How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 3: Crashing the White House (December 18-22)

On the evening of Friday, December 18, Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, a sharp female attorney on Sydney’s team (whom I will call “Alyssa”), and myself decided to call an SUV and get driven to the entrance that serves the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is on the grounds of (and connects to) the White House.  We had a vague plan regarding how we were going to get through all the rings of Police, Secret Service, and Marines: Sidney and Mike were the center of global attention, and we were going to try to use that to bullshit our way past them all and get to the Oval Office. Beyond that, we’d be playing it by ear (I did say the plan was “vague”). There was a fine young NSC staffer whom I had gotten to know who, a real mensch, and I called him and left a message that I was accepting the open offer he had extended to drop by his office anytime, and was coming over … right then. At 6:15 PM. Another excellent staffer went to work on a parallel course. Not knowing if they would play ball, we may have been less than clear about our intentions.

We were dropped off a block from the security gate, and walked through the light snow falling in the darkness. We got to the first security booth, and Sidney and Mike approached to talk. The Police and Secret Service saw it was General Flynn (“The People’s General”), and stiffened to attention. My staffer buddy came out from inside, and when he saw Flynn and Sidney he froze and looked at me with raised eyebrows. I gestured that we were all together, and he looked shocked for a moment….. then did the right thing, strode over to the guard, flashed his ID, and asked him to let us all in. With muted relief the guards quickly said, “Take care, General” and we were through the first layer. For the second layer my staffer-buddy and one of his fine colleagues joined us as walked into the inner ring entrance, and spoke for us: again, when they saw Mike the guards again all stiffened to attention, then briskly and professionally processed us all through as quickly as they could. They were silent and asked no questions, apparently guessing we might not have good answers if they did.

I was the last one through, and as they handed my ID back to me one leaned in and said quietly and intimately, “Thank you Mr. Byrne.” I was surprised, and it was the first time I understood that in the constellation of Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell, there was a faint little star of my own.

We were ushered inside to an office, to use as Base Camp.

If I recall correctly, we were in Base Camp for about 30 minutes before making a move for the office of another staffer, another young and principled person, with an office closer to the Oval Office. Camp 2.

Once there, Mike Flynn made contact with someone with whom he had worked in his brief stint as National Security Advisor, someone with an office that could serve as Camp 3, from which would come the final assault on the summit (the Oval Office).  “Hey yes it’s Mike, how you’ve been? ….. Oh my Gosh, so great to hear your voice too….. Yeah yeah, it was unbelievable…. Where am I? Oh actually I’m in the White House! Yeah, just came by to see … See me? Sure well how about I just swing by… sure sure see you in  a moment.”

We launched for Camp 3. And sure enough, when we got there, as Mike Flynn stood talking to his former colleague, Sidney and I had a 20 foot line of site into the empty Oval Office……

After a few minutes, through a private door on the far side, Donald Trump walked into the Oval Office. He was dressed in a sharply creased blue suit and tie, still, at 7:30 PM. He came through and glanced out the doorway to where Sidney Powell and I were already walking towards him, greeting him like he was expecting us. President Trump’s eyes knitted in puzzlement but he recognized us, and after a moment he beckoned us in. Within seconds General Flynn, Sydney Powell, and I were all sitting in the Oval Office with President Donald J. Trump, with the door shut behind us.

So that happened. Really.

The President sat across the Resolute desk and made small chat with Mike, asked him how he’d been. It had been almost four years since they had seen each other (when Flynn had left the White House, weeks into Trump’s first term). He asked after Sidney as well. I gave and received no more than a nod, letting Mike and Sidney take the lead. As I have noted publicly, the first thing I noticed about him was how measured, gracious, and even soft-spoken Trump seemed to be, so unlike the character that has beamed at us for years through the media.

Eventually he glanced at me again, raised an eyebrow, and gave a small chuckle. Apparently he knew about me, as I thought my be the case. He said something quietly, civil and kind.  I said, “Thank you Mr. President…” He cocked his head quizzically and said something softly about knowing that I had not voted for him, and had said a number of critical things of him. I let him know the truth, that I had said some harsh things before the 2016 election, but while he was President my estimation of him had grown, and that in any case none of it was relevant, that I was there because I was confident the election had been hacked.  I told him, “We think there is a much shorter route through all of this than your team is pursuing,” I closed saying, “But Sir, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I feel I must mention something. As you may know, I have been swimming around the outside of your administration for a couple months now, and I must tell you, I do not think you are being well-served by many people in the White House. I can bring in young staffers who will tell you that some of your senior leadership don’t want you to win. They want you to concede.”

The President raised his eyebrows at my frankness.  Then, like a man who knew the answer, he asked quietly, “Why?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, “but I hear people are getting signals that if they’re good boys and get you out the door, there will be jobs waiting for them. But if they don’t, they won’t be getting offers from the right law firms, they won’t be getting invitations from the right country clubs, they won’t be getting invited to the socialite parties on Manhattan…” Trump grimaced, and we moved on.

Sidney and Mike began walking the President through things from our perspective. In brief: there was a quick way to resolve this national crisis because he had power to act in ways he was not understanding. Under an Executive Order that he had signed in 2018, and another Executive Order that President Obama had signed in 2015, he could “find” that there was adequate evidence of foreign interference with the election, and while doing so would give him authority to do a number of big things, all he had to do was one small thing: direct a federal force (we suggested US Marshall Service + National Guard) to go to the six counties in question (the Problematic 6), and re-count (on livestream TV) the paper ballots that were held as fail-safe back-up. It would only take a few days. Even more conclusive would be if they imaged the hard-drives and those images could be examined forensically (which would make the project last no more than a week, as we had already cracked the Antrim County machines and knew precisely what to do going forward). In either case, if there was no mischief found, then President Trump would concede the election. But if (as we suspected) evidence of hundreds of thousands of improper votes was found in each of the six counties in question, then he would have a wide variety of options. He might have those six states re-counted. Or he might have 50 states recounted on livestream TV by federal forces, and America would finally have its answer to, “How much election fraud does our nation suffer?” Or he might skip that and have the National Guard re-run the elections in those six states. We pointed out that, it being December 18, if he signed the paperwork we had brought with us, we could have the first stage (recounting the Problematic 6 counties) finished before Christmas. And even if the result was hinky enough it demanded a rerun of the election in those states, it could be done before January 20, so that the January 20 Constitutional deadline would not be disrupted. The more time that he let slide by, the more compressed things would become. If he waited to see what the January 6 outcome was, however, and then decided to follow a plan such as ours, it would engender accusations of “sore-loserism”, so he had to act quickly. The alternative was an election that 47% of Americans doubted, which would not be good for the country.

