Oh, so…. You’re Saying We Were Right?

Just a day or two after I threw in the towel on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, he surprises me. General Brnovich has issued to Senate President Karen a 6 month “interim report” on his investigations Fann is the woman who had the fortitude to stand up and drive the Maricopa Audi to completion. Six months after she turned her investigation over to the Attorney General, he has now confirmed in an official letter that the Maricopa Audit led him to investigate and catalogue in his letter a shocking amount and kind of systemic vulnerabilities (precisely as CyberNinjas reported), punctuated by the news of criminal fraud for which he has been and is prosecuting people.

Attorney General Brnovich put his money shot in the opening:

Feel free to dig your way through AG Brnovich’s entire letter here.

You might also read the gracious reply of Arizona Senate President Karen Fann:

For all those who have kept the faith (and especially those who donated to the Maricopa Audit), thank you. I hope your faith feels rewarded at last.

  1. It seems like an impasse had been reached. The AG says that the investigation uncovers serious widespread vulnerabilities that were present in the 2020 election, but without the word “fraud” the guilty party can indefinitely play the “no evidence of widespread fraud card.” At best this leads to tweaking the current system but will unlikely result in any admission of guilt. I for one do not feel vindicated in the slightest.

    1. As an Arizona resident, ditto. And the word gracious isnt a word I would use in the same sentence as Karen Fann, judging by the email I received from her & what followed. Her eyes should be brown.

      It is all a game with her & her ‘friends’ as SHE calls them.

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  2. A year and a half into it and still no joy. At least for many, the fraud has vindicated their concerns that the system is too corrupt to correct… by design.

  3. Wall Street has gotten control of Patrick’s fix for a more honest, transparent stock trading exchange as well as other securities. He will fare no better, actually worse, in “politics.” When Devils rule, honest men have no chance. Thus is the history of the world.

    Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, what a GD SHAME! Is it merely IRONY that a “GOON” took this over?


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