A PEACEFUL Way to Resolve This Crisis

              Over the lat couple of decades, as townships, counties, and states have been pitched on the virtues of electronic voting systems over the tools of Stone Age democracy (where voting was done on paper ballots with simple mechanical machines). The pitches all came with one promise: “There will always be a paper ballot fail-safe, so in the event of a broken election you can always just open the boxes and count the ballots!” I would respectfully suggest that whatever foresight caused election officials in years past to extract that commitment, whatever threshold of election uncertainty they envisioned might someday occur requiring that a measure be taken to give the public confidence in an election result…whatever that point is, has surely been breached.

              Because of that fact, since November 15 I have imagined a way to resolve this quickly, with little-to-no insult to the Constitution (and far less than all alternatives routes, including “doing nothing”):

  1. Under Executive Order 13848, a president has the power to find that there is evidence of foreign involvement in a domestic election. Within days of this election enough was already known (e.g., my cyber-comrades had already traced packet traffic between Dominion and Frankfurt, Serbia, and Pakistan) that would have justified President Trump (with no declaration of Martial Law or use of the Insurrection Act) signing a statement that he had seen enough to activate that Executive Order, and therefore:
    1. He was going to send a  federal force (National Guard, DHS) in to take control of the paper ballots in six disputed counties and count them livestream, such to be completed in 3-5 days.
    1. Set up a website where people at home could browse in and watch those six key counties be recounted. Of course, YouTube already has all of the technology built: the federal forces moving into each counting operation would simply set up some cameras and start piping up through live-feeds as they counted what we as a country were promised: a 100% integrity failsafe. Paper ballots. Remember, that was the promise that came with the machines: “In the event of a broken election you can always just open the boxes and count the paper ballots!” So why not do it? A well-managed National Guard force could have comfortably completed this assignment in 3 days, 5 at the outside.
      1. If upon completion of this exercise, if there were not significant disparities in these 6 states (or even the 6 key counties within them that are at the heart of all of these strife), then President Trump would call it a day.
      1. If, on the other hand, this exercise did unearth significant disparities, President Trump would have a choice to make.
  • If large irregularities were found in those six counties, President Trump would have had two routes (one better than the other, I feel):
    • THE NOT SO GOOD ROUTE: Take the irregularities found by such a recount, and bring them to the Courts or the States, and fight to have them reverse earlier certifications and thus gain a second term  (with what half the Country would feel was underhanded decision of a Court or a State legislatures).
    • THE SMARTER ROUTE: If the six counties showed mass irregularities, then have the National Guard step in and re-run the election nationally. 50 states. Give them 30 -45 days days to set it up and run it. Paper only. If you want to vote by absentee ballot, National Guard will come to your home and hand you a paper ballot that you fill out and give back to them. Again, all counting to be done on livestreams from each precinct or tabulation center.


  1. Would it not be injurious to the Constitution to involve federal officers, let alone uniform-wearing National Guard, in the democratic process? I answer: Yes. It is also injurious to the Constitution to have a Presidential election doubted by roughly 47% of the population. The National Guard are (as the advertisement says) our neighbors, our relatives, our co-workers, our Citizen Soldiers. In fact, at the moment I cannot think of a federal body that (essentially) all of us could trust, more than we do the National Guard.
  • Would this have thrown off the timing of Presidential succession as envisioned in the Constitution? It need not have.  For one thing, the 20th Amendment (ratified in 1033) stipulates that one presidential term ends and another begins on January 20 (no matter the day of the week of the inauguration year in question).  Other than that January 20 date, the Constitution is silent. There is a January 6 date to be concerned with but it is not in the Constitution, and sliding that would not have been nearly so grievous a matter as the January 20 date. That said, here is how the timing would have looked (in increasing order of insult to the Constitution):
  •  If by November 20 the National Guard had been told to recount the ballots, they would have finished by November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving Day). If they documented large irregularities,  the National Guard could have re-run the national election over the following 40 days (again, livestreaming the paper ballot counting), and had an answer the nation could trust by January 5. No insult to the January 6 date by which Congress accepted the results.
  • In by December 15, had the National Guard had been instructed to recount the 6 counties, we would have had an answer by December 20. If large irregularities had been found,  the National Guard would have been able to rerun the national election and have its answer by (with a big effort) a few days before January 20. Again, little to no injury to the Constitution would have been sustained.
  • If by January 5 the president had used his authority under the EO 13848 to have the National Guard (or FBI/DHI) do a livestream recount of paper ballots for 6 counties, and it showed large irregularities, then re-running a national election using the National Guard would have brought some small insult to the Constitution, as it may not have been finished until February 15-22. That would still have left time for certification of electors and Congressional acceptance and Inauguration before the end of February. Again, some insult to the Constitution would have been sustained (a delay of 4-5 weeks in the presidential transition), but that would have been a slight abrasion compared to the broken leg with which the Constitution is going to crawl away if things continue on their course (roughly half of a population feeling that this election was rigged).
  • Why didn’t President Trump take this peaceful, clarifying course? He could have on his own, but I suspect he was hoping for DNI Ratcliffe to bring in a finding that found just foreign interference. Ratcliffe was supposed to deliver that report on December 18, but was stalled by his own Intelligence Community (not one of whom would sit and review with us the evidence we had already dug up). At the end, DNI Ratcliffe delivered a report to Congress on January 7, minutes after the certification was complete: in it, he voiced a muted dissent from the conclusion that had been reached by the IC (which, I repeat, had failed to ask to speak to a single one of our cyber-sleuths or witnesses or providers of affidavits, even though many of those involved were ex-feds themselves and highly conversant with the need for clearcut evidence).
  • What should President Trump do now? Is there a peaceful resolution possible?

A couple evenings before Christmas I spent 4.5 hours with the President and a handful of others. One of the strangest aspects of it was how warm and gentle he was, nothing like the blustering man we have been told ad nauseum inhabits the White House. He even acknowledged knowing that I had not voted for him, and was doing this out of a sense of civic duty: he was quite gentlemanly about it. One of the most touching moments came when he turned and said quietly to me, “You know something Pat?  If I lost this fair and square, then come January 20 I would be perfectly content to walk to the helicopter, fly away, and just spend my days playing golf and enjoying my friends. I don’t need this. But how can I do that if this is a stolen election? How can I, with the oath I swore to the Constitution, just walk away and let them steal it?” He seemed sincere and heartfelt; in fact, he seemed anguished. I understood his dilemma, and I wish I could have thrown an arm around his shoulders and let him know he was right to feel such a dilemma.

Yet that dilemma is what argues for the solution that I propose above. One way or another, America could have her answer and could go forward in confidence without a civil war. All other solutions leave half the nation feeling cheated.


For some reason General Counsel Pat Cippollone thought this discussion was an egregious affront to our republic. We asked him to explain why, and every objection he raised was quickly shot down.

“Never in American history has there been that kind of a challenge to an election!” Thundered Cippollone. Flynn responded, “Never in American history has there been a situation like this,  with tabulation centers being shut down for three hours, with foreigners connecting to our equipment, …..” and so on.

“The press will crucify you,” predicted Pat Cipollone. Sidney responded: “What do you think they’re doing now?”

“He does not have the authority to do it!” Cipollone thundered. Sidney rejoined, “Actually he does, Pat: look at EO 13848 (and something else signed by Obama). He without question has that authority.” President Trump seemed perplexed, and asked if it were true. Sidney whipped out EO 13848 and showed him the relevant language. Trump read it for 45 seconds, saw Sidney was telling the truth, looked at Cipollone and more or less said, “Why haven’t you even told me about this, Pat?”

After half-a-dozen of such frivolous objections from the White House General Counsel, Mike and I looked at each other dumbstruck. Mike grew calm and silent, his brow knit in bafflement. Finally I calmly announced to the room: “This is the most surreal meeting I have ever attended.” That is also when I told the President tthat I could have several staffers com in within 30 minutes, and vouch that Cipollone had been telling all staffers since November 4, “Just get the President to concede. Just get him into trtansition mode…”

Flynn got to his feet and faced the three standing lawyers. In a measured tone of voice, he asked of the three lawyers, “Let’s get something clear. What do you think happened on November 3? Do you think was a fair election? Nothing unusual about it?”

The three lawyers looked down, stuck their toes in the dirt, glanced at each other out of the corners of their eyes, and would not give an answer.

From that point forward(perhaps an hour into the meeting), the meeting was focused on ironing out the approaches I have described. Mutating them, adopting one or another, working through who would do what, whom to use, whom to notify, Sidney’s appointment as a White House Special Counsel, etc. By 12:10 AM it was all done and sealed. Elated, Mike, Sidney, another of Sidney’s lawyers, and myself walked out of the White House seeing that a path towards a peaceful resolution of these matters had been achieved. Sidney said to me as we walked home: “Believe it or not, Patrick, this is not about Trump for me. I can accept whoever wins. It just has to be a fair election.” We all went to bed thinking the country had chosen such a course.

The next morning Sidney was told that getting an office in the White House was proving inconvenient. Sidney said, “Well then I need a White House pass, so I can come and go.” Again she was told this was proving tough….. And over the following 48 hours the entire agreed-upon course of action had dissolved. And Pat Cipollone leaked to the New York Times that the discussion has been about martial law and Insurrection Act (which it specifically had not: as Sidney had sown President Trump, all the authority he needed to run that National Guard recount of six counties was already in EO 13848).


  1. Tuesday morning, January 12, the President should decide that he has suspicions that EO 13848 have been implicated, and order the National Guard to do  a livestream recount of the relevant 6 counties, directing them to have an answer by Friday-Saturday (January 16-17).
  2. Trump mightconsider saying, No matter what the answer, I will not serve a second term. That way the public can know that I am not doing this out of selfishness, but simply because our republic cannot take sweeping this under the rug. If the quick recount of 6 counties establishes that there have been large irregularities, than the National Guard does re-run the election, but let Trump choose Pence if he wants, or someone else, to run. Or Trump can stand again for Pressident, but as I said…. I had the sense of a man who would be just as happy to walk away as not, if only he could find some graceful resolution such as I describe.

Yes, this plan has costs. It gives us a few more days of uncertainty (more if they turn up the irregularities I believe they are going to discover). To be balanced against that, of course, is our interest in avoiding a civil war, or even, having a president from either party serving through four years with legitimacy is doubted: it is too crippling for any president.

If this proposal had been adopted on that December 23 meeting and then not torpedoed over that Christmas weekend, we would have had a good answer by January 1. A big chunk of rubber would have been taken out of the center of equation. If the paper ballots backed up the reported votes in those six counties, then Trump would have done his duty and (I am quite confident) would have jauntily walked to Marine 1 on January 20.

On the other hand, if such a livestreamed recount by the National Guard in those 6 counties turned up irregularities such as I strongly suspect, then this nation could be having a different conversation. Of course delaying a swearing in of a new President into sometime in February would have been upsetting to some, but assuming that path was only taken after a livestream recount of the six counties showed large irregularities, opponents would not really have had a leg to stand on.

For the record, there was one scenario I proposed he avoid: it would not do to wait until January 6, have the Congressional situation go against him, and then start exploring these options. It would be too much like a sore loser to let the results become official, and then take some such extraordinary measure to unravel them.

I believe that because the President should immediately go ahead and order the National Guard to livestream-recount six counties to determine if large irregularities occurred, and if they have, call a new election to be run by the National Guard in 30-40 days. But because he waited beyond January 6, he should consider pulling himself out of the running in favor of Pence or another of his designation. That would show America he was doing it for the right reasons; it would allow America to go forward under a president elected in a clean, trustworthy election…. And President Trump could get back to his golf and his friends, secure in the knowledge that in the way out he did more to expose election perfidy and reestablish the integrity of our elections than any President in history.

NB I drafted this in frustration tonight and want to get it out. It has not had my customary editing, rewriting etc. Reserving the right to get up in the morning and touch it up. Also, I am going to risk tweeting this: I wonder if offering peaceful resolution to such a massive problem violates the Twitter Terms & Conditions.