“You know Pat,” he said to me (the only people who call me “Pat” are either friends from childhood, or men from a background like my own family’s), “you know…” He caught my eye and gave a little snort of humor. “You know, I could leave here and my life would be really …. fine. I could be with my family, my friends, I could be playing golf …” We looked at each other and shared a moment as may occur only with CEO’s and other “leaders”: people think our lives are glamorous, but in many ways they are unpleasant. I had a little flashback: the first time I was running a firm, a 24-person manufacturer of industrial torch tips in New Hampshire, I went on a sales trip to Europe. Some great colleagues (engineers) and I spent a couple weeks of crawling around on plasma machines in a shipyard in Spain, a crane manufacturer in Belgium, knocking on factory doors in Hamburg, then attending a gigantic conference in Essen so we could walk around getting business cards and grabbing people to sit with us for a bagel to hear a sales pitch because we could not afford our own booth, but we needed a big order so we could make payroll the next quarter.  After a few weeks of it we were home to New Hampshire, being received by colleagues like we were jet-setting royalty. “Oh Spain! How was Spain? Belgium! Germany!… Gosh I always wanted to travel, what was it like?”  That’s when I realized that people do not understand how being in such leadership positions is generally not nearly as fun as people think, dreaming of taking it easy, of being able to take a walk without worrying about the (in my case at the time dozens, in Trump’s case, hundreds of millions) of people depending upon you.  I understood why Trump was chuckling, and I nodded and chuckled along with him. I got just what he was hinting: he was thinking that from a personal (74 year old’s) standpoint, leaving the White House and going to Florida and golfing had a real appeal. “So Pat, on January 20 I could walk to Marine One and climb aboard and go have a really good life….” He continued, talking softly to me, directly. “But this? Knowing I was cheated, that they rigged this election? How can I just walk away from that?”

Other than that, of that first 30 minutes we had alone with the President, most of the conversation was among the President, Mike, and Sidney, so I had a lot of time to watch and study President Trump, and I was surprised on many fronts. When he questioned Sidney’s legal reasoning that he had the power to do such a thing, she pulled out the Executive Order he had signed in 2018 and described one from Obama in 2015: Trump took the E.O. and scanned it quickly, then began asking pertinent questions from it. The same with the finding that he would need to sign: he asked questions of both Sidney (regarding legalities) and Mike (regarding substance), who discussed with him the kinds of information regarding foreign interference covered in the last chapter. Throughout what I saw was a sharp executive mind, taking in information quickly and calculating decision-trees. It takes a lot to impress me that quickly, but what I saw was a sharp mind in action. It surprised me how I had seen no mention of it in four years.

Finally, Trump stopped and scanned the three of us, and asked simply. “So what are you saying?” Thinking of the difference between the highly organized and disciplined approach I had experienced with Flynn and Sidney, versus the college sophomore bull-session approach of the Campaign and Rudy-World, I spoke up again: “Mr. President, I think you should appoint Sidney Powell your Special Counsel on these election matters and make General Flynn your Field Marshall over the whole effort. I know Rudy’s your lawyer and friend, and he can have a great role in this. Rudy should be personally advising you, and we don’t want to do anything to embarrass him. But it needs to be Sidney taking point legally on this. And if you really want to win, make General Flynn here the Field Marshall. If you do I put your chances at around 50-75%. You should see how he well he has this planned, it would run like clockwork…”

The President shook me off, saying, “No no, it’s got to be Rudy.”

After some time (20-30 minutes), three lawyers appeared together. They did not introduce themselves, and stood huddling in the back of the Oval Office, listening. In addition, Mark Meadows and someone else joined us by speaker phone. Eventually the lawyers in the back began muttering things to make their displeasure and disagreement evident. Finally President Trump said something indicating this was new to him, wondering why no one had shown him this route through the impasse. I said again, “Sir, again, CEO to CEO, you are not being served well by those around you in the White House. I’ve gotten to know staffers in your White House, and they tell me they are being told that leadership here is telling them to get you to concede.”

Trump started to say something to Mike and Sidney, but he stopped himself and turned back towards me. “Who?” He asked angrily, “Who wants me to concede?”

I was taken aback by his anger, because I thought what I was telling him was common knowledge. I thought it was generally understood that about half the White House was in on the program of getting him to concede, for that was the estimate I was repeatedly told. “Sir, I am surprised you’re surprised…. In your White House leadership is telling junior staff this everywhere. I am told that this fellow Pat Cipollone [indicating the lawyers behind me as I spoke, not knowing which was Cipollone] has been telling people since November 4, ‘Just help us get the President to concede.’ And for the last couple of weeks, Mark Meadows has been telling staff, ‘Help get the President into transition mode.’”

Trump turned to White House General Counsel Pat Cipollone, who began sputtering. “Mr. President, you know how hard I work, you know how many hours I have been putting in…” Both of which were mealy-mouthed, and neither of which was a direct denial, as was obvious to everyone in the room.  Trump faced him, his face darkening in anger.

“Sir,” I continued, “in 30 minutes I can have a number of staffers from within your White House  here to tell you that those are quotes from Pat Cipollone and Mark Meadows. This guy is lying to you through his teeth. They want you to lose.”

Trump turned, knowing I was correct. He indicated one of the other lawyers, said, “Did you know that this is his last day? He has a job starting Monday at a law firm up the street, getting paid 10 times what I can pay him here.” He continued wistfully, “Pat, can you imagine what I could have gotten done here, if I had not been fighting my own people?”

Cipollone and the other two lawyers scurried out the back door of the Oval Office. I heard them stay out in the ante room, caucusing. Meanwhile, the President, Sidney, Mike, Alyssa, and myself continued for a while walking through more of the details, reviewing some of what we had said earlier. At some point Allyssa, that quiet but razor-sharp female lawyer assisting Sidney, took over for a few points, and concisely explained aspects of the executive order, always clarifying with great precision whatever needed to be clarified.

After 10 minutes the three lawyers walked back into the room and stood, this time not in the back, but abreast and to the left of we four visitors: Alyssa, myself, Mike, and Sidney, sitting in chairs in a half-moon in front of the Resolute desk. Mike continued taking operational questions that arose, while Sidney and Alyssa handled the legal questions that arose. The three male lawyers edged closer to the front, and then as though as some hidden signal, they all started being bitches.

First was some comment about it not being right to use the National Guard. “The optics are terrible, Mr. President,” said one. “It would have to be the DHS.”  I liked the National Guard idea because we needed to reestablish trust of the American people in the electoral process, and the US institution with the most trust is the one where people dress in military uniforms. Yet the National Guard is local, they are all around us, our colleagues at work, our “Citizen Soldiers”. But perhaps in a sign of flexibility, Flynn and Sidney allowed as how one could use the DHS instead of the National Guard.

“The press would tear your apart,” predicted Pat Cipollone at one turn in the conversation. Sidney said what Mike and I were both thinking: The press is going to tear him apart? Really? What are they doing now?

At some point Cipollone objected, “Never in American history has there been this kind of a challenge to an election!” Flynn responded, “Never in American history has there been a situation like this, with counting being shut down for hours, foreigners connecting to our equipment, …..”

“He does not have the authority to do this!” Cipollone thundered eventually. Sidney rejoined, “Of course he does,” citing EO 13848 (and something else signed by Obama). “Without question he has the authority.” Alyssa whipped out EO 13848 again and showed the relevant language that we had just covered. Trump looked at Cipollone with an expression that said, You never even brought this to my attention, Pat. He said to Cipolloner, “You know Pat, at least they want to fight for me. You don’t even fight for me. You just tell me everything I can’t do.”

