Response to Lee Davidson (SLTrib) on My Twitter Suspension

Yesterday Lee Davidson’s of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote a piece about my Twitter suspension (“Twitter suspends account of Trump ally Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock: Byrne has promoted bizarre election fraud claims” SLTribune, January 12, 2020). Lee’s piece is chockful of errors, omissions, and mischaracterizations, yet but I will refrain from criticizing Lee on the grounds that Lee did try to reach me for comment (yet his request never made it to me due to circumstances beyond the control of either of us). That is a shame, because it would have been possible to clear up his many misconceptions with a five minute phone call, and his piece would not have been so poor. Privately Lee has expressed a willingness to correct the record, so I am writing a short response here: that way we (the public and I together) can all see how the SLTribune handles itself with matter of simple factual accuracy.

Let us start with this phrase “Trump ally”. As a small “l” libertarian, I did not vote for President Trump in 2016 or 2020. In fact, I have never voted for a Republican for president in my life. Neither have I ever voted for a Democrat. Over the last two months I have stated this in numerous interviews and speeches that have been seen by millions. I know it appears on DeepCapture as well (for example, see “Reflections on Donald J. Trump” from October 2019, written when I knew people were someday going to wonder how I feel about DJT). When I met with the President on December 23 of last year, just a few weeks ago, he brought it up himself in a gentlemanly way, letting me know it did not bother him and he understood that I am acting on principle: Simply put, our system is about “Consent of the governed,” and we determine what our “consent” is by holding elections that are free, fair, and transparent. I believe the 2020 election was neither fair nor transparent, so I have a duty to act. It seems pretty simple to me but so far has been a point which has eluded the minds of the MSM, who describe me (in Lee’s [phrase) as “an ardent Tump supporter”.

“For example, Byrne had posted a series of widely shared tweets contending that counterfeit ballots were being counted in Georgia — a claim that even GOP officials in that state said was wrong.” Two federally certified forensic document analysts examine three ballots sampled from stacks in Atlanta’s English Street Warehouse (the center of the Atlanta mischief), and gave affidavits concluding that one was made with different ink, paper, and printing methods than other two ballots. They were sent to be shredded, but when the shredding was recovered some ballots were found that had stuck to the side of the bin, along with the shipping receipt from a Chinese print shop. But yes, as Lee notes, Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger (who awarded a $100 million contract to install Dominion machines in Georgia and paid someone a $10.8 million implementation fee) are now telling the public, “Move along, nothing to see here.” Hmm: maybe someone ought to look into who received that implementation fee.

But have no worries: in recent days our crimefighting team acquired the data for one key county in Georgia, are wrapping up their analysis now. I stand by my claim that Georgia’s election was rigged.

Lee quotes a NYTimes story about the meeting that occurred in the Oval Office a couple evenings before Christmas. That story has one unnamed source, no named sources, and its central claim is a fabrication: that we discussed using the military to seize machines, rather than a suggestion that the DHS, FBI, or National Guard could be used to inspect the ballots on-site, and that the machines there should have their hard-drives imaged for analysis within the government. Here I am, on the record as a named witness, denying the claims that the NYT conveyed from an unnamed source: yet no sense of journalistic integrity impels Lee to convey my claim.

“Courts found no credible evidence that vote totals had been changed or manipulated.” Not one of the 60 or so cases that have been decided at state levels dealt with any of the evidence we have been generating. They were all procedural, along the lines of, “Voters in this county in this state had one set of rules, voters in the other counties in that state had a different set of rules, that violates the Equal Protection Clause of the XIV Amendment.” Not even Rudy’s Pennsylvania case departed from that pattern. The only cases that have availed themselves of our evidence has been the four cases that Sidney Power has filed with the US Supreme Court, which have yet to see rulings.

Davidson claims that I endorse a theory that the Nashville bombing was a missile strike. I do not and never did assert that a missile strike was behind the Nashville bombing. I retweeted a video , a second security camera’s vantage, which seems to reveal something strange about that: a plume of some kind rises a couple hundred feet in the air just a few seconds before the explosion. A missile would not explain that (how would a missile cause that seconds before its impact?) I tweeted that video not knowing or caring that it was embedded on a page alleging a missile strike, because I wanted people to see the video. I agree that a missile would not account for that plume arising seconds before the explosion, but I thought I would ask the Twitter audience to tell me what they thought about that oddity.

So I ask Lee: Do you see that plume in the opening seconds of this clip? What would explain it, to your inquisitive mind? I agree that it is not a missile, but is there anything odd here that you do see? It is true that I tweeted that video, but in that tweet did not embrace the “missile theory” as the explanation. I tweeted the video to crowd-source the knowledge of thousands. Naturally, out of an abundance of journalistic integrity you will include the link to this video when you write your follow-on about my response, so your readers can decide for themselves.

