“The Last Hurrah of Patrick Byrne” at ReAwaken, Branson Missouri

  1. It seems like now at least half the country openly are willing to discuss the apparent outright ‘rigging’ of elections-
    -via gross maladministration,
    -lining up all authority top to bottom in jurisdictions like Detroit, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago, Vegas, Maricopa, Fulton such that whomever has purchased the election systems in these locations can do whatever they want to the ‘selection’ process with impunity, free of legal accountability (who’s going to arrest/prosecute them?),
    -changing laws/rules to have 30-45 days to cheat via paper ballots floating around- in some places more than the population,
    -missing trailers full of ballots,
    -rampant ‘glitches’ in machines that have become laughable at the scale/scope/locations (generally non-dem polling places) to disenfranchise large swaths of citizens,
    -apparent proxy voting where folks doorbelling have gone to homes in places like Lancaster PA to inquire of the homeowner that goes something like this: ‘how many voted here in Nov 2020’ to be told ‘should only have been two’ with the dismayed response of ‘well odd that the state/county show 10 having voted here’
    -Entire major law firms threatened with being financially ‘deplatformed’ or cancelled as it’s now referred to for stepping up to aid in elections related litigation over all the above
    -And now, after days and days of holding vote tallies open, which these days can really only mean so they can figure out how many ballots the leftists are short so they can have their printers print them up to get the correct final tally, a miraculous outcome where the party in power with the lowest popularity in history, with horrible economic and livability per most polls/surveys of past year, somehow maintains or gains seats/control of Congress, something that would be unprecedented in the history of a free country’s elections

    Thanks for naming names and filling in the gaps for folks with your revelations these past two years. Hoping your ‘full reveal’ is not too late at this point. Thought ‘red state’ elected executives would have had the courage to actually investigate all of these ongoing frauds that are disenfranchising at least half of the states in what remains of this ‘Union’, but seems like they were only willing to hide behind closed doors with their comments. I suspect that ‘mid-west’ AG you’d mentioned who believed there may be tens of thousands of stuffed ballots throughout every county in that state has moved on to a new role, but doesn’t seem worthy of any position/role representing the public if he couldn’t uphold his oath he swore to his fellow citizens. Will he be raising his right hand again to repeat that oath that he failed to uphold? Will anyone challenge him publicly for doing so?

    Sad, since some semblance of courage on their part could have put the needed resources and authority into these corruption investigations, including the frauds perpetrated upon their state’s citizens when visiting the US Capitol to peacefully assemble and seek a redress of these grievances. By all appearances, the overwhelming bulk of election/fraud/corruption investigations has occurred due to a large group of privateers, including yourself and your personal treasury, expending great time, effort, energy, and funds to pursue the truth, in the name of liberty.

    And perhaps that’s the greatest heartbreak for most of us our here is that the ‘electeds’ we’d delegated our Constitutional powers/authority to protect our rights first and foremost sat on their hands and did little or nothing, expended little of the collectives’ (gov’t) treasury in those red states that could of, likely NONE of their personal treasury as you have, and in many cases, outright fought such preservation of our rights every step of the way.

    And so it will appear to remain, that with one of us being ‘not free’, we’ll all be ‘not free’, until such time as liberty and justice for all actually is restored as in reality and not merely a catch phrase for the country I grew up in. Can only imagine what Founders, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, MLK, et al would think of what we’ve become. We know what Thomas Jefferson did/would think of the situation….

  2. PS- Thank you for all you have invested in your country and personal sacrifices throughout your life for us all. Greatly appreciated and I will always remember you for it.

  3. This country will experience a second Civil War within the next 15 years. That seems highly probable. Which is sad.

  4. It seems to me that most are implicit in all. “ Easy money, “. I never had easy money and neither has my family. Hard working entrepreneurs, 17 hour days 7 days/week. This is a spoiled generation but how else would you think it’d turn out. Nothing beats working hard, honestly and giving to another person. Clear conscience, knowing you made a small difference by sacrificing yourself. Jesus said, “ if they’ll persecute me, they will persecute you.” When the Apostles were arguing over who’d sit, He told them,” you know not what you ask.” Study Yahuah ( Jesus) the Apostolic’s, then emulate His behavior and we can solve this. A kind, soft word goes best.

  5. Thanks for all you have done for our country and for all you are currently risking in naming names. I hope you have chosen which actor will play you in the action thriller about your life story.
    If ever in the Phoenix area, would love to buy you a drink and discuss the future as you see it for this glorious land.
    God Bless You and may you find successful treatment we need you.

  6. The best form of a republic is where power is maximally fractured into competing entities. The best way to do that is to obtain all your “governmental” services from multiple free market entities who must compete for their customers patronage. This is what voluntarism can be.

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