Patrick Byrne Statement to J6 Committee Regarding December 18 Oval Office and January 4-6 Events

Since they are too pussified to meet me in person, I will make it all public here.

  1. I watched the first 13 minutes so far. It sounds like a ridiculously bad action movies script. maybe starring Steven Seagal or Jean Claude Van Damme and written by Sylvester Stallone. Except that nobody would buy such a farcical story, if it was fictional. A group of heroic scoobie friends with no official standing lie their way into an audience with the most powerful man in the world and try to help him find a reason (excuse, really) to disrupt an election he is losing ,and organize a comb-over, oops, sorry, do-over, so he can declare himself the winner? I can imagine the eye-rolling by the poor lawyerly lawyers like Cipollone who had to come in an listen to this.
    Okay, you say – well Flynn was there – surely he’s got the cred? Is that the “Flynn-facts” guy, whose army subordinates mocked him for having his own versions of the truth? (more below)
    Also Sydney Powell, who Patrick has maybe finally wised up to? Seriously?

    Here’s another take on that meeting for those interested in more than one point of view

    But this has prompted me to post a project I have been working on for a few weeks – a list of people who have fooled Patrick Byrne:

    The FBI: conned him into thinking he was setting up a multi-million dollar bribe for Hillary Clinton, LOL. This is what they do – invent fantastic scenarios to lure and entrap people. Patrick was probably an unwitting pawn in helping lure their actual target – the would-be briber – to a meeting which Hillary was never, ever going to be at, and knew nothing about.

    Sydney Powell – 60+ failed election lawsuits, a non-existent “firehose of evidence”, some of it supposedly to be provided by fraudster Tore Maras-Lindeman. Repeatedly lies to the courts – for example claiming people are plaintiffs or co-counsels on her cases without their knowledge or permission, Well, at least, after initially thinking highly of her, Patrick seems to have wised up to her con game.

    Lin Wood – most of the world recognized him as a con from day 1, but it took Patrick almost two years. What was Patrick’s reaction on hearing allegations Wood had exploited his client Rittenhouse? Patrick immediately tried to hire him (WTF?) Luckily for Patrick, Wood either had bigger fish to fry or wanted to lay low, or else it would be more of Patrick’s money down the drain. Now, belatedly, he’s a “kook”

    “Tore” (Terpsichore) Maras-Lindeman – Small time North Dakota fraudster who discovered she could get rich selling lies to QAnon and Trump believers, even getting a buddy to persuade her listeners to buy her a Tesla. She has previously lied about being an MD, running a lab, and having a 22 year naval career (it was less than one year). Fact check, Patrick!

    Seth Keshsal – was going provide the scoobies and Trump with a list of counties to investigate. Claims he has a secret algorithm that tells him which counties’ numbers don’t add up. Won’t reveal it to anybody, and has no relevant mathematical/statistical expertise.

    Mike Lindell – twice-divorced former crackhead who was forced to retract false health claims about his pillows and then again about other products, cheated on millions in sales taxes, and bragged about faking bankruptcy to get out of an earlier lawsuit.

    Michael Flynn – known in the army for “Flynn facts” ie. having his own versions of the truth. when he thought he might be drafted to run for office, he told ABC he was pro-choice and the very next day told Fox he was pro-life. Swore the QAnon oath, while privately telling Wood he knew it was all nonsense. Probably did it just to sell merch.

    Alex Jones – do I really need to say anything?

    Donald Trump – Patrick posted on this site that he’s a scumball who repeatedly cheats contractors who provide services to his businesses. However Patrick doesn’t think that really matters when it comes to electing a president(?!?) Big fan of Putin, initially supported his incursions into Ukraine, but now flying a Ukrainian flag outside his office tower.

    Cyber Ninjas – these guys had no prior election auditing experience. (Actually, that should be “this guy” It was mostly a one-man security firm to that point.) They couldn’t find any hard evidence of fraud in Maricopa, so they came up with a hypothetical lists of “could be” opportunities for fraud, all rebutted by the county. More money Patrick has squandered on lost causes.

    And maybe, maybe, maybe….

    Mark Mitchell?
    He wrote a series of articles on Patrick’s dime, supposedly exposing Indo-Canadian businessman Aly Nazerali as being a gangster, gun runner, terrorist etc. When Nazerali sued, Patrick and Mitchell came to court armed with exactly ZERO evidence to back up their allegations, and lost, big time. More of Patrick’s money gone. Of course, it could have all been true. But I wonder if maybe Mitchell pulled a “Tailor of Panama” scam, giving Patrick a plausible but imagined story of Nazerali’s dark wizardry, because that’s what Patrick really, really wanted, and was paying for.

