“Crack the Wall Street Cover-Up!” Contest Instructions and Rules

Crack the Wall Street Cover-Up Contest!
You, the Community, decide who wins

1st place = $30,000
2nd place = $20,000
3rd place = $10,000
4th place = $6,000
5th place = $4,000
6th – 10th place = $1,000 each
Total = $75,000

From “The Story of DeepCapture” (see button in upper right-hand corner of site) you understand the crime and cover-up. Now you can win up to $30,000 for thinking of a clever way to crack the cover-up. Here’s how:

1) Crack the Wall Street cover-up: do something to help the public discover DeepCapture’s exposé of Wall Street and the financial journalists who “tried to be players but became pawns.”

2) What you do is your choice: you may simply write newspapers and politicians (here is a page providing ways to do that quickly and easily), and get others to do the same. Maybe you’ll do some PR stunt (such as this). Maybe you’ll write letters to the editor, or do Youtube videos, or think of something entirely new and original (we hope you do).

3) Whatever you do must be legal.

4) Tell us what you did, using the widget at the bottom of Mark Mitchell’s story. That becomes your entry. Your entry can and should link to blogs, videos, audio files, letters to the editors, newspaper articles, etc. that document your efforts to crack the cover-up.

5) Multiple entries are allowed.

6) To crack the cover-up you may find it useful to learn more about this issue. The links within Mitchell’s piece are a good starting point. More detailed pieces appear on DeepCapture.

7) The community will determine the winners by continuously voting entries up and down.

8 ) At midnight, October 31, 2008, entries will be frozen and prizes awarded.

9) This contest is scheduled to run until midnight, Utah time, October 31, 2008. However, it is an experiment and, like all experiments, runs the risk of producing unanticipated pernicious consequences. Therefore, in case some ill begins arising that we had not foreseen, we reserve the right to bring the contest to an early conclusion. If we do, we will give 7 days’ notice: when those 7 days are up, the entries will be frozen, and prizes paid based on the ranking of answers at that moment.

10) This list of rules may (and likely will) be amended. Why? Because this contest is an experiment. There may be some way to game it that we have not anticipated (“gaming” means “bending the rules in an attempt to win without doing the hard work of creating the public awareness of Mitchell’s story which the contest is supposed to measure”: for example, trying to hack the voting mechanism). Therefore, in case we discover people gaming it in some way, we reserve the right to modify the rules in midstream. We will not be capricious (e.g., amending the rules merely to handicap someone who had gotten ahead), but would do so only to protect the integrity of the contest for all participants. We’re the good guys. By entering the contest, you acknowledge this right and express your willingness to submit to our sense of fairness in these matters.

If you have questions about the contest, please post them as comments to this post. We will answer. But please review everyone else’s comments to see if your question has been answered, before you post another.

Good luck,
Patrick M. Byrne, PhD
Deep Capture Reporter

  1. I want to enter the contest, but the widget does NOT appear.

    Can somebody please help me with this?

    How can I email the ones who are arranging this contest?

  2. I’ve been telling many, for many years, all that is required to blow the naked short sellers out of the water is… cash !.

    Cash is King ! ..period !

    I believe Rothchild said it himself, He who controls the flow or printing of money,controls all.

    Want to expose those who manipulate your stock and your company ?…. distribute a cash dividend and watch who explodes .

    I realize struggling companies don’t have lot’s of cash to redistribute to their shareholders, but many mid cap and upper companies do…. rather than the CEO’s stuffing their pockets… try spreading the wealth around… and watch with glee as the Hedgehogs implode…

    Cash is King… think about it.


  3. It is too bad that azhole has taken this well intentioned contest and has attempted to manipulate the outcome out of greed. This individuals actions go against the intent and generosity of Mr. Patrick Byrne and are similar to the style of activity taken by those this contest is trying to expose as crooks. It is clear by the fact that this person’s two entries remain the only two in the green, and they are relatively the same entry, that this person is destroying all other valid entries. Why bother even entering.

