly no violence;
    3. build connections in alternative social media for pro-freedom peopl
    4. I will contribute by keeping up a clarifying flow.


    hope you’re doing well.


  68. assange, snowden not pardoned. snowden opened our eyes. assage did the same. but they ruffled feathers of those that are powerful. shame on trump. you pardon jared’s dad for something wrong. and dont pardon the 2 above despite the fact that they were right. then talk about the swamp.


    remember, we all voted for trump to do the right thing. but he was not perfect. just the better of the 2 by a wide margin. now lets work on fixing the rigged election system so we can vote the scum out.

    1. Wow who could have seen that coming? Trump pardons a bunch of people who did financial crimes just like him? You were incredibly naive to believe he would do anything else.

      1. hold on. i wrote the thing above. now, i did vote for trump too. so biden is still a crook. you got me bro?

        and he i not my president. and trump IS MY PRESIDENT.

        go to your mommy’s lap.

        trump is not a crook. but he is no libertarian. which is 85% of the republican party. still by a mile better than biden.

  69. Writ of quo warranto: How the election can be corrected AFTER inauguration
    Patrick, please get these links to Sidney and realPOTUS. I am very familiar with attorney Leo Donofrio’s excellent work. This is a legitimate POST-INAUGURATION strategy based on proven case law. A good summary article as titled above is located here:
    noqreport DOT com/2021/01/20/writ-of-quo-warranto-how-the-election-can-be-corrected-after-inauguration/

    Donofrio’s work can be found here:
    naturalborncitizen.wordpress DOT com/

    Thanks for your dedication and resources to restore this Republic to its rightful owners. God Bless you.

    1. Leo disappeared. For good reason. Forget legal work. The constitution is dead. Arm yourself, no one is ever going to save you, other than you. It’s everyone for themselves. The United States is dead.

  70. Dear Pat,

    You lying little toad.

    Take every crappy thing you ever thought about yourself, and dwell on them forever.

  71. Shove your button up where the sun don’t shine Pat.

    The United States no longer exists, and I do not recognize whatever that thing in Maryland is. It has ZERO authority over me.

  72. “”Just remember, however, the Goons think they win if they can make you go violent in front of the TV cameras. And they are right, they will win….. unless you have shown such a preponderance of control that no reasonable observer could question that they were the aggressors, and you were exercising your right to self-defence.””

    You just don’t understand, Patrick.

    The game is (now) rigged against you. You Lose. Period.
    “Reasonable observers” do not exist. Kyle Rittenhouse, etc. You cannot fight, you cannot defend yourself. Antifa and the lot has the run of the field, the pillaging will not be pleasant.

    Despotic communism is all there is now. Your idea of saying “not my president” etc will quickly have your children confiscated by Child Protective Services. Freedom is existent only as it conforms with the State. Rights are similarly construed.

    Trump had the best chance to overthrow the system of many decades. For some reason, he chose not to make any definitive attempts throughout the 4 years, ultimately instead even accepting an obviously rigged election, maybe hoping he & his family will be spared (hint: reality, they won’t be). At least he’ll go down as keeping Hillary out of office – but the Biden crime clan might even be worse, particularly with the media whippings now in place against any opposition.

  73. None violence in the manner of Ghandi is what I support. Don’t buy their goods, don’t shop their stores and at some point don’t work their jobs. They want AI, but it’s not here yet. They want foreign workers but someone has to train them. Peaceful non compliance. Do without, recycle what you have, make your own or find a local maker.
    All small businesses need to open up at the same time.
    Grass roots need to force paper ballots at the county and state level. Make your county a sanctuary for free and fair elections. No digital machines. Honest people need to stand strong. Boycott elections until free and fair is implemented.

    1. Yes. Church. Also weekly conservative political gatherings in towns. Protest for the conservative political concerns their media and swamp people ignore. Conservative cultural education. Then also coordinate nation wide based on common concerns and goals.

    2. Peaceful noncompliance only works when the controlling side still has a proper moral sense.
      Here, even the well-meaning amongst them think it is for the “greater good” that they crush nonconformists.

  74. Guys, we are now getting popular enough for lefty goons to join us.


    Hi Shameless Liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Stupid CNN Propaganda believers.

