How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6)

Flynn and Sidney left DC to their own worlds for a few days, but I was staying around in DC for the next several days. Before Mike left we had a conversation. I use this opportunity to share a bit more about Mike Flynn.

I knew from people who had worked in the field what Flynn had done to make himself an enemy of the Swamp. When he arrived in Iraq, materials gained in raids were being bundled up in bags, shipped back to Virgina to be “exploited” and analyzed and, a month or two later, useful information sent back to the troops on the front lines. Flynn sees the world like an entrepreneur, and set about to redesign the process, so that exploitation and analysis was done on-base in Iraq, the loop condensed into 18 hours, so that the next night when people went out raiding, they already had the benefit of insights gained from the previous night’s work. Eventually the loop was so tightened that a raid early in the evening in one location was generating materials that were studied through the night, and informing raids that were still being conducted at dawn. People I knew and trusted in the field were telling me that this guy Flynn had his admirers, but he had detractors as well, primarily those comfortable with the ol’ boy approach, disgruntled at the way he was shaking things up and bringing modern ideas into the Intelligence Community’s comfortable way of doing things. As his career progressed Flynn’s divisiveness to the Establishment became legendary, but in my experience, men and women I knew who seemed like bright, chipper, mission-oriented federal employees spoke well of Flynn, and the Mediocrities were the ones who seemed to hate him.

But being with Mike Flynn all those weeks, I learned things about him that were new to me. For example, Mike 61, was a lifelong Democrat, in an Irish Catholic south-of-Boston north-of Providence Jack Kennedy kind of way (not in a modern Lefty, “Let’s shred the Constitution!” kind of way). He is a deep reader of the Constitution, and is one of the few people I know (besides myself) who cites The Federalist Papers by number in conversation. When discussing America’s modern wars, he sounded almost Chomskyan, telling me that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have ended 15 years ago, but so many hundreds of billions and (eventually) trillions of dollars got flowing to the corporations that supported the wars, and the firms benefiting from that flow of funds had grown so fat, and hired so many lobbyists, that they fought in DC to keep the wars going so that the spigot would stay turned on. We joked to each other that the war was just “another Washington, DC self-licking ice cream cone.”

In other words, “capture”. As happens with my from time to time, I meet someone from a completely different background who has come to recognize the issue that underlies so many of our problems as a nation. That problem is that powerful elites have captured the decision-making cycles of our government, and turned it towards their private ends. The fact that from our different backgrounds and different lifetimes of experience, we had arrived at the same fundamental analysis of what is wrong with our country, told me that I my new trail-buddy was the right guy.

And again, we had a number of conversations along the lines of, “General, what the fuck are we doing here?”

I was to be alone in DC over Christmas, but the day before Christmas I got a call from someone in Trump-orbit. The caller told me that I should get down to Florida, to somewhere near Mar-o-Lago, and it was being arranged that I could have another short meeting with Trump, maybe as little as 10 minutes. Because I was by then thoroughly convinced he was not listening to sound people and was missing the Big Picture in some ways, I seized the invitation, and went from DC to Florida to a hotel just a few miles away from Mar-a-Lago. I checked in, and awaited contact.

Soon I received a call from a reasonably well-known person who is publicly associated with Trump, although I do not know how tight they actually are. With him on the call was a colleague of his, and they were telling me to get over to Mar-a-Lago and ask for “Eileen” (name changed to protect the innocent). I asked for her last name, and was told, “Just get there and ask for Eileen.” I asked for Eileen’s position, or even what area she worked in. I was told, “Just get to Mar-a-Lago as soon as you can, and ask for Eileen.” I replied that I really do not like working that way, that I wanted to know more before I went. Again the reply was adamantly, “Get over to Mar-a-Lago, go to the gate, and ask for Eileen. It has all been arranged.”

With trepidation I got dressed in my best yoga clothes (my others having been sent out for a rare cleaning) to set out for Mar-a-Lago. I called an Uber, and the ride was e a tinny, beat-up Toyota Corolla of some years’ vintage.

When I arrived at the gates of Mar-a-Lago I sent the Corolla on its way. When I approached the Secret Service detail and told them that I was there to see, “Eileen,” the federal agents all looked at each other and shrugged. “Eileen who?” They asked. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I was just told to ask for Eileen.” They again looked at each other with a raised eye. “OK, but Eileen who?” I replied, “I am to have some kind of short meeting with the President, and I was called and told to get here and ask for ‘Eileen’.” Again, they said, “Well whose Eileen?” Again I had to tell them I did not know. The conversation spiraled downhill from there, through no fault of the Secret Service agents. I perhaps did not help the situation when I, noticing that one of the female agents had a light Chinese accent, in an attempt to calm the situation and establish some rapport, began rapping with her in Mandarin. We spoke for a few minutes but it only seemed to increase the nervousness of the other agents. Around that time I began to think it would probably be best simply to disengage and get away, and try to work things out by telephone, but the agents did not seem to like that idea.

Eventually the supervising agent came over. He was one of those fellows whom one meets and knows immediately he is not a guy with whom to screw in any way. Still proper but with a fair bit of aggression, he said, “Back up. Start again. We want to know your story. Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Not knowing where to start, I began this way: “20 years ago I started a company called, my name is -.” He interrupted with a snort, “Yeah right you’re Patrick Byrne.” Suddenly I got it: the shitty Toyota Corolla, my yoga clothes, the Chinese…. I showed my license, and this time it all clicked. And it clicked for me, too, how the activities of Flynn, Sidney and I were drawing attention. I was not fully appreciating until then how much attention there was on what we were doing, but it made sense.

In any case, the Secret Service agents remained cordial, nodded to me, and several said, “Thanks for what you are doing,” as they permitted me to walk off the property, cross a bridge, and get another Uber.

I hung out an additional few days, waiting for things to be cleared up. They never were. But over those days, I was there on the periphery of the Mar-a-Largo crowd and the hundreds of Republican Pooh-Bah families that were down together for the holidays occupying most of the surrounding hotels. Swimming as I was on the periphery of the Republican Party bigwigs and its movers-and-shakers, I got a sense for the gestalt of it all. There were some terrific young people, intellectuals who could have deep conversations about ideas as well as events. There was a woman of my age or slightly older, a retired executive from a Fortune 50 company, who was exceedingly strong, capable, and intelligent. Then as far as I could tell, the rest were riff-raff. Rich riff-raff, no doubt: shiny-car riff-raff, loud and obnoxious riff-raff, self-centered riff-raff, dilettantes and poseurs and grifters of one variety or another, with Plastic Fantastic wives and husbands and doily children wining publicly about whatever subject or thing they felt deprived. People for the most part I would not be inclined to piss on if they were on fire. What I did not see were believers, people who had vision…. or a plan.

The day before New Year’s Eve I got a call from Our Man in Georgia. We already knew that in Fulton County (in which Atlanta rests) there was a County Election operation operating out of what was called, “the English Street warehouse”. An Antifa-looking woman had accepted $500 to infiltrate the warehouse, take a bunch of photos, and seize blank ballots from different stacks. Those ballots could be tested forensically.


I lined up two federally-certified forensic document examiners (old-timers in the field) who were willing to work New Year’s Day, and got to Georgia on New Year’s Eve.

In Georgia, I stayed at the home of some people who were involved in this effort. That is when I first met Jovan Pulitzer (though there had been communication for weeks between my cyber-colleagues and Jovan). Also present was a senior corporate security expert, the man who had found the situation in a counting operation in Savannah, Georgia: a tabulating machine turned out to have a wireless card in it, on the wall there was a Smart Thermostat, and that thermostat had connected wirelessly to the counting machine. Further research had confirmed that someone from China Telecom had come through the Internet onto the Smart Thermostat in order to connect to the machine. The cybersecurity expert spent the rest of the evening telling us about the shocking vulnerabilities in the election machines, their tendency to run on Operating System software that was 10-15 years old, and in general, how the technology was Swiss Cheese. We sat up past midnight discussing vulnerabilities.

At 3 AM on New Year’s Day I received a text from General Flynn. He was still up working as well. He sent me photos that were then flashing around social media: down in Mar-a-Lago, Rudy and others from the entourage had rung in the New Year with a bang. Photos of Rudy, Don Jr., and Kimberly Gilfoyle drinking champagne, dancing, and Partying Like It’s 1999 were circulating through social media.

Again, Flynn and I shared a moment of exasperated silence.

On New Year’s Day I was in the laboratory of the federally certified forensic document examiner, and one of his colleagues who had driven through the night to be there. They were quiet, professional, and I left them to their work. After an hour they reported: two of the ballots were printed in one print shop, the other was printed in a different print shop using different paper, different ink, and a different printing method. It being unlikely that the county had ordered its ballots from two different print shops, this was indicative that at least one of the ballots was a counterfeit.

Our Man in Georgia had the warehouse in Atlanta under observation. Bums with telephoto lenses were filming. The Georgia Senate had demanded to inspect the contents of that warehouse on English Street. Hours later, rented Enterprise vans pulled up to the warehouse, and pallets of ballots were moved out.

The next day, a shredding company in a neighboring county got a phone call to pick up an assignment to shred. The truck pulled up, and loaded approximately 3,000 pounds of ballots. It has been confirmed to me that the order was paid for by someone with a credit card from “Dominion Voting”. The shredding truck pulled away. Through a mechanism I will not explain, that shredding truck was intercepted, its work stopped, and ultimately 10,000 pounds of shredded material was dumped out on the floor of a local police station, so there would be a chain-of-evidence. Roughly 3,000 pounds of the shredded material was the ballots (the other 7,000 was from prior customers). The shredding that had been order by the Dominion Voting employee had not been normal shredding (turning things into long strips); it had not been the special shredding (turning the material into confetti); it had been the super-duper military-grade shredding, where the ballots had been shredded then crushed down to spitballs.

An Atlanta DHS agent arrived and took command. A discovery was made: some of the shredded ballots had not been completely shredded. In fact, a few had stuck to the walls of the bin, and were whole. Also found, I was told, were receipts and shipping labels from the outside of the boxes that held the ballots: these receipts and shipping labels were from a Chinese print shop in the south of China. The DHS agent acquired all of these (and that particular agent is one with an expertise in matters Chinese, I am told).

Call that moment, “T = 0”. Based on the continuous reports I was receiving from Atlanta, here is how the next two days unfolded:

  • T + 6 hours: Rudy Giuliani was informed of what was going on;
  • T + 12 hours: Mark Meadows was informed of what was going on
  • T + 18 hours: FBI arrived on the scene to take over. DHS resisted.
  • T + 24 hours: I received a message that the DHS agent in question was uncomfortable with the political pressure he was receiving. If I understood correctly, he was saying that Mark Meadows himself (Chief of Staff of the White House) had called him and told him to back off the investigation. It was not clear to me whether I was receiving the message just as a bystander, or the DHS agent was deliberately causing that message to come to me, in the incorrect hope I could do something about it (e.g., get it to the President).
  • T + 36 hours: The FBI took control of the operation. They instructed the shredding company to come back, pick up the 10,000 pounds of material, complete the shredding, then continue with their normal procedures. That meant the shredded material was mixed with water and acid, melted, then reconstituted as recycled paper.

Various aspects of the story I told above are documented in photos and film.

Meanwhile, I had returned to DC. I was still trying to get another 10 minutes with Trump. I wanted to repeat to him again that if he waited until he lost on January 6 and then tried the plan that we had been proposing, it would be sore loserism. But we still had a few days left, and if he pulled the trigger, we could have an answer regarding those Problematic 6 counties. We could have it done before January 6, so that the Senate might make an informed choice, or buy us an extra week to do more work, or or or…

At this point I will insert one important sub-story. In those days of swimming around with people who were in various proximities to the President, I was told something by someone very much in Trump’s inner circle. What I was told was this: Melania had been warned by a government official that if Trump served another term he would be JFK’ed. It may even have been someone in the Secret Service itself, in a “We will not be able to protect him” sense. The threat included another family member as well, per the telling. I find it hard to believe that anyone in the Secret Service itself would ever say that, but the source of the information to me had otherwise been blemishless, and the claim was that whoever (perhaps Secret Service, perhaps someone else) had said this to Melania, it was someone from whom such a claim would be taken seriously. Melania was begging Donald not to fight, and simply to concede and get out of Washington with his family.

Flynn and I were together again in DC, watching the approaching January 6 date like frustrated hawks. I had done several interviews and even a public speech or two where I had insisted that, “We do not go violent, we are better than the other guys, if we go violent we lose.” I thought it was too obvious to dwell on.

I learned that I had been invited to speak on the morning of January 6, on the South Lawn, by the Women for Trump who had organized the rally. I prepared a talk to hit two points: how our system of consent of the governed relies on elections that are free, fair, and transparent (which our November election was not). Secondly, we do not use violence.

I was torn between two ways of making the point about non-violence:

  • Telling a story from Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead regarding non-violence (which I have written up on Deep Capture as:  Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & “The Main Asshole”).
  • Telling a story I told about Moldova. I had been there a few years earlier, and a barman had told me of the 2009 election. Election fraud had caused a pro-Putin man to be elected, but the people knew it and had risen up in protests. Putin had sent hundreds of men to drift into the capital of Chisinau, and they had a mission: every time there was a protest, these Putin-guys had infiltrated it with a goal of turning it violent, getting them not just to protest in front of government buildings, but to charge them, break windows, occupy them. The Moldovans had been too smart for the trick: they knew Putin understood that both sides were playing for an audience, the middle class of Moldova, and if the protesters were able to be provoked into actually storming government buildings it would turn off the middle class and they would lose the support of the masses. The Moldovans had stayed disciplined, refused to let themselves be led astray like that… and eventually the government had succumbed, a new, fair election was held, and the Putin crony lost big. I wrote that story up as well: “A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs [Not the Lingerie]”.

I was not sure which story I would use on the White House lawn. On the 5th, I decided that the crowd might not know who Jerry Garcia was, so I decided to write that story up online and tweet it out a couple times to the throngs who were arriving in DC, and rehearsed a concise explanation of the Moldova story to use on the morning of January 6 when I spoke.

Mike Flynn was going to be speaking too, we were informed, and Mike and I spoke about what we were going to say, what the crowd needed to hear. We recognized it as a unique historical opportunity: we would have perhaps 30 minutes to explain to the world the irregularities that had disrupted the election, and most likely had changed its outcome. We prepared to meet that challenge. We understood that some of the people with whom we had been working, the cyber-ninjas and scientists and such, were also preparing concise explanations, but the choice of who among them was going to be speaking was being handled by the organizers.

Mike Flynn and I thought that the morning of January 6 was going to run like this: there would be some speeches on the South Lawn of the White House. He would give a talk as “The People’s General” setting the moment in its historical context. I would talk about the fundamental significance of elections that were free, fair, and transparent, and then tell my Moldova story. Then we would switch to 2-3 of these cyber-ninjas and scientists, who would each talk for 5-10 minutes, explaining the irregularities that should trouble the conscience of citizens. I knew from experience that any one of them could speak for 5-10 minutes and cause any thinking person begin to have grave doubts about the November 2020 election, but I figured that with three of them speaking, 80% of the viewers around the world would understand why Election 2020 results had to be seriously discounted.

I got a phone call that evening from one of the scientists I expected to speak. He wanted to let me know that he was not coming to DC because he had learned that his speaking slot had been cancelled. I was perplexed, because this scientists was extremely soft-spoken and professorial, and I thought he would be convincing to anyone who listened with an open mind. I wondered whom they had found who could do a better job than he of convincing millions of viewers that they should be deeply skeptical of what happened during the week of November 3.

On the morning of January 6, Flynn and I and a dozen others walked over to the south side of the White House.  We were surprised that no special arrangements had been made for us, and we had to fight our way through the throngs. We were both given speakers’ badges, seated in a special section up front…. then learned that our speaking slots had been cancelled. We were perplexed, to put it mildly, wondering whom they could get that would possibly explain the situation as well as we could…

The show started, and soon Flynn and I were sinking into our seats in despair. One of Trump’s children got up and sang “Happy Birthday” to a girlfriend, or boyfriend. Rudy got up and spoke about Joe Frazier voting, again. Another lawyer got up and spoke. Don Jr. got up and with his chest puffed out, strode the stage talking about how the Republican brand was now the Trump brand, or the Trump brand was now the Republican brand, or something about branding. Around that time, Flynn and I caught eyes and shared looks of horror: it turned out later we were both asking if the other wanted to leave, but misunderstood each other. It was so bad that someone with some sense among the organizers had a change of heart, and came running over to ask General Flynn if he would take the stage: he refused. The shenanigans went on for an hour, then Trump appeared and spoke, much as he would at any campaign event or pep rally. In fact, the whole thing was more or less a “I was robbed” pep rally: no real effort was made to explain to the crowd, to the Senators who would begin voting in an hour, to the Americans watching at home, to the world that counts on America to be the leader of free, fair, and transparent elections, what went wrong with the November 2020 election, and why we believed there were deep irregularities demanding investigation. No significant effort at all.

Instead, it was a pep rally. That’s it. An “I was robbed” Trump pep rally.

The moment we could make a break from the front, Flynn and I and everyone with us made a dash for the exit. Flynn could barely contain his fury as we shared impressions: this had been the one last chance to explain the situation to the whole world, and instead Trump had used it as a pep rally. “He just does not get it,” we repeated to each other as we stormed through the crowd back towards the hotel. “He does not get that it is not about him. He put on a fucking pep rally. He does not understand that this is not about him,” we repeated over and over in anger and despair. In 15 minutes we were back at the hotel, both packing our bags, both sick to our stomachs, and did not leave to join the throngs moving towards the Capitol.

Next: Chapter 5: Agitation & Chaos (January 6 – 20)

    1. I agree very uninspiring speech…Do you remember at that speech Trump said “Luck that’s an interesting word” as if he knew something? I’m deeply disappointed if all this information is as it seems. Rudy Giuliani and Trump seem to not have any political intuition. I understand Rudy’s reason because of age and health. But Trump is known for his acuity🤷‍♀️

      1. Its not that he lacks political intuition its the fact that he lacked courage… I served my country proudly for 12 years i deployed more times then i can count on one hand… but i swore an oath and that was to the constitution of this United States not to a Donald Trump not to a George Bush not to a Obama but to the constitution of the United States Trump also took this oath… and in doing so you understand in defending that oath it may cost you your life.. and you know what.. i would gladly put my life on the line for YOU for my KIDS my FAMILY for GOD
        moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men -George S. Patton

          1. But can you READ the title of the story? There’s a big clue in the title, in ALL four chapter titles:

            How DJT Lost the White House

            If you’re from Rio Linda and have a hard time with clues, look at the word LOST. It’s past tense too.