  1. this is the first time i have lost faith in your opinion the last few weeks. there is absolutely no reason for trump to not serve a second term if he won the vote??? if he won legit it is not important what the dems think-they will know- the truth. then to suggest pence goes in is simply a way to allow the deep state to steal the election again. absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

    1. Agree. If evidence of fraud exists then Trump must keep his oath to protect our Constitutional Republic and invoke EO. Pence not an option.

      1. Over the last couple of days, I have started losing my faith in Patrick. I thought that his opinion was of a very few that we could trust. Not so sure now.

        1. Agree. If Trump walks away from this he will forever be seen as a coward. I know he’s fought a lot of fights but this is the only one that really matters. Most of the other ones didn’t matter that much… Where will he stand when the chips are down?

      2. 😿Please don’t give up on us” I say to those in powerful positions,..help us to see it through in upholding the sacred Constitution that has clearly proven historically to be the path of Truth thus creating the most powerful country in the world …and bring forth with strength honor and courage your heart to lead us out of this darkness. Where there is darkness SHINE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH! My prayers are with each and every family member of the Human Race!
        Blessings, Kathy Quam


      4. I read this article on March 9, 2021. Never have I felt so discouraged since the morning of November 4, when I woke up to an obvious disturbance in the force, to my shock and dismay. Still, I will soldier on, as we all must, with hope that the core of the republic can withstand the desecrations of the Communicrats until wiser actors can put things back on track. If I am wrong, and the damage is irreparable by peaceful means, then soldiering on will acquire a different meaning as the tree of liberty will require its primal sustenance.

        I have a question: How was Cipollone able to persuade Trump to not pursue EO 13848?

    2. Agreed, I was thinking the same thing. Pence betrayed Trump, he had every right to send back the electoral votes to be re-certified in the states which had discrepancies. That is his duty on January 6th, to make sure what the state legislatures submit seem original in form and valid, it is why those words are read in congress on January 6th before officially certifying what each state submits, because if they do not seem original in form or valid they are not accepted. it is the whole purpose of having debates and objections regarding the certified votes from each state, or else what is the point of debating if Pence cannot reject them? HIs job is not to just simply count the votes as many people have said, it is only because such a lack in confidence of the election has not occurred since the late 1800’s that many people do not realize this duty which Pence had on January 6th. Along with the four letters sent from state legislatures including from Pennsylvania which essentially outlined the faults they discovered after certification and asked congress to send back their certified votes to be re-certified, their letters were ignored. In my opinion, if further investigation proves (and I’m sure it will) that President Trump was right the whole time and had won the election, then Biden should step down and apologize for not supporting the ballots to be forensically investigated, which already proves that Biden does not truly believe he won the election honestly. If Biden believed that he won fairly he would have supported the ballots to be investigated to make Trump look bad to the world when the investigation was complete, which also would have avoided all the chaos the doubt has caused in this election. In my opinion, if Trump takes office again as President, Pence does not deserve to even serve as VP anymore

      1. Right on. but Biden KNOWS he didn’t win, that is why he is being forced to go full CCP. Nothing is more dangerous than a criminal after they have been exposed.

        1. Agreed, that said, I belive things needed to happen this way. Biden is blowing through EO’s like a wild fire, throwing out anything good with the “bad” in the process. It looks like fear, incompetence, hate mongering and senseless behavior all rolled into one. This over good policy and the good of our nation. It takes nothing into account for it’s citizens. From Biden to Congress on down to Governors and Mayors… the deep state have all proved Trump to be (right). Pandemic? Economy?Trump said that this would “all just disappear one day”. Even as Biden speaks with fork-toungue during this ‘dark winter’. Their narcissistic actions will be left responsible for the economy. It is important that in a recent poll, only 11% of our country is in support and satisfied with what Biden has done in the recent 20 days. The people needed to see first hand the Dems agenda in contrast to their words. Trudeau in Canada is said to be reaping the backlash of unemployment and anger from it’s people due to the pipeline travesty. People need to live this. Fools that refused to listen and learn. Biden, is NOT the President. He is the interim of a perpetrated hoax and costly mistake of this nations citizens. Going forward, I don’t believe the rediculos Impeachment of a now, assumed private citizen, will occur. If it does, it will have accomplished more than keeping Trump from a 2024, second term. It will have set a precedent that allows impeachment of any private citizen to have held an office. It’s madness. I move to impeach Obama the minute this occurs! It will have become possible.
          In closing, I ask: What does one do when an opponent is destroying itself? (Nothing for the moment.) Let it be seen by all, along with the mistakes that pile up when one, or all concerned in that scheme of things; makes while in fear and on display. Brilliant is the fact that Trump IS NOT at the helm for the moment. We will see the MSM keep him in THEIR narrative. They have cut all access of free speech media to tell “two sides of every story”, Yet continue to air the Trump derrangement version. Just as it was quoted. PBS is airing a twisted version this week, just to have a scapegoatMeanwhile, the issues of fraud are finally in the court(s) as we speak. The outcome of Arizona will prove monumental. I myself have called their Senators office and given my mind. I hope everyone here continues to get directly involved in the same way. Support is still critical. Just because you don’t see it does not mean it’s not in evidence under the microscope. Trump is not down. He isn’t even technically out. Keep fighting the good fight people. Several things have to; are happening.

    3. Patrick’s heart is in the right place, I believe. That being said, Trump won the election. The people chose their next President. Therefore, any outcome that is not Trump is to disenfranchise the People and undermine the Constitution. The simple-minded sheep who have been duped are no excuse for undermining the law. Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

    4. Well Joe your right but I never had faith in Patrick. This article sucks and shows he has NO backbone!!! There is no peaceful way to resolve this but truth must prevail and the darkness brought to light! I just wasted the last 20 minutes reading this cowards crap!

      1. The man took the time to put his considerable experience and intelligence to the task of writing what he thinks might be an answer to the incredible mess this country is in. Lana, would you please take a comparable amount of time out of your life and write a solution that we can all spend 20 minutes reading? I’m serious. If you’re not ready to spread courage and clear thinking, then please refrain from throwing fear all over the rest of us.

      2. The man took the time to put his considerable experience and intelligence to the task of writing what he thinks might be an answer to the incredible mess this country is in. Lana, would you please take a comparable amount of time out of your life and write a solution that we can all spend 20 minutes reading? I’m serious. If you’re not ready to spread courage and clear thinking, then please refrain from throwing fear all over the rest of us.

    5. If Trump won he won if Trump lost he lost….
      No Pence….
      Dems are Not the party for America..
      Watching New Zealand 🇳🇿

    6. I agree. There shouldn’t be any forfeit if he legitimately won. Too many people are resisting a legal count. There is something really wrong with that.

    7. Pat I Commend you for standing up and revealing YOUR experience within a “broken & corrupt” system. However, just like President Trump, you did not realize the size & scope of “The Cabal” until you were up to your waist in it. Corruption that had DECADES to entrench & expand globally while “WE THE PEOPLE” were too busy being distracted within this “Illusion” called life. Trump cannot simply walk away to enjoy “Golf & Friends”. They would destroy him, his family & everything he has built. Trump NEVER Quits. He is a “counter-puncher” and firmly believes in “an eye for an eye”.

      My Hypothesis (pardon grammar & spelling. Can’t find glasses): What if he already has EVERYTHING? Hard evidence of Treason & Sedition that started in 2018? Keep in mind that Real investigations DO NOT LEAK. But how? Why did he create “Space Force”, A new branch of Our Constitutional-Backed Military? To Fight Galactic Warfare? THINK CYBERSPACE! Look at everyone he has currently in place. Look at their backgrounds. The days of Spies & Operators have been replaced by Advanced Technology & Cyber Operations. A small skilled team can remotely cripple a country with a few laptops and internet access. We have the power to clearly see the date of a quarter lying on the ground from space. Look at what Italy was able to do in regards to OUR election with the Leonardo Satellites. Think AI & Quantum Computing. Has anyone seen trumps New Executive Order on Micro-Nuclear Reactors? A reactor the size of your microwave that powers the Propulsion of Nautical & Space Vessels (TR-3B)?

      This is all about the control of Digital Information & Surveillance. We learned after 911 That the NSA has everyone’s digital artifacts monitored, recorded and stored, but is this Constitutional? No. But under the right circumstance like a “National Emergency”, the Constitution allows The President to legally utilize OUR Military to Suppress Any & All Threats To Our Constitutional Republic. Those who knowingly or Willingly violate their Constitutional Oath lose all their rights. How are enemy combatants handled? Quickly & without public notice.

      I believe This was & is a Sting Operation to reinstall & secure Our Constitution-Based Republic for Many years to come. A small form of Government The Framers Truly Intended. A one party system that gives WE THE PEOPLE The True Power To Live Free, UNITED Under GOD.

      Many more Americans are aware of the Irregularities than we think. MSM & Big Tech Controls What 90% of Americans see & hear. They are NOT bound by an Oath & are the last to be dealt with. We are watching basically a movie. There are actors, those corrupt & those still asleep. This will end with a complete media blackout, a message & a few days of streamed evidence showing who did what and when. Seriously, does anyone think we would go forward and become part of the EU? Have a President that hid in his basement most of the campaign? It takes Research and the Will to see things logically.

      As a society we were lulled into a daily regimen. We were distracted & kept divided. This Infiltration happened many decades ago. It could not of been a quick solution without civil unrest. This should be over soon. Look again to Trump’s Executive Orders. Look on the department of Energy’s website. Do a little digging and you will see that we have Quantum Computing and Plasma Reactors. Remember who Trumps Uncle was? The Navy Vet who reviewed Nicola Tesla’s Papers and then went on to run MIT’s Physics department for 25 years?

      It’s all there. I pray that this is it. It has to be!
      Stay Strong, Stay Safe & God Bless America‼️

    1. After reading your article, I felt sick. With your description of that meeting and the circumstances that followed, I understand, maybe more than most. What an absolutely terrible and frustrating position for President Trump, you, Sydney Powell and General Flynn have been placed. All of your and their loyalty and integrity is to be respected and gives hope, however, the Cippollone’s betrayal along with others close to him is much more than disheartening. It sounds like President Trump’s mistake was trusting Cippollone and not listening to you all in time to prevent being undermined by members of his own staff.
      Sounds like the 2nd mistake was relying on the Intel Community (IC) to complete an honest foreign interference assessment WITHOUT any real criminal investigative effort.

      What was the methodology used to make and write the assessment? It appears that, like the courts, the “analysts” who wrote and the executives who approved the 45 day assessment never reviewed or considered all available evidence to effectively substantiate their final conclusions and judgements with any degree of confidence. How the hell could they have made any reasonable or educated analysis without interviewing you Giuliani, Powell, Lin Wood, or any of the cyber forensic or statistical analysis experts and other witnesses who could testify about Dominion or other allegations brought forward. It sounds like there was no real investigation by the FBI or DOJ, just a bunch of analysts brainstorming and “assessing” what they they researched, and developed a “reasonable belief” as to what might have occurred. I know from experience and understand how that happens. They simply didn’t give Ratcliffe the evidence he and Trump felt they needed to justify execution of the E.O. and evocation of the Insurection Act? Time ran out to make that invocation and declare Marshal law, where such declaration would undoubtedly lead to a mass casualty civil war. I can’t see President Trump risking that. He has a terrible decision to make, literally, between the lesser of two terrible evils. He was BETRAYED by everyone in the swamp, even those closest to him in the White House he thought he could trust. There will undoubtedly be civil unrest either way he decides, but he must do what’s best to save the country. Tell him not to worry about the 80 million patriots and military personnel who support him, we’re willing to sacrifice and weather the storm and try not to hurt the other side too much. Do what’s best to save the country. There’s not much time left. God will guide him and all of us.