    It’s so funny to see you all here!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. …So the goal at all times must be for our side to keep the moral high ground. The 1st Amendment covers us too, we get the right to peaceably assemble too…

    Why do you think this right will exist in practice? Obama famously had Lois Lerner (IRS) illegally harrass conservative groups (ended in her pleading the 5th 72 times before Congress – oops, she wasn’t prosecuted in the end, you don’t say?), certainly Biden will be ten times worse. If you doubt this, look at the military state that Biden turned DC into (25K troops), preventing any inauguration protests. Simple Alinsky rules: Trump uses force against protests = bad, Biden/Harris uses force (Insurrection Act?) against protests = good. Propaganda will ensure that.

    1. I am starting to suspect Patrick himself is a deep state Psychological operation agent. Even a child, looking at the Capitol building’s staged attack, all the aweful treatment of the conservatives in the past, other examples of the behaviour of Marxists across the globe, and the plans the left is already announcing can say that what he is suggesting doesn’t work and would even create more problems.

      Pay attention that this is Patrick Byrne. He is very knowledgeable in politics. If he did want to help you couldn’t he instead teach and encourage you to organise for advocating for the conservative political demands that you have? Gathering in your town, having sessions, forming a party, secession, church, education, boycotts.

      There are many very powerful and effective means of political opposition even without using guns. Why isn’t he using the historical means of protest in America against the Brits for forming a much stronger strategy?

      Wearing buttons? Yes go wear buttons. Get fired from your job and get beaten in the streets, and labeled by the media as crazy extremists.

      1. look, you read jus one of patrick’s posts and make up some stupid stuff. you may not AGREE with his opinion. his opinion may prove to be the best or not. BUT patrick’s opinion is his opinion. to accuse him of being a deep state agent is silly. i have watched hours of his videos to learn from the guy. he is a libertarian. and if milton friedman trusted him, you should too.

        …. look up milton friedman’s videos.

        … and yes, i disagree with him too. wearing buttons will get you bashed up by the goons and fired maybe…. plus we are just not that kind of people. we go about our life just being normal people.

        i personally think that unless quick response militias are formed to counter the antifa activity, nothing will get done. becuase police wont do it. and YES having militias WILL escalaate the situation. but allowing goons to roam will too. crime unpunished breeds more crime. they are the new mafia/mob. they are dominating for far too long. only a strong answer will solve this issue.

        1. When it comes to specifically politics, you always have to suspect everyone. Never trust anyone. Ever.

          Hear from everyone. Learn. Analyse. But NEVER trust.

          And no I am not like that at all when it comes to the everyday life.

          In politics, people with very legitimate sounding track records can be agents specifically made to inflict the most damage at the most critical time by abusing the trust which has been built in long term.

          If you conservatives keep on looking at politics the same way you see the matters in everyday life, you’re going to be screwed.

          Politics is a game of thrones. It’s ruthless and the stakes in terms of controling wealth and power are so high that, “yes, even THAT might be possible.”

          Right now, I don’t know why you see Antifa as the greatest deal. They don’t have a social base and the number of their members is so low that they have to fly the agents from one state to another for executing the next operation.

          Remember the attack on Rand Paul in the restaurant? They had to fly them to Washington. He was giving good explanations.

          1. I totally agree. Information warfare. There is a lot of disinformation out there, but it’s good to know about it and see who ultimately ‘has the sauce.’ I believe things until they are proven wrong.

            The same ‘Anonymous’ accused me of being a deep state psy op, too, so I guess I should be flattered to be put in the same category as Patrick.

        2. It’s pretty funny that Antifa are now rioting against Biden in Seattle, Portland and Denver. Will those mayors allow Biden to send in the National Guard, unlike when Trump offered to help? The Loony Left always eats their young.

          1. antifa riots when democrats want them to. i dont think that their leadership is independent of DNC.

          2. That so-called rioting against Biden looks like a psyop. Designed to given them cover for their allegiance to the DNC-CCP-DeepState axis. Antifa is to the Democrat party and useful idiot Repubs as Hezbollah is to Iran. The Democrat party is actually starting to resemble Hezbollah (with “Chinese characteristics). Antifa is their “military wing”.

          3. The Democrat party is starting to resemble Hezbollah (with “Chinese characteristics”). Antifa is their “military wing”.