          2. I’m back to re-read this segment of Patrick Byrne’s story (after skimming it — due to limited time — on Feb. 4), and I’m not sure if the paragraph about Melania and the JFK type threat was added after the initial draft, but it seems like it may have been. As other readers have noted, this type of threat would explain a great deal. The Deep State has been out to get DJT since before he was elected in 2016. Remember the idiotic Steele Dossier? It was totally fabricated and stupid beyond belief! And it was presented as “intelligence”! There is no lie too absurd for the Deep State to tell about DJT. Does anyone doubt that the Deep State would go with a JFK style plan if they couldn’t get rid of DJT in any other way? DJT has been a massive disruption to Deep State plans and goals.
            Of all the things that Patrick Byrne has shared with us, this one paragraph about a credible person close to the First Family, telling Patrick about the threat that was relayed to Melania, explains so much. THIS IS A HUGE AND PIVOTAL PART OF THE STORY!!! I’m really glad I came back to read this segment again. DJT is no saint, he’s just a man, but he’s fought for years against a corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt media, broken institutions. Some day, I predict, DJT will tell us what life was actually like in the White House, what he knew that we didn’t know, what he couldn’t tell us in 2020.
            Thank you, Patrick Byrne, for being a “first person” point of view journalist, and for sharing your fascinating experiences in Washington DC.

          3. After reading Patrick Byrne’s Telegram Channel, it’s clear that the paragraph about Melania and the threat against DJT’s life was added after the first rough draft of this segment.
            Does anyone actually believe that Melania should have said, “Oh well, hazard of the job,” and insisted that DJT should disregard information about CREDIBLE THREATS relayed by competent government sources?
            The whole world knows that there was widespread election fraud in the U.S. in 2020. The issue is not whether there was fraud. The problem is that the Democrat Corporate Media Complex in the U.S. and the Leftist Media Cabal worldwide were colluding to get DJT out of office.
            In regards to rumors that DJT may start some kind of media company, I have not followed that story, but if it’s true, he wouldn’t be doing that for his own entertainment. The U.S. needs a responsible, honest media company. OANN isn’t a big enough media outlet to influence the country as a whole.
            People have all kinds of opinions about DJT, but no serious person who has watched his presidency would conclude that he’s lacking in intelligence or courage or resolve. No rational person who has watched what DJT and his family have gone through in the past 5 years could actually believe that the family is simply self-serving. They’ve been accused of treason and colluding with Russia, they’ve been endlessly ridiculed and demeaned. Can we blame them if they decide they’d rather STAY ALIVE that become literal victims of the Deep State?
            I disagree with many things the Trump Family has done, but cowardice is not their major problem.

        1. Would you have put your wife or children’s or grand children’s lives on the line. You have no idea and neither does Patrick if there was a credible threat to his family. I mean they were breaking into the Capitol building not far from where he was speaking. Where were the SS. Or perhaps he was just keeping attention on him while a special force was moving into the Capitol with the intent to steal some laptops

          1. Trump is a Tweeting Coward and a Huge FRAUD
            Patriots are Suckers now we know it.
            The US military is Dumb and Owned by China
            America is Pathetic and Doomed

        2. If there is one thing with which I disagree with you it’s your contention he doesn’t have courage.
          How could you have watched that man who was fighting all of DC for over 4 years, perform as POTUS as he did with new jobs, new trade deals, new military policies, renewed hope in the U.S. all the while being bludgeoned with the lies of the Deep State, called every name in the book, yet still put in 16 hour days, relentless in his drive to make lives better for Americans, withstand everything unlawful and untrue thrown at him….and still perform like a champ….and you concluded he didn’t have courage.

          I think you don’t possess a logical mind.

          Wouldn’t we all like to know the reason….but I’d put money on it having nothing to do with not having courage.

          1. I agree 100%
            Maria. Things do not add up and whatever the explanation for why Trump walked away, I do not believe it was lack of courage.

        3. And I am sure you are a far better man than any politician, as many regular people are.
          But we work with what we get and as politicians at that level go, with all the pressures and temptations regular folks do not usually face, Trump is FAR AND AWAY THE BEST of recent ones.

        4. I get what you are saying BigM, but would you still defend that oath if your family was threatened by defending. I know personally, myself, I would but if my children were threatened, that’s a whole nother ball of wax. I’d have to think long and hard on that one.

          If you recall what Patrick said about the Secret Service and what Melania was told about Trump being “JFK’ed”. He also said a family member.

          So would you still take the oath and defend if, say, you were told if you continued your child would be killed??

        5. I get what you are saying BigM, but would you still defend that oath if your family was threatened by defending it? I know personally, myself, I would, but if my children were threatened, that’s a whole other ball of wax. I’d have to think long and hard on that one.

          If you recall what Patrick said about the Secret Service and what Melania was told about Trump being “JFK’ed”. He also said a family member.

          So would you still take the oath and defend if, say, you were told if you continued your child would be killed??

        6. BigM, maybe you would enjoy reading a different perspective on Trump, one that compares him to Coriolanus in Shakespeare’s play of the same name:

          “Coriolanus turns the impudence of his accusers back on them. They are the true betrayers of the republic who, by rights, should be expelled. Trump, in my opinion, should use this line: “I impeach you!”—and then spell out the details of the Democrats’ shameful conduct, which has undermined the Constitution.

          Let every feeble rumour shake your hearts!
          Your enemies, with nodding of their plumes,
          Fan you into despair!

          These lines—about the melodramatic cowardice of the accusers—seem especially appropriate in light of the hysterical overreaction to the events of January 6. The so-called insurrection is now being used to prepare public opinion for draconian new measures against “domestic terrorism,” and to justify a proposed wall around the Capitol complex reminiscent of a Third-World dictatorship. This, in spite of conflicting and uncertain accounts of what happened, as well as video evidence of Capitol police opening the doors to the protestors, and even engaging in friendly banter with the “Viking guy”—who hardly appears to be leading a murderous coup.

          Still your own foes, deliver you as most
          Abated captives to some nation
          That won you without blows!

          This means, “You idiots are just tools of our country’s enemies!” The mob is so consumed with partisan jealousy and bloodlust, they don’t even notice or care that they are weakening the nation, and making themselves patsies for foreign powers. (Of course, it’s possible they do notice, and don’t mind.) Consider, in this context, that the despots in Beijing are surely smiling right now at this spectacle of the United States destroying itself from within, while they don’t even have to lift a finger.

          Thus I turn my back: There is a world elsewhere.

          It’s not clear what Trump will do with his wealth and influence now that he is out of office. Rumors are circulating that he will start an alternate media empire. This is certainly a more measured response than what Coriolanus did: he joined up with his old war enemy to threaten an invasion of Rome. In the play, that conflict is resolved when Coriolanus’s mother helps to broker a peace. In our time, this farce may still lead to tragedy.

          The late professor of political philosophy Harry Jaffa explained that in Coriolanus, Shakespeare shows, “with all the poetic genius that only he could command . . . the inner connection between virtue and republics.” No political stunt can change that.

          Shakespeare’s deepest lesson, according to Jaffa, is “the inexorable and inescapable vindictive power of the moral universe.” With control of all three branches of the federal government, the Democrats may imagine there are no limits to their power. But they will never remake the human soul. It may be possible for a while to pretend that passion can replace virtue, and that ideology can replace truth—but this can’t last. Even Washington, D.C. cannot defeat the nature of reality.

          1. Wow, Lila –
            What a cool comment.. I have to come back and re-read it… love the thinking behind this post in particular.

            got to catch a plane (and bills to pay 😉 for now)
            Until later,

          2. Well said! I do believe that Trump’s hands were somewhat tied with collusion between the entire cabal of the government, big tech, corporate and media. Time magazine has even come out and brazenly admitted to this collusion to take him down! It’s entirely possible that his family was under threat from these very forces that harassed him during the four years of his presidency. What perplexes me is he held the rally in DC on Jan 6. I think it was extremely irresponsible of him, given that it was obvious it could be a golden opportunity to his detractors. It was clear as day that it would be a set up from the get go. It was a trap and he walked right into it. Jan 6 showed very poor judgement on his part. If only Jan 6 could be undone!

          3. I love this and this is the best internet post-comment I’ve ever read.

            you write better than most columnists

          4. Hey, glad that everyone liked the link and the CITATION…but just to be clear, that writing is NOT MINE, it’s from the article, which is a lengthy piece, not a blog comment.

            My articles are mostly linked on my website and it wouldn’t be seemly to quote them at length, although I do take the liberty to post links when appropriate, for which I thank Patrick, who is quite long-suffering, among his other notable qualities.

            But this was a lovely site that wasn’t joining in with the despair.

            Also, I am not paid to say this, working for them, or anything like that. Just passing on something positive, after all the negativity.


          5. Lila, thank you, for that eloquent insight. I really appreciate the Shakespeare quotes and especially your final paragraph. Are you a teacher? If you have published material, I would be interested in knowing about it.
            Looking forward to more from you.
            Thanks again,

          6. Yes, beautifully written about Coriolanus however I have a different take, with the same ending. A lesson from history that the mob ALWAYS turns on itself. It can’t help itself, for it MUST always stretch to find another greater tragedy, another greater violation, another greater catastrophe to champion as its cause with the next one being more outlandish and such a stretch of truth that finally the mob implodes on itself and starts destroying itself. I see it in little increments now – the only two to defy the mob was Stalin and Washington. Stalin destroyed the mob that brought Lenin to power (Lenin didn’t live long enough for the mob to attack him). And the American Revolutionary leaders had enough faith-based to keep the mob reigned in so that after the surrender at Yorktown, it was time for the warriors to go home and explore new lands to the west. But most revolutions end up revolting till they either kill themselves or there’s nothing left.

        7. Do you think maybe he was concerned about his family because of threats? Trump has bigger balls than most so I don’t think you’re right on that point.

        8. I think maybe it turned into lack of fighting due to the JFK threat and Melana could have convinced him not to fight

        9. Where is the military now when we need them the most??? The Generals seem to be in on this too and no one is stepping up. I agree Trump should have done whatever it took to control the situation but we have military also just looking the other way now. If this steal is not corrected the whole country will be changed forever. He could have saved it with his signature on an eo to just do a hand recount. This is unbelievable


      1. I’ve wondered about that. Maybe he felt he didn’t have any choice. If that’s the case, he really got played. It really irked me how he boasted about the vaccine so many of us don’t even want to take! An experimental vaccine no one knows the longterm effects of, when there were good and affordable treatments already from the start. At the very least he was seriously ill-advised.

        (BTW, all caps are like shouting and are seriously hard on the eyes when trying to read.)

        1. Many people want vaccines. I don’t but have friends and relatives who took the Covid vaccine. Look what happened when Trump mentioned HCQ? Unlike the dictatorial Dems, who might very well implement the German ID2020, Trump gave us a choice. You have no idea how lucky we were and hopefully will be again to have President Trump.

          1. Half my family gets it…due to my incessant proselytising. The other half suspects there is something amiss, but still tends to go along with received opinion.
            Some think there’s no harm in taking the vaccine and have done so..even though I’ve waved information in front of them for years. It’s the Astra Zeneca, so it’s not as bad as the others, they say. And these are people I’ve tried to talk to for years.
            Unless you get into the fight viscerally and on the ground, you have no idea of the level of organization and scheming behind this evil.
            Satanic is the only word that fits it.
            And that is why God…aka Truth…is the only banner under which you should fight.
            Anything less will not stay the course.
            Not preaching. Observing… from experience.

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      3. It didn’t matter what Trump did or didn’t do. It didn’t matter how many votes he got. The Democrats were going to manufacture as many votes as they needed and the MSM was going to do whatever they needed to cover for them.

        1. This is an important point. Very likely, there is nothing DJT could have done to change the outcome of the election. The Deep State was desperate to get rid of a President who was actively working to drain The Swamp.
          Patrick Byrne’s idea of counting the paper ballots in the 6 disputed counties or states is not a bad idea, in theory. It’s totally logical, in fact. We’ll never know what would have happened if DJT had asked General Flynn to help implement a plan to get an accurate count in the swing states. It seems likely to me, though, that there would have been an all out fracas. The people who aided and abetted the fraud would have gone into overdrive and gone really nuts. It would have been a circus, at best, or more likely an unholy war.

      4. And yet — with the plandemic closing the U.S. down — March 2020 was the FIRST MARCH in something like 10 years that DID NOT HAVE A SCHOOL SHOOTING! There is no ‘safe’ option; there is no way to fight this vicious war that does NOT involve people getting hurt and destroyed. (I’m a small biz owner…. ask me how I know!)

        The people were stampeded; and not entirely falsely: we did NOT know at the beginning that corona2 was NOT the next Black Death. The ONLY way to stop a stampede is to ride like hell to get out IN FRONT of the cattle; in their panic, the cattle will then blindly follow whatever is out in front, and the ‘cowboys’ out in front can then begin to slow and turn the stampede. If they get out in front and try to “immediately stop the cattle,” they will be immediately pounded to dust, and the stampede will continue. The God Emperor did a good job of getting out in front, and trying to balance the “run run run” (screaming LIES!) of Faux-ci and the Dem dictators; but the media was still pushing the panic…

        America was a communist state LONG before Trump decided to run!! And you never paid attention to the ‘medical laws’ the STATES all put into place: go read this guestbook post from 2003 and tremble! How many states between then and 2021 have arrogated to themselves the power to FORCE vaccines, at the risk of them confiscating your real property (house, money, cars…). So much for “secure in their persons and property.” (That’s from the Constitution, in case you don’t recognize it….)

      5. Trump did not shut down the country. The governors of each state did that. I don’t understand how you can come one here, 10 months later and say that. Wake the f..k up man, the president is not a king and does not have ultimate power. Its people like you that make me really worry about this country. You are clueless.

      6. DJT did NOT close down the country.

        He left that entirely to each state, as it should have. He allowed Fauci to have too much airtime, he’s your communist.

        1. Fauci has raised my hackles since day one. But he had a comrade and cohort in head-of-the-c19-task force, deep-stater VP Pence.

      7. Could not agree more about Mike DeWine and his complete usurpation of the laws of Ohio and the US Constitution. Sadly, Ohioans folded and blindly gave up their rights and freedoms. The Ohio legislature sat on its hands far too long.
        I am afraid the same lackadaisical response to the presidential election nationally has occurred. Most Americans continue to sit on their hands and accept whatever happens. Their mojo is lost. This country is screwed if a Third World War erupts. There is no greatest generation to step up and draw a line in the sand. Patriotism has been eliminated by the public education system.
        Now a $600 check placates the masses. Sad.

      8. That’s vastly over reading and over attributing agency. Trump did not close down the country. Only local authorities could. And some (many) did.

      1. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose and that was always the issue with Trump not doing everything that he could have done to overturn the fraud. I’m talking about the EO from 2018, the Insurrection Act. He had to much to lose: family, wealth, business’ and possibly his life. People now have to turn the page and fight what’s in front of them, not wait for “The Plan” to unfold. Flynn just admitted that there is no “Plan”. Patrick, from one disgruntled Mick to another, thanks for what you tried to do. I think you will be an important voice going forward in whatever capacity that takes.

    3. Dear Mr. Patrick Byrne: I seem to recall a guy who claims to talk to a boot-wearing man named Juan O’Savin, who allegedly claims to put up a lot of money along with you, Mr. Byrne, to be part of a “plan”, and he gets info from sources???,,, Have you ever heard of this guy, Juan O’savin, and if not, why is he alluding to you? on some of Michael Jaco’s shows?

      1. A lot of patriots have donated their own money to investigate what happened in the 2020 election. Mike Lindell is one of them. I’m sure there are others who want to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation by deranged Democrats. A reasonable fear, don’t you think?

    4. Is Patrick Byrne just another rich guy jerking me around for kicks? Ballots from China on vídeo? Where’s the vídeo?

      1. I have seen pictures of what are supposedly boxes of ballots with a packing slip on the outside from China. I’m not sure now which site I was on. Maybe Natural News.

        1. I don’t read Natural News and I saw the same thing. One of the independent websites no doubt. I’ve also seen videos of trucks showing up in the middle of the night unloading boxes and the next day(s) shredding trucks arriving.

          1. I did a search on The Gateway Pundit and there are quite a few articles and videos about fake ballots

      2. i saw a video of ballots in boxes in a warehouse and the boxes said made in china. There were plenty of vids on twitter before they were removed. Even ballots not creased, never mailed. Just filled out. How convenient.

    5. All I can think of after and while reading this is that Trumps life was threatened. And I think that he knows he can do more good for the country alive than dead. That’s all I can think of. Many people have been killed bc of politics. It must have been a credible threat. I’m sure he’s gotten many that we have never heard about. But this is the only thing that makes sense. He did say on January 6th that it wasn’t about him. I always knew he’d be threatened. The Left is a dangerous bunch.

      1. Can we agree that Conservative politics is now just for bachelors and spinsters – people will to risk their lives?

    6. Someone once said to me “Everyone has a story. You don’t know the truth until you hear them all, and sometimes not even then.”

    7. Just read this tonight. This is the most frightening news since Biden took office.

      “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered a “stand down” of the entire US military over the next 60 days in order for commanders to address “extremism” in its ranks, reported the New York Post.”



      This should be putting everyone on high alert but no one is even talking about it! WHY!!!!!!!

    8. If you haven’t watched it already, watch Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof showing the evidence his team found of rampant election fraud which is pretty much the same as Patrick’s. Dr. Shiva was one of the victims in his own political race and gives an excellent account.

      Then forward the link to your Congressmen even if they are Demwits. Maybe the staff will watch out of curiosity and spread it around or become whistleblowers. But you should be sending the link to friends and family also and posting in comments sections of news websites and political forums like the one at City-Data.

      1. Is that the Mike Lindell who had to retract false claims about the health benefits of his pillows and promoted a dangerous, unproven herbal treatment that he had a financial interest in? That Mike Lindell?

        I must say I enjoyed the video where he says he spent millions of his own money looking for evidence of election fraud, and he brought supposed iron clad proof of election fraud to Trump and Trump didn’t give him the time of day. I think this is it LOL

        Do you know why Trump doesn’t listen to Mike and Patrick and everybody else who is trying to help him? Because he knows damn well the election wasn’t stolen and he’s just using them to generate revenue from gullible supporters.

        How about you Patrick? How much of your money have you wasted so far, vs how much Trump has raked in? Is he getting a good ROYE?

    9. Patrick made it clear after his 4.5 hour meeting at the White House with Trump, Meadows, Trump’s lawyers, Flynn, Powell, her partner, etc. that Trump was being advised by very liberal RINO lawyers and RINO Meadows, and they had absolutely no interest in Powell, Flynn, and their suggestions that the Insurrection Act would be the only way to expose the election fraud, particularly for looking at the Dominion voting machines’ ties with other countries. It seems at that meeting there was still some hope… Trump was asking Powell, Flynn, and Byrne about this pathway with the Insurrection Act. Unfortunately, after that meeting Meadows was sure to keep Powell and Flynn away from Trump’s ear by not taking their calls, and talking them down to Trump. Trump’s RINO advisors were all he heard basically after that meeting. They did not want the Insurrection Act, basically our only way to have exposed the truth about the corruption going on. That was the end for our republic.The other means to show the election fraud all dead ended. Apparently Melania also was sent threats, and perhaps other family members began to give in to the despairing situation. The left was harrassing Trump on every side, and the Jan 6 staged event was the final straw. Trump gave up. I believe that 4.5 hour meeting was the end for us ….when Trump chose to listen to his RINO advisors rather than the needed plan offered by Byrne, Powell, Flynn. That decision was the death of our nation. I believe RINO Meadows and his RINO lawyers need to answer to the American people for steering our President in the wrong direction. Why? Was someone paying them? Were they just scared, or lazy, or ? They surely supported the cause of the left with their evil and dumb advice.