Normally I no longer even engage with journalists who get so much wrong in an article, or who had been so sloppy on such key points. But as I said, I have confirmed that Lee did try to reach my for comment, but his message never reached me. Lee did offer in an email today to review a response: I choose to publish it here so everyone can see how committed Lee Davidson and SL Tribune are journalistic integrity, by seeing how they handle this reply.

Please write Lee Davidson at the SLTribune ([email protected]) and give him your thoughts. Post copies of your correspondence to him down below in this blog.

  1. Its always sad to see people in Plato’s cave. It is more sad to watch them willingly walk in and chain themselves up, which seems to be increasing in frequency.

    Someday the folks creating the shadows will wake up to what they have done, to themselves, their children, and their grandchild. It will be a painful day for them.

  2. Thank you, Patrick! I’ll write to Davidson. I know the truth – I’ve been following you on Twitter until it was suspended yday and watched all your videos and interviews.

          1. Hey Mazie doubt you ever see this but if you do my email is genuinedoomster at gmail – keep in touch!

  3. Anonymous in Nov 2019:

    “We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget,
    Expect us.”

    Anonymous in Nov 2020:

    “We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget,
    It’s too late to expect us.”

    Now I know why.

    Project Mayhem 2020

  4. Patrick!!! So glad you’re here. I am just seeing this. I have to rush out the door now, but I will read and write later tonight. Thank God for you, dear man.🏆

    1. This is what I sent to Lee Davidson at the Salt Lake Tribune:

      8:23 AM (0 minutes ago)
      to ldavidson

      Mr. Davidson,

      Your January 12th article, published in the Salt Lake Tribune and entitled, Twitter suspends account of Trump ally Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock: Byrne has promoted bizarre election fraud claims, appears to have been written with scant research on your subject, Patrick Byrne, who founded and operated Overstock within and to the benefit of your community, a mere 12 miles from the Salt Lake Tribune’s offices, since 1997.

      Patrick Byrne has never been a Trump ally. Byrne in fact once likened a Trump Presidency to a Kim Kardashian Presidency, calling Trump “a failed businessman” and “a disgrace”. At one point, Byrne became so disgusted with Trump’s derogatory comments about John McCain’s war record and insensitive remarks concerning Mexican immigrants, that he removed all Trump-related merchandise from the Overstock website.

      A long-time libertarian, Patrick Byrne has been openly critical of various aspects of our election process “for 15 or 16 years now.” Byrne funded the creation of the election-critical documentary film, Rigged 2016, and supported the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for President – not Donald Trump – in the 2016 presidential race. And if this is not enough proof for you, Patrick Byrne was offered the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run in the 2020 Presidential election himself.

      Multiple times in print and in interviews, Patrick Byrne has made clear that he has never voted for a republican (or democrat) for president in his life and that he is speaking out against election fraud as a matter of civic duty, not out of support for Trump. Byrne has consistently said that he would challenge the validity of this election regardless of the candidates involved, saying, “This is about the Constitution. These are goons. If we lose this moment, the Constitution is done, we’re never back, we will never have a free election again.” Byrne’s article, published on Deep Capture and Twitter, A Peaceful Way to Resolve this Crisis, suggests that Trump should have the National Guard rerun the election with the promise that, no matter the result, Trump should step aside and forego serving another term as President, even if elected. (15:00) (00:36 – 00:54)[email protected] (3:01)

      Byrne’s claims of election fraud can hardly be considered “bizarre” when a substantial number of Americans share his concerns about the legitimacy of the election.

      A Monmouth University poll found that 44% of Americans feel we do not have enough information on the vote count to know who won the presidential election, while 32% percent of Americans believe that President-elect Biden won *only* due to voter fraud. According to a Rasmussen poll, 39% of US voters believe mail-in voting led to unprecedented voter fraud in this election and 47 % say “it is likely that Democrats stole voters or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Joe Biden would win.” In labeling Byrne’s claim of election fraud “bizarre” you insult a vast number of the American people and dismiss their valid concerns in the process.

      Funded by Byrne, an “army of hackers and cybersleuths” – a cybersecurity team made up of members with backgrounds in military intelligence and federal law enforcement, which has been hired by the Texas governor to investigate irregularities in the Dallas elections of 2018 – began warning the Department of Homeland Security of the potential for fraud in the upcoming presidential election as early as August. However, it appears the warnings were downplayed and suppressed from the highest levels of the DHS. (00:36 – 3:00) (1:14 – 2:25)

      Byrne’s Twitter account was not suspended because his tweets reflected that he is an “ardent supporter of Trump.” Byrne’s Twitter account was most likely suspended due to violation of Twitter’s January 2021 Civic Integrity Policy. This policy, in contemptuous indifference to the first amendment, censors and suspends accounts whose tweets contain “… claims that could undermine faith in the (civic) process itself, such as unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results…” Byrne was suspended from Twitter, again, in an affront to the first amendment, for openly questioning the validity of the election. Period.