    2. 1. disparage and stop using the hostile traditional media
      2. disparage and leave the hostile social media
      3. establish our own traditional media (and be ready to go if they sell out like fox/breitbart)
      4. establish our own social media (and be ready to go if they sell out like fox/breitbart)
      5. BELITTLE those that cite traditional media by laughing. NEVER ARGUE. you wont win. Just laugh and say, you forgot how often they lie to you? HAHAHAHAHA and go.
      6. fight in the courts
      7. organize MULTI-RACIAL pro-level private security and try to ensure they are paid. they should be the fight force to rip off the masks and get the faces live on the camera of every anifa/BLM goon.

      RIP OF THE MASKS AND SO WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE. arresting alone doesnt do much. they should be daily shamed and become pariahs.

  76. Did you see the video of the soldiers lining Beijing Biden’s motorcade route who TURNED THEIR BACKS? Media propaganda will spin it saying they all decided to take a leak at the same time!

    A military coup in the future? Trump is no longer in charge so he can’t be blamed. Fingers crossed!

    1. trump voter here.


      KEEP MUNCHING ON YOUR POPCORN AND EXPECTING A COUP. next election is in 2 yrs and we have to ensure that machines are fixed by then.

      trump blew it. also didnt fulfill his constitutional obligation. he was a nice guy but did fail us – his supporters @ the end.

      i feel your pain, but as much as it hurts, pls use your energies ot ensure the local elections are not stolen. there are more of us, but the other side doesnt play by the rulles.


  77. There is still hope, folks! I don’t know where this passage that Zack is reading is from, can’t see it clearly, maybe a blogger. If you can write comments on Rumble, please ask him. I’m summarizing what he is reading. The whole broadcast is interesting (especially Melania’s odd dress) but if you want just the best part, start listening at around 28:00.

    As president elect, Biden took a private jet, not a government jet, to DC which has never happened before. If the military has proof of fraud, they have the duty under military Code 11.3 to remove the false government and to restore a new legal civilian government. That was triggered when Biden was sworn in, with the assistance of foreign nations, and made his government illegitimate.

    During the McCarthy era there was a fear of communists taking over, so provisions allow the military to take control while removing the illegitimate government. Military will run the elections. They are the last line of defense of the Constitution if illegal government is installed. That’s why a jet wasn’t sent for Biden. They know he isn’t a legitimate president. Military is responsible for restoring government. Otherwise foreign powers will gain control.

    There will be false flags aka terrorist attacks, explosions and fires when this happens within a few days. So if you live in a city, stock up on supplies and stay inside.

    Military still haven’t left DC where they were sent to control riots. There are no riots. They lined the Biden motorcade route and turned their backs! No one is around except coup plotters and traitors. Why isn’t The Pentagon cooperating with the Biden transition team, refusing access to top secret and special ops info?

    These three posts are referenced by “our favorite Anon.” Note the date of the first! Caps are not mine.

    26 11/1/17
    Think about it logically.
    The only way is the military.
    Fully controlled.
    Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker).
    Biggest advanced drop on Pol.

    4821 10/7/2020

    4822 10/7/2020

    RedPill78 – The Corruption Detector, January 20 “SCARE EVENT, It Had to be Done By the Book”


      trump voter here.


      KEEP MUNCHING ON YOUR POPCORN AND EXPECTING A COUP. next election is in 2 yrs and we have to ensure that machines are fixed by then.

      trump blew it. also didnt fulfill his constitutional obligation. he was a nice guy but did fail us – his supporters @ the end.

      i feel your pain, but as much as it hurts, pls use your energies ot ensure the local elections are not stolen. there are more of us, but the other side doesnt play by the rulles.


    2. Forgot to mention Trump still has the nuclear football. He said that he’d be back soon or something similar. Biden didn’t get Secret Service protection so hired private security, claiming he feared the SS were loyal to Trump. I wonder if he knows he is only playing a part in a farce?

      1. Well, I have a nuclear football too. And Arnorld Schwarzenegger said he will be back even before Trump became president.

        PAM, CAN YOU READ?

        trump voter here.


        KEEP MUNCHING ON YOUR POPCORN AND EXPECTING A COUP. next election is in 2 yrs and we have to ensure that machines are fixed by then.

        trump blew it. also didnt fulfill his constitutional obligation. he was a nice guy but did fail us – his supporters @ the end.

        i feel your pain, but as much as it hurts, pls use your energies ot ensure the local elections are not stolen. there are more of us, but the other side doesnt play by the rulles.