      1. Thank you for writing exactly how I feel. Your conclusion is EXACTLY correct and I pray President Trump will press on. WE THE PEOPLE want our country back.

        1. thanks for posting this. i remember guiliani saying things will be happening fast after Christmas so what you say does make sense, if this was going to be the plan.
          If Trump doesn’t follow through with this now then that’s a huge disappointment & probably will make most of what he did the last 4 years almost pointless since its all going to be undone & we’re going to be in same place actually probably worse place than we started at..
          to think he’d let em get away with this is very disappointing

        2. Thank you, Patrick, for sharing the facts of the meeting with the President. I read all the comments. It is a true confession – I recall reading the novel by Leon Uris titled Man – out of print for obvious reasons, i.e. it contextualized the Impeachment scenario (of the Clinton time). I thought it would end there. Now they have made it a habit.

          You three opened the window they were covering. Let me put it to you in another way. “One of the most touching moments came when he turned and said quietly to me” Your eyes met. Here is the Mills of God – Iron Lady – Maggi Thatcher); “Actually he does, Pat: look at EO 13848 (and something else signed by Obama). He without question has that authority.” This is where the deception got un-masked. He signed it in September 2018 and somebody made him forget or just too much work. Hmmm, this is what they are using (doing) and that is one side of it oh yes it covers two. I don’t want to go too much into when he realized it because I feel like Screaming like in the song Child in Time (Deep Purple). I am not even an American – I am a Planner, I am a Patriot and I am putting together an innovation abandoned/failed by my fellow countrymen billionaire (Loon project) – due to lack of insight, etc. more about that later as this is important. At the moment my heart cries out for the President, you, Sydney and Gen. Mike – what a tormenting position to be in.

          Mike Pompeo should have been where he started at the top without moving on to Foreign Policy the outcome would have favoured the President I guess. But he wanted somebody on the China Policy. Yet China secured interest in Sri Lanka aligning for the Biden victory – and during the election count in 2020 elections, they also stopped in the night…sorry man I just identified something else.

          Before January 6th the president announce for his supporters to come to DC and added ‘it is going to be wild’ – He either knew about the exploitation or didn’t. But the words were well balanced and laid out at the speech. Three sides are working simultaneously. Impeachment, total slander of MAGA with setting up words for the persecution of all the signatories etc. President’s communication channels are closed. But they should not have the spin going out of control to keep at it because he is stepping aside. So they want widespread conflict also using words to trigger legal ramifications to have it spinning more in all directions of the interests groups. Just about everybody is saying words such as God, the Flag, God Bless America and I am surprised that nobody is forgiving. Also, the President is used to normalize the havoc created by them. So what are they covering here? The ‘Power of Forgiveness’. And why is the president not saying that? Ok. Ok. Here is what I recommend we got to find- find, I got it – something that is effective and also includes the DC and there has to be at least a minimum of two scriptures.

          Pat, you got a few Buddha statues in your living room, right? Also, there is a picture ‘Sacred Heart’ of Jesus – you don’t have it at home but you have seen it.
          In Abhidhamma the Buddha’s sermon to the gods’ state ‘There are 12 mindsets directly connected to the heart where the most sensitive defining qualities of our human nature are embodied’. Now all five of you including the President and the First Lady are tormented by the situation concerning the Oath taken by the President and you being patriots.I will give you one Scripture. First I have to run past a few things which I do not want to put down here at the moment. I want to speak to you. Please give me a call on telegram @Outback101 – It is 6.00 AM here in Australia. I am going to get some sleep for about 4 hours or so.
          Blessings of the Triple Gem and may God be with you and with your followers.
          I am Tired.

      2. I AGREE. Doing nothing is the worst option. Then the Republic is lost. We can weather the storm. Whatever it takes to get the evidence presented. Military Tribunals? The only caveat is does Trump still have support of the Military to do this? Evil runs deep.

    2. I agreed all the way until you said Pence step in. But it needs addressed & resolved. Cheating can’t be rewarded, what does this teach our young people and what does it say about the adults. The resolution is not impeachment, this just adds to a divide in this Country and unwillingness of fair & lawful judgement. I trust your heart is in the right place Patrick. None of us encourage or condone violent behavior by anyone. But the world watched this fraudulent election/accusations of such just be brushed off and no investigation or any questions asked. This screams weakness to our allies and lack of trust. But most importantly, any request of unity falls on deaf ears when you’ve done nothing productive but blame the President without allowing him even a defense. So here we go again….YOUR SOLUTION…impeach. Thanks for nothing. Shameful injustice.

  2. Thanks for laying this out…Feel sorry for a man who is the best President ever but surrounded by corruption and traitors around him

  3. Very surprised by this post Patrick.

    To ask him to give in and give up.

    The problem with evil is, each time we ignore it or just let it go, we are in effect giving it our approval.

    1. Have you been taking heavy drugs??? You think the left or the CCP would ever let him walk away??? You’re crazy

      1. this is not about trump. do you think it would have been different if any republican were elected? left have just moved on and mobilized to get to this level. they were reaady. trump should have sent in national guard EVERY time antifa burned thing.

        they break the law. trump “breaks the law”. they file a suit. he says ok, sorry… let them take his “overreach” cases to court. he would have been even more popular. with the couple of things he said… and mainly just his style of doing so waas an easy target. CCP controls some politicians. people are forgetting that not all antifa/blm is controlled. people actually BELIEVE in communism. we are a country of 330 million. if only a million TRULY believes… how may goons can you have? plenty.

  4. I think the president (unfortunately) chose the other route — legal challenge and state legislatures and all failed. Of course, some suggested that he might have some other plan — an ace up his sleeve. But at this point I am afraid that was more of a fantasy. It’s a sad day for the republic.

    1. May God hear our cries of mercy and put His angels around all those who are working to save our freedoms for our future generations. God bless America!

  5. Wow… I hope he does something before the 20th. I had been hoping he would have already done this. I pray for this country as its divide will never come together again without something being done.

      1. i hope you are right. but given biden’s history of plagiarism and democrat’s current attitudes do you really think ANYTHING will get done? When they havae the audacity to continue shredding the ballots…

        they will get a slap on their wrist and walk away smiling. they played us all.

  6. Pat, have faith my friend.and pray…i to want that which God birthed in this nation to survive..what is will be…Tyler

  7. If you received agreement from the President that this is what was to happen after the 23rd of December and it subsequently did not happen, then did President Trump change his mind or was the Presidential directive simply ignored and/or not followed? Would not such actions on the part of subordinates in the executive branch constitute treason against the Constitution in addition to being rank insubordination?

    1. Forget about the Constitution. Forget about the legal definition of crime. Forget about what is legally possibly or required. From now on, there will be a communist order ruling America:

      Law has nothing to do with anything written on the paper. Whatever that serves the empowerment of the communistic order of the country, at the moment, is legal; and whatever that does not, isn’t.

      You argue about the Constitution as if there exists some Constitution somewhere, actually.

    1. Trump can’t serve forever anyway. Who is in office after Trump in 4 years? What matters most is the election process.

    2. Me too. Its 4am and I can’t even sleep after reading it. I don’t think many people read Patrick’s chilling Final Solution. If they read it and are not alarmed, then I’m speechless.

  8. Pat, that’s an F on The Art of War, and we are, and have been at war with the cabal. Trump heard all your advice and didn’t take it. Do you imagine you are smarter than him?

    The full course through Congress KNOWINGLY ILLEGALLY CERTIFYING BIDEN was necessary so that none escape the prosecutions coming. Trump needed to see the full board of allies and enemies. Moreover, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Capitol “break in” was planned by our SpecOps who were all through the crowds and elsewhere with the goal of seizing physical intel assets.

    The goal is not the election. That’s a foregone victory for Trump. The goal is the destruction of the cabal in this country.

    1. Absolutely! However I do not think Trump anticipated the extent of the backlash from the break in. It has been breathtaking.
      Still, he has the evidence he need both on Foreign Interference in our election AND treason among elected officials and 3-letter agencies to pull the trigger. Should happen before this weekend IMO (most likely Wednesday or Thursday).
      I don’t know if Trump wants to see what he House impeachment vote looks like first.

    2. I’ll answer for Patrick. Yes, he is smarter than any of the people in that room when it comes to systems. Sadly, the President is probably computer illiterate and Sydney admitted she is a wordsmith and not a math minded person. The crux of what Patrick found all lies in an area that very few people age 60 or over are all that familiar with. Some are but they don’t work in the White House if they have Patrick’s level of skill.

      Trump probably never had three bright, honest people giving him a well thought out plan before that night. He only really knew Mike Flynn who most likely filled in some blanks. Unfortunately the President agreed to go ahead and the person who is now on the hot seat is Sydney who didn’t know the President had heard from someone else, another of the swamp people on his own payroll. She is now facing a billion dollar lawsuit filed by Dominion.

      So there are different areas to be smart in and unfortunately the President doesn’t really have a clue when it comes to system design and as a result he needed what he was so fortunately given in the form of Patrick, Sydney and Mike Flynn. All four of those people knew that in order to clean up the swamp this system had to be fixed and quickly and yet it was the President’s choice to somewhat slowly return to Rudi Giuliani who also seems to be computer and systems illiterate and it showed when he was tossing pieces of paper around.

      I think you owe Patrick an apology. How could you expect people like the President and Giuliani to fix what they didn’t really understand was broken? Common sense was what they had but that would never have been enough.

      I for one am very grateful for Patrick doing what he did and I hope all of his work will be preserved maybe not in this country but so that as time goes by someone equally honest and brilliant will be able to at least write the history of what happened so that others can learn.

  9. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda!
    What next?

    Everyone who has given money and support to Donald Trump will essentially be hunted by the repressive left if Trump does not turn this over to the military before Jan 20 imho.

    With that said, we know that we shall enter captivity according to scripture. Not trying to get religious on anyone, but it is written and it could be where we are at.

    Personally I am praying for this president, for our conservative colleagues, and for our country. We need to be ready for the worst, but God protects his own.

    Now Patrick please review my site for how to combat censorship. You are tooooo difficult to get a word to. Thanks…Dave

    1. Is there a way to contact you directly. The solution for this is so simple that a couple of coders could put this together, with the already developed open source pieces, in a week or two. The even better part is the the core of the system can be used for hundreds of other use cases.

      I would like to discuss this with you further if you are so inclined.

  10. Pat, I’ve listened to all of your interviews and found you to be credible, but to say Trump should concede even after proving he won, is utter hogwash. The American people need to see the evidence of fraud, then even his biggest adversaries won’t have a leg to stand on.

  11. Pence? LOL! Are you serious? Yikes.
    No wonder Trump didn’t trust you, lol. Confirmed my suspicions, Byrne.

  12. The only way to win this conflict now is the start a social network, use the burgeoning NFT/Blockchain scene sprouting on twitter at the moment and begin a social network that bootstraps the Ethereum network that is currently spawning a huge scene of art/collecting/gaming that will change the United States commercially. I am an artist myself but I choose to be anon. Patrick, if a social network was developed that bootstrapped Ethereum’s web 3 advancements, it would render twitter and facebook useless since this would be an augmented version and ultimately better than those before it.

    I write this to you because I am also a patriot and cannot reveal myself due to the artistic community constantly searching for non liberals. They have made attempts to derail other artists and I intend to remain private because I feel I can be more of use in the future to save freedom on the internet. I see no other clear path then to use blockchain technology to undo Google, Facebook and Twitter collusion and I believe if done correctly we can win this conflict quick and fast.

    1. You are exactly right. We have lost our government, election and voice (big tech). We need to take our power back and Block Chain is the way.

      Seriously, for a few 100k, right now we could have a BC economic system up and running globally, that would compete directly with Twitter, Itunes, Spodify, Kendal, Netflix, Hulu, FB, Youtube, TicTok, Instagram, or any digital content.