    10. Patrick, I hope you are able to see this.

      This is some information about how the events on January 6 were sabotaged and by whom.

      Using Ali Alexander’s statement, given to the police already, and adding some history and research, I name Amy Kremer and Chris Barron, two RINO’s with a history of sabotaging grass roots conservative movements. The piece is not complete, but it will show you that Trump himself was invited to speak only on January 3, that the original plan was to go over to Lot 8 and watch Gosar and Cruz object and call for a commission to investigate the merits.

      The two saboteurs were probably behind canceling the invited speakers, but am not sure, because you say your invitation was from Women for Trump, which is a different group from the one with Kremer and Barron, called Women for America First.
      Anyway, this is additional proof that Trump did not cancel your speech, because his campaign had no control over the events and expressly denied they did in any official way, at least.

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  1. There is simply something missing in this whole story. Trump is not a stupid and clueless man. There is something we don’t know.

      1. WIGGYWAGGY QF@G you don’t get it. There is no plan. No one is coming, if you “sit tight” much longer you’ll be dead.

        1. If you think Trump simply did nothing, then you haven’t been following Trump over the years. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest that you have no faith. What a sorry way to live

          1. Kate, I believed that Trump has done many things for our country. However, the battle of reversing the stolen election has made the patriots desperate by the way it was played out. Based on some sources of credible information, it seems that DJT has been defeated because of his reluctance to take on good advice from Sydney, Flynn, Mike Lindell, and Patrick Byrne. I am still hoping that he still working on some plans to MAGA, but it is quite a long shot anyway, still hoping though!

          2. Right on Kate! I just think President Trump is exhausted at constantly having brick walls thrown up in front of him by so called “trustworthy” people. I know he knows it’s about our constitution and our way of life going forward. He will do the right thing for his country. We all need to be praying for him constantly for God’s guidance, wisdom and courage to defeat the evil that is Washington DC! And Patrick, thank you for writing this so that we can understand better what is going on. #WWG1WGA

        2. Trump knows better than anyone the grave threat China poses not only to the US but to the rest of the world. He has been warning us about this for at least 25 years. The reason Trump ran for president was to keep America from falling into the hands of the CCP and the globalists.

          So why would Trump just cut and run or did he? Did someone threaten his life and his family members? Trump had already gotten many death threats against him and his family but that never deterred him. I will bet right now he is eager to get back in and make America great again. He has never been a quitter and loves this country more than anything. I do not believe for one second Joe Biden is our president. I do not believe for one second Trump didn’t already know what others were trying to warn him about. Trump has always been very calculating and should never be underestimated.

          It is important to understand
          this is not just about a stolen election. This is about world’s most wealthiest and powerful people wanting to take over.
          They want to reduce the planet’s population by 2/3 and have the world mostly to themselves. They are the epitome of evil but I believe they can and will be stopped. I believe that is taking place right now.

          The economy will be opening up soon. They want you to believe things are going back to normal and the virus is under control. We cannot control the flu since it mutates and comes back every year and Covid 19 is no different other than it was made in a lab.

          Covid 19 caused 80 million ballots to be mailed out in the 2020 election. Paper ballots are the easiest way to cheat but they also had to rely on the Dominion machines because of Trump’s popularity and the growing Red Wave. I believe Covid 19 was something the globalists planned to use further down the road to bring on the Great Reset which is a large transfer of the world’s wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, but Trump’s ability to expose the Deep State caused them to move things up. Their plan when the economy is fully functioning again, is to impose high taxes and bring on hyperinflation at the same time which will keep that wealth from returning to the middle class.

        3. What you people are not taking in consideration are the truth of the United States Corporation, the Federal Reserve, The two Constitutions, the common law that it’s not, the international maritime law, the fraudulent IRS that does not belong to the USA, the three letter independent corporations that work for the cabal, the act of 1871, the Trump submissions … many things are missing not just somethings missing… this is not over yet!!! Do your research and learn the whole background of the story… then I invite all of you to write a more intelligent comment…

      2. Of course there is something missing. Faced with all this evidence, trump does nothing? We know that he knew, but only infer that he failed to act for some unknown reason.

      3. The year is 2025. Kamala Harris just won her second term with 90% of the popular vote. Through executive order, the citizens have lost the entire bill of rights. Poverty is widespread, and gun ownership is punishable by death sentence without trial. The country is 30 trillion in debt to China, who is ready to collect. The concerned masses, instead of fighting for their right to liberty, tweet this stupid phrase #WWG1WGA with the belief that someone else will come wipe their asses for them.

        1. Yep! Problem is Trump held everyone back pretending he had a plan (and he should have with his power). He quit and failed us.

      1. I feel the same way, but am hoping we haven’t been given false hope by people in Europe that some of us have been listening to. That would just crush many of us.

      2. How is it that in his story telling Patrick always portrays himself as a wise and crafty hero but Trump is always below average IQ?

        Why would Patrick and Flynn show up at an event expecting a major role in the presentation when they never even discussed their plan to do so with anyone on the Trump team?

        You are all right….something does not add up! But I don’t think it’s Trump.

          1. No. Scammy Davis Jr is a complete fraud. And he took money but was not the organizer. It was Women for Trump.

        1. joan, PATRICK EXPLICITLY SAYS TRUMP IS VERY SMART saying few people are that smart.

          back off. pat has a proven track record.

        2. They didn’t just “show up at an event” and expect a role, they HAD BEEN GIVEN A ROLE. Reread the article, please. THEY HAD BEEN INVITED TO SPEAK. They’d decided what to talk about and they were prepared. Then they were effectively uninvited. Two good men who’d spent a lot of their own time (and money) to help US sort out the election fraud were treated SHABBILY. The small detail that they were made to hoof-it with the throngs of ‘protesters’ (remember, the ones POTUS invited, telling us more than once “It’s gonna be wild”). Considering how much time and effort Flynn and Byrne had put in, maybe a golf-cart escort would’ve been the least they could’ve done for them, but no.

          Did you catch the part where Byrne was invited to Florida? Apparently got their on his own dime, hitched an Uber, and then was turned away? Didn’t even (apparently) get to party at Mar-A-Lago. WHO THE HELL TREATS A HELPER LIKE THAT? Someone who doesn’t want the help? IDK, I’m holding off saying what I am thinking. I’m worried where this is going (and again hoping I turn out to be wrong).

          1. Didn’t he say someone well known was involved in the call – with Trump – when he was invited to Ma-ra-lago? Mark Meadows? Perhaps Trump was expecting Patrick…and Meadows secretly kept Patrick from getting into the gates. Meadows could have been playing Trump…..acting like he was onboard and then never told the gate to allow Patrick through…..then simply told Trump that Patrick never showed….????

          2. @MMajor
            (sorry it doesnt give me the option of replying to him directly after four levels of indentation ! 🙁

            I think your analysis is probably right – Mark Meadows could have easily interfered and controlled access in the manner you describe with respect to the Mar-a-Lago incident (and no doubt any other time he wanted to)…


    1. I agree! I have been following Patrick long enough to know that he admitted to not voting for Trump. I find it very strange that he was called to come and investigate the fraud, who called him and why Patrick? Everything he is writing is a negative about Trump. I don’t get it… Who and Why is having Patrick do the things that Patrick is asked to do?

      1. I think Patrick volunteered because he wanted to save his country from the corrupt political establishment. Nothing to gain and lots to lose. He is very idealistic and I doubt he has nefarious intentions. Because he has Asperger’s it can be challenging for him to read other people’s intentions, especially if they are not overt. Patrick is merely telling his personal story, and other characters in this ‘show’ will be telling their stories as history is written.

        1. Love ya Real Pam (we are simpatico) but if Byrne has Aspergers (I’ve heard he does) it enables him to be BETTER at reading people. Byrne is a world-class people-reader. He’s off-the-charts good at that and it’s clearly so in the way he tells a story and the way he thinks (plus fact he’s better educated, in the truest sense of being well-educated, than 99.9 of population). That education, his life, his gifts from God, e.g. have you seen the video wherein he recalls an entire deck of cards accurately after looking at them for a few minutes in a noisy room?

          1. Intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are two different things. I learned a lot from two channels by Aspie men: Asperger’s From the Inside (Australian engineer) and Adam Wonders (British psychologist). That helped me realize that two members of my extended family are likely Aspies. Both highly intelligent, educated men. So I am more forgiving now.

            Patrick has self awareness. I can tell he has been criticized in the past and has changed his own less productive social behaviors. He is willing to learn and grow, unlike a lot of so called normal people.

          2. I don’t know if he’s an Aspie or not. But one the deficits of being on the spectrum is NOT being able to read people, that’s what causes the social difficulties. You have it the wrong way around.

        2. I was just going to mention the same as the other poster about him memorizing the entire deck of cards. To mention Asperger’s on here is rude in my opinion. You can tell in his writing and some of his videos he reads people very well. The FBI wouldn’t have used him in undercover operations if he didn’t. Unfortunately, Patrick is letting us know Trump failed us and the Country and many don’t want to believe it.

      2. I think Patrick is being honest and is obviously upset Trump did nothing when he had more power than anyone else in the world. Something isn’t adding up because Trump misread his base. He thinks we will follow him like lost puppies over to his new media empire. I’m disgusted he allowed our vote to be stolen. I blame him most.

        1. Trump’s life has been threatened at least 17 times during his presidency, so why would this be any different?
          I don’t know, I think something is missing as well.
          It just doesn’t add up.

          1. I remember when his food taster Secret Service Agent died in Scotland. Hushed up. But all presidents have multiple death threats. Unless it’s in public we won’t hear about it. That’s why they have Secret Service protection.

          2. I posted this during Biden’s inauguration:


            13. The first inauguration in which FLOTUS’ wardrobe conveyed political messages to the base.

            Notice that Melania Trump wore a black suit in the signature style of Jackie Kennedy, shortly after PDJT was virtually assassinated by his vice president in collusion with the cabal, in much the same way that decades ago, Kennedy was physically assassinated by his vice-president Lyndon Johnson, at the behest of the cabal. Files on the Kennedy assassination were among the FBI files declassified in a massive dump by POTUS over the last few days. Melania Trump’s dress, with orange hexagons, recalls the military symbol for fire, according to some observers.

          3. @Real Pam — where did you read it was a food taster? I read that it was a Secret Service agent who died of a stroke. Please post your credible source for this rumor.

        2. I disagree! Trump was/is against all evil surrounding him. Look how the VP turned out to be disloyal, his Attorney General and many others. Trump didn’t want to be a dictator he was hoping the VP would have did the right thing and follow the Constitution during the certification process of course the VP shocked Americans with his disloyal behavior! Everyone in Washington is against a man that is for the people. Washington wants a President that is corrupt Trump isn’t! I believe God has the plan!

        3. @Anonymous (original poster), I worry that you are correct. I first picked up that scent from “War Room” (Bannon’s gig). Kept getting the feeling I (and audience) was being ‘handled’. Kept thinking…’Bannon knows how this is going…they’re cultivating an audience for some iteration of ‘media empire’, may involve Guo, IDK…’

          I hope you and I are very wrong. Still holding out hope (just to keep cortisol at range that won’t kill me, until I get used to reality…maybe…).

          1. @KeepTrying.

            I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all.

            I think it will move the media framework to the right substantially. We will be able to air the election fraud and even if it is too late to get the WH back, it will give us a chance to tighten the election process and make it honest….which will be impossible otherwise when current networks won’t even allow people to talk about the fraud without kicking them off.

            Don’t send anyone anything if you think they shouldn’t be making money off of it or if you get the feel that they are quitters.

            I don’t follow these right-wing talking heads because most of them stick to a narrow script when it comes to what they will scream about…..Obama, Marxists, immigrants, inner city, political correctness…etc, etc.
            But corrupt Republican elites, Israel first policies, ethnic networks, anti goyism, will not.
            Levin is not bad, though he thumps his chest too much. Rush was very insightful but alas not long with us, and shilled a bit too much for neoconnery even in his heyday.
            I like Mark Steyn a lot but again..even he doesn’t go everywhere; there are limits. Hopefully, Trump will push those limits.
            But yes, maybe he thought it best to bow out now, either temporarily or permanently; only time will tell.
            I pray for a military coup to correct the election farce, ala Burma. Here’s hoping some bunch of generals somewhere have the stones for it.
            Other than that, the population should practice stealth, strategic civil disobedience, lawfare, subversion, and others arts of deception toward our overlords.

      3. He wasn’t called to investigate the fraud. He has been investigating voter fraud for years and jumped in to help. Trump misread his base and thinks we will follow him to some media empire he starts up. I’m more angry at Trump than anyone else at this point for allowing our vote to be stolen. Why hasn’t he commented since 1/6? He thinks some big SM or media empire reveal will have us following him like puppies. Wrong. Time to admit he quit and failed us.

        1. What media empire? Either this is part of the new ShareBlue script or you watch too much cable news. Just admit you don’t know anything.

          1. The media empire he is planning. He quit on us and thinks we will follow. No thanks. You probably think something will happen March 4th. We have been played!

          2. Pam, I posted this on an earlier part of this series.
            Dinesh D’Souza met with Trump and suggested a media network, It’s a great idea. I posted the video on DC a couple of episodes back. D’Souza is a Christian and a conservative activist, who has been persecuted by the Obama admin for a documentary he made. Dr. Byrne is a libertarian with many leftist sympathies. I am guessing that D’Souza had some credibility with Trump because of his background. He also likes Trump and says he is a decent person. Trump employees also say he is quite empathic. I think Dr. Byrne might not be as simpatico with him. Personalities differ. Trump has the common touch and is not ashamed of his views or trying to curry favor with polite society, one of his strengths and the reason he won me over. By the way, someone who is quite knowledgeable about decor and antiques told me the inside of Mar a Lago is beautifully done and not garish at all.

          3. @Lila Rajiva, bad, bad vibes I’m getting….no me gusta any of it. Feels like we can all look forward to our own dystopian “Truman Show” ?? Hard to put into words…I will try…

            Why is Dinesh (who I like very much so far, ha) still buddies w/Laura Ingraham, Laura “Time to concede”, “Time to move on” Ingraham? I know they dated, they’ve grown to be friends, but… Isn’t is like they’re all just figuring out the wonderful next money-making adventure FOR EACH OF THEM and (once again) ALL THEIR CRONIES?

            What about the constitution, what about THE TRUTH, what about hard-working, long-suffering middle-class Americans (and the iterations of ‘lao bai Xing’ world over)?

            I WILL BE SO PISSED OFF IF TRUMP’S BIG PLAN WAS MEDIA EMPIRE, all these people looking out for themselves ONLY.

            P.s. I always take the time to read anything w/your name on it. You are a good writer and appealing to me.

        2. You do know that he is being impeached for the SECOND time, don’t you? He has to stay as quiet as ever. Any little thing he says or does will be scrutinized. My goodness where have you been the last five years??

          If you don’t have faith, then just get off the train and leave us that believe in everything this man has fought EVERYONE in order to make this country and EVERYONE in it better. You seem to forget what he’s been through.

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    2. I am a big Trump supporter but I must say that I am disappointed that apparently, Trump was dismissive of Patrick, Flynn, Sidney, and Lindell. At the very least he was inconsiderate of their time, efforts, and wallets. What happened to appointing Sidney as special counsel? And why is the helipad at Mar-a-Lago being disassembled if Trump has vowed not to quit. I’m trying to hold the line but…

      1. Town Manager Kirk Blouin stressed that the removal [of the helipad] was planned all along and has nothing to do with recent events. “It seems to have been more controversial in media reports than it is in actual practice,” Blouin said. “They never made a request to keep it.”

    3. Quo Warranto Amendment expires 20 days after Jan 20. This is why they decided to have the hoax impeachment 2 on Feb 9.
      Quo Warranto can be filed at the destrict of Columbia and this is a Trial by Jury for Elections Fraud.
      This is the last legal resort, the hail mary for Trump to regain his presidency. In-addition, u all are forgetting the 2018 EO that Trump signed about foreign election interference.

          1. I didn’t say anything was a hoax. I think the law can be interpreted any way, at this point, and will…so an impeachment trial may go against Trump. Scholars differ…

            I think if he does not show up as Turley suggests, that could be a trap…if he does, they may twist the facts of law… could be a show trial..

            Best he should file the writ of QW well before and attack before he defends.

            There are no grounds for charging him with incitement. The timeline has been debunked by the police chief himself.

        1. I posted below that Turley’s advice not to show up might end up being a trap, even though many if not most scholars would say a private person cannot be impeached and therefore he should not turn up.

          Now the Independent is running a piece, that says just

          But now Bannon is URGING Trump to come to the house and argue that his speech was free speech and focusing on the election fraud. The messenger gives me pause.

          Although I once thought that too, it occurs to me now that the RNC might decide that doing that constituted divisiveness and the Republican senators might decide to go along with the vote…

          It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

          Probably best not to go and allow the digital army and people like Byrne and Lindell to get the fraud evidence out to the public?

          I blame DEMS for their success in turning constitutional law into a branch of power politics.

      1. On QuiteFrankly’s show yesterday, Constitutional lawyer KrisAnne Hall said Quo Warranto is useless in this situation. I don’t recall why because I figured, okay onto the next thing!

        My bet is on the military and the Dems seem to think so as well since they are demanding loyalty tests now. So scared! Why?

        1. Used to be a fan of KrisAnne Hall. Watching some of her videos more recently, she looks like a crank who has a bee in her bonnet about monarchies, one that looks antiquated given the trainwreck that oligarchies have made of our constitutional “republic.”

    4. Maybe Trump was too demoralized, too tired, and maybe Melania was too scared, anybody give that any thought? I remember the Kennedy assassination. The Clintons are knee deep in bodies and they’re probably not alone. I do think Trump has terrible taste in ‘friends’, but I’ve often thought the same of men in general. He seems to take loyalty far more seriously than those he extends it to and that makes you blind for too long when you’re getting stabbed in the back. Rudy should be ashamed but I doubt he is…

    5. Very true Patrick and Flynn wanted things to work on their way and remember Trump had many people in his circle and the truth will prevail.

    6. Janet, I feel that way too. But what if it really came down to the fact that there was a threat on his family? I really can’t think of any other reason he would back down.

      1. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s been the best president in our lifetimes..but I am so disappointed in him. He took an oath to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic and he didn’t do it!! To me there is no excuse for not doing what Sidney, Flynn and Patrick suggested. It was obviously the right thing to do and worth a try. He knew this fraud was going to happen and he didn’t do all he could to deal with it. I am also sure he’s had many threats to his life and that of his’s part of the job.

    7. I agree! This story seems a bit sensational. I would only believe there was laser focus on the goal. God is the only one knows how it played out. I sure don’t believe God Almighty, brought us this far to have any human error derail the plan he has for us and the world! God bless all who have sacrificed to advance us to this moment! It brings me to tears of gratefulness everyday!!!

      1. Well said Beth! The only one that knows is God! Living one day at a time and trying not to worry. I put my trust in Him and know that whatever happens, He will be by my side!

    8. Don’t forget the Christmas Morning bombing/missile attack in Memphis (that left a huge unexplained hole in the street unlike any car or truck bomb ever) and the young staffer’s car explosion (that blew the engine 70 feet into the air – not like gasoline could do that). The FBI immediately swooped into Memphis and nothing was heard from it again. And then the warning to Mrs. Trump after Dec 25. You can be found anywhere at any time. FBI? CIA? NSA? Bits and pieces from each?