        1. Pam doesn’t have pain. Pam is a deep state Psychological operation agent which is sent to keep you passive about what’s going on by popcorn and false promises.

  78. I am always waiting to read your article. I don’t believe in violence but President Trump’s supporters never did any violence but they were constantly beaten up by leftists on streets, ridiculed by media, democrats, all the companies and Institutions, who fire them out. But I don’t agree where you are saying that Trump supporters can wear shirts and buttons and display signs as “not my president”. They will again be beaten on s the streets. Look at Roger Stone’s wife. She is an old lady and was walking with her dig and was attacked by a leftist goon and ended up in hospital. Who is listening to Trump supporters? Is there any leader in GOP, who is paying attention? Is there any court in the country, that is even ready to listen to president’s case in their court? The same Supreme Court justice, for whom president fought a bloody war, but now they are confirmed, got jobs for their lifetime, are not even paying attention to what is going on. Even if they don’t listen to president Trump or not like him, they need to do justice for the sake of hard working Americans.

  79. Just saw this: “Report: White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Blocking Assange Pardon”

    is Cipollone just a fall guy? I somehow just cant believe trump is THAT stupid/or can be controlled to that extent. trump even knew that mitt romney was heckled en route to dc… he was so freaking well read about what is happening online….
    it would be very strange, but maybe Cipollone is a very close confidante doing what he is told?

    either way, he blew the chance to do the right thing. and failed his duty if you ask me. i do remember trump being very disparaging about snowden thoguh…

    1. Trump is not controlled by Cipollone on that issue. Grenell is a Trump loyalist and it was Grenell with Trump’s backing who went after Assange. Cassandra Fairbanks of TGP got some inside info on that.

      1. grenell seems to be almost libertarian… why? what’s the benefit. he is actually fiscally conservative from what we saw and a reliable trump supporter too.

  80. Trump supporter & Constitutional Patriot here. Every bit as disappointed & dismayed as others here about some things (sans the trolls), but don’t get all the remarks that Trump “let us down”. Yes it wasn’t (so far) what I hoped for either, can’t explain why he didn’t pardon a few others but not ready to nuke him yet, more is coming to light everyday. I read he didn’t fight against the fraud election, he’s just part of the swamp, bla bla bla…please fill me in on that logic. I know of nobody that could’ve withstood the daily onslaught that he has, yet accomplished what he has in 4yrs, and don’t believe he’s done yet..whatever that is. One thing for sure is nothing will ever be the same because of him…I (we), the 80+ million (before the cheat) aren’t going anywhere, the movement will only get stronger. We’re gonna have a rough road ahead but nothings over until WE say it’s over. Hell I’m an old guy and fought tougher wars than this and it’ll never be over for me!

    Over the last 5yrs, the lying Democrats and THEIR leftist media mockingbird mouthpieces have wittingly perpetrated a coup d’éta of words against my President, and through their relentless 24/7 attacks based on repetitive malicious and deceptive misinformation in lock-step, effectively brainwashed half this country and are complicit in creating the greatest divisiveness between the American people in over a 100 yrs. The current liberal MSM is the most collusive, deceitful & skewed propaganda machine in U.S. history. Make no mistake they ARE the true enemy of democracy and WE THE PEOPLE. They should somehow be held accountable for what I feel all along amounted to verbal insurrection culminating with the interference in a Presidential election! Cut the head off the snake and the body dies…journalism is dead!

    God bless Patriots!!

    1. PS…meant to write: assuming freedom men by currency or net worth maintain humility by staying humble in lieu of haughty arrogance that many of them including Munger possess.

      It’s almost always about money, ain’t a damn thing funny!

    2. i believe any republican wouldl have faced the same onslaught. media and the goon left were getting ready to dominate via hillary and then all of a sudden all their plans failed.

      trump is AS OF NOW our best choice because the only TRUE fiscal conservative is RAND paul or massie. rand paul might have gone further than he did when running against trump but our republican masses have been brainwashed to label any non-interventionist as isolationist. once again, by the media. we are talkinng about trump being mistreated by the media. and it’s true. can anyone tell me that RON paul got treated any better when he “lost” to mitt?

      trump always WAS a part of swamp. billionaire businessman iin NYC cant survive without the swamp. BUT he was honest (they tried to railroad him and never could) and he DOES LOVE THE COUNTRY.

