The Pawn Advance is Working – DO NOT GO VIOLENT!

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov, Foundation

“U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden’s vaccine rule for companies reported Reuters moments ago. Choking on the words, no doubt.

I will translate:

Message to Goon-world: you’re fucked.”

Why? I am not saying that our side has won yet, but your momentum has been broken. From here it is a set of skirmishes, and I like my odds on most of them. And we don’t have to win many to win it all. If you latte boys had grown up getting in bar fights you would know that by now.

These changes you tried to shove down our throats as fait accomplii are all now being adjudicated in every state Supreme Court in the land and several dozen federal districts as well. And the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal system, middle of three layers) has now halted the next leg of your advance until further judicial scrutiny, which is not going to go well for you, because the science and law are not on your side, which you know, which is why it is only through trickery that you got to the point of almost getting away with shoving all this down our throats in the first place.

A Federal Appellate Court has just busted your scene, folks. Your play against the working Middle Class of America, demanding every firm of >= 100 employees have mandatory vaccination, is scuttling. How long before a federal appellate court does the same for the DoD? If the 5th Circuit Appellate Court is already stepping in, that is one step from SCOTUS….

In any case, this development is devastating to your plan. This problem that has emerged is not going to go away. It is a federal appellate court. The wall is crumbling in too many places. One court stopped mandatory vaccines for various police and fir, another stopped it for state workers, now the 5th Circuit Appellate Court has stopped it from going into place for corporate America…

Message to Patriots: I hope you good folk see that in the depths of this battle, we have broken their momentum. All is not hopeless, as it appeared to many just a few months ago. Being Irish, I will resort to the analogy of a bar fight.:

They did not expect to have a fight. They caught us off-guard and glassed us, and we went down. They thought we were finished, or that this would be over by putting the boot in (as we used to say in rugby). This was all supposed to be a fait accompli, and normalized by April. By the time Covid-fall came around, there would have been no resistance to medical tyranny which, once accepted, would surely have mutated into simple tyranny.

Instead, we got off the floor before they finished us, and staggered about a bit as we cleared our head. But by May they had to face the fact that we were not going down, and they moved in to finish us off. But we got enough going against the Goons that they had to start dealing with it, and that it bought us some time. Now we are landing body blows (the Maricopa Audit results, a wave of lawfare such as has never been created, and numerous pro-freedom anti-mandate decisions, of which this court opinion is just the most recent example). They have certainly learned that they are in a fight. And now key elements of their plan are being defeated.

You know what that means? It means that you should not go violent. We are just starting to win, but anyone MAGA going violent is the surest way we will lose.

Why are we, “starting to win”? Things are finally going well for us. Well, not “well”, because the situation is a disaster for our country, but at least people listen to our point of view these days.

All year I have been envisioning what in chess is called a, “pawn advance”. When one is playing a stronger, more powerful player (which is usually the case when I play someone), there is a strategy one can adopt, the pawn advance. When able, one advances ones lowliest pawns, often on on side of the table (e.g., that to which the opponent has castled). Like Rick Grimes (protagonist of The Walking Dead) being swarmed by zombies who are individually limited but whose clumsy swarming can still trap Rick in a bind, the stronger opponent often underestimates the power of the pawns advancing his way, because they are, after all, the lowliest pieces. So one gets away with a little more than one should…

….until suddenly the rhythm of the game flips against the stronger player. The strong and impressive pieces he deployed into battle begin to be entangled by those zombie-pawns. His plans take a pause. They eat your opponent’s attack pieces or front line troops. He adjusts to that but his original attack vector is thwarted. Another zombie sacrifice, another plan… and before he knows his own plans are getting overwhelmed.

It is a lovely strategy against a stronger player.

Whoever is behind this soft-coup wishes to uses Medical Tyranny as a Trojan Horse for Tyranny. It would be too-obvious except for the fact that they have Information Dominance. Because, after all, can’t we all accept the idea of setting aside our rights a bit in matters of public health and public fire? But once imposed, vaccine passports will lead to social credit scores, and worse. Far worse.

In other words, Medical Tyranny is the Gateway Tyranny in their plan to take America.