    9. And add to that “pushing” a vaccine who is considered experimental. There is nothing missing it’s clear as day trump did his job his job as per the kazarian Magia and it’s time for him to move on hence his clear lack of effort in any real pursuit of justice on any level including but not limited to the arrest of Hilary Obama Brennan Biden etc

  2. This is so infuriating. Trump was totally misguided:(
    What’s going on with Italy? What’s your take on it, Patrick??

  3. This is very disheartening 😭
    Thank you for preparing and planning to do more or less what we patriots had hoped to see that day. I never understood the crappy pep rally I witnessed. I was dissapointed. My family did not like Don Jr’s yelling and PDJT’s speech was uninspiring. Losing.

    1. I was disappointed too – so much so that I had switched to watching Congress and saw the whole stomring the Capitol unfold in front of my eyes.

    2. I totally agree. We were all waiting for direction. For strength. For explanation. Instead that rally was just a repeat of what we had already heard a million times. I don’t get it either. Trump isn’t where he is and isn’t who he is by being surrounded by terrible advisers. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. As a business man, he should have developed instincts to identify and weed out the ineffective, self-serving traitors among him. What gives??

      1. I feel the exact same way, no one will see this for what it is. It was all a psyop Which is why they keep saying Q is dangerous, it is… people need to move on and stop expecting to get rescued

        1. what to me is really crazy is the night before at the Georgia rally he was totally different! upbeat, happy sure of everything. the next day in DC not so much. he felt flat to me…out of it. rehershed and bored….what happend?

      2. “As a business man, he should have developed instincts to identify and weed out the ineffective, self-serving traitors among him.”

        I first got to know Donald Trump years ago watching The Apprentice. The most important character trait he would look for in the boardroom when people could be eliminated was fighting spirit. He would choose a less talented person over a more talented player if the person with less talent had more fight.

        When you read Patrick’s account of the meeting he had in the White House with his attorneys, you discover Trump did not live up to his own standards. He was told they were not fighting for him, and they wanted him to concede, and he himself agreed with what Patrick told him.

        If Trump had said to his lead attorney then and there, “You’re fired!” he may now still be president. Old Trump (Apprentice Trump) would have fired him in a New York minute!

        Trump did not fail for lack of discernment. He correctly understood his attorney had betrayed him and had relentlessly obstructed him.

        I think he owes everyone who supported him and didn’t want him to concede an explanation to the obvious question: “Why did you keep a traitor as your attorney, who didn’t think you had won the election, and wanted you to concede, when you knew he had already betrayed you, and his heart wasn’t with you?”

    3. It was a fricken shit show. I was so angry that I flew from California to hear the same speech he gave in Europe. It was unbelievable

      1. When did Trump give a speech in Europe about the election? You must be a ShareBlue troll cutting and pasting from your old script.

    1. I agree. We’re ALL very frustrated. I think Q was implemented to keep Patriots from already ending this shitshow a couple years ago!

    1. Yes! Absolutely. And Mike Lindell is coming out with a 3 hr documentary tomorrow outlining the steal with new information about interference from China that has just been obtained. OAN will be running it continuously and he wants everyone to spread it far and wide.

  4. These installments are building, Pat 😉 Can’t wait for the next one as I have a feeling as to what is coming. Appreciate you taking the time to fill us in on the background. This is all going to make one remarkable movie someday. Only, it’s non fiction

  5. I love your “How DJT Lost the White House”. When the Telegram alert comes, I stop everything I do and read.
    It is so sad. But also, so logical and how things go with power.
    And also, how DJT is. We wanted him to be great because the other people were and are unbearable.

    1. Or, as Patrick mentioned, his life and a family member (perhaps young son’s) lives were threatened. Trump sadly seemed to stop on a dime re: fighting all this. I would not be shocked at all to learn this story is true. They’ve tried to remove Trump every single other way.

  6. I’ve been trying to quell that ‘sick to my stomach’ feeling but with each chapter you write, the more impossible it is to do so. What is the point of standing against election fraud if the person who has clearly been wronged won’t stand against it??

    1. Exactly. My mind has been a tornado of conflicting realities since election day. We all know with absolute certainty Biden didn’t win. I have no doubt HE knows he didn’t win. So how can his criminal ass be sitting in the Oval Office executive ordering us around? We kept hoping that the Kraken would right things. We kept looking for that “plan” to be implemented, and “the storm” would rain down justice upon the thousands of evil criminals who have slowly been turning up the heat on the pan full of water we’re all sitting in. And here’s a man who was right there in the passenger seat, telling the driver which way to go and having the driver ignore him. Patrick, I obviously don’t have the privilege of basing MY opinion on first hand knowledge, but from what you’re writing, it seems to me that Donald Trump was just tired of fighting and wanted to get back to his fabulous pre-swamp life. And even though he knew quitting would leave the country in great peril to say the least, he opted for quiet surrender. I don’t think we can chalk this up to him getting “bad advice.” The ultimate decision on fight or flight was his.

        1. I blame you. Votes are stolen on the local level. Hold your state responsible. Demand no machines, paper ballots and voter ID

          1. I live in NC. We voted for voter ID and other things.
            Both were overturned by some bureaucrats. So even voting on something does no good here.

          2. What’s a nice way to say go f yourself Real Pam? I vote in person at my local precinct. Every time. It’s flattering that you think I have so much power over my state and that they’re just waiting to hear from me on whether to use machines, paper ballots or IDs. You can “blame me” if it makes you feel better, weirdo. I didn’t have the power of the presidency, and the Constitutional authority as Commander in Chief of the military, to follow the directives Patrick and his colleagues spelled out. Donald Trump did, though. So maybe he gets at least a LITTLE of the blame, Pammy?

          3. Sounds like many of you haven’t heard that Californians are recalling Gov. Gruesome. One signature on one line of a petition is all you need to do.

            Stay in touch with your local political party to see what they are doing. School boards, local city councils, neighborhood councils. I wanted to join my neighborhood council but it’s only for property owners.

          4. Just out of curiosity, what relationship do you have with Patrick Bryne? Are you his spokesperson? Is everyone supposed to know who “Real Pam” is? You seem to have an awful lot to say on topics raised in this thread, appearing to adopt some sort of surrogate role for Patrick. As enjoyable as it would be to exchange insults with you here, I’m frankly here just to read what Patrick writes as I join my fellow Americans in grappling with the shock and horror of the putrid changes that have occurred in our country. Your nonsense about blaming VOTERS on the local level for what the deep state and traitors in Trump’s inner circle have done to America is tiresome and distracting. “Votes are stolen on the local level?” You think THAT’S what Patrick’s essays have proven? Jesus. So, if you’re not a friend of Patrick’s, with no permission from him to come here to engage with hostility to people reading these essays, you’re just clogging up an otherwise enjoyable reading experience.

        2. Trump is one man! This is a conspiracy of the “International” elites and our own DC swamp! What do you think one man can do against that? If his family was threatened his actions are completely understandable. These people don’t threatened idlely. They are prepared to carry out their threats without hesitation. Think carefully! And be truthful What would you do in the exact same situation? You forget everything the man has done over the last 4 years. The awareness to the cabal and swamp and especially the threat of Communist China!

      1. Based on the stories told by Patrick Byrne so far and Mike Lindell meeting with Trump sometime last January, It looks true that Trump more leaning toward a legal approach by Rudy than an invoking IA 2018. It might be that Trump was afraid of being labeled as a dictator by MSM, who uses the military to steal an election. Moreover, he was constantly blinded by bad people who want Trump to lose. So eventually time has run out as we have witnessed, added with that a setup for rioting on Capitol Hill on Jan 06, Trump was totally defeated. Although there is no doubt in my mind that Trump has thought of invoking IA, however, that requires the strongest mind of a President to decide. He lets that go for peace of mind and being defeated, along with that all patriots and a Republic USA!
        I am still hoping for something good for our country to happen, but Trump is not likely to make it!

      2. There are many people who have standing to contest the 2020 election. I do not doubt DJT’s life has been threatened, and, were I he, I would not risk my family’s lives for political gain. I am disappointed that this issue has not been resolved favorably for DJT, but HE is not the criminal. I suspect Trump is resolved to leave the prosecution of his case to others. The Deep State is wide and deep, much more so than I ever conceived it to be. We will know more soon.

        1. How many of the down ballot races were won by Repubs but stolen by Dems using the same tactics as with the presidential race?

      3. One consideration that I have entertained is that Mr. Trump has stirred the “complacent” among us. Reading the comments here tends to confirm my thought along those lines.
        I thank Mr. Trump for what he accomplished as President. But he is only one person and to expect one person, alone, to “carry us all on his back” is not reasonable.
        We-all need to get off of our collective posteriors and continue what has been initiated by one person. I look at money as the bottom line. Find ways to depreciate (of course peacefully and legally) the so-called elites.
        Mr. Trump has done an excellent job of exposing our “domestic enemies”. It is “our” choice what to do about “them”.

    2. Okay now that you added the ‘important salient’ paragraph about Trump being “JFKd”, the behavior on display now makes more sense. Any more ‘important salient’ points you’d like to add Patrick?? Perhaps you know someone who knows someone who can explain to us why there is no Air Flight Restrictions over Mar-a-lago?? Obviously, he’s still a target unless he plans to hide under a rock for the next many years.

      1. Do you watch MonkeyWerx channel? He is the one who pointed out the no fly zone missing and thought it meant Trump was out of town. For all we know, he might be elsewhere.

        With all the aggravation he is getting in Mar a Lago, it wouldn’t surprise me if he built a new family compound in Texas. Less accessible. He spent a lot of time there on a couple of air bases I think after the election so it’s possible.

        1. aggravation @ mar a lago? you were there to see him getting aggravated @ his own home?

          on a couple of air bases… like… one foot here and the other on there… pammy.. pammy…

  7. Please tell me there is a 5th part to this series? Is my former President the bumbling idiot you portray? Is there any hope?

    1. I read these installments too. I don’t agree that Trump was a bumbling idiot, I do believe, however, that after five years of non-stop BS thrown at him everyday – he wanted out.

      Mike Flynn for President? I’m in.

  8. Shiiiit. That was even more depressing than I was expecting.

    Donald Trump is the worst President in history. On his watch, leadership, and command, the United States election was stolen and he didn’t bother to lift a finger to stop it.

    What a failure. What a coward.

    The best thing Trump did was let 79,000,000 Americans know they weren’t alone. That’s the MAGA movement. Trump was just how we focused our energy into a single point to represent us. Now it’s up to everyone to find a way to focus the movement to local > state > nation. Don’t let the bastards win.

    1. If really believe that, you are a f’ing idiot. Trump doesn’t plan his events, someone else does. All of these situations, aside from his loyalties to some old friends (Rudy G), was caused without a doubt by the resistance swamp rats in the Whitehouse (DC). I think even Rudy was in on this…. which is really, really sad. I think he was intentionally losing the game from pressure.

    2. Worst? or Best? How much corruption are you aware of now than you knew before 2016? Did you have any clue back then exactly how deep that swamp is? I had my suspicions, but with every passing day since [he who shall not be named] has falsely stepped in as ‘potus’ (lower case , disrespect intended)…my heart sinks daily to know how far we are ‘sunk’….this will not be over in 2 years, 4 years, etc. The fundamental issue of election theft and the implementation of communism by the stroke of the pen of [he who shall not be named] has not been resolved…and with every day the left extremists take us further to the point of no return. Yes, I am very angry that POTUS appears to have stopped fighting…but God only knows what threats were made to him and until we know the full story, we cannot judge. However, we CAN continue to peacefully fight for truth and justice!!! We can refuse to be silenced and stand together…with Patrick Gen Flynn, Sydney, Lin…continue to demand that military step in an STOP this very obvious COUP!!!
      This is FAR bigger than Donald J Trump….this is our FREEDOM on the line….and when they finish silencing the conservatives, they will come for each group that is not extremist left…so this is EVERYONE’S PROBLEM!!!–regardless of what political party you profess to belong to.

  9. That’s exactly what the people were waiting to hear about the election fraud. I was watching from at home and was shocked when none of it was brought up . I Thiught what is happening? Perfect time to tell about all the fraud we heard about… confused.

  10. I fear that DJT was a Trojan Horse and a psyops for the Cabal. He pushed these experimental #accines that couldn’t pass the animal tests. He didn’t fight back against the blatant and so obvious Election fraud. Hung Powell, Flynn, Mike the pillow, Lin Wood, and Burns out to dry. I believe all to start his own media company. Why hasn’t DTJ spoke to the American people since he left office? Hasn’t joined any alternative media platform, etc. DTJ is not the Shadow President, he realized he couldn’t win, so he saved himself and his Family…. so people need to wake up, DTJ will not save America, WE THE PEOPLE are the only chance we have….why the prison gates around DC… they know….

    1. You’re giving him way too much credit.

      I believe his interests were in what’s best for the US. I believe in his message.

      I also believe he was incompetent at managing and navigating Washington DC and he didn’t have anyone on his side to help him.

      Everyone there needed to have a job after his Presidency. Everyone but him.

      Washington DC perpetuates it’s growth. A government agency will never intentionally kill itself.

      The smartest thing I ever heard he was doing, was moving the agencies OUT of DC. That would have at least removed them from the centralized power trough of Washington DC.

      But like everything President Trump, it was nothing more than a few tweets. No follow through.

      Just an incredible disappointment.

    2. Don’t you know that Democrat jackals are planning to skin him in their sham impeachment? DJT cannot talk anything until this blows over. Any word out of his mouth will be interpreted as another call for Insurrection. There are Satatic evils out to get him.

    3. 100% agree. He quit and failed the Country. Not following him to some media empire. I’m disgusted with him.

      1. Be aware of falling into the trap of the enemy who wants to create a wedge between DJT and his supporters. He is still a human and cannot do all the things he wants to do. I will NEVER stop supporting him. For the Deep State criminals, threatening and eliminating people is the MO. The last two President’s who took on the Deep State were Regan and JFK. What happened to them? I have no doubt DJT and/or family were threatened with death. Patrick confirms that in this article.

  11. I wonder how the patriots will react if this behind the scene information becomes pubic knowledge!
    The USA and for that matter all citizens of western origin will pay a heavy price for these “missed” opportunities to learn the truth prior to January 6 and Biden inauguration.
    Thank you Pattric and Gen.Flynn for all yor gallant efforts to save the USA

  12. All I can say is WOW. It saddens me to have read your account of everything. I almost feel as if DJT truly had decided that he just wanted it all over.

  13. It looks like he didn’t know you were to be there. The more I read, the angrier I get about the people around the President working against him and hiding things from him. He loves knowledge and information and Hayes the news hiding truth. I’m positive he didn’t know you guys had truth to share on his behalf 😢
    It’s sad because it truth that frees us…

  14. Well, so far it would appear that President Trump is not the man we all thought he is. I’d like to know who exactly does he listen to above all others. All this time, it’s been about him personally. Now, he’s moved on, and he wants to play kingmaker. I feel like I’ve been played.

    1. He misread his base. If he thinks he can open some media empire while allowing our right to vote to be stolen from is his is mistaken. I’m more angry at him than anyone at this point.

  15. Hi Mr Byrne, Thank you for everything you’ve done and Flynn also the digital soldiers. I hope 🤞 there’s still a plan “something” in place to fight back and get our country back! Nevertheless WE LOVE YOU❤️❤️Flynn ❤️❤️ Digital Soldiers ❤️❤️ For everything you’ve done.
    God bless you 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 🇺🇸 Flynn🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻 ❤️🇺🇸 Digital Soldiers 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  16. Thank you Patrick.

    This series has provided me and many others the closure needed to move forward from this saga.

    Your integrity and leadership won’t be forgotten. Please stay involved in our American project. I believe you have incredible potential to identify and command the truly exceptional in this country to rise above and regain control.

  17. The more I learn about the truth of this election, the more perpetually sick to my stomach I am. There is no way in hell any of this will be allowed by th@e powerful, to see the light of day in any court of law. They will kill to stop it. I hope you folks have Seal Team 6 on duty around you because you are a direct threat to the same thugs that had this election flipped. Mark Meadows is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and was most likely was the intel man for the other side. POTUS is surrounded by the enemy and has not a clue about it. How can such an intelligent man be so damn blind. I don’t get it. Life in a bubble perhaps.

  18. Not being a lifetime politician Trump is still learning the ropes. His brain must be on fire with all types of people non stop attacking the advise of the other. Hopefully it’s not too late? for President Trump to come back, this time choosing wisely. You, General Flynn, Sydney and others have proven their loyalty to their country, to stand by his side and henceforth listen to those who know what they are talking about, speak the truth, and loyal to their President. To be betrayed, as President Trump was by most of his own party must be gut wrenching. But no doubt a lot of them are bought and paid for one way or another. If term limits were applied less likely infiltration could occur. I do pray President Trump will be elected and hold office as the truthful election by the people of America voted for.

  19. Patrick, will you please spearhead the effort to overcome “the problem” (corruption)? Clearly, the organizations and people who should be doing it, aren’t. There are a lot of qualified professionals, myself included, who would join a strategized effort led by someone like you who has shown a predilection for solving complex issues and with the ability to organize towards progress. There are also a lot of small, grassroots efforts that need guidance and a bigger community to join forces with. We know the problem. Now, we need the solution and I believe you are in a position to lead it.

    1. I agree. We need a smart leader with courage to fight. Maybe a third party. Maybe lead a convention of the states. But this leader needs to be strongly rooted in Christian faith, prayer, and God’s word. Not sure where Patrick stands in relation to faith. I think General Flynn, with Patrick’s support (and Trump’s endorsement) could lead us true Patriots and God-fearing Americans out of this mess. Please consider this Patrick, and pray for God’s guidance.

  20. I can think of two reasons why Trump let this election fraud go and did not fight harder in the end:

    1. Trump has said before that when he was asked to run for President, he was not told how deep and wide the swamp went. He has also said that it would be very easy for him to just retire and have a very good life leaving all of this behind. After 4 years of an onslaught of hate towards yourself and the ones you love, and realizing that there are maybe 3 people who are actually true and ion your side, This may have been a way to exit without really losing.


    2. Trump was informed that if he re-ran the elections and regained the election win that Congress would vote to Impeach on more phony charges and this time, with so many traitors and Rinos in the senate, they would vote to convict. This would mean Trump could spend the rest of his life in prison and would possibly also go after his children.
    This is a real possibility.

    Just my thoughts on what might have happened in the end.

    1. You haven’t been paying attention to Patrick’s posts on social media. Trump didn’t give up. Stay tuned

      1. KATE, please summarize “Patrick’s posts on social media” for us. I can’t keep up with where everybody’s gone (since the censoring/silencing began in earnest). Thank you!

    2. RM, I agree with you, and throw in the possibility of threats on his life and maybe even the lives of his family. I also think that he may have truly been concerned about the potential of civil war. I think he loves the people of America too much to risk the possibility of that much bloodshed. Of course, those are just my thoughts. I don’t guess we will ever know precisely what went through his mind in the decisions he made. And for that reason, and for all that he has done for us over the last four years, I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. …..I still consider him the best president in my lifetime.