      Without a “middle man”. Meaning you could rent a movie with your credit card or other form of payment or currency that you choose, for say $3 and have direct access. The publisher would instantly get 90% of the sale in what ever currency they choose with the other 10% going to the security and maintenance of the system. Same thing for music, games, software, art, podcasts, ebooks, videos, postings, discussions, ect… ect… Best part is ALL of the system is open source and not owned by anyone… It is maintained by the people who use the system. There is no owner or stock holders to answer too. A open market place for everyone to use around the world.

      Our power is in our spending and in our habits. Right now companies like Amazon, Twitter and FB own all of it because WE give it to them. It is time we have a truly “Public” option.

      But support is needed to get this off the ground…..

  13. I believe the American people want President Trump to serve a second term. I don’t believe they will accept Pence in his place as most feel betrayed by Pence when he knowingly certified a fraudulent election. If the recounts confirm that President Trump won the election, it would affirm that more than half the country voted for the President.

  14. Pat, I’ve watched all of your interviews and found you to be credible, but the idea that Trump should concede even after proving that he won, is utter hogwash. The American people must see the fraud! When the crimes are brought to light, even the biggest Trump hater won’t have a moral, or legal leg to stand on.

  15. It’s all or nothing right now. Biden is a Chinese manchurian candidate, if Trump walks away from this with no fight, whatever it takes, we are done. Also if he lets this puppet disgrace our White House they will pursue him and his family to the ends of the Earth. Ideological tyranny is here and it’s absolutely brutal, these people care not about their fellow countrymen or The Constitution and associated Amendments. It is now or never my friend, if Biden walks in that door we are Chinese clay, fact.

  16. EO-13848 or even 13818 should be used anytime, supported by numerous instances of fraud, the most recent example being the first-hand testimony of the individual hired in Italy to manipulate the voting data. No reasonable person could look at the evidence and say truthfully that they don’t think the election was fraudulent. It’s not lost on me, that the conservatives of this country accepted barak obama’s presidential win, honoring the integrity of our Constitutional process, while also looking forward to beating him at the polls in the next election. Yet conversely, the liberals literally smeared Trump everywhere, cried, lied, impeached, threatened to leave the country, conspired everyday of his presidency, and ultimately, committed treason against The United States of America and all it’s citizens, by orchestrating a worldwide coup against the duly elected President. NO, TRUMP SHOULD NOT AGREE TO GIVE UP HIS RIGHTFUL NEXT TERM. And to be clear, I was not a Trump fan prior to him getting his chance in office…but seeing him FIGHT FOR AMERICANS and this country on every level, from Veterans, Seniors, Trafficking victims, the economy, jobs, healthcare, military, etc, etc I believe he has PROVEN himself to be one of the greatest presidents EVER. And I know I am just one of more than 100 Million people that looked forward to what this man could do with another term. He would be put on MT.Rushmore. And that is why you have half a country of military, veterans, law enforcement, patriots, conservatives, etc willing to restore our country and constitution that the cabal, democrats, pedophiles, deep state, etc conspired to deprive ALL AMERICANS of.

  17. Pat, your concerns and ruminations on this grievous matter are both commendable and patriotic, that being said it seems someone should have slapped the shit out of Mr. Cipollone, but I regress, it does seem though that a greater effort should have been made to break through the stonewalling to make contact with our President in the immediate days after that meeting, but we’re beyond that point now, regrettably, I see where our President taking himself out of the successors position would be a salve for the terminally blind , I fear that their thirst for power which ,honestly, created the situation that we now need a remedy for, would prevent them being agreeable to anything that would be fair minded, I also do not believe a simple counting of the ballots would be anywhere near conclusive with all the destruction of ballots and other manipulations that have taken place, which should have already landed people in jail for criminal destruction of federal election materials which are by law supposed to be held safe for I believe 22 months, but I do agree wholeheartedly that we need some mechanism to not allow what half this nation believes to be, (rightfully) an illegitimate Presidential election, have you spoken to our President on this matter at this time? I would encourage you to do all in your power to reassemble your voices and do whatever is necessary to promote this with our President, perhaps if he were to see you all at his Border Fence ceremony you could forego the efforts to once again stonewall you from making contact, the fight is not over, God knows we need a course of action which allows our President to fulfill an oath that I know weighs heavily on his mind, if some measure is not put into place in the scant time remaining I fear this Nation will be mired in a bloody civil war and honestly, no Liberty minded, Freedom loving, God fearing Patriot will allow this nation to fall to Communism, and say what you may, by all appearances that’s where we’re headed, God speed and God bless.

    1. The president is a total coward who scaped to a bunker for saving himself, when the enemy is about to hit you with nuclear warheads. I don’t get this American mentality of unconditional support for such a president.

  18. Pence? Why not the devil himself?

    Neat idea with the redoing or recount. Simple issue though: apparently the bad actors shredded the ballots and would’ve done the same cheating again. Then saying: see? We told you nothing wrong.

    Fact is: all three branches of government failed. Up to the not so Supreme Court. Following the constitution means there is only one resolution left. The current government proofed itself being corrupt to the core and illegal. It has to be replaced with a new government where the supreme law of the land will be respected again.

    Trump is not the problem, but the solution. Who cares what the corrupt minions in the press and elsewhere believe?

    We need Trump for 4 years more at the helm and the bad actors arrested ASAP!

    Trump swore an oath to do exactly that!

    Live free or die!

    Greeting from Texas

  19. It’s 3AM and I have insomnia, but this makes so much sense that I felt compelled to comment. I doubt this course will be taken. There are those in this administration that will fight this tooth and nail—people he trusts that will guide him incorrectly for reasons of their own. Am I cynical, you’re damn right I am. And I pray I am wrong. Please excuse any mistakes I’ve made in this, I’m exhausted.

    1. I hear you. Your thoughts and fears. Your insomnia I can relate alms pray for sleep, and comfort this day and night.

  20. If Trump does this at this point and found he won He sould remain in office 4 more years to clean up this mess its clear now that congrass known they sigened a stolen vote committed treason and they should be charged as because if they did this known everything they need to be removed from government because there not protecting that what they took an oath to protect and the people . I say let the militery Courts find them guilty . and form new government that protects the people and its oath . Because if Biden enters office i fear there will be a war in this country . We already see the attacts of the republicans voters nd the presiden there not going to stop until the hunt all us down . We here our militery fight and die to protect our freedom Not anymore anytime our great troop fight in another country does not protect our freedom .You will agree now that to die protecting our freedom starts in our very own boarders because that is also where we find the enemy . The ones steeling it

  21. Patrick,

    I don’t think you have nefarious intent. You are intellectually gifted, an idealist, but uninformed and rather naïve in this case. You believed Trump was horrible based on what you saw and heard before you actually met him. You have more information now, so believe the opposite! Believing is seeing.

    Pence is part of the Spygate aka Obamagate gang. Read the excellent three-part article on the NeonRevolt website with details of Pence’s plotting with Rod Rodentstein and the connection to Seth Rich.

    I don’t have your photographic memory but there was a graphic, might have been on RedPill78 or QuiteFrankly a couple of nights ago, showing how Pence should have read a specific sentence to the Senate, based on examples in the past. He changed the wording! Why?

    Pence the Pious may or may not be a pedophile but he turned a blind eye to child trafficking in his state. Not a good guy. Trump gave him every chance to redeem himself and avoid the death penalty or a life sentence.

    Trump is a showman, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he waits until right before the inauguration ceremony to arrest all the traitors in one place on live TV!

    For your own safety, I’d leave Washington DC now. Why give the Deep State a perfect excuse to kill you by posing as an angry MAGA guy who read your blog? I’d suggest eastern Tennessee or Kentucky, since you like four seasons. Unless you meant the hotel!

    1. he either does it now or never. feeding “be strong” bs is what other politicians have been doing. he seems to be a nice person, but now he has to show his mettle. he is letting his peeople down otherwise. all this YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG… strong? in front of aa computer screen? BS. Ver little anyone can do @ the moment. it’s upto the president. And his name is Donald Trump. Mr. President, if you can read this. We know, it’s a tough decision for you too. But if they can lie to you that you will lose WI by 17 %, why do you assume that it’s more than just 47 % of the population that read Patrick’s twitter and know what really happened… the country trusts you. no one forced you to do it. you asked for it. but with a great power comes a great responsibility. and only YOU can change anything now. the least you should do is invoke EO and have the votes counted. The most is ensure that your policies are continued for @ least 4 more yrs. With one exception… that national debt thing… though.. Be strong for all of us. You are our only hope. It’s not about you. It’s about the counry. You are the only one who can change it. NOW.

      this country will be very different with him @ the help vs biden/more likely harris very soon.

      and what is even more importaant. it seems that what happened in georgia (dominion steep climb in number of votes) is aan indicator of voting irregularities tthata, if allowed to flourish will result in our elections

  22. Everyone, Pats had as all worried about who was advising the president. If you’re not seriously worried about Pat being near the president right now, think again. If Trump takes Pats advice Trump, his whole family and his few loyal allies in Congress will be tried and executed for treason and Pat knows this. Pence is part of the cabal and Pat knows that too. I just joined Deepcapture and he’ll probably kick me off now. But I’m in such a state of shock. Byrne was my hero just an hour ago.

    1. Yeah, right. Yep, the whole family too…, right? Your exaggeration is similar to the narrative the left is trying to make us all believe. That all those Trump supporters entered the Capitol to overthrow the government…

  23. I saw you during interview with Chinese journalist and could tell you were conflicted & probably have been like the rest of the nation. We’re all praying for President Trump, we know what he’s fought so hard for, us the American people. The WORLD is praying for him. He can’t let his life, our lives and the world lives be in vain. He taught us to be strong, he asked us to have faith in him and when all else seems like it’s failed and we are left with nothing but our enemies we never give up, no matter what. We live in the the best country in the world and it’s worth so much more for generations to come. Trump has nothing to lose & everything to gain….God Bless America

  24. I am willing to bet the deep state has promised Biden if he goes long with this steal and just hides in his basement intil he is elected they will make sure his childmolesting son will not be charged .

  25. Patrick, I know you are frustrated as is half of the country. It is my opinion that no one will ever be happy with a recount of anything. There are too many red flags in this process. Even if the numbers balance, people know that millions of ballots had been dumped over night in this country and they will not accept if they were simply counted again when they should have been thrown out.

    Would there be a forensic analysis of the paper ballots to determine if ballots were massed produced or not? What about the lack of signature matching that is impossible to recapture at this time? How about the extra votes of the deceased or the fact that more people voted that are eligible?

    No one is going to be happy and that’s just how it is. The ONLY thing that conservatives will accept is a revote hands down, but dems will never be happy with that. There will always be some question in someone’s mind as to the authenticity.

    We are facing trying times. If we lay down and take it, democrats will do everything they can to destroy conservatives. Look at what they are doing already and Trump is still in office. Look at the criminal activity of so many in the establishment congress. They will only seek to expend and secure their power. I’m sorry, but we will become serfs to them if we do not stand for liberty.

    These are the times that try men’s hearts. We must be ready to do our duty to preserve this republic now. It is the only way. I hope Trump does the right thing and invokes the Insurrection Act and get’s the military involved. We cannot go on like this. This republic will never survive.

  26. Excuse the old military term- but the comments here are a clusterfluck. The Anonymous comments at 2 am make the most sense& are logical with little emotional involvement. All I can add is: I doubt Marla Maples was with Tiffany & the other 4 kids & wives together for Christmas dinner? With Flynn, Sydney, & Cipollone there also?? This dinner setting is so unlikely it throws doubt on everything else discussed here tonight. It’s written as a sad Christmas story with an unhappy ending to cause the reader more stress than actual or factual info on Trump’s departure. At this point in this Commie charade all Patriots want is the Truth– and that’s not evident in this article.

