Mike Lindell & I Had a Chat

You folks have a nice treat coming for you this week.


  1. My speech notes to the Election Commission Oct 2022 Shelby County TN.

    We have asked to go back to paper voting.
    I see no action on removing electronic voting machines per the will of the people.
    So I went out with a petition.
    Next, in 90 days from election, I am retooling petition to remove Mark Luttrell Jr. from office per our TN constitution.

    Now, I realize running elections is hard. Outsourced software.
    Quite possible no one in this room is guilty of rigging the 2020 election.

    I want to point your attention to Fulton Cty PA who hired a Forensic look at their tabulators.
    After certification when no changes can be made to the tabulators, they found connections to Quebec Canada along with other breaches.
    They sued Dominion last week.
    There are 3000 counties, all looking at this.
    Certainly they will make a list of who is investigating their County elections.
    I hope Shelby Cty gets ahead of this and doesn’t continue to shun the will of the people.
    Thank you

    1. I just hope the FBI doesn’t James Meeks Mike Lindell. Seems like that is what they want to do…and maybe James Meeks will resurface soon…

  2. Ha! I kept bugging Patrick about when this thing he’d promised would, you know, actually be released, and instead of, well, addressing it he blocked me. What a wimp!

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