  21. Well, as much as I looked forward to reading this, it has predictably only made me more angry and frustrated with how Trump dismissed your hard work and that of so many others. While wanting so badly to fight, fight, fight for my beloved country, and thinking there HAS to be a big team of white hats still working behind the scenes to undo this obvious wrong, the overall sense I get from your remarkable essays, Patrick, is that we have as much chance of saving the America we thought we knew as we do using electrode paddles on George Washington’s corpse to bring him back to life.

  22. Loyalty is the flaw of his character. He wants so much to believe some people who are close to him that it blinds him to the reality of those who are taking advantage of him. Sad.
    Thanks for trying Patrick. No good deed goes undone.

  23. I want to know more about who summoned him to Mar-a-lago, then left him to be photographed and rejected.

    On the hopium side, I am hoping that Flynn/Byrne and co stumbled onto an already in process mission, and were somewhat being deflected to not inadvertently reveal the operation.

    Or, we are all just hosed and have Biden and go to destroy America. Local government matters! Take note!

    1. Indeed, Misty, your view on a process-in-motion is the only avenue remaining that brings America back from the abyss.

  24. I thought it was strange that the President was so late in starting his speech leaving all this empty time to fill. I was annoyed by the happy birthday singing too. A million people showed up that day with great expectations because DJT asked them to come. I was uncomfortable with Trump putting so much of our fate on VP Pence who according to Lin Wood’s whistle blower had relations with underage boys.

    1. I wonder if Trump knew what had been planned by Antifa at the Capitol and didn’t want his supporters getting hurt. It seems to have worked out because fake MAGA and Antifa were impatient and got their party started before Trump had even finished speaking. It took the crowd at least half an hour to walk to the Capitol.

      1. I have news for you. Only crazy people are going to win this.
        That’s why worrying about “what the middle class thinks” is a fool’s game.

        If that is the criterion here, how come BLM, which the American middle class loathes and hatred of which fuelled Trump’s landslide, has been nominated for a Nobel, while Proud Boys, admittedly an agent provocateur started by a leftist chump, is a terrorist group?
        They want us to worry about optics and only optics while they focus on winning. Then they win and fix the optics in their favor and we lose and have the optics reframed against us …duh.
        This is beyond persuasion and discourse.
        This is war…on multiple fronts, and demoralizing the population is one of the significant fronts. Don’t be demoralized and don’t trash Trump and you have already won a major battle and given them a big FU.

  25. Perhaps the plan was to not prove anything prior
    To final oath taking. . .
    Strategy or is President Trump making another political move for future goals? Go back prior to 2016, who would desire to be President as messy as the country was after Obama?
    He was picked to do his part. Is his part not needed further? He did wake up a Nation. He has connected the world. Democrats do not have the answer and republicans are not the solution. We The People – read our Constitution.

  26. Trump delegated responsibilities to cheerleaders and vipers. There was a miraculous bubble of competence, but it did not overlap with Trump’s sphere. When it did, it was deflated by the lazy fangs of a captive bureaucracy.

  27. Hmmm, ok, so someone wanted you to get to Mar-a-Lago stat and when you get there, nothing. So, what happened in the place you were staying while in DC? Who wanted you out of there for an extended time and why? I’m sure you checked for bugs/wires when you returned. Please, the next time you are with the President – get his phone number or at least give him yours so you can communicate directly!

    1. This made me laugh, and triggered a memory from my childhood in the 50s. We kids used to say this all the time, but I cannot remember why. I’m sure it was from some comic book, or early TV show. I suspect you know the source of this statement. I’d love to know.

      1. I learned it from reading Fantastic Four comics as a kid. Ben Grimm (The Thing) said it all the time, which is why I still say it to this day!

      2. It’s from “The Life of Riley” from when I was a pup. Poor Chester a Riley had it rough sometimes.

        Rave on! (That’s Buddy Holly:)

  28. Can you fast-forward to the end and tell us what happens next? 🙂
    I feel like until we can trust the FBI, we are so screwed. No justice.

    1. What happens next is all the MAGA dipshits spend four years pissing and moaning about Biden being president despite the fact that he is essentially a Republican from 20 years ago before you all went off the deep end.

      1. Lol, rejecting your premises on two levels: 1) Biden is and always has been a liberal. As a Reagan conservative, I can admit that Biden’s “brand” of liberalism is said to be more moderate than that of the extreme left, but he has never been an actual moderate at all. 2) The premise that Biden is governing anything is completely inaccurate. He is a weekend-at-bernie’s prop used for limited public appearance when needed while leftists set about dismantling what’s left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        1. There was a news blurb about a ten year research study of Alzheimer’s patients that shows handwriting is predictive of the disease. Is that why Beijing Biden has his wife sign all his documents now and why the official signature stamp is her signature using Joey’s name? Illegal? Do they fear even more evidence of his declining mental state?

  29. Hmmm, ok, so someone wanted you to get to Mar-a-Lago stat and when you get there, nothing. So, what happened in the place you were staying while in DC? Who wanted you out of there for an extended time and why? I’m sure you checked for bugs/wires when you returned. Please, the next time you are with the President – get his phone number or at least give him yours so you can communicate directly!

  30. In. Clandestine warfare , there is psyops , counter psyops an more
    I like the fog of war
    Let’s see what is reality when the fog clears
    From where is look – the full behind the scenes will never be revealed to the fullest extent
    Meanwhile people light up , enjoy the fog and the movements in the murky depths
    Truth will win in the end
    And we will be there to celebrate the truth and it’s victory if we stay the course

  31. My first thought….Mark Meadows orchestrated this whole pep rally! HE is the reason Trump “lost”. He is a traitor just like many, many others!


  33. Thank you for publishing the Truth. I saw Mike Lindell today saying that he was going to release a 3 hour video on election fraud due out tomorrow. I’m sure that quite a lot of evidence that you have worked on will be revealed. Main stream media, of course, will try to discredit and bury the story. But, this IS the evidence that the doubters have been asking for. Thank you again for everything that you have been doing. You are a true patriot and will go down in history as one of the key players that saved America.

  34. And you believe all this nonsense….let common sense prevail please…look back at President Trumps 4 years…what he did for you bloody idiots…my goodness…some patriots you all are….so Patrick Byrne…what the heck did he do for America…other than help Hillary with a bribe and try desicate President Trump…maybe people should start looking into his background and see if he was worth President Trumps 10 minutes…maybe he saw right through him…I doubt General Michael Flynn would endorse this crap…as for those bogus tears he tried to sell you obviously very easily swayed so called patriots…my word what a bunch of fools this man is making of you….he is no patriot…and let him bring his evidence….why has General Flynn not endorsed this crap…mmmm 🤔 stupid is as stupid does…

        1. This links to the CloutHub Verification Policy page:

          It could have been clearer with a few sample images of the said “badge” though.

          “The Orange verified badge on CloutHub lets people know that an account is authentic.
          The badge appears next to the name on an account’s profile and next to the account name in posts and search results. It is always the same color and placed in the same location.

          Accounts that have the CloutHub Verified badge placed somewhere else, for example in the profile photo, header photo, or with a post, are not verified accounts. If you have reason to believe someone is has used a fake verified badge, you may report it to [email protected].

          Verified badges are applied only by CloutHub staff, and accounts that falsely add a badge to their account in order to imply they have verified status, are subject to permanent account termination.”

    1. Let us see what exactly President Trump did for us “bloody idiots”: he began working with the swamp immediately after he got elected and told us that there will be consequences for the Clinton crime family. Allowed Paul Ryan to lose the house for republicans without saying so much as a word. Allowed Muller to hurt so many innocent people without doing anything to at least try to protect them from illegal prosecutions – Flynn, Papadopuolos, Stone, Page and many more. Never fired Wray, Haspel, Barr or any other criminals for that matter. Nominated Cavanaugh who is as look warm as they come and a Bush guy, and he and Gorsuch both voted that apparently gay Americans are a special class – the founding fathers are spinning in their graves. Extended the HB1 and seasonal workers visas and told us that they were in demand and not enough American workers in these fields. Didn’t and of the wars though to be fair didn’t start one either – signed executive orders before leaving to bring the troops home knowing perfectly that it was going to be the first thing biden does – rescind this order. But most importantly, locked us down , destroyed the economy, muzzled us and shoved down our throats china and gates’ vaccines. How did I do!

      1. Because Trump is a god and knew all of this before hand and had total control of the government and everyone in the Swamp. Got it! Gosh, you are soooo smart. Why don’t you run for president, sweetie?

    2. so i should think that patrick byrne, a person with a history of proven evidence is lying, and i should believe a nobody Ann Penn… ok. got it.

  35. If Patrick’s account is accurate, all one can conclude thus far is that DJT is nothing more than a groomed circus player who is very much in league with the swamp. He is certainly NOT the genius people make him out to be – that is evident from Patrick’s accounts. If he is that smart, he is using such genius AGAINST and not for the American people.

    1. There are many people who have standing to contest the 2020 election. I do not doubt DJT’s life has been threatened, and, were I he, I would not risk my family’s lives for political gain. I am disappointed that this issue has not been resolved favorably for DJT, but HE is not the criminal. I suspect Trump is resolved to leave the prosecution of his case to others. The Deep State is wide and deep, much more so than I ever conceived it to be. We will know more soon.

    2. Byrne repudiates you in his account of the 12/23 meeting with Trump.

      Trump’s biggest failing as president was his personnel choices, but even some of them were forced upon him.

      He could have mounted a better fight, but if he had credible evidence that no fight was winnable and that he would be JFK’d if he did win, then what’s the point? Take one for the team? Let himself and his son be executed?

      Seriously: he’s not Obi Wan or Gandalf; he doesn’t get to come back and fight again if that happens.

      His greatest service to America – despite his many other successes – has been to roll back the curtain so that we can see just how pervasive and determined the enemy is. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess, but he is more help to us alive than dead.

  36. Now what? For Patriots that care and are weathly, they will survive this biden regime. The avg Patriot will be crushed. God have mercy on the USA.

    1. Work on your local level since the election was stolen on the local level. Demand paper ballots and no voting machines for a start. KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional lawyer, advised this yesterday on QuiteFrankly’s show. It hasn’t been posted on Rumble yet but keep checking his channel. She says to ignore the federal level if you want results in the future.

  37. With nothing seeming to be happening in the days running up to 1/6, I told my friends that I feared that Trump would be offering nothing more than yet another pep rally – and if he did that, it’d pretty much be over.

    1. Chris, so if President Trump would have offered more than a “pep rally”, what would have been the outcome? I watched hours of the election fraud hearings and have no doubt of the fraud. I am assuming that those that were in DC also knew this. So if he would have gone over specifics of the fraud, what would that have changed? It’s not like he would have been presenting to SCOTUS or something. Please note that I am not at all trying to be sarcastic.. I just really don’t understand what some people were hoping for at this peaceful protest other than letting their voices be heard.

  38. I will say though… There is something interesting to how this is being laid out by Pat – things that have been left out in other outlets, things that feel like pieces of a puzzle that’s being put together, things that haven’t been said before and are only being said now…

    Probably just wishful thinking at this point.

    Anywho, back to work. Can’t fight these bastards if we’re all broke!

  39. “In other words, “capture”. As happens with my (sic) from time to time, I meet someone from a completely different background who has come to recognize the single issue that underlies so many of our problems as a nation. That problem is that powerful elites have captured the decision-making cycles of our government, and turned it towards their private ends.” = Swamp.
    What’s sad about this narrative is Trump really doesn’t seem to care – or just makes really poor choices. Which I thought when he hired Mooch and Omarosa. I think he had the best intentions. But what do you do when you can’t trust any one around you? I lost all faith in Military Brass when I read Jill Kelley’s book about her and CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus (also Mattis seemed to have a thing for her also). Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look. I’d love your take on where you think we as a Country are heading and what needs to be done to change course. Also – one more thing…why did you think there would be violence at the Capitol? It never occurred to me (unless it was Antifa).

  40. Patrick: who made the decisions regarding that Jan 6th rally, i.e. who managed the speaking slots? Who told you that yours was cancelled? And did you not ask who had changed the arrangements?

    From an outsider’s viewpoint, let me tell you that that “show” was utterly confusing, inexplicable even. Something huge was announced, people took time off work, scraped their pennies together, flew to DC. And absolutely nothing happened. Just the usual Trump rally of which we had seen many in the weeks preceding the election. It was almost like something else had been planned, but cancelled at the last moment. Just odd.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do. You deserve a medal for your effort to shine a light on the truth and ultimately help the world (given that the Dominion/Scytl-type election fraud is used world-wide, in many elections).

    1. He just couldn’t sacrifice himself or those “friends” and family.. he clearly was flirting with it. and Meatballs and Eileen allow us that.
      ….. And that’s why nobody else is Jesus….
      How many of us would have been able to risk our families lives, we all know if ppl were capable of this, they were capable of THAT. There is a special place for Meadows though.
      I love how my frantic searches and fragments of info in censored land yet gut almost knew all these things were going on, just no specifics…and they were and they were. I expected he had a little more autonomy though.

  41. What you describe sounds like a total sh@t show. I have difficulty believing Trump wanted to prove voting irregularities and serve a second four years given his choices in attorneys and staff. A tragic failure or the presidency to preserve the Republic.

  42. 60 day stand down of military to vet for Trump supporters. (rounding up military loyal to Biden) Press declares Jan 6th protest – insurrection. Now they all say Trump is solely responsible for insurrection. The penalty for insurrection is not impeachment (especially when out of office). The penalty is treason. Consider that if Trump comes to Washington for trial he will be arrested for treason and tried by military tribunal. Just a thought.

  43. Patrick: who made the decisions regarding the January 6th rally? Who told you that your slot was cancelled? And did you not ask who had changed the arrangements?

    From an outsider’s point of view: let me tell you that that “show” left many, if not most, utterly confused. In a way it was inexplicable. Somethig groundbreaking had been promised, people had taken time off work, some had scraped their last pennies together to fly to DC, and nothing happened. As you said: it was just another Trump rally, the same kind that we witnessed many times in the weeks preceding the election. It was bizarre and left some wondering if something else had been planned, but was cancelled at the last moment. Which would fit your side of the story.

    Thanks a lot for what you do. You deserve a medal for your effort to shine a light on the truth and help not just the US, but the whole world (given that the Scytl/Dominion-type systems are used in many elections world-wide, the last big one having been the EU elections in 2019).

  44. So why did Gen. Flynn say in an interview on the 5th that on a scale from 1 to 10 , he thought it was a 10 Trump would be in the WH 4 more years? He was SO positive . What did he know that would lead him to make such an enthusiastic proclamation just a day before the 6th?

    1. We thought we were speaking the next morning, and would have opportunity to have at least two scientists come up on stage and speak for 10 minutes each to explain what happened. Not Rudy up there talking about Joe Frazier voting, not trump up there looking petulant, but actual information being explain to the crowd. If he had done that it would’ve been an entirely different event. Instead it was a rally for Donald Trump. Mike and I were sick.

      1. Of course all explanations as to what happened with the voting could have well been done in a press conference or some other venue. Instead thousands of supporters were asked to come to DC, a sacrifice for many, to hear a speech, only to be sent home.

      2. Your photographic memory seems to have flickered when Trump spoke. Perhaps you were distracted because it was a rather boring speech overall. I watched it live and heard Trump apologize to the crowd for making them wait in the cold while he read a list of the election fraud uncovered so far. I knew it already, as did most of the crowd. We were expecting a big reveal of God knows what but were disappointed.

      3. Thank you Patrick, you are an American treasure. Please keep up the good fight. Miracles can happen. At this point, we need one. All the best.

      4. Something doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t a rally and more information was presented, do we really think it would have changed the outcome? By this time didn’t President Trump know what VP Pence was going to do? I just don’t understand how a change in what was said could have changed the outcome? At this point, he was already threatened but I can’t imagine he hadn’t been threatened before with all the hatred for 4 years. I can’t wait until Chapter 5, I’m hoping you get to met with him eventually. I’m so disappointed.

      5. Patrick, thank you for all you do. i think it was a good question, re gen flynn.

        When you say, “but actual information being explain to the crowd. If he had done that it would’ve been an entirely different event” what do you mean in terms of outcome, short term, specificcally. most of teh folks there read what you write. how would tht hve ben different? what would have been diffrent.



        1. But if everything depended on Pence, as was obviously the plan, how would scientists at the rally have changed that? Pence has probably seen the computer evidence …it’s all over the net and obviously Powell, Flynn, and Byrne are known to him.
          If computer scientists at the rally would have made the crowd even more worked up, then wouldn’t that have been a bad thing? There REALLY might have been the kind of mob violence that the left is now dreaming up and pinning on the right…

          Why does the choice of the rally speakers change any of that?

          Besides, if STOPTHESTEAL or some Women’s group chose the speakers, not the Trump campaign, can we blame Trump?

          1. when a company fails, we blame ceos. when the president fails, we blam people around him, who serve @ his will? wtf

          2. Perhaps the difference would have the crowd freshly forewarned about the Moldovan effect and any claim of the “insurgency” that stopped all argument of election fraud dead would have been rendered null.

  45. This is so disappointing I don’t have the words to express. It’s almost like Trump was waving the red flag and ready to leave.. Maybe Trump is worn out and just wanted to have his life back. Thank you Patrick for writing these Chapters It’s all starting to come together. I believe like most of you that there’s more to this story. I really feel Tump had bad people around him not looking out for him..

    1. He just couldn’t sacrifice himself or those “friends” and family.. he clearly was flirting with it. and Meatballs and Eileen allow us that.
      ….. And that’s why nobody else is Jesus….
      How many of us would have been able to risk our families lives, we all know if ppl were capable of this, they were capable of THAT. There is a special place for Meadows though.
      I love how my frantic searches and fragments of info in censored land yet gut almost knew all these things were going on, just no specifics…and they were and they were. I expected he had a little more autonomy though.

    1. I wonder why a case was not made to the senators with the facts about the vote PRIOR to Jan 6. Why didn’t someone present the facts?

  46. Are stolen elections the “American way”? And we’re just finding that out? Is that what Trump discovered and why he backed down and off so quietly?

    If this is the case, guess I’m done with even caring. If THE President has something up his sleeve still and we’re yet to see it, that would restore my faith.
    It’s hard to believe he’d just walk away and allow this Obama flunky to destroy our country from within
    after he made it soar with the Eagles in four short years. I pray that’s what is going to happen! Patrick, if you know anything more, please also begin sharing that with all of us. We need some hope for the future and you’re the only one we can look to in the interim.

  47. “Various aspects of the story I told above are documented in photos and film.” Then share it Patrick! If you’re truly the Patriot you claim to be, you’d stop gatekeeping. Put the information into the public sector. But you’re not. It’s funny how you write as if everything was coming together, but right at the final moment, there’s always a hiccup. Look at all his previous writings, even before he decided to get into the election fraud. Interesting… I have a feeling Pat may have started all this to get a pardon. Didn’t work out did it big guy?

    1. Don’t forget Patrick was caught doing some not above board things with that Russian woman. Of course he won’t disclose the details. Why is that Patrick? Why this sudden patriotism for President Trump?