By this point Cipollone was getting hot under the collar. Raising his voice to the President, he said, “Hey if you want to do this you don’t need my permission. You don’t even need a pen or a piece of paper. You can just say, ‘I hire Sidney Powell as White House Special Counsel,’ and it’s done.” But then he went on with more objections to everything he was hearing, all of which continued to sound stretched. Even frivolous.

After half-a-dozen of such frivolous objections from the White House General Counsel, Mike and I looked at each other dumbstruck. Mike grew calm and silent, his brow knit in bafflement. Finally I calmly announced to the room: “This is the most surreal conversation I have ever experienced.”

Around that time Alyssa spoke up on a legal point: he clearly had grounds to find that those Problematic 6 counties had enough peculiarities in their election, that under his powers under those EO’s, he was sending in federal teams to recount the ballots in those six counties. It was a defensible, reasonable action to take (which she said in legalese). What happened after that would be determined by what was found. But now the three male lawyers on their feet began speaking to her rudely. They challenged her, asking something like, “You’re not even a lawyer!” She replied, “I am a lawyer. I work for Sidney, and-” they cut her off, snorting derisively.

Flynn sprung to his feet with a grace and ease that surprised me, a surfer getting up on his board. He turned to face the three lawyers standing over and barking at Alyssa. In a measured tone he asked of the three lawyers, “Let’s get something clear. What do you think happened on November 3? Do you think was a fair election? Nothing unusual about it in your eyes?”

The three lawyers looked down, stuck their toes in the dirt, glanced at each other out of the corners of their eyes, and would not give an answer.

President Trump looked directly at me and said gently, “You know Pat, all my life I’ve had the best lawyers. People call me from all over the world, ‘What lawyer should I use on this? What lawyer should I use on that?’ But here…. You know, the other side breaks every rule in the book, but me….? All I have are lawyers who tell me ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that…’ Do you see what I have been working with for four years? Can you imagine what I could have gotten done……” He broke off, then turned to Cipollone, asked “Where’s my Durham report? Where’s ….” and started rattling off his legal disappointments.

Standing there next to his two colleagues, Cipollone started shouting back at Flynn, still on his feet, and at the President. Still shouting, he stepped rudely towards us, standing over (and inappropriately close to) Alyssa from behind. Before I knew it I was on my feet, shoulder-to-shoulder with Flynn, back mostly to the President, with a mental trigger that if Cipollone moved another inch towards Flynn, Alyssa, or me I was going to bury my knuckles in his throat.

President Trump said, “Hey hey hey!” We all turned. With both hands waiving at us to calm down, and a quarter-smile of disbelief on his face, he said, “Heeey calm down….”  Cipollone turned to storm out the door again, his two butt-boys in tow. Before he was out Sidney said, “Let him leave. I’ll take the job and you’ll win.” Trump said after him, “Go ahead Pat. Leave. Don’t come back as far as I am concerned.” As the door shut, Trump said softly, “Ahhh, I don’t mean that. You know, Pat’s a friend, and…” his voice trailed off. I winced at the dawning of my understanding.

I took another shot at it with the President. “Again Sir, I know that Rudy is a friend of yours, he’s wonderful. He’s America’s Mayor. I love Rudy, I don’t want to embarrass him. But you should see how what Mike and Sidney have got going. It is so organized, so well-planned-” Again he cut me off, saying, “No no, it’s got to be Rudy…” On the inside I slumped.

There was a third round where the lawyers came back in to interject themselves into what the rest of us were talking about. A third round of frivolous push-back, but this time in the end it was President Trump who got ticked off (in a weary kind of way) at the push-back from his own people, the searching for things they could oppose. Again he muttered something to me along the lines of, Can you imagine what I would have been able to accomplish these four years if I had not had to put up with this? Finally, when President Trump asked why such-and-such a course of action Sidney was proposing had not been explored by Cipollone, the lawyer responded, “Well we’re not the campaign lawyers.”  

I did not even know what he meant by it, but it was painfully obvious that Cipollone was being purely obstructionist, coming from a place of, “How do I stop this?”

Trump sighed, and wearily said to Cipollone, “You know Pat? A few minutes ago you said that I can do it just by saying it. Well…. OK. I have decided, now I’m saying it. ‘Sidney Powell is hereby appointed as White House Special Counsel’. There, that’s it.”

“She needs a clearance!” interjected one of the other lawyers. “It’ll take months to get her a clearance!”

Even I knew how frivolous that objection was, but Flynn spoke up first, in disbelief. “Mr. President,” Flynn said, “you can do the same thing with a clearance. You can grant any clearance you want, on the spot, verbally.”

Sadly and defiantly, President Trump looked at his three lawyers and said, “I hereby grant Sidney Powell a Top Secret security clearance.”

Again they stormed out of the room. Again the conversation continued amongst the President, Sidney, Mike, Alyssa, and myself. That is where I realized I was having an emotional reaction quite different than I had ever expected. There was a moment of real warmth, where I saw him for what he was: a 74 year old man, tired, knowing he was being cheated out of his re-election, mostly defeated, ruing his errors, dwelling on what might have been. I wanted to walk behind his desk and put my arm around him, and tell him, Yes, I do understand now what you have been facing.

Eventually President Trump said that we would all meet in 30 minutes in the living quarters, in the “Yellow Oval” (I believe the room is called). In the meantime, Rudy was coming in and we had to find a way to make things work between Rudy and Sidney. As we parted he said, “You know, in 200 years there probably has not been a meeting in this room like what just happened…”. As he was leaving he brushed past me, stopped, and speaking low and quiet, said something quite kind and meaningful, showing me that he knew a lot more about me than I had guessed.

A few minutes later Sidney, Mike, Alyssa, and I were in the Cabinet Room. waiting for Rudy. It was dark, and we had to find a couple lamps to turn on. Mike and I were intent on making sure the meeting went well between Sidney and Rudy, so everyone could work happily together.

After 10 minutes Rudy came in, tying his tie, and said in not too gruff a manner, but with perhaps the gruffness of a man disturbed from his evening meal, “You know Sidney, if we are going to work together you have to share information.” I did not take his tone as being too aggressive, but one of trying to turn over a new leaf in a relationship, perhaps.

Sidney immediately told him, “I do share information Rudy. You never read your emails, you never read your texts.”

“That’s not true Sidney! I just need you to stop keeping me in the dark-“

“”Rudy I don’t keepo you in the dark! You-”

“Sidney you have to stop keeping everything to yourself! I cannot work with you if you don’t share with me!”

Within moments the conversation had spiraled out of control. After a minute of squabbling I tried to interject something helpful. “Mr. Mayor, it is true that since I arrived, everything we ever brought Sidney, she always said, ‘Get this to Rudy right away.’ It’s true. Absolutely everything we turned up, she told us to share with you. She never asked us to keep you in the dark about anything.” But it went poorly. Fuming, we all went up to the living quarters of the White House.

