Doug Bock Clark Goes Full Baghdad Bob (A Preview Review of Pro Publica’s C-Grade Propaganda)

It feels mildly odd to be writing a review of a piece that will not be published for another 2 days, but I am comfortable enough in my suspicions of what is coming that I may as well write and publish the review now.

The long and short of is: Pro Publica will soon publish a piece by Doug Bock Clark etc. that will say they dug into the Election Integrity Movement and found it is based on misinformation. To support that assertion, Doug Bock Clark will ignore everything confirming our claims that breaking of laws by officials in the weeks leading up to Election Day 2020, and other officials on the day of the election and afterwards, created a rigged and hopelessly compromised election in several key states. Instead, Pro Publica will center-and-debunk some peripheral 1% events that occupied no more than 10 minutes of my life and that I left out of my book (for the precise reason that I did not know what to make of them or put any faith in them).

That is to say: When Doug Bock Clark first contacted me to discuss this movements’ “efforts to overturn the election,” I pointed out to him that such phraseology begged the question, for we did not see ourselves as seeking to “overturn an election” but instead saw the November 2020 election as having been rigged, and we were trying to expose that peacefully. Our beliefs flowed from the fact that in the aftermath of the November 3, 2020 election, myself and a small cohort of specialists studied the matter and quickly formed the view that between the tweaking of laws by Marc Elias and the ignoring of some laws by some election officials, and sloppy cybersecurity of the voting machines, and activities of lower-level officials on November 3 itself, the election had been rigged far past the point it could be unscrambled. Dozens of stories and tips came across my desk about such matters, as well as obscure-sounding stories such as one about a South Korean jet with tens of thousands of ballots landing in Arizona, and a story about some miscreants in Italy, but I ignored those completely, instead passing them both off to two different agencies of the federal government for them to investigate or not as they thought wise, and never touched them again.

Doug Bock Clark claimed to understand all that, and in the time since then has communicated with me regarding our attempts to challenge the November 2020 election. And he has encouraged me to go deep on the sources for my beliefs about the election of November 2020, writing me such commitments as:

“Yes, we will fairly convey your views about election fraud – though I also want to be clear that we won’t necessarily agree with your POV and we can’t cover every point of debate between the sides… though we hope to address the major things. Maybe you can talk through some of the things you raise later this week? I do want to go deep on them.”

– Doug Bock Clark

So I have given Mr. Clark much time, answering detailed questions about the basis of our beliefs. Materials which have been brought to Doug Bock Clark’s attention include:

