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  1. Mark Mitchell and Patrick Byrne


    What is our Government and Press waiting for? There lack of action is inexcusable. Our way of life has already been changed, possibly forever. Even if they could hold the line here, it would be an accomplishment. But that will not happen. It appears that it is going to get worse.

  2. Tremendous!!! Have been waiting for this for some time. The Dendreon story was outstanding…and I expect the same level of excellence from this report!

    Thank you for your efforts and your courage in exposing the truth to the light of scrutiny!

  3. So some unlawful combatants received aid and comfort from some wealthy US citizens. Maybe that’s why the special detainment facility at Guantanamo is still open for business.

  4. Very Good work. The background articles need to be published too. Be prepared for character assassination from the US co-conspirators. I know what was said about me and others when I told the US Government that everything was being manipulated, including stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, physicals, forwards, insurance and more. You will have to ignore them. The report to the Department of Defense should be in the hands of every American. If they can’t read, it should be read to them.
    The SEC and FINRA need to be administratively “decapitated” in organizational terms. Their incompetence crosses the line into malfeasance. I have sent to this everyone I know, and all readers should do the same.

  5. Thanks Mark for the courage to do this. I have forwarded this first chapter to all I know who might have a chance at understanding what the real story is that cannot be found in main stream media…Snow

  6. Mark,

    Can you clarify if these assorted groups are working WTIH each other in a purposeful way, in your opinion, or if they are simply loosely affiliated because of using similar tactics and vehicles?

    Lila Rajiva

  7. Incredible work. I am thrilled that this site is on the cutting edge and still providing the truth for those who want to read it and understand. I salute you for standing up for truth as always. Lets see how quickly you guys get attacked for this.

  8. Thank you for publishing truth in this age of Media whitewash. This needs and will go viral. Already started spreading the truth virally. Everyone should do so as well.

  9. the good news? The average American has a GREAT mis-trust of Wall Street and both parties, and both sides understand that. Since their main objective is not to serve the public but to maintain power, they will have to make some interesting decisions in the coming months to demonstrate their political will to “do the right thing”….they can continue on the path they are on, but not without a horrible outcome

  10. Great stuff, passing it on. This makes wikileaks` “he said, she said” revelations look pale in comparison.

  11. This could be the world’s most important story right now. We have moved, almost without noticing it, into a new world war. We have been subject to an attack that dwarfs Pearl Harbor, and we didn’t even notice it had happened. That in itself was our enemies’ greatest victory. Mark Mitchell is a very brave man — and I hope he is taking adequate measures to protect himself. This story must be told, and must be spread around and explained so that most people can understand it.

  12. Once again I’m going to post the sheepdog speech. I’ve posted it in the past, and I think it’s important to post it again. Readers need to be reminded that we need more sheepdogs in America.

    William J. Bennett, in a lecture to the United States Naval Academy on
    November 24, 1997 said:

    “Most of the people in our society are sheep. They
    are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by
    accident.” We may well be in the most violent times in history but violence
    is still remarkably rare. This is because most citizens are kind, decent
    people who are not capable of hurting each other except by accident or under
    extreme provocation. They are sheep.

    Then there are the wolves and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. Do
    you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without
    mercy? You’d better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they
    are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not
    so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial.

    Then there are sheepdogs and I’m a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and
    confront the wolf. If you have no capacity for violence, then you are a
    healthy productive citizen, a sheep.

    If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens,
    then you have defined an aggressive sociopath, a wolf. But what if you have
    a capacity for violence and a deep love for your fellow citizens? What do
    you have then? A sheepdog – a warrior – someone who is walking the uncharted
    path – someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal
    human phobia, and walk out unscathed.

    We know that the sheep live in denial; that is what makes them sheep. They
    do not want to believe that there is evil in the world. They can accept the
    fact that fires can happen – which is why they want fire extinguishers, fire
    sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire exits throughout their kids’ schools. But
    many of them are outraged at the idea of putting an armed police officer in
    their kids school. Our children are thousands of times more likely to be
    killed or seriously injured by school violence than fire, but the sheep’s
    only response to the possibility of violence is denial. The idea of someone
    coming to kill or harm their child is just too hard and so they choose the
    path of denial.

    The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf;
    he has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that
    the sheepdog must not, cannot, and will not ever harm the sheep. Any
    sheepdog who intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished
    and removed. The world cannot work any other way – at least not in a
    representative democracy or a republic such as ours.

    Still, the sheepdog disturbs the sheep. He is a constant reminder that there
    are wolves in the land. They would prefer that he didn’t tell them where to
    go, or give them traffic tickets, or stand at the ready in our airports in
    camouflage fatigues holding an M-16. The sheep would much rather have the
    sheepdog cash in his fangs, spray paint himself white, and go “Baa.” Until
    the wolf shows up. Then the entire flock tries desperately to hide behind
    one lonely sheepdog.