    Maria Butina?
    CEO has a fling with young woman literally half his age (52 and 26 in mid-2015), who might be a spy, and this carries on even while she is living with Paul Erickson, and Patrick knows it, but it’s OK, because the FBI gave him permission LOL. She was trying to make high level connections with Washington elites, and knew that both Byrne and Erickson could get her that access. To quote Avril – could it be any more obvious?

    And finally…(drum roll)…Patrick Byrne!
    There’s a well known phenomenon where people who are highly successful in one endeavor, assume they can achieve the same level of success in any area, and try, and then fail. See Michael Jordan and baseball. Patrick grew up surrounded and mentored by investors and executives, and when his own company was targeted, he succeeded against all the odds in exposing business and stock market fraud and corruption. That was excellent!
    But he knows nothing about election procedures, or health care and health policy, and blithely assumed he could uncover fraud there. He’s also quite gullible – see above. He’s in over his head, and a victim of his earlier success.

    1. Wow that was impressive. You got half of it AND put your own spin on it. Now let’s see how the rest of this plays out and if the brilliant RoberG eats his words. I believe Michael Jordan returned to basketball, won 3 more championships, MVPS, and other accolades after his stint in baseball. Perhaps the saga of Patrick Byrne has not yet reached its crescendo!

      1. Perhaps, like Jordan with basketball, Patrick will go back into business, or back into fighting stock market corruption, and if he does, I will resume being a big fan, as I was.

        Which are the parts I spun, or didn’t get? Everybody’s great at telling me I’m wrong, but not so good at showing me how. Do you agree that at least some of the folks turned out not to be not what Patrick first thought? At least give me Lin Wood, as a start.

        I’m assuming you’re the guy or gal I think of as “anon1”.

        1. Well at least he is putting his money to a cause that may save The USA..Anyonebelse putting up? One hand poker game …
          Robert your above analysis was intriguing some I agree . I do think Patrick sees the horizon beyond the boundaries…that is why on this gamble he will succeed

        2. “Everyone is good at telling me I’m wrong but not good at showing me how…” You mean like the painfully long post you made above containing a bunch of hot air but no substance. It doesn’t need to be debunked, there’s nothing there…

          “Michael Flynn known in the army” you’re quoting as fact? I’ll stick to Flynn’s official record of service to judge his character.

          Cyber Ninjas… “Found no hard evidence of election fraud…” obviously you didn’t even bother to read the full report, if you had, you wouldn’t appear so ignorant. And let me add this, a true investigator knows that seldom does one piece of evidence tell the entire story. One needs to have some kind of intellect to assemble (in this case) the hoards of individual pieces from the audit, the canvassing, the thousands of witnesses statements, video evidence of individuals tampering with the voter databases, NONE of which contradicts the other, only compliments, and a very clear picture emerges. To anyone intelligent enough to read and write.

          Mike Lindell… Why all you did was a completely unsubstantiated personal smear with no backing proof. Besides that, only a shallow minded Neanderthal judges someone’s entire works by one moment in their distant past. People who do that never succeed at anything because they cast aside 1000 units of virtue in the present because of 1 unit of poor discretion from the distant past, and can never assemble the talent and resources needed for any successful venture.

          And finally, Patrick Byrne… IF Patrick only had one virtue… IF… And it was that he took his own money and resources and used it to try to make the world we live in a better place, then he stands MOUNTAINS above his peers. But it wasn’t just that was it? Patrick has battled cancer since a young man, as a result, he probably views time differently than most people. Patrick could easily jet off to some exotic place and spend his remaining days in leisure, entertaining himself with a different variety of local wildlife each day, but instead, he exposed himself to personal attacks and baseless smears by people like you who aren’t worthy of holding his socks. Not to mention risking his own personal safety so that the generations coming up after us may enjoy freedom and liberty, humans natural station on Earth. There is no higher cause.

          Do your homework. You’re going to have to do better than that. Or buy a balloon and put all that hot air to use.

          1. I certainly didn’t say anything false about Lindell – its all a matter of public record. And I have no doubt of Patrick’s sincerity – but I do think he’s been taken in, as he himself seems to acknowledge in more recent negative comments about his former friends Sidney (“she lied to me”) and Lin (he’s a kook”). Hopefully he will wise up to Tore, Flynn and a few others in due course. We might even see it happen here.

    2. And one more thing… Your post reeks with ugly, mean-spiritedness, so typical of the communist leftists and their political party who defined itself as the party of slavery, the very reason it was created in the first place. Smears and personal attacks is all they have, because the facts aren’t on their side. That’s why they go to such great effort to silence anyone who doesn’t agree. Simply because their ideas won’t stand scrutiny in the open marketplace of ideas.

      America has a perfect record in dealing with slave masters and tyrants. We have beaten back the evil specter of tyranny everywhere we’ve faced it, including right here in the 1860’s when the Democrats rose up against their own country once before in order to preserve the institution of slavery. And we will beat it back this time. Only we should take a lesson from the past and destroy it so completely this time so that it can never be reconstituted again. Leave not an even a burned out ASH of it. Have every school kid recite the story EVERY DAY of how the evil, lying, cheating party of slavery ALMOST stole their future, their freedom, and their country from them…. TWICE…

      1. I don’t think I’ve said anything meaner than lots of things posted here.

        I don’t think the Democrats were the antebellum “party of slavery” any more than anybody else. The Republican party was formed in part to block the expansion of slavery, not to end it, as Lincoln made very clear, repeatedly, but that was mainly because they wanted the north to keep control of congress so they could keep profiting from slavery, while pretending to keep their hands clean, and not let the south become a larger voting block and control their own destiny. The war was well under way before Lincoln made baby steps towards addressing slavery, initially only for strategic military reasons. It’s true that in the end he came through, but against bipartisan resistance.

        The Democrats (in the south, at least) would have a lot to answer for, for their racist policies from the 1860s to the 1960s, if they were still alive(!) but with Kennedy and Johnson, they changed course, perhaps again for strategic reasons.

        But I’m not even taking sides. There’s lots to dislike about politicians on the left and the right.

        And I agree that everybody should have a fuller knowledge of history. Having the kids “recite [it] every day”, sounds a little cultish, though. How about we just teach it as it is?

        1. You stand with DEMOCRAT, David Plouffe, and $400M Zuckerbucks to tilt the election in Joe Biden’s favor. Eight counties, in an unholy alliance with those mentioned above, squashed the voice of We the People and because it suits you, you provide the stamp of approval?

          Sorry, that’s ok in Russia, China, or Iran. That’s not the American Way. Intentionally skewing election results will always be a felony in AMERICA. They may never be prosecuted but they’ll always be criminals.

      2. His obsessive posts reek of a basket case shut-in. I don’t bother to read anything he post anymore, just chuckle at the amount of them. I am surprised that he is still being paid to post here.

        1. being paid, LOL – assuming the other anonymous is also you, you criticized me for not watching enough of a video. Believe me, if I was paid to be here, there is a lot more I could do. Nope, just making the best of my limited free time. And no more obsessive than anybody else here – a lot less in fact. Patrick has made this pretty much his whole life. I’m just a lone dissenter piping up when I can.

        2. being paid, LOL – assuming the other anonymous is also you, you criticized me for not watching enough of a video. Believe me, if I was paid to be here, there is a lot more I could do. Nope, just making the best of my limited free time. And no more obsessive than anybody else here – a lot less in fact. Patrick has made this pretty much his whole life. I’m just a lone dissenter piping up when I can.

      1. Well, you started of saying that you posted after only watching the first 13 minutes. That doesn’t sound like what one would expect from a thoughtful person.

        1. I responded to what was covered in those minutes. i eventually watched the rest of the part about of the White House meeting, but I didn’t go on to watch the part about Jan 6, because who has the time to watch or respond to everything?

          Got any rebuttals to what I posted?

    1. RoberG = Is your quintessential, very nasty commie-lib (and Biden groupie) who is not to be confused with the FACTS and the facts are:


    2. Anonymous burped: “Impressive self delusion there Patrick!”

      That’s very lame. Is that the best you can do? Lol.

  2. I have not read the about “comments”
    Sorry Patrick, even though I have great respect for you, your integrity, your intellect, and your astute capacity to articulate in a meaningful manner, IMHO you have been a naïve tool of major political players. When the VP reasoned out what HE thought would happen, namely a crisis of confidence in this country, HE decided he needed to act to anything to stop it.

  3. Ali Alexander: Search his history with John McCain.

    Was McCain a fan of Trump and Vice-Versa?
    So what was a McCain associate doing around a Trump event?

    Cindy Sheehan: search her history with the Democrat Party

    We’re Democrats fans of Trump & Vice-Versa?
    So what was a Democrat Party activist doing organizing a Trump event?

    Follow the sleeve

  4. Very interesting. Would you be prepared to testify before the J6 Committee to put them straight?

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