The President was there, waiting, and after we walked in the three lawyers joined again. Meadows entered as well. A waiter brought out a bowl of small, bottle-cap sized Swedish meatballs, with share plates. Trump motioned for them to be placed at the small table so that everyone could indulge, but the table was in front of me, for which I was grateful. I actually keep vegetarian from time to time, especially when I travel, but how often does one sit with a President serving meatballs from his grandmother’s recipe? And they were good.  For the rest of the meeting there were two and only two people eating meatballs: myself, scarfing them down like popcorn, and occasionally the President, who would get up, walk over to me, and refill a small share plate. Nobody else had any.

There meeting continued for a couple hours up in those quarters. No substantial new ground was covered: we walked through the reasoning we had gone through in the Oval Office, and explained the plan. President Trump was decisively onboard, and none of the other parties pushed back. Instead, they glumly asked a few questions about how such-and-such was to be done, and Mike or Sidney explained. Finally, around 12:15 AM, we all began fading, and wrapped up. We walked outside in the hall, waiting, until the President came out to say goodbye. We each had a moment with him, and again he said something meaningful and kind to me. But we were all exhausted, I think, and glad that the meeting was over.

I wish to emphasize that at no point in the evening or in any segment of the discussion was there mention of martial law, or Insurrection Act, or anything of the sort. All claims to the contrary are lies, propagated (I would imagine) by Pat Cipollone, who (according to multiple sources) regularly leaks to Maggie Haberman of the NYT. Even cursory review of Haberman’s writings on the White House, which never fail to give stroke to Cipollone, would support that claim.

A few minutes later Alyssa, Sidney, Mike, and I were walking on the sidewalk in front of the White House, light snow still falling in the dark. We saw Meadows and Rudy leaving out another entrance and walking away together to the west. The four of us strode east, elated: with Sidney Powell ensconced as White House Special Counsel, and Mike (even from the outside) providing organizational skills and his vast expertise of matters DC, we were in good standing, and I believe at that moment we all weighted the chances of our success high. As we walked home in the falling snow we confided in each other, You know, for me this is not really about Trump. But we cannot let a rigged election stand. If we do, it could mean civil war, and even a Chinese take-over of our country. All we need to do is follow this plan, expose what happened in those six counties by checking the ballots. If there is nothing amiss, then Trump gets in his helicopter and leaves, and there’s no civil war. But if we find chicanery, it will give an opportunity to blow this scheme up for the whole nation. Who knows how much fraud there is going to turn out to be in US elections? I think ‘a lot,’ what do you think? Around and around we went, excited for our success in the meeting, like we had been thrown a Hail Mary and caught it in the endizone. After a few blocks our long-forgotten SUV found us in the snow flurries, we got in, and he drove us the rest of the way to the hotel. I had my first good night’s sleep in weeks.

The next day, Saturday, Sidney called Meadows and said, “Well now that I’m White House Special Counsel, I am going to need an office over there.”

Meadows told her, “Yeah we’re looking into that, we don’t have anything immediately but we are going to soon…”

“Then I will need a White House ID, so I can come and go,” replied Sidney.

“Yeah well we are working on that too, there might be a problem with that, we’ll see what it is going to take, …” said Meadows.

We all had a terrible sinking feeling, and by Monday or Tuesday, we learned that Sidney’s “White House Special Counsel” position was not going to happen. The plan we had discussed so extensively in the White House, the one that got an answer before Christmas (and depending upon the evidence found, either permitted a peaceful transition of power, or justified more extensive federal involvement that would get to the bottom of what the intent of the People truly was), that plan…. had been called off.

Instead, Rudy was going to continue his slog through the courts and the hotel-room hearings in the states….

Next: Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6)

    1. After reading this, my heart hurts to the core. Not just for President Trump but for our founding fathers. For each and every one of us that call America our home. Those people want to destroy this country so bad that they will do anything to anyone, nothing is sacred.

        1. I’m 65 years old and sitting here with tears running down my face.
          God, please Lord help this great man in his time of need as he tries to take care of us.
          I’ll never have any doubts about his intentions from this day forward

          1. Yes it’s incredibly sad, but it’s worse to read your surrender self flagellation. WTH we are the country, we are the majority we need to make ourselves heard. We can show that we are in charge of our country. Massive strikes and shutdowns. We decide when we work snd when we do not. If the actually meet for impeachment, don the yellow vests & blockade along with the rest of the world. We can pool funds and begin civil suits.

          2. This article = “Dear Lawyers of the Future, I didn’t support a violent overthrow of the government, really, pinky-promise, and here’s my testimony.”

          3. The Galactic Federation of Light has watched everything and we will be presenting the truth to all people of Earth in short time.

        2. Glad to read this. Answers so many questions…. I knew something was wrong. It seemed simple. Now we know the inadequacies …, everyone was praying …. what a shame. Loyalty can destroy leadership. Often they should be kept separate.
          This helps me get closure. President Trump deserved better. I worked in Reagan Presidential Personnel. Wondered why all political slots for policy were not being filled. Reagan wanted the 5000 to be filled with his people right away. I see President today has 8000 and he will fill them.
          Again personnel that is “for” you is key to survival.
          This should have been an organized team that knew what to do! Thank you Patrick. You really cared

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        3. Trump did NOT try in this particular situation. He was clearly a broken and defeated man by 2020. But most of us wouldnt have lasted five days under the assaults he went through, let alone three years. If you got slandered viscously on national news for ten seconds you would worry for a year. And people threatening to put your kids in jail as to him. And traitors Kushner and Cipollone and many more confusing you constantly. He was done by then, and he gave up. You will continue to see disinfo in these comments i bet. Like the last installment they had a timer and first comment about guo linking to a video about someone who publicly donated to Powell, so NOT byrnes. I sent this text to several friends, only including the last paragraph if needed for them:

          If you wanna (and you may or may not wanna) be one of the top 0.1% of people in this country as far as knowing whats happening during THE most historic moment of our lives from the inside, basically in total:

          [link for deep capture site here]

          I recommend just going along with the world and steal though. WAY over our heads.

          This is the kind of detail you would find in the Atlantic for example years ago. Inside the Whitehouse. Inside Gulianis team. Inside the compound set up by General Flynn for forensic analysis of the election and China’s role. The militias across the country on the dark web deciding what to do. All of it. Almost as it happens.

          Of course he’s being slammed left and right by the msm. But if you havent figured out that the neomarxists have complete control of the msm propaganda by now, well, I dont have the time to convince you. Published papers that google works with them to control all search results, oligarch players control the big media companies from cable to youtube. Etc.


          Also, a froendly warning while I have you: statins are poison imo. Several top MD/profs at harvard medical and mit and stanford medical say no one should take them, but big pharma are bullies to doctors like msm is to Americans. They have SLOW developing side effects that takes 6-12 months to come, meaning the person never knows the statin is killing them. Memory loss esp. pain in large joints (shoulder, hip, and esp knee). And LDL doesnt even cause heart attacks to begin with. Mayo is compromised on this issue. Big pharma kills. Kids get forty vaccines by age two and got 7 in 1980. And yes, quite a few ARE toxic now. The way they making even discussing the different vaccines off limits should be a BIG clue to you. Religious exemptions are not hard. Just listened to mere christianity on youtube. Good against propaganda. Even if the propaganda ruined you (worked twenty years instead of having kids while young when made for it and being a mom, lost a parent to statins and didnt even know, have an allergy-probe kid from vaccines, or whatever it is for you), then try to be there for others somehow. Thats the noble and worthwhile and admirable and useful thing to do as it wasnt your fault. There is still time to turn to the good, wisely, in the know, for others and God. God bless and good luck.

