Covid and Imposters

For the last 4-5 days I have had Covid. I felt increasingly lethargic and creaky on Sunday. By Monday I woke up feeling 10 years older. I got tested, and turned out to be positive. I isolated, but still did not experience it as a big deal: with temperatures around 101 – 102, I was telling myself that on a scale of Flu 1-10 , I would grade it a 2. By Thursday morning I was starting to feel better, and was thinking, “That was it? That is what they shut down the world over? If I were still working a normal corporate job, I would not have missed a day’s work for this. I would have stayed home to keep from infecting others, but would have found no need to slip a stitch in my workload.”

Three hours later, Wednesday afternoon around 4 PM, my temperature spiked to 105. I was a hurting puppy. (I had a bit of inside information: years ago, while hospitalized with cancer, I had a 106 degree fever, and remember going delirious and being put in an empty bath covered with 100 pounds of ice cubes: later they told me that at 106-107 your brain starts cooking). A visiting nurse who had shown up in my home yesterday kept trying to get my attention about how bad shape I was in, but I was too sick and wasted to pay her much mind. Finally she said some magic words: “So are you saying that you are directing my company not to transport you to a hospital?”

Something about her legal formality cut though 105 degree fever. In any case, I got my ass in gear.

While normally my medical care is addressed in Mayo-Scottsdale, a handful of years ago I developed a second relationship with a cardiologist, one in Salt Lake City, so that if a medical emergency ever arose I would have that local relationship already established. (For those new to my story: my medical history is a long and sordid tale, which I can summaries with some stats: I have had 113 surgeries, and spent >800 nights in hospitals). I met with that SLC doctor a few times 3-5 years ago, and he even performed a cardioversion or two on me: that way in case of a real medical problem that did not permit me to make it to Mayo-Scottsdale (Arizona), I would have a back-up locally. To avoid exposing a driver, I drove myself 45 minutes to town. I reached out to that doctor and learned he had in the meantime moved to University of Utah Hospital. I called them and after some bureaucratic voicemail jail, I was told that his new employer, University of Utah, was not recognizing previous doctor-patient relationships that doctor had formed, and for this reason I would not be able to have such-and-such-treatment, but I could still apply for another treatment but not this and not that and fill out paperwork in triplicate and someone would see me in a tent but I would not be admitted, I could not be offered this treatment I could not be given this other thing…. Basically, all that effort made several years ago to form a relationship had been a waste. I tried explaining that they had treated me for a couple of things over the 20 years I lived in Utah and we already had a sparse relationship, but I was talking to a bureaucrat reading a script while driving down a canyon in the dusk with a 105 degree fever. And as a non-Mormon, it was not the first time that the University of Utah Hospital had made me feel like a second-class citizen.

Naturally enough, I sent a Good-for-a-Lifetime “Fuck You” to the University of Utah Hospital, and drove to another hospital: Salt Lake Valley Regional Hospital. A tiny hospital by modern standards, they had treated me once before some years ago, and I remember they had been fabulous, though for the life of me I cannot remember for what they treated me (one has spent too much time in hospitals when one can remember the qualities of a hospital but without remembering which shoulder separation, ripped bicep femorus, heart arythmia or broken arm put one there).

I arrived in the Emergency area, parked poorly, and they treated me like royalty. Within hours they had completed an assessment, decided that due to an extremely complicated medical history I was a prime, nay, obvious candidate for monoclonal antibody therapy. By 8 PM they were dripping it into me, by 10 PM I was out the door… and I woke up this morning feeling about 20 years younger, with a normal temperature.

What lesson may I share? There are those in the Freedom Movement who dismiss Covid as just a cold, a light flu, that was weaponized through information. It has been part of the psyop, I agree, but I must assure my readers: do not dismiss this as insignificant. After 3-4 days with it I would have been the first to say, “That was it? That was barely unpleasant.” But after it turned bad 24 hours ago, I was laying in the hospital bed thinking, “How will I convey to my readers how bad this is?”

I came up with a good way to convey it: Imagine having a flu that hit you so hard, you would begin realizing, “If I do not make it to a medical facility I may well die.” If I had been out in the middle of nowhere, the center of Alaska for example, when it turned bad, I would have been well and truly screwed. My vitals went kerflooey, my blood pressure dropped, I went grey, my renal system started cracking (creatinine of 2.4, for those following at home).

So how bad is it? The way to understand how bad it was is to ask you to imagine having a flu, and then having that flu get bad enough that, short of getting to an IV, you’ll probably die. Yes it is quite treatable now. Yes it has been weaponized by the Karen-segment of our society as part of a plan to impose a fascist takeover. But do not let that mislead you into thinking that this is a nothing-burger. You really don’t want to catch it.

