Patrick Byrne I am a concerned citizen who has been focused on systemic instability since 2004.

Barry Minkow’s Lawyer Seeks Divorce, Cites “Irreconcilable Differences” with Barry

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On March 10, 2011, Alvin E. Entin, Esquire, counsel to one Barry Minkow, filed with a Florida court a “Motion to Withdraw” as Barry Minkow’s lawyer. Mr. Entin was (unusually for a lawyer) closed-mouth about his reasons, saying only that he and Barry Minkow had reached “irreconcilable differences.”

Here is Alvin Entin’s Motion to Withdraw.

Given that this was shortly after a Florida Judge, Gill Freeman, threw the book at Barry for lying throughout a civil proceeding, and days before Barry pled down to five federal years, one does not have to be Fellini to figure this one out. For those interested in the full back-story, however, including the role of the conniving Sam Antar,  see below.

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Patrick Byrne I am a concerned citizen who has been focused on systemic instability since 2004.

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