Paid bashers: cracking the code

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Third Point, LLC is a hedge fund run by Daniel Loeb, also known on stock message boards as “Mr. Pink.”

Michelle McDonough (formerly Michelle Sarian), is a convicted felon who has spent one year in prison for securities fraud. Today, as before going to prison, McDonough has a company called Magic Consulting.

Floyd Schneider is a prolific message board poster, whose many pseudonyms can typically be found repeating the same drumbeat of fraud and executive incompetence. Schneider’s posts frequently encourage shareholders to file SEC complaints and/or join shareholder lawsuits.

Yolanda Holtzee is also a prolific message board poster, most notably as Ms. Mint Green, who holds herself out at a close associate of Daniel Loeb/Mr. Pink. Holtzee is also frequently found to be encouraging shareholders to complain to the SEC and participate in shareholder lawsuits.

Roddy Boyd is a reporter for the New York Post and frequent online supporter and offline apologist of Floyd Schneider and Yolanda Holtzee. has learned that Third Point has, on multiple occasions, engaged Michelle McDonough to generate support for SEC investigations and/or class action lawsuits brought by shareholders against companies in which Third Point has substantial short interests. (Daniel Loeb refused to comment on the nature of his relationship with Michelle McDonough.)

McDonough, in turn, frequently engages Floyd Schneider and Yolanda Holtzee (among others) to foment and feign support for such shareholder actions on stock message boards. (McDonough refused to comment on the nature of her relationship with Schneider and Holtzee.)

Roddy Boyd has been asked on two occasions to comment on his relationship with McDonough. The resulting exchanges, via email with Judd Bagley, proceeded as follows:

Judd Bagley: “…What do you know about a woman named Michelle McDonough?”

Roddy Boyd: “re Michelle M: nothing. Should I? google has about 1mm entries for that name.”

Judd Bagley: “She used to go by the name Michelle Sarian. Today she runs “Magic Consulting.” I think she did a year in prison back in 2001.”

Roddy Boyd: “re sarian or mcdonough…youre (sic) concern, not mine.”

The second, more recent, exchange proceeded as follows:

Judd Bagley: “While I’ve got you…you recently denied knowing Michelle McDonough (formerly Sarian). Is that still your position?”

Roddy Boyd: “sorry judd, im (sic) not talking to you about anything else, period. if youre (sic) not comfortable with me asking the questions-fine. but im (sic) not anwering (sic) yours.”

That’s right…Roddy Boyd, a reporter, essentially twice gave me a reply of “no comment” when asked about any relationship he may have with Michelle McDonough.

Of course that response falls right in line with Daniel Loeb, Michelle McDonough and Yolanda Holtzee — who also ignored my requests for comment.

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