  48. Thank you Patrick for all this insight. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see in the darkest hour if we can pull out an Ace. I sure hope that is where this is leading. I’ve never been to political, but for this one I’m very invested and it’s making my stomach turn flips. This is the ultimate stab in the back to the American People. This is where we will make or break the future of America in my opinion. It they get away with this, well I don’t need to eleaborate. My heart goes out to this President who has been deeply wronged. He just doesn’t strike me as a man who would give up or a man who wouldn’t be able to see past obstacles…….fingers crossed

  49. If the FBI can just intervene and take control like that regardless, then it seems very likely that Trump was threatened or perhaps even his family. Even if he didn’t know some of the details, given all your contact and efforts exposing other fraud, you think he would be the one reaching out to you. There is something really big missing in all this.

  50. Pep ralley on Jan 6. Indeed. Everyone who saw it over where I’m at in Europe said it was the same old whining from Trump about the usual media and various enemies, and his bloviating the wore-out campaign stop highlights of all the policy work he “got done.” He played Mr. Byrne, Lt. Gen Flynn, Sydney (now we know why Jenn Ellis deflected her away from the Guliani camp??) and a million pissed off people to show up for a huge nothing burger that the Dem-loaded, pre-paid and scripted agents provocateurs were more than ready to exploit. The House GOP members who certified Biden on Jan 7th were already voting that way…

  51. Patrick: Appreciate the post(s), but you (and your staff, or whoever) need to do a better job of running a spelling check on your text. There were several errors in this piece! These errors, though not changing the ‘gist’ of your post, diminish the professionalism, and perhaps, the credibility of your work.

    1. I guess you missed the part about this being a rough draft. If Patrick took extra time to look for typos, people would be whining it was taking too long. He just wants to get the info out now. He can hire an editor later. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      1. Hey thank you. Yeah when I first started writing and said I was going to be skimming over things, people complain about that, too. Told me I had to include all the links and all the details as I went. When I slow down to do that, he then complained that I was not making enough progress and moving the story forward.

        1. Who were the fidiot Colonel Flagg’s (MASH) who came up with the “Eileen” super secret handshake dance? Sounds like a whole lot of people in that shit show developed quite a love for the smell of their own farts. And, where was Sidney on the 6th?

          This whole thing’s a four screamer plane crash.

        2. Patrick, thank you for everything you’ve done and are still doing!!
          All of the idiots complaining about grammar and spelling need to get a life and move along. This is not an English class people!! This is important information that is being shared with us as a courtesy from a fine Patriot!! If the grammar bothers you then stop reading and do us all a favor and stop complaining!

        3. No Patrick, Gary was right. Excellent vocabulary and punctuation belong to this excellent piece of journalism. Don’t chafe at his correction. A wise man loves those who correct him.

          1. (sigh) As many of us have pointed out multiple times, including me, this series is a ROUGH DRAFT. Important information is being released. An editor will tidy up later.

            Perhaps Patrick could add a header in ALL CAPS at the top of every chapter.

    2. He did make it clear in the preface, this was unedited, but he’s done really great this far, until one paragraph he apparently skipped over in this part. I can certainly get over it.

    3. Patrick, thank you for everything you’ve done and are still doing!!
      All of the idiots complaining about grammar and spelling need to get a life and move along. This is not an English class people!! This is important information that is being shared with us as a courtesy from a fine Patriot!! If the grammar bothers you then stop reading and do us all a favor and stop complaining!

    4. Patrick, thank you for everything you’ve done and are still doing!!
      All of the idiots complaining about grammar and spelling need to get a life and move along. This is not an English class people!! This is important information that is being shared with us as a courtesy from a fine Patriot!! If the grammar bothers you then stop reading and do us all a favor and stop complaining!

  52. After following Patrick’s stories this far, I think Trump was blinded and advised to lose. They, the traitors, studied him so close that they knew Trump believes Rudy and Jenna Ellis can get SCOTUS to reverse the election to him that why Sydney, Flynn, and Patrick plus Mike Lindell’s suggestions were treated so lightly.
    Now there is nothing to do more! RIP Republic!

  53. Incredible, Patrick! We had friends in DC on Jan 6th, and they spoke of the same thing. What they heard was completely opposite of what they were expecting to hear. The disappointment was huge and they were dumbfounded by it all, questioning Trump’s purpose to urge all patriots to be in DC that day. So, for you to now detail the events leading up to this is eye-opening, to say the least. In fact, all of what you’ve shared so far is maddening and frustrating…and angering, to know all who should’ve been fighting this fraud with the truth, have been pathetically complicit in throwing out roadblocks to obstruct this fight for integrity!!

  54. Patrick,

    Another evocative ‘you are there’ chapter of your adventure. I pictured your huge frame folded up like a Japanese fan in that Uber Datsun, your head sticking out of the sun roof like a Great Dane. You have been working very hard and we all appreciate it!

    I doubt Trump knew you and Flynn were going to speak at the rally. You had already experienced his ‘people’ throwing obstacles on your path.

    Your photographic memory seems to have flickered when Trump spoke. I watched it live and heard Trump apologize to the crowd for making them wait in the cold while he read a list of the election fraud uncovered so far. I was bored because I knew it already, as did most of the crowd. We were expecting a big reveal of God-knows-what but were disappointed and puzzled.

    Trump appeared low energy, as if there was something weighing on his mind. Did he volunteer to be the sacrificial lamb by not pushing the election fraud narrative in order to give the military an excuse for a coup?

    1. You’re right Pam, it was NOT a pep rally on Jan 6. It was Trump making his case against the fraud. Something about Byrne’s accounts smells. He misremembers or omits details that should’ve been easy for someone who supposedly has a fantastic memory. I think there is an agenda here, to sow dissension among us, so I take Patrick Byrne with a lot grain of salt. Datsuns haven’t been around for nearly 40 years.

      1. Agree with your comment! Something is missing in Patrick’s whole “Story”. Something is amiss! I’ll take it will a whole bottle of salt!

  55. Man 😞
    Thank you for all your work!
    Could you tell us what we can do now?
    Can you tell anything about Italy and the journalists report that identified IP addresses of vote changes.
    Can you give us an idea of why all this got thrown away? How can we move forward to free and fair elections?

  56. Thank you for this inside look at what was a frustrating process for all of us, but for you it must have been infuriating,

    Among those of us who know something wrong happened on Nov. 3/4, there can be good faith differences of opinion on what could or should have been done.

    I am uneasy with the idea of an executive order signed by Trump to use the national guard to seize the ballots and run a recount. We know how the press would cover it. Trump was already worse than Hitler, this action would be portrayed as a military Junta. The local authorities might even have resisted and violence possibly ensue. It could have been the first shots of a civil war. Plus, who is to say that that executive order was even Constitutional. It could be that this plan was an extra-Constitutional effort to remain in power (even if there was election fraud). It creates a very slippery slope for our Constitutional Republic. We might already be beyond that event horizon, but I do not want my side to take the first shot.

    Being an ardent Constitutionalist, I was seeking a resolution in that dusty old document. The only one that I found was an appeal to the GOP dominated legislatures in the contested states. If you convinced them of the irregularities, then they could have require the recount, or the new election, or if all else fails they could have taken back their right to appoint the electors themselves. I know it relies on politicians to do the right thing and take a difficult stand, but that was the only CONSTITUTIONAL way that I saw to undo this Gordian knot.

    Those GOP state legislators should have been your audience starting on November 4. They were the ones that needed to be lobbied with the technical evidence. Then Trump needed to do what he does best and IMMEDIATELY start holding rallies in all of the contested states to whip up his supporters to put political pressure on their state legislators to do the right thing. Instead, Trump hid for a month and a day before doing any public appearances. After that unexplainable delay, in my opinion, it was already too late. Trump needed to be out there on Nov. 5 cracking jokes about how the Dems were so sloppy with their efforts to steal the election. The technical guys would make a compelling case, and the MAGA supporters would stiffen the GOP state politician’s spines. It would only take one state to take action, then the political momentum would force the other states to take action too. However, this had to be the game plan early on — while everyone still remembered what they saw on Nov 3/4. It seems the Rudy team only stumbled upon this strategy after getting no traction in any of their Court filings, but by then the election was a fait accompli and the political momentum was irreversible.

  57. …hmmm it seems that A.Coulter’s description of MrTrump is accurate …..unfortunately …also remembering M.Flynn public expressions at the time all seems truthfull as it cen get ….we the Americans Patriots are finished

  58. This is now bigger than Trump, this is America. This is a fight for our constitutional republic and values.

    I hope installments 5- ? outline what true patriots did to expose this corruption and theft of the election.

    Thank you Patrick and of course to General Flynn, both of you are honorable men and deserve much gratitude for the work you have done.

    God Bless

    1. My idea is to jettison the Madison constitution, which is completely under the control of the kleptocacy and start over. I am working on a new article:
      Upcoming from the The Spirit of 1776: Jettisoning Madison’s Constitution in Order to Create a Commonwealth of Independent Producers in an Entrepreneurial Capitalist Economy. We begin with a criticism of the sloppy intellectual offering of The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, which co-joins and conflates the principles of the Declaration with Madison’s turgid and flawed Constitution of 1787. The writers of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission omitted reference to the historical precedent of the Articles of Confederation, as if to deny the historical fact that the Articles, and not Madison’s document, was the first, and only authentic American constitution, ratified by all 13 states.

  59. It can be a real pain in the ass protecting and taking care of people only to have them direct anger and frustration towards you for your efforts. But in this case, the intentions are so very good…it’s endearing. Two not so random thoughts occur to me. A hallmark of true narcissism is an absence of empathy. Feigned ignorance is a skill. Thank you ALL.

  60. I heard this morning that the helipad at Mar-a-Lago is being disassembled. That would indicate that Trump does not expect to be president in the future. It would be nice if he had the courtesy of letting us peons know so that we can stop fighting for him.

    1. The ShareBlue trolls want Trump supporters to be disillusioned. That’s why they post here with their crocodile tears. This is about more than just one election and one man. As Trump said, it’s a movement. It took Nigel Farage twenty-seven years to get Brexit and the globalists are still trying to overturn it.

      Elections are won on the local level. Work to get free and fair elections with no machines and only paper ballots and voter ID. Don’t allow Demwits to bully you. Bully back!

      1. It is naive to think we ever have an honest election again. Trump quit and then doesn’t even talk to us? Really? Next he will have some media empire and expect us to follow. No thank you, I blame him more than anyone.

  61. I am more depressed by some comments on here. DID ANYONE OF YOU REALLY, I MEAN REALLY LISTEN TO PRESIDENT TRUMP? Some on here have absolutely no faith what so ever. Maybe you need to take a step back and reflect on Trumps speeches . And listen! This is not just about our country, but about the world. I know our concern is for USA. But does anyone have any idea how deep and corrupt the deep state is. I believe Patrick has some more chapters. So let’s do some thinking before we throw DJT under the bus, please.

    1. I guess, we ought to feel lucky that the founding fathers didn’t say to themselves – well if our lives and families are threatened, we should abandon everything and just try to keep the movement going.

    2. have you even SEEN what dictator Biden had done in 10 days in office? yeah. sure. hold out for hope trump dumped us. we are done

  62. Patrick, thank you for your efforts in getting to the bottom of the stolen election. Sorry that those efforts were apparently taken for granted. I am disappointed that you, Gen Flynn, Sidney, Lin, and Mike Lindell seem to have been dismissed outright by Trump and his associates.

  63. Thanks for the read.Great story line ,I’m getting the feeling that 17 is just one step ahead of you and making sure you don’t uncover the plan.

  64. Pat,

    This is a tremendous service you have done for the President and for the United States of America. Thank you. Thank you a million times.

    Have you ever heard reference to “the greatest story ever told”, referring to the story of Mr. J. Christ who was walking the earth on this day 2,000 years ago? The story you have told here contends for “the saddest story ever told.” I am sorry it fell to you and your colleagues to live it.

    Pat, I am skipping from January 6 to today, February 4,. 2021. Of course you have gone above and beyond duty anyone could reasonably expect to be yours. I suspect you have not given up yet on saving our country, which has become a much harder job than it was when you started on this task, though that most definitely is not your fault.

    Is there any possibility you can get time again to meet with President Trump? I don’t have inside information, but it seems he is isolated at least much as he was when you, Attorney Powell, and General Flynn took the Jedi path into the Oval Office. I picture President Trump glued to Fox news, not constantly searching the web for independent information. I also imagine Melania might not be all in on our country’s business anymore, and who could blame her? That would have to affect the President and honestly, I would be willing to plead a case to Melania but I would defer to her on family issues in the end. Maybe she is all in.

    Your country needs you to reach President Trump and provide him the counseling he needs. Your country and its rightful President need you. I am sorry Pat. I wish I could do it. If I could get in to see him, I would give it a shot. I’d need at least a few days, I think. Donald needs to talk to someone who is on his side. He needs to talk a lot. He needs some information too, that he won’t get unless someone who listens to him tells him.

    I have heard President Trump say this catastrophe is not about him. Maybe he didn’t mean it. Maybe he changed his mind. I suspect the people surrounding him brain washed him. I would not be surprised if they used drugs on him too.

    I know of no person more appropriate than you to go see him. It would be right for you to see him about him and his well being. His country still needs him and he is loved.

    They killed John Kennedy. They kidnapped Donald Trump and may kill him yet. If they think you might rescue him, they will kill you if they can. Easy for me to say, but the risk to your life cannot be the reason for not trying. I would not hesitate putting my life on the line if I could see my way to a chance to get involved directly with President Trump. This is bigger than any of us.

    Honestly, I have no way of knowing for sure that what you have written is authentic, but I think it is. So, not for your benefit, because if you are authentic, then you know already. This is about resuscitating Freedom from what looks like a moral wound. The mortal wound is the loss of elections. That is one thing our Republic cannot do without, no way, no how. If elections cannot be recovered, our Hope has to turn to building a new republic, starting in a spot like the one faced by our founders. That is a grim prospect. I just learned about the fates of the signers or the Declaration of Independence. If you have not heard this talk by Paul Harvey, I expect you will find the ten minutes it runs worth your time.

    God Bless you Patrick Byrne.

    And may God Please Bless the United States of America.

  65. Patrick’s account is consistent with President Trump’s behavior over the years. When push comes to shove he acts in what he perceives his best interests. For affirmation, note how he turned his back on fellow USFL team owners when presented with an opportunity to recoup his investment — even though assuring them time and again he would never quit on them. Having watched that documentary I was a reluctant Trump voter that became an avid supporter. But always, in the back of my mind, I figured he would take an “out” if forced into a corner. I believe that is what happened here. Even the fact that he is actually going to respond to the sham impeachment indicates cooperation. He should follow Turley’s advice and ignore it all together. The Senate has no “standing” or proper authority to compel a private citizen to undergo an impeachment trial.

    1. I actually think better of DJT for putting his family and personal life ahead of any messianic urge. It shows a real conservative streak in this lifelong NY liberal with mobster ties.

      The assassination threat, or something equivalent, sounds credible to me, given all the signalling about JFK coming out of the WH at the end… and his requesting extra security for his family.

      That said, JFK was no JFK. These are all public images cultivated for public manipulation.

      The globalist cabal’s plans are far too deeply laid to be completely derailed by any one person. Only a popular uprising can do that. DJT has already helped create that and we should be eternally grateful to him for it.

      The only opposition possible at the highest level is controlled opposition, and from that perspective, he exceeded expectations wildly.

      Starting a media empire is actually a good step up from being a president at a time when the cabal has such extreme control of all institutions.

      Trump has taken a beating from every corner for years. Some of those criticizing him for not allowing himself or his family to be assassinated do nothing more than effortlesly whinge under aliases. Most people do not discuss politics openly, let alone voice more controversial positions. Few people dare oppose any of the dozens of speech codes operating, for fear of losing contracts, jobs, publishers, networks, or prestige.

      It’s time we got up off our duffs and did something ourselves instead of looking for messiahs.

      1. We did – people lost jobs, businesses, careers, relationships, etc. to support him and many went to jail merely because they were his supporters!

        1. Yes…congratulations and good for you. Then you know what’s involved….
          FIGHT ON.
          Would it make sense for Trump to be assassinated? Did Kennedy help by getting drugged in one instance and then being killed?
          I have been out of any job possibility for years…did something else, worked with my hands…
          Try to be more devious and subversive if you fear for your family or need your job.
          Stealth sabotage is better than open confrontation.
          Tell the pollsters you are a DEM and then vote for conservatives, for example.
          Other things I don’t want to post.

  66. Unbelievable, thanks Patrick. It just doesn’t make sense that a presidential election was stolen and country taken over by China and Trump didn’t do anything about it…Lin Wood says military is in control and believes Trump will be back as president.

  67. We need a new leader who is ruthlessly determined to win and is ready to tread on every path to save America.

  68. You taint the Truth and everything becomes suspect.

    The Election Fraud Happened, we all saw it in the 6 counties. What we need are facts and proof. Embellishments, Puff, Flowery, we don’t need it hurts credibility.

    So, you took an Uber and a pretty beat-up “Datsun” showed up? Really? Please admit your story includes embellishments.
    This insignificant part is bullshit. In fact, Edit it out or correct it.
    Otherwise, your story loses “complete” credibility, Patrick.

    They stopped producing Datsuns in 1986.
    Your Uber would be a minimum of 34 years old.
    Besides a car show or the very very rare site of a 280Z rumbling down the road when was the last time, you saw a Datsun?

    There are requirements for Uber Vehicles.

    The model year 2005 or newer (no older than 15 years)
    Minimum of 5-7 Factory-Installed Seatbelts
    No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles
    4-door car or minivan
    Good condition with no cosmetic damage
    An inspection of the Vehicle by Uber authorized service

    I believe you were in the White House, I believe you were Integral for parts of the election fraud exposure.
    Don’t give them any ammo to lay questions to anything.

    Unless the whole call to get you down to Mar-a-lago was a setup by the deep state and that person set you up. Ask for “Eileen” that no one ever heard of. Probably monitored your phone knowing and waiting for you to call an Uber, where they dispatched a 34-year-old beat-up Datsun to retrieve you and drop you off. Knowing that it would be so out of the ordinary, you would include it in your later to be written story. Where then some random guy, me, would be like, “No, WTF! Why would he put in this bullshit right here? Trying to make it sound like a spy novel” Mysterious phone call, tell them “Large Marge” sent you (Excuse my sarcastic humor), then speaking Chinese to SS in an effort to calm a situation where you have repeatedly told us that China was Part of the coup and that would not seem suspicious until it was.

    Yeah ok, guess that could be too.

    Regardless. #ElectionFraud Happened. #BidenLies, #BidenCheated and #TrumpWon

    1. Thank you.
      I think the cabal, to use the euphemistic and very weak term for our satanic kabbalistic elites, have built in the discrediting into most players at that level.
      From Sidney’s and Lin’s repeated typos…to the multiple organizers of the rally who bungled it…to this detail that your keen eyes picked out…there are too many indications of sabotage, or disguised self-sabotage, involved. If I had not lived through similar things at a personal level, I would think your insight was paranoia.
      It is not.

    2. You fixate on a Datsun? Really? If he had said Nissan would you be happy? All small foreign cars look alike to me, too. If Patrick’s book was just about dry data no one would read it.

    3. Thank you.
      I think the deep state, to use the euphemistic and very weak term for our satanic kabbalistic elites, have built in discrediting into most players at that level.
      From Sidney’s and Lin’s repeated typos…to the multiple organizers of the rally who bungled it…to this detail that your keen eyes picked out…there are too many signals.
      That said, there were no conservatives anywhere in sight in the WH or with Flynn & Co.
      Alchemical theater indeed.