Meanwhile, after my three or four days out of touch, I started seeing that I got cancelled on Twitter (which I take as a badge of honor: all the best people are). And I learned that there are imitators springing up on Twitter and Gab, claiming to be me. They are imposters. When I have a bit more strength I will go to having those accounts turned over to me if possible, or else cancelled.

You could do me a favor: I am going to start writing more here. Pease help me out by spreading my material yourselves, including Tweeting them from you own accounts (if like me you do not care about the wrath of half-educated pseudo-intellectual poser like Jack Dorsey).

  1. I am glad you feel better, going back to politics, we all know that President Trump got cheated. Why dont you come up with a Documentary of how it was executed,with witnesses,lawyers and intellectuals like you. I mean a very well made documentary. Take care of yourself, I hope to see you in the limelight soon kicking the ass of the bad news in government.

  2. Whew! I thought you’d ditched us. (And I didn’t blame you:)

    Seriously though, Patrick, I am soooo glad you went in.🏆 Covid is no reason to shut down the world, but you definitely fall into the high-risk category and it was smart of you to be cautious and seek care.

    Sounds like you are back in Utah. Welcome home, neighbor. I will continue to tweet your stuff until they cancel me too. Glad you’re feeling better.🌻

  3. What about the 99% of the people who “get it” and don’t get a 105 fever and bad vitals? Perhaps because of your massive medical history (well over 2 cumulative years in a hospital bed?), you were one of those people who are susceptible to being unable to handle viruses. In other words – perhaps you have a weak immune system.

  4. Sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you’re feeling better.

    You didn’t mention Telegram on here — are you on there? There’s @PatrickByrne which is clearly not you, and now @TheRealPatrickByrne which claims to be actually you. But I feel like it’s not. If you do go somewhere else, please let us know on this blog so we know officially what account is yours.

    Thanks for the updates! You’re a great writer.

  5. Omg! Your story is all bc of Obama care and the shitty ccp run colleges these new doctors come from! We understand your struggle 100% what happened to being treated as an individual and with dignity and respect! I hate what America has become! Our only hope is a miracle!

  6. Run for office…be a voice of common sense! So glad you are feeling better! Please fight for America! We need you to defend rights and freedoms!

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m no longer on T word either. Get the boots back on. You got some walking to do.

  8. Do you have a Telegram account? Are you posting on telegram? There are 2 Accounts under your name posting all the time

  9. IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN IVERMECTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    For the love of God please get some Ivermectin. There are a lot of great youtube vids on this and real data. Your vet has a large supply because they use it all the time.

  10. Whoa, thank you Mr. Byrne for setting all that read this, straight on the horrors of the Chines Wuhan Virus. . I live on a small island (St John USVI) and realise our health care here is not the best. Your account of what you went through has enlightened my eyes to the point where I will do some research on what treatments we DO have here and whether HCQ is one of those treatments.
    My very best to you sir. May 2021 be the year of the reveal and we can move forward into the New US of A with We The People firmly in control. Your involvement in this arena is very much appreciated by this patriot. Sincerely Denise

  11. I was following you on twitter but I left myself after I saw the massive removal of anyone one who had backed Trumps investigation of election fraud. Thanks for sharing your experience with Covid. I’ve lost some friends and it’s definably no joke. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Please, America needs voices of reason. Don’t stop being that! Much love!

  12. I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery. Rest well. Best wishes from across the Pond.

  13. Wow i just got introduced to patrick about a couple weeks ago through a friend & his journey is pretty dam righteous thats what i have to say. The places he’s been , the things he has done, & the people he has been in touch with. The good , the bad & the ugly. I must admit i like this guy !

  14. I just got over covid and had a similar experience. You described it perfectly (I also got the BAM infusion and felt better within 24 hours…I’m a big believer in it). I’m an ER physician and can tell you from experience treating hundreds if not thousands of patients with covid (and now having had it myself), it’s no joke. It has unfortunately been weaponized by the left but I would urge all of your readers to get the vaccine as soon as possible. And Mr. Byrne, the cdc is recommending waiting at least 90 days before getting the vaccine after receiving the monoclonal antibody infusion. Glad to hear you are doing better!

    1. It’s not a vaccine; the RNA concoction uses reverse transcription to alter your DNA (check the vaccine-manufacturers’ websites). You go ahead and get the “vaccine” doctor; I’ll retain my human DNA 😉

    1. hold it. tulsi is a hard core marxist except for being a noninterventionist. patrick is a libertarian … educate yourself. rand paul is much closer to patrick. patrick also voted for RON paul once….

  15. Thank you for your perspective on the virus and for staying alive. It seems we are losing trusted sources of information to corruption each day or losing touch with them due to censorship.

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of this world. The “great awakening” has only brought more darkness.

    The end of the story is supposed to be the good guys winning. It seems that is nothing more than a dream now.