      BUT he diid fail to fight. he did fail to pardon Snowden/Assange. Are you telling me that pardoning Jared’s dad is fair when two guys who risked lives for truth, and in case of Snowden, for our country, are not? trump is not corrupt but he is ready to make shady “deals” (like when he was talking to hillary – watch what he told her @ the Alfred Smith dinner. He essentially told her, she will be off the hook but still kept the crowd going “lock her up”… which she should have been).

      trump is PRO USA and it’s really good for the country that he became the president. would have been better if he had a 2nd term simply because of america first. and also it seemed like he was planning to implementt SOME fiscal austerity. Our politicians have gone NUTS in terms of allocating money. seriously millions of dollars to other countries… wtf… that’s not only swamp. that’s criminal

  81. Over the last 5yrs, the lying Democrats and THEIR leftist media mockingbird mouthpieces have wittingly perpetrated a coup d’éta of words against my President, and through their relentless 24/7 attacks based on repetitive malicious and deceptive misinformation in lock-step, effectively brainwashed half this country and are complicit in creating the greatest divisiveness between the American people in over a 100 yrs. The current liberal MSM is the most collusive, deceitful & skewed propaganda machine in U.S. history. Make no mistake they ARE the true enemy of democracy and WE THE PEOPLE. They should somehow be held accountable for what I feel all along amounted to verbal insurrection culminating with the interference in a Presidential election! Cut the head off the snake and the body dies…journalism is dead!

    God bless Patriots!!

  82. Well stated but it will now only worsen in ways resembling We The Peoples worst nightmares since for way too long The People have become disinterested sheep empowering electors with more global plans into the bowels of their political system.

    Much of this is due to the lazy, complacent nature The Republic became expecting to sit back on its laurels after less than 200 years of post WW2 success.

    A nation that no longer “produces” anything except “currency” at home, has gotten what it deserves.

    Dr. Byrne is intellectualizing about the origin of Fascism where in fact the development of all systems and ideologies are established by following the distribution or lack thereof of money in anticipation of opportunities always connecting to people and resources.

    Privileged men including Dr. Byrne are no strangers to the fact that money remains The Great Liberator or differentiator for real freedom to be experienced on one’s journey assuming they don’t remain humble and let their lucky plight go to their heads.

    Follow the money, and those who maintain “Dominion” over it, and that’s the only history one needs to know.

    America has now pivoted towards Communism and Capitalists at the pinnacle of the wealth meter including people like Charles T. Munger before he finally dies, are laughing in their arm and wheel chairs inside the privacy of their luxurious homes.

  83. Good God…I am struggling with coherent thoughts after this recent theft of traditional American ways of life.

    Adapt or die is certainly true as well.

    How about succinctly: Money or net worth can be liberating if one maintains humility and doesn’t let it blow up their heads! Lol

    Yeah, that’s a better description of a better character or steward in charge of money and/or resources.

    1. Make that “less than 100 years post World War 2 prosperity.”

      It seems as though the speed of a nation’s downfall due to technological advancements is accelerating when comparing this Republic to The Fall of Rome by example.

  84. LILA SAID:

    I have no idea why people are skulking about as though they did something wrong and are in some kind of minority. We are the vast oppressed majority!
    Militias in urban areas would be good; citizen patrols….
    Lots of the middle class are retired or have lost their businesses…they have time to read and become radicalized. They have time to get out.


    WE ARE THE MAJORITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  85. Learn how to recognize a Media Matters ShareBlue troll. They usually say, “I voted for Trump but…” or “I am a conservative but…” Their job is to demoralize you, like Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose during WWII. Not saying a few of these people aren’t genuine. Just keep that in mind.