  27. Pat,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are a wonderful human being and it’s amazing that you are fighting for what is right for all of us and for our country. I have seen what you saw in China first hand, so I know what we are all heading into. I also don’t think that we are, where we are, because it’s about Trump. After the fall of the USSR, for too many years, too many people were taught left-leaning ideology, and the number of people who now believe in that utopia is high enough to produce enough low-grade support. We were feeding a dragon 4x larger in size. And… the dragon… well… it’s not yet as strong as we are… but it’s no longer malnourished… so it started dreaming of what it CAN be… I also think it’s not only about China. A lot of activism is coming from the “progressive” hispanic community in sunny California. In grad school I once shared a house with a PhD in Political Science from USC. An otherwise a very nice US born, son of illigal immigrants/first generation college, who hated all republicans and was talking about destroying our country “from inside”. That was in 2010. Since then “progressives” gradually made lawlessness acceptable in the eyes of the masses (little by little, and so most folks either ignore the issue or get angry with little that they can do about iit) and politicians have been told that unless they shoot for the middle, they will lose (Trump showed that shooting with facts actually wins the election in landslide… but you got to be consistent as to what you say…). That, combined with disregard for ethical voting, resulted in liberals behaving the way they did on 11/3/2020. I am more than sure they were preparing for all this for 2 years or more. Anyway… that’s just me grieving about this horribly dishonest behavior.. etc…
    Just like Sidney Powell said, it doesn’t really matter what Trump does, the media narrative won’t change and riots will ensue. Especially libertarians like you and I, and probably majority of the US are looking for a fair election, but neither the media, not the liberals are. If Trump announces that he is not running, whoever is charged with counting will “recount” without auditing… If Trump says he is running, the left/media will riot. If Trump says he is not running, the left/media will riot. If Trump says he is auditing, the left/media will riot. They will riot because their ethical principles are non-existant. Win @ all cost. So, if Trump wants to take it for 4 more years, he should not let it go. His trying to appease left of center democrats by saying he will let it go will still result in riots and while it will be honorable, … not everyone values ethics/honor/etc on the left, it seems… and the media? They don’t know what that means… But maybe big donors/political overlords will be happy if Pence takes over thus saving their face and making it easier to circumvent having to admit to cheating. So your plan is great in this way.
    Either way, he should just invoke the EO ASAP TO PRESERVE the system. Media says 47 % think election was unfair. Isn’t it the same media that thought Trump would lose Wisconsin by 17 %? Trump is a very savvy politician, and I cant believe he failed to pull this one off… you and your team essentially handed it to him on a platter. Truth be told, however, unless something is done about it, unless goons terrorizing the population are dealt with and unless money is invested into media to supply the population with news from our perspective, it is a futile attempt to ward off what is coming anyway… unless corruption is curbed… the outcome may not change. I strongly doubt that Trump has the mental fortitude to pull this one off. I am surprised, but I get a feeling he doesn’t have it this time around. He has been playing a punching bag too long. He is tired. Which is unfortunate. I knew he is a nice guy when I saw his kids, but age catches up with all. Very sad.
    Very late, time to sleep, so maybe what I wrote makes zero sense.
    If you need people to join your future endeavors to make this world a better place, I would be honored if you contact me if you are in Las Vegas area. I would be really honored.


    1. 1. Stop whining
      2. You do everything in your power to get yourself or SOMEONE in front of the President to push this through. Bad actors, with self-motivations are standing in between these actions happening
      3. No one wants the real victor to walk away because he didn’t do something by 1/6, that’s just ridiculous. If this becomes public on the 19th, if Trump was the true winner, he takes office

      I appreciate your honesty and assessment. There are 80M who already know this info who needed to hear this…

      1. Cindy,

        Just how do you get yourself/or anyone in front of the pres is the question.

        no one wants to… no one is you and me and patrick and most on this forum.

        truth be told, trump should call the military in to support him if he really wants to save the constitution. it’s probably more than 80 million with all that cheating. but i do think that trump wont do it. i wish he would. also, it’s his duty.

  28. Pat,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are a wonderful human being and it’s amazing that you are fighting for what is right for all of us and for our country. I have seen what you saw in China first hand, so I know what we are all heading into. I also don’t think that we are, where we are, because it’s about Trump. After the fall of the USSR, for too many years, too many people were taught left-leaning ideology, and the number of people who now believe in that utopia is high enough to produce enough low-grade support. We were feeding a dragon 4x larger in size. And… the dragon… well… it’s not yet as strong as we are… but it’s no longer malnourished… so it started dreaming of what it CAN be… I also think it’s not only about China. A lot of activism is coming from the “progressive” hispanic community in sunny California. In grad school I once shared a house with a PhD in Political Science from USC. An otherwise a very nice US born, son of illigal immigrants/first generation college, who hated all republicans and was talking about destroying our country “from inside”. That was in 2010. Since then “progressives” gradually made lawlessness acceptable in the eyes of the masses (little by little, and so most folks either ignore the issue or get angry with little that they can do about iit) and politicians have been told that unless they shoot for the middle, they will lose (Trump showed that shooting with facts actually wins the election in landslide… but you got to be consistent as to what you say…). That, combined with disregard for ethical voting, resulted in liberals behaving the way they did on 11/3/2020. I am more than sure they were preparing for all this for 2 years or more. Anyway… that’s just me grieving about this horribly dishonest behavior.. etc…
    Just like Sidney Powell said, it doesn’t really matter what Trump does, the media narrative won’t change and riots will ensue. Especially libertarians like you and I, and probably majority of the US are looking for a fair election, but neither the media, not the liberals are. If Trump announces that he is not running, whoever is charged with counting will “recount” without auditing… If Trump says he is running, the left/media will riot. If Trump says he is not running, the left/media will riot. If Trump says he is auditing, the left/media will riot. They will riot because their ethical principles are non-existant. Win @ all cost. So, if Trump wants to take it for 4 more years, he should not let it go. His trying to appease left of center democrats by saying he will let it go will still result in riots and while it will be honorable, … not everyone values ethics/honor/etc on the left, it seems… and the media? They don’t know what that means… But maybe big donors/political overlords will be happy if Pence takes over thus saving their face and making it easier to circumvent having to admit to cheating. So your plan is great in this way.
    Either way, he should just invoke the EO ASAP TO PRESERVE the system. Media says 47 % think election was unfair. Isn’t it the same media that thought Trump would lose Wisconsin by 17 %? Trump is a very savvy politician, and I cant believe he failed to pull this one off… you and your team essentially handed it to him on a platter. Truth be told, however, unless something is done about it, unless goons terrorizing the population are dealt with and unless money is invested into media to supply the population with news from our perspective, it is a futile attempt to ward off what is coming anyway… unless corruption is curbed… the outcome may not change. I strongly doubt that Trump has the mental fortitude to pull this one off. I am surprised, but I get a feeling he doesn’t have it this time around. He has been playing a punching bag too long. He is tired. Which is unfortunate. I knew he is a nice guy when I saw his kids, but age catches up with all. Very sad.
    Very late, time to sleep, so maybe what I wrote makes zero sense.
    If you need people to join your future endeavors to make this world a better place, I would be honored if you contact me if you are in Las Vegas area. I would be really honored.

    Thanks for everything you do, once again.


  29. just why in the hell is Trump not pushing the obvious buttons? Has he given up? Does he have his head burried in the sand or does he wait until the very last minute to play the Trump card?
    The time is now or never.

    1. Trump follows Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I’m not quoting but the strategy teaches — When you are weak, look strong. When you are strong, look weak. Trump may look weak now to get his enemies to relax a bit. We shall see what happens in a few days. I am not worried.

      In the meantime, keep your car’s gas tank full and stock up on supplies because it may become too dangerous to go out if you live in a big city. Then enjoy the show!

      1. And you are definitely NOT a deep state psychological suppression agent, in the commie Q team for controlling the political behavior or the conservatives, making them look crazy, and encouraging them to be passive.

      2. I call BS. He has NO TIME. stop day dreaming. i wish he would. he wanted to fight law breakers using legal means…. but courts failed us. and he is afraid to make the step no one dared to make before: use military.

  30. The vote fraud is just the tip of the iceberg. Just resolving that one way or another would not have been enough. In the last week one could see all the rats that were not seen and the deeds that would not have been notice. These are now on record for all to see. The GOP, the big techs, covid etc. The couldn’t get rid of trump fast enough and that will be their undoing. Truthfully they did us a favour. All your work Patrick and Sidney will not be in vain. Blessings to you and your team

  31. President Trump should enact your plan but the results dictate the President, nothin else. No other consideration. Only the ballots cast by the American people in the affected counties. If Trump truly won then he serves. It was the people’s true choice and must be honored for this to help.

  32. You don’t think the Supreme court will overturn? You’ve seen the evidence. Will they not broad-stream that? Seems better for optics, cheaper, faster, and more conclusive? Recounting the printed ballots will bring the same result. Also how does Trump know who you voted for? Im trusting you less and less with your outlandish stories.

    1. well, maybe he told the pres directly. maybe trump read his twitter.

      no, i dont think scotus will overturn anything. they had a chance. broadstream WHAT?

      Recount and audit is the only way. but none of this will work if we dont get boots on the ground with trump leading and people who want him to win

  33. Pat
    How can the President just stepdown with all the evidence said to be had? How can the country be left to the massive criminal enterprise that did this proudly and laughed that there’s nothing “we the people” can do.
    They did this to a standing President. Think about what they are going to do to the rest of Americans. They will never stop. Why doesn’t he arrest the traitors? He swore an oath to protect the constitution. He will be breaking that oath by walking away and leaving this country to criminals.

    Lastly, what makes him think they aren’t going to come for him and his family once he’s gone.

    1. Stupidity and narcissism.

      Pay attention to what Trump constantly calls himself: “The greatest US president of all time”

      My question is exactly why?

      Has he ever fought a civil war to end slavery in America, or has he ever had any participation in the founding of USA, or has he ever had any participation in writing the US constitution, or has he ever done anything comparably difficult and significant at the same time?

      Even if he had, he has a very chronic sense of grandiosity for constantly talking about himself in that way. Overt Narcissism.

      And no. I don’t think he has a good character. Why? Because he is a very successful and wealthy businessman who should at least know the basics of how the stock market works. Pay attention to how often he has bragged, throughout his presidency, that “the stock market is at all times high.”

      The stock market being “at all times high” not only is not something to be happy about, let alone to brag about, but also something that should greatly concern whoever that empathetically cares about the financial situation of the middle class and the retirees. The value of the stocks is right now at least twice as much as their real value, which makes the risk of a stock market crash in the future nearly imminent.

      And guess who has played a big role in that naively emotional investing the middle class has done in the stocks? Yes, president Trump.

      In the crash, all these middle class investors are going to lose a great portion of their savings.

      But that won’t happen as long as the president is in the office, because the president’s bragging about the value of the stocks would keep encouraging the inexperienced investors to keep their money in the market and keep investing more. It can only happen when that encouragement stops. So it would happen throughout the serving of the next president, whether conservative or communist.

      No problem for Trump.

      The MAGAs would blame the sitting president for the crash and would remember Trump as the exceptionally competent president at whose era the stock market was “at all times high.”

      Can you see the level of brutal lack of conscience and empathy in such a behavior?

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Another example:

      Since the beginning of the election fraud investigations, at least thousands of Americans have risked their lives, social relationships, reputations, financial security, and careers to come forward, sign affidavits, expose the fraud and defend the constitution and his legal win in the election.

      All throughout this period, he had been asking anyone and everybody else to make such sacrifices over their lives and careers to go head to head against the savage left for proving that Trump “won by a lot:” state governors, legislatures, judges, VP, senators, the congress, … .

      And please pay attention to the wording “I won by a lot.” So his concern was just that “he” won by a lot.

      All his calls for election fraud protest were held in a fashion that made it all about Trump: They were all Trump rallies with not one single exception.

      He even didn’t come short of making the Jan 6th event, at which people were gathering for protecting their God given constitutional rights, all about himself: It was yet another Trump rally. And despite all the remaining concerns of tens of millions of Americans and specially the two million ones shouldering the difficulty of traveling from all across the America by their car to DC, he simply immediately halted the event when few people breached the Capitol building, which made him look very bad, supposedly. And worse, he simply gave up fighting and speaking for those millions of Americans.

