Frederick Douglass Society/Douglass Leadership Institute Keynote

Pardon the sound quality in the early part. I was verklempt. I was trying to tell them a message from me Ma: “Though her son [me] has been invited to give talks to everyone from the Saudi royal family to the world of bitcoin and business, no invitation has honored her more than that a group of people affiliated with Frederick Douglass would ask her son to speak.”

  1. Patrick this is The Bridge of healing . I am sure The Spirit of Frederick Douglas was lifted knowing a Healing Bridge is now a beginning for so many who carried the historical resentment spiritually and physically . I was blessed to have a Spiritual Godfather who was a Black Minister guide me . I learned the True Value of Unconditional Love. He took me to many different churches on Sundays . I listened to so many stories but always left that I recieved more than I have given from all the beautiful people present. I do believe it is time to Bridge The Healing and Understanding of Our Beautiful Black Community. Patrick you are the Bridge .Black Ministers need a Champion to work with and you certainly are one . Indeed your best Public Speach certainly was a gift to so many . Merci Mon Cher Ami

  2. In my experience any bigot can be convinced to go along to get along, but an abolitionist won’t shut up until everbody’s dead.

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  4. My deepest condolences on the medical news. My heart is with you as you go forward, and I’m sure there are many, many more like me.

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