A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Renegade physicians from Simone Gold (of America’s Front Doctors) to Didier Raoul, and the inventor of the mRNA vaccines himself Robert Malone, have predicted it: ADE. Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

“ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a ‘Trojan horse,’ allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.”

Look at the data above. Take the row “40-49 year old”. Here is how to read that:

For every 100,000 fully vaccinated 40-49 year old in the UK, 1731 have Covid right now;

For every 100,000 unvaccinated 40-49 year olds in the UK, only 773 have Covid right now.

That is to say, being fully vaccinated has increased the odds of forty-somethings in Britain of having Covid by 124%.

CDC had said that the vaccine does not prevent spread, so there is no public benefit to your getting the vaccine. From the data above, you must decide your own private benefit (if any). But the question one should really be asking oneself: why the hell is this being made mandatory?

  1. Ya, it’s a bit incomprehensible how they calculate their numbers. The following, most recent report (week 43) has the same table (page 19) and similar vaxed vs unvaxed “cases” ratio, but they also add columns suggesting that hospitalization and death rates are quite a bit higher for unvaxed people. Then they throw in a disclaimer that vaxed people are probably more likely to get tested because they’re more health conscious therefore the higher count?? idk. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between?

  2. Anonymous,
    Exactly, until there is a measure of disease severity between the two groups the data is inconclusive. And even then those numbers will only take into account the age demographic. Until there’s complete openness about comorbidities, I remain suspect.

  3. They’re still not running PSA’s about getting yourself into better physical condition. Which makes me think that they would like for you to die soon after a positive test.

  4. You’re smarter than this, Patrick. Or you used to be.
    Look at the next two pages of the report: hospitalizations and deaths. In both cases, the unvaccinated are 5x more likely to be hospitalized and die than the vaccinated. including 40-49.
    I should quit complaining. The unvaccinated are the ones most likely to vote for Trump in 2024. Let their death cult membership cull them preemptively.

    1. I remember when people were saying this over a year ago.
      You might be disappointed in your casual dismissal of the value of life for people that you don’t agree with.

  5. Who Did That? Southwest Promises to Seek out ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Pilot
    The ‘Authorities’ are their own worst enemy.
    The idiots created this phrase themselves, it has come to stand for all the reality that we all see, that the authorities have been denying.
    It is not just that the crowd was clearly saying something besides ‘Let’s go Brandon!’
    It was the way that the truth that we could all hear was denied.
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  7. Governments are AWFUL at communicating. I wouldn’t be surprised if that 100,000 denominator included both vaccinated and unvaccinated (making the numbers useless unless you know that 75% of people in the UK are vaccinated).

  8. Now I understand why they need the young people vaxxed. To clean up their otherwise disastrous statistics. Many young people get Covid b/c they move around a lot. Most will survive covid without the vax. Most have a robust immune system and will also survive the vax, for now. The nett result is that the statistics for young people skews toward the vax, when the real reason is that the vax piggybacks off the naturally strong immune system of the young. The resulting positive nett for the vax is then used to clean up the disastrous numbers for the other age cohorts.

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