      All throughout this period since early November, he never once used any of his legal executive powers to lift a finger for ensuring the election integrity, not even impounding one single Dominion machine.

      All throughout this period, he had been publicly announcing that he “would never concede,” giving everyone the false hope that he does mean business in stating that. He had been clearly lying.

      My heart goes out to all those Americans who arranged the Jan 6th protests, and had major high profile roles in opposing the election fraud; who are going to evidently get harshly persecuted for their speaking out and patriotic actions.

      Can it get any more narcissistic?

      Now he is falsely assuming that there is a path for his own personal reconciliation with the far left, for his very own self-preservation and thriving. He is obviously wrong, because for them, Trump is not a person; Trump is a concept which has to be robbed of legitimacy for their own favored order to gain it. So they would definitely persecute him as harshly as they can, no matter how hard he works towards appeasing them, through even the deployment of the National Guard in DC for the protection of their dear fraudulently “elected” president Biden.

      But can it get any more narcissistic of him to take this approach, not giving a damn about the fate of Sidney already buried in a one billion dollar lawsuit, the Flynns, or Ali Alexanders?

      Any truly compassionate leader would put the interest of the nation and the constitution first, and would never turn himself into some kind of Demi-god to be worshipped. Ever.

      A truly compassionate and conscientious general would never lead his army to a battlefield against a savage and powerful enemy and then leave at the moment the battle is about to start, fleeing to hide in some haven for the protection of his own life; effectively leaving his soldiers to lose, get persecuted, and slaughtered by the enemy forces. Worse, even seek some back-deal with the enemy for again his own self-preservation despite the imminent brutal persecution of his army members.

      To the ones who would object this opinion by saying “But look at all the good things he’s done for America,” I would respond: do a quick internet search on “communal narcissists.”

      1. well, … we dont care about trump. but we do care about our freedom and free/honeest elections, so what you wrote is relevant @ a different forum

  34. Pat:
    You are a smart guy with a good heart, but you UTTERLY lost me at the revelation that TRUMP DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT HIS OWN MOTHER F*ING EXECUTIVE ORDER. That tells me he is a nice guy, but a complete DUTZ. A moron.

    All that bluster about I will never give in I will never let you down, is 100% unadulterated bullsh*t. And your plan, while perhaps it might technically work has a better chance of being implemented than a snowball not melting in the burning pit of HELL.

    Everyone should just get ready to be carted off to concentration camps when we tell these commie criminals who have taken our couintry to DROP DEAD.

    1. nice hyperbole. do you know all your laws? trump’s mistake is trying to appease too many. he talks tough. riles up the masses but appeases the folks around him. he thought things will get better because economy will improve. i dare say we were heading for a stock market crash anyway. corona just hid the reality.

      what we are heading into is lawlessness. that’s why they want less police. either way, police that is not allowed to touch a criminal is useless.

    2. Pat is lying. On a lot of things. Making the president look gullible, confused and hapless. Pat may be lying to give our enemy a false sense of security, in which case, okay, but you’re also giving the rest of us nightmares and causing people to lose hope, so I’m not sure how smart that strategy is, IF it’s your strategy. 24 hours ago, I held you in high esteem. Now, I don’t know what you are.

  35. Pat:
    You are a smart guy with a good heart, but you UTTERLY lost me at the revelation that TRUMP DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT HIS OWN MOTHER F*ING EXECUTIVE ORDER. That tells me he is a nice guy, but a complete DUTZ. A moron.

    All that bluster about I will never give in I will never let you down, is 100% unadulterated bullsh*t. And your plan, while perhaps it might technically work has a better chance of being implemented than a snowball not melting in the burning pit of HELL.

    Everyone should just get ready to be carted off to concentration camps when we tell these commie criminals who have taken our couintry to DROP DEAD.

    1. I thought the same thing! How did he not know about the EO! Well this seals America’s fate!

      If there was any doubt, he just spoke at the border wall and firmly confirmed Biden is the next Administration

    1. he is “suspended” which is one more reminder of reality. as someone put it…. “it would be messy either way Trump goes”

      Twitter and Facebook ARE private companies. The mistake made in the past was that we kept using them. Trump kept using it. Our leaders kept using those platforms giving them a voice. Giving them standing. Money. Giving news media a voice. Money talks. We are taught not to talk back, but we do it on twitter… let’s find our peaceful getaway where those disagreeing that will follow will be banned for breaking rules (spamming/threats/etc vs free speech…). These elections showed CLEARLY there are more of us by a margin, than theem…

      Building a twitter or other platform in 2020/2021 is entirely doable within a few months. We should do it now. Because Parler coming back on the 19th is just reminder (I may be wrong), that they too… decided to avoid direct confrontations. WE HAVE TO GIVE ANY PLATFORM OWNDERS A COUPLE OF REMINDERS AND folks @ the top must be ready to move on… but it’s actually up to us, the users… to ..well… UNFOLLOW and walk awaay… by now there are so many “Twitters/whatsapps….” that everyone knows that they are very similar and easy to adjust to.

  36. Do you know how the extortion racket works? If you don’t pay the least that can happen to you is that the shop blows up, but you can also lose your life.
    Criminal associations do this, hitting one hard to prove to others that you can’t go wrong, you have to pay.
    The ferocious attacks on Trump are identical, think about it, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, woe to not submit, woe to not serve the interests of the strongest, the most powerful.
    Someone like Trump, with the policies he has adopted, with the regard that he has had for the weakest, would have deserved much more, but this is not the case.
    Our society is sick, addicted to fake everything, numb with shameless hypocrisy, unable to understand the value of freedom.
    Personally, I hope, and not just for America, that order will be restored, that a state of emergency will be declared, that the perpetrators will be arrested and the racket finally defeated.
    I read a memoir by Patrick Byrne (https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/01/a-peaceful-way-to-resolve-this-crisis/) it helps to understand who the Trump man is, I highly recommend reading.

  37. I no longer trust Pence. It must be Trump, or this a complete coup. The United States, the most powerful nation in the world, brought to nothing. Fraud and treason MUST be stopped.

  38. Last time everyone thought you were crazy, very little was recovered and mostly the bad guys got away with it.
    Appeasement, not justice is why we are at this point now.
    No more appeasement, this calls for straight up total disclosure and justice.

  39. Patrick I wrote a response last night which you chose not to post. I won’t repeat it. I just all to know that I totally oppose this idea of yours. The original plan must be completed. We were promised a cleaning up of DC and a new government. The President surely knows of this tweet. Please let him know that no one has left him. We continue to be here supporting him. If something went wrong with the plan just let us know that.

  40. Patrick, I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this fight, but it sounds like you’re tired and are about ready to give up. Maybe not completely, but enough to accept whatever we can get. However, why should we always be the ones who are forced to give in and go with the 2nd or 3rd best option? Especially when fraud is out there for all to see.

    I want to know why Italy and other countries interfered in our election and what’s going to be done about it. I want to know why Brian Kemp did nothing when he was informed about what was going on weeks before the Italy tape was released, and I want to know why so many or our GOP representatives changed their minds about supporting the PEOPLE of America AFTER they were given proof of foreign interference in our elections. That flimsy excuse about punishing over 75 million people because of the acts of a couple hundred isn’t cutting it, and the rotten press of this country are burying a story that should be one of the biggest of our lifetimes. They should all be reporting about what happened in Italy and other countries and it’s blatantly obvious that their censorship is an attempt to cover it up.

    The proverbial cat is out of the bag, and we’re not going to be happy with some milquetoast “solution” to this election or the voter fraud problem in this country. And regarding Pence, as far as I’m concerned, he’s among the swampiest of the swamp creatures, and I have no desire to call him my President. President Trump won this election, and he should serve the next four years. Period. I’m ready for him to bring on whatever is necessary to convict anyone and everyone involved in these crimes against the American people.

  41. Patrick,

    If and when you decide to release those tera bytes of info, and I hope long before the dead man’s switch is invoked, how will the public have access so that we may copy and disseminate?

    1. Compromise is a sign of strength, not weakness. What Patrick is proposing makes a lot of sense. Especially when PDJT seems to be happy to walk into the sunset and devote more time to golfing. We’re talking about saving the constitutional republic here. Which goes way beyond the next 4 years.

      1. agree. this is the most we can do. and pence is a tolerable guy for the deep state. resolving election irregularity>Trump.

        I think he has given up. the rhetoric of leading… eetc… he i too tired of being a punching bag.

    2. He’s writing in the capacity of a negotiator who wants to meet the various stakeholders somewhere in the middle for the deal to get done. In politics, you are forced to account for the power the other sides hold, too.

  42. Patrick,

    This is going to be very messy either way. I had hoped events to this point would have been smoother but knew ugly times were coming after Jan 20.

    With Trump pushing through it, there will be a brief period of ugliness, our situation will be improved as time goes on.

    With Trump letting go, evil only gets worse as lies and deceit are further instantiated into history. There will be no improvements only continued worsening.

    Its the stitch in time will save nine idea, the problem has been ignored too long for its solution to be lacking in ugliness. No we pay for decades of inaction ….

    The upside I personally see is everyone has been ground down these days, there is humility where I have never see it before … That is a good thing, its an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

    We all need to continue the fight as we each can contribute,


    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

    1. Very well written.

      We waited too long using tools of people (twitter) who regularly abused us. Trump should left long ago.

      My only fear is that with goons running wild and SUPPORTED by the government things will be very difficult to get done. It’s not now or never, but ….

  43. Patrick, I think there is a third legal path for the peaceful resolution of this, without requiring Trump to do anything:

    After the inauguration of Biden, you can ask for a nation wide referendum on rerunning the election with paper ballots getting hand counted under the effective observation of the representatives of both parties. Or at least, holding a national referendum for election integrity measures for the future elections.

    Perhaps, if enough many people push for it, this can happen. I know this is far more difficult than the Trump card, with all the persecutions the Dems are going to immediately start against all the MAGA influencers; but Trump does not seem to be wanting to do anything. And frankly, if Americans think realistically, they should simply move past him.

    1. Americans dont think they need to “move on”. Media is using a megaphone to say that.

      But trump is not doing what he has the authority to.

      Referendum? And who will count? Dominion techs?

      1. Trump is NOT acting, because he is under the wrong impressions. The only ways for persuading him is either for his followers to stray harshly criticising his inaction in the social media, or for Patrick to give him tough love by writing a realistic blog post on what the Left is going to do to himself, if he doesn’t act. Forget about what would happen to America. Trump is too self-centered to care, and as long as his followers are worshipping him, bad he falsely thinks he himself would be fine and comfortable not doing anything, he won’t move.

  44. Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing this. Sorry to see the overlords of Twitter banned a voice of reason. Please come to Gab or Telegram. All the cool kids are there!

  45. Patrick, I love you. But I’m pissed as hell that this information was held from the general public. There was no reason not to tell everyone what you were proposing weeks ago. We the people would have got behind you, and pressured Trump and the Senators to do this. But now its to late! This whole election was wrong. But you should have clued us all in. . .

  46. Patrick- thanks so much for making an effort in december, and sharing afterwards. true courage.

    It is a thoughtful plan, and peaceful, but my only criticism is addressing the probability of success. Seizing the voting machines, and running an audit would take cooperation from more people, and there are very few who would be willing to peform this duty. Trump alone cannot seize the voting machines and count on video.

    Including you, flynn, powell and wood… When counting I think I will run out of toes and fingers before identifying courageous people. I would pursue this peaceful solution, but it chance of success is very low in my opinion because of the lack of coooperation. Sadly, people are threatened to even have an audit or investigation.

  47. Appears that Twitter has suspended Patrick Byrne’s account.

    Recalling a link Patrick posted about election-related web traffic between the U.S. and China, Russia and others.