Thanks to the work of a grassroots movement known as “Tore Says”, there are now 50 state Supreme Courts wrestling with the constitutionality of vaccine mandates under their states’ constitutions. A few dozen federal district courts are now dealing with cases filed by parents of children forced to wear masks in school. Dr. Simone Gold has her cases against the DoD having vaccine mandates. It is really crumbling on them….

…unless anyone on our side goes violent. Look at January 6: we would have won January 6, if people had not participated in that mishigas on Capitol Hill. There were a dozen Senators ready to stand up and demand a week of further hearings (which is all it would have taken). Then people entered the building. And that strategy, which was our last shot, collapsed.

So don’t do it to us again, and don’t let anyone gull you into doing it again. Instead, hold tight. Six months ago I did tell you that there was a Resistance forming, a legal, peaceful Resistance. Look at where we are now. I know they are bringing it to you folks in every way, but look at the progress we are getting. Maricopa has kicked off everything you would want it to kick off, both in Arizona and in many other counties and states. The Mesa, Colorado forensic analysis has come back, and it shows massive felonious activity (mind-blowing audacity, this “Trusted Build” program).

Things are cracking for them on Election Fraud, and cracking for them on Medical Tyranny.

If you do not want to get the vaccine, this would be the time to stand your ground. Because if you are against taking it, you are going to feel badly if you do, then before the late November deadline for this category of person and early December deadline for another category and early January for many non-DOD federal workers….the mandates get blocked. Say, by the 5th Circuit Appellate. Yes, it is only temporary while they study it, but the way these things run, this is not going to be settled until it is studied by SCOTUS. And until then you will be safe from the clot-shot.

So I’m not telling you not to get the vaccine, but I am telling you that if are against taking it, now would be the time to stand your ground just a little longer.

Just do not by violent. Because it won’t help and will hurt. In Another 17 nights and a wake-up, a case is going to be filed in SCOTUS by some people who are done fucking around (since I already blew my G Rating on this blog). And they’ve got guns and badges and armies too. I bet you can even guess who they are. And while I do not know if it is a 9-0 (as Lindell says) I do think know it will be a game-changer. It is about things you think it is about, and oh much more.

You are going to have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Unless you go violent. In which case you will screw this up.



*_ Yes yes, I know that what really happened on January 6 remains unclear, and I welcome an honest enquiry someday. Yes, I know that at least some of the MAGA were fake, feds, or Antifa. I know that a lot of MAGA got suckered into participation in those events.

But in the end, that is not your point, that is my point. They got suckered into doing what they did. MAGA cannot have suckers. Don’t be suckers. Don’t let them sucker you into violence. Learn a bit about political espionage by re-reading this chestnut:

A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left & Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie)

So don’t be a sucker. Be smart, like the Moldovans. Understand that those goading us to violence are doing the bidding of the opponent (and may be in their employ). Their Goon-advance has been cracked: their Medical Tyranny Goons are now being swarmed by our Zombie-pawns, such that a Federal Appellate Court has already stepped in and halted things “temporarily”.

This leaves their strategy stalled. And time is not their friend. Do they still try to go Full-Goon this month (as initially planned, I suspect)? With police forces and Sheriffs’ offices switching sides against them, refusing if for their own staffs and pledging not to enforce it for the public? And a military where there is such hostility to it (one hears that 30% of SEALs are refusing the vaccine, and Dr. Long’s November 2 testimony to Senator Ron Johnson now means she is standing behind her affidavit).

The DHS are the federal Stasi. I do not know where things stand with them, but I do know that they recently had departures in key roles (“Second senior official resigns from DHS – leaving to ‘spend more time with his family‘” – HotAir, September 15, 2021) and I understand there are serious reservations, even within command, about the wisdom of preceding with more of this tyranny plan.

Their Instruments of Power are getting the proverbial soft-off at just the wrong time (sorry to be so scatological about it, but it’s just too perfect).

We are not going to fight them, we are going to mock them.