    Read the excellent book about media propaganda by Sharyll Attkisson, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote

    1. i am not a “conservative”, pam… i am a libertarian.

      troll? demoralize?

      you are funny. read all of my posts, and you will see that i am pro-trump just because i am pro constitution. i do think he has done a lot of good, and wish he had won again. do i think he is perfect? hell no. he pardoned jared’s dad but not snowden or assange. he didnt use his legal power to fight the coup and talke from both sides of the mouth when he said the best is yet to come. wtf can he do now? he is a smart guy who blew it in GA election because he let it go ahead.

      national debt issue was not addressed too, but i give him a half pass… i get a feeling he wanted to have it done in the 2nd term

      btw i am not shady. nor am i a political operative. i think for myself. i am 100 % clear about the fact that trump was better for us than biden BUT i would have accepted the outcome had it been fair. the elections, howver were not fail

      the point we are arguing with you is different.

      i am saying your sources are wrong. you are reading fake news. wishful thinking.


      you toldd me to: KEEP MUNCHING ON YOUR POPCORN because trump waas about to do somethign. so i did hope he will, although i doubted that. now, however, it is pretty clear he failed us all IN THIS REGARD. i still think he is beetter for the country.

      got it?

  86. Pam, certain rabble rousers here by identical “Anonymous” pseudos suggest that you are following “fake news” when referencing sites you bring forth for viewer attention like “Redpill78.”

    Why are there more than one “Anonymous” pseudos permitted on Byrne’s Blog? This can be confusing and misleading.

    For the record, casual observers do find that specific site interesting at a minimum, but who comes up with the cross referencing inference points like “gold trim” surrounding flags in President’s last speech, and dress interpretations being worn by the former First Lady, for example?

    When conferring with highly educated, very intelligent PolySci majors in our network, they confirm sites as these being “fake,” and far more extreme than NeoCon substitutes by comparison.

    Pam, you have had Dr. Byrne’s attention here as I recall, but your claims including sources about future outcomes are now being put into question.

    What might you say in rebuttal beyond your last post regarding infiltrators with Vietnam history?

    1. Whenever I see your user name, my mind reads it as ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet,’ one of my favorite Britcoms.

      All the Anonymice might be embarrassed to know that Patrick has been a guest on RedPill78 as well as QuiteFrankly and — dare I say it? InfoWars! Maybe they should do a little research and check their snobbery at the door before casting aspersions.

      There’s a Byrne in my family tree, so maybe Patrick is a distant cousin. He does have a rather disconcerting resemblance to my father’s side of the family. And his family is from the same area as mine. Six degrees of separation?

  87. As a Libertarian I have voted for both Dems and Reps depending on the person. Not for president, I have never voted for a Rep or Dem for President but for other races.

    There are “good” Dems and Reps and there are bad Dems and Reps. Nancy and Mitch both fit the latter. Tulsi is an example of a good Dem.

    We need multiple points of view, but honest ones. Saying the Dems did this or the Reps did this is completely missing the problems and is exactly what “they” want you to do. Keep you fighting and yelling at each other while “they” do what they wish.

    Rather than blaming the left or the right, listen to them, figure out their arguments and form a rational counter argument. If you can’t then maybe they are right and you are wrong.

    We need to engage the opposite side not destroy them.

    As for all the corrupt people on both sides of the isle they need to be in jail. Remember is was not just the Dems working against Trump and there are hundreds of Reps that are also hiding the election fraud.

    1. tulsi is a marxist. how can a libertarian support her? name one democrat that wants a limited government?

      rand paul and tom massie are the only 2 men of honor left in our goverment. cruz acts like one when necessary. rubio? joke of the day. stupid and wasteful.

  88. I have always stated that politicians remain two sides of the same coin.

    Watching Bush Jr., aka, Dumba, sucking up to Obamanation and Billary proves same.

    It’s all about the money. Follow it…always for seeking cause and effect.

    1. bush was not as dumb as you would think, bro. he came across as that. the opposite of obama coming across as intellectual.

      listen to their interviews post-presidency, see how well read they are, and compare the 2. bush is above average smart. obama smart, nothing special. bush wasnt afraid to show the grades. obama waas…. wonder… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  89. Pam Patriot: What’s going on in DC? Are the troops there to protect this President and his administration?

    Something just doesn’t feel right every time this new President steps up to the podium masking and demasking.

    He is depicting Great Depression situations while getting all teary eyed even though it’s their Covid policies continuing to destroy grass root businesses throughout America’s local economies.

    All he talks about is feeding at the same time paying treasury dollars to rescue Black and Latino families out of poverty through no fault of their own.

    Did Covid really cause this or was there something systemic for years and decades prior which has taken place?

    I happen to notice an influx of Black and Latinos moving into what used to be predominantly white above average wealthy communities in Southern California.

