How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.3)

(Warning to reader: this introduction is choppy. I am just trying to accommodate the public by getting blocks of my narrative up quickly. When I finally weave them all into one story I will improve the writing, add more links etc. Last edited/augmented 1/26 7 PM Eastern).

On the last day of July, 2020 a dear friend of mine from Montana, a stolid, Native American fellow several years my junior, visited me at my home in Utah to check on my health. Weeks earlier I had had surgery on my spinal chord, as one of my legs had gone paralyzed over the months of the pandemic. He told me that there was a group of people, some ex-federal some not, some cyber-experts and some of various other expertise, who were organizing on the subject of election fraud. My friend was adamant that I get involved and help them. My friend was quite a squared-away individual, and I always took his advice and requests seriously.

The next day, August 1, my friend died in a plane crash. As the coincidence was troubling, I looked into it personally (I am a multi-engine instrument land and seaplane pilot). It does seem to me to have been the error of his instructor, who flew the plane into a Montana box canyon without the power to climb out.

At my friend’s funeral I met some of the people he had described. A sober, quiet man with a FEMA background and a deep knowledge of biowarfare; a retired Army Colonel with a background in Military Intelligence including psyops; other men and women with backgrounds in everything from law enforcement to cyber operations in military contexts and in support of law enforcement (such as, most recently, operating against human trafficking rings in the Southwest) to the study of reverse-engineering mass election fraud.  For it had turned out that there were some irregularities in the Dallas 2018 election that had spawned a network of cyber-enthusiasts on election fraud. They were convinced that industrial scale election fraud was possible, and on its way. Soon some key players were dropping through and seeing me in Utah, and I, still recovering from surgery, was driving around to meet them in other cities.  

I am going to write of, “white hat hackers”. I should make clear that I am referring to people who not only follow the law, they generally operate under authority and direction of law enforcement, or under contract with law enforcement at state and federal levels. There is a certification for working in the field of cyber-forensics, a certification that means you can crack open and image hard drives, perform forensics on them, swear out affidavits, and produce work that is admissible in court. Sometimes they are used by law enforcement in offensive cyber-missions (e.g., taking down a child trafficking/porn ring). The “white hat hackers” of whom I write are people with such skill sets, but who operate under contract to law enforcement doing things law enforcement needs done but which are generally beyond the in-house capabilities of law enforcement.

Over the next couple of months I was introduced by these white hat hackers to the security vulnerabilities of the technology used in election equipment. Obviously vulnerabilities existed, such as (per this CNET video, “Hackers target 30 voting machines at Defcon“), the existence of RS-232 ports such that any technician who can plug-in a cord will get root-level access to the machine without a password (thus compromising the machine forever).

Slots in motherboards that should be soldiered shut, but which are open (so that anyone who can access the machine and open it up can slip a chip into that slot for a few seconds and thus compromise the machine forever).

Or see CnnTech (2017), “We watched hackers break into voting machines“:

Strange violations of good computer science practice, such as an oddly-architected database within the machine, with three different layers but without integrity among the layers. Audit logs that were editable by precinct administrators (making them not “audit logs” at all), and lacking in fixed numbering systems that could reveal tampering.

Let me point out that a year ago, this was not considered a partisan issue. We all wanted elections that were fair, free, and transparent, and we all had deep misgivings about where we stood thanks to these machines.

Here is a fine 4 minute video and story from the 2018 New York Times:

I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians

If video does not play click here:

“All cybersecurity experts who have given electronic voting machines any thought agree. These machines have got to go… the electronic voting machines Americans got to solve the problem of voting integrity … turned out to be an awful idea. That’s because people like me can hack them all too easily. I’m a computer scientist who has hacked a lot of electronic voting machines… Imagine what the Russians and North Koreans can do… Our highly computerized election infrastructure is vulnerable to sabotage and even to cyber-attacks.” So wrote the same New York Times where now, two years later, even mention of the possibility has become verboten.)

From Bloomberg, November 2019: “Expensive, Glitchy Voting Machines Expose 2020 Hacking Risks: Paper ballots may be safer and cheaper, but local officials swoon at digital equipment.”

It was widely acknowledged in the techie world. See this 7 minute story “Voting Machine Hacks at DefCon“.

Here is CNN in 2019: “Watch this hacker break into a voting machine: At the largest convention of hackers in the world, voting machines were turned inside out as hackers demonstrated how easy it could be to disrupt democracy.”

From NBC News, January 2020: “Online and vulnerable’: Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet“.

From the British Left-of-Center The Guardian, this in March, 2020 (ten months ago as I write): “Hack the vote: terrifying film shows how vulnerable US elections are“. This was a review of the HBO documentary “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections“, which appeared in March, 2020. The Guardian‘s view was that the case made by the documentary was horrifying, and they piled on with some good reporting of their own. Note that making claims now such we made 10 months by HBO, and lauded by The Guardian, will today get one banned from social media, and will be illegal under the Democrats’ new bill to combat “domestic terrorism”.

From Mother Jones, September 2019: “Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One. A cybersecurity exercise highlights both new and unaddressed vulnerabilities riddling US elecion systems” [emphasis mine].

Lastly, Fox from 2020: “Princeton Professor Hacks Dominion Voting Machine in Seven Minutes”

One day I asked the white hat hackers I had been getting to know and who had been bringing me up to speed on these issues of porous security in voting machines, to rate for me the security of these systems. I gave them 1 (= “worst”) to 10 (= “best”), of these systems. Their considered answer: “2, maybe a 1”.

So allow me to point out that as of September, 2020, there probably was not a single subject one could find with such unanimity of conscience across the political spectrum, as the vulnerability to mass election fraud. From Mother Jones to CNET to Bloomberg to CNN to New York Times to Fox, our world was in rare complete agreement on the subject. Only four months ago, concern over the possibility of mass election fraud enjoyed the broadest consensus of any subject in our society one can think of. It seems worthy of mention now, given that its possibility is getting flushed down the Orwellian memory hole.

Beyond those kinds of hacks, they began to introduce me to other “hacks” understood in a broader sense.  The extraordinary  privileges enjoyed by precinct administrators, for example, to drag-and-drop a queue of hundreds of ballots waiting for adjudication (a point confirmed within the machine’s operating handbook).  Discussion was had of spikes in offshore packet traffic to certain locations during elections, though the full reasons for that were not yet fully understood. One technique that was explained to me before the election, ended up being the subject of a Gateway Pundit video after the election:

As the weeks ticked by this late summer and fall I became increasingly conversant with characters who were convinced we were on the edge of a massive election steal. They had meetings arranged with DHS in their state, and briefings were taken at least twice in September by DHS and propelled up the chain of command…. only to be killed from Washington. In particular, a portion of DHS called CISA (“Cybsecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency”) put the kibosh on further meetings. This was odd because election security is within their mandate: one might have thought they might be interested. And let me remind the reader, this was not just a ragtag bunch of misfits (“pajamahadeen” as they are sometimes known): these were professionals with extensive federal backgrounds, with all kinds of experiences of and certifications in matters cyber.

Then November 3, the night of the election, everything they had been predicting to me would happen, happened. For now, let me confine myself to a brief gloss of the oddities that stacked up, which were all instantiations of things they predicted might occur.

Ask your local political science professor to explain why it is the case that to steal the national election one does not need, “widespread election fraud”. If the professor is honest, you will hear, “Because instead of widespread election fraud, it only takes deep election fraud in six cities to flip the swing states they are in, to thereby flip the electoral college, and to thereby steal the election nationally. Those cities are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.”

And what do you, know, on November 3, election night, vote counting in precisely those six cities took unprecedented turns. As James Woods put it elegantly, “Since when do they just stop counting votes on election day in America?” Yet that happened in various ways across precisely those six cities (it is hard to remember now, but in early November it seemed strange to everyone that they stopped counting votes on election day in those cities, though it has been normalized since). In Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, a “water-main break” forced the evacuation of the vote counting area of the arena: it later turned out to be fake (“BUSTED: Evidence Proves ‘Burst Water Pipe’ In Georgia Was Used As Cover For Secret Vote-Counting“) . In the few hours when the counting was “closed”, hundreds of thousands of votes were pushed through the system. The “water-main break” turned out to be a urinal that had overflowed (“Reported Burst Pipe in Atlanta Ballot-Count Area Was Overflowing Urinal: Investigator“).

 In one location, multiple security cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while counting was officially stopped and all others had been shooed from the area.

Some of these cities saw goons muscle observers away from vote counting centers on gobbledygook reasons, while others taped pizza boxes across windows to block poll observers from being able to observe.

Covering Windows in Detroit
How Detroit treats its polling “observers”

In the days after the election the suspicion that untoward things were occurring was ubiquitous. Suspicion was focused on Dominion Voting (“Dominion Machines Cover Millions of Voters, But Watch How Easy It Is To Rig One of ThemWestern Journal, November 13, 2020). However, in my opinion that focus insufficiently appreciates the true nature of the issue of election fraud in the USA, its scope and varieties.

Within days, the cyber teams I was with were coming up with data that showed what had happened in those windows where counting had been “stopped”: hundreds of thousands of ballots had been injected, often running 99.4% and even 100% Biden.

The proverbial crowd swarmed in. Before long, some of the inconsistencies and discoveries that were “problematic” (I hear the youth are keen on that word these days) were so obvious, they were being called out publicly by people with only modest levels of expertise. Here, this web designer discusses oddities in the Edison database (provided by The New York Times). One of his complaints is misguided (he does not recognize the “z” at the end of the timestamp to mean “Zulu”, which is to say, “Greenwich Mean Time”, which makes his timezone analysis misguided). But in this otherwise excellent 16 minute video, he discussed other anomalies in the data that were shocking, and indicative of election fraud on an industrial scale.

As the month developed, people with increasing levels of expertise came forward, mathematicians and econometricians weighing in on the statistical improbabilities bubbling up through the November 3 data. By November 12, Dr. Shiva , who holds a PhD in Math from MIT (and with whom my Bad News Bears friends were in contact), made public a thorough, quant-centric analysis of Michigan Election Fraud.

Benford’s law, a statistical law frequently used in courts when establishing voter fraud, was applied to the election results in Michigan: “Biden’s vote numbers in Michigan do not match Benford’s law at a 99.999% significance level.” Some challenge this claim. One of the people who made this claim has retracted it, but others maintain it, and in any case the subject of retractions has also become, “problematic,” for reasons to be explored). And in any case, no significant rebuttal of Dr. Shiva’s much more thorough analysis has been contrived.

Regarding Pennsylvania’s irregularities, a Williams math professor laid it on the line (“Yale Trained Mathematician Flags 100,000 Pennsylvania Ballots As Likely Fraudulent“). This led to an official reaction (“Federal Elections Commission Chairman Trey Trainor says new analysis by professor Steven Miller ‘adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election'”). Professor Miller’s affadavit appears at the end of this chapter.

Before the end of the year noted economist John Lott would come out with a paper: “A Simple Test for the Extent of Vote Fraud with Absentee Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election: Georgia and Pennsylvania Data“. Lott’s findings were summarized in the popular press, “Expert: Biden win ‘suspicious,’ 289,000 election-changing ‘excess’ votes“. The Goon Squad has not forced Lott to recant and he stands by his findings.

And so on and so forth.

Remember, Dear Reader, it really should not be necessary to convince you that election fraud with absolute certainty. In all fairness, my threshold should be to convince you that there is a lot about Election 2020 that smells like skunk, enough that it was not and is not reasonable to sweep it all under the rug. After all, the first lesson we learn in 5th grade civics is that “just law derives from the consent of the governed,” and how we find out what it is to which the governed, in fact, consent, is to hold elections that are free, fair, and transparent. It is the most atomic concept of our liberal intellectual tradition. And in my view any reasonable person who looks at the constellation of facts I have glossed above will say, “There is enough mischief that we need to dig deeper.” And any who look at the preceding constellation of facts and articles and videos and data and says, “Nope, I don’t see anything strange there,” is gas-lighting.

Now I am going to skip ahead a moment, and address what it is that I thought should be done. I am going to do that now so as not to leave the reader in suspense, and so that the reader might accurately judge the courses of action I choose to take, and decisions I made along the way.

What is it I thought should be done? Clearly we as a country were dancing among many a Constitutional live-wire, I knew, but by the middle of November the election was to me an egg that could be unscrambled. The following seemed to me as reasonable, unobjectionable course of action as one could take, and least injurious to the Constitution:

Let’s look at the five counties where oddities occurred. These machines were sold to the public with the promise that “there is always a paper ballot as a fail-safe”. Lets hold them to it. Open up the boxes with all the paper ballots and count them, on live-stream TV. Use the US Marshal Service, or use the National Guard (“Our sons and daughters and co-workers…. Our Citizen Soldiers”). If there are not big discrepancies, then Trump concedes. But if there are big discrepancies, we still are not going to ask the Courts to simply give Trump the win. Instead, we would rerun the election in those five states, using, again, the National Guard and the US Marshall service. Yes it would be a bad precedent, but so would trying to force down the public’s throat an election that was rumbled by goons in five key cities, and about which between 33% – 47% of the population has significant doubts. That’s not healthy for democracy, either. I figured the initial read of the ballots in five counties would take 2-3 days, and if the election were rerun in those five states, in 30 days. Easy.

Which is why in early-mid November, I was hoping that brisk action would be taken. The results would create a world where President Trump would either say, “See, there were discrepancies in the hundreds of thousands of votes in each of these locations. We are re-rerunning the election in those five states using the National Guard.” Or he would say, “No big discrepancies, fine I concede”. If undertaken with dispatch, the entire matter might have been resolved in about three days; if discrepencies appeared, the rerun of the election might even have been resolved in time for normal operation of the Electoral College on December 14.

That’s it. That was the plan. It went through various elaborations, various nice-to-haves, but at heart that is all that was sought by myself and the team of Bad News Bears that had found each other. That is all that was needed. The alternative was accepting a highly irregular national election that would divide our nation for years. That is why I say, “This was a 3-foot putt. Maybe easier.” Seems rather tame and reasonable to me (though I suspect we are entering an era where the thought-control goons will label the plan I just described as, “extremist”).

Now I know from experience there are those who will say coyly, “But how do you know that cheating occurred?” We don’t, fully: what we know is that six cities play a special role in US political science because of their ability to flip six key swing states; those six cities saw bizarre and unprecedented activity on voting night, up to and including the shutting down of vote counting (the water pipes knew just which cities in which to break?); in each case a huge spike of Biden votes were injected where counting had ceased and observers had been cut out. Personally, I think it is brazen enough that I take it as an insult to my intelligence to be asked to accept that there is nothing to this fact-pattern, without investigation.

But in my view the test is not, “Is there enough sketchy information available that we can be sure that election fraud occurred on a scale that changed the national election?” Rather, the test was, “Does this smell enough like skunk that we should just open up the boxes with all the paper ballot backups, and recount the whole thing on livestream TV? After all, there is a reason the machines were sold to us as always having the paper ballots as a fail-safe: if there were ever a time to use it, now would be that time.”

Yet I get ahead of myself. I have filled you in, Dear Reader, on how I read the evidence, what it suggested to me, and the course I tried to hip-check our country into taking (whene’er a chance I got) as the weeks and ultimately following two months unfolded, up until January 6. So you know where I am coming from in the story that follows: those were the grounds of my suspicions and the course of action I thought should be taken to minimize injury to the Constitution while doing our best to unscramble an election that had become hoplessly compromised.

But now let us go back to November 4, the day after the election, when the whole country began grappling with a question that our little team of Bad News Bears had been working on for months.

Within days a self-organized digital army sprung into existence. Networks of volunteers. People willing to research any question we needed answered, anywhere in the country; people willing to track down others and record their experiences; precinct voters who had experienced some of the techniques of the fraud first-hand, at a retail level; precinct workers describing extraordinarily lax enforcement of standards; freight drivers who had realized they were moving hundreds of thousands of fake ballots from one state to another. Lawyers who were able to mobilize, research local laws, and gather sworn statements. It quickly became clear that the problem was not going to be turning up facts, it was going to be managing the fire-hose of facts that were pouring in. More and more Americans were stepping forward with details of things they had experienced or witnessed on Election Day. These networks began finding each other then finding me, and I helped out in places where I could, as I pulled together a team of people who could handle such a flow of information. The cyber team collecting and processing data, the affidavits coming in by the dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands (ultimately I heard that 50,000 Americans signed affidavits concerning their experiences).

Because of our preparation we had more than a rough idea how the various frauds had occurred, in various permutations, on retail, wholesale, and industrial scales, in the different states in question. We knew that nailing things down for the benefit of a court of law someday might require examining hard drives and performing other computer forensics, but (as I walked through in the paragraphs above) the rough outline of the steal was child’s play to see. The mountains of new statements and affidavits and data that surfaced daily further confirmed that larger theory (for example, the odd “Sharpie switcheroo” of Phoenix-Maricopa county became explicable when one understands that ballots poorly read by the machines become fodder for mass “adjudication” of which we had confirmed the machines were capable).

By a week after the election the cyber-sleuths and investigators with me already had things perhaps 50% sorted out. They had the strategy behind the theft: pick those five cities to cheat like hell, flip their states, thus flip the electoral college and the nation. More refined versions of the strategy evolved over subsequent weeks (we found, for example, that whoever was doing the stealing in Georgia also targeted heavily red counties and shaved a few percentage points in each).  Statistical outliers were showing up of astronomical unlikelihood, rivers of affidavits were gushing in where people reported experiences precisely consistent with what our team had predicted was happening under the hood of the steal, and so on and so forth.

Mathematicians began contacting us with analyses that confirmed what we were putting together empirically, only a fraction of which made it into the press (“MIT statistician shows certainty of massive computer vote fraud in 2020 Presidential election: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (Dr. Shiva) provides an MIT PhD analysis of Michigan voting patterns….“)

An excellent quant (Seth Keshel) who joined our team went on to give a rather dense analysis to the public on January 1, but in truth everything he says here is what was already bubbling up among us by mid-November. For those who want to see a good quantitative explanation with data and maps, watch this 20 minutes:

If this video does not play click here:

Approximately one week after the election I walked into an office building in suburban Virginia, just outside DC. That is to say, a week after November 3, my colleagues and cyber experts walked in with a still-fragmentary yet compelling reconstruction of what had happened on November 3 and the days immediately following it. We had the crime about half-solved, and what was remaining seemed almost a mechanical matter: dig here, compare this with that, see what answers spit out. We can see they  were doing this this and this, but we also need to look into that.  

I and my cyber-sleuth colleagues walked into that building to take a meeting with America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and with Sidney Powell, Esq. (esteemed lawyer for Michael Flynn, the “Peoples’ General”).

And that, dear reader, is where this story really begins.


Next chapter is: Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/17)

  1. Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for all you have done, and will do for our country.
    Please, please do what you can to continue to get to the truth on what happened in this past election. I watched all the state legislative hearings and I feel strongly that there was fraud in key swing states. We will never know for sure unless we can get to those ballots and forensically investigate a significant amount of them in the key swing states.

