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The World’s Greatest Con (Chapter 4): Yank Barry’s $533 Million Art Fraud

Yank Barry perpetrated the biggest art fraud in history.
25 30 min read

The World’s Greatest Con (Chapter 2): Yank Barry’s Global Village — Mobsters, Boxers, Frauds and the FBI’s Most Celebrated Hero

The Global Village Champions Foundation is a massive fraud, operated with the support of the FBI's most celebrated hero
10 67 min read

Deep Capture Files Major Lawsuit Against the SEC

Deep Capture and famous SEC whistleblower Gary Aguirre have filed a major and unprecedented lawsuit against the SEC seeking information about the crime of...
299 67 min read

SAC Capital and (and Steve Cohen, Too) Should Be Convicted of Murder

Former SAC Capital portfolio manager Mathew Martoma was convicted today for insider trading, and there is much discussion that SAC Capital founder Steve Cohen...
25 2 min read

All Publicity is Good Publicity if You’re Bill Ackman

John Hempton at Bronte Capital (see his blogs here) is going to some lengths to stir up a scandal concerning letters that were authored...
12 48 sec read

The Global Bust-Out Series (Chapter 8): Boris Berezovsky and the “Nexus” Between Organized Crime, Terrorism, and the Global Oligarchy

Berezovsky, a surprisingly typical oligarch, had ties to terrorists, organized crime, Wall Street and Washington
44 36 min read

“The Global Bust-Out Series (Chapter 7): Michael Milken and the “Insider Trading” Network (as of 2013)

The "insider trading network" that the FBI is currently investigating is similar to an "insider trading" network that the FBI investigated in the 1980s--and...
124 40 min read

The Global Bust-Out Series (Chapter 5): Monzer al-Kassar, Model Citizen

Meet Monzer al-Kassar: global terrorist, narcotics kingpin, mobster, killer, mercenary, financial criminal, intelligence agent, and prominent oligarch known as "The Prince of Marbella" (his...
23 42 min read

There is More to the SAC Capital Story

Steve Cohen has received a subpoena as part of the FBI's big insider trading probe, but insider trading is the least of SAC Capital's...
33 3 min read

Will the SEC Investigate What Matters About Milken?

The SEC has launched an investigation into Michael Milken, but there is much about Milken that the SEC seems not to be investigating.
12 1 min read