      1. c’mon typos are not a biggie when you write in a hurry. as long as the material supporting it is okay. msm may have noticed the few typos and showed them all… no biggie… people know it. thats why we voted against msm and for trump.

        i blame trump. ceo takes the blame. he refused to go ahead and get it done. fact. all he had to do is say so. he was the commander in chief.

        1. It wasn’t just a few typos…although the ones that were made were prominent…and indicate that the filings were rushed.

          There were also mix ups of names of places…and of evidence.

          I know they did a ton of work in a rush and it’s not directly Powell’s fault but her assistant’s but it doesn’t look good and gives ammo to the other side.

          If optics matter at the rally and Trump is to blame for the speaker lineup and the uninspired speech, then surely Powell & Co. are to be blamed for putting together something so important in a way that looked sloppy.

          Any number of people have volunteered to help for free. So you cannot blame lack of money for it.

          1. ……many lawyers came out and said typos in filings are quite common and don’t negatively influence a judge.

          2. They may not influence judges but they look bad in the media and the media makes public opinion.
            In such a visible case, how hard would it be to check for that on the first page of the filing?

    4. Thank you! I have been reading comments for an hour and have been gobsmacked at these “patriots” who claim to have been such big Trump supporters and Proud Patriots and then they read this fluff piece, and bam! They all of a sudden are calling Trump a traitor and a sell out and how dare he not take on assassins for them! Ridiculous!
      The mysterious call to Mara lago and he wears yoga pants? A Datsun for an Uber? Come on!!! This is controlled opposition! Flynn is not with this guy talking bad about our President and sharing eye rolls and saying how “Trump just doesn’t get it”.
      All of you so called Patriots??!! So, Because of this Creative writing essay, you immediately lose all discernment? Surely Trump exposed the whole world to FAKE NEWS if nothing else?!
      I don’t know what happened, but I DO know that in the past four years the MAGA movement woke people up! It lifted the veil off the eyes of so many that were blind to the corruption that governs this country.
      I suggest if you people are so weak that you would turn your back on a man that worked his ass off for four years while surrounded by dens of vipers, then you DESERVE Biden! You are clearly so easily blinded… you are sheep and no better than the flip flopping “Vice President” Kamala Harris!
      To the people who suggested in these comments that Trump betrayed the American people, or that he should just deal with Assassination attempts.. you people are not part of the MAGA movement and have never been. You are not truth seeking, God fearing, freedom loving Patriots.

    5. Thanks for the laugh, Robert! 😂 That was a hilarious read!

      Now if only what I posted about six hours ago would show up… only then would my day be complete! Is it because I typed assin-ated OR f*ck? 🧐

      I’m shocked reading these comments! If I wasn’t in bed at 5am on an iPad, y’all would be getting some blowback from me. It’s not worth the time or effort to take three times as long to type, especially to trolls who won’t come back and read it. 🙄

      Patrick, you ARE worth the extra time and effort for me to type. I’ll post a more eloquent comment from my old school keyboard later if my earlier one doesn’t show up. Don’t let these dumbf*cks weigh you down! You’re amazing to me and surely to many others. I sincerely appreciate your many valiant efforts! Your courage and bravery are greatly admired. All that you have done and tried to do speaks volumes of your true character! You are such a treasure!

      1. Thanks for that update.
        This is where a forum like this is really helpful.
        I think close attention is still warranted.

        Dr. Byrne’s story may or may not be completely faithful to the full truth…for the right reasons. He is privy to a lot of stuff that he cannot just unload onto the public raw. That doesn’t bother me. Making the narrative suspenseful and entertaining doesn’t bother me either.

        I am a bit concerned that in his quite understandable outrage at going from a fairly winnable situation to one that now seems out of control, he is coming off as dumping on Trump more than warranted.

        I think all the academic rants about the imperial presidency may blind people to what seems like the real case, the imperial swamp….which hedges, controls and compromises all but a tiny handful.

        We should take whatever we can get out of this situation and work with it. Political office and the loss thereof may not be the zero sum game it seems to be. Maybe the new administration’s actions will demonstrate how bad the alternative is and only grow the America First movement.

        If the electoral process is screwed in perpetuity, surely that’s not the final nail in the coffin, but just another a rather large shovel of dirt on a coffin long buried. The elections have probably been screwed much further back than 2016.

        Thanks again to the Byrne team, Powell, and Flynn, and the other statistical and cyber experts mentioned here, for their amazing efforts.
        And also to Lin Wood and Mike Lindell, as well, although they’re not part of this account.

  69. “He does not get that it is not about him.”

    Yep, Trump will be forever known as the last person who could have done something about the USA demise, but for whatever reason (whether JFK-style threats, or bad advice, or what), chose to do otherwise.

    1. Trump is one man! This is a conspiracy of the “International” elites and our own DC swamp! What do you think one man can do against that? If his family was threatened his actions are completely understandable. These people don’t threatened idlely. They are prepared to carry out their threats without hesitation. Think carefully! And be truthful What would you do in the exact same situation? You forget everything the man has done over the last 4 years. The awareness to the cabal and swamp and especially the threat of Communist China!

  70. Obviously, the ending to this story has already been written. A career criminal grifter, father of a crackhead bagman, half-century sucker off the public teat is now comfortably ensconced at the E.O. signing table. Anyone with a pulse knows Donald Trump kicked Biden’s ass at the polls in November, but 330 million people have allowed a few hundred bullies to alter our reality whether we like it or not.

    I don’t know where we go from here, friends. Seems to me this does not have a “clean” solution. For those who say “this might lead to another Civil War” I respectfully suggest the first few shots have already been fired. We watched them being fired in living color in news reports of clashes between Antifa and patriots. Blood has already been spilled. It’s already on. I think how much bigger it gets is going to depend on the level of dedication among citizens. A collective gut check is in order along the lines of that which our founders had to consider before they decided to take on the world’s biggest army.

    We now face the same choice. “Our” government no longer recognizes the hierarchy of power. Whatever we thought “our” government was no longer IS. THEY have assumed leadership over the people. Their occupation is now to do things TO us, rather than FOR us. And they have an army to keep us hesitant to do anything about it. We were all waiting for mystical, magical Trump to enact his greatest wheeling and dealing of all time to rescue the Republic. Let them complete the steal, then arrest them all, put them through military tribunals and return America to its original glory.

    Nope. As Patrick Byrne is relating, from a seat in the front row, is that our government, our republic, is already lost. Donald Trump had a lot of good people providing him with all the ammunition he would need to uphold his oath to protect and defend our Constitution. He put it in a drawer, called the moving fans, and shook the swamp water off his feet. What does he care? He was always going to be just fine. He’s Donald Trump. He’s never going to have to suffer any of the effects of the hell on Earth that will be the result of an illegitimately installed regime executive ordering 330 million of us around. We thought he cared enough to do whatever had to be done. Maybe he does, but for whatever reason, surrendering was a better option.

    Thanks is not a strong enough word to express to you, Patrick, and to Sidney, Lin Wood, Jovan Pulitzer, Joe Oltmann, Pat Colbeck, and General Flynn (among many others) for putting it all on the line to do the right thing. It’s disgusting to think that you cared more and were willing to work harder than the man whose job they stole. He could have been ranked among the country’s best-ever Presidents, but his legacy, for me, will always be not LOSING the White House, as the headline of your essays suggests, but GIVING IT AWAY.

    1. Well said. I’m so angry at him right now it isn’t even funny. He has the money and income so he has no worry about his family or their future. He quit. No way am I supporting any business venture he rolls out (New TV station or SM platform incoming). They are truly a bunch of phonies that played us for fools.

      1. I can see the love we have for Trump has become hate. It is very painful when we all went on Jan 6, expecting something big, Trump has promised. It turned out nothing big but the staged Capital Riot. Constructively, all 80 million of us should now forget about Trump. Do not waste our energies on him anymore. He has played us out. We do not have to support his new media station. We should instead build all our energies into helping people like Mike Lindell (who gave his everything), Sidney Powell (who is being sued for standing up for we the people), L. Linwood, Alix Alexander, Patrick Byrne, General Flynn and perhaps Dr Shiva. Let us pray that this new team will focus on draining the swamp. From what I know, these are people who love God. Let us pray that God will honour these 7 heroes who will lead the charge to drain the swamp.

    2. You seem spot on Mr Landers. The only question in my mind is, do you think DJT is willing to leave this mess for his children and his grandchildren? Just curious what you think. And like you, I am grateful for those who are still out there putting it all on the line when they are personally endangered as well.

      1. Thank you Pam B. I think the sphere the Trump family occupies isn’t going to have to be terribly concerned about any mess for the children and grandchildren. Their security is assured. They, just by virtue of birth, have protections and privileges the rest of us can only imagine. That’s one of the more frustrating parts of all this: the people DOING all this to the rest of us won’t have to live in the Walking Dead set our world is sure to start resembling. They have compounds. They have walled mansions and inaccessible islands. They have bunkers with 50 years of rations. They have all the money they need to ride out any “mess”. The Biden family has been abusing the American public for decades, because they know THEY don’t have to suffer any of the ill effects of their treachery. They actually PROFIT from it. That’s the nature of the globalist’s arrogant willingness to abuse and terrorize other humans. They have the power to do it. They could literally blow up the world and while us poor nobodies are wandering around looking for road kill to eat, they’ll be just fine.

        1. No doubt you are correct about how the elite can survive. Although it seems like it’s not much quality of life if you are in the proverbial (or actual) bunker dining on 50-year food rations. We are traveling down that road so much faster than any of us could have imagined with the daily signing of documents by the Medicated Corpse in the White House. Terrifying to watch it unfold. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      2. I don’t see why supporting Powell, Byrne, Lindell, and Flynn is incompatible with supporting a Trump network, if Trump continues pressing on about the election fraud. But that is an individual choice.

        1. we MUST support trump although he failed. tthe guy has numbers. we got to make him win. he will owe us some actions then.

          on the other hand we need strong leader, which he is not… os i dont know.

  71. Maybe Trump knew of the plan to attack the capitol and decided not to talk about things that would be perceived as inciting insurrection… and instead just do a pep rally instead.. that’s all I got. But it don’t look good from all the people hedging him up and trying to get him to concede.. even telling his wife that they gonna JFK them..

  72. Isn’t it obvious the Deep State simply used DJT45 as a puppet to create and execute Patriot Act 2.0?

    Trump, being a DEM for 35 years likely went along with it….as it seems in the end…

    Just another puppet…

  73. You know, I don’t blame DJT one bit. For four long years he fought almost single-handedly against treachery, treason, China, Europe, Big Pharma, Media, SleazyCon Valley, the Uniparty Deep State. He realizes more than anyone else how bottomless is the Swamp. He should enjoy a well-earned retirement. He’s done a great service: shown the world America is not a democracy or even a republic, perhaps hasn’t been for a long time, shown the world that citizens have no power really, that the Uniparty corrupt computers keep the elections 51/49 ish just to rile the masses. DJT did his duty as POTUS better than anyone in our lifetimes. He is not a revolutionary. He thought he and 80 million patriots could fix long-standing problems. And he did during his time. Now we see America is just like most countries in the world, controlled by the uberwealthy corrupt few. Now we need to use this new knowledge and proceed accordingly.

    1. I have to disagree with you somewhat. He never drained the swamp and kept obviously corrupt people in the highest levels of government (especially CIA and FBI that could have helped him). He actually had terrible people surrounding him as well. Then to walk away and leave everyone hanging is just flat out RUDE. I’m not following him to some stupid media empire when we just had our right to vote stolen forever. He failed in my opinion.

  74. Interesting addition. Wonder if the timing of your info coincides with the widespread MSM reports that Melania and Jared were “begging” Trump to concede.

    I have looked back at the Trump-Hilary roast after the 3rd debate and at his inauguration speech. Things that went completely over my head at the time are clear now: He put some people on notice from the very beginning. In hindsight, it is clear that the loudest and most irrationally “hateful” are who he was addressing. They “outed” themselves. I would be shocked if history doesn’t reveal there have already been multiple attempts on his life.

    And I’d want my kids to appear uninformed and uninvolved in that context.

    1. If you read it in MSM it’s patently false. The Deep State are very nervous because Trump has been quiet. Why are they still afraid of him and the Deplorables?

      Calm before the storm.

      1. no they are not. they are rofl.

        they knocked us out UNCONSCIOUS. house, senate, presidency. all stolen in broad daylight (or captured on cameras). they even got the supreme court.

        wtf makes you think they are nervous…. trump is quiet becuase he has nothing to say. the country went for him bcuase compared o presidents before him he ws a doer.

        what can he do now, just talk?

      2. “WE” are supposed to be the storm.
        If we simply acted like Trump did, treat them like he did.
        Look ahead like he did, plan ahead like he did.
        He’s waiting on us. Dig deep and show them what
        resist really means.

  75. Sometimes you need to lose a battle to win the war. There is much that we don’t know. What we do know for certain is that Donald Trump is not a quitter. He cherishes freedom, and will drain the swamp with the help of patriots like Patrick, Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and 80+ million Americans.

  76. You should color code the text of the newest entry to make it easier to find without reading the entire thing again. Maybe even use Git.

  77. He was not his usual self on 1/6. Even the “pep rally” was not the normal “pep rally.” He seemed deflated. My husband and I expected fireworks but we got a limp rag. Was he threatened? Or his children threatened? Nothing has made sense, since his appearance in GA to campaign for the two losers. I would love to know what happened.

    1. That’s what I’d like to know. We need a psychic for that. I’m curious to hear what Mark Taylor has to say since he’s been spot on for years about Trump. Dark overtook the Light? Human sacrifice confers great powers on the ones who practice the Dark Arts. Maybe ‘it took a village’ for them to get rid of Trump. How many kids in Haiti are missing?

      I hope the military didn’t tell him they changed their minds and wouldn’t overthrow the Beijing Biden regime. Maybe the Deep State threatened nuclear destruction. Who the hell knows?!

      I’m not giving up yet, though.

  78. Alas!
    Cliff hanger level: Expert 😜
    I still remain positive there will be a turning point in this story where your initial and current assessments are skewed, lol. These stories have an inverse house of cards structure I really dig. 😁
    Looking forward to your Red Sea moment Patrick! 😁🙏
    Sending you a hug for your hard work and PTSD from all the intel, ❤️🤗

  79. All of this is now pointless, unless you’re going to write a book. Question is “WHAT NOW, WHAT FUTURE” What is the game plan to remove these evil people, it obviously isn’t coming via fair elections, so is it military? No way a single one would step down via a scandal, those are badges of honor, nailing a chinese hooker spy, great you’re promoted! Rape and torture children, welcome to the club! I mean, when do WE get to turn violent Patrick as this is out of control BS to the 52nd deg!!!

  80. Thank you for putting it all down, so we have a record of what happened. You have a gift of speaking the truth without embellishing it, you have the power and conviction to discover the Truth. Am disappointed with everything that has happened. The Myanmar Military act on the people’s behalf, the US Military sits quiet after a Presidential election to the free world has been stolen. Guiliani is a dinosaur from the past, someone whom time forgot. Look at the way Congress is behaving at the moment. Treacherous. You, Sidney and Gen Flynn are a great Team. We hope to see you in action. Remember we will never forget the stolen election, and our children know it, and so will our children’s children. God will help us and that right early.

  81. It is quite a myth that Sidney and Mike Flynn are not posting anything but some news from other sources!
    I wonder that they are in hiding rather than actively working on some plans to expose the truth to people.

  82. The most salient point to me was the JFK execution-style threat. The absolutely worst thing would be a dead Trump. He has done something for this country that no one else, including Mr. Byrne, can do. He has united over 75 million people+ to fight want to fight for America. So whatever the mistakes that were made, as a normal human, I would think he would put his family first. I pray daily for his and his family’s safety. I think that if he were killed, there would a huge reckoning coming from the 75+million. I would be one. By his example, he has inspired other people to be courageous and will continue to do so. With so many against him for 4 years, I would rather it say “How we lost the white house” or “How we let them take the white house”. No one person can do the job, nor have the omniscience to make the right decisions every time.

  83. Patrick- I desperately need you to close the loop on that ridiculous picture you posted of Al Pacino. Why the heck was he in Italy in July? It has been driving me nuts since you posted that on Twitter…why was he there??

    Also, can you shed any light on the General MacInnery (sp?) video from 1/8 where he is speaking to a bunch of visitors in the WH? He said they got Nancy’s laptop and there was a whistleblower singing like a canary???

  84. After reading the new paragraph several times it seems to me if what they told Melania were true, they could have picked Trump off anytime they wanted during his first term. Why not tell Trump? Because it was told to Melania to scare the hell out of her and get her to do just what she did, beg Trump to give up and go home. If it was a real threat to Trumps life, the secret service would have advised Trump of the threat. The words were probably spoken by just another swamp rat working another angle to get Trump to concede. Just like Meadows and all the other traitors inside Trumps inner circle.

    1. They did try to get rid of Trump repeatedly (Russia, special council, impeachment, etc). Killing him would have made him a martyr, so they didn’t really want to do that.

  85. Then what happened after your stupid ass story ends? A bunch of your buddies from the speech went into the capitol and tried to murder a bunch of people, wiped their shit on the walls, and beat a cop to death. Good job once again Patty.

    1. All lies, we know it, the world knows it, and the world is watching. No one but you, Joe, and China want to see America fall. May you rot in hell!

    2. Do pay attention. The thugs were already there and had already breached the Capitol. You will love what comes next…

    3. yo, i think i recognise your style. few sound as dumb. go back to basement.

      79 mio more than 68
      not my president

    4. the fake news purveyor thought he wont get recognized. your face is different. but normal men have a bulge down there. you didnt the last time around. you stiill dont. given that you are an adult man, it’s quite conspicuous.

      79 mio more than 68
      not my president

  86. I thought it was interesting that all of the children were present for his farewell speech on 1/20, except Baron. We haven’t seen him for quite some time. You have to wonder if the threat(s) included him and he’s under tight security. No matter what, DJT and Melania are parents first.

  87. Patrick,

    If this is true about the JFK’d and he quit then there is no way for our Country to ever recover. They won! This situation is truly hopeless and breaks my heart.

    1. this jfk story doesnt sound quite right to me. they lived for 4 years with this pressure. why would you suddenly worry about it more….

    1. Trump has had quite a few assignation attempts in his lifetime, especially when he was younger. Made a few himself! LOLs!

  88. While I find you tale interesting to read, I do not believe for a minute that DJT is the moron you are portraying him to be. I can not and will not believe he put up with all this total BS, for the last 4 years, to just walk away and watch this country go to complete shit! I will continue to believe something has to give, America will not become a communist country!!! I have much respect for General Flynn and also don’t see him just shrugging and walking away without losing his shit in public! LOL Love your writings though and your Russian spy chick you were banging, was an interesting tale, as well!

  89. I told my husband I thought Malania looked thin on the day they left the WH. I even said, “As a women, I wonder if they are threatening her child if he did does not concede”. They both looked like they were under some kind of an awful threat.

    1. stop it. they were threatening them all for 4 years as well.

      trump could do what patrick recommended. recount. and trump goes.