    I hate to be judgmental but they seem like inner city families who may not have the financial means to live there knowing the high home prices in these communities, but somehow they are via some source of government funds or aid.

    Something is very wrong out there resembling The Twilight Zone. Black is white, and white is black for the love of God.

    God save the work values that was once embedded in the soul of America without expecting those who have done the hard work to pay the freight of those who won’t, and probably never will.

    Pam Patriot, please don’t ignore my inquiries because I am a Trump supporter.

    1. “hate to be judgmental but they seem like inner city families who may not have the financial means to live there knowing the high home prices in these communities, but somehow they are via some source of government funds or aid.”

      live in newport beach. regular in irvine and lake forest. can confirm this is fake news. plus, biden has been in charge for literally less than 2 days.

      the problem with these kinds of texts is that others will think that you are being judgmental.

  90. It must just be parts of Ventura County then, speaking anonymously with accurate anecdotal observations.

    1. Housing Secretary Ben Carson, who previously criticized President Barack Obama’s fair housing rule as “social engineering,” said the new rule would give people more affordable housing options in communities nationwide.

      “Mayors know their communities best, so we are empowering them to make housing decisions that meet their unique needs, not a mandate from the federal government,” Carson said. “If a community fails to improve housing choice, HUD stands ready to enforce the Fair Housing Act and pursue action against any party that violates the law.


      Of course, the recent influx we are observing might even connect to remnants of Antifa members during this violent election.

      We will leave the judging up to God.

      1. these bastards talk about black white the whole time instead of letting market rule and letting the market create jobs wihout political interference. there are poor people of all colors. ideally (politicians will never do it) you just scrap race from the questionaire. that would cause desegregation.

        1. Beautifully stated while adding meritocracy to your description for ensuring long term progress of society.

          Indeed, “all lives should matter” as we are all the same in our core being seeking to be loved, secure and protected from outside sources especially forces.

          It’s the character of the person that matters most importantly.

          Creating rifts culturally, ethnically and religiously serves the purpose of despots who seek to conquer, control and rule over societal organizations instead of empowering them to be independent and productive for ensuring mankind’s best interest.

          Thank you for that breath of fresh air.

  91. I smell c1a 10000 miles against the wind. White hats, black hats – pah. You’re all the same – spooks! A little manipulation here, a little there.

    Of course agent provocateurs and stupid and random violence is no answer. Force is! If all else fails, FORCE is the only way to win anything at all. Unless there is some secret MIL handling of the government: The US is now a kleptocracy. The solution is right there mentioned in the constitution:

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    The only question is, are we at that point now with all 3 branches compromised or not? What does “long train” in time and events mean? 1 month? 10 years? 1 fraudulent election? 10 of them?

    If I have roaches in our kitchen, the best solution is the quickest solution! Calling the exterminator NOW and not to wait for years.

    Regarding Trump: Why didn’t he get the bad guys arrested? Why didn’t he fire all the holdovers? He had 4 years time.

  92. I have a question: What are we supposed to do when no matter how much peaceful protesting we do and no matter how many of us let our voices be heard at the voting booth, the Democrats still win elections by well planned and well executed means of fraud? And please do not tell me there was not enough fraud to have affected the recent Presidential election. I will never believe that for a second. I will always believe that the massive amount of evidence was suppressed at every turn by members of the Washington establishment.

    1. I have the same question. Do we go ‘underground’? Do we use civil disobedience? In what ways? How do we organize without triggering authoritarian action? I think we can learn a lot from the German and Italian ‘underground’ resistance.

  93. “Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant” ` Epictetus

    I have come to realize the problems we face today are the result of so many of our protected and “educated” having never benefited from the gift of adversity as so many of us before them. In our attempt to prevent the suffering of our youth, we eliminated the need to strive for betterment. Suffering is a double-edged sword. It is both a curse and a gift…in that order.

    Thank you, Patrick! Knowing you are on the side of the constitution gives me hope that we can save this great Republic!

  94. the Three Percenters have a principle called No Fort Sumters.


    If we simply REFUSE to cooperate in our own oppression, eventually some federal thug is going to feel compelled to kill one or more of us for our temerity, likely on our own doorstep, in our homes, with our family watching (or, made casualties themselves).

    This is the gambit. If we take it, they are lost. If they take, they are lost.

