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  1. Patrick, you have engaged in a valuable and ultimately patriotic attempt to clean up the cesspool on Wall Street. I believe that any progress that’s made will occur after a great crisis strikes the markets. Until then, the forces of darkness will hold sway. All light workers in financial markets need to be ready to spring into action if we experience another financial crisis. Only then will there be an opening for real reform.

  2. Patrick and Stormy, thanks for all your efforts in making OSTK such a well-run, successful company, and especially for fighting the Wall Street crowd in the war that must be fought and won. I’m looking forward to the results of the August 15 oral argument in the California court of appeal. Will the court of appeal panel of three justices have the courage and integrity to allow us a trial that the superior court judge denied after years of trial preparation? I hope so, but courage and integrity are not automatic on this topic, and I appreciate yours.

  3. Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight. I too look forward to hearing the results of the oral arguments in the litigation.

    Here’s to hoping for continued success at OSTK too. Cheers.

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