    1. When you shine light on the darkness you see more of what’s been hidden. It’s a good thing. Yes, It’s ugly. And it will get more ugly before this is over. Hold the line. Do not let yourself get demoralized. Pray like your life depended on it. Like your country depends on it. Because it does.

      This is a battle of good vs evil.

      That’s exactly what the enemy hopes you will do. Censorship, lies etc. They will use anything to defeat you mentally and emotionally.

      We got this. Have Faith.

  16. I’m not particularly happy about the “non-Mormon” aspect of the story. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I know that that institution cares deeply about those not of our faith, as do I. When any person in or out of the Church, or any institution, uses the Church as an explicit or implicit excuse to treat others poorly, it gives me an allergic reaction. To be frank, many Church members view the U as an organization hostile to the Church, so it’s a little surprising you would have had the response you had. But I’m glad you were able to get the help you needed and are doing well!

    1. This is because Patrick has a gigantic victim complex. Not being able to see your preferred doctor at a moment’s notice is the reality for all Americans. Patrick thinks that because he was mildly inconvenienced (note how he was still able to get amazing treatment that huge portions of American’s wouldn’t have access to) he is being attacked for his religion. I am a non-LDS person living in Utah and this is absolute crap, but I can’t say I’m surprised that was his reaction.

  17. I wonder if you would have even gotten sick in the first place if you kept your D3 hormone levels above 100ng/ml. I guess we will never know.

    1. it seems like twitter relaxed a few of their restrictions. dont stop the exodus, guys. patrick pls cancel your own account.

      you stay there, you legitimize the platform. we all must go. PEACEFULLY.

    2. Did you pick up Covid in DC on the 6th?

      Based on your experience do you feel all these restrictions limiting gatherings and requiring masks are useful?

  18. Dear Dr. Byrne,
    I saw you on Alex’s show saying that you have COVID, and I commented this on your “Peaceful” article. I’m sending warm “get well soon” wishes to you. Patrick, I want you to know that you’re always in my thoughts & prayers. I pray for your health, strength, well-being, safety, and happiness. I pray for God to wrap his loving arms around you and cover you with peace and protection. I truly admire your courage and bravery. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and continue to do. You are a Super Hero American Patriot, and I will forever be grateful to you. May God bless you and protect you always. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen 🙏🙏🙏


    1. I’m so glad to hear that you are ok. That was very dangerous for you to be driving sick with such a high fever! I’m glad that you finally got proper treatment and that you’re feeling better! I’m sending heartfelt withes for you to make a speedy and full recovery! You are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers ! 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Very good to hear you received effective therapy when needed, and that you’re on a speedy track to full recovery.

  20. Hi Patrick – if you are on Telegram, can you post here on Deep Capture to confirm. There is an account there with your name and photo. Thank you!

      1. True. And, how do we know that particular Telegram @SidneyPowell account is legit?

        @LinWoodChannel said follow @PatrickByrne and also said @SidneyPowell is her official account. @SidneyPowell says @PatrickBryne account is fake. WTH?

  21. There is a PatrickByrne_official and just a Patrick Byrne. I will consider both suspect unless he confirms here.

  22. thank you sir for your moral courage which is greatly appreciated in this historic moment of the republic. salute to you. very glad to hear you are feeling better. with your health history, you are at higher risk to get the bad symptoms of the chyna virus. Praying for your full recovery, please verify if you have a Telegram account. Sidney Powell posted there are impostors using your name. maybe Sidney or Lin can broadcast your handle?

  23. Glad you are on the re-bound. Please post your (if you have one) and Telegraph accounts when you can. Thank you. If you can belive the RNC just called and asked me to donate $600 to win back the house and senate next year. I asked him how that was possible when there are no longer free and fair elections… He continued to tell me that SCOTUS looked at the evidence and dismissed claims of voter fraud… The RNC is trying to tell me that the election was not fraudulent in anyway. I said a few un-lady like things, told him that the RNC will never get another dime from me and hung up. God Bless you, get well soon.

  24. ..happy for your recovery PB…… just circling back to your intense interest in proving the Election was stolen and wondering if
    you will find a way to reconcile your claims with whats happening via all these Dominion Legal actions… is another recantation
    from a right leaning publ. that was forced by a Dominion Letter…

    I hope that you will see fit to also shore up your evidence and provide more detail or recant and go along with what so many other
    reliable media sources have either – Proclaimed form Beginning – No stolen election……… I belive that even OAN has come around to
    recanting their claims also…..

    1. Why would he recant and go along with “Reliable media sources”? 😂 That’s actually called FAKE news or CCP propaganda. I can’t believe there are still people out there saying that the election WASN’T stolen when (quoting Dr. Patrick Byrne) “even an 8 year old can see it.” You’re clearly older than 8, so what’s your excuse?