    Best Regards,
    Scott Nuttall

      1. Thank you for your tenacity. Please keep at it. I have no doubt about the fraud -especially in Michigan. Please shine the light on the truth.

        1. Please keep at this. We need the truth to come out. The future of our republic depends on it. You have done a great service to our country but more needs to be done. These people need to be fleshed out and brought to justice.
          I am from Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area is as corrupt as hell.

          1. Is there anything left to be done? It sounded like Trump had no interest in Patrick, Lynn, and Sydney’s path to execute IA to have this fraud exposed to the people of America. The question is why? That leaves to just one can answer?

      2. Conservatives continue to believe we can win the argument with facts and logic….only to discover after decades….that the progressives aren’t listening. Instead they continue to move down field towards the goal….complete domination of all levers of power and influence.
        Well folks, they’re there. But we’re still insisting on a debate.

        1. Please keep at this. We need the truth to come out. The future of our republic depends on it. You have done a great service to our country but more needs to be done. These people need to be fleshed out and brought to justice.
          I am from Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area is as corrupt as hell.


      Hello my fellow Christian Conservatives who dared to support and vote for President Trump. Are you aware that the whole Democrat Party, every establishment RINO, every single person in the deep state, everyone in the elite sports and entertainment industry, everyone in listed in the Fortune 500, especially the behemoth tech industries, and almost everone on Wall Street has now declared you to be a racist, a white supremest, a homophobe, a xenophob, a parasite, a slug, a reprobate, a deplorable and an irredeemable “domestic terrorist” and “insurgent” who should be deprived of meaningful employment and higher education, and must be “deplatformed,” “censored,” “silenced,” “cancelled” and “monitored” unless and until you agree to be and are fully “reprogrammed.”

      If you think this is some kind of a sick joke then all I can say is “think again.” Every single one of the aforementioned has been repeatedly reported on just in the past three days, including today (January 18, 2021). No doubt many of you heard it. I sure did.

      I and others frequently warned that this would happen if President Trump lost the election (or had it stolen from him). We were laughed at and ridiculed for thinking this let alone saying such “conspiratorial thoughts.” We were told nothing like this could ever happen even though we knew it could and would happen and insisted to them that it would happen in a matter of time. The only thing we were wrong about was the timing. We didn’t realize it would actually happen this fast. This is what happens when evil takes over all the power in government. This is genuine and real “tyranny” of the Marxist variety – and it only gets worse.

      Now we don’t hear a word out of those naysayers. Many of them are even happy and excited that we will soon be consigned somewhere beneath second class citizens and gutter sludge. That we will be “erased,” “deleted,” and “cancelled.” Some are even relatives or former friends of ours who learned to bitterly hate us and all the other 75 million Americans just because we voted for, supporte, admired and respected Donald Trump and agreed with his policies – and still do.

      I have a question. I do not know the answer to this question which is why I am asking it. It is my hope that one or more of you can answer this question. Please consider this question and all it’s potential ramifications carefully and seriously and then please answer it. Here is the question:

      What do you do when your God given inadequate rights, such as freedom of speech and expression, freedom to assemble, freedom to own own and bare arms, your right to privacy and to a measurable degree even your freedom of religion are effectively curtailed and even terminated because of your political preference? What do you, as a lifelong law-abiding, good, decent, and hard-working American patriot lose your right to earn a living and support your family or are substantially limited in your ability to do so because of your political persuasion? What do you do when every legal option available to you in our courts of law is denied you because you either can’t afford quality legal representation or because the courts determine that you “lack standing” to even present evidence on your behalf in your appeals for justice?

      If you, like myself, don’t know the answer to these questions then we collectively had better figure out the answers immediately because ladies and gentlemen – we are there right now. This isn’t tomorrow. This is today. This is our new reality.

      If you are a conservative Trump supporter in America today, all 75 million of you, you are in dire and dangerous circumstances and God help you/us, all 75 million of you/us, if we don’t figure this out fast – real fast.

      GET TO WORK – NOW!!! This time your lives, and those of your children and grandchildren probably will depend on it.


      1. I am a Trumpublican. The answer is to walk in the Truth by the Spirit of Truth and expose the darkness. Several thoughts on how:

        1. First caveat is all Patriots must organize and act together. We unite behind the solution and present to DJT.

        2. Years ago there was a Patriot movement to expose ‘redress’ and the lack of jurisdiction that government has over the will (spirit) of the person—although they do claim jurisdiction over our physical being and they do—but only if we allow them. Instead, and in order to obtain dominion over the physical person, the government legislated the notion of jurisdiction over the physical person, creating a separate entity for each person via a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND A BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Each person under the jurisdiction of the government and court system is actually a number, a physical manifestation of a spiritual being. They falsely believe this solves the problem for government to control the people. Yet, it is the will of the person who lives freely with certain inalienable God-given rights, who exercises the will to vote, and is essentially the God–created nature of the person. God gives us dominion over our own will, not even He violates it. The Patriots stood up and tried to exercise their true willful rights and proclaimed that the courts did not have jurisdiction over the true person. It did not work I believe because the ideas were so radical and ahead of their time. In the 2020 election, the will of the people was violated and the jurisdiction of the court system acknowledged that American voters (their ‘will’) did not have STANDING IN THE COURTS. This brings to loggerheads the real issue. As a person, our will is not governable but our physical being is. See the dilemma? The Supreme Court finally admits that true persons do not have standing under the jurisdiction of the courts because the ruling would require addressing the will of the people. Perhaps it is time to readdress redress?

        3. If enough of us Trumpublicans act together we can now assume the correct ‘standing’ but it will take a miracle for us all to act appropriately and Patriotically toward the goal of ending the illegal cabal.

        4. There is much more to this proposal than can be shared on text. If curious please write me at [email protected]

        1. Thanks Thomas, yes, I am in full agreement and share your position and thoughts as well.
          Thank you Patrick!! I will follow you on Telegram. It seems “secure” for the moment anyway but we really have no way to verify other Patriots on there. It is filling quickly with Scholl’s and Trolls as well as our most favorite Dems and ANTIFAH/BLM I suspect-masquarading…which scares me as well. I think organized ways are exactly what is required…I have heard some really interesting perspective on current situ…Gist is, IF WE Patriots via WE the People- can convince The military that we WILL accept civilian leadership during (What I believe to be an interim / hiatus-that Trump HAS 70-90% of Generals behind him…they will abdicate current control (-which I think if you do not believe-you need to look closer). (despite appearances otherwise,) we will be taken over and the MIC will not want to tried for a “coup” by CCP-when that becomes more transparent. So, They are rock and hard place. Hopeful, that somehow this awakening that we are praying for will be the reprogramming necessary to realize what dire straits and shape we are currently in. There are many looking at things which do not add up and suspect this current admin is not even real… Maybe I have been suckered into it but I trust we are at a precipice. Trust God, pray for our enemies and our brothers, families and children and for our leadership whoever that is right now. I am looking for 5 more days of Darkness…then turning to light…we shall see. I am going with Hopium and patience and trusting God right now. I believe we are seeing and living things biblical. Be glad AND REJOICE, RENEW YOUR FAITH. We Christians have never really suffered persecution like many others…How shall we stand? Strong, upright knowing our eternal destiny is more than the power of any foe. Armor of God, Shield of righteousness, belt of truth, SWORD OF THE WORD! USE the Word say it- out loud! More power than you could ever believe you need or even know..TRUTH. Telegram This us where Patriots are connecting. Godspeed.

          1. As Kingdom believers, trusting God in good times and especially dark times must yield the divinely intended result:

            To draw us near to Himself. Godspeed, my friend.


            PS. Now what are we going to do for Him to pursue his Truth? I am open to gathering input from the brethren in order to make a difference. What do you say?

          2. Anonymous is right, it will come to pass that God wins and America wins.

            The reason is this: Faith wins over reason, in that, our spiritual nature, not our intellectual nature is what must be deployed in our fight to uphold the Constitution for the united states of America. Got me?

            The ideological part of this battle is already won. Satan is already defeated. Now act like it.

        2. 5. Why you are still using Gmail? Start from there. You are digging your own grave when you are using any of the services provided by BigTech, Google being the most evil among them.

      2. Please continue your fight for us Patrick. We the Trump supporters need and rely on the likes of you and the Patriots on our side. Why wasn’t Trump willing to enact the Insurrection and rely on the military to redo the election? Waiting for the story to continue!

      3. There are many more of us than them. We all know this election was stolen and the true president is President Trump. What do we do? We organize. We ignore the fake Biden administration and create our own government. We already know who the president will be. We martialize the National Guard. The military will be loyal to the constitution which means they will be loyal to President Trump. If China dares to interfere it will get ugly. We take our country back. We don’t need to be violent we just need to stand firm. We can’t just sit and do nothing and there’s not going to be some magical miracle that will save us. We need to save ourselves.

      4. Good morning…I just read your post and was wondering if you would mind if I copied and shared it? I will understand if you do not wish so. As to the question, I have no answer but I look forward to the day when someone comes up with a viable solution to the situation that we find ourselves in now. Have a great day and God Bless!

      5. Patrick, I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple of months. I know pretty much you wanted us to know about the election. Would you please finish up on the DJT story up to the time he knew he lost. Or do you have another video that I can see. Would SteelTruth have that part. Please for Chris’s sake,.please get to the ending. I sure would appreciate it you can write the book and I’ll read it for details. You can tell us in a video. We need to know now.
        Thank you!!!!

      6. I’m am 63 yr old, retired grandma. I followed Trump, donated to him and to the wall, went to 2 rallies and the Jan 6 to stop the steal rally and voted for him. I am not apologizing or hiding my support I have for him. I will not kneel to Communism and will fight til death if I have too. This is my dam country and it will not be taken away that easily. I will not live in fear and way too old to worry about how they feel towards me. It’s what this country has come to.I will pray for guidance and will become the plan, not wait for the plan. Fear is what’s gonna cripple us if we let it. But we better start uniting now and save ourselves from China. We can go back to fighting between parties later.


      1. I agree with your assessment of Patrick. Red flags of dark tetrad personality:

        – charm
        – narcissism
        – nonstop bragging about his honesty and integrity
        – nonstop bragging about his competence
        – very embellished stories about everything (not just election fraud) that constantly change and negate the previously stated comments even in the same articles (read his past articles also)
        – lack of integrity (attacking and praising the same people according to circumstance)
        – making embellished claims that simply don’t add up with reality (the agent provocateur article, as I roughly remember, starts by claiming there are some 300,000 conservative militia members all organized online on discord servers and were just waiting for Patrick’s go command to start the civil war. We all know that conservatives have never been organizing anything like that, specially through discord, and if they even do that, they would go to Trump not Patrick. His claim was only consistent with Nancy Pelosi’s hoax capitol siege narrative and nothing else.)

        Also there were comments under his previous articles calling him out and he put the focus of the first article in this series on defending by stating irrelevant points such as his heritage and family. Why?

        My intuition about Patrick’s motivation strongly suggests he has the same motivations you stated. His goal is clearly pacification. He states in this article that there wasn’t ANY hard proof of election fraud; rather, only things happened which suggested it had happened. We all know that this is a blatant lie and he’s gaslighting. So one of his goals is to turn into the main authoritative narrator of what happened and give the society this false closure that “folks, this was just speculation. it broke my heart too. but let’s move on. and from now on all eyes on Patrick Byrne as your authority about what to do”

        Patrick also was heavily within the network of openly Q white hats.

        Regarding the fighting strategy, I feel like at this very day, organizing communities of political activism for influencing institutions and policies bottom up, as well as wide spread protesting for political demands will be far more effective.

        1. Here’s another ‘Anonymous’ comment spewing ridiculous conspiracy theories. I put this one into the same category as ALL CAPS Dee, except yours was easier to read. Everything you wrote is exactly the opposite of reality.

      2. I completely disagree with everything you have said. I have been absorbing the information Patrick has been posting on this blog for more than 10 years. He has been a valid and trustworthy source for information that I have not been able to get anywhere else.

        If you are looking for something more from Patrick then that is your fault and your issue to deal with. He is not your leader nor your guiding light nor the savior of American. He is a patriotic citizen who is filling us in on things we would other wise not be privy to.

        Grow up already, you can read and write, do your own work and stop looking for other’s to fix your country for you.

      3. What if Patrick Byrne is one man trying to find the truth in his own life and experience?
        Instead of conspiracy theories, or trying to make heroes out of people, what if we allow Patrick Byrne to be an American man who is doing his best to be an honest American citizen?
        Patrick Byrne is a citizen journalist, among many other things. I want to know what he’s seen and experienced. No one needs to agree with everything he writes. Patrick’s truth may not be the whole truth, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.
        If you’re looking for a hero, or someone to save America, maybe Sidney Powell is that kind of person. But very likely, American citizens, collectively (with Divine help), will save America, if it’s going to be saved.
        I understand that there’s a massive amount of fear and emotional turmoil among Patriots right now, but attacking Patrick Byrne is not going to help anyone.

        1. PS. When you feel the urge to write lengthy blog posts in all caps, this is a good time to go for a long walk instead. There are better ways of dealing with frustration. Patriots need to gear up for the long haul, and taking care of your own feelings is mature and wise. Consider taking a week off from the internet. I made the difficult decision to take a ten day break in the middle of January from ALL political news and did a total black out on internet use. It’s an extreme remedy, but I can recommend it as an effective treatment for people who are feeling stressed, unhappy, and obsessed with political issues.

        2. I wonder how learning about what was going on behind the scenes is going to help the situation we are now in.
          Maybe Patrick is not writing for that reason.

          The Biden administration is marching full steam ahead into full on fascism and unless the military is about to come and arrest these people, I see no way out of this.

      4. Dee, you wrote so much with all CAPS, my head hurts from reading it. I think your comment is nonsense and not worth a reply, so I’ll keep it simple. EVERYTHING you wrote is opposite of reality.

      5. Dee, despite what your detractors say, you present an interesting POV and theory.

        At this point, nobody has been able to openly present proof one way or the other with any kind of transparency.
        The only thing that seems to be unequivocal is that nobody with authority (our courts & representatives) has fulfilled his duty to open a discussion/inquiry and thoroughly review data, evidence and testimony.

        It seems only natural and right to be skeptical of claims on any side until such time. All sides should be aware enough to hold some small disbelief of anything they haven’t personally witnessed. In this era of rampant misinformation, purposeful devisiveness, incredible justified frustration & anger, we should be vigilant retaining our rights and freedoms and demanding thorough and transparent action to that end.

        If we, with similar goals, can’t have free discussion with differing viewpoints but instead bash based on facts yet to be proven (no matter how likely), we’ll be distracted from needed changes.

        Let’s not be devisive amongst ourselves; the other side appointed themselves that role.

        Instead, we should, as Dee suggests, take action. It’s too easy and self-defeating to ONLY research, talk and accomplish nothing.


        Most people know a troll when they see it. What gives you away is the personal nature of your attacks.

      7. Reign it in Dee, the peaceful method in large numbers is preferable. If wearing a button is too calm for you, what if we put our car alarms on at the same time everyday or on a certain day or things along those lines…. something attention getting that everyone can do, money or no money, working or at home.

    3. Patrick, I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple of months. I know pretty much you wanted us to know about the election. Would you please finish up on the DJT story up to the time he knew he lost. Or do you have another video that I can see. Would SteelTruth have that part. Please for Chris’s sake,.please get to the ending. I sure would appreciate it you can write the book and I’ll read it for details. You can tell us in a video. We need to know now.
      Thank you!!!!

    4. Indeed Patrick I wait with baited breath for more of the ongoing STEAL info and treason/sedition in motion. Was DJT threatened to the extreme to family members in the last 10 days or are you actualy aware of such events ? I do NOT know that for a fact, I just surmise it as it does answer his actiosn in the last week of events in the WH !

      1. SAME Here!.
        It’s certainly starting to sound like he didn’t want to fight for it, in the end, or Rudy was in on it, and perhaps that crushed his sprits that his friend betrayed him.

  2. Thank you fir doing this, Patrick.

    Do you think there is a way for all this evidence to be revealed? Also, will you work with DJT if needed?

    Looking forward to the rest which we all know IS TRUE!!!

  3. Hey Brother,

    Thanks for writing this. Quick question. Since this all hinges on Truth and doing the right thing, where do you believe Truth comes from? I mean what makes something truly true and something really right? Do you believe in object truth and morality? Or do you go the subjective route?

    1. Anyone else having trouble reading the comments? Some seem to be out of order and aren’t always replies. Very insightful comments though. Very impressed!

      1. This website was created when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Patrick’s top priority is getting the information out, not our inconvenience. That’s as it should be. Maybe an IT patriot will help Patrick sort it out.

        I wish we had a forum similar to the ones at City-Data, where you can quote someone to reply and the thread bounces to the top. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”.

        1. Having a user – friendly website is key to attracting and sustaining your audience. It would be challenging to ‘get the word out’ if people become frustrated with the site.

        2. This appears to be a WordPress site. I have done some web programming and would be happy to help Pat in whatever way I can. Anything I can do to #ResistEvil.

    2. Brody,

      Not clear who you are responding to, so I’ll go.


      The Bible, answer is self-explanatory. When you capitalize Truth you acknowledge one of the many Biblical names for the One True Creator Father God. The Holy Trinity. As such, he also calls himself the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, who speaks Spirit to your spirit.

      So what was the question?

      No answer to non-starter question #2.


      Thomas Kasperek
      [email protected]

  4. In the “drop and roll’ video, those ratios that whoever made that video claim are impossible are almost all the result of a failure to understand basic rounding. I can go over the details if desired, but it’s a pretty fundamental and significant mistake.

    1. I examined their claims and they are correct. You are either confused, or incompetent, or trying to deceive others.

    2. Dylan Zwick: Can you please elaborate on “failure to understand basic rounding”? I was also intrigued by the “drop and roll” video. If it’s true, then wow, it’s amazing. Where is the data that was used in the video? I was disappointed that the spreadsheet in the video was quite blurry, and it made me suspicious. I’d like to think it’s true, but I would need to see the data first.

      1. Hi Matt –

        I’m going to try to make a video that goes oven this in detail in the next couple days, but I’ll see if I can provide a quick explanation here.

        I don’t know for sure the source of the data for the video, as the video doesn’t say (RED FLAG), but it’s almost certainly from the Edison data used by the New York Times. Likely, they scraped the data from the NYT website.

        The spreadsheets are hard to read, but it’s not so bad that you can’t see what they’re doing. Here’s the basic idea. The Edison data doesn’t actually provide the Trump or Biden vote totals. Instead, it provides the total number of votes, and the Trump / Biden percentages, usually rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent. So, for example, you might get 4,458,567 total votes, with Biden at, say, 48.6% and Trump at 49.2%. You may be tempted to then get the total Biden votes by 4,458,567*.486 = 2,166,865. However, it would be a mistake to calculate the Biden votes to this level of precision, because the percentage used is rounded, and so it’s not 48.6% exactly, but somewhere between 48.55% and 48.659%, which mean the Biden vote total would be between 2,164,645 and 2,169,049. Where in between? Based on this data, you don’t know.