      You casually attempt to associate Byrne with Trump’s Capitol speech and the Capitol riots. Patrick Byrne encouraged Americans to come together in peaceful protest and condemned violence on Twitter, in his interviews, and on his website, Deep Capture. Since your article was published, Byrne has continued to condemn violence, saying, “DO NOT GO VIOLENT. WE ARE PEACEFUL, WE ARE BETTER THAN THE OTHER SIDE, AND IF WE GO VIOLENT WE LOSE.” (44:05)

      Patrick Byrne began an intimate relationship with Maria Butina due to nothing other than mutual desire. However, being a patriot with a security clearance, Byrne first asked the FBI for the okay to pursue a relationship with the Russian woman, and they gave it to him, saying they were already aware of Butina and saw her as no threat. Only later did the FBI decide to first discourage, then encourage Byrne’s relationship with Butina in order to provide their Russian collusion story with an… actual Russian. During the later phase of their relationship, the phase encouraged by the FBI, Byrne insisted to Butina that their relationship remain chaste, while pretending to the FBI that it was in fact otherwise.

      Byrne did not leave Overstock due to “rattled investors” but rather to protect the company, saying, “I’m not getting chased out. This is me ejecting. And I have to, because I’ve been warned that if I come forward to America, the apparatus of Washington is going to grind me to a dust. And that is going to happen, and I have to get that away from the company. It’s only right.” Byrne went on to speak of what seems to have been a heavy burden on his conscience, saying, “I know much more than I know is right to keep silent, so I have to come forward.”

      Warren Buffet did not encourage Patrick Byrne to pursue a relationship with Maria Butina. Buffet, a Byrne family friend, “rabbi,” and “Dutch uncle” to Patrick since childhood, encouraged Byrne to follow his conscience and come forward with his story.

      Maria Butina’s private attorney verified the relationship with her and has agreed that the details of Byrne’s story fit the timeline of her case. He considers Byrne’s conclusions about Butina to be exculpatory evidence, hidden by the government during her trial.

      Terrie Turchie, former Deputy Assistant Director, FBI Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence, has said that Byrne would have been considered an “unreported counterintelligence asset” and that, yes, the FBI does indeed “work that way.”

      US Attorney, Brett Tolman said, “When Patrick Byrne indicates that he has previously worked with the FBI and provided information, he’s telling the truth.” (1:36 – 7:20)

      I fear that you have intentionally misrepresented Patrick Byrne in favor of toeing the line of a political narrative that seeks to limit the framework within which the American people are permitted to question the electoral process. This shows a lack of journalistic integrity and is anti-democratic.

      There is far more to Dr. Byrne and his whistleblower story than I can cover here. I hope that you will review the links I have provided and use them to glean something of an understanding of who Patrick Byrne is, what he is saying, why he is saying it, and the powerful impact his insights could have on our country, if only they were reported by the media honestly.

      “If the lights go out for America, they go out for the world.” – Patrick Byrne


      Mazie Passeri

      Hospice Caregiver & Homeschooling Mother

      Pleasant Grove, UT

  5. We the governed were given a ringside seat to see not only election fraud committed as never before but the misdirection & censorship by our no longer trusted news & social media institutions.
    Patrick Byrne, your efforts gave many people a view outside that net of falsehoods & lies that has been illegally and unethically cast upon us.

    On a philosophical continuum, our government has just evolved to an authoritarian regime on the road to totalitarianism. Unlike Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” we the people have the power to change our minds and the minds of others…

  6. “who last summer slammed through a $100 million no-bid contract to install Dominion machines in Georgia”

    Not that it matters, but…

    “It was a three year process selecting the voting machines and it was not a “no-bid” contract.”

    Thanks for your efforts to help the country!
    Miss you on twitter!

    1. They can tell you it took three years to make the deal but the reality is nothing to as signed to push forward til last winter. They absolutely pushed to get the system implemented. Colorado people shared the long implementation process they endured and essentially shock threat Georgia pushed through so fast.