Be prepared for some rallies coming up, some opportunities to peacably assemble. Pencil in Wednesday, November 24 (the day before Thanksgiving). For now, just pencil it in as “Let’s Go Brandon!” rally, though we will give it a real purpose before then. And also, keep some time open in your Holliday schedule this December for some opportunities to (perhaps between runs swinging by the amply-stocked malls for your Christmas shopping) you might swing past another spot in your area and express your support for freedom versus tyranny.

So you do get it, Patriots?

“When your opponent is destroying himself, don’t get in the way.” Don’t give them something to organize around, like anything that smells like extremism from you. We are going to be the exceptional country, because we are going to pull this off gracefully, and without violence.

  1. Patrick Byrne, I very much hope that you’re right and that the tide is turning. Thank you for all your work in the cause of freedom. I absolutely agree that Americans need to PEACEFULLY resist all forms of tyranny.
    The recent results in the Virginia state elections may be a good indication that things are going in a better direction for freedom loving Americans. On the other hand, if elections can be rigged, how do we know that the recent outcome in Virginia wasn’t rigged? I don’t live in Virginia and I have no evidence to be suspicious about the Virginia results, but I wondered why NOW there would be integrity in election processes in Virginia or anywhere else. Then I came across an article about the connections between Governor Elect Youngkin, The Carlyle Group, and Dominion Voting Systems on called “Post Election Realty Check”. This article presents the theory that Governor Elect Youngkin is closely tied to people who are connected to Carlyle and Dominion, and that Youngkin may be part of the continuing political cabal, even if he appears to be more conservative, pro-family, etc. I have no way to verify if this is true, but I do know that much of the political world is not what it appears to be.
    Perhaps you’ve already written somewhere about the Virginia election results. I’d be very interested to know what you think of Glenn Youngkin.

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  2. Patrick,
    I’m always wiser when I read your commentary. You, Gen. Flynn, and Sidney are the A team to me. Jan 6 was about folks believing their vote was violated. Forensic Audits should have been demanded by both sides prior to election certification. 691 political prisoners tell me all I need to know about DEMOCRAT hypocrisy.

    WE must push back. Smartly.

  3. I love “When your opponent is destroying himself, don’t get in the way.”  I have heard this elsewhere referred to as “The Art of Losing,” a philosophy of letting your opponent defeat himself by carefully goading him to attack percieved weaknesses planned out in advance. I hope this continues in the right direction.

  4. Nobody who has ever seen combat wants violence. Far from it. However, your caution to refrain from violence does leave out a salient point. To begin with, whatever happened on January 6th doesn’t really matter. We are living in the New World and have been for some time now. You can look at our lives through Old World Eyes, or you can see them through New World Eyes. Old World views Jan 6th as a disaster. New World views Jan 6th a minor miracle and here’s why: WE SCARED THE PANTS OF THESE CHARLATANS, REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ALIKE! Nothing would be unfolding the way it is today if not for putting the fear of God into them. And by that, I mean the THREAT, NOT THE CARRYING OUT, of violence by millions of ARMED PATRIOTS all over the country.

    It is the continued threat of violence that is actually causing the left’s collapse. As you know, nothing is secure, and the chatter of Patriots is heavily monitored. The NSA (yes, they work domestically) and the FBI are completely overwhelmed by what they are hearing. They know it is real: “Go too far and there will be an answer. You will lose.”

    This is a brief excerpt from a letter I sent to the DOJ through their website on January 29th of this year:

    “Homeland Security posted that they are on alert due to the possibility of violence. Good, I am glad they are on alert! The whole country is waking up and we will defeat the DEEP STATE, and that includes the DOJ.
    There are more of us than there are of you no matter how many people you deputize. Are you going to f**k around with the 2nd amendment? Go for it and reap the consequences. You have awakened a sleeping giant that used to be called the silent majority. We will no longer be silent, can you tell?”

    If you check out the FBI website, they state they have about 35,000 people including everyone in office roles. When you do the math, and you know they have, there is no way they can afford to wage war physically with America.

