A $10 coupon for my friends

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:04 pm Post subject: A $10 coupon for my friends

Hi Folks.It occurs to me that I have asked much of those who come here: to provide me feedback on business ideas, to understand patiently as we work through different business problems, to provide witness to the perfidy of various journalists, and ultimately, to get involved in comprehending a complex financial crime on Wall Street.That is a lot for me to ask of thousands of folks whom I have never met. As Don Corleone put it, “Let’s just say, ‘I owe you.'”As a small token of my appreciation, I have created a discount coupon that takes $10 off any purchase > $100 on our shopping site. Just in case it gets out of hand (as happened to me when I posted an offer on someone else’s blog a month ago), I have set the coupon to expire on Monday evening, July 30, to limit the damage I can do to Overstock’s budget for such promotions.

By the way, I am not imagining myself a munificent Santa Claus here: I am just trying to do a nice thing for folks who visit. Feel free to post a link to this page anywhere else around the Internet (I know there are sites and blogs devoted to searching for shopping specials and various deals). However, if you folks seem to like this, I will make a habit if including these coupons in my blogs.

In any case, here goes nothing: If you want the $10 off $100 coupon, good until Monday night, please click here.

Your most humble servant,


UPDATE: For those to whom this is new, to use the coupon you just click on the link above. It takes you to Overstock, you shop, and then when you checkout you will find the coupon deducted from your order. If you have more than one coupon in your account, our checkout process will apply the one that gives you the biggest discount on the order. So for example, if you are a Club O member you receive a 5% discount. If you order $105 worth of stuff, this coupon will drop it to $95. If you order $300 worth of stuff, you will get a $300 X 5% = $15 discount.Last edited by patrickbyrne on Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:05 pm; edited 3 times in total

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:42 am Post subject: Signatures and delays

Wings,Yes, I did forget to sign it. You’re right.”Somebody call somebody!” – Panicking helicopter cop’s line at the end of the movie, “7”.


By the way, I put that notice up of the show about my friend because the producer called that day to say it was going to be on. Evidently it got bumped. She wrote me this weekend:

“There was a scheduling change at ESPN because of a WNBA game so the new air date is Friday the 31st at 7:30pm (ET) on ESPN2.”

So I hope you tune in this Friday.


PS There is a profound irony in the fact of its being bumped for a WNBA game. Somewhere, good-naturedly, Brian is laughing until tears roll down his face. As was his style.

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