  7. Tensions will not simmer in this country until we know the truth based on the real and forensically audited ballots in those 4 counties. Everybody should want this. If that is done by a wholly bipartisan group and it reveals minimal fraud, people on all sides will accept it and it will show 74 million of Americans that they simply lost this time and it will help the new administration. If it is done and significant fraud is revealed, it will legitimize focusing on election reforms and will ultimately be adjudicated and remedied by the courts in line with the Constitution. Either way the audit turns out, it would strengthen our nation. We ignore this at our peril, as not doing this gives the impression that there is something to hide. Who is stopping this? Best of luck Patrick.

  8. Tensions will not simmer in this country until we know the truth based on the real and forensically audited ballots in those 4 counties. Everybody should want this. If that is done by a wholly bipartisan group and it reveals minimal fraud, people on all sides will accept it and it will show 74 million of Americans that they simply lost this time and it will help the new administration. If it is done and significant fraud is revealed, it will legitimize focusing on election reforms and will ultimately be adjudicated and remedied by the courts in line with the Constitution. Either way the audit turns out, it would strengthen our nation. We ignore this at our peril, as not doing this gives the impression that there is something to hide. Who is stopping this? Best of luck Patrick.

  9. I believe the smoke trail you mention was from a chimney, having seen the very same type of thing in Toronto with chimney stacks and the wind blowing in the right direction.

  10. It appears that Patrick Byrne’s Twitter account is off suspension … for who knows how long.

    And apparently Ron Paul’s Facebook page is also now back under his control … for now.

    RP’s Liberty Report is not currently on iHeartRadio or Spotify, but the podcast is available on TuneIn.

  11. Is it possible to petition president Trump for taking action in securing the elections? Ordinary people in the society are no match to the deep state. No chance of winning otherwise. They run psychological operations all the time and it’s too easy to deceive people, whether on the right or left. Perhaps, you can create a petition and ask the public to sign. You are high profile enough to get it off the ground in a few days. The world would be a very dark place for God knows how many centuries if the president doesn’t do anything to address the fraud or secure the elections.

  12. Patrick, are you on telegram? I’m following an account claiming to be you: Easy to just find it by searching your name. Anyway, if you could verify to dispel any possible disinformation.
    Hope you’re feeling better after your covid encounter.

  13. Patrick, excellent interview with Dave Rubin. I have a side question. You invested in Elio Motors a couple of years ago. Nothing has transpired since then & Elio is essentially a dead website (with many people’s deposits basically disappearing like a fart in the wind). Care to comment on this in a future blog post?

  14. Hi Patrick! It’s so nice to find you here. I was a Twitter follower of yours and was following what I had hoped was you on telegram. That’s the link to the account it has close to 51k followers. Quite frankly once the word is out that you have account on telegram it would spread like wildfire and you would have that many or more followers if you started a new one.
    My other concern is aren’t you afraid someone will find you in Utah now that you’ve left the Trump Hotel? I think everyone who has helped the President is at risk. Please be careful. Thank you for helping our country in this fight for integrity.

  15. Patrick, you are a real patriot and hero. I believe you and will write Lee as soon as I finish this. We citizens want and expect editorial integrity…but where can we find it? If/when Parler is back on line, will you join it?

  16. The only way out of this dark hour in our country, nay, in the world, will come through those who have the deep courage and unwavering will to stand firmly for truth, transparency, and unwavering integrity to self and to the world. For it is surely these beloved Patrick, who will shine the light of freedom in all of the dark and hidden places, and who will finally awaken the sleeping peoples of the world from their hypnotized slumber. Thank you for being one such great soul, May God watch over you and protect you always.

    1. Amen to that! That is such a beautiful and true sentiment. God bless Patrick and everyone in this world with such integrity and bravery in their blood and soul.

  17. The SLTrib, owned by Paul Huntsman, who also is on the board of American Pacific Corp, and specialty chemicals business with many military governmental ties, and significant business with China. A perfect private sector associate of the Deep State.

    Top Trading Partners of American Pacific

    No wonder his paper touts the lies that the election fraud claims are “bizarre.”

  18. I have grown quite weary of “journalists” fabricating stories based on questionable sources. The moment I read that information came from unnamed, anonymous sources supposidly fearing retribution I stop taking it seriously. I can churn out hundreds of stories myself using the land of make believe as my inspiration. Now when I see anonymous sources cited, I apply my own Twitter-ish warning that says FAKE NEWS.

  19. I’ve just read through your posts for hours; that the election was rigged by foreign governments is obvious given the evidence. Your behind-the-scenes look at what transpired from the election through the present is one for which I very grateful. Thank you. It is devastating that Trump did not keep fighting for the American people by following the course of action outlined by Flynn, Powell, and yourself.

    A quick note of a typo in Sidney’s last name in your post above:

    “The only cases that have availed themselves of our evidence has been the four cases that Sidney **Power** has filed with the US Supreme Court, which have yet to see rulings.”

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