  90. Pat. If you have any contact with DJT, his family, his lawyers or maybe, even Sydney Powell, tell them to file for a “Writ of Quo Warranto!” You can look it up. It is DEFINITELY worth a shot!!! It will give them “standing!” Please tell them!!!!

    1. I have posted this earlier. The Dems are probably planning to use this with the trial being somewhat of a feint. Turley says Trump should not attend, but that also may be a trap. I think Quo Warranto should be used by our side before they use it.

  91. I believe in my own opinion that Trump put on the pep rally last minute when he had info about Antifa. (30 minute delay figuring it out). Why anger a crowd with election fraud and have them actually storm the capital all pissed off. Trump knew they’d try to impeach him and they would have more ammo. If you think it’s over you’re too impatient. We need the majority of the public to see the fraud and deep corruption before he acts. Remember, other countries are watching us, and if we are completely split over leadership, they could strike when we’re most weak. Sit back and look at the big picture. Stay informed and always be prepared.

    1. From those who were there, I’ve read that Trump was not energetic, nor was the crowd. It was, they said, too cold to be energetic, and the speech he gave they had heard many times before.

      In fact, I read several people say they began walking to the capitol before POTUS even finished his speech so “boring” it was and they figure they’d stay warm walking.

      Why the down mood? It’s pretty clear. Mike Pence or Mike Pence’s staff had already informed POTUS that Pence would not recognize the “other sets” of electors some states had sent. Thus, POTUS’ last hope of the two sets of electors voting differently and the election being sent back to those state legislators, was dashed for good.

  92. Since we are indeed in a war. Perhaps we should see this through the eyes of a Chinese scholar from antiquity who knew something about war.

    ““All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” ― Sun tzu, The Art of War

    This is not a war that can be won or lost in a single battle.

    The enemy has been operating on a momentum built over 50 or more years. We are just gearing-up.

    I think Sun Tzu would advise, that the first step in war is to determine who are the combatants and which side are they on. Who are the loyalists and who are the traitors. Based on that perspective, I would say that recent events have been very successful.

    This war has only just begun. †

    1. Yes indeed. Look below the surface.
      And don’t assume Trump is a clown and an idiot.
      Ask why he’s portrayed that way and why Biden, who has dementia, and Obama, a smooth, groomed mediocrity, are portrayed as highly intelligent.

      1. trump i def very smart. obama is above average intellectually but had the right guy to get him help elected. show me your grades, barack.. george w. proudly showed his C. show us yours, bro…

        … and the not-my president Joe (just in case, Lila, he became the president due to a major targeted STEAL/corruption of our voting ssystem… just in case you never read about it on MSM… you know…;)

        what can i say about him… need i?

        oh, i forgot to mention, did you guys hear that the election was actually STOLEN? 😉

  93. It saddens me that many posting comments here have lost faith in President Trump. I haven’t. Sun Tzu’s ‘art of war’ is unfolding. Many of you are ‘fair weather friends’. The story isn’t over. Keep the faith.

    1. your stupidity has no bounds. most people on the forum care about the country. yes, we wish trump had won but country>trump. fair election>trump

    2. This is a false statement. Support for President Trump has held steady throughout this ordeal. Statements of faith in Donald Trump are not credible.

  94. I’m so glad that Patrick added the information in about Melania not wanting Trump to fight the election.

    Melania looked at peace on Trumps last day in office. When they arrived in Florida she had a glow and a different level of confidence. It was so noticeable.

  95. Take a clue from Melania in this chapter. Anyone associated with searching, revealing or discussing the truth is maligned, marginalized or murdered. Chuck Schumer said the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday of getting back at you. Trump’s MAGA effort succeeded in spite of all the swamp slime they tried to smear him with. His accomplishments were indeed for the people. From the movies Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Meet John Doe, the powerful operators aim at the guy who stands up for what’s right, lies and deceit crush the hero but the public rallies to embrace the courageous spirit of truth, justice and yes, the American Way. Now our rights are in jeopardy. If we don’t have a voice, we need to look at where our consumer dollars go, tax dollars and donations… money talks as in Game Stop

    1. This is not true. They do not need our money or our vote. The stock market manipulation funds the evil elites. They are a uni party and keep us divided with pretend close races to have us fork over money and stand in line to pretend to vote and fight each other. Until people realize this on an even larger scale, nothing can change. Trump also had the power to seize machines and ballots and failed us miserably. For those who say he would look like a dictator, he should have resigned after they proved he won for all I care. Now we will never get another honest election. Ever!

  96. ok..Brave American Family,,,,,This forum was developed by one American, who, on his own initiative, took action for what he Believes in….our Constitution and Liberty. He did so because he has read and studied the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which is everyone of our responsibilities to do so. Hell, legal immigrants who became Citizens had to do this. You, as Born Citizens, have had all your lives to do so. How many of you have taken the test to become a Citizen of your Beloved America, just to see if you can pass it? Can I get a show of hands? Hmmm not many of you have. Until you do so, there will not be the Government you so dream to have, when YOU have done so little. I am sure you put in more time selecting a Plumber, Electrician, or Decorator to come into your house to accommodate your needs and watch them to make sure all is done right, professional, and legal.
    Why not behave the same way when you VOTE.? Do you follow up locally on your School Board, Councilmen, Mayors, House of Representatives in your State Legislatures, Gov.s etc.? Why not ? You hired them Who has shown up for local Town Meetings, School Board Meetings, State Legislature Meetings? Those places of Business are yours, your tax dollar pays for them. Where were you all this time? The United States is as Good as Its Involved Responsible Citizens. Period. So do your due diligence and be what you expect those you hire or vote for to be. When you point that finger, 3 more are pointing back at you. All that has occurred, up to now, is because of a Grand Scale of Excuses and Apathy. Yes.. you have time, Look at what this Shining Example of a True Patriot has done, Patrick Byrne, all in spite of 113 surgeries, getting several Degrees, starting his own Businesses Cancer,Tumors, Covid… etc, etc. etc. So if you need a Hand Book on How to be a diligent Citizen, start with your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Hillsdale College has courses on the Constitution, for Free online. As for now, call every Congressional Representative, not just your, all of them in Congress, everyone of them. Senators first, there are only 100, how many are there of You? 75 million? So start dialing, emailing, daily, everyday. Crash their systems. Tell them to follow the Constitution, Law and Promises. Write to them, Daily. Break down their electronic Tech System with a mass Explosion of your Rights to hold them accountable. The same with Main Media, crash their phones, computers, write, flood the United States Postal System. Tell them you are not the fools they think you are and they are enemies of the Country. Call the FCC demand they pull all Licenses for breaking rules and laws of the FCC. because there are laws to their Licensing being broken, by their intentional passing of lies, propaganda, inciting violence and promoting it by not doing their job of reporting facts, They are not entertainment outlets. Call their sponsors, demanding them to drop these news outlets, hold them accountable for promoting these atrocities, boycott them. Don’t buy their products. Take advantage of Big Tech you can find most anybody on line and their places of Business. TAKE ACTION, YOU ARE THE CEOS OF EVERY ELECTED OFFICE….ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Start at your own local level. Have your own neighborhood meetings, Zoom Meetings….run your lives like a Business…You ARE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA……Trump was The Chosen Catalyst to raise the curtain on what is corruption and taught us to confront it….we have to continue by rising up, using all civil tools possible….it is a numbers game. There are only 600 + who control Congress, Senate and the House….. just 10%or 7.5 Million true Americans can get the job done, easy. Just making daily calls and demands locally and Federally. It works….I have gotten many results just by myself. The other 480 agencies can all be called and told of your dissatisfaction and crash their offices too, with all your demands. You know?, they think they run and Control America. They call all elected officials, TEMPOARY EMPLOYEES. No one in Congress, DOJ, EXEC. or SCOTUS are your MOMMY or DADDY.. YOU ARE THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM…….YOU ARE THEIR BOSS…. Be the examples your Children need. There is “SECURITY IN ACTION”. FREEDOM IS A RESPONSIBILITY….”.WE THE PEOPLE”

    1. agree, diana.

      the biggest thing trump achieved was MAGA movement.

      it started as tea party.

      it will continue. and if patrick and co figure out the issue with equipment (that is above average pay grade to fight), peopl will, in my opinion continue toward freedom

    2. Beautiful. Exactly what is needed.
      Trump did what no one else did, which was to unify magnify and radicalize a diverse and massive group of the mainstream to become a force the elites cannot ignore.
      What an achievement.
      Do not play into the hands of the MSM by spitting on him, because by repudiating him you repudiate yourself and your instincts. That is what THEY want.
      There is not reason to quit exposing the election fraud, just because Biden is NOPOTUS.

      1. spitting on him is absolutely worng but he did lose this particular match. and just because he say he will be back means nothing. the nation did vote for him. but the technology/crooks didnt. what did he do? he repeated it AGAIN in GA!!!!! i hope he knows NOW that the election was rigged. not just to say it… and that it actually was.

        because to do nothing and to go ahead wth the GA election was plain STUPID. Also, it was stupid to not look into more detail as to waht was going on. he was the ceo and he not only hired the wrong guys, he actually didnt trust the right guys when they tried to show him the truth and he seemed to believe it.

        trump saying, “we’re not finished” as of otday is pathetic. unless he has a new strategy as to how he will address fraud agaiin, everything makes very little sens. also, i for one am not voting for ivanka as someone who represents him. don jr … is better but i want someone who will not be pres to just be a pres. someone (like The Donald) who does it to make our country better AND are willing to put in hours not just to give speeches but also to sit down with agencies and talk. sit down with people and fire as many as is necessary to get things done.

    3. Great advice Diana. You covered all the bases. I wish I had a way to save your post. I’m going to get on the letters to my state. I sent emails awhile ago, but this reminds me I shouldn’t let up. We do need to put serious pressure on election integrity. Not sure if there was fraud in my state in this election but there were claims of fraud in the governors race a couple years ago. I believe it our Governor was relentless during 2020 as if he were competing with NY and CA.

  97. Patrick, are you involved with the Mike Lindell video he’s making and releasing tomorrow Friday 2/5/21? He said it should be on a loop on OAN. All about the election fraud, naming names, etc.

  98. Pat,

    Sorry but did you ever get back to the person regarding, “Eileen”?

    It’s actually admirable that you would break your protocol and go to ahead despite lack of information. Shows, once again, how much this all means to you.

    Thank you from all of us.

    And yes… Trump kids all partying… shame on them. Something just doesnt add up. Very, very sad. Very, very weird and strange.


  99. The addendum about Trump getting JFKed doesn’t surprise me at all. This is what I thought when I saw he doing nothing of substantial in the 2 months after the elections.

  100. We drove from Oregon to DC because we wanted to hear what was being done about the election. Stood on the cold wet ground for 5 hours only to hear a few people talk about nothing. My husband and I were so disappointed we left early and went back to our hotel to warm up. I’m glad we did.

    We need to move on from Trump. He did what he could within the swamp. We need to focus on what we need to do to vet our next candidates in all positions.

  101. A very illustrative example of how much I can both want fair, transparent elections and still not be a Trump fan or supporter. I swear half the reason that so many people are ignoring the obvious fraud is because at least it means not another 4 years of him. Of course, we’ll see what they think when we have 3 1/2 years of Kamala Harris…

  102. I doubt Trump would step down due to death threats. Every President gets death threats, most of which aren’t revealed to him. The Secret Service just handles it quietly.

    Years ago I worked for a TV star who had a stalker. After speaking with the ‘security expert to the stars’, I was told to never respond, just keep track of what was sent and notice patterns of behavior. I never told the star, as there was no imminent threat, so why upset him? The stalker was not violent, just mentally ill — thought he was a character in the TV show. Eventually he disappeared.

  103. Great ambitions require great sacrifices. President Trump has an opportunity to go down in history as the Free World’s greatest leader.

    With all due respect to Mr. Byrne, his perspective as a successful entrepreneur is not the most insightful. We need the perspective of a general. With all respect to General Flynn he would have never discussed these things with a military outsider.

    President Trump is still President. Technically and in the hearts and minds of 10’s of millions of patriotic Americans. All the enemy has stolen are titles. While usurping power under the color of those stolen titles. But like it was said in the BraveHeart movie, “Men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.

    America didn’t elect a politician. We elected a courageous leader – a General. Since President Trump was elected he has acted as a General.

    Like a wise general, he knew the odds were not in his favor. Only a fool destined to lose the war, fights a desperate battle. Only a losing General hurries into a battle. A wise General has won the battle before he fights it. Surely President Trump would have learned these precepts in his youth at military school.

    So President Trump decided to wait. Waiting for circumstances to change. Perhaps for divine intervention to bring an opportunity. Any soldier will tell you, waiting is the hardest part of war.

    We have asked a lot of one man. That he right all the wrongs it took Americans 50 years to create. After-all, in a Constitutional Republic, the bucks stops with “The People”. We are ultimately responsible for the dissaster find ourselves in.

    We should be asking ourselves these philosophical, but militarily important question.

    Know thyself:

    What were we as a nation?

    What are we now as a nation?

    What has changed?

    How do we regain what we have lost?

    What are our strengths?

    What are our weakness?

    Know they enemy:

    Who is our enemy?

    What do they want?

    What are their strengths?

    What are their weakness?

    These may sound like simple questions that have simple answers. They are not. They are profound questions with profound answers. So much so, few care to ponder them to the depth they require.

    The Bible says “There is nothing new under the Sun”. If one looks at current events through a perspective of Biblical history, we see this is true. The past is a roadmap to the future.

    I will close with this one question.

    Can we expect to keep our God-given rights, as defined in the Declaration of Independence, while turning our backs on the God who is the source of those rights?

    The Declaration of Independence:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    (Preamble to the Constitution)

    In my opinion. The Free World will in time turn their hearts and minds back to the God upon whom their human rights are predicated. That is inevitable. Thousand of years of Biblical history bears witness to that fact The question is, how much suffering will be required until we do?

    God save the Republic.

  104. While I don’t discount any of your stories and I tend to believe that your assessments of those who surround him are accurate… I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not trying to discount what you’ve written; However I was there… And Trump took at least half of his speech to go over the voter fraud and irregularities in each of the five states. So perhaps his sense of loyalty to Rudi does not serve him well but I don’t believe that he is unversed in the fraud. In fact I thought it was very refreshing to have the president himself go over the details of the fraud. Perhaps you were so frustrated by the fact that they did not let you speak that you weren’t listening to that part. Don’t give up on Trump

    1. Absolutely.
      This part of Byrne’s account was inaccurate. I listened to the speech…it was an exhaustive and granular account of the fraud, going state by state and type by type, with exact numbers recalled. But it didn’t go into the Italian thing. The granularity spoke volumes about his drive, intelligence, memory, and focus…this is a 73 year old man, working 16 hour days on issues of the highest security and greatest importance, with multiple personal lawsuits pending against him, the global media and institutions and his own administration battling him, constant scurrilous attacks on him, his wife and children…
      He sounded a bit tired and the speech was not very revelatory..true. I stopped listening about 2/3 of the way through…and noticed people marching toward the Capitol while he was still talking.

      Perhaps it was written for another occasion and there was a last minute change of plan..because politics is not set in stone and unpredictable things info surfaces..

    2. Yep, agreed, I watched the video and read the transcript, Trump laid out his case for why he feels fraud occurred.

      I agree with you that Byrne is telling HIS truth as he remembers it, but it seems to me that his truth is not always reliable. Like you said, Trump literally spent half the rally talking about the fraud and why he thinks so, it’s no small detail thats easy to forget or overlook. So this leads me to believe that Patrick is an unreliable narrator and makes me wonder what else he’s missed in his recollection of these events and how many other times he’s twisted things in his mind.

      1. Or did Patrick leave the event before Trump got to the bit about voter fraud, knowing the scientists wouldn’t be speaking? I think he needs to edit that part of his narrative

    3. hmmmm…
      since we all heard the speech that day, (and I was only a few rows from the stage), I’m at a bit of a loss with Patrick’s account. Although Trump didn’t delve into the computer fraud (as it was yet unproven from his team’s perspective), , he went into great (and tedious) detail about every other aspect of potential fraud, state by state. In fact it was so in-depth that many folks started to get a bit antsy since we actually expected more of a rally type speech and didn’t get that at all; we got a deep dive into exactly what Patrick says we didn’t… I have read all of Patrick’s accounts and this is the first time I’m calling BS… which makes me question ALL of Patrick’s account. Not sure what’s up here but I’m starting to feel like we’re all following another “Q”??

      1. i heard trump speak that on youtube too. patrick’s logic with this one is poor. trump went into detail. MAYBE it would have a different meanaing to it if a big math guy would say the same… but that’s a big maybe.

        the biggest question is why the f were trump’s people “unsure” of pat/sid/flynn data…

        pretty compelling to all of us.

        the problem i think is that it’s too real. too radical and would affect other repubs such as MITCH, etc… you never know.

        either way. trump failed becuase he didnt ensure pat’s data get refuted/validated. patrick is not someone you just discard.

  105. I believe that Trump really has made a monumental effort in these last 4 years. An effort that probably not one in a million could duplicate. The problem is the deep state is just too deep and pervasive. As Sydney Powell said after her meeting with Trump: “He’s surrounded by snakes; pray for him.” Trump needs a groundswell of grassroots non-violent warriors, working independently towards the same goals, at county and state levels. A trusted inner-circle to protect the President from the snakes would have helped as well. Lessons learned.

    The good news is that Trump has brought a lot of eyes on the issue of election fraud. So this is where the fight needs to focus. In all states, but especially in the 6 or 7 states that were compromised. State legislatures need to do their jobs and ensure that state election laws are enforced and not unilaterally changed by Governor or Sec. of State edict. If you are wondering what to do, just this: get involved at the county and state levels to ensure your state laws:

    1. Prohibit the use of voting machines
    2. Prohibit the use of mail-in ballots except in extenuating circumstances; application required
    3. Ensure voting must be in person with photo ID requirements
    4. Ensure hand ballot count overseen by at least one trusted rep. of each party
    5. Enforce chain of custody of ballots
    6. Enforce severe penalties (jail-time) for breaking election laws
    7. Ensure state legislatures can bring themselves into special session

    This would be enough to ensure that 2022 and 2024 become honest elections. And if they are honest, you can be sure there will be a Trump-supported candidate in the White House in 2024, once the election fraud issue has been neutralized.

    If you recall, Trump said: “We’ve got it all” on several occasions. What do you think he was referring to? I wonder if it’s a coincidence that some powerful and influential anti-Trump people have resigned from their positions of power and authority in recent days: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; ABC President James Goldstone; Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar. And those are just the high-profile ones. More to come?

    Remember, when Trump was thanked for his service recently, by a passing fan and patriot at a Mar-a-Lago golf course, he responded resolutely and unequivocally: “Thank you, but we’re not finished.” Think about that. There are still some possibilities in the coming weeks not directly involving Trump himself. Yes, trust in God (plan), but tie up your horse.

    Also, if what Patrick says is true, Trump was certainly strongly petitioned by Melania not to fight, as it would mean the loss of his life, and most likely their young son. As lovely and endearing as Melania is, she’s ruled by her feelings of love, and affection for her husband and child. It is only natural she would want Trump to concede in the face of such a threat.

    But the office of President, as well as other high offices, require those who seek s