        This is an elementary point, but it’s subtle, and the mistake of treating these percentages as exact is the foundation for almost all the “impossible” ratios from the video. Those ratios would be extremely unlikely and very suspicious if they were real, but they’re not. They’re the result of a mistaken assumption based upon a failure to understand basic rounding.

        1. Thanks for that, Dylan, although Matt and I are probably the only two on this site to even want to read your explanation.

          1. lulu, math was never your strength, was it?

            79 >68

            last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

            trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

            biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


          2. You might think this sounds naïve, but while I think many people are acting in bad faith, I don’t think Patrick is. I think he’s gone down a bad path here, but he believes he’s discovered something true and important here, and he has enough personal and intellectual integrity that he still might be convincible otherwise.

          3. Dylan, I’m surprised to see this “mostly peaceful”… I mean mostly positive comment from you considering all the other derogatory comments you’ve directed towards Patrick. I appreciate that you took the time to write that! There may be some hope for you yet! 🙏

        2. This is exactly what my intuition told me! Thank you for articulating it. I work in a certain field of science where this is the most basic type of fallacy and you’d be viewed as a moron if you made a mistake like this….

      2. matt, drop and roll is your wife’s description of your performance.

        last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

        trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

        biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


    3. no the mistake, dylan, was to get caught on camera pulling out the fake ballots and getting caught on cameras feeding thee fake ballots AND getting caught on cameras putting up theh pizza boxes to hide the steal…. among oher things.

      mahematically, it’s a mistake to think that 79<68.

      last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

      trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

      biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


      1. I think you’re the one who’s been arguing we should trust Patrick Byrne with a sort of religious faith in spite of his inability to produce compelling evidence because he… has a humanities Ph.D. from Stanford.

        As somebody who went to Stanford and has a Ph.D., I guarantee you that’s a really stupid reason to believe somebody.

  5. Feeling a bit lost, i follow as much as i can to see what out there. Its a wicked web, which led me into following the Q movement (Oct 2015)because i ran into it on 4chan after the Vegas shooting. It never sat with me well, found a post on 4chan of someone warning 3 weeks before that it was going to happen and why. So that started me interest on what was going on in the U.S. and why. Some of what was posted i could verify and others i found false, but the thing that bothered me 4 days ago was, the same people talked about in these post are the same STARS performed in the inauguration? There could be only one good answer for that…inside job and a jab in the face!

  6. Wow. Really eye opening from someone with a first hand experience. Thank you for sharing. I hope you were able to convey this info to the President, and how the people at the top of CISA failed to take the threat seriously, or were in on it.
    Can’t wait to read the next installment.

    1. I just noticed that your Telegram subscribers have nearly tripled since I began following you on the 24th, the day after you created your channel.👏😊🏆

    2. Democrats couldn’t care less about proofs. First, the news media started openly lying and nothing happened, half of the country were happily consuming propaganda. Then they openly, in your face, rigged the election, and again half of the country happily consumed that. The courts are corrupted, who’s going to look at your evidence? The next they will shut up all independent media and social networks. Dissidents will be isolated and jailed. Gulags are coming.

      1. First, thank you Patrick Byrne for all you’re doing.
        What do we need to do besides praying? We’re certainly aware of the deep and width of the corruption world. We need organizers and possibly a new platform and a new party. This getting to be overwhelming especially knowing that at all levels of government this fraude was allowed. Our hope is the Military but really the 75 millions should stay united.

    3. If military doesn’t intercede I’m afraid we will never get justice on this fraud that has happened.

      1. Amen, Linda. It’s too late for “peaceably assembling.” They don’t give a damn about proof or what “our voices” have to say, if in fact we even manage to get them heard. They’re barroom brawlers. They’ve no problem pulling sticks and bats and knives to win, and they’re doing it and always have been.

        We’re obsessed with “keeping it above the belt,” with stubbornly adhering to boxing rules. Sounds all warm and fuzzy, but it’s about the best way I can think of to get our asses kicked.

        No, if we don’t get rough with these people—rougher than they are with us—we might as well sit down and shut up and get used to communism.

        As you say, the military seems the best (and in fact only) solution at this point.

          1. lulu,

            leet’ss try math again:

            last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

            trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

            biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  7. I have an educated secure thoughtful friend that sees eye to eye with me on many things, but not the Election nor “all things Trump”. He is one of several close friends I haven’t (yet) lost or given up over TDS or Election Fraud debates and attempts to freely discuss. I don’t know if George Stephanopolous (Dang, Rand Paul handled him well eh?) is corrupt, or just stubborn, resolute and misguided like my friend, but I yearn for verbal and written ammo to try again to convince them. Your writings are a great start (there are several typos do you need a free proofreader?) and I hope you continue to ably direct your narrative towards people like “them(DEM?) not only “believers” like myself. Thanks again!

    1. I read somewhere George was at Epstein’s Island. So was the actor Tom Hanks. Just rumors or actual truth? All I can say is I have found in life that more rumors end up being true than not.

  8. Did NOT know former Microsoft attorney Krebs had been forewarned and dismissed concerns. Oh, the lies he has told just keep stacking up. His smugness and false indignation are memorable. Thank you for sharing your drafts as you go. Interesting too that the 2018 Kentucky governor’s race between Bevins and Beshear showed vote counts switching in live election result reporting straight from Clarity on CNN and that the 2018 EO on foreign election interference was written shortly thereafter. I always wondered if you all were working with or parallel to Trump & military intel. Staying tuned. As always thank you all.

  9. Hi Patrick.
    Thanks for this.

    FYI: I’m the founder and editor of NewsBlaze. You may not officially want help from me because I’m Australian, who lived in the US for 15 years. I don’t know if they know about you, but I guarantee that although our media is left-biased, there are many hundreds of thousands of Australians who know the election was stolen and back your effort.

    1. Strange violations of good computer science practice, such as a weirdly architected triple databases within the machine, without integrity among the lawyers. (among the lawyers) DOESN”T MAKE SENSE TO ME.

    2. lacking in fixed numbering systems that could reveal tapering. – you mean TAMPERING

    3. forcing the evacuation of the vote counting area of and in the few hours when the courting was “closed”
    AREA OF AND – “OF” should be deleted
    COURTING – you mean COUNTING

    4. “But how you you know that cheating occurred?” (should be “how DO you know”)

    5. army sprung into existence SPRANG


          1. Thx Patrick; which is poor vs best. e.g. Clarify 1 as very poor, 10 top.
            re “rate the security, on a scale of 1-10, of these systems.”
            “rate the security from 1 (poor) to 10 (best), of these systems.”

            (PS British education uses 1 as best 10 as worst)

      1. Why didn’t Trump use the insurrection act? Somebody please explain that. Didn’t he have the military to enforce it and back him up? What the hell is going on here? Why would Trump just say, “I’ll be back in one form or another.” Who pushed him out? Who was giving the orders?

        1. Currently the military is in charge. I believe Trump didn’t want arrests of deep state criminals because it would lead to a civil war. That would weekend the US and make a Chinese invasion easy. He needed to let the deep state SHOW to the American people their actions not their promises. I think that was the deal with the military. When Biden’s approval rating drops and further revelations from the classified documents are exposed, THEN is the moment to start arrests. Biden is not the president and all EO’s are nil and void.

          1. Hello from Canada. I find this article fascinating. I respectfully disagree about the military waiting for Biden’s approval rating to drop. You must have read that from Mike Adams, he has been promoting that as well. I would love this to be true, however people in Canada and other parts of the world believe it is over. We all know that Biden did not win, there was cheating, stealing going on. I look forward to hearing more from Patrick. Love and respect. God Bless.

  10. Patrick,

    Thanks for the effort, atleast u can get to the data u can believe begins to answer/quantify those questions…& obviously know the right people in the places u need — telling u awesome job is so pretty repetitive here…LOL…..but folks deserve it, & u as well…. I’m an Air Force guy, born & raised in SW N.H….1 grand father ran the “cow barn”, for lack of better words, & my step-mom & her sibs all got a ride st UNH….I took the service to better hone skills I’d figure out as I went, & schooled to fine tune those……adopted, & in the 60’s & 70’s in rural NH u may as well been black – I was Puerto rican/polish, & always a year-round tan…never a victim, & always curious with the library tight across the street….telecom/crypto guy in the service, but always the radar O’Reilly of the bast wherever I went, always curious… got out in ’95 after watching g what the gov was doing & what did & well, decided to not try to go back as a contractor or civil servant — I watched it & didn’t want anything to do with it….got out in Tampa & did the local corporate scene designing software & process – manufacturing, insurance, telecom, & ended doing global accounting/audit…….then got to watch the happenings in that world as well – 90% were to allow for a turnaround for acquisitions & mergers…..& that provided a similar view into that world – craziness….i’m glad ur surviving & thriving in it & really holding to the foundation Mr Buffet & ur family gave u — it is simply inspiring….. worked for Dartmouth grads who were some of the most interesting to say the least…..LOL….yeah – just an intro….Guess u deserved one too…. 😉

    I’ve never voted, as curious as I was it took me to the #’s/$’s, the reasons, & experience never gave me confidence in the system lined up to, let alone the individual or party… along came Trump, watched him, knew of him, but just hoped that a different eye, approach, & ability to start all the things that arwere needed to make a company successful, profitable, & manageable at lower level,ms vs the monolith, to decrease size & overhead, just process & overall cost to produce — real audits are a thing of the past if the right folks do them – so something needed to give….Trump gave me hope….I still never voted…..I’m in VT & after I watched what happened in 2016, I knew a red vote up here meant nothing….& after hearing the noise created up here around Trump, & hearing Judicial Watches take that VT voter rolls where they were some of the worst – I didn’t again….& subsequently watched many counties flip from 2016 in ’20….craziness….a lawsuit won against LA Counties & they were to cleanup 1.5m from their rolls….it seemed to me they were going to be able to skim from the top either by small fragments in key places & more in others, but gotta believe it’s pretty widespread…& it seems that some of those flips are what u’ve captured….

    I guess my question is, how do reconcile/validate, line volume/traffic against what is said to be the final tallies, & where did those issues happen or occur….? – without missing or downplaying the inconsistencies in many places…?

    I believe this is deep, potential/probable international involvement, either with support, or with influence….how can u get to “that”…?….beyond the obvious observable layers with end detail/accounts of what happened…?

    I’ll be watching for sure……& good luck – we all need it & hope it can change things to a rule by the governed at some point – long way to go……now I’m interested even more on the Durham investigation, the additional resources he recently requested, & if that report will ever, or can be tied to this…..if it even continues……

    We do need answers & only connected Patriots like urself can help the common man – thank you…..ever so sincerely……


    1. Hey Patrick….

      One thing that would help the sentiment, is to include red won states as well…this is deeper than red & blue, it’s an overall scam where needed, with those involved ~ that’s vote total vs electoral, an illusion that deflects from real #’s….they’re good….psyops + tech = whatever u want it to……& the market moves……modern technology – gotta love it!!!

      If u need an independent purview of the data, if I could even understand it all, morr than willing to help put together the puzzle from a collective standpoint vs siloed – just let me know – I’m cheap & free for this cause….. 😉

      If u’ve got all this, u’ve definitely got my email……drop me a line sometime…

      🍺😎 ~ Willy

      1. Hey Patrick, I’m sharing and forwarding your Telegram site with my friends. Your post is coming through strong and scarring the hell out of my friends and scaring them away. Tone it down a bit, would ya? It’s Patrick M. Byrne… See?… I got this.

  11. Thank you Patrick for sharing this information! I have been following all details about this election (data, hearings, court cases, etc) since Day 1 (as well as following you on SM – thank you for joining Telegram!).
    I am horrified by what has happened to our country, especially for our children! Thank you for everything that you have done to fight for our country! You have been a hero!!! I’m trying to do my small part with phone calls/emails to my politicians here in NC but the responses have been extremely disappointing. I’m starting to volunteer with Matt Braynard this week. While I think future election integrity is important, I CAN’T accept what happened on 11/3+/2020! Our country can’t survive 4 years of the Biden “regime”!
    Thanks again and I look forward to reading your next posts! Keep it coming!!! 😉
    Lori from NC

    1. Hi Lori – Do you know if Matt needs any additional volunteers? I would be delighted to help. Not sure what qualifications he is looking for. I do have his email so perhaps I can send him a note. Many thanks!

  12. Thank you for this. It seems there were a sort of army of very intelligent people working through this, you included. How did you all not foresee Washington road blocks and a president that simply didn’t listen, and why was there no contingency plan put in place if all else fails? Perhaps it will be revealed more in coming segments.

    1. I have this question too. Although I think the President tried to listen but was also up against too many roadblocks as you mention. He wasn’t able to overcome the corruption and insubordination and poor advice. Sometimes I wonder why his smart kids didn’t seem to guide him more. Seems they could have?

      1. Trump, knowing full well, that the probability of election malfeasance would be an almost certain 100%, could have deployed an arsenal of on the ground legal to shred the courts early on as Patrick notes, to include rippling through the voter rolls and challenging voter integrity (as Braynard notes) months before Nov 3. Why didn’t this happen?

        This is the tactic which did not take place and certainly confused some decent GOP-ers. (Note: some. Only a handful of Dems\Reps are worthy of respect.)

        This I know, b\c my girlfriend walks the halls of the capitol as a reporter (used to work for John Solomon) and spoke with members to include some Senators…they all asked why legal was not on the ground early.

        I can fully believe Trump was an island. I can honestly believe Trump was surrounded by a den of vipers with only his blood family and few others like Flynn, Patrick, Sydney and 80M Americans (at a distance) supporting him. As General Spalding noted in a Tweet in Nov, DC purges all outsiders. The installed class has utter contempt for Americans and continues to screw us over and over…doing harm, violating the Hypocritic Oath (Do no harm) year after year after year. Of course, as Tucker C notes, Trump is \ was largely a repudiation of the installed permanent class.

        Some world class cyber subject matter experts (SMEs) support Patrick’s assertions of election fraud. Navid K Nia comes to mind and Allied Security Operations Group also. It would take but a few well-qualified cyber firms here in DC (which there are dozens) to validate vulnerabilities\exploits of the voting systems.

        I believe this election has caused massive psychic harm; has led to massive distrust of institutions, massive cynicism and contempt for the District of Criminals. Something needs to be done.

      2. “tried to listen” doesnt sound right. no ceo makes the right decision @ all times. trump was always very well aware of what’s on the internet. very well read.

        he made a bad decision. his plan didnt work.

        i hate it when people try to make it look like poor donny was some dependent unable to make decisions. he could hire and fire @ will. but this time he failed. and this may cost us dearly….

        hopefully not.

      1. Hi Peter M,
        (More than one Peter on this thread here suddenly :)). My prior comment was directed at Peter Berg, (from the time-stamps, it looks like you and I were commenting within a few minutes of each other).

        I highly doubt Peter Berg has any refutations other than what has been *endlessly* recycled through the Main-stream Media – for example, “all the lawsuits were tossed out – this proves there was no fraud”, etc, etc.

        However, in the event that he has some genuine refutation – for example, “the Dominion Voting Machines do NOT have an empty slot for a chip to be inserted” – or any such direct refutation of facts as asserted by Patrick on this site, I would be interested in hearing the evidence for the opposite side of this story.

        Strange times we all live in (perhaps it was always thus!)

        Peace to all,

        1. The Georgia Suitcases of Ballots has been well debunked by looking at the full video itself. It shows where those ballots came from and that they were removed from ballot envelopes under scrutiny by GOP and Dem observers, then placed in these ballot boxes snd sealed and put under table for later scanning. Patrick must know this, so I don’t know why he pushes this as evidence any more.

          1. Thanks, Anonymous.
            (Not sure if you are Peter B ? – No worries either way – do not wish to intrude on your privacy !0

            Thanks for the details above, Anonymous… could you post a link where this has been debunked and a narrative of the debunking… Am ok with any site on the internet (preferably not the dark web, as I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole),and as long as it doesn’t crash the computer I am on 😉

            ps. For what’s it worth, the most important thing for me in Patrick’s writing is that he is stating quite clearly – he is NOT sure that fraud HAS occurred, but there is SO MUCH that smells strange about this election that a full audit and investigation (live-stream counting of paper ballots, etc, etc) must be done. So that we will then restore the integrity of every legal vote in this country. We(the world) CANNOT afford to have the United States of America become a Banana Republic.

          2. provide a link. If it has been debunked then where is the prof. And where were the poll watchers? And why were they still counting when they announced the counting had stopped in ATL?

            You say it had been debunked then show us…

          3. replying to anil.

            i never insulted pam personally. if i did, i am sorry. on an anonymous forum… insulting means little. it’s just freaking annoying to read garbage right next to patrick’s in depth stuff…

            i sometimes agree with pam but assuming somehow thtat trump is still in the driver’s seat is like saying tigeer woods would lose a major intentionally or a ceo of aa company would intentionally run it down….

            also, i apologize to not us a specific name and to help you to read my mind. i pretty much dont care what you think if you dont mind. i wrote a note for lila. i think she kind of associates me wih a number of posts and that was my only inttention… no disrespect to you. no disrespect to pam. lila, respect 😉

          4. wtf have you been smoking? debunked in your dreams.

            last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

            trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

            biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


          5. ANIL,

            “ps. For what’s it worth, the most important thing for me in Patrick’s writing is that he is stating quite clearly – he is NOT sure that fraud HAS occurred, but there is SO MUCH ”

            that’ss not whaat pat’s saying. he is sure tthat th fraud has occured and is providing deep shit evidence. he is saying, that this evidence AND inconsistensies are more than sufficient to warrent an investigation (which pat always presumeed would have resulted in a trump win).

          6. Then WHY is the women repeatedly running the same ballots through the machine over and over and over???

    1. Thank you for your offer, Peter.

      *Every* story can be refuted in multiple ways. The question is really which story is more credible, after weighing all the multiple ways of each story.

      Take care,

    2. yes, peter. go ahead. refute it.

      trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

      biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  13. Thank you for all your work.
    Any idea why he didn’t invite J. DiGenova up and appoint him as Counsel, whilst getting rid of ‘The Big Onion’ (Cipollone) and crew?

    1. It seems the left is also looking into the writ of quo warranto to remove Republican reps and senators who might have endorsed what they are calling the insurrection on Jan 6. Defund the police and BLM and Antifa threatening and extorting cities around the country with violence and arson are what I would call insurrection, not a million tax payers protesting and then being set up by cops and infiltrators.