          1. agree. he was broken from all those rallies right up to the election following a bout of the covid or whatever, HE kept himself going through hell and high water, he needed someone to trust who was an OLD FRIEND and that was Rudy, and he thought Jan 6th, or he and Rudy thought Jan 6th would make them listen. He did not think straight at that point about what could go wrong, it was HIS playbook, gather the fans who love me and let them put the case. As soon as Pence let the side down, and MSM turned on him within moments of him finishing his speech, he knew he made a terrible mistake and THEN he was done for. He NEVER wanted to be associated to force or violence at home. The graciousness that we would hear in his voice whenever he talked to people one on one, for those who bothered to listen, the gentleness, that is what was left. The fight had gone from his face, from his body language. He just wanted to get the hell away from Washington by then. Who on earth can blame him??? A visionary man with grace and great love for America came among us and taught us, woke us up, made us proud. We did not fight for him, and now we will have to fight for ourselves because an even deeper darkness is now running the DS for all to see. God Help Us!!!!

        4. You guys are absolutely bonkers! This country cannot survive if a substantiaol portion of its populace is willfully ignorant or unwilling to consider any objective truths that conflict with their preferred narrative. All of the election results were thoroughly investigated, challenged in court, and duly certified, so where do you get this notion that the election was stolen? We swallowed the bitter pill that Hillary Clinton (and Al Gore, among others) won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college, but did we rise up in insurrection? No, because that isn’t the way it works in a democracy. Trump lost. If we can’t have trust in our electoral process and be willing to accept results we dislike, we are doomed as a country. And you all claim to be the patriots…

          1. Nonsense. As of my writing this, of the 74 out of 120+ election lawsuits that have already been decided, only 19 were actually cases that could be said to have been “decided on the merits”, and of those, Trump and/or the GOP plaintiff prevailed in 11 of the 19. Please don’t believe me just because I typed it — look at this comprehensive summary site and educate yourself:
            — and then please quit posting regurgitated talking points…

          2. So let me ask you, did you watch any of the hearings? Because if you did then you would see the real fraud. The problem is the corruption is so deep in our own government that we are being overturned. Lives are being threatened if they don’t follow a certain agenda. I watched every hearing. I wanted to see for my own eyes, not what the MSM is saying or people in congress are saying. But the truth from WE THE PEOPLE who put their lives on the line and signed an affidavit. Trump didn’t lose. Biden didn’t win. The corrupt politician even admitted that on national television. But what? Another gaffe? If they admitted Biden didn’t know what he was talking about then they are admitting he wouldn’t be fit for Presidency. This man isn’t fit to babysit let alone be a leader. He’s a cheater, a pediophile, a treasonous snake. Wait until you see all the juicy stuff that was found on his son’s computer. It will make you sick to your stomach. You can call me bonkers all you want. But I know what I’ve seen, and it more than just election fraud. Buckle up bonker boy, you’re in for a rough ride. I hope you believe in God because he is the only one who can combat the true evil that is in our government and as well as around the world.

          3. This is where the investigation stands in Arizona (there are still 30 case working around the country, and Trump still has not had “his day in the Supreme Court,” originally postponed until after the inauguration, and now apparently until after the “impeachment trial.” The question will remain, however, is why does the “resistance” continue to resist (as they are in AZ) if there is nothing to their resistance (cover-up)?

            Sure, there have been court cases dismissed on procedural and technical grounds, as well as due to lack of evidence (which implies a need for court ordered discovery, that courts deferred to state legislatures . . .)

            The reality is this isn’t over by a long shot, even though the Democratic Party and MSM allies are trying to bury something by any means, including those previously considered unreasonable and anti-American.

            as of feb 3 2021:

          4. Your head is buried in the sand. No evidence was ever heard in any court. The cases all were dismissed on procedural grounds-because of cowardice or because the judge was fine with the outcome. I watched ALL the hearings in the six states and there was plenty of evidence that any 10-yr-old would recognize. How can you compare Gore v Bush when there weren’t millions of illegal mail-in ballots with the normal checks (signatures, poll watchers, IDs, deadlines for ballots) in that election? And TIME magazine just came out with an article that all the Dem operations had been planned and funded by a cabal long before the election.

        1. How can you say and even think that with all the HELL people have put him through? I have never seen so much Hate and Disrespect for a President in all my life. President Trump loves America and the People like no President ever.

          1. i agree with belinda. he didn’t try very hard. he let certain personal isms get in the way of winning.

            1. all those that work around him work at his pleasure. that means he can fire anyone whenever for whatever reason he deem fit. he didn’t.
            2. a leader should know when he’s given the winning strategy and jump on it. he didn’t.
            3. 4 years he was undermined by people around him, that he chose to trust, and he had no idea or was OK with it.
            4. a man who has worked with the best lawyers in the world suddenly sticks by a lawyer, who’s been out of the game for what 20 years and is getting his ass handed to him? why? did he not know he was losing with the ticky tack legal approach rudy was taking? if you stick with the losing team with a losing strategy don’t expect to win.
            5. the man has been talking about election fraud since the day he took office. what did he actually do about ending election fraud? nothing. absolutely nothing. what did he do to preempt the fraud? nothing. absolutely nothing. did he seize voting machines? no. did he seize ballots? no. does this sound like he tried? no.
            6. the italian contract worker’s affidavit; he had that before christmas. the affidavit is from a man who actually participated in digitally transferring votes from trump to biden. this is the holy grail of evidence but meh…
            7. it is said trump raised nearly $300 million for his legal defense from various stop the steal efforts collectively. roughly 80+ million of that received by the rnc. much of this money remains. why? how much of this money did rudy walk away with?

            now i point these things out as a trump supporter. i donated to his campaign twice. then i stopped because i didn’t want another penny to go to the no action rnc. instead, i starting giving to sidney who’s working on behalf of the american people.

            now let’s get to some huge f-ups:
            1. the president called on people to attend the jan 6 “protest”. people came at their own expense from all over. he said march down to congress. they marched down to congress. the breach occurred long before the main body of his supporters got there and most remained outside while some went inside more as looky-loos. after the breach and the girl got shot, he released a video where he basically expressed his disgust with what happened at the capitol and said people should be held accountable. did he specifically say those that went inside to destroy and steal? no. did he specifically narrow his disgust to only those that inflicted physical harm against police officers? no. he lumped everyone together.
            2. he ends his public announcement with “go home”. people paid out of pocket to be there to protect the republic because their constitution is under attack. his message is we tried and now it’s time to go home. does that sound like a winner talking?
            3. 0 for 2 on AGs. first one sidelined himself on day 1. second one talked but i don’t think he moved once.
            4. durham, looks mean. what’s he done? i’ll wait. how much is he being paid to do nothing?
            5. his scotus picks, how did they work out? but hey don’t worry, we only have to wait until their lives run out to replace them.
            6. when states declared themselves sanctuary states what did he do about it? nothing. when did states get the power to say f-you federal government? what’s the point of the federal government then if states can just do whatever they want. oh btw, they still got money from the same government they disobeyed. go figure.

            now i can go on and on. but why? it’s over. those of you that still stand by the trump movement fine, that’s your choice. i just hope you start asking yourself why did he lose if he had so many options to take control and win?

            here’s my 2 cents; he made a deal with the gop to walk away with some protection for his family and his brand. it’s that simple. instead of draining the swamp, he joined it.