  25. PB – further to my earlier msg, here is a short summation of the media outlets that have walked back there prior allegations of wide spread election fraud —— Fox News, Newsmax Walk Back Election Fraud Claims After Voting Machine Manufacturer Threatens Legal Action

    1. That is not true. On Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hanity, Laura Ingraham, Judge Perrino, Jesse Watters & Greg Gutfeld all to this day say it was stolen. On Newmax, the two shows that we watch, Spicer & Co & Greg Harris still talk everyday about the stolen election. I like Newsmax because they refuse to cover Sleepy Creepy Joe’s news briefings!

  26. Irish reader here , glad your back with us pat , And like you said its a badge of honour to be banned off Twitter, try out gab or hopefully Parker will be back with us by this weekend. Anyway get well soon paddy . Slain.

  27. I think it depends on the individual, and perhaps, the strain. I’m pretty sure I got it in January, before it was supposed to be here. I’m pretty sure I know where I got it, too—in the steam room, after some guy came in coughing like crazy and claimed he wasn’t sick. Less that 24 hours later, I had a flu-like body ache. Got over it pretty quickly, I thought. Then a couple days later I had the fever—on the order of 102, which I haven’t had for years. In fact, since I went keto, I hadn’t had anything at all and was feeling bulletproof. It’s probably good I had gone keto (lost over 100 pounds.) Anyway, the fever went down in a day, and I stayed the hell away from people, because even though it “couldn’t be COVID,” I didn’t want to give anything that gave me a fever to anyone else.

    I didn’t really have any other symptoms—especially respiratory—until I did. I developed a dry cough, which I had for weeks. It came and went. It wasn’t serious. It was gone when I experienced diarrhea that lasted me over a week, and I saw my doctor. Again, COVID wasn’t here yet, right? My doctor gave me a drug to relax my bowels, and it went away. The dry cough came back. It was gone around early April. I know because I decided to go to a seminar in town that weekend they were going to cancel all social contact.

    Incidentally, I only had “serious” symptoms on and off, and I wouldn’t call them THAT serious (though a fever, I guess, which I never get, should be) two or three days total. I only went to the doctor because the diarrhea wouldn’t go away. There’s reason to believe being keto and getting a lot of sunshine made me resilient, so I’ll go with that. Again, though, it seems to really depend on who it hits, and perhaps, when. I’d say the reason I “got” it was because the environment was ideal (enclosed warm space and practically coughed ON.)

    Glad you’re recovering. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s like a bad flu. It’s not a doomsday virus. It is being used to install worldwide fascism, which is why I’m calling it the CCP virus and COVID1984.

  28. I don’t trust those Covid tests. Someone I know got tested four times at the same place, same day, and got two negatives, two positives. It’s like a coin toss. Consequently, I highly doubt you had Covid. What you had was something much worse, something real bad. So glad you got proper care in time.

  29. I had the exact same experience Patrick. Prior to getting COVID I would tell everyone that it is just a bad flu, nothing more. I am still recovering from a very scary experience, one that I do not wish to repeat ever again. Stay safe and look after yourself. The recovery is a long and tiring one. Wish my father-in law would take the monoclonal treatment. They offered it to him but he is scared to try experimental treatments

  30. Hi Patrick, I’m happy you’re feeling better.

    So is the “Real Patrick Byrne” on Telegram an impostor? There’s a Patrick Byrne account with 49,000+ subs that appears to have started on the 11th of Jan.

    The Real PB Telegram account with 9,388 subs appears to have been started on the 13th of Jan.

    Are both imposers? Thank you.

    Wishing you continued good health.


  31. Geez. I’m glad I checked on you or I would’nt have known. Yes, I am one of those best people excommunicated from Twitter in The Purge. Tyrants be damned, we find a way. Godspeed to you, we would be friends in real life, but alas digital existence will suffice.

  32. Maybe you’ll have long haul symptoms like myocarditis. Or maybe you’ll develop pop corn lung or not be able to catch your breath after a flight of stairs. Maybe you should stop being an asshole and should have used your “sick time” to do some reevaluation of your life’s priorities. Maybe … but I doubt it.

    1. Dude, what evil comments! YOU are clearly the asshole! Sounds like YOU should be reevaluating YOUR own life! I can’t imagine typing that message to my worst enemy let alone Patrick who has given selflessly to “We The People”.

  33. So glad I saw you on TV yesterday. Like others I wondered where you were. So sorry you’ve been sick with the COVID. I will take your words to heart about the danger of this virus. Can’t begin to express how much I respect your spirit, and help to Trump and this nation. Extraordinary! THANKS for your service to our country.

  34. Patrick, I am so pleased that you have returned. I have followed all your information with great interest since the US election. I am actually an Australian but have a great love for President Trump and for TRUTH, HONESTY, COURAGE , PATRIOTISM and JUSTICE- all of which I believe have been lacking in a great many members of the US Government for a very long time. I have appreciated these qualities in you Patrick and I admire your strength and commitment to President Trump and his Team who love their country and will fight to the death to protect the Constitution. I also trust your story about your COVID experience. I am one who has always felt that this has been “used” for political and economical purposes ( with the world in lockdown and nations brought to their knees) and I will trust my immunity and Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and an antibiotic. But I am so pleased that you are well again as you are a BRAVE man.