  • In Georgia:
    • A whistleblower has come forward deserving his participation in a Georgia ballot stuffing scheme where he was paid $45,000 to stuff 4,500 ballots and claims he was average size out of 242 people doing the same in Georgia (“Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Ballot Boxes — Just One of 242 Traffickers”).
    • His story has been confirmed by an organization called True the Vote, which acquired 10 trillion cell phone pings from 5 states over the weeks before the election, and found the cell phone trails among voter drop boxes of a couple hundred people in Georgia (as well as four other states, incidentally) doing just what the whistleblower claimed.
    • The story has then also been reconfirmed by Dinesh D’Souza, who has obtained the videos from cameras guarding the drop-boxes, and found thousands of films of hundreds of people doing just what the whistleblower alleged (and snapping selfies at each drop-box so they can get paid), as is shown in his upcoming movie 2000 Mules (early May release).
    • All of which may tie into the fact that 2021, VoterGA reports that 74 counties in Georgia cannot produce ballot drop-box transfer forms and two counties have over 300,000 missing ballot images each.
    • A more recent report puts an end to any remaining questions of the severity of corruption within the Georgia Governor’s and Secretary of State’s offices.
    • Which may give some color to the fact that on December 17, 2020, Georgia State Senator William Ligon (Chairman of Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Election Law) issued a detailed report discussing a myriad of voting irregularities and fraud in the Georgia 2020 general election (from the Executive Summary: “[t]he November 3, 2020 General Election was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy”).
  • In Michigan
    • A Michigan Court of Claims decision of March 9 2021 “invalidates absentee/mail-in ballot rule as improperly established” (a ballot rule that five months earlier, in November 2020, had affected 3.2 million votes). They found also that “actions of the Secretary of State Benson’s guidance regarding mail-in ballots and signatures were also “unlawful”. From the Court’s decision:
      • Benson’s guidance, issued on October 6, 2020, directed local clerks to treat signatures as valid if there are “any redeeming qualities in the application or return envelope signature as compared to the signature on file.” “Redeeming qualities” are described as including, but not being limited to, “similar distinctive flourishes” and “more matching features than non-matching features.” Allegan County Clerk Robert Genetski and the Republican Party of Michigan filed suit against Benson, alleging that her guidance violated the state’s election laws and the Administrative Procedures Act. The plaintiffs asked that the court strike down the guidance as unlawful and enjoin its enforcement in future elections.
      • Murray sided with the plaintiffs, finding that Benson’s guidance was in fact a rule “that should have been promulgated in accordance with the APA. And absent compliance with the APA, the ‘rule’ is invalid.”
    • The original Antrim County Michigan Report from ASOG, the official response to it by Michigan, and the flaws in that official response including:
      • It never addressed the central finding of the ASOG report: that Antrim deleted their Security Logs at 11:03 PM, November 4, 2020 (thus in the end nothing can be known with certainty, because they could have done anything to the machine and then just deleted the Security Log);
      • Explanation for the lack of any Adjudication Files (though the files for 2016 and 2018 were present on the machine).
  • In Wisconsin
    • A Wisconsin Supreme Court decision of December 2020 that the actions of the Wisconsin Election Commission regarding “indefinitely confined” voters were unlawful.
    • Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court justice and now Senate Office of Special Counsel Judge Michael Gableman published a report in December 2021 claiming that Wisconsin election officials were engaged in a coverup, and a more recent report that gives eight solid accounts of serious criminal conduct, bribery, shocking revelations of private actors/activists trusted with official roles, a conclusion that the Wisconsin election should never have been certified, and a suggestion that decertification should be considered (naturally the MSM focused on dismissing the decertification suggestion and ignoring everything else in the report).
    • However, coverage of this shocking development is seeping into the edge of MSM, with “Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds ‘Widespread Election Fraud’ In Nursing Homes During 2020 Election” appearing in Federalist Papers and Tucker Carlson playing a four minute interview with Judge Gableman:
  • In Arizona:
    • the Maricopa Audit, found that of Maricopa’s 2.1 million ballots, there are serious discrepancies (i.e., missing ballots and/or images) for 367,584 ballots (in a race won by 10k votes). A full 740k do not have a proper chain of title. But only if you count them all does Biden win by 10,000 (which our dutiful “independent” press reported as “Maricopa Audit shows Biden still won by 10,000!”).
    • A Pima County, Arizona canvass that shows so many laughable irregularities (e.g., 35% of households have “discrepancies” such as a fraternity generating 27 votes from men of average age 45 whose names are not recognized by those who live there) that it has been mathematically proven that Pima County (Tucson) Arizona is a stellar example of election fraud.
  • In Colorado, a Mesa County, Colorado forensic analysis of its election  equipment reveals that the November 2020 election has been 100% wiped out so that there is no way to audit it, as well as proof that before it was wiped, the hard drive showed that the November 2020 election had been compromised, with multiple election databases and an injection of 29,000 ballots.

And so on and so forth.

There was a day that materials as these might entice an enterprising young journalist with ambitions to get past the “Baseless!” genuflections of his contemporaries and “go deep” (as Mr. Clark promised).

Not, however, at today’s Pro Publica. Instead, Doug Bock Clark has informed me that the clever strategy of Pro Publica is going to be that none of it exists.  

Instead, Pro Publica intends to go with, “Because South Korean jet!” And “Because Italygate!”