          2. Trump did his best. You can say he was in over his head or things he did not not go as well as they should have. But I have no doubt that he did the best he could.

        2. Seriously?? Wow. You do realize this “meeting” was held Dec 18, 2020 after WEEKS of Trump talking publically about the fraud & 4 yrs of him being beat-up in the press & back-stabbed by those closest to him, all while he managed to continue to do his job as President & put our country in the best shape it’s been in in DECADES. Yeah…he didn’t try very hard. 🙄 Geeez.

          1. I love Trump for all those reasons but you have to admit, there’s something very off here. I’ve always loved Rudy too but did he really want to win or just make it look like he was trying really hard? Really the bottom line is Trump on Dec 19 made this choice. If he meant what he said, he’d have contacted Sidney and made sure these things were setup. Was he talked out of it? Threatened out of it? Or did he just figure he’s had enough and would rather go back to his life? If so I can’t blame him but it’s an awful way to handle it. Sidney & Flynn should have been given a chance to defend themselves. And its not the first mistake Trump made in regards to Gen Flynn, he shouldn’t have been fired.

      1. Same. I’m crying, heart hurts and feeling nauseous. I don’t understand how those around Trump were so selfish, self serving and betrayed him at every turn. They didn’t just betray him, they betrayed all of us. Hurting our country in pursuit of their own greed and selfishness.

      2. POTUS, the real one, has been engulfed by the swamp, viz. Guiliani and the like, from the start. Perhaps, he started out as their tool, which is what I originally thought, but then surprised them by coming into his own.
        But there’s no need for gloom or shock. This was NEVER going to be easy and the real stunner is how far DJT went, how much he withstood, and how much support he still has.
        Seen from the long-term, he IS beating them…an entire globe of conspirators, colluders, and malignant actors. Whether as a president with a second-term or a president-emeritus and king-maker, or as an opponent in some more free-wheeling capacity, they are going to have to figure in the Trump card in everything they do. Patrick [and Mike Lindell and a few others] have shown what every entrepreneur in this country can do, if they choose, and he has proved to us that the bogeymen who oppress us with their diktats are scarecrows made of straw. We will live to see them crumble and blow away.

      3. It makes me sad but more fiercely it makes me ANGRY. These jack holes have NO RIGHT to undermine our country and the right of her people just to stroke their own egos, greed, and power lust. This is not a game. Either our military needs to stand up and fix this farce or we the people will do it for them.

        1. Re: “… or we the people will do it for them.” That’s right. Let’s all of us just do that. Boy HOWDY …. We the people will show THEM, huh?! And because you’re so confident in this …. we’ll let YOU be the one to lead the charge. Go for it, “mouse”. Take charge.

      4. Jesus H Christ, this is either one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time, or literally the most depressing truth I think I’ve read in a long time. I’m literally sick to my stomach. If this is true…. God himself is the only one that can help us.

      5. Mot to be too cynical but does anyone else think this is written more like a soap opera with our author as a somewhat reluctant knight in shining honor?

        The only way I would believe all this is if Flynn and Sydney came out and backed him up saying that this is exactly how it happened.

        We are suppose to believe Trump signed those past EOs without understanding the power of same? He describes POTUS as if he hasnt a clue. I’m sorry, I’m not buying it.

        What I do believe are all these people who are supposed to have his back are thoroughly and relentlessly stabbing him in it. Makes me sick the number of traitors. The other thing I question is why would Sydney of Kracken, the Queen of the Dominion settle for a recount. The knowledge they claim to have of interference both foreign and domestic. That is much more convincing than just a recount. Proof of that – would get the election overturned.

        I may be wrong but it’s my observation that this guy is just a tad impressed with himself.

        1. Read Flynn’s tweet, he disputes nothing and encourages everyone to read Patrick’s account. Flynn retweeted this himself

        2. AlyCat22:

          He is an impressive person… I think you are “projecting” perhaps ? 🙂 (and perhaps even not wanting to acknowledge that he IS an impressive person)

          Take care, and have fun,

        1. And that just says it all, perfectly, Lila !

          What a pity that people dont’ WANT to question the MSM !~!!@ Aargh….. (it’s what I find most frustrating about all this)


      6. Who are “those people”? the ten million MORE that voted for Biden?
        More than 15 election fraud cases went to courts and not a one turned out in favor of the claim of voter fraud. Not One!
        If the election was a fraud, does that mean that all those senate and house seats won by GOP people was also a fraud?
        Why this utter nonsense really bothers me:
        I am nearly 92. I served in the Korean War in 1950 and served in the army prior to that too. My father never graduated high school but I managed to get a PhD. and so yes, degrees and success are nice but not necessarily an indication of common sense or emotional IQ. After all, Goebels, Hitler’s right hand man has a PhD too.
        You loonies with conspiracy nonsense are wrecking our nation with your hate, dumbness, hairbrain conspiracy notion.
        You want and encourage a civii war. Stay home instead and try reading some decent books to wise up. If you attack MSM as this and that then tell us where do you get nutty ideas from?
        finally: go forth and sin no more. go forth and help our nation instead of trying to destroy it.
        Go forth and get back to fundamental values of our constitution instead of listening to the crap here that says call out this or that group to attack duly constituted and legal election results.
        finally: shame on you

        1. Fred, congratulations on your great life and service to our country. I am surprised, however, that you honestly believe more people (10 million!) voted for Biden than Trump. The fraudulent votes and fake ballots counted in the middle of the night after counting supposedly stopped plus the Dominion vote flipping, either by machine or by foreign actors explain the bulk of the fraud. Have you read the admission from the Leonardo employee? Have you researched the Korean plane full of Chinese ballots that landed in Arizona? I don’t believe you are doing adequate research if you are still at the point of believing MSM. People who believe the election was stolen DO want to protect our constitution! There is plenty of information available if you will look for it! Trump received around 80 million votes!

        2. Fred, I can understand your fear and embarrassment of having been taken for a fool by the mainstream media. Many of us felt the same way, which is why nearly a million Democrats joined #WalkAway. We knew something was ‘off’ about the mainstream media hysteria over Trump and did our own research. Why don’t you watch some Democrat testimonial videos?

          1. Pam,
            Pretty sure he’s not who he says he is.
            Those are all DEM talking points. The shilling has got smarter. They adopt the persona of service people or vets, or retirees or Christians…so as to have more credibility….can spot them a mile off. WE ARE OVER THE TARGET.