    Lincoln hoped and prayed that the South would fire on Fort Sumter, just as these tyrannical bastards are hoping to get the same reaction from us. Lincoln got his wish. We should not give the present day tyrant wannabes theirs.

    If we refuse to bow to their tyranny, however, eventually it is they who lose patience. Time is against them once people start defying them. They MUST scare the rest of the sheep in order to maintain power.

    And so they will come to us with deadly force. Then we can resist with deadly force. En masse. Together. And we will finish these domestic enemies of the Founders Republic by giving them incentives to leave or die.

    AFTER they start it.

    In legitimate self-defense.

  95. To the 3 %. We need local political changes! We need to stop outside money from influencing local elections! We need to get legislation targeting monopolies! We need a lottery set up. The Lottery would randomly pick local recent graduates with a degree in accounting to audit city budgets annually! Every city with members of the new UNIPARTY of Globalists would have to explain where the money goes and how big business is being gobbled up by 4 companies!

  96. Patrick, the Lefties did “Not My President” buttons and that got them the derision of the Trumpsters, a few days of news coverage and nothing else. Most of the National Guard and many police agree with Trump’s presidency. They hate the Leftists. Then we also have millions of Veterans who are trained seasoned military. Then we have all of the 3% gun-owning patriots. All together that represents a sizeable force. I’m not so sure you are right about a rebellion being squashed. Nor am I so sure that the middle-class as you call them, would not support an uprising once they see what is going to happen to them anyway. Jus’ Sayin’

  97. Patrick, the Lefties did “Not My President” buttons and that got them the derision of the Trumpsters, a few days of news coverage and nothing else. Most of the National Guard and many police agree with Trump’s presidency. They hate the Leftists. Then we also have millions of Veterans who are trained seasoned military. Then we have all of the 3% gun-owning patriots. All together that represents a sizeable force. I’m not so sure you are right about a rebellion being squashed. Nor am I so sure that the middle-class as you call them, would not support an uprising once they see what is going to happen to them anyway. Jus’ Sayin’

  98. LOL you tell us there were there are thousands of militia armed and ready to go if only you say the word, and yet when some of them did go and try to lynch Mike Pence (which they freely declared, both before and during the riot, as one of their objectives), you blame it all on one skinny black kid.
    Get real. Angry, dumb white people, riled up by Trump and Lin Wood and Josh Hawley and others, including to a very small extent, you, did it all.

  99. We are so peaceful and “law following” and that is the very reason we always LOSE!! And will continue to always lose and be walked on, etc, etc. We are pathetic Do- NOTHINGS.

  100. We are so peaceful and “law abiding” and that is the very reason we always LOSE and we will ALWAYS continue to LOSE!!! This criminal, inept gov’t only takes notice when you crack their nose and get some blood flowing, otherwise yeah we get Nothing.

  101. If you open this book by its title at Amazon.com, you get four pretenders to the book. The real book is hidden in some deep state rig. It’s incredible.

    Nevertheless, it is a bestseller.

    I called Barnes and Noble and said I wanted to get a Nook to buy this book, and my connection hung up on me. They really don’t want this book read. But it’s going to be read. I hope.

  102. “Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results-oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble. Their methods of choice are good will, cooperation, forbearance, negotiation and finally, appeasement, roughly in that order. Only when these fail to end the abuse do they revert to blowback. And they do so irretrievably. Once the course is set and the outcome defined, doubt is put aside. The middle class is known — condemned actually — for carrying out violence with the efficiency of an industrial project where bloody destruction at any scale is not only in play, it’s a metric. Remorse is left for the next generation; they’ll have the leisure for it. We’d like to believe this is merely dark speculation. History says it isn’t.” — Ol’Remus

  103. I’m reminded of the protests at Standing Rock and what it all made me realize. By remaining non violent, not reacting to any instigative from the other side, the other side starts to increase its attempts to provoke protesters- like… upping the ante, becoming bold, reaching further and further across the line and into more threatening and violent actions, just trying and trying to get a response in kind. By remaining non-reactive, especially with all the video coverage from individuals with their phones to less than trustworthy media, it allows everyone to witness/realize the truth of the situation. I figure- if there is no violence FROM the protesters, there IS NO footage to be used against them…. and i’m rambling now….

  104. “Gun seizures, interment camps…”

    Don’t you mean interNment camps?

    And it’s MoldOva — not Moldava.

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