    Perhaps the link will show up here, and elsewhere.

    1. It seems that everyone is flooding Gab now that Parler and Twitter aren’t an option. It’s a family owned operation of patriots. They saved every tweet of the President’s and moved it to his new account! Twitter has lost billions of dollars! Karma’s a bitch, eh Rasputin Dorsey?

  48. Hi, Patrick Thank you for all you have done. I greatly appreciate that you publish all your information on this site. Please continue to stay in touch with all of us.

  49. Yeah, NO. That isn’t a plan it is surrender to the worst people on the planet with ZERO hope of ever gaining control again

  50. I read this last night and thought it was brilliant in that the Libs might agree to a detente/compromise (but NOT Pence as President, no thanks). I skied today and didn’t find my usual peace: The Left doesn’t deserve a compromise after going after President Trump for five long years. The man and his family have had more hatred and vitriol and dirty tricks thrown at them; it’s a wonder he was able to accomplish so much. My extended family truly believes that Trump is horrible and evil thanks to the MSM. I don’t see healing and peace for our country. If Trump is indeed forced out of office, please make sure he pre-pardons himself and his family.

  51. Dear Pat, thank you for this article! We are all praying for the President, and 75 million, but more likely 80 million people, are happy to redo the election by paper ballot with help from the National Guard. We are happy to wait til February. We are happy to wait for the real results, because we all know that Trump won this election, and we certainly want his second term now if it is G-d’s will and a possibility!
    If you have connection to the President now, please tell him on behalf of all of us- don’t give up, please take whatever constitutional means you have at your disposal to fight back and to not let this fraudulent election take place, or our country is lost!
    With much love and our full and unending support,
    -all Trump supporters

  52. We all know when an innocent man accused of a crime gets told by courts to plead guilty to get a lesser sentence. That’s not justice. That’s undermining both the rule of Constitutional Law and Truth.

    Your article is no different than that. Clearly you have no respect for the Truth. Nor for the People. And you are a weak coward that has no fighting spirit. Millions put their lives on the line every single day. Unlike the military who do it for one man. We all do it for one another. We are what built this country. Without us. There isn’t one. All you people with money would not have it if it weren’t for People.

    Anyway. I totally reject your article. We, the People, willfully and legally elected Donald J Trump to a second term on November 3, 2020. Nothing YOU, media, government, corporations, or other nations can say changes that. To cop a deal is a slap in the face to America and its citizens. And we will not stand for it.

    People like me will fight to our dying days to rid our country of weak cowards who rationalize evil just to avoid confrontation. HeII No. We are expecting our President to put his life on the line for ours. Because that’s what we hired him for and we do it for him every single day.

  53. From my perspective, the fact that several foreign countries, both allies and enemies, conspired with our own politicians to rig our presidential election and overthrow our president is the Trump Card. That justifies using the EO from 2018 to seize all the assets of the traitors and to bring in the military to arrest them. The ballots are just a distraction at that point.

    There are thousands of National Guard troops in DC now. We will know soon enough.

    Stop kicking Patrick when he is down. He doesn’t have unfettered access to the President. I’m sure he’s exhausted from working so intensely these past weeks. Many people don’t realize he has Asperger’s so the fact that he’s been able to accomplish so much in his life shows his amazing strength of will.

    1. I agree. I see thousands of National Guard troops in DC. I didn’t quite understood why because the inauguration will be online. Isn’t it? Just too things concern me. Pence letter to Nancy He mentioned Joe Biden…So. as you said let’s wait….I just can’t sleep until see what will happened to us.

      1. WARNING: the Dems are going to bring many Antifa agents dressed as Trump supporters to do armed protest against the National Guard. They would kill many members of the Guard and make it as dramatic as you can imagine. Then the Dems are going to weaponise the narrative by blaming it on MAGA. They would use that as excuse for using the maximum amount of brutality, oppression, and violence against MAGA. The chain of arrests would begin. The victims would be tried in staged trials with predetermined results. They would go after whoever that has participated in Stop The Steal, has signed an affidavit, or has voiced opinions online. They would hunt each and everyone of you one by one. It is not at all unlikely that Biden would use the executive powers Trump refuses to use, in full capacity for the annihilation of MAGA, with the cooperation of the compliant press who would frame it as “defending our democracy against domestic terrorism”

        You would have a lot to thank President Trump for, then.

        Good Luck.

  54. Your constitution is dead, all courts wouldnt even look at the evidence. There will NEVER be another chance to make the USA a constitutional republic again, this is it. You stand now with Trump or you die a communist and fubar the whole world.

  55. Donald Trump took on a job we hired him to do.
    His duty is still to stop fraudulent elections-foreign or domestic interference.
    We are holding him to do his duty to our country.
    We care about the man, but we care more that he do his job. No exceptions.
    He isn’t an imp, he can do what is right.
    He knew his attorney had not told him the truth. But he certainly would have been
    told the truth from 75 million Americans, Rudy & Sidney.
    We are sickened by Congress, but more sickened by his inability to act on our behalf.
    Buck up and tell him right this moment-call in the Nat’l Guard. Call off this farce w
    Pelosi & the faux Capitol violence.
    He will never recover from this, never. Play golf w 80 million Americans who can’t look
    him in the eye. He shames himself: his own words are never never give up.
    Do the right thing – save the country, then fire Ratcliffe first, Pence second, Wray, Haspel and get to work.

    1. I absolutely agree. But when your other citizens take a break from worshipping this utterly incompetent president, who cannot fulfill his very most important duty towards the nation and his own path; perhaps, they would find some time to give enough voice to this viewpoint for this cowardly self-centered president to finally consider it.

      1. If you are A leftist please go back to the BIGTECH leave this web site. We don’t need you to insult a president who accomplished so many great things for America. Also, It is very easy to say to others what to do when you aren’t NOT IN THEIR position.

        I trust the President Donald Trump. I believe He is a man of word. That is why He trusted his team.

        We can hope he still can do something. But we can not judge him. We have never been a president to understand it. There are many things He knows from inside that we never will know.

        We don’t know what hold him from do what we hope.

        Pompeo was clear today. We don’t have the same tools we used to have. We might don’t have enough information to understand how much enemies we have in the US.


      2. we worship no human! we are all in this together becuase people like you simply dont understand that first they will come after us. then, it’s your turn.

        we believe facts. we dont look @ people’s rhetoric or the news. we count the number of wars this president started (ZERO) vs his predecessor (MULTIPLE). we look @ multiple other issues, and conclude, that while obama was a corrupt failure, pres. trump was great.

        enjoy. and… educate yourself pls.

        also, patrick, thanks so much once again, for all your noble effort to save our country.

    2. The most heartbreaking hit would come when they send Sidney, the Flynns, the patriots who signed affidavits, and the #StopTheSteal staff to jail or Gitmo. To hell with this disgustingly and selfservingly coward president who cannot fulfill his very most important duty towards the nation. I wouldn’t shed a single tear if the Dems crucify him after he leaves the office, which is very likely that they would.

    3. You have hit the nail on the head! Trump said he would not back down but now he is. He is going to let a traitor take office and rip our freedoms to shreds.

  56. Dear Dr. Byrne,
    I saw you on Alex’s show yesterday saying that you have COVID. I’m sending warm “get well soon” wishes to you. Patrick, I want you to know that you’re always in my thoughts & prayers. I pray for your health, strength, well-being, safety, and happiness. I pray for God to wrap his loving arms around you and cover you with peace and protection. I truly admire your courage and bravery. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You are a Super Hero American Patriot, and I will forever be grateful to you. May God bless you and protect you always. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen 🙏🙏🙏


    1. Such an unfortunate news. I hope he gets well soon.

      And as usual, these are always centre right political figures who get COVID. I am very concerned about biological terrors. They are silent. They seem innocent. Noone suspects anything.

  57. It seems like the political suppression strategy the far left is going to pursue for the suppression of MAGA, would be very similar to progressive vaccination:

    First: They try to foresee the most effective mean of opposition that MAGA would use against them in the near future.

    Second: before the opposition reaches any conclusion on that form of opposition, or start organising for it, they use Antifa and their own agents to plan and deliver it in a very exaggerated and out of place way. And blame it on MAGA.

    Third: They use that for diverting attention from the crime they are committing at the moment, and putting the whole MAGA movement on the defensive, and persecuting a new subset of MAGA activists at each round. They would use that for arrests, trials, introducing oppressive legislations, deplatforming, and smear campaigns.

    Fourth: they turn that form of opposition by MAGA into an incriminating taboo that would deligitimise any activist starting to discuss it in the right time and place.

    Five: Repeat till there is no MAGA.

    Example 1: the Capitol Building breach

    Example 2: the “leaked” calls of armed protest around the time of Biden inauguration by FBI. No single Maga activist is ever aware of ANYONE organising anything like that. Beware.

  58. Nancy’s first legislation HR1 bill changed election law, gutted signature/ID verification, georgia in there signature audit found some of the ballot envelopes were (missing) signatures completely and still managed to make it through the process so basically all you need is the (voter data hack) that FBI/DNI reported before election and a warehouse with pallets of ballots and a small team filling circles and signing names from voter rolls and you win a close election. The part I don’t get is the danger of a “rigged” election could spark a civil war in a devided nation so a president lieing about a stolen election is as dangerous as it being true and the fact no FBI or other IC personnel have come forward since election and said they have looked into ever avenue of fraud and concluded there was nothing there just baffles me not to mention the last contested election In 2000/2001 and the delay in transition some say was partly to blame for missing the 9/11 attack and the risk of Biden transition not getting briefed and US getting attacked also doesn’t make sense to me.

  59. Mr. Byrne,
    Thank you for making so many personal and professional sacrifices in order to serve our country. I cannot fathom how anyone who understands what you have given up and what you have went through can doubt your patriotism and sincerity. Given what we have seen take place in this country the past few months, I have no doubt that there were people still calling Noah a conspiracy theorist as the waves were lapping at their waists.
    I will be praying for your speedy recovery, for your continued safety, and for our Republic.
    God Bless You

  60. I would like to suggest the deplatforming and bans that have occured over the last two days show the direction we will be going should lies be left unchallenged.

  61. This one sentence torpedoes a big part of the logic behind your solutions. “having a president from either party serving through four years with legitimacy is doubted: it is too crippling for any president”. In any far left totalitarian regime throughout the world (and history), the autocrat(s) in power do not ultimately care or have any false pretense that the citizenry thinks they are legitimate. They always (and will – as you are seeing already), deal with the question of legitimacy through censorship, limiting speech and other rights, arrests and other forms of terror (disapearances, “accidents”, murder, and instigated riots). At this point, just listen to Biden & Dems – even questioning the validity of the election might be a crime of inciting violence. VERY dangerous times coming.

  62. Reading this made me burst into tears of helplessness.
    Regardless, I choose to trust the President and the few good people at his side. May God guide their path.

  63. I’m so happy you Negative Nellies weren’t around during the first Revolutionary War. We’d still be part of the British Empire. Although, as a lifelong Anglophile, I wouldn’t mind.

    I’m happy to see Patrick is back home and safe. If he has Covid, he seems healthy and happy which proves that a positive test is nothing to fear.

    Patrick today on the Rubin Report:

    1. James Madison once argued that the most important word relating to “the right to free speech” is the word “the.” “The right” implied that free speech pre-existed any potential abridgement. Did you catch the deliberate mistake I made from the clues I left you? One word changes the entire meaning of (c)(1). Subsection 230(c)(1) does not say that a service provider cannot be treated as “a” publisher, it says that a service provider cannot be treated as “the” publisher in relation to content provided by another. The action to publish any information must be done entirely by “the publisher” not in addition to “the publisher” by the service provider as “a publisher”.
      One simple word can make huge a difference. Changing “the” to “a” changes how (c)(1) immunity works. If a service provider cannot be treated as “a publisher,” then it cannot be held responsible for its own actions relating to the content provided by another. The difference between “a publisher” and “the publisher” is the difference between who actively provided the content online. “A” versus “the” is a major source of the confusion surrounding a simple yet elegant law that was enacted to protect this country’s youth from Internet filth. It has allowed service providers the ability to act as “a publisher” of the content of another with legal impunity.