      7. Rudy knew he would continue with his dog and pony show and run out the clock. I believe he was afraid Sidney would steal his thunder and his ego could not deal with it. Further, it’s my understanding that his ties to Venezuela and is compromised. Regardless, Rudy is the one who killed the deal. I don’t care if he is “America’s Mayor,” our country is more important than Rudy’s reasons for not allowing the election fraud to be resolved in a timely manner and set things right. I believe he is compromised and was covering his behind. Perhaps Trump became concerned what Rudy might do to him if he didn’t get his way. He has lots of friends in NY. Only God knows what happened. In any event, I blame Rudy Giuliani.

      8. Trump lost because he pushed a false narrative. Why hasn’t Sidney Powell yet provided clear evidence of how the U.S. Army seized servers in Germany and votes were switched from Biden to Trump? Why was the Trump cadre of lawyers losing court case after court case alleging voter fraud?

      9. Such a sad situation. People serving at the highest level in country just think about themselves, while being hired to serve the country. I am really sad since Nov 3 and it is hard to even describe how I feel. Now I feel more sad because I can’t hear anything from President Trump. He has been totally blocked off and no body in GOP cares. They are all happy because the swamp from both parties got together with their buddy Joe.

    2. How many of you are aware the Chinese are buying up large amounts of land including along our borders?

      It has been reported this particular Chinese land buyer who bought 130,000 acres along the Texas border has been personally involved in the slave camps in China.

      There are unverified reports of Biden removing pro-Trump soldiers and higher-ups, labeling them a terrorist threat and they are being replaced by UN soldiers with fake papers. I do not know if this one is a rumor or fact. Nothing would surprise me now. Someone has to do something soon, though. The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear

      Chinese Wind Farm in Texas: ‘It’s the greatest national security concern’

      1. This has been going on a long time under the radar, especially with the ports. Look baca at the Bundy Ranch standoff and you’ll see it was far more than about cattle and ranchers. Harry Reid /by way of his son had sold much of the rancher’s land to the Chinese and Cliven Bundy was the last man (rancher) standing. He knew his rights and wasn’t giving up the land several generations before him had maintained. I followed that whole event closely. It’s not a “random” incident. The Bundy son then was called to Oregon by fellow ranchers – he set up at what is known as Malheur Wildlife Refuge – the FBI got involved and the same high level players of the FBI that took Flynn down and Trump were involved in this tiny town and non functioning “wild life refuge.” This is when the Uranium One scandal was going down. Connect the dots. These were not some “radical sovereign citizen ranchers.” It a piece of the puzzle to a much bigger story.

        1. Wow. Great information. They are doing here what they have done all over the globe. They have surrounded India…..and are encroaching on territory in the Himalayan region.. moving into villages that were not even on the radar before. They are huge investors in land and hotels in the Maldives, an island chain just south of India; also heavily invested in a major port in Sri Lanka to the south, have made alliances with Pakistan, and are a threatening presence on the Asian mainland.

      2. This has been going on a long time under the radar, especially with the ports. Look baca at the Bundy Ranch standoff and you’ll see it was far more than about cattle and ranchers. Harry Reid /by way of his son had sold much of the rancher’s land to the Chinese and Cliven Bundy was the last man (rancher) standing. He knew his rights and wasn’t giving up the land several generations before him had maintained. I followed that whole event closely. It’s not a “random” incident. The Bundy son then was called to Oregon by fellow ranchers – he set up at what is known as Malheur Wildlife Refuge – the FBI got involved and the same high level players of the FBI that took Flynn down and Trump were involved in this tiny town and non functioning “wild life refuge.” This is when the Uranium One scandal was going down. Connect the dots. These were not some “radical sovereign citizen ranchers.” It a piece of the puzzle to a much bigger story.

    3. So, where is Flynn now? Did he remain Field Marshal over NG? Is that what we are seeing now, bc there’s not hide nor hair of him.

      1. Exactly. He’s probably heartbroken and needing to recoup if what Patrick tells us is true. He was so vocal all those weeks and then nothing. Well, it didn’t help he got kicked off twitter. But I’ve noticed even his son who tweeted a lot is silent. Would love to hear his perspective.

    4. From what I see here. Trump isn’t the theee dimensional chess player everyone thinks he is. And what is this loyalty to Rudy??

          1. Is it?
            Read this in the reports about Trump’s new legal team for his impeachment defense:

            “A person familiar with the departures told CNN that Trump wanted the attorneys to argue there was mass election fraud and that the election was stolen from him rather than focus on the legality of convicting a president after he’s left office.”

          2. Again, Trump has been foiled by his lawyers.
            He said he wanted to argue about the stolen election.
            But now his laweyers want to argue on the unconstitutionality of the impeachment. HE WILL LOSE IF HE DOES THAT.
            McConnell and Volokh are both very very influential and they will be cited for sure that it is constitutional. Someone with the ear of the president or his lawyer should get that message through. As always realPOTUS’ instincts are better than that of his advisors…or this is more sabotage.

    5. Well 1 of 2 things.
      Pat is taking another for the team and altered the ending so that the trump card can be played. Or…. we are fu***ed.

      1. If you are hunting for saboteurs, Guiliani and the lawyer crew aren’t the only ones…try Jared Kushner, just nominated along with Ari Berkowitz, for a Nobel Peace Prize, which, as we know from the Obama Nobel prize award, is given to cabal stooges of the highest order. And, in other news, Hunter Biden pal given top post at DOJ.

      1. Yes, we all hoped that this was a forbode for what is to come in the USA.. We have been helped in to dreamstate on these things with so many QANON`s online.. Time to put our heads into a bucket of cold water and wake up to reality… an ugly one that is.

    6. Most of the evidence is online and every American needs to see it: HereIsTheEvidence dot com…
      “ Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.

      This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates.”

    7. Well, how many of you are buying this story?

      The Queen of England may never return to Buckingham Palace because of “Covid”. Yeah, right!

      Why the Queen is ‘unlikely to ever return’ and Buckingham Palace has been boarded up – Daily Star

      Another report said the boarded windows are because of renovations going on. So which is it?

      All of this is BS if you ask me.

      And what about the country of Myanmar that is now under military rule with their leader in custody because their election was being stolen. The military intervened by cutting off internet and phone service, stopping the election fraud from the voting machines. Sound familiar?

      Other leaders of countries and their administrations supposedly stepping down.

      Has there been any live sightings of the pope since the major blackout at the Vatican?

    8. What do you mean, Bhidgaf ?
      (Recognize your name from another of yours posts…)

      Do you mean you posted the first response ? 🙂

    9. This makes me cry because all those around the President betrayed him. They thought only of themselves. I can understand why the President went with this friends, but they didn’t deserve his loyalty. I still believe that the President has a plan and I’m gonna continue to believe that until it’s over. I trust and love that man and he will always be our President. Those who say he should have tired harder can just shut the hell up. It was his decision, not ours. Why should he continue to be treated in such a way? Would you have? I doubt it. Not to many people have the courage President Trump does.

      “He loved his job,” his father Charles Sicknick told Reuters. “I’ll never get over this.”
       “He was truly a lovely, humble soul. … Our loss of Brian will leave a large hole in our hearts.” the family said. 


      1. Sicknick did not die from being hit by a fire extinguisher. He had underlying medical conditions:
        His condition might have been exacerbated by chemical agents, not the fire extinguisher:

        The only people using chemical agents were other cops, who were using pepper sprays and tasers.

