A moment of déjà vu

In the absence of a legitimate defense, hacks always attack the whistleblower’s mental state.

Libyan Iman al-Obeidi barged into a hotel housing foreign journalists in Tripoli today, seeking to publicly draw attention to the government troops who had recently detained and sexually assaulted her. While no independent proof of al-Obeidi’s claims were available, her body exhibited physical injuries consistent with her story.

Libyan government minders tasked with controlling reality as presented to foreign press corps quickly and brutally silenced al-Obeidi, whisking her away in a waiting automobile. You can read more about this heartbreaking story here.

Following al-Obeidi’s abduction, journalists inquired as to her fate. A government spokesman dismissed the incident, saying al-Obeidi was “drunk and possibly mentally challenged.”

In the absence of a legitimate defense, hacks always attack the whistleblower’s mental state.

This incident took be back to August, 2005. Patrick Byrne had just given a presentation that figuratively barged into the middle of Wall Street’s snoozing press corps, seeking to publicly draw attention to a financial assault being experienced by many small public companies at the time.

One of the few employees of a media outlet (I hesitate to call him a “journalist”) who wrote about the presentation was Roddy Boyd, a well-known shill for the very people Byrne had just called out. Boyd crafted one mocking version of his story, but found it failed to meet his handlers’ expectations. So, at their request, he edited his piece to add a line questioning whether Byrne was drunk or suffering mental illness when he gave the presentation.

In the absence of a legitimate defense, hacks always attack the whistleblower’s mental state.

  1. Judd, although I’m quick to agree with you as to what the hacks and others captured did to Patrick, I’m a bit hesitant to give the Libyan situation equal weight. Simply because I keep hearing the words of late, this can not be verifiecd re many of the news segments. Thus if it can NOT be verified then should it be reported or in fact is it being presented to sway public view?

    Patrick Byrne spoke the truth when he presented his information as did BOBO.

    However as I listen to those in the media reporting re Libya. I had flashbacks to Baghdad Bob and the statements of WE ARE WINNING, WE ARE WINNING, pick up your pitchforks and weapons and join the fight against the USA.

    Somehow I think that just happened to many Libya and only to find themselves going against an opponent much stronger. And now we face that reality and as we have we are now fighting a battle in Libya and using old reasons to do so. We’ve kicked a hornets nest in Libya and make no mistake if you do such you will get stung and stung often. As that happens we will listen to more PROPAGANDA and more stories similar to the gal. After all it’s ALL GAHDAFI’S fault. ONLY HE LIES! UH HUH.

    Back to the equity markets. So how’s it playing out here in the USA and equity markets? The games continue and will but without as much fanfare as many return to the selective attempts to destroy versus what they pulled back in 2008 and the dominos of BSC and those that followed.

    Kudos to Patrick, you and ALL that fight the battle of presenting TRUTH and exposing the liars, cheats and thieves!

  2. They’re called “con artists” for a reason. They do make conning an art, albeit a black art form. They paint criminality as philanthropy and objective journalism as lunacy. They have sculpted heroic cyber-vigilante idols from ex-con clay, only to have their the luster of their mainstream financial media glaze tarnish in the light of your recent exposés on Antar and Minkow.

    There are virtual armies of full-time venom spewers working the public message boards of Raging Bull, InvestorsHub, et al., claiming to be investing so much of their lives on a volunteer basis due to their eccentric (but apparently pandemic) “hobby” of taunting speculators. They claim to have never had any financial interest in the issue, yet they attack alleged scam victims with great emotional involvement and animosity.

    Now it is clearer than ever that there are no “Pro Bono Scambusters Club” with thousands of volunteer members. There is no “Pandemic Perverse Entertainment Syndrome” under which the afflicted are compelled to belittle some hapless speculators for sorely needed ego boosts. It’s clear most are pawns of the short-and-distort racketeers like Elgindy, Antar, Minkow, et al. Period.


  3. BTW, it would definitely help your forums section, IMO, if you could implement a couple of changes. First, perhaps you could implement one of those “type the weird looking words to prove you are human” thingies before anyone could post in the forums. As you are probably aware, you’re having a “spambot” problem. Even though it might slow down the legitimate posters some, I would weed out most of that wacky stuff.

    Secondly, the format itself it not the best IMO. Even though Raging Bull is rife with the bad guys, their format is quite conducive IMO. The “newest on top” chronological order is much nicer, and I think it would help draw more traffic.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Comparing Overstock.com. to a Lybian woman who claims that she was raped by thugs is sickening.

    Overstock.com has restated it’s financials several times and has barely made any money throughout it’s more than decade long existance. During this time, the CEO, Byrne, has used his money and influence to harass anyone who dares to criticized this company.

    But now Patrick Byrne wants to compare himself to Iman al-Obeidi? I think that all women and the public in general should find this sick and offensive.

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