  64. Hope that more people start cancelling cable TV and boycotting companies like Twitter,Facebook,Microsoft,Apple,Google,Netflix and Amazon.

    I don’t think the corrupt politicians of either party will pay attention until We The People unite behind basic principles and become an economic force.
    Money talks and it can be used to make positive change in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

    I wish a few companies would work together to produce a PRINCIPLED “super website” that combines social media/networking with commerce/trade/finance and integrates their various affiliated companies.

    Imagine a website/app/network where people from all over the world unite behind the principles of truth,freedom,goodwill,integrity,humility,the Non-Aggression Principle,the Golden Rule and voluntarily helping others.A place where we use social media,networking,trade & commerce to support each other and promote these principles we share.(And a homepage that gets this message/mission statement across crystal clear).Imagine a focused,inspired user base dedicated to promoting this.

    I am thinking competition for facebook,twitter,amazon,google/youtube,apple,netflix,big banks/brokerages,Mainstream Media and even politicians! lol
    Just taking a little market share from each could turn into something awesome.

  65. To the end….justice and truth…no surrendering ever to tyrans and lies….civil war is nothing compared to eternal slavery….

  66. I get what you’re saying but once the general was called out and noted as a traitor he should have been removed immediately. He should have had a gag order if he spoke to the press to leak information let alone false information then tribunal awaits him. Period. Saying that Pence should maybe be the president is ludicrous. We elected Trump. We want Trump. We trust Trump. If people don’t see that and get that through their heads then I don’t know what to tell you. If you allow the deep state to continue we the people will suffer at a huge cost. We stood up. We spoke the truth. That’s why we were the silent majority until 2020. We felt safe again after decades of lies and knowing they lied in every aspect just like their machine of the media and Hollywood. We can’t allow this to go past the 20th because it will kill us. There’s no reason why something can’t be done before the 20th. The tools trying to impeach is crazy because many of them were not elected on 11/3/20. Therefore their vote in Jan is null and void. We do need a new election. I agree with that and one that’s heavily guarded by the national guard. Now go back and figure out how to get this done.

  67. Every wound can be healed to the point where healthy and joyous life is possible. Eliminate the fluff and concentrate on what’s real.
    GSAT is a entire network.
    someone could buy and own the network and content.

  68. Hey everybody! I hope & pray that this is really Patrick on Telegram. I believe it is, because he posted a forwarded message from Lin Wood. Then Lin posted a forwarded message from Patrick. Tonight at 9:13pm, Patrick posted: “Trump to meet with General Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell tonight along with certain members of Military Intelligence.” PS. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery, Patrick 🙏🙏🙏 https://t.me/PatrickByrne/12

    1. Nevermind, the follow-up posts were NOT positive. Therefore, I hope the link I posted above is NOT really Patrick. I’m sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up… only to be quickly deflated. Apologies if that’s not really you, Patrick 🙏🙏🙏 Get well soon!

  69. Are you on Telegram? If you’re not, then someone is impersonating you and making you out to be a Q movement leader and anti-Obama. That’s what tipped me off that it probably wasn’t you. May want to report that or claim it. They’re under @PatrickByrne.

  70. Patrick,

    You might want to take advantage of Zak Paine’s (RedPill78) open invitation to come back on his show now that you’ve been booted off Twitter. He has said a number of times that he’d love to have you back.

    I just told my 83-year old aunt that you had Covid and recovered quickly. She has asthma and is high risk for any kind of flu, so her Covid diagnosis today terrified her. Watching the Covid News Network all day in her senior center hasn’t helped! I exaggerated your past medical history to make it sound even worse, “See, you are much healthier than he is, so you shouldn’t worry!” But her two brothers and nephew all died a few months ago – not from Covid but from heartbreak at being isolated, not being able to have visitors. Criminal!

  71. Before some of you commit suicide, I highly recommend the RedPill78 news broadcast of Jan. 13 “National Guard in DC, Agent Provocateurs at The Capitol – A Breakdown & More.” Patrick has been a guest in the past and I’m hoping will be again.

    Some good news about what Trump might be planning over the next few days. All perfectly legal but shocking! This particular show has a lot of news you won’t hear elsewhere, including video of the minutes leading up to the shooting of that woman in the Capitol building, provided by a BLM activist who is cooperating with law enforcement. Also video of troops marching around the grounds and sleeping on the floor inside the building. They aren’t having a picnic!


  72. President Trump won he needs to serve the term. We need four more years of what he has done to get back on the right track. I won’t be happy until this is corrected and neither will 80 to 100,000 other Americans

  73. If this was all about the election I can see Patricks points but it is about taking down the swamp. That is a much bigger thing and requires different avenues to be pursued or to let happen to position the plug to be pulled! Hold the line and trust that this is not over! Listen to Lin Wood’s Fireside Chats or a Doug Billings program Jan. 13th. Stay encouraged, patient and peaceful! We will see this plan come to light soon!

    1. I think Patrick Byrne was simply never allowed anywhere close to the meaningful action. Not a personal snub, but rather to protect a sensitive counterintelligence operation. Either he had to be sold the idea that the Trump administration was doomed and thoroughly infiltrated, or he’s in on the ruse.

      It’s likely that there are many doomers who are (wittingly or unwittingly) playing an important role as a smokescreen for the operation while raising awareness of election fraud to the general public (to soften the blow when the hammer drops). I think Patrick Byrne, Lin Wood, perhaps Sidney Powell, Nations In Action, and others are part of that faction. Does anybody *seriously* think that Trump *didn’t* know his options, or that Mike Flynn didn’t warn him ahead of time? Mike Flynn practically runs the Pentagon now thanks to Miller, Tata, Cohen-Watnick, and Patel. Part of Trump’s counter-coup requires the enemy to think he’s defeated, and that means running a bluff so powerful that even some of his closest allies (not in the loop) and his base thinks he’s defeated.

      Of course, I may be wrong and there is no plan, but that would make a lot of “winks” and “tells” seem incoherent, and we’ll find out in due time soon.

  74. OK here is my take on things:

    I believe Biden will be handcuffed during his inauguration speach by the brigades and put in front of a military tribunal for committed treason working with the enemy, stealing the presidency and the attempt to turn the USA over into a CCP controlled vassal country.
    Marshall law, military takes over until a new president has been elected via supervised paper ballot voting process. Trump will establish a new party and will win in a landslide.

  75. I live in a very corrupt state, NM. I believed that the machine had to be flipping votes so I called the county clerk & asked if I could count votes & compare to the totals. Amazingly she said yes. I got a group of 10 people & 5 laptops & we pulled 6 voting machines & counted. I was shocked, disappointed & relieved when the totals matched. I qualify that in the fact I live in a very red county. Not sure if the outcome would be different in a blue county.

    1. sometimes i wonder why msm took so long to announce that trump won florida. i wonder if they had their goons manipulate machines there too … and expected to win fl but didnt bcuasse of a state-wide landslide for trump…

      good to hear that @ least one state you have some level of transparency. now, does that mean that you would get the same number if you would count the physical ballots. and does that mean that Jovan Pulitzer would approve of those ballots?

  76. Something curios I noticed about your article is that it implied that President Trump seemed clueless in regards to EO 13848. It’s not like he didn’t sign the EO so how can he be so clueless of it’s existence? And if that is the case – that tells me that maybe there is some merit to the Q theory. Thank you for everything you’ve done to fight for the United States. We are incredibly grateful to you and the rest of the team.

  77. Most likely scenario. Biden get inaugurated and Trump is on the golf course. Although he might face some serious tax trouble in Southern NY District.

    1. Ah, yes. This is what Trump thinks. Except that this time is different. It’s a full fledged red revolution. He would be harshly persecuted. And the deep state with the cooperation of the Chinese Communist Party would use psychological operations to suppress any protest just like they put down Jan 6 through Capitol building breach and now are putting down all forms of protest through fake announcements of armed protest. Americans should get into the right mentality for taking the opposition seriously enough for it to yield any results. I would like to maintain hope. But Marxists always are very brutal and so far their behaviour matches that of every other Marxist power which has enslaved humanity in another geographic location in the world. Now US has turned into an ally for them instead of a source of pressure. I’m not sure what kind of superpowers can Americans possibly acquire when they have already lost it all to succeed. It would be global human slavery, poverty, famine, technocracy, and persecutions.

  78. When they disenfranchise your election votes, vote with your money. Boycott and sanction any business that refuses service to conservative-friendly people or businesses.

    Difficult. But your rights and freedoms are worth it.

    The quality might be low at first. But your rights and freedoms are worth the inconvenience.

    You might miss a few things at first, but your rights and freedoms are worth it.

    Noone said that the fight for your rights and freedoms against all those powerful criminals who want to enslave you under their inhumane communistic order would be easy.

  79. Absolutely pathetic. I am so sick and tired of conservatives acting Ike wimps and always feeling we need to concede something to the left even when we won and they lost.

    What in GOD’S name has the left done I’m I’m last 20 years to make you think they can EVER be appeased, pleased or bargained with?

    They will NEVER feel anything is fair unless it’s complete surrender to their lust for power, and not just power for power’s sake, but power so they are free to do unspeakable and horrific things to the subhumans they consider us all to be.

    Trump won by a MASSIVE landslide, so why in GOD’S name would he concede and go through ALL of this just to let them have what they want?

    Let PENCE take over?! Lmfao!!! You think PENCE will do a damm thing to turn the tide? He’s most likely one of them. But even if he’s not, you think HE was the will or the capability to clean up Washington?

    Only Trump can drain drain swamp. He’s the only one willing and able. THAT is why they cheated so flagrantly. It was do or die for them and yet YOU want to give them exactly what they want all in the name of peace.

    FFS WHEN will conservative FINALLY get a backbone and face the evil that has been at war with us for decades whether we were willing to see it or not?

    Stop making deals with the devil and fight for victory. The left can’t be bargained with or appealed to their higher sense of decency. They have none. They want us eliminated and the only way to fight that kind of evil is to defeat it, SOUNDLY.

  80. Hey Patrick!

    Do you have explanation, Why Dominion System sues Sidney Powell & Mike Lindell etc… aren’t they afraid of discovery?

    ps: Too bad Trump didn’t follow your plan, I believe outcome would’ve been very different (better).

  81. So why didn’t Trump listen to you? Because he trusted Pat Cipollone as a lawyer? It’s obvious he was part of the opposition! He knew Trump had authority to use National Guard to recount the votes but kept that option out of his view. Was Trump still letting the court processes play out 1st? Cipollone turned on Trump and leaked false story to the media, knowing the optics would “show” Trump being a “dictator” by using his constitutional authority and duty to win. And so after it was too late, he had to let it go?

  82. Who is: Pat Cipollone and how is it that he and he alone could destroy an honest election and for what or whom was or is he loyal to?
    I have heard that there were many Lawyers that over time he blocked access to: The President even putting out no access order to the White House. WHY!
    Why did not the Supreme Court accept the information of Fraud with those 6 Counties and accept the challenge to such fraud?
    The White House has Enemy’s within. They are the Deep State that the Press keeps mentioning and they are not fire-able! They rut inside every Administration. They control what happens inside the White House. 495 People are a large staff that could not be staffed or vetted by any President. Ouch!
    Could it be correct that we have a Government that in fact is being operated by: As a Corporation? Sure appears to be so!
    The Enemy has won. This is because that was the intended result from the beginning and it had to be conducted from within at the beginning of the election cycle.
    The Invasion of the Capitol was a sham. It was pre-set and initiated by Direction of Antifa and their Handlers. Which, by the way are so secret that congress will not in investigate who is their financier nor that they should be declared as: Terrorists and Dealt with in that manner!

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