Which is to say, Pro Publica is going to center peripheral stories such as the Korean jet and Italygate (neither of which even deserved a mention in my book or occupied more than 10 minutes of my life), and “debunk” them as a way of claiming that this movement is based on misinformation. And they are going to Baghdad Bob the mountain of evidence touched upon above that does not fit their narrative.

Which means Doug Bock Clark just wasted three months of my time pretending to be something other than another brick in the wall.

  1. Patrick, your kindness and optimism are an inspiration. You portray the American ideal of yore which those of us who are with you hope to find surrounding us again. Let’s stick to it. You are correct in your leadership. This fellow’s pap can’t sustain itself. And shame on him.

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  2. Agree with first comment. Unfortunately journalism is dead. Not just in America either.
    The good news is, we are in the final acts of the play. Soon all will know the truth I think.
    God bless you and the other patriots who are fighting daily to bring truth to the forefront. Most of us know by now, having seen it first hand, or on the tv or computer. The nefarious acts of these thieves cannot be allowed to stand. We may have to wait for God to judge, but judge He will.

  3. Patrick ,
    When will they really get it of who you really are? You have poured your soul energy into saving USA from Wall Street to Election Fraud .
    You made your cause your own family , you raised us all to use our minds. You allowed attacks onto yourself, you made bold decisions that many couldn’t fathom .
    You have courage in ideas .You are relentless a Hero and a Survivor
    Never Quit!🙏

  4. As far as I can tell from reading the link provided, the Wisconsin Supreme Court did NOT rule that the electoral commission did something “unlawful”. Can anybody point out where that is written in the judgement?

  5. Patrick, I think you had overblown expectations of Mr. Clark. Look at the list of publications that his musings appear, it’s a who’s who of leftist circle jerks, buying their own books and reading their own propaganda. All of his buddies at “Mother Jones” and “Rolling Stone” are going to congratulate him on such a superb example of deep research in discovering that there’s no evidence. They’ll each buy a dozen of his books, then they’ll treat themselves to some Starbucks with soy milk and no sugar, get in their electric cars (that burn fossil fuels to charge btw) and drive to their little commune. Hell he might even be awarded a Pulitzer by his circle jerk friends. That’s a badge of honor for these leftist “journalists” now isn’t it? The term “Pulitzer prize journalist” is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing. That award is given out to whichever propagandist tows the communist line best. By definition they can’t be considered “journalists”. And anyone who is a true journalist would never be awarded that stain, and wouldn’t want to… I took one look at his “credentials” and concluded that he’s just a parrot of the left… “SQUAWK! NO EVIDENCE!! SQUAWK!! NO EVIDENCE! SQUAWK!! PEACEFUL PROTESTS (while the image in his background is of the city ablaze!)… Clowns are for ENTERTAINMENT, Patrick!! They’ll never be anything but clowns, they don’t know any different, they don’t understand numbers and probabilities, they can’t “extrapolate”, they don’t have the faculties to logically assemble a series of facts and come to a conclusion, they just do what they’re told. They start with a conclusion, and expend their energy ignoring and suppressing everything that doesn’t lend credence to that predetermined conclusion, regardless of how overwhelming the evidence is to the contrary. Their brains don’t work that way, they do their Master’s bidding… “entertain the crowd”, so all their friends will accept them and buy them frozen lattes… That is a perfect example of a product of modern academia! No logic, no reasoning skills… “Repeat after me…” Makes one wonder, in the coming generations, who is going to launch satellites, build bridges, and do the intellectual heavy lifting? Things that need a combination of intellect and work ethic…

  6. This guy must be related to my 28 year old niece. She just graduated from law school after being on their law review. I explained how the election was stolen in almost the same detail and she wrote back asking “how can I make you see the truth” and referencing articles from USA Today and the WP!! All these kids are so brainwashed perhaps because they have not lived in a time where there is any open and Fair journalism and all the professors are taking expense paid trips to the CCP.

  7. What about ballot secrecy? Isn’t knowing how individuals vote just as good as stealing votes?
    In Brazil the machine used for voting is the same one that stores voter registration. Yet, authorities assure us that the two data sets cannot be linked.

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