  14. Thank you for your unwavering patriotism. The risk you are taking it great and I am sure others, as well as I, see that and are grateful for your candor and dedication to the violations to our constitutional systems and the integrity of our republic. I’ll be praying for you Patrick, and all of the people that have been intertwined in this fight against the plot to kill our America.
    You clearly were meant to meet your Native American friend that fateful day… had he not met his destiny, you might not necessarily have met his white hat friends. So I will say a prayer for him as well.
    Please take care of yourself. Money is no match for the people in places of power that wish to silence people like you that seek the truth. However, I implore you to continue in the fight for our country. As today I was mulling over a picture of our founding fathers and wondering just how difficult the fight was for them. Where would we be had they given up?


    1. “You clearly were meant to meet your Native American friend that fateful day… had he not met his destiny, you might not necessarily have met his white hat friends. So I will say a prayer for him as well.” ❤

  15. I find it very interesting you were blocked/ignored by CISA, especially after having watched Krebs’ recent smug testimony. I’m guessing this is why he was suddenly fired?

  16. I find it very interesting that CISA blocked/ignored you, especially after having watched Krebs’ very smug recent testimony. I’m guessing this had something to do with his sudden termination?

  17. I was a secretary for 15 years to a CPA. I’m very detail oriented and conscientious. I would love to volunteer to help with anything you need including proofing. Thank you for taking the time to share your story! You write so eloquently.

    Thanks so much again for all that you have done and continue to do! Your patriotism is greatly appreciated along with your loyalty to The Constitution and election integrity. You are a true American hero, and I will forever be grateful to you and your team. (Perhaps you should change “oddballs” to a different word, unless, of course, your team referred to themselves that way.)

    I’m so glad that you recovered from COVID, and I hope that you are back to feeling normal with no lingering ill effects. I will continue to pray for your health and safety. I sincerely wish the best for you always, Patrick.

  18. Thank you Patrick for all your hard work to help illuminate the election disaster. Im curious to your take on if there is any hope or evidence that may come to light that will warrant an inquiry. Is there anything that will bring more to the table of discovery?

      1. this site is doing well, … look @ all the lefties coming here all of a sudden…. 😉

        last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

        trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

        biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  19. Hi Patrick

    Wow, you know how to tell a story, I’m hooked and want the next part NOW!! :-), keep em coming …. I really want to know what happened in that meeting, I hoping it’s not going to go in a direction where Trump wasn’t that bothered in the end and gave up.

  20. Hi,

    Are you able to show the number of mail in ballots returned compared to mail in ballots sent out?

    I’m heard Pennsylvania sent out 1.7 million ballots but received 2.5 million

    1. That information was up on the Pennsylvania Secretary of State website at one point. However after we wrote about it they quickly took it down. Then they claimed that there had just been one cell that had not been updated correctly, or something. Which could’ve been true. Or they could’ve been covering up. I suppose the greater lesson would be, “would it not have been great if we had been able to check? To have the ballots counted again live, on TV? To do forensic audit of the ballots?“ Sydney and Rudy and everyone else was blocked at every step from doing it anything that could answer such questions…By people who then go on television and say, “but where is your evidence?”

  21. Thank you, sir.

    Scream the truth. Get this out in the open and expose this

    We can not let this corruption continue.

    Our nation and way of life is being crushed.

    Thank you.

  22. Thank you for writing this. I’m sure like most all DJT voters we are looking for any and all truths about the election. The fraud has cut into who we are as humans and Americans. Because the love for my country is more than just placing my flag on my porch post everyday making sure it’s out after sunrise and in before sunset. Because patriotism is a part of us it’s a part of who we are; and it has been stripped from us. So we decided to stand up for ourselves, for our rights as Americans for our freedom to be heard. Yet still we are not heard. Not only are we not heard but we are blamed for violence and now we don’t have a voice either.

    On behalf of all of us, thank you. I look forward to hearing your account of what happened.

  23. A few points on your text and writing:

    ‘I am not going to make this essay a full account of the steal.’
    That’s very weak, since this is exactly the thing people are here for and that you kept promising to give. This makes it seem more like you don’t want to commit to any explanation. Or that you don’t have one.

    ‘“But how [do] you know that cheating occurred?” I don’t have time for such people.’
    Then people should not have time for you either. Give what you promised, which is evidence, or stop whining about complaints about the low quality of your election fraud argument.

    ‘Reams of data showing machines processing votes in those special windows at 3X or more their actual capacity;’
    This is factually wrong. You did not take into account, that only MAIL-IN ballots have to be scanned. Early votes (which are standard election day ballots) are scanned when the vote is cast, i.e. prior election day, so they don’t get rescanned on election day. The corresponding images are simply tabulated on election day, which, since it’s fully digital at that point, proceeds rather quickly.

    “Hundreds of thousands of votes were pushed through the system, often showing 99.4% and even 100% runs for Biden.” Thats also factually wrong. There is not a single batch in the data of that order of magnitude which is 99.4% for Biden. What can happen is that a precinct uploads a part of it’s tabulated votes, so that you have SMALL batches with 99.4% for Biden, or for Trump. But that’s not Hundreds of thousands of votes with 99.4% for Biden. I’m so appalled by the low level of accuracy of your writing.

    At this point, you are not adding anything new to the discussion. You are not informing people, you are disinforming them. Please check your data, calculations, sources and arguments more thoroughly, before you publish a text on the topic. There are people out there who do, like Matt Braynard for example. Science is hard work.

    1. {“trumpd”:0.566,”bidenj”:0.42},”votes”:2984468,”eevp”:42,”eevp_source”:”edison”,”timestamp”:”2020-11-04T04:07:43Z”},{“vote_shares”:{“trumpd”:0.56,”bidenj”:0.426},”votes”:2984522,”eevp”:42,”eevp_source”:”edison”,”timestamp”:”2020-11-04T04:08:51Z”},{“vote_shares”:

      Please explain so I can shoot your answer full of holes.. If you can’t understand this simple data feed then you should not be in this argument.

        1. No I did not write that. That is the data feed that goes from the tabulators to the Scytl servers, where ever they are and then from clarity elections (Scytl) to Edison and out to all the news agencies. There are not supposed to be any human hands in-between any of this data. So how to you explain the vote switch listed in those data feeds?

          There is no way to add 52 votes to the total but have Binden go up by 18,000+ votes and have Trump go down by the same amount. This is vote switching, no other explanation. Even if the switch happened because of the correction of some human error somewhere in the data feed there must be an audit trail. Someone switched those votes clear and simple.

          We don’t need explanations of what could have happened we need to know what and why it happened. This is just one example. You can find others in other data feeds.

          It is just like that BS the DOJ told us about the backup tape of Epstein’s cell. They said they were mislabeled with he wrong date and got overwritten. That is noting short of a lie. As someone who has setup 100’s of computer backup system in the 90’s and 00’s, I know no human hands touch that backup until it is needed. The video management system is automatic and it is impossible to miss label the file as they say was done.

          1. What is your source on how the data is transmitted from the local counting centers to the news agencies or to Scytl?
            This is all based on conjecture, and that’s exactly the problem.

            The data feed does not represent data that is transmitted from tabulators to Scytl servers. That’s absurd. Scytl actually has much more detailed and accurate data. For Georgia, for example, one can scrape it from the SOS site:


            They have integer numbers for votes, for types of votes, even for counties and precincts. And there is now vote switching.

      1. Explain timestamp “2020-11-04T02:22:45Z” first. 😀

        What such timestamps simply tell you is that for an analysis of the election you cannot use such data. There aren’t even vote totals for the candidates, only percentages with just three (!) digits. Calculating votes from that leads to ugly rounding errors (which, for example, gave rise to the faulty analysis in the “drop & roll” video above).

        There is even an ‘official’ explanation for the data point you refer to:

        Compare to the final results for Armstrong County:

        Looks good to me.

        The feed is not what states certify. You should use quality data in your analysis. But Byrne & Co do not bother telling you how to obtain reliable data or what data their graphs are based on. They don’t want you to check for yourself. Some of their graphs seem to be based on precinct level data. Therefore they are based on a different data set than the NYT feed. So they pretend to have better data. Ask Byrne in which precincts exactly 20.000 or more votes were PERMANENTLY switched. He will not tell you. How do I know that? Because the precinct level data does not show such large substractions. ITS ONLY IN THE FEED.

        If I had the proof for votes being switched I would try to confirm my hypothesis on better data and enable other people to check it. Why does Byrne never do that?
        Its better to trust election fraud analyses like those of Matt Braynard, for examle. Such analyses might not have gun battles or fantastic conspiracy stories in them, but they give you a clear METHOD and SOURCES.
        Don’t trust Byrne’s gibberish, use common sense.

        1. SO… we trust pat becuase he has a history of success. whereever he went, he was right. truth followed later. he is the founder of phd stanford. … etc….

          … can you pls identify yourself and explain why you would know better than patrick… what… is … your… pedigree… why should we trust you @ all? because you know… right now i trust pat



          1. Basically, the question if and how voter fraud occurred can and should be settled scientifically. Scientific methods, in the end, do not require anyone to merely trust someone if he claims something. The person should give you all the data and lay out in a detailed way the reasoning, so you can check it.

            The fact that the only thing you have to defend his claims with is ‘but he has a PHD’ and ‘he was right at some point in the past’ says everything. Byrne should not have made this a question of trusting him in the first place.

            Also, observe how he is now gradually retracting his fraud claims. Short time after the election in November he was bragging about how they figured it all out and how this election was clearly ‘hacked’ and ‘rigged’ and that he can easily prove it in court. ‘We have the data, you do not have to worry’.

            Now he says (an earlier version of this article, he is constantly changing this part of the text since I pointed it out)
            ‘My purpose is not to convince you that election fraud occurred… [there’s] nothing that I’d be ready to convict anyone on.’

            ‘“But how do you know that cheating occurred?” We don’t, fully’

            Does this maybe sound that he was wrong? Despite his PHD?

        2. The example you provide shows only supposed vote totals, no time stamps, no candidate data almost useless with out other data to combine it with. I know there are other places to scrape data from and will investigate what you have posted but you still have not shown anything to explain the vote change in the Edison data feed.

          No one has explained how those votes were switched to Biden and never back to Trump. That “human” error in Antrum does not explain the change in votes by any means. They were originally entered for Trump and then were given to Biden, NOT fat-fingered for Biden and then corrected later. Clear as day in the data feed. Please point me to an article or some other explanation for that error.

          If you can get better data directly from Clarity/Scytl please provide a copy. I would really like to see the underlying data that went into the json file I provided. You show me by precinct, time-stamped json file and I will do my own DD.

          1. I did not intent to explain any kind of vote change, because, as it stands, I see none. You are focusing on an unreliable data feed that has been ‘prepared’ for news outlets and it includes a lot of vote fluctuation for both (!) candidates. I merely pointed out that there are other data sources which clearly have a different structure, i.e. integer vote totals for candidates, like in the example I gave you. The NYT data feed clearly is not what is transmitted by tabulators in counting centers.

            I fully support your request for the underlying data. Since Byrne & his team seem to use precinct level data, too (see his graphs), they are the ones who should provide us with the sources/copies. They are the proponents of vote switch, they have the money and resources. So why not go fully transparent and tell us in which precinct exactly 20.000 votes were switched? Then we could focus on this precinct. Why not explain where their precinct level data exactly came from?
            I’m gladly proven wrong, but you will not see the 20.000 vote switch in any precinct level data. It’s not there. And I suspect this is exactly the reason why Byrne & Co. have been quiet about better data they actually have.

        3. butt hurt, tracker j, arent we? use common sense. loser. look up byrn pedigree.

          … and your logic sucks because:

          last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

          trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

          biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


    2. Sorry, what I’m writing here is more of the narrative. What was going on behind the scenes. Who is doing white, why did things develop as they did. Who drove what. Things like that.

      1. Pat, let me know if you need any help – I have over 35 years of programming experience and would be happy to be involved in exposing the Truth. I have been very upset about this election since Nov 4 and am frustrated that there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

      2. I can see that. But since you have been bragging for months now that you ‘figured it all out’ and that you asked everybody to trust you, you owe us a detailed explanation of the fraud. Repeatedly posting debunked gibberish does not do.
        You could start by explaining how ‘switching’ votes digitally did not show up in a recount. ‘Fraudulent ballots’ is not an answer, since you would have to use the exact same amount of fraudulent ballots as the ones that were switched digitally. But then: Why switch them digitally, at all? Why not only use fraudulent ballots?
        It’s not making any sense.

        So please give us a logically coherent and detailed story of how the steal worked, including sources. And please upload the ballot shredding video you promised. That might help restore your reputation. Or was that video shredded?

        1. SO… we trust pat becuase he has a history of success. whereever he went, he was right. truth followed later. he is the founder of phd stanford. … etc….

          … can you pls identify yourself and explain why you would know better than patrick… what… is … your… pedigree… why should we trust you @ all? because you know… right now i trust pat



  24. Thank you for taking time to give us a peak behind the veil, Most of us feel gut punched but we are strong and we are holding the line. Just helps hearing the truth so to know we are all not crazy like the msm and others want to make us out! Then couple that with the talk the left has about Trump supporters or Patriots, take the children away and re program them or purge the patriots. I Hope and Pray to the Gods that this is not over with yet. Thank you Mr Bryne, Seems President didnt grant the Pardon I was hoping he would for you since you have other history with the Government

  25. Thank you Patrick for delving into this and exposing the fraud in this election. I find it excruciating to know that an unelected illegitimate person has been installed in the WH. I wish with all my heart this election could be corrected, but with all forces against President Trump, I can’t see how that could happen. Stay well and God Bless you 🙏

  26. Thank you. Part two is leaving me with wanting more. Thank you for everything you have done for our country. I pray everyday for your safety.

  27. Besides the unraveling of the mechanics of how this fraud was conducted, we also need a deep dive into the organizational structure of those involved and the roles they played. This needs to be from top to bottom. Then indict hoping that will be fruitful but certainly publish for all to see.

  28. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the insight. But the real question is can anything be done right now? Now that congress has the report from intelligence community (DNI Radcliffe), how can biden still be the president, when the steal is know.

  29. First. To all of you who are editing for Mr. Byrne, Stop. You remind me of the sanctimonious, small minded teachers who tortured my son who has dyslexia. He would write thoughtful, intelligent papers but receive poor grades bc of spelling errors. Spelling is not more important than words and ideas.

    Those same teachers taught Marxist agendas. Its easy to correct spelling with prissy smugness; how about thinking great big thoughts, sharing them with us, using his time to help America? Be polite and get over the pettiness of misspelled words. And yes. I can spell better than most and could probably best you at scrabble. But I bet none of you could best my son or Mr Byrne in the ability to understand complexities or obviously in kindnesses to others.

    To election fraud issue.
    We must contact all the State legislature members and voice our support. They understand they are at the Alamo.

    Get involved at the State level. They are who is important. Even if your state seemed okay this time. Get involved!

    Even talk to the rude ones. I was told that they are rude to scare us away. Call them more often. But they need to know that we are all concerned and willing to be heard. If they don’t fix this now they will never get back into office.

    My heart breaks. I love America. I cry for my children and future grandchildren. I awake in terror bc I am terrified of China and I can’t begin to imagine a woman who concocted a legalized slavery scheme with minor offending inmates running out country. Or china being part of every aspect of our lives including food, medicine and now through Xiden EO, our electric grid.

    IDK what is going on with Biden but most troubling is that I am certain it’s an open secret in DC that President Trump won. It’s not even hidden that our lives will go back to worse circumstance than before he was in office now.

    Mr. Byrne, please direct us to something more we can do. My heart is broken. My fear of Marxism is paralyzing. No matter what you write, President Trump won’t return to the WH in time to help us.

    Where is the hope?🇺🇲

    I watched in Cayahoga in Ohio proved voter fraud and convicted someone in previous election. Nothing changed. Nothing will change now even with proof bc the Swamp won.

    1. What did Biden do in respect to our electric grid? If he somehow made it unsafe that is an act of treason right there. They all need the firing squad. I am getting very anxious as if we’re being set up. This has gone too far already. If our national grid goes down you can bet this country will immediately declare war on whoever did it. All hell would break lose and WW3 could easily begin with a flip of the switch.

  30. Patrick, I spent a lot of time reading old entries here and wishing I had known about this site long ago and didn’t feel so much catching up to do. You are very candid that you value the long friendship and relationship you have with WARREN BUFFETT, who we’ve heard you describe as “your rabbi”. I was reading about WARREN BUFFETT last night and most of what I learned, his politics, his alliance with BILL GATES were things I did not know. An excerpt RE: WARREN BUFFETT from WIKI:

    [ 2009, Ralph Nader wrote the book Only the Super Rich Can Save Us, a novel about “a movement of billionaires led by Warren Buffett and featuring, among others, Ted Turner, George Soros and Barry Diller, who use their fortunes to clean up America.” On C-SPAN BookTV, Nader said Buffett invited him to breakfast after the book came out and was “quite intrigued by the book.” He also told Nader of his plan to get “billionaires all over the world to donate 50% of their estate to charity or good works.”[156] On December 9, 2010, Buffett, Bill Gates, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed a promise they called the “Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge”, in which they promise to donate to charity at least half of their wealth, and invite other wealthy people to follow suit.]

    Of course, you are your own man, but you do express deep affection for your friend who seems a mentor to you. If I recall correctly, you sought his advice when trying to decide whether to tell the world about the “Hillary bribe” and he told you (please correct me if I’m getting it wrong) you should tell.

    I wonder if Buffett believes we should be able to choose our politicians OR if that group of the wealthiest should be selecting them for us, “cleaning up America”. (All should read that Wiki entry, very least.)


  31. It’s funny how if the media doesn’t report much on a something you are likely to not think about it. Think about this for a minute. It all happened within a 25 day period. Keep in mind, Covid has killed about 1.7 % of the population.

    Republican Dick Hinch was sworn in Dec 2nd as leader of his state’s Republican-led 400 member Legislature and dies a week later on December 9th. They said covid.
    He was 71.


    Republican Luke Letlow, congressman-elect from Louisiana, died December 29, 2020. Just days before he was set to be sworn into office. He was 41. They said death was attributed to covid.


    Republican Minnesota state Senator Jerry Relf aged 76 died December 31, 2020. They said covid.


    Republican Virginia state Senator Ben Chafin died Jan 1, 2021 aged 60. They said covid.


    Republican House Member
    Mike Reese died January 2, 2021, aged 42. They said of a brain aneurysm.


    A total of 5 Republican House Members and Senators dead in 25 days.

    How many Democrats?

      1. I believe the majority of people who contracted or died from covid wore a mask. Many knew they were at a higher risk because of age or health reasons but caught it anyway. I don’t believe masks make much of a difference and they are being used to add fear and hype to something that is not a threat to the general public.

