Scientists Hybridize Worm + Human = David Priess

Say what you will about business, the fact remains that in government, one can make wormy twisty Philadelphia-lawyer answers like this and not only survive, but be celebrated for it. They get promoted for it. In business, a guy like this gets fired in 30 seconds. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen. I’ve done it. Numerous times I’ve stopped a meeting to take a guy like this into the hallway to fire him. Once or twice I did not even stop the meeting to do it.

I am curious about the internal monologue of worms like this. Leave your best guess in the comments.

  1. After watching the video in it’s entirety, I’m glad you fired individuals of like minded character, when you had the chance. Thanks for your cerebral and sometimes humorous approach to solving this nation’s ills.

      1. Love your work.
        Have followed your adventures for 2 or 3 years. Fascinated with the life you have lived.
        Keep up the good work and the sense of humor.
        I’m sure it consumes, exhilararltes and drains you simultaneously.
        Thanks for your help here in Maricopa County from a low level audit volunteer.

  2. This guy displays the “classic earmarks” of someone consumed with pride,therefore he will not admit what he did was wrong.
    Once I became aware of pride in myself and others ,it made it so much easier to understand why we humans sometimes do,say and think the things we do.

    Some recommended videos on the topic of pride:
    C.S. Lewis on “The Great Sin” (Pride)

    Conscience vs Pride

  3. Hahaha. There was an 80’s sitcom in the UK called “Yes Minister” with the ultimate weasel of a civil service chief played by Nigel Hawthorne. Evidently, the monologues of “Sir Humphrey Appleby” are still alive in the souls of CIA lawyers. Thatcher loved the show as it was so close to the truth of Westminster life. Glad you got to fire a few of them! Somewhere there is Justice.

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