    To reiterate, without the threat of violence we would all already be vaccinated or in internment camps:

    If the definition of Domestic Terrorist is someone who believes the election was stolen,
    If the definition of Domestic Terrorist is someone who believes China deliberately did nothing to stop the spread of the virus if they didn’t actually release it on purpose,
    If the definition of Domestic Terrorist is someone who believes that forcing a jab on people is a violation of our Civil Rights and Nuremberg,
    If the definition of Domestic Terrorist is someone who stands up and yells about the curriculum at a School Board meeting,
    SIGN ME UP! I am a Domestic Terrorist!

    Patrick, in the words of Killary, “It takes a village.” LOL!

    Should any reader feel they need a support system of non-violent Patriotic Brothers and Sisters, check this out:
    Tell them HODINATOR sent you!

  5. Patrick,
    You keep talking about not being violent and I agree with this! Also, completely agree people need to NOT fall for trickery from people on the lefts payroll, FBI, or groups that claim to be about freedom but are ran by potentially bad actors with an agenda.

    Since you keep mentioning that everyone needs to be non-violent, is this a warning because what we’re going to soon learn is so atrocious and corrupt that people will be in an uproar of the blatant fraud that will be revealed? Will there be people that come clean as well and admit to the rampant fraud, who paid them, how they did it?

  6. Message received! Whoever fires the first shot loses
    the war. This is not a war of guns or bullets. It is an information war. The world is at a crossroad. To the left, the great reset. To the right the great awakening. It is our job to wake others. Be gentle. Cognitive dissonance is painful. Peaceful non-compliance is the answer to tyranny. We are winning!

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  8. “In other words, Medical Tyranny is the Gateway Tyranny in their plan to take America.”

    Hi Patrick. Over a decade ago I reached out to your then investigative reporter to meet some of my US based colleagues at a health freedom show in Chicago. We developed a friendship of sorts and eventually met up in Vancouver during the unpleasantness you were being subjected to by a well connected boiler room guy.

    My US based friends have put up a pretty self explanatory website: , seeking to provide legal lobbying, and organizational resources for health freedom activists in all 50 states.

    With over twenty years experience fighting the good fight for health freedom they are potentially a fantastic resource to consider exploring.

    Not coincidentally our crm and fund raising vendor has recently arbitrarily cancelled our contract without notice because of our “ opposition to vaccine mandates”. It seems our vendor’s previously friendly operation was recently acquired by a UK based, globalist friendly venture capital firm…. Nothing to see here :).

    I’m just spit balling here but but it seems to me there are some significant potential synergies here worthy of a conversation… should you wish. I can be reached at email attached to the form


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  10. Message to all you patriots out there. We don’t need the courts or Bar members. Bar members are the problem and anything they are involved in IS against the People. We don’t need violence! We need the REAL LAW all the Bar members have hidden from us.

    Use Notices and Affidavits:

    WE THE PEOPLE are taking back control of OUR Grand Juries and WE will investigate and prosecute all those guilty of maladministration!!!

    “Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 3. Government instituted for common benefit
    That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and ismost effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

    Patrick you were in the room when one of these was delivered to Trump. You need to speak on this topic!

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  12. Read the testimonies of many incarcerated for Jan 6, watch the videos. Many who were there arrived after the barricades were removed and did not know they were not to enter a PUBLIC building, Why is it called the PEOPLES HOUSE? Some rotting in jail, walked in sat and prayed, were told to leave and did. Ignorance? Compare to the black lives matter goons in Portland OR who have burned and pillaged. I bet every state had election fraud, NM had one county with over 5,000 more votes than the 2020 census showed for total population. By my estimate enough vote were inserted there to flip NM to bidet and cost a senate seat as well.

    A DEA agent who is charged and has been fired, never entered the building. He testified FBI informants were the first breaking into the building and trying to convince others to. Bundy deal in OR 13 of 28 in the Fed bldg were fed agents! I remember a case that went to trial. Militia has buried illegal guns behind the leaders barn, 6 of the 7 who acted to bury the illegal weapons were feds, only 1 mentally deficient who hung with them even could have known they were there. The leader who was charged could not have known what was done behind a barn on his hundreds of acres. Obviously that case blew up in court. The goons control our entire government.

    You need a delete this for all the scammers writing in comments.

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