  35. Patrick,

    I’m shocked to hear you had a relapse after seeing you do a couple of interviews where you seemed fine except for a little cough. Perhaps because you felt fine you overdid it? Your past medical history seems to be key. At least now you are immune. A vaccine seems pointless and risky with side effects. For example, if you had smallpox, would you get a smallpox vaccine after recovering?

    I had a similar experience with unfeeling medical bureaucrats over a year ago. I fell and broke my left ankle so was able to drive myself to a nearby clinic where I literally crawled from my car to the lobby. I was told they didn’t take emergencies and I should go to Urgent Care a few miles away. I plaintively asked, “Could I borrow a wheelchair to get back to my car?” Unbelievable!

  36. Patrick, glad you are feeling better and pray in Yeshuah’s name for your full recovery. Don’t know if you are aware of this, but 5000-10,000 IU per day of Vitamin D, 100-200% RDA of zinc, and extra vitamin C can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of covid infection. Also, helpful are tumeric, quercetin, and resveratrol in coconut oil or a high fat meal. I have been directly exposed many times to positive test cases and have not fallen ill. Many of the worst cases are vitamin D deficient. (Blood levels < 30 ng/ml)

  37. Until new platform by Elon Musk/Trump collaboration (hopeful!), do Parler (when returns to us) AND Telegram. I just began following you on Telegram and the faux “you” dropped the link to ALL declassified docs a couple days ago which I thot was VERY impressive. Next day YOU started pushing crypto currency link & I immediately knew was fake. I reported to “@ZekeYaeger” platform owner & he advised he would investigate & advise. Great c/s response…very tuned in to feedback IMHO.
    Perhaps let Zeke know you were offline??
    So pleased u r better. NO VACCINE 4 ME…THERAPEUTICS ALL THE WAY.‼ God Bless.
    Keep helping Potus 45. He SHALL PREVAIL!!🙏🏼👍🏻

  38. The Kung Flu as I call it, because it is a bio weapon released on the world by the Chinese and globalists to regain power, can be knocked out if a person takes a simple, cheap, and safe drug combo. The treatment must be taken in the first 2-4 days. The crime against humanity represented by the covid-19 release has been compounded by both corporate media and the corporate medical establishment.

    What is the cure? The Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc plus Azithromycin or doxycyline. The same one President Trump suggested in spring 2020. Search for the Zelenko Protocol. There is a good flowchart on the protocol, and I would attach if I could.
    I am very happy you were able to get cured in time. Finding a hospital that had that monoclonal antibody therapy was a life saver. Maybe someone is watching over you.

    I have only read twitter, without having an account. When you and Sidney were kicked off, I started looking for you. Started using CloutHub. She seems to be there, but no updates for days. Seems to have a lot of fake accounts and is slow, but should get faster as they increase their Server capacity and support network.

  39. Both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine should be made available over the counter to anyone who wants it.Should have been done long time ago but corruption prevented it from happening.
    Can’t believe that people are being denied these cheap,safe,widely used drugs.
    Recommend searching and listening to the video of Dr.Pierre Kory testimony on Ivermectin..Can’t post links here.

  40. Hi Mr Byrne, glad you recovered. I am also grateful for your perspective on covid. I need to rethink my stance on a vaccine which I up till now would never consider getting.

  41. Advice for everyone: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Give your body the tools it needs to maintain a strong immune system. I used to work with parents who would bring their sick kids to work during flu season, infecting coworkers, but I was the only person who never got sick. I washed my hands after touching community surfaces, avoided touching my face, took 500mg of Vitamin C every two hours and drank herbal and green teas throughout the day to stay hydrated. As soon as my mug was empty, I’d fill it up again. Incidentally, I never get chapped lips and live in a dry climate, which I attribute to staying hydrated. I’m not a health crank (like sweets and the occasional Gin and Tonic) and I do a lot of other things but this is a good starting point for most. My ex-boyfriend was a doctor who was always sick because he didn’t listen to me!

    I’m not an anti-vaxxer but modern vaccines aren’t as safe as earlier vaccines because of all the extra crap in them. Two women scientists who developed vaccines wrote books about it, warning people about unethical BigPharma. They don’t get vaccines themselves. Any company which could develop ‘all natural’ vaccines would make a bloody fortune, but would probably be driven out of business by BigPharma.