  32. Patrick, please write & publish a book ASAP and expose all these voter fraud techniques, scandals & manipulations, etc. Back it with an appendix chock full of charts, footnotes, testimonials, etc. Then political propagandist hacks like George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, etc., will choke on the “facts” when they have to interview you once your tell-all book becomes a mega, blockbusting number one, best-seller. May God bless you and all the silent, committed patriots who have worked so diligently to preserve our constitutional republic and the rule of law.

  33. The saddest part of all. Nothing will ever bring these people down.

    If DC ever is cleaned up I have a BIG donation coming for those who do so.


      1. Thanks Pam.
        Will be in touch.
        I’m in India now, but have done and can do a phone interview.
        The Republic Day parade in India got overtaken by farmers protesting who seem to have broken through barricades and got lathi charged.
        Tractors are driving toward the Red Fort, seat of Delhi empires.
        Very symbolic, highly theatrical, likely some level of staging…like the Capitol protest and like what’s going on in Russia.

        1. read pam’s posts first. dont ruin your reputation by associating yourself with pam. she believes in santa claus.

          1. At least she puts her name out, Anonymous (as does Lila).

            Would request you to not insult people on this board (even slightly), and if you are, please have the courage to put your name (regularly) so we can see at least start to see your thoughts emerge more clearly.

            Thanks, and apologies if I have said something that you deem offensive.
            Cheers and peace,

          2. replying to anil.

            i never insulted pam personally. if i did, i am sorry. on an anonymous forum… insulting means little. it’s just freaking annoying to read garbage right next to patrick’s in depth stuff…

            i sometimes agree with pam but assuming somehow thtat trump is still in the driver’s seat is like saying tigeer woods would lose a major intentionally or a ceo of aa company would intentionally run it down….

            also, i apologize to not us a specific name and to help you to read my mind. i pretty much dont care what you think if you dont mind. i wrote a note for lila. i think she kind of associates me wih a number of posts and that was my only inttention… no disrespect to you. no disrespect to pam. lila, respect 😉

          3. Dear Anonymous:
            Thanks for your response my post re: “insults” etc. etc.

            No worries – am perfectly fine with your not caring how I think about you :)… it’s a big world, and all of us will not see eye to eye on everything… (Only reason I asked for a name to associate with your comments, is so that one can sort out the different Anons here… (if one is so inclined to sort through and make some kind of connection with all the various folks who visit this site – I do care greatly that the USA does not become a Banana Republic with stolen elections and no attention paid to things that really require attention in a well-functioning democracy…)

            Anyway, I also agree with you re: it being extremely unlikely that Mr. Trump is still in charge, and waiting for the “right” moment to get his “4-D chess” going etc… I think he is an extremely well-meaning individual and cares deeply about America’s (continued) success in the world. So we(you and I) actually have the same view re: Pam’s view on the current situation, etc, etc…

            That doesn’t mean we will see eye to eye on every aspect of the current problems we are discussing at this site ! 🙂

            Hope that was not rambling too much :)… and many thanks again for your response.

        2. theatrics really dont matter much in either of the countries. who is paying for this in russia?

          also, lila, your thoughts on who was the organizer behind this all.

          obviously the dems, but… who is the brain. who is the money…

          it does seem to matter becuase they are always a step ahead. we don want them to be a step ahead of us when the scotus gets to make a decision…

  34. When the Senate trial of the Impeachment takes place, there is an evidentiary phase. Incitement, is not incitement if based on truthful statements. THIS is the time to actually present the evidence of what happened in the 5 cities AND demand production of the actual ballots from these locations for forensic analysis as a right of discovery to demonstrate the facts of what happened.

    1. There was NO incitement whatsoever! President Trump clearly stated “peacefully and patriotically.” Don’t forget, Antifa was already at the Capitol before Trump even finished his speech. It’s ludicrous for you to repeat the leftist propaganda of incitement! If you want to see incitement, go back to last year when all Democrats and fake news were calling them “mostly peaceful protests” when buildings were literally ON FIRE in the background! Then they paid bail for the rioters to get right back out there to wreak more havoc and destruction. There are lots of video clips of Democrats actually inciting violence, including Kamala Harris. It took months for “Not My President” Biden to even acknowledge and condemn the violence! used to direct to Biden’s campaign website. Guess where it takes you now… 😳 Does anyone find that to be strange? Um, not me!

      1. You missed the point. You are correct, their assertions were false.
        The assertions at the”trial ” need to be addressed and shown to be false. That included the statements made that the election was fraudulent
        The “trial ” is the opportunity to show, on a record, before everyone, what the courts would not allow to be presented.
        And as a legal proceeding Trump should be able to request and obtain access to the actual physical ballots from these 5 cities and have them analyzed to show what really happened.

  35. I am right there with Lee! America knows this election was fraud!! So WHAT DO WE DO! Organize and get moving forward!! We cannot stand back and let this continue!

    1. The first thing you can do is re-register as “No Party Affiliation” or whatever the equivalent is in your state. Let the uniparty see their membership shrink. They get a lot of money from small donations. Join recalls of politicians if there are any in your state. Get the information out using the Tucker Carlson method of fake innocence, “I’m confused. Why is….?”. Asking questions is less threatening than making flat statements for which you will be ignore or attacked.

  36. I hate that he leaves us with a cliffhanger. It’s a good writing technique, of course, but it just leaves me frustrated and wanting more; same reason why I hate starting a new book series until all the books are finished and published. 🙂

  37. Fascinating. I don’t have a computer science background but you write in such a way that it is understandable.

    The frustrating part to realize that it was known in advance and CISA didn’t stop it, likely because Dominion was part of the CISA Counsel.

  38. Patrick,
    Thank you for being an American Patriot.
    I’m looking forward to your account of why Rudy Guiliani didn’t want Sidney Powell to work directly for the President.
    How could a plan have been designed to force local boards of elections to allow their voting machines to be forensically examined, without orders from the courts? How could the Trump Team advance their cases without help from the judicial system?
    In an interview you did weeks ago, you talked about the possibility of U.S. Marshalls being present while voting machines would be forensically examined. But if that were a simple solution, why wouldn’t Trump and Guiliani proceed with the plan? Who would have been enforcing the directive at a local level to allow access to the machines? Armed U.S. Marshalls? Without DOJ or FBI help? Without court orders?
    In an attack on the election in multiple states, with thousands of anti-Trump people colluding to commit fraud, with corrupt American media, what route did you see going forward for the Trump Team, without intervention from the judicial system?
    Why wouldn’t Trump and Guiliani take a simple path forward if it existed?
    Thank you for your time and effort to explain what you saw.

    1. Rudy and Jenna were proceeding based on The Constitution. They thought that would get through the courts quicker, since it’s right there in black and white AND it’s The Constitution of the United States! They believed their cases were clearly spelled out constitutionally and thereby irrefutable. Sadly, since the courts are obviously corrupt, the cases were thrown out, and no evidence was allowed to be presented.

      Patrick said in an interview that he thought it was better for Sidney to proceed separately with her cases, because it would give her more leeway and allow her to be more aggressive, since there were both republicans and democrats involved in election fraud. Additionally, her cases would have most likely needed more time due to the massive amount of evidence.

  39. I want to say elections have consequences but obviously this one was stolen. Unless something is done, this is a small portion of what we have to look forward to.

    A nightmarish fascistic/globalist system that will make this country unrecognizable in just a few short years.

    The US economy will magically open very soon. This will give people a false sense of hope and normalcy.

    The general public has no idea about the level of soul crushing taxes that will be hitting next year and the middle class will feel it the most.

    The Dems will blame the covid aftermath for which they and the media and the globalists helped to create. The shutdown never had to happen. It was a man made crisis hyped up to be the next great plague with a tiny death rate and all to hurt Trump and his re-election efforts.

    On top of that, they will put government spending into overdrive in order to cause taxes to go even higher. Their goal is to spend as much as they can on social programs and any cause they can think of to drive up debt and shrink the middle class as much as possible. Lower income people will get more in terms of welfare and low wage job assistance to make it look as though the Dems are the caring ones, while the system they put into place will make the American dream out of reach for most people.

    Higher paying jobs are likely to be government sector jobs which are not necessarily needed and will just expand the size of government and cause higher taxes to pay for it. Open discrimination against whites will become even more prevalent especially in the workforce causing more division amongst races which is another goal for the Left.

    Ilegals will be pouring in again who will receive free services or take jobs and drive down wages. Good jobs will become ever more scarce. Guns and drugs will once again be coming through the border causing more crime and gang violence. Higher taxes will be needed to pay for that as well. Totally avoidable, but again, the Dems are not out to help America. Not only will they destroy the middle class through high taxation and wage suppression, along with high inflation from government spending and printing money, but get ready for more foreign wars to enrich their globalist friends to bring on even more debt for America. Terrorism will also rise significantly both domestically and abroad mostly conducted by our CIA. We spent over 10 TRILLION dollars on senseless wars in the Middle East over the last 20 years. Not all of them happened under a Democrat president but all were done under a globalist – owned president. No new wars were started under the Trump administration. Just one of his many campaign promises he kept to the American people. Our biggest enemies such as China and Iran will get enriched by the Biden administration through unfair trade deals once again and the sale of weapons thus putting the safety of all Americans in great jeopardy.

    This is just the beginning unless there is some military plan in the works. Say your prayers and hold on.

  40. Thanks Patrick for your detailed description of events so far. I look forward to reading your next entry. The election was clearly stolen. As a resident of Wisconsin, I am disgusted with the level of corruption that occurs at every election in Milwaukee. I hope the legislature looks at the ballot dump in the middle of the night, to check on the authenticity of the ballots. The legislature has been weak and feckless so far. I pray they get their act together. All fraud must be revealed! The demonic left is trying to cancel the voices of every patriot in America. We must fight with determination and resolve for our beloved country! You are a true patriot Patrick! Your courage to reveal the truth is inspiring!

  41. Patrick, please back up some and let us know exactly how you were chosen to facilitate the Hillary Clinton bribe. Such an operation suggests ties to the intel agencies involved. It would be very useful and illuminating to know the past and current dynamics of your relationships with said agencies. Thank you in advance!

      1. Thanks, Patrick. How in the heck did you find yourself in the middle of that infamous “Hillary Bribe” operation?

  42. Do you think that there’s anything registrar m regular Americans can do?

    If we needed any proof as to the corruption, we need only to look at that monster Bezos who is trying to be forbid Amazon workers from using mail in ballots regarding unionizing.

    He’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  43. Fact free. No evidence of fraud presented. Had credible evidence of fraud been presented, we would be in a very different situation today. Instead, those such as Sidney Powell and Rudy G are facing defamation and libel suits from Dominion Voting Systems.

    1. They weren’t allowed to present evidence of fraud except in one case. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Dominion lawsuit was a bluff and they’ve backed down, last I heard. There is something called ‘discovery.’

  44. “…the water pipes knew just which cities to break in…” That made me laugh! I’ve heard of smart meters but this must be the latest advance in plumbing.

    Is Patrick the domestic-terrorist-libertarian John Brennan demanded we eradicate?

  45. Having a user – friendly website is key to attracting and sustaining your audience. It would be challenging to ‘get the word out’ if people become frustrated with the site.

    1. The only way I can keep up with the volume of comments is to search by “Find in this page” by date. Sometimes I search by my own name, although lately there have been several Pams posting so I had to distinguish myself by claiming the Real Pam title.

      This place used to be a sleepy village where we all knew each other but now it has become a city center full of strangers. The price of success.

  46. Food for thought, copied from PrayingMedic’s latest blog post today:

    During the last four years, did patriots in the military release information about corruption to wake up the citizenry?
    Did the military hope that citizens would use elections to remove corrupt people from power?
    How did the DC swamp overcome the record turnout of Trump’s base in November?
    Rig the vote for Biden?
    In a delicate procedure where the risk of harm is significant, are the least invasive methods tried first?
    If the first attempt is unsuccessful, are more invasive methods considered?
    Did the military try the least invasive method of removing corruption?
    Did the first attempt fail?
    Corrupt politicians still control elections?
    Does the military have other (more invasive) methods at their disposal?
    Did President Trump do everything humanly possible to expose corruption?
    “I left it all on the field.”
    What was the response of the DOJ, governors, mayors, state legislators, Congress, and the courts to evidence of corruption?
    Turn a blind eye?
    Having given them the opportunity to address corruption, can the military step in?
    When non-military institutions and agencies refuse to deal with corruption, who enforces the rule of law?
    What is the last line of defense against anarchy and tyranny?
    Was President Trump’s term in office good for the military?
    Rules of engagement changed?
    Troops home from foreign wars?
    No new wars?
    Military pay raise?
    Improved VA healthcare?
    Was Trump’s term in office good for the world?
    Peace with North Korea?
    Peace in the Middle East?
    Would the military trust Trump with the fate of the nation?
    Proven track record?
    Did Trump hint that he would be back in office?
    If the military planned to intervene in the Biden administration, would Trump know?
    Were there protests in Washington D.C. during Biden’s inauguration?
    Why did the military build a fenced and guarded perimeter around the capitol?
    Does the military plan to keep 7,000 National Guardsmen in DC through mid-March?
    The military is the only way.

    1. If someone is willing to explain a couple things, I’d appreciate it. I’m trying to learn about the various points of view within the patriot movement.
      I’m not sure exactly who or what Q is, but is Praying Medic associated with Q? Are his ideas typical of the Q point of view?
      I’m perplexed by the idea that the U.S. Military is potentially in control of the government. Someone posted in this blog that Lin Wood thinks this could be true. Lin is a passionate Patriot, but I don’t know how to interpret some of the things he writes.
      Patrick Byrne is possibly the most intelligent and the most rational person connected to the patriot movement who has written for the public on the internet. I like people who work hard to tell the truth.

      1. As William Goldman famously wrote, “Nobody knows anything.” People have their own interpretations of Q drops, some more fanciful than others. Q has acknowledged Dave Hayes aka PrayingMedic’s interpretations several times so he is more accurate. But nobody knows for sure how to separate the wheat (truth) from the chaff (disinfo).

        Hayes has followed Q since the beginning and wrote a book, Calm Before the Storm, to help normies understand some of the symbols and abbreviations.. You can buy it at Barnes & Noble and a few other places. It was yanked off Amazon. Patrick is a skeptic because he didn’t understand so maybe should buy the book!

        You can also read thousands of Q drops directly but you will be confused, as most of us were initially. For some reason, autistic people don’t have a difficult time. There a a few websites but this one is easiest to search and navigate.

  47. Pat, let me know if you need any help – I have over 35 years of programming experience and would be happy to be involved in exposing the Truth. I have been very upset about this election since Nov 4 and am frustrated that there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

  48. Thanks for all your efforts. NOW, LET’S GET THIS DONE. Please send this to Trump and Sidney. Trump is probably familiar with attorney and litigator Leo Donofrio from the Obama BC fraud. Trump was the loudest voice on the issue. The Quo Warranto strategy is the Trump card. It needs to be played NOW. Direct them to “TRUMP MUST BRING QUO WARRANTO ACTION AS COMPLETE DEFENSE TO IMPEACHMENT”.

    1. trump blew it when he had power. dream on.


  49. I think you should create a second copy of each part of your writings and allow users to crowd source information. Some could be edits to improve any flow issues or just to highlight parts that need additional work. More importantly the crowd sourced info could provide additional citations, public documents. This could potentially help you save time and kee your focus on the key information and the crowd could bet and verify documents

  50. Lin Wood, thinks (he says zero evidence or inside info) that the Military might be in control right now. I read EO 13848 and it seems like it could be in play and we just don’t know it yet. It says that the plans to enforce the EO could/would be classified.

    Any thoughts on this Patrick?

    PS: Thank you for all your efforts. The story of how Geico came to be is very, very cool! One of the greatest marketing teams on the planet!!

    1. I have wondered the same thing. When Byrne was still more active on Twitter (before they gave him a T.O.), some woman asked if it had been implemented and he responded with something like “Wake up, Sunshine” (I don’t trust my memory, that it was precisely those words, but that was definitely the gist). She got her feelings hurt and asked why he was being ‘mean’. He certainly wasn’t trying to be mean and went on to explain that was just a turn of phrase, something he and friends/colleagues might say to rib each other when they were not seeing something obvious. All that said, not sure he could/would/should tell us, if so. HTMS.

    2. Since you’ve read that specific executive order, could you elaborate for us about why you think this country could be under military control right now? I have wondered the same thing though I have not read it. I heard on Infowars none of the executive orders Biden claims to have signed have shown up on the national register. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it could possibly mean nothing and it will show up later.

      1. Hi Madison,

        This is the section of the EO that stands out to me. I would also add that the the Executive Order was in effect and remains in effect based on this letter from the President:

        (f) Not later than 30 days following the date of this order, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence shall develop a framework for the process that will be used to carry out their respective responsibilities pursuant to this order. The framework, which may be classified in whole or in part, shall focus on ensuring that agencies fulfill their responsibilities pursuant to this order in a manner that maintains methodological consistency; protects law enforcement or other sensitive information and intelligence sources and methods; maintains an appropriate separation between intelligence functions and policy and legal judgments; ensures that efforts to protect electoral processes and institutions are insulated from political bias; and respects the principles of free speech and open debate.

        1. Thanks for that info.

          That reminds me of a report that stated the Pentagon is still refusing to hand over sensitive data to the Biden administration.

          If we are under military control that is one heck of a guarded secret since there seems to be leakers everywhere.

  51. Thank you Patrick. Your efforts are so much more appreciated than you may realise.
    From a New Zealander paying close attention.

  52. Thank you for all you do Patrick Byrne. I have been following you and reading Deep Capture since you launched it. I am a CMKX shareholder and know all about NSS and what they tried to do to you and Overstock. We have a CMKX group on Telegram called “End CMKX now”. We are trying to end the CMKX lawsuits with the DOJ because we think we have found trusts with our money. I know the owner of that room has tried to contact you about asking you a few questions on what you may know about it all, Bob Maheu, Al Hodges, NSS, and anything else you may know. Al Hodges told us years ago that the release of those trusts was connected to a Worldwide currency reset, do you know about this or anything else that could help us End CMKX now (chatroom name on Telegram). Please please please help us with anything you may know…thanks

  53. Corrections:

    “spinal cord” instead of “spinal chord”

    “It clearly reaches *and* reasonable person’s threshold”

    1. even biden would say, “c’mon man!”

      a mistake or two… does it matter? you freakig got the point.

      or do you doubt pat’s intellectuall prowess? c’mon man!

    1. Also, one more thing. I suspect they were also going after FL. They took for ever to call it for Trump. We literally have 1 year to get it right. Or they will take the house and Senate like never before. But if we dont know and address their leadership and expose them, they will present a united front and I will not be surprised if SCOTUS votes 7:2 to say that Patrick Byrne has “UFOs flying around his head” as they did when you took on the Wall Street.

  54. Dear Everyone who is showing up to point out mistakes…Mr. Byrne kindly and clearly mentioned (100 times +/-) that these entries are expedited rough drafts. Give him a break.