  4. Azkole whasup with all the negativity? Seems your weak entries are all that survive here. Schmooz is putting up youtubes and getting shot down on every one.

  5. Hey Patrick–seems like there’s definitely something up with the contest back-end. It took me about a hundred tries to enter; sometimes I’d get redirected to a nonexistent domain (sierra.overstock.com) and sometimes I’d get taken to a page that said simply “this contest no longer exists.”

    Glad I was finally able to enter though, and I love the idea of the contest. Good luck to everyone!

  6. I do have another question about the rules–if multiple entries by the same author are in the scoring places does only one count or do they win the prizes for both entries?

    I.e. if I have two entries in 1st and 2nd place, do they both win or just the higher-scoring of the two?

  7. My ideas have been know for quite a long time. The collapse that’s immenent has been in the making since many things have come about. Those things are the NAFTA agreement, the housing market due to mortgage lenders creating a huge hole by lending rates that inflate to huge proportions in 5 years or longer. Opec’s price increases and the worst price increases in history.
    Politicians can do nothing about this inflation. Our economy is in a downward spiral that will come to an abrubt end. 9/11 hasn’t been easy either and resulted in Our Country being forced to pay an astronomical price for it’s aftermath.
    Truth be told, it may have been the straw that broke the camel’s figurative back.
    An e-mail campaign has been started.

  8. Dr. B., or anyone else who may know:

    I don’t understand how the recommendation process works.

    1) Do you have to be a registered user to vote on a “answer”?

    2) If yes, can each user recommend a post only once?

    3) What happens if you click the recommend button? Is it binary (yes/no) or can you give it different ratings?

    4) The system of selecting the winner by recommendation assumes the users will effectively go through all the posts and casts a vote.

    Did I get this right?

    Thanks and regards

  9. ok, got some answers already:

    yes, one needs to be a member to vote.
    yes, each member can only vote once.

    only question that remains is this: those who have posted a long time ago have a better chance of getting more recommendations right? If someone enters the contest on Oct 28 for example, they only have a couple of days to receive recommendations, so they have no chance to compete with the older posts with lots of recs. Right?

  10. Just so you know, my entries are valid and I have worked my butt off to get them. They are my family and friends. I am not AZKOLE nor am I Donnie1228. I have only one entry even though multiple entries are valid. I may not have the most creative entry, but the contest was about getting the word out about Deep Capture and I have been doing pretty darn well just by word of mouth. This contest has enabled many to learn the truth that has been hidden for so long and I am thankful.

  11. I’ve been monitoring the widget for well over a month and have been watching the cheating. Each of these four entries: azkole #1, azkole #2, miscurve6 and donnie1228 have CLEARLY been receiving the same votes from the same account registrations – registrations which I strongly suspect are mostly fake. Here’s why I’ve come to that conclusion:

    At times last month I would check the widget and leave my window browser open. I would see these four entries at something like 50, 45, 40, 40 …a minutes later I refreshed the page and get 51, 46, 41, 41 while everybody else’ vote was the same …a minute later I refreshed and got 52, 47, 42, 42 while everybody else’ vote was the same. …a minute later I refreshed and got 53, 48, 43, 43 while everybody else’ vote was the same. Or I would actually witness the cheating as it was happening: refresh and see the immediate +1 vote for azkole #1…refresh see the +1 vote for the azkole #2 entry …refresh +1 vote for muscurve6 …refresh +1 vote for donnie1228 ..watching as the registrant voted for each of them down the line systematically together.

    And this has gone on for MONTHS. I actually started writing down the numbers and have evidence of the vote progression. I even saw the vote for these four jump up by exactly ten in 15 minutes a couple times, meaning it’s highly unlikely that these are real registrations. They are likely from the same computer and are likely fake cheat votes one way or another. If you can check IP addresses and investigate the votes/registrations you will be able to tell they are fake. I think this person should obviously be disqualified for trying to “deep capture” a contest about greed and corruption – of all things.

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