  42. So glad you’re better! I too had the demon virus and I (probably stupidly) just toughed it out. Same as you, first couple days no big deal. Then by day 3 I ran 105 for hours. Tylenol and ibuprofen could not bring it down. I took a cold bath and laid on my bathroom floor in and out of consciousness for hours. The next morning I lost taste and smell and knew I had it. It took me two weeks to feel normal. It effected my muscles and I couldn’t will them to move properly. I’m 34, athletic and no significant medical history. For me, it was like when I had mono as a kid and it went misdiagnosed. I ended up w a yeast infection in my throat. And this was exactly like that. I can’t imagine getting it w pre-existing conditions present already weakening your immune system. I hope you continue to feel better. I started taking vitamin C, zinc, NAC (probiotics for the lungs) and vitamin D and it has helped my recovery tremendously. I hope you come back to us on a social media platform but I don’t mind checking this site either. I’m very close to just being done w social media and just have a business page.

  43. To keep things in perspective, 61,000 people died during the 2017-2018 flu season, and 51,000 died during the 2014-2015 flu season. Flu kills infants and children while Covid seldom does. We’ve learned to live with it as we should with Covid going forward. I recall a month or so ago hearing that San Diego had something like 17,000 Covid deaths but only 36 flu deaths. So has the Covid virus been eating the seasonal flu virus? The corrupt media doesn’t distinguish between dying FROM Covid (only 6%) and WITH Covid. People should use common sense.

    By the way, Patrick, via previous Comments I advised you to get out of DC because I intuitively felt that bad actors might harm you. I also worried because you’d been working so hard that your immunity would suffer. Those things may not have been mutually exclusive considering how pro Trump people have gotten Covid while the DC Demwits remain unscathed. Were you ‘dosed?’ I’m a worrier, you’re a warrior. I’m happy you are better.

  44. Glad you are well. I don’t know that there’s a clear winner in the replacement social media; it NEEDS to become cross-platform capable (like email, you can send email from gmail to hotmail; social media needs to allow cross-platform likewise). A lot of us are on multiple platforms to find everyone in the great free speech diaspora …

    So glad you’re still with the program; gives me more confidence that you meant what you said.

    Modest proposal: Get authorization for an audit in Tarrant County TX.

  45. Get well Patrick. So many of us here in the UK have been following your fight for freedom, not just for the US but for us all in the Western democracies.

    Churchill often faced depression – his ‘black dog’ that he said followed him everywhere – and he would tell others facing difficult times to “Keep buggering on!” – that is how he got Great Britain through our darkest hour. Keep buggering on!

    He also said that if you are going through Hell to keep on going. Don’t stop. Keep going.

    I wish you all the best mate. If you are ever in West Wales I will buy you a pint or two of real Welsh ale. You know what they say about the difference between the Welsh and the Irish don’t you? The Irish can swim!!!

    Best of luck.

  46. I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to and why. So grateful that you got the help you did when you did!!
    Please take the time you need to recover fully. Looking forward to many more posts when you do. Thank you for all you do!! Praying for you…….

  47. Guess what we knew back in 2005

    “. 2005 Aug 22;2:69. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69.
    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
    Martin J Vincent 1, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah, Stuart T Nichol
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 16115318 PMCID: PMC1232869 DOI: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69”

    Virol J
    . 2005 Aug 22;2:69. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69.
    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
    Martin J Vincent 1, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah, Stuart T Nichol
    Affiliations expand

    web link:


    . 2005 Aug 22;2:69. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69.
    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
    Martin J Vincent 1, Eric Bergeron, Suzanne Benjannet, Bobbie R Erickson, Pierre E Rollin, Thomas G Ksiazek, Nabil G Seidah, Stuart T Nichol
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 16115318 PMCID: PMC1232869 DOI: 10.1186/1743-422X-2-69

  49. Patrick,
    Glad you survived the Covid, I just finished my own battle with it, however, a much milder experience for me. One day of mild fever and allergy symptoms amped up for a couple days. I started to look back and realized I did feel fatigue the week prior, but thought it was “the holiday bustle”. Your experience sounds awful and I am so grateful that you are ok. Ready to help fight the battle … the election fraud does not sit well with me … I am about the truth. I left Twitter in disgust as to what they had done to others.

  50. Hey Patrick,
    Glad you are feeling better. I’ve been wondering where you were. Other than Covid now there are millions of Trump supporters who feel helpless and some days down and out. We would absolutely accept the results without the fraud but I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. Just wanted to say Thank you for everything you have done to try to help reveal the truth for the sake of the Republic! Get on Gab soon so we can interact easier please. Be well & God Bless.

  51. Patrick,
    Thank goodness you have mended. Your candid testimony is what we need much more of to demystify what this virus really is so that everyone positions it properly within the context of our current world. It is serious and it is being used as a control instrument. I am curious to know, during the consultations and discussions, are doctors well aware of the treatment options that are being squelched and did they consider these as possible options for treatment or did you get the sense that they would be more than willing to let the virus take its course? Was there a reason that, when testing positive, you didn’t mention taking any type of antihelmintics?