    The students, the victims, at Columbine High School were big, tough high
    school students and, under ordinary circumstances, they would not have had
    the time of day for a police officer. They were not bad kids; they just had
    nothing to say to a cop. When the school was under attack, however, and SWAT
    teams were clearing the rooms and hallways, the officers had to physically
    peel those clinging, sobbing kids off of them.
    This is how the little lambs feel about their sheepdog when the wolf is at
    the door. Look at what happened after September 11, 2001 when the wolf
    pounded hard on the door. Remember how America , more than ever before, felt
    differently about their law enforcement officers and military personnel?
    Understand that there is nothing morally superior about being a sheepdog; it
    is just what you choose to be.

    Also understand that a sheepdog is a funny critter: he is always sniffing
    around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go
    bump in the night, and yearning for a righteous battle. That is, the young
    sheepdogs yearn for a righteous battle. The old sheepdogs are a little older
    and wiser but they move to the sound of the guns when needed, right along
    with the young ones.

    Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend
    the wolf will never come but the sheepdog lives for that day.
    After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep – that is, most
    citizens in America – said, “Thank God I wasn’t on one of those planes.” The
    sheepdogs, the warriors, said, “Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of
    those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference.” You want to be able to
    make a difference. There is nothing morally superior about the sheepdog, the
    warrior, but he does have one real advantage – only one – and that is that
    he is able to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys 98 percent
    of the population.

    There was research conducted a few years ago with individuals convicted of
    violent crimes. These cons were in prison for serious, predatory crimes of
    violence: assaults, murders, and the killing of law enforcement officers.
    The vast majority said that they specifically targeted victims by body
    language: slumped walk, passive behavior, and lack of awareness. They chose
    their victims like big cats do in Africa when they select one out of the
    herd that is least able to protect itself. Some people may be destined to be
    sheep and others might be genetically primed to be wolves or sheepdogs.
    But I believe that most people can choose which one they want to be, and I’m
    proud to say that more and more Americans are choosing to become sheepdogs.
    Seven months after the attack on September 11, 2001, Todd Beamer was honored
    in his hometown of Cranbury , New Jersey . Todd, as you recall, was the man
    on Flight 93 over Pennsylvania who called on his cell phone to alert an
    operator at United Airlines about the hijacking. When they learned of the
    other three passenger planes that had been used as weapons, Todd and the
    other passengers confronted the terrorist hijackers. In one hour, a
    transformation occurred among the passengers – athletes, business people,
    and parents – from sheep to sheepdogs and, together, they fought the wolves,
    ultimately saving an unknown number of lives on the ground.
    “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of
    evil men.” ~ Edmund Burke.

    Here is the point I like to emphasize, especially to the thousands of police
    officers and soldiers I speak to each year. In nature, the sheep – real
    sheep – are born as sheep. Sheepdogs are born that way and so are wolves.
    They didn’t have a choice.

    But you are not a critter. As a human being, you can be whatever you want to
    be. It is a conscious, moral decision. If you want to be a sheep, then you
    can be a sheep and that is okay, but you must understand the price you pay.
    When the wolf comes, you and your loved ones are going to die if there is
    not a sheepdog there to protect you. If you want to be a wolf, you can be
    one, but the sheepdogs are going to hunt you down and you will never have
    rest, safety, trust, or love.

    But if you want to be a sheepdog and walk the warrior’s path, then you must
    make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate, equip, and
    prepare yourself to thrive in that toxic, corrosive moment when the wolf
    comes knocking at the door.

    This business of being a sheep or a sheepdog is not a yes-no dichotomy. It
    is not an all-or-nothing, either-or choice. It is a matter of degrees, a
    continuum. On one end is an abject, head-in-the-sand sheep and, on the other
    end, is the ultimate warrior. Few people exist completely on one end or the
    other. Most of us live somewhere in between. Since 9-11, almost everyone in
    America took a step up that continuum, away from denial. The sheep took a
    few steps toward accepting and appreciating their warriors, and the warriors
    started taking their job more seriously.

    It’s okay to be a sheep but do not kick the sheepdog. Indeed, the sheepdog
    may just run a little harder, strive to protect a little better, and be
    fully prepared to pay an ultimate price in battle and spirit – with the
    sheep moving from “baa” to “thanks.”

    We do not call for gifts or freedoms beyond our lot. We just need a small
    pat on the head, a smile, and a thank you to fill the emotional tank which
    is drained protecting the sheep. And when our number is called by the
    Almighty and day retreats into night, a small prayer before the heavens just
    may be in order to say thanks for letting you continue to be a sheep. And be
    grateful for the thousands – millions – of American sheepdogs who permit you
    the freedom to express even bad ideas.

  13. Great work Mark and Patrick.

    Yet I’m sure most who were nose down understood a good dose of common sense or street smarts allowed them to understood the system was under attack: Orchestrated or other.

    I find it of interest that Beck ran into a wall as he finally began to discuss a few hot topic. Yet I also find it of interest that Beck had IGNORED data points I had sent him a few years earlier. Guess he was too busy to get in front of it verus react.

    I agree we should all keep passing it along.

    My response to the sheep story is that sheep seem to have more common sense then many I share information yet one has to stay focussed.

    Just don’t expect all to have an epiphany. Many do not see or hear for they don’t want to do so.

