Michelle McDonough

Roger and Me: insights into the dark world of stock manipulation

The first several posts published on AntiSocialMedia.net dealt with former BusinessWeek reporter Gary Weiss and his abuse of blogs, Wikipedia and message boards in defense of illegal stock market manipulation. Almost immediately after publishing...
Judd Bagley
7 min read

Daniel Loeb's First Amendment Riot

In late 2005, I spent over four hours interviewing Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne as part of a podcast series on entrepreneurship I created. After I published the audio of the interview, somebody posted a...
Patrick Byrne
4 min read

Paid bashers: cracking the code

AntiSocialMedia.net has learned that Third Point has, on multiple occasions, engaged Michelle McDonough to generate support for SEC investigations and/or class action lawsuits brought by shareholders against companies in which Third Point has substantial...
Judd Bagley
1 min read