    With the other known and shunned treatments (ivermectin, budesonide and chloroquine for example) were these even considered?

  52. Glad you’re on the mend.
    I had covid beginning January 18, 2020. I was sick but that was before I knew to be scared of it or what it was. I called it the crud. Super glad when the antibody test became available in June, 2020. I felt such freedom after that. Enjoy the fact that you’re now going to have those sweet antibodies. Hope you’re feeling 100% soon.

    1. I plan to ask for the antibody test if I can ever get in to see my doctor. I may have had Covid with no symptoms so would be immune now. People who are immune shouldn’t have to wear masks. I heard that blood banks are finding antibodies in a lot of their donor blood which might mean there is herd immunity by now.

      1. There is not herd immunity by now. 3,000 people a day are still dying.
        Just because you may have had COVID before and recovered does NOT mean you can’t transmit it to someone else.

  53. “…and I remember they had been fabulous, though for the life of me I cannot remember for what they treated me (one has spent too much time in hospitals when one can remember the qualities of a hospital but without remembering which shoulder separation, ripped bicep femorus, heart arythmia or broken arm put one there).”

    There’s an article in this same website just to “prove” how good your memory is, so this section sound a little contradictory.

    Anyhow, I hope you safe and healthy now.

    1. LOL. The article about how good his memory is was just a video of him memorizing a deck of cards. It is essentially a parlor trick anyone can easily learn how to do. Patrick doesn’t have any kind of special memory.

  54. “Health Minister Vishwajit Rane told the press that the home isolation kit would help treat the virus at an early stage and reduce the mortality numbers in Goa. The Health Minister quoted, “The newly launched Home Isolation Kit is a game-changer. We are using Ivermectin and Doxycycline for prophylaxis, which has no proven side effects. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of patients is also followed by the Australian Government.”

  55. In the same exact time frame my son, his wife and there two young boys, 5 and 2 have come down with the Covid. He likely picked it up going back to work, in a Reston area building, on the fifth floor office, where masks were not requited in the office, but were in the building. Modern first world buildings are very energy efficient, when in all cases except the very rare, mean they are way under-ventilated for Covid. They had driven on 8 January to a mountain lake resort in WV, for the weekend, and on Saturday morning he awoke to clear symptoms, of the Covid, and they all returned to Fairfax in their SUV. On Sunday my wife and I prepared a course of the Ivermectin capsules weighed to their body weight, the adults that is, for children under 70 kilos I was unable to find any advice as to the use of Ivermectin. On Saturday we had gotten them (the adults) onto dosings of Vitamins C, D3, K2, B12, Solgar B-complex 50, zinc taurate, baby aspirin, children’s benadryl, famitodine, and quercetin. Amazon delivered to their door that early Saturday evening. I drove down from Philly with the horse paste capsules we had made, and my son and his wife followed the prophylactic protocol of the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance. By Monday and Tuesday it was clear that all had come down with Covid, my son had gotten swapped in WV on Saturday, that rapid test was positive, his wife’s negative. Tests done on Monday showed the wife was positive, and the boys tested positive later in the week.

    The son is a Cross Fit gym person, which clues as to his pre-condition health, and his wife is very healthy as well, as were the boys. Yet it is a over week later, and the symptoms still persist, gotten better, but not fully cleared. I I sure the Ivermectin kept all of them out of the hospital, and so far has kept their pulse ox readings close to 99%. Still it is hard for my son not to want to re-engage in strenuous exercise, and that is a high risk activity due to clotting, thrombosis, and lung damage potential for many weeks.

    I hope you get better, and like many others on this thread, Ivermectin seems to be the thing, even post-Covid.

  56. Patrick you have no idea how privileged you are. The fact that you couldn’t get in to see your doctor at a moment’s notice is completely normal for everyone. Sorry you didn’t get special treatment because you’re a rich asshole. To blame it on the LDS church is embarrassing, especially at the U. It’s not like you were trying to get into the hospital at BYU and they wouldn’t let you in.

    Tens of millions of people in this country have zero health insurance and here you are being a little bitch because you had to go get the best available experimental treatment at a moment’s notice at your second choice of hospital. Get over yourself, you’re not being persecuted.

    1. In your diatribe you forgot to mention Patrick is white. I think that’s mandatory for your sort to point out, isn’t it?.

  57. Dr. David Hanscom is a former spinal surgeon who had Covid. It wasn’t much more than fatigue, a low fever and a mild cough. He eats an anti-inflammatory diet which he believes prevents and cures disease. Sugar and deep fried foods are to be avoided. I need to do this myself, as I’m a sugar addict (but not overweight). Every time I saw Patrick interviewed on Zoom he was drinking CocaCola! So he increased his inflammation levels which made him more susceptible to getting sick. A treat once in a while is okay.

    Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory supplement. I always suspected the reason Indians could survive in squalor on the verge of starvation was due to all the spices they ate. Nature’s medicine.

    Dr. Hanscom remarked that anxiety also increases inflammation, so the media hysteria is actually making people sicker.

  58. Im sorry you had covid happy to hear your doing much better.
    My daughter 2 grandkids and my son in law all had covid basically all at the same time.

    The grandkids were sick about 3 days then they were fine. The boy is 4, the girl is 17 My son in law had it for about 6 days so about week then he was fine. But my daughter was very sick for 15 days.

    Only health issue she has is she’s slightly over weight. The grand son has miltuple sever health issues and was fine in 3 days or less.

    Anyways, when my daughter first got sick she called her personal doctor to get medicine. The doctor put her on antibiotics and prednisone. Which is a steroid given to a lot of asthma patients.

    After taking the Prednisone she got extremely ill with in 24 hours, she continued to get worse. She went to the hosiptal ER they asked what meds is she taking. She told the ER doctor what meds her doctor put her on.

    Then the ER doctor told her that prednisone was the wrong thing to take. It will make a covid patient very ill. And once you take it no other meds work or work well. The Doctor told her to stop taking the prednisone. go home that she will either get better or she wont theres not much they can do after being on prednisone.

    At that point the only treatment left is the ventilator. So if she got any worse to come back to the hospital ASAP… Then they will put her on the ventilator.
    By the grace of God she started getting better.
    To this day she still isnt feeling back to normal but she is thru the worst and she is on day 17

    I dont know if your doctor put you on prednisone or not but it was a common treatment for covid patients when the virus first hit in the USA. There still are doctors prescribing prednisone to covid patients even though its bad. I guess those Doctors didnt get the memo or dont treat many covid cases to stay updated.

    This medication could be more then likely the reason the death rate was so high in NY and other places at the begining of the virus outbreak. They later found out the prednisone was very bad to give to covid patients. The medication severely drops your survival rate.

    So when they found out prednisone was so bad to use they stopped prescribing it the survival went up.
    Like I said some doctors do still prescribed prednisone. So if anyone reading this knows anyone with covid or you have it do NOT Take Prednisone or any type of medicine similar to prednisone.

    Please research what Im saying its very bad to take prednisone.

    If my daughter would have continued to take prednisone she would be dead right now.

    Please spread the word No Prednisone if you have Covid….

    Patrick if you had Prednisone it could be why you got so sick thank the Lord you made it thru your fight with covid.
    Ps. I may have misspelled “prednisone”

  59. Goodness, that sounds awful. I hope you are far past the worst of it and Getty g your strength back. Independent minded folks like myself miss your posts. I’m learning an awful and look to you for hope.

  60. Patrick thank you very much for your service!. In part one you talk about how Trump tickled racial sentiments and how you are against that. However, you said “it was the first time as a non Mormon being discriminated against”….. Even though I know you were joking it tickles the prejudicial sentiment by non-Mormons towards Mormons. The fact is if you really want to generalize, IN UTAH there is way more non-Mormon prejudice towards Mormons then vice versa. Mormons are treated like white males are treated today in America. We get falsely accused of everything under the Sun.But the fact of the matter is all these people accusing us keep on coming and wanting to live amongst us and partake of the fruits that we have sewn. In other words the accusations are most of the time baseless

  61. My and family and I were quarantined a few weeks ago with covid. I have reseached Ivermectin over the last year and was told by my doctors that they would be fired if they prescribed it or hydroxychoriquine. I went to a farm supply and bought Ivermectin for horses which had the proper formulation recommended per body weight, figured the dosage, ate it, and was cured. Dermititus in my legs that I have been treated for, for several years, also cleared up. My family chose not to take it and are still recovering with doctor prescribed protocol, but I feel better than I have in years (68 yrs old). Do your research.

  62. One of the take-aways from this story is that the hospital had an effective therapy that didn’t require putting him on a ventilator.

    And that’s a secret that’s part of the scam: we’re told we have to be in emergency lockdown until everyone in the country is vaccinated…no, wait: there’s new strains!! Meanwhile no one is talking about the treatments available. If President Trump hadn’t gotten it we’d probably never have heard of some of the things they did for him.

  63. One important takeaway: people who aren’t in the same position as you with respect to medical care (lacking the knowledge, history, relationships, ability to wade thru bureaucracy, excellent insurance, nurses and caregivers in one’s home) may not only “imagine having a flu . . . get bad enough that, short of getting to an IV, [they’ll] probably die” but in hundreds of thousands of cases and counting, actually do die. You were fortunate enough to receive the treatment you received, but that treatment is certainly not available or accessible to all. And with all the people claiming that this is just the flu, fighting common sense medical advice, and forcing confrontations in shops and grocery stores, it’s going to keep spreading and keep killing so many people who don’t have your financial resources or good fortune.

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