        His family said that he only complained of being pepper sprayed and never mentioned a fire extinguisher. Sickanick had had a stroke, a blood clot and been on a ventilator. His family begged not to politicize his death.

        The other people who died on Jan 6 were Trump supporters who were trampled to death, had strokes, and, in one case, outright murdered by a security officer.

      2. Yeah, the fire extinguisher story about being hit in the head was a lie.

        The family never put that forward. Another lie from the DemoKKKrat media. He fell ill at his office and was hospitalized and died.

        His family reportedly said he had some pre-existing condition. That’s how the poor officer died. Not because of being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

    1. So we have to except a fraudulent election and Communism. Sad.. I hope he did something but it looks like he chose not to. Maybe Rudy said it would make him look like a dictator like Biden is. Now we are in a really bad spot. Would have been great if he took sydney and flynn’s advice.

      1. None of you gets it.
        We already have had fraudulent elections for years, if not decades. And we have accepted it.
        We have had some form of communism in some areas for decades, at least since housing became subsidized. Maybe much earlier.
        We have had communism across the board for at least 20 years.
        We have accepted it, because we call it something else, private public partnership, or or whatever….
        Trump’s great success is revealing all of this to the masses of people who believe labels and not reality.

          1. Oh look, a QTard dead-ender. Thought all of these creeps quietly went away hanging their heads in shame.

            Morons did enough screwing President Trump and losing…. everything especially bad with the 2018 election telling everyone to sit on their asses and do nothing because we’re “watching a movie” and “the House is safe.”

            Utter morons.

        1. That’s correct, communist infiltration of the US federal gov’t is not new; read Diana West’ “The Red Thread” and “American Betrayal” books. Afterward, you’ll realize that Senator McCarthy was correct in his hunt for communist in the US gov’t. And FDR…wow!
          One more recommendation: “the conservative tree house dot com”

  1. there is something i dont this point legally is sidney not a special prosecutor with top security clearance???

    His attorney said the president just had to verbally say so?

      1. True, except that she was appointed White House Special Counsel. In other words, a special counsel to the President and not a Special Counsel appointed by the AG to investigate a particular matter.
        Words have meanings and a phrase cannot be dissected without changing its meaning.

        1. It’s TrackerJ trying to confuse us all, Jay.

          He says things that “sound” reasonable, but can never respond to any REAL question…


      2. No, you are thinking of a prosecuting special counsel like Mueller. A White House special counsel is just that, a special legal counsel to the White House.

      3. The Constitution of the United States says clearly that the President of the United States is the chief executive. The phrase “attorney general” is not mentioned in the Constitution. POTUS has the authority to order his subordinates.

    1. Thank you for sharing Patrick. But I’m concernednfor how you or others can slip by Security with no questions asked, especially with no invitation. While I applaud your good work, I am disappointed how easy Trump’s security can be so easily manipulated regardless who you were with. Good work by you, Terrible job with WH Security.

      1. General Flynn shouldn’t need to make an appointment. Who’s to say they would ever have gotten to the President, if they kept getting held up by the literal and figurative gatekeepers

      2. That’s all you care about from this article??? The security & then getting in?? Really? Mike Flynn is one of the most well know decorated Generals in the USA…other than that focus on what matters….ridiculous!

    2. Why in the blue bloody world are we allowing any enemy yo buy land – or anything valuable in out country? Especially the DAMN CHINESE!# especially land !!!
      We should ban the import of SLL THINGS MADE IN CHINA!

    1. This s definitely a tragic story that needs an uplifting sequel. That things went so far off the rails is a miscarriage of justice so to speak. I am beginning to feel rather hopeless that “the plan” is progressing at all. What has happened to America and our election process is a complete and utter disaster. I am terribly heartbroken for President Trump and the United States of America,

    1. Yeah, I kind of feel the same way. The problem isn’t just people who care nothing about the rule of law. The problem is also hero-worshippers – even of the “law and order” sort – who don’t think Trump should have been held to a higher standard. Oh, he was just so HELPLESS against the likes of Cippollone and Meadows! Poor, poor Trump! He did his very best….

      And look! All for nothing!

      I’d like to thank Byrne for chronicling the last days of Trump. He’s basically completely soured me on Trump ever running again. Unfortunately, his fanboys (as we can see in so many comments) don’t believe in the maxim “when somebody shows you who they are, BELIEVE them”. Byrne, Powell and Flynn laid out a workable plan, and managed to run the gauntlet, and present it to Trump. But in the end, Trump folded like a cheap suit.

      If Trump wants to help the MAGA movement, he can stick to supporting it from the sidelines, and playing kingmaker. He failed the test of leadership, himself, when it most mattered. However, if he supports somebody with moral courage and and a moral center, there’s a chance that they will succeed where Trump so miserably failed

      Based on the Byrne articles, I predict that Trump will again fold like a cheap suit during the impeachment trial, and not discuss the voluminous election fraud evidence. After all, the Senate may convict poor, poor President Trump (in their chief Justice-less kangaroo court, which 45 senators already said is unconstitutional; i.e., aint’ going to happen). And, well, we just can’t have that. It’ll make his retirement golfing less relaxing.

  2. Yeah, that is pretty tragic that your plan got derailed by the WH staff. I wonder why Trump never personally followed up? Like “Hey, I appointed Sidney as Special Counsel…. where’s her office?”

    I guess one explanation is that Trump had a different/better plan already in place, but could not let on what it was for obvious reasons. Did he seem like he was just leading you all on, reluctant to seize the opportunity to ‘win’? Or I guess another explanation is that he was so lied to and led about by his own staff that he never thought he could win in the end and decided he’d get on Marine One and go live out a happy life outside of politics.

    1. Trump could have done soooo much more for our country. Too bad he couldn’t clean the swamp out of his own team. I don’t think Trump has abandoned Americans with elections we can’t trust. I think he has a plan, even if it doesn’t include the White House, to prove the election was rigged.

      1. I don’t think there is a plan, not unless he can exert control over his own domain and bring in Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell, Patrick Byrne, and their select inner circle and jettison Rudy, Cipollone, and all the other self-promoting turncoats. If Trump doesn’t realize who his real friends and allies are at this point, there is no point in holding out hope for some form of comeback. By the time of the next election cycles in 2022 and 2024, the Dems will have rigged the system to the point that no Republican can expect to be elected. Patrick saw this coming many weeks ago.

        1. This is not a DEM/REPUBL issue, Condor.

          There are MANY Republicans who participate in the fraud… The election PROCESS *has* to be cleaned up to break the cycle.


  3. Tragic & Unbelievable! Thank you Patrick! Great read but incredibly disappointing. I’m so scared for our future and the future of our kids.

  4. Well, thank you for trying and sharing with us. This really does give me the “why” that I’ve been looking for. Its very disappointing and I’m mad at Trump for petering out when I and so many others have faced massive ridicule and sometimes death for supporting him. But people are who they are and now we have to move on and wait for the next great American movement. This time, I hope we get it right. God Bless and thanks again.

    1. Shame on you. This was NEVER