  55. Patrick- Do you think Trump will throw his hat back into the political ring (in some form) again? If so, do you still have contact with him? He needs better people around him: You, Giuliani, General Flynn, Sidney, Robert Barnes…

  56. Thanks for all your efforts Patrick! Looking forward to reading the the rest of your updates for this post. One angle that I would be interested in seeing, but have not found reporting on yet is what do the down ballot votes look like at the time of the spikes/injection of votes. In the swing states, Biden’s total votes are upwards of 50-100,000 plus more than senate races or the house races (combined). So for instance, on November 4th at 6:34 am in Georgia when 104,000 Biden Votes dropped in one update, do we also see a spike in the senate and house races? Or were the majority of the 104,000 votes Biden only votes? It would be interesting to see how the line graphs for all other races in each state look compared to the Trump/Biden graph.

    1. Thank you for raising this question, Jeff. It would be telling to see graphs clearly showing the differentiation in vote totals. Such visuals would tell the other part of this wretched story and who knows, may catch the attention of the millions of fence sitters out there.

      Curious question for Mr Byrne – how many parts to your story? You have mentioned above you are working on Part II right now. Do you foresee a Part III, IV etc.

    2. at this point we should be fighting to have patrick’s info out to be looked by the courts.

      more info or less is useless. evidence i more than sufficient.


  57. Patrick,

    Glad you are doing better!

    Thanks for doing what you are doing! Left was doing all this over more than just one election. It’s just that someone with money and brains decided to get it all organized and expand the magnitude. And to move it to the level where they run to the finish line knowing that they will be safely taken care of regardless of whether they get caught or not.

    Who is their leader? You are being outmaneuvered @ the last minute, every time. Despite winning every battle, you lose the war. Also @ some point it would matter whether a few of patriotic high-networth individuals join you. Bezos is a democrat but seems like a decent human being. Did you try to explain to him that he too will be affected in 10 years? Buffett, Musk… etc… IMO you need them to start pressing their buttons if this case is to see the light of day in the court. Just to say, “YES, IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD AND CLARIFIED.” Saying that “masses are stupid”, which was true in my books until they all voted Trump despite the media propaganda, is the wrong answer. As Ron Paul said, “If they legalize cocaine and make it free, how many of you will run out to get it right now?” This needs to be clarified and the truth needs to be shown to the world.

    Also, USA is what it is because of our system. It’s bad enough that since decoupling from Gold this country is losing it’s identity. I get a vague feeling Trump was thinking of addressing national debt in the second term, refinance… etc.. so I give him a D, not an F in this regard…. If we become a lawless country, money will stop flowing into our country. Money will start pouring to another country. Including our own money. We will no longer be what we were.


    1. Bezos is a big Dem donor who hates Trump and that hate has been spewed daily by his rag, The Washington Post. Amazon workers are trying to unionize and plan to use mail-in ballots. Bezos is apoplectic, claiming mail-in ballots are rife with fraud! Karma’s a bitch.

      1. agree with everytthing you say. but i saw bezos inverviews. he is a good guy. smart guy.

        and yes, he hates trump. what needs to be pitched here is the TRUTH. Jeff, I know you dont like trump.. but do you like the fact that elections are …..
        i am not saying it will work with him in particular. i am saying that is a way to talk to dem billionaires…. not @jack…. but those who truly care about the nation.

  58. Patrick thanks for your efforts. Patriots in Australia are also disgusted at what happened as we also see our country descend into woke madness. We too have a uniparty working against normal people.

    1. I know it’s happening globally, but still sad to read that from you. I am personally still holding out hope there is something taking place behind the scenes which will bring down this evil cabal. I’m wondering if Space Force could play a role in it.

      Waiting. Hoping. Praying. More waiting…

  59. Mr Byrne.
    I know your doing this right. The best truth always lacks the polished approach. Screw those putting you down as there just trying to slander you hoping your weak and shut up. It’s human nature to look back and see there’s a very important part you missed.
    I have the privilege of teaching lapidary to old folks and the dorky ones have the best intentions every time. Your no dork but I see your honesty! God speed….
    Next time you get sick take kyolic garlic.
    I killed covid in it’s tracks taking 10, 4 times a day with one or two Oregon grape root.
    Trick is take it as soon as the fever hits. Wait a day and your screwed for a few days.
    Hit it before the viral load and everyone will think your crazy as they never saw you get sick. That’s me last 20yrs. The crazy guy who never gets sick..
    Feel free to contact me as your circle probably knew of my father.
    You stuck your neck out and I’m doing the same here.
    Any support I can give is my honor.

  60. Hi Patrick
    I felt compelled to reach out to you to tell you that Patriots abroad are also working hard to expose the wide ranging issue that have slowly infected western democracy very quietly 1 person at a time. It is so amazing that being abroad gives us a totally objective view of what is going on without even immersing oneself in various information and drops… Its as simple as this:

    The past few years has been a war of attrition by an insidious enemy of Democracy
    trying to cover up 30 years plus of systemic corruption, never once did the enemy
    expect an outsider to the establishment to actually win the American Presidency,
    as always, their arrogance left them exposed and with their fingers still in the honey
    jar, never for a minute believing that they would have to cover up their corruption…..
    Until now.

    This is something I wrote a few years back and over the last 4 years I have been watching it play out:

    “The best way to ensure victory is to allow the enemy to believe they are winning
    and deliberately creating scenarios to provoke their attack, this is a fail-safe way
    to flush them out and expose their tactics and agenda. Once you have them totally
    exposed, you strike them all down with a barrage of prepared targeted offensives
    that totally destroy their ability to strike back”.

    For you I dedicate a quote I penned: “Blessed is he who provokes thought, because thought provokes inspiration, which is the seed of creativity.”

    Keep it real

  61. Hi Patrick,

    I felt compelled to reach out here to let you know that Patriots abroad can see very clearly how this has played out without the noise of the FMSM..
    I wrote the following a few years ago and as a student of Plato and Sun Tzu, it is sobering to witness it all finally publicly play out over the last 6 years:

    “The best way to ensure victory is to allow the enemy to believe they are winning
    and deliberately creating scenarios to provoke their attack, this is a fail-safe way
    to flush them out and expose their tactics and agenda. Once you have them totally
    exposed, you strike them all down with a barrage of prepared targeted offensives
    that totally destroy their ability to strike back”. ~ GSK

    I dedicate the following quote I also wrote to you and all the people who are actively pushing back to expose and eliminate the cancer eating away western democracy and Freedom.
    “Blessed is he who provokes thought, because thought provokes inspiration, which is the seed of creativity.” ~GSK

    1. That was interesting, I put in two from South Dakota (my home-state) John Thune and Kristi Noem. Pretty interesting results (and in line with what I would have predicted). Thanks!

  62. Thank you so much for all your hard work and honesty, Patrick. I listened to just about any interview or podcast you’ve done in the last few months. It is more than a shame what has happened. Keep shining the light on it and do not give up your pursuit of the TRUTH. Gos bless you.

  63. Best least known commenter on the crisis, suggesting intervention was not part of the “plan.”

    1. Thanks. Looks like a great website with stories I actually want to read. So hard to keep up with all the news.

      Those of us who have followed a certain military insider for years have known Trump and crew would let the traitors steal the election so they could gather evidence while it happened.

      I hadn’t heard about the blackout in DC but I did hear that yesterday morning (or was it the day before?) that fireworks went off near the White House at 6:00am. Was it a trial run? I heard there may be a false flag involving explosives at the Capitol building used as an excuse to crack down like they did after 9/11. We shall see.

  64. This is great, but….at this point, all of this information(fraud) has been floating around online for months now. It has made no difference where, how obvious, or how much fraud took place. We are at the point now, that even a in-camera confession from someone at the top, would likely fail to impact all that has gone on.

    The problem right now, does not teeter on evidence. The issue is what to do with it. All attempts to get any of this into a courtroom has failed. By threat, pay off, partisanship or perhaps, even fear or the unwillingness to open pandora’s box by any judge is a certainty. And that goes all the way to the SC.

    Presenting facts in an echo chamber does not advance a solution, Presenting facts in an open/public courtroom under the eyes of the law and perhaps even a jury versus a judge is really the only way to gain any traction. I dont know of you, Patrick, have a plan or know of one in the works, but right now this is straddling the line of futility.

  65. This is all fine and good and I thank you. Please remember everyday this crime goes unpunished, little kids are being sacrificed by these same people. We need to get this done and over with ASAP. As a nation we owe these poor little defenseless kids. President Trump knows, you know and the world will know soon. Please do something this is not fair to them.

  66. Patrick,
    Thank you for your revised version of your introduction — with an explanation of a specific plan in the 5 states, the possibility of re-doing the election with National Guard support on the ground. Did DJT and Rudy Guiliani seriously consider this plan?
    This idea is not at all irrational. But all major media outlets were telling Americans that fraud had not occurred. The mainstream media was pushing the psyop narrative that everything was fine, the election was totally legitimate. They were screaming bloody murder about anyone who questioned the election.
    What would the mainstream media have done if DJT pushed for a re-do of the election in the 5 states where fraud vwas obvious (to anyone looking for it)?
    If there were serious discussions going on in the circles you were moving in, about re-doing the election in those 5 states, with serious people who could have helped make t happen, were these ideas brought up to Rudy Guiliani and Jenna Ellis? I’m trying to understand if the people advising the President took this seriously.
    I know from your interviews weeks ago that Cippolone was/is a total rat. But you’ve spoken positively about Rudy. You said Rudy gave DJT “sober advice”. So maybe you’ll have a comment about this in your coming segments.
    Thank you for helping us understand how things happened.

    1. 79 vs 59-68 million people voted trump.

      this means that 79 million people doesnt trust fake media.

      trump HAD TO DO IT. wtf was he thinking?

  67. Thanks Patrick! Look forward to the rest. Wish you, Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn, L Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, all had a position in Donald J Trump administration!

    Lee Poston

    1. trump was stupid enough to let bannon go.

      he should have had those you mention and more FISCAL CONSERVATIVES run the show.

  68. Pat – you are a true American patriot. I have zero doubt in my mind that this election was stolen. It is staring us in the face. Anyone with any intelligence can make this determination. Might I suggest that someone produce a video entitled “Election theft for dummies” or something like that. This is sorely needed for the countless idiots or willfully blind that continue to say that there is no evidence. The video will need to be on a 2 year old level because I’m afraid much of our country are still infants. Thanks for everything. You are a rock stat!!

  69. absolutely the true we USA had suffered since 11/04/2020 , too much to be punish now and arrest them and let the military take over to get that biden out the WH

  70. Perfect.🏆

    Thank you for taking on this worthwhile effort and for continuing to show up for all Americans, Patrick. Your work is vital.

    Keep writing, dear man.🇺🇸

  71. absolutely the true we USA had suffered since 11/04/2020 , too much to be punish now and arrest them and let the military take over to get that biden out the WH

  72. I am interested in what Patrick will have to say, but honestly, I want to hear from Donald Trump himself. I feel like I’ve been dumped by a trusted friend and he left without any explanation but he may be back for which I’m supposed to welcome him with open arms without knowing what happened.

    I have a very hard time accepting this is what Trump really wanted and now he’s just left tens of millions of his loyal supporters very confused and probably angry.

    Will we ever know the truth about why he decided to just leave like he did?

    Is there still a possibility something is in the works to stop this fraudulent administration from destroying our economy and putting our national security at great risk?

    If not, then why hasn’t Trump told us things will stand as they are. Surely he must understand at least half of the country is now in turnmoil over all of this?
    We deserve answers to these questions.

    1. This is so far down on the page so I don’t know who will read it but wanted to pass it along anyway. I just read this on Mike Pompeo’s Twitter account @mikepompeo
      which he posted yesterday, Jan 24th.

      “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

      Mike Pompeo knows exactly what we are hoping for and it isn’t about an election four years from now.

      “Assurance about what we do not see” tells me something is in the works.

      Oh Lord, please let this be true.

      1. Hi Madison,
        Just wanted you to know at least one person has seen it 🙂
        Cheers, and all the best to all of us (I mean the entire United States of America).

        ps. I think a lot of people read the site every day, and read all the comments as well…. just my hunch ! 🙂 Peace…

      2. Madison, I read your message, too. It gets a little time consuming, so I’m trying to check only once or twice a day by scrolling to look for any comments with the current date. If I’m on my computer, it’s much quicker by using “Find” and typing in the date. If anyone knows of a quicker way, please let me know.

        TO PATRICK: No, I’m not asking you to make unread comments and replies easier to find. I know that you’re busy writing, and I very much appreciate that you are taking the time to do that for us. You write so beautifully and eloquently, and I appreciate your attention to detail. You are taking the time to provide us with more information, so we shouldn’t be complaining about the comment section. I hate seeing the rude and disrespectful comments to you, though! People should appreciate the fact that you’re even doing this, but some people take pleasure in tearing others down. Again, thank you so much for everything you have done to help! You are a true patriot and an American hero! You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers for your health and safety always! 🙏

        1. Karen –
          Just wanted to say Hi, and also to let you know I enjoy reading your detailed comments (much like the detailed posts like Patrick writes and which I have been following for 13 years now).

          I don’t pray much (maybe I should pray more ;)) — but Patrick and you and really everyone on this site deserve the best in life and happiness…. so God bless us all…

          1. Hi Anil,
            That was so sweet of you to say, and I appreciate your taking the time to write that! My comments don’t warrant comparison to Patrick’s writings, but I do appreciate the compliment. I wish you and everyone else the best as well, especially Patrick. 🙏 God bless everyone!

          2. Thank you, Karen –

            Have a wonderful rest of the week (and until we next interact here :))

            happy weekend,

            ps. Now I have to turn to Patrick’s latest 6000 word/31 min read… my cup runneth over this morning, Jan 28th… it’s been a very productive (and fun) day already ! 🙂

    2. probably angry?

      very angry about the fact that the person i voted for refused to do what he was supposed to do.

      he is still probably a better choice than anyone in the republican party, except rand paul and tom massie, by a mile (i am a fiscal conservative hawk) but man…. what an unexpectedly stupid behavior from a guy i think is a master politician.

  73. Another cliff hanger? The world and 75 million patriots are waiting for someone to step to the plate, open the gates and allow the law to view the ballots. We are being buried alive including Rudy, Sydney, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz…I can’t wait until 2024 for our President to be re-elected (i am waiting for him to save us now). I know he must have a plan, but the silence and unknowns are stifling…

  74. Awesome information Patrick. You’re dedication to get this out takes courage and my only wish is that good will prevail over evil.
    We the people who voted for President Trump deserve the truth, that i hope will be revealed and the vile dark side be held accountable for this steal of our election. Regards

  75. Patrick-
    This is incredibly helpful. Thank you for all your hard work- keep it up. It’s interesting, I mentioned very similar idea to my wife- get the ballots forensically examined by JovanHuttonPulitzer in the 6 BG States and then have NG count the resulting subset of legal ballots.

  76. Hi Mr. Patrick Byrne:

    Awesome but may you please allow me to have a suggestion for you, is it possible that you update the title from “How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.1)” to like say “How DJT’s White House got stolen, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.1)”?

    Best regards!

  77. We need the real truth to come out . My 10-year-old child while doing homework, said it’s OK to cheat, lie and steal. Saying that’s how our new president got into office. I don’t care what Party you are from. America is so much better than this. I honestly think we need a deep cleaning of our politicians and a complete start over. If not we’re gonna lose the greatest country there ever was. Gods Country

  78. Hi Mr. Patrick Bryne:
    I would like to repost your awesome contribution but just hesitate to because of the title:
    1. We all know this was a massive large scale fraud election and the real situation was President Trump won with a landslide, honestly the title made me hesitate to feel comfortable.
    2. A lot people are title readers, they don’t really seriously read the contents but just have a look of the title, psychologically such a title may accumulate and direct them inversely.
    3. I in fact got information that the votes for Joe China would be always a little bit more than votes for President Trump (when I say this I always refer to the swing states) a few days before the election although I long long long ago had already knew China would help doing a fraud election for the opposite in Nov 3rd 2020, I didn’t tweet it (at that while I still did Twitter) because I worried it might do negative effects although I just had less than 20 followers, and actually it’s not a tightly sealed secret for some people before last Nov 3rd – the reason that the votes for Joe China would be always a little bit more than votes for President Trump in the swing states was because last time when China helped Canada’s Conservative party doing fraud election — Canadian Conservative Party other than Liberal Party – lot Chinese had intentionally messed things by doing propaganda that Chinese helped Canadian Liberal Party — China did way too much and made a funny impossible election distribution – made too many for lots constituents and made a totally unbelievable election result. I pointed it out on Twitter with simple analysis on the results in constituents until I was overwhelmingly tried and uncomfortable of it. I believe it’s what had impelled China to improve their methodology: to always make a little bit more votes for Joe China than votes for President Trump to make the massive large scale fraud election looked like more realistic.

    Best regards!

  79. Late to the post here, got a link from Telegram so news does travel, and bubbles can link up. Sent the link to your article to some of my friends, but also some of those who are definitely OK with living the lie, on the election and other issues too (I’ll leave readers to guess..)
    Here in the UK we are dependent on the lead shown by the US, so it’s been a bitter blow what has happened. I think most of the awakened are recovering some hope now, along with the anger. However, there is little-to-no real information flowing, just ambivalent hints here and there, and it’s a real stretch to keep spirits up. The visible events happening right now are largely coming from the wrong side, it seems. It would be a tangible help if at least one indisputable sign of real resistance could be found, amid the chaos now being created, by the new administration and its extreme enemies on the left alike.
    Thank you for at least continuing to believe it is worth writing about this travesty against both your republic, and the civilised world that depends on it for leadership and power.

  80. Debunking the Georgia-‘Spike’-Evidence once and for all:
    Dekalb-Count has an ~80% Democrat vote share since at least 2008 (look up past election results). This is large county, representing 350.000 votes. Do the math. Once they uploaded their early votes, it resulted in an 80% vote spike for Dems. No fraud necessary. And again: In Georgia, early votes are regular ballots that are scanned BEFORE election day -> they did not have to be scanned on election day, only automatically tabulated (fast)
    So there is no irregularity here.

    1. Can you tell me how in 2020 a couple of hundred people with the last name “williams” all between 27 and 29 year of age showed up on the voter rolls? If you look at all other ages with that last name none of them even get close to 100, voter and non voters. And why does this same strange spike in common names all around the same age happen in Detroit and Philly?

      You explanation relies on % and not actually crunching numbers. It also does not explain why some areas had negative votes for Trump. How can there be negative votes?
      “There are 26 Updates with negative entries, which represents a significant 5.2% of ALL Batches! Since each time there’s a negative entry, the discrepancy of vote shares is 70%+ and mostly in Biden’s favor, it’s logical to remove those entries from the vote tally.”