    Thanks again your work is cutting edge and Mark/Judd/Patrick were given the gift of FORTITUDE

    1. Beck’s a nut job and you’re suspect if you think a major media figure reads your emails.

  14. Great report.

    I am just wondering why is it that our agencies do not crack hard on these people?

    I really dont quite get it why is it that we spend so much money overseas..taxpayers money, and recruit so many into action, while here on Usa soil we alow all this to fester and grow.. free?

    We had sept 11, and was that not enough to have our presidents, leadership, agencies , step into action, communicate and get ultra agressive with what is going on on our soil?

    Off course we know the history of SEC. Its ridiculous. But is it realy only in their hands? As a president of USA with Cia and other agencies, and unlimited funding,( how much do we spend in wars)isnt it their job to have homeland security and war on terror agencies people present, educating and even overseeing work of SEC and all other agencies where this war at damaging Usa from financial markets is possible?

    How legal is it to alow any company not to have to borrow shares before shorting them?

    Its amazing to read this. It is as if we have people leading this country that cant connect the dots.. while starring at the picture. It is as if our leaders are intent on shooting themselves and us in the foot.. and just giving it all up.. for free.

    We all have to take our shoes off at the airports.. for security, and our inteligence agencies together with our presidental political leadership.. can not get on one page.. and give permition to act today.. and crack down hard on all this.

    It amazes me these groups have NY camps and others in usa.. and our authorities are not going in..

  15. From http://www.yahoo.com financial message board for symbol DLOV.OB Daleco Resources Corp – a study in “NAKED SHORT” sales of public corporations as follows:


    DALECO RES CORP ( DLOV ) prices from 02/09/1998 through 02/27/1998

    1m 2m 3m 6m 9m YTD 1y 3y 5y 10y 15y 20y Maximum
    Frequency Daily Weekly Monthly
    Date Volume High Low Open
    02/09/98 373 15.625 15.625 15.625 15.625
    02/10/98 740 18.75 12.50 18.75 15.625
    02/11/98 9 15.625 15.625 15.625 15.625
    02/12/98 82 15.625 15.625 15.625 15.625
    02/13/98 155 15.625 12.50 15.625 15.625
    02/17/98 17,450 1.875 1.25 1.25 1.25 – NON-PUBLIC 1 FOR 10 REVERSE SPLIT-DELAWARE CHARTER CHANGE
    02/18/98 13,440 1.875 1.25 1.5625 1.25
    02/19/98 17,990 1.875 1.25 1.5625 1.5625
    02/20/98 22,360 1.875 1.5625 1.875 1.5625
    02/23/98 11,940 2.1875 1.25 1.875 1.25
    02/24/98 19,300 1.75 1.00 1.75 1.125 – SEC FILED 1 FOR 10 REVERSE SPLIT
    02/25/98 30,300 1.625 1.00 1.00 1.625
    02/26/98 17,300 2.25 1.625 1.625 1.9375
    02/27/98 5,600 2.25 2.00 2.00 2.0625


    None Available for the Select Timeframe

  16. Just like the piece about DNDN before it this seems to be the product of someones imagination. Could you please lead us in a more straight line…your writing style is horrendous.

  17. There is no question of the attack, its’ scope is bewildering and covert. To the extent it has escaped full disclosure is the task at hand. The following will add to the overall objective to shed more light onto some of the criminals who still remain at large;


    In addition to the above, the following is provided to further advance a means to remedy the crimes committed against the American people;


  18. I am a scientist working in Academia. My job is to think critically. By no means do I believe what is narrate by the media. The reality of things is likely to be much more horrendous and scandalous. Individuals like the two of you make a big difference in opening a spiracle into reality but, as I am also not an easy believer in conspiracies, I must question the validity of the facts, the media, as well as yours. Correlation is different than causation, and necessity differs from sufficiency. If you want to be ineluctably credible you should present your facts as facts, not as interpretations. Interpretations can follow the facts, but facts should be able to withstand judgement on their own. This is only a suggestion. I do not mean to discredit your hard work, but your work would greatly benefit from some scientific organization. The way is written really does adumbrate some of its credibility. After all your purpose is not to catechize – it is to inform.

  19. If you look at the IEAM.pk(Industrial Enterprises of America) ongoing legal action,none of the “players”,including one of the largest law firms in the United States even remotely started to take this very small Company seriously.
    Now,it’s getting attention and Law Firms that take part in stock manipulation along with their lawyer law firm partners are liable.
    Try 600 million.I also think ComputerShare Trust has a lot of explaining to do before the courts.
    This is a good case to follow because it will also serve as a template,complimenting Patrick’s legal actions that shows Justice can prevail.

  20. Just found this site. Wonderful reporting. But why do you not identify the key accusants by name until so deep into the story? In the Dendreon story, and also financial terrorism story? It is poor storytelling. There are so many identified entities that you re-refer to because you recognize how difficult it is to keep them all straight. I am forcing myself to continue reading because it is important, but I’m sure many others just quit. You cant want that. Just call me” all conspiracies all the time”

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