The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out: Preface

In some respects the financial crisis is what the Mafia calls a “bust-out”, but on a gigantic scale.

A bust-out is a scheme customarily employed by organized crime to deplete the assets of a legit­imate business, thus forcing it into bankruptcy.” State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation 1988 Report, “Subversion By Organized Crime And Other Unscrupulous Elements of the Check Cashing Industry”

BUSTOUT: a confidence scheme in which an established business is taken over, a large stock of merchandise is purchased on credit and quickly sold, and the business is then abandoned or bankruptcy is declared.”  – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Mark Mitchell has continued exploring the financial instability of the last four years, including the crash of 2008 and the Flash Crash of 2010.  His conclusion is that various activities associated with market manipulation (e.g., naked short selling, high frequency trading, derivatives such as Credit Default Swaps and synthetic CDOs, sponsored access, regulatory capture, press manipulation) follow a familiar leverage-and-loot pattern and can be traced to a fairly cohesive network that includes Italian and Russian organized crime, Sunni extremist financiers with ties to Al Qaeda, the Russian FSB, the Albanian Mafia, agents of the Iranian regime, and close associates of Michael Milken.

The result, “The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out”, is 230 pages long. DeepCapture will be publishing it in approximately 25 installments over the coming weeks.

To continue, click: Chapter One: Was the United States Attacked By Financial Terrorists?

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  1. With that list it will be interesting to hear which of our regulators and elected officials have beec bought and paid for.

  2. Boy, what a shocker. Can’t believe it.

    OK, Mitch. Lay it all out, including the legislators that allowed it all to play out. I’d expect such behavior from the miscreants. Let’s jail DC. Start with Congress, then the House, etc., etc. Our government has destroyed us. I see devastation in personal lives that can never be restored. What now?

  3. “Our government has destroyed us. I see devastation in personal lives that can never be restored. What now?”

    Turn off the television set and getting educated would be a start.

    Nah, ain’t going to happen.

    We get what we deserve.


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