      1. just an operative sent to sound smart. msm guy. hey typically discuss one thing. and want us to look away from videos where people pull ballots from under the table. why do you think they banned those? because people arent stupid.

        had they not been stealing, why not simply say, yes, recount. instead… well, pizza boxees used o block us out…


      2. Your comment concerns two very different topics/narratives. Topic A is fraud concerning dominion machines and vote switching. My comment was about that. I explained how large vote dumps with 80%+ vote share in favor of Dems are zero evidence for any digital manipulation, since Dems hold large cities with a very large margin, since at least 2012. As Byrne’s claim relied on percentages, so did my explanation.
        And if you actually want to crunch numbers you should not look at the NYT data feed that was transmitted to news outlets. It does not even contain vote totals for single candidates, but only percentages with three digits. This is not reliable source to analyse vote switches. Show me the real data on precinct level where those votes exactly were switched and I change my mind.
        I think one can discard the theory of massive digital vote-switch completely. I don’t say these machines are secure. They aren’t! But it’s just not a feasible method of fraud: You still would need to substitute the digitally switched ballot physically. Otherwise, recounts would easily uncover gigantic vote counting errors. (If all those hundreds of thousands of late night vote counts were in fact ‘switched’, why wasn’t it found in the recount in Georgia?)
        And if a group of fraudsters is able to physically substitute ballots: Why would they even need digital vote-switching? It never really made sense to me.

        Topic B is the question if voter fraud in general occurred, although maybe not in the form of digital vote switching. I did not argue against that. In fact, I believe this fraud exists. This is why I’m glad there are people like Matt Braynard who actually investigate this stuff methodically, and not by producing unfounded gibberish without sources like Byrne does. Don’t believe just any conspiracy theory he comes up with (Dominion-China-Italy-Satellites-Gun Battle in Frankfut-Ballot Shredding). It’s just too much and not credible.
        And to your first question that concerns frequencies of names in the data: I think this can actually be a tool to find fraudulent votes. However, such fraud is not easy to identify. Maybe they used voter list (they are relatively easy to obtain online) systematically to apply for ballots.

    2. SO… we trust pat becuase he has a history of success. whereever he went, he was right. truth followed later. he is the founder of phd stanford. … etc….

      … can you pls identify yourself and explain why you would know better than patrick… what… is … your… pedigree… why should we trust you @ all? because you know… right now i trust pat



  81. I have followed you for some time now and am so grateful for your incredible team and your dedication to proving the truth. I believe at least half of the MAGA voters will refuse to vote in an election again, since it was stolen from the people. I wonder if there are mathematician and white hats out there who are working on a way to explain to the people how to defeat those who try to steal another election? Like you said, we’re talking about a handful of counties. What can each American do to help prevent this from happening again? How to we use the power of the pen to fight back?

  82. Wow, Patrick. I bet your head was spinning as all of this was happening. I had many sleepless nights, I can only imagine what you were experiencing.
    Ultimately, I hope all this information goes a LONG way to help Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani win the defamation suits Dominion has against them and vindicate our beloved President Trump.
    How can every single judge deny to even listen to the evidence? Yes, something stinks and it must be from the biggest ugliest skunk any of us have ever seen (or smelled). Something is definitely wrong, big time. And if it’s not corrected, we truly and literally will never have a fair election again. God bless all the warriors for truth, God bless and protect President Trump.

  83. Patrick, Thank you again, I’ve posted comments prior to this, and after reading your amended second installment, I couldn’t sleep thinking for the umpteenth time, this election was clearly stolen, allowed to be stolen, and if the military is truly there to protect America from foreign interference or treasonous domestic interference, why did they not take over? The only way America can be saved from sinking, is the military??!! We have an entire administration that was NOT ELECTED! How can this stand??!!

  84. Patrick, the drop and Roll video in this piece auto plays into am Info Wars segment talking about water marks and such like rubbish. This link undoes all of what you have said happened as we know the Info Wars stuff is absolutly not true. I cannot share any of what you have said because of this link to Info Wars.

  85. Patrick, the Drop and Roll Rumble video in this piece auto runs into Info Wars talking about rubbish such as water marks on ballots. This undoes all the credibility of everything you have written here. Please can you remove the Rumble Info Wars linkage? It renders your writing impossible to share with credibility.

  86. I will proof-read your articles for you at no charge. Hopefully, you can see my email behind the scenes.
    Great stuff! Thank you so much and please keep it coming!

  87. Thanks for your story!

    Some people have pointed out that this is the real Joe Biden(JB), the current US president is NOT JB and they don’t know who he really is.

    But I don’t think it matters as Obama had enjoyed the US presidential power for 8 years although he was NOT born in the USA.

    Who cares?

  88. Thanks for sharing your story, I love reading it.

    Some people have pointed out that this is the real Joe Biden(JB), the current US president is NOT JB and they don’t know who he really is.

    But I don’t think it matters as Obama had enjoyed the US presidential power for 8 years although he was NOT born in the USA.

    Who cares?

    1. stop spreading information that has no evidence. unfortunately, jb is our pres. and we got to work on our election problems.


  89. Perhaps the saddest part of your involvement in all this has to do with your relationship with Buffett. As your “rabbi” he is (or should be) well aware of what you know and the actions you have undertaken. His silence is deafening. His words wield tremendous power amongst the “Anointed.” Buffett could speak up to either endorse – or condemn – your story. Then, he would just leave you hanging out on your own. It would help to heal America and yet he is mute. I’ve lost all respect for the man I used to hold in highest regard.

  90. ‘My purpose is not at this point to convince you, the reader, that election fraud had occurred. My purpose is to convince you that there is a lot about election 2020 that smells like skunk. Nothing decisive, nothing that I’d be ready to convict anyone on…

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? You have been repeating for months on a daily basis that the election was stolen, that there was fraud on a massive scale and even that you and your team ‘figured it all out’. And people believed you. You said ballots were fraudulent and that the people responsible were even caught on video shredding ballots. (A video you wanted to share) You also said that the Italy-Gate-story ‘was TRUE’ and posted the video of an old Italian attorney explaining ‘the case’.

    Now you say ‘nothing decisive’? Is this a confession? Are you for real? How could you expect anyone ever to listen to you again?

    1. SO… we trust pat becuase he has a history of success. whereever he went, he was right. truth followed later. he is the founder of phd stanford. … etc….

      … can you pls identify yourself and explain why you would know better than patrick… what… is … your… pedigree… why should we trust you @ all? because you know… right now i trust pat



    2. I think you are being overly stingy in your reading. There’s no backtracking. Look, I make clear that I believe ultimately that this is an insult to our intelligence, not to see the pattern in the fraud, beginning with the goonism and vote-counting pauses that occurred in… precisely the places they needed to occur to conduct the steal. However, I am pointing out here that logically I need only meet a lower hurdle: that is, convince that there is enough mischief in this election in those precise locations to have warranted a recount performed by federal authority, publicly (through live stream). I really do not need to convince the reader of the fraud, I need convince the reader that there is enough of a question that it should be resolved by a step such as I recommended.

      1. As a legal strategy, showing only what you have to, is perfectly valid. I support that.
        But we are past that. It’s about truth and your credibility.

        The reason why I’m pretty stingy with your writing is that since November you led us to believe that there is no doubt that this election was rigged digitally and that you actually have the proof for it. Hear yourself:

        Then you let people wait for the real evidence, on the one hand, while on the other, you kept coming up with new fraud stories like the Italy-Hoax or the Ballot-shredding hoax, every time screaming ‘now we finally got them’. Just a few weeks ago you actually asserted that the Italy-Hoax is true!
        I mean, come on. Do you really think that helped the cause? It made everyone who investigated voter fraud look like a fool because people stopped taking the topic serious.

        I think what some people like me want is for you to actually admit that you were pretty wrong about some things. I don’t know if bad people fed you misinformation or if you were just overconfident, but the basis for your assertions was shaky from the start. We want an explanation for your claims. We want the receipts. If you don’t have them, fine. But don’t pretend otherwise.

        AND: Where is the shredding video. You promised.

    3. I agree with your assessment of Patrick. Red flags of dark tetrad personality:

      – charm
      – narcissism
      – nonstop bragging about his honesty and integrity
      – nonstop bragging about his competence
      – very embellished stories about everything (not just election fraud) that constantly change and negate the previously stated comments even in the same articles (read his past articles also)
      – lack of integrity (attacking and praising the same people according to circumstance)
      – making embellished claims that simply don’t add up with reality (the agent provocateur article, as I roughly remember, starts by claiming there are some 300,000 conservative militia members all organized online on discord servers and were just waiting for Patrick’s go command to start the civil war. We all know that conservatives have never been organizing anything like that, specially through discord, and if they even do that, they would go to Trump not Patrick. His claim was only consistent with Nancy Pelosi’s hoax capitol siege narrative and nothing else.)

      Also there were comments under his previous articles calling him out and he put the focus of the first article in this series on defending by stating irrelevant points such as his heritage and family. Why?

      My intuition about Patrick’s motivation strongly suggests he has the same motivations you stated. His goal is clearly pacification. He also states in this article that there wasn’t any hard proof of election fraud, only things happened which suggested it. We all know that this is a blatant lie. So one of his goals is to turn into the main authoritative narrator of what happened and give the society this false closure that “folks, this was just speculation. it broke my heart too. but let’s move on. and from now on all eyes on Patrick Byrne as your authority about what to do”

      Patrick also was heavily within the network of openly Q white hats.

      Regarding the fighting strategy, I feel like at this very day, organizing communities of political activism for influencing institutions and policies bottom up, as well as wide spread protesting for political demands will be far more effective.

      1. sorry waht you wrote is too long, … i didnt finish reading. but i just wnated to add:

        last time i saw evidence, it looked like this:

        trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

        biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


      2. You conveniently forgot to mention that Dr. Patrick Byrne is ‘on the spectrum’. Probably because it would have demolished your entire line of reasoning. Go do your homework, boy, and try again.

  91. And there’s a lot more debunking to do.

    ‘Within a matter of a couple weeks, there were mathematicians publicly and privately weighing in on the statistical improbabilities bubbling up through the data from November 3. A Williams math professor laid it on the line’

    You did not read the statement. The professor extrapolated MATT BRAYNARD’s data,
    it has NOTHING to do with vote switching by machines. Also: The professor later retracted his statement because his extrapolation was oversimplified.

    ‘Benford’s law, a statistical law frequently used in courts when establishing voter fraud, was applied to the election results in Michigan: “Biden’s vote numbers in Michigan do not match Benford’s law at a 99.999% significance level.”’

    It has been applied to precinct level data. That methods has been debunked a few months ago, because precincts are of approximately the same size. Benford’s law requires the data to span several orders of magnitude. So Benford’s law CANNOT be applied in this case. Why did you trust something like that?

    1. Good, we will expect link and backup calculation along with explanations for foreign IP address, sending poll watchers home, putting card board over the windows, stopping the count in 5 states yet the number just kept coming in.

      There are pages of data along with many video from math gods and data analysts with spreadsheets, flow charts and information directly from the governments. There are SEC filings, DHS warnings and real time monitoring by experts who’s testimony is admissible in court.

      But we are suppose to just ignore all of that, without any analysis, because you say one analysis of one small part of the wide scale fraud is wrong. But you provide no backup to your argument.

      Just start at the top of the list here and work your way down: Can’t wait to here your spin on each of these.

    2. SO… we trust pat becuase he has a history of success. whereever he went, he was right. truth followed later. he is the founder of phd stanford. … etc….

      … can you pls identify yourself and explain why you would know better than patrick… what… is … your… pedigree… why should we trust you @ all? because you know… right now i trust pat



  92. Few observations here

    1) I have heard from the Whistleblower Movement an organization sponsored by a Chinese billionaire named Mile Guo), in the 4.5 hrs meeting Patrick had with Trump at the WH that night, Trump did verbally appoint Sidney Powell the Special Counsel, but later on it got rescinded, because Steve was against it. You may ask why and how did Steve Bannon got involved since he wasn’t in that meeting? Well, I don’t know, but here is my guess and analysis – There are 3 figures here. Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani and Miles Guo. First, Steve and Rudy are very close buddies, and if most you have watched his War Room Pandemic show, you know that Steve has been constantly having Rudy on this show almost daily. 2nd, Steve and Miles Guo have very close connections. They have been working together on Mile Guo’s whistleblower movement project aiming taking down the CCP for a while. Miles Guo is a very controversial figure claiming himself escaped from China due to CCP’s political prosecution, true or not, I don’t know, but there are rumors saying he is a corruptor sought by the Chinese authority or a deep double agency sent by the CCP in 2017. Miles Guo got to know Steve through his anti-CCP agenda and Whistleblower Movement (might be fake to hide his identify). Miles Guo has been using his Whistleblower Movement platform as a media propaganda to help Steve for Trump’s reelection such as exposing the photos and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop and the CCP virus as bioweapon intentionally released by the CCP acknowledged by a escaped Chinese virologist Yan. Steve and Miles have been on each other’s show to collaborate on their agendas and have been very actively vocalizing themselves to support Trump. They also seemed to be very close as Steve had lived on Mile’s private yacht for the entire summer last year. My assumption is that If Miles is indeed a Chinese spy, then Steve must have been compromised, if Steve was compromised, then Rudy could be be part of that too. Because in a video Mile’s Guo posted lately, he claimed Patrick Byrne a compromised CCP spy (due to Patrick history in China) trying to send false information to mislead Trump, he immediately informed Steve and Rudy as soon as he learned Patrick, Sidney and Gen Flynn were teamed in helping Trump and strongly advised Trumps team to distance with Sidney, Flynn and Patrick. I have been wondering why Sidney, Gen Flynn and Patrick have been on some non-MSM except Steve’s show (although Sidney did appear once on Steve show but that was the only one prior to the election night). That put me to think it could also be Steve and Rudy who stopped Trump from working and contacting Sidney Powell including rescinding the SC offer. Interestingly, after Bien got inaugurated on Jan 20th, the Whistleblower Movement suddenly has changed their tone to praise to support Biden’s admin and distance with Trump. In another video two days ago, Miles has vocally called his action a success movement and he seemed very happy with the outcome. He ordered his members Whistleblower Movement to remove all the videos harming Biden and Kamala from his YouTube channel and G-TV platform. Not sure what Steve’s movement from here, but he got a pardon from Trump. it makes me feel that Trump may have realized that Steve may have been played by Miles, so to give him a pardon which he can also use if the government is probing him in the future. What about Rudy? I have seen a post from Sidney lately referring “Time to check on Rudy”, an article saying Rudy had connections and been a lawyer for the guys in Venezuela who had ties to the Dominion, That article was long before the election.

    2) Another observation – I didn’t see Trumps son Barron in the airport. The MSM said he was already in the AF1, Lies! I looked at the videos when the AF1 landed in FL, Barron didn’t come out from the airplane at all. If he was in the AF1 as the MSM said, then he should come out with Trump and Melania as they always did. Also, I noticed Jarry and Ivanka and their 3 children were not with other Trump families on the AF1 either. It appeared sth happened to Barron that he couldn’t go, and Ivanka and her husband Jerry had to stay to help. Since Ivanka’s home had been completed moved out on the 19th, where could they they stay from Jan 20th?

    3) About Q, I don’t know it’s true or false, but according to the timeline and codes (RED1-5), it seems most of them were connected to what has happened in the recent events. Also, I recall General Mcinerney (the retired Air Force 3-star general) was once on Steve Bannon’s show talking about the votes can be changed and switched by the hammer and score hard software in the voting system and the left can steal this election using this system. That was back in early Oct which was way before the election. He basically told us this will happen and warmed us in advance. So don’t you think Trump got to know this and well prepared for this coup before hand? If not, then he must be a fool, a real dumb fool.

    4) Linwood – He is controversial because his rhetoric tone and statement on things and people, But put this rhetoric words aside, he basically was right about almost everything. Example – On Jan 5th, he was the only one who pointed out and twitted that he felt tomorrow (Jan 6) Trump may walked himself into a trap setup by the left and democrats to complete their coup. What had happened has validated his prediction. Also, he was right about Pence, again, his words may not like what you like to hear, but he showed Pence to us before Pence showed himself to us. When Jenna Ellis criticked his tone, he schooled her ” You are too young, Jenna. I ate more salts than the rice you ate”.

    1. you q guys are so full of shit. like you would see everyone walking out of the af1 or not. like you would know what the intimate conversations are like…..

      you guys give a fact that is true and a big bag of lies.


  93. Thank you, Patrick, for your dedication to revealing the truth for us, and the future of our country. In as much as it’s unclear how all of this will get resolved, or if any of it is ultimately acted upon, we remain committed to supporting your efforts and those whom are working to expose the truth.

    My wife Jill and her son Max had the distinct honor and pleasure of being introduced to you while visiting with Sydney and Gen Flynn when you were all having dinner at the Trump hotel in December. An experience we will never forget, and will always treasure.

    Keep up the good fight, my friend! You are and will always be in our prayers.

  94. For those interested, Lin Wood posted a letter today on his Telegram account about an individual who says he has direct knowledge about the murder of Seth Rich and Rod Rosenstein is directly involved. This person says he has evidence to back up his claims. The letter was written by a second party, possibly this person’s attorney.

    Rod Rosenstein is a key figure in the 2020 stolen election.

    Lin Wood’s Telegram account –

    1. the problem with lin is that parts of what he speaks are true. parts are bizarre things that he claims to have evidence for.

      pat also has “bizarre” claims. but he supports them all with inconntrovertible evidence.

      lin keeps saying he has evidence. given lin’s run as a professional of highest standard, i dont want to say i doubt what he says. but it is imperative that he provides data and proof for what he says… on pence, on others…

        1. he doesnt post evidence for pence corruption. corruption of roberts …

          he says he HAS evidence. patrick SHOWS evidence sufficient to @ least warrant an investigataion.

          eg vatican lights off… the pope arrested…. possible? yes. proof? none. lights off? 100 % yes…. so… partially true. pope arrest? no evidence of that…

          lin actuaally had it posted on his short lived parler

  95. Glad that you are on this. My background in political corruption is extensive but now retired and I can tell you that that is real, extensive and caused by the greatest of all motivations to be corrupt and that is POWER which makes all else follow down the same tube.
    My investigations of on a small scale show that statistically the results were so different in those six cities and I looked at eight, tell me that the statistical changes that took place were to the extent that the probability was as great as 1 to the 48th power and therefore statistically impossible.
    I believe that the Italian connection which has not bee ne=well reported by mainstream media is a real probability that was used because the vote thieves underestimated the rise in the popularity of the trump movement and even the phony ballots did not make up the necessary votes needed to steal. Therefore, the signed and sworn confession of Arturo D’Elia and attested to by a Italian Magistrate, and the statement of what he did to hack and changed the computer tabulation by changing the computer formula and the time periods based on his statement that took place in the time period the vote systems were shut down. Highly believable and also likely very true and accurate.
    More power to you Mr. Byrne. Work such that these will be seen as the true happenings of November 3rd, and hopeflly help save our previoulsy great democracy and republic.

  96. Thank you, Patrick, for this exceptional close-up look at the biggest mess this country has encountered in my lifetime. I think it is expedient to not get into the nitty-gritty details of the team findings and methods at this time other than generalized explanations. As Arizona is perched to actually get an unrestricted deep dive into the election materials it could be the beginning of a domino effect and possibly some of Patrick’s team members could become witnesses in court cases down the road as things unravel. Don’t want to give the enemy resources to shore up their defense of the stolen election. Another thought about the Sidney Powell divorce from the Trump team. Consider that Sidney announced that she was going after the truth whether it was people from the Democrat or Republican party. Just a couple of days later the divorce came along. I think the RINOs went berserk and whined to the RNC that no money should go to attorney expenses for Sidney Powell because they knew she was coming after them and if they cut off the money she would shut up and go home. Didn’t work.

      1. God bless you 🙏 Patrick for exposing the truth of this fraudulent election. Please stay healthy because we need you in what is likely to be a very long fight to expose the truth. The truth will out, it always does, but when is unknown.

        Will you be talking about what they’re calling “The Italian Job”?

  97. Thought you all might be interested in seeing this for yourselves. Here is the link to the actual United States Corporation Company formed in 1925. You can see every annual report filled since 1925 when the corporation was created. So anyone that says that this corporation could not be bankrupted due to it being financially insolvent, does not understand the US Bankruptcy Code.

    Link Florida Secretary of State:

    This is more than likely bogus, the site linking it says that it probably is, but it sure would be funny if it was real.
    Bankruptcy Filling United States Corporation Company:

  98. I live in a blue state. In our state after the votes have been certified they become public record. This gave me an opportunity to actually pull some of the ballots and count them and compare to the machine totals. I live in a very red county in this blue state. Fortunately, unfortunately, however you want to look at it, our totals matched the machine totals.
    Should I try to count the ballots in one of the large very blue counties? Would it be advantageous??

      1. no, lulu.

        the premise is simple. 79>68.

        trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

        biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  99. Can someone explain to me why the paper ballot vote count matched the electronic tally in every county where such a hand recount was done and compared? Unless this is explained, nothing about electronic vote tampering makes sense.

    1. for tom no explanation will ever make sense. room temperature IQ



  100. Don’t forget. Violent felons shot by police in, or near, all 5 cities listed above lead to ANTIFA and BLM riots, looting, arson.

    Were these riots all a ruse while the fraud was being shipped into place?

    There are no coincidences.

    1. maybe false flag attacks/diversions…. who knows .. those goons are totally nuts. i htink we should stop looking for evidence. too much of it already. just find a way to get to have courts LOOK @ IT.

      trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

      biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  101. Do you live in one of the contested areas? Aside from allowing unconstitutional mail in ballots and rejecting far fewer than normal in a lot of places, nobody is expecting major fraud anywhere but in the key battleground states, as it would be pointless to the outcome to put efforts anywhere else. Which state are you from?

    1. I understand you are busy, @Patrick Byrne, but I think you owe us all a brief rundown on the state of play regarding ‘The Italian Job’. You seemed utterly convinced it was/is a reality but you have recently gone very quiet on it. Give us a few dot points: Did it happen or didn’t it? Pure and simple.

      1. thomas, you should also stop doubting your wife.

        trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

        biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  102. I understand you are busy, @Patrick Byrne, but I think you owe us all a brief rundown on the state of play regarding ‘The Italian Job’. You seemed utterly convinced it was/is a reality but you have recently gone very quiet on it. Give us a few dot points: Did it happen or didn’t it? Yes? No? (No maybe).



      trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

      biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  103. I understand you are busy, @Patrick Byrne, but I think you owe us all a brief rundown on the state of play regarding ‘The Italian Job’. You seemed utterly convinced it was/is a reality but you have recently gone very quiet on it. Give us a few dot points: Did it happen or didn’t it? Pure and simple.

    1. thomas, you should also stop doubting your wife.

      trump 79 million votes. biden <68 millionn votes

      biden NOT MY PRESIDENT.


  104. Are you going to continue the lawsuits or not? Are you involved in any? Where and with who? Is Sydney? How can the people get involved?

  105. To Anonymous :

    You are wrong. One clear explanation would be enough. Just one. Is that too much to ask? Or do you just come here to insult people?

    Again. I would like to know why the paper ballot recount, everywhere it was done, always matched the electronic tally. Without explaining this, there is no wonder most people doubt electronic tampering happened.

    1. because the fake ballots were just counted again.

      a recount makes no sense. it’s like counting fake bills again. in order to identify the fake bills you need to do an AUDIT. look up jovann pulitzer explaining paper differences, lack of folds in “mailed” ballots… etc…

      not my president!

  106. Once this compiled info is finished (if there’s another part) it would make one heck of an article in Wired…but considering that BigMedia is on the side of ‘theft’ I doubt it would ever get published.

    Our own .Gov (DHS CISA) failed. And DoD is mandating that all that operate in the defense industrial base (DIB) and now DHS (soon all of Gov ) mandate by law that organizations meet cyber security requirements (certification) if they want to do business. That is, all organiions doing business with DoD must meet baseline requirements (cost reimbursable only if you win) and that will cost a lot of money. Even small organizations spend about $30-50K to meet ISO 27001:2013 InfoSec implementation.

    So here we have an election that for all intensive purposes was so fraudulent from an IT Security perspctive and IT auditors perspective that you could drive a Mack Truck through all the vunerabilites that are within public domain and was brought to DHS CISA and FBIs attention and they did absolutly NOTHING.

    What the F country do I live it? A banna republic? A gov full of incompetent loosers (as Trump would say and is right).
    Arlington VA.

  107. So Dominion is suing Rudi. Isn’t this a great opportunity for Rudi to call Patrick and/or members of his team as witnesses to spill the beans on how Dominion’s voting machines were so easily hacked. That would bring the issue into the open for wider scrutiny.

  108. Patrick – Thanks for your efforts. Once you’ve completed your writings, I hope you will compile them with references and publish them as a book.

  109. I live in Pennsylvania ( the home of the biggest traitors in this country)
    I have written and phoned multiple times Pat Toomey requesting him do a ZOOM call to his constituents on his recent determination of the following. Why he believes Trump should be impeached ? Why he believes there were no voter fraud ? He goes on social media, CNN, MSN, etc and his website filling it with what Trump has done wrong for the last 4 years. He refuses to have a townhall or meet with anyone 1 on 1 to take questions. This man soon to retire will be set for the rest of his life. This man sold out his country. This man is part of uni-party that supported Joe Biden. This man should have to answer to the people who voted him in ( like me ) due to his party affiliation and no other republicans running. Since I retired and got a chance to involve myself with politics, polls, volunteering to assist with elections, etc. PA is one of the most corrupt states and there seems to be no way to stop them. Even my former republican of chester county sold us out. No matter who you go to, how many petitions, how many rallies, etc … nothing seems to phase them.

  110. Anonymous,

    So we should be looking at how those fake paper ballots were introduced into the system. Electronic manipulation is one thing, but how the paper ballots were manipulated at the counties also has to be explained. for the entire manipulation story to make sense.

  111. A must study for Americans who want to know the truth about the Election Fraud in 2020. I have one question: What do we, as Americans, do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in 2022, 2025 and beyond?

  112. Let’s say you could run the “ideal” investigation. Who would have jurisdiction to actually run the forensic investigation? Is jurisdiction State level? Fed level? DOJ? What I don’t understand is why there was not a single body of authority w/ proper jurisdiction that muscled it’s way into a full blown investigation with vim and vigor.

  113. The biggest tell for me besides the stopping of the count is what twitter did to me.

    I attempted to tweet out a link to Benford’s law, I was immediately locked out of my account and accused of “distributing intimate images of individuals without their consent” When the 12 hours was up I was given the choice of deleting the tweet or appealing, I appealed stating that this was blatantly false as I was simply tweeting out a link to charts on Bedford’s law.

    My appeal was upheld and I was told it I had been locked out in error and apologized to and so my account was unlocked. I immediately tweeted out that link again…and was locked again and once again accused of “distributing intimate images of individuals without their consent” After the 12 hour lockout I appealed again noting their previous apology for the previous lockout for tweeting out the same link.

    The appeal was upheld with the exact same claim of a “mistake” and the same “apology” for the locking of my account in error.

    and then I was locked out a 3rd time
    and a fourth
    and a fifth
    and a sixth

    each time I was accused of the same thing, and each time I appealed on the same ground and each time they restored me claiming an “error” and offering apologies. All of this I documented on my blog and in my podcast at the time.

    The cycle ended on Dec 15th when the initial clock ran out for the President

    Unexpectedly of course

  114. Donald Trump DIDN’T LOSE THE WHITE HOUSE he won in the biggest landslide ever and all the data and statistical analysis prove it the problem is the below:

    According to democrat politicians, judges, lawyers, and the news media, “there was no election fraud in 2020.” This claim is made entirely on the basis that no court in the country has agreed to review any evidence of the fraud in their courtrooms. Every court has taken the Sergeant Shultz “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing” position, as if ignoring the evidence somehow discredits the evidence, or makes it vanish.

    What the courts have actually done is deny due process of law on the most critical case of political corruption in our 244-years. They have violated their oaths, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and every legal American and in so doing, they have all but guaranteed the total collapse of the USA.

    The courts, all the way to and including the U.S. Supreme Court, have eliminated themselves from the equation. They are no longer a legitimate active part of our constitutional form of government. They have removed themselves from the process of justice and placed justice in the hands of the American people. The Article III branch of the Federal government (the Judiciary) no longer holds any constitutional authority over anything! They have totally abdicated any lawful authority over anything at this point.

  115. All of this could have been stopped if the Republicans had any stones. It’s unforgivable what the GOP did (or didn’t do), and they’ll never get a president this good again (unless Trump magically finds his way back into office again). So, who are the people who orchestrated this election fraud? Follow the money, and therein lies the answer. If Americans were smart, they would buy local and support local entrepreneurs. To the fullest extent possible, don’t give to these huge corporations, because those corporations hate you. And I honestly think, at least on some level, their senior management hates America. I also think Red State America needs to create its own parallel institutions in education and business and finance to break free of the shackles of the coastal elites who hate America and fly-over country. Also, know that politicians fear their masters. Find out who the masters are. Find out their business interests. Then boycott and isolate. Mark Zuckerberg needs to lose a lot of billions

  116. I am not any sort of expert and stand before you completely uncredentialed. Yet even I already knew everything you spend so much time and energy writing about and explaining. The big question for you is where is anything new, or revealing. Your click bait headline promises new insights and factual information. You reveal nothing proving to be as feckless and unworthy as Trump himself.

    As for Trump, he turned out to be clueless and ineffective, a loser who choaked and did nothing at all. He didn’t have the courage to do what was necessary, nor did he have the inutitive sense to see it coming. Trump turned out to be exactly unfit for the struggle before him and his real opposition had taken measure of the man and knew he would choke on his own gold leaf standard of marketing. Trump never really understood the nature of the struggle and he therefore never addressed it, any of it in any substantial way. Predicability, he turns out to be a loser and a coward who choaked in the clutch.

  117. At this point the election is stolen and the coup d’état successful… Nothing can be done to correct this gross injustice except revolution… The repubs are too spineless to do this… So we are DEAD as a country…

  118. So the ultimate question is; how come the Supreme Court didn’t take the cases and rule on the greatest challenge to our entire government? There is no more important issue in the United States than this one. If we don’t have honest elections we don’t have honest government, so we are ruled by criminals.

    The answer to my question is a circle; the Supreme Court and the DOJ refused to get to the election fraud issue because they are part of the dishonest government that has emerged from the illegal elections for decades. The Deep State is real; unelected bureaucrats who are part of the permanent state of the government. Every year they welcome the new crop of elected officials as they come and go through the revolving door of representative politics from their several states. They are taught how to “play the game” and those who play well get reelected and those who don’t don’t.

  119. This level of writing ought be put into several best-selling books (Bill O’Reilly, “Killing the Election;” Peter Schweizer, “Profiles in Election Fraud,” Patrick Byrne, “lessons I Learned from the Hackers,” etc.)! Perhaps Mr. Byrne could collaborate with a Sharyl Attkisson or a Mary Fanning in order to provide such greatly-appreciated information.

  120. Dr. Shiva does not have a degree in mathematics or statistics. With his engineering degrees, I’m sure he’s quite capable in advanced mathematics, but it is not correct to say he has degrees in math or stats. Nice work otherwise, and thanks.

  121. I have to say, at one time I thought you (Patrick) may be a plant (with the FBI you can’t tell anymore), but with this, I am positive you were always on our side, not Trump per se, but the American Ideal of Justice, and that meant fighting for your president against a slew of goons. You sir are a patriot. The fact is, Trump did his job, he slowed down the One World Gov. movement that was ahead of schedule.

    Now ts time for the movement to go forth, the Space Rock (ask Trump why he put in a Space Force) Apophis is going to hit us on April 13, 2029, that is God’s Wrath or the DOTL. So, Trump did his job, sir, you are a patriot, you fought hard, but its time for this Hitleresque movement to come out of the shadows. The Anti-Christ will be inpower within 5 years.

  122. I’m so confused as to why Trump legal pursued this strategy. On the one hand Matt Braynard has exposed the double votes, the voters who voted in their new state and in one of the swings. The underage voters in GA. And yet, you guys went all in on matching paper to the machine count?

    What role, Patrick, did you feel the republican establishment had in throwing the election to Biden. I’m thinking now of the infamous GA consent decree which allowed votes to be adjudicated towards Biden. Kemp and Raff gave Biden a huge advantage in the election and it seems to me that could not have been done without McConnel’s knowledge and blessing.

  123. If you go to Dr Shiva’s website, he explains engineering and pattern recognition in identifying the election fraud. I am not quoting Dr Shiva, please watch his explanation for yourself. He does address the mathematicians opinion and why it is different than pattern recognition engineering.

  124. The horror. The horror. The horror. What recourse does all of this leave us with, now that the dust is settling and the Cultural Marxists are settling into the White House?

  125. If a Presidential Election is stolen and no one hears about it because the M$M fifth column doesn’t report it,
    was it really stolen?

  126. I believe that the truth will eventually be exposed and the 2020 presidential election was wrongly taken by fraudulent voting at some battle states like Michigan,Wisconsin,Pennsylvania,Georgia,Arizona and Nevada.

  127. Is there any hope to turn this around? Exposure is fine, but what I balk at is living with the consequences of Goon activity. That and the fact it is wrong to tamper with “the consent of the governed.” Help! My inner Libertarian is screaming. If these guys aren’t stopped now, they will only perpetuate this behavior. Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your expertise here.

  128. Adding the additional materials in is a slam dunk! There is so much willful blindness going on right now it’s frightening.

  129. When we have a representative form of Legislative (House/Senate) and Judiciary (Judges) who refuse to deal with this corruption either because they are corrupt themselves, protecting their buddies/way of life or simply too weak to be David in front of Goliath, what recourse do the people have other than full on civil war? I simply cannot believe we are where we are in this country. And I don’t think it happened in the last 3 months.

    Trump, regardless how your sensitivities are piqued by his words, was absolutely right. “They are not after me; they’re after you and I’m standing in their way.”

    So, no, I don’t think Mr. Byrne is our problem as some on this thread have posted. I certainly don’t think Donald Trump is our problem. I think WE are our problem for letting politicians and activist judges get away with their behavior. Even right now this week, we have an unconstitutional process going on in the Senate and no one stops it. Our representatives sent to DC rip up the document and do their own thing while America watches this sham. Why take an oath to uphold it if it means nothing? And we let them do it anyway.

    I’ve digressed to ranting but quite frankly, I don’t know what anyone can really do. Even the executive branch representative (DOJ/law enforcement) has been so infiltrated by this corruption that if we the people rise up with voice only, or protests, (or memes), people get hauled off to jail. This experiment of America has gone off the rails and we’re watching the scenery on the way down.

  130. There is no doubt there was some kind of national conspiracy. All of these states had strange spikes between 4 AM and 7, despite shutting down. I saw a decent lead by Trump in Wisconsin disappear in one dump. The media set it up. Hillary Clinton set it up. Magically, lost votes always appear, when a Democrat is involved in a close race.

    I happen to believe it was more widespread. There were 25 million or so more ballots counted i 2020 than 2016. I happen to believe they cheated in 2016 to make sure Trump lost the popular vote, stuffing ballots in places like CA and NY. They weren’t prepared to cheat enough in the swing states. Biden had no following, couldn’t fill a room with 20 circles and didn’t even campaign. I must add they rigged the nomination for him as well.

    My reasoning is this. The state of Texas, with almost 30 million people, had roughly 12 million votes cast. It is also a fast growing state and would naturally have a higher turnout, especially with the Democrats dumping hundreds of millions into the state. If you tell me 25 million new voters showed up, you will tell me anything. That is twice the number cast in a state with roughly 30 million people. Reading the professors letter, where a significant number of ballots weren’t counted in PA is even ore amazing, when it is claimed around 70% of voting age population showed up and there was no other statewide election? Turnout in Texas was in the low 50’s. Maybe the number of illegal aliens in the state had something to do with it.

    I actually believe there was a lot of buying ballots going on. I expected 10 million fakes nationwide. I believe there was as many as a million fakes each in PA, GA and MI. 500,000 in Wisconsin. You can’t tell me a man who couldn’t fill a gym, if he was giving away free pizza received 80 million votes. 65 million is more like it.

  131. As an IT professional with 30+ years of enterprise experience. This is DEEPLY DISTURBING! All of this is true and actually happening. None of it is fantasy, it’s all extremely possible.

    You would think that the heavily regulations and standards that apply to financial transactions would also apply to election systems. But nope, not even close.

  132. “A republic, if you can keep it.”
    We couldn’t. We lost it, fiddling on our phones & laptops while our government burned. It is over. Send in the clowns. Don’t bother … they’re here.

  133. This is a huge thank you for telling all this. The truth. The facts. What a relief to hear.

    And what sanity, in contrast to the Jan 6 rally – rallies, Trump’s forte – but here something else was needed.

    What if, what if, what if . . . it does inside me. What if you had stayed until Sidney got her clearance and office. What if, what if, what if . . .

    It sounds as if, inside himself, Trump had on some level given up, that he somehow did not have the strength to go with your plan.

    Dangerous times. So much at stake.

    Anyway, again, thank you. This is so amazingly refreshing to read – because it brings clarity. And yet saddening.

  134. How can we have expected to continue with our God-given rights, while ignoring the God who is the source of those rights.

    God save the Republic.

  135. Here’s a pretty scathing critique/rebuttal to the mathematical report by Professor Stephen I-don’t-have-700-publications Miller: