Ex-Mafia Boss Mentions Mafia Activity on Wall Street (CNBC)

“I did a lot of things at times with people on Wall Street. I don’t trust them. That’s the bottom line. A lot of guys are shady and they did shady things with me so I don’t trust them.”

I like this guy.

  1. Gold and Silver Manipulation:

    But just this [past] week for example, the technical funds sold and the commercials bought more than 30 million oz of silver futures, an amount close to what the U.S. mines in a year and the U.S. is in the top ten of silver producing countries.

    It is not possible that the concerted one-week sale of the equivalent of such an amount of metal not to have been the primary influence on price.

    Over the past four weeks, the technical funds have sold to the commercials, 105 million oz of silver contracts, or three times what the U.S. produces in a year.

    What difference could it make what else may be going on in the world or in the metals world if such massive amounts are being transacted in full view?

    The world’s gold, silver and copper producers, consumers and investors have been shut out from the price discovery process at the hands of large speculators plunging into and out from derivatives positions on the COMEX. Not only is this preposterous, it’s illegal.

    Most responsible for this sorry state of affairs is the crooked CME and CFTC. Funny how no part of me ever wants to apologize for calling them (along with JPMorgan) crooks.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 23 August 2014


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  3. is the $1 million a pay to play “favor”?

    …Contributors to Club for Growth included SAC Capital Advisors LP founder Steven A. Cohen, who gave $1 million one month after

    another SAC executive met with the governor in 2012, according to the documents. …

    Wisconsin’s Walker Routed Cash to Outside Group
    By Andrew Harris and Marie Rohde Aug 22, 2014 11:16 PM CT

    SEC Administrative Proceeding File No. 3-15382
    Respondents: Cohen, Steven A.

    Civil Case Against Former SAC Head Cohen May be Delayed Again
    U.S. Attorney Requests Stay in Order to Resolve Other Related Cases
    By Erin McCarthy Aug. 27, 2014 10:46 a.m. ET

    Far From Wall Street and Silicon Valley, a Focus on Family Ties
    By WILLIAM ALDEN August 27, 2012 6:29 pm

    Venture capitalist Einhorn behind ‘voter fraud’ billboards
    10/30/12 02:56 PM—Updated 03/30/14 02:42 PM By Jamil Smith

    …The Einhorns, it turns out, donated $25,000 to Gov. Scott Walker, just a month before Einhorn’s firm won a contract to manage

    $1 million of taxpayer money, potentially triggering federal “pay-to-play” conflict of interest rules, as the Milwaukee Journal

    Sentinel has reported. Einhorn’s Capital Midwest company was among just three companies that won awards late last year from the

    federally-funded Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

    Einhorn, however, was looking for more government money and was lobbying legislators to create a state-financed $200 million

    venture capital fund. Einhorn hired a top Capitol lobbyist…
    Murphy’s Law The Curious Case of Stephen Einhorn
    The man who “feared” for his family’s privacy is a political activist and capital insider grabbing government funding for his

    By Bruce Murphy- Dec 13th, 2012 12:39 pm

    Murphy’s Law Is Walker Guilty — Or the Law Meaningless?
    After the latest Doe document dump, no other conclusion is possible.
    By Bruce Murphy- Aug 26th, 2014 12:58 pm

  4. I think it’s interesting that he said store value in tangible assets instead of playing with the stock market. I was recently interviewed and stated that I think Bitcoin is the new solid. If you agree with his sentiments and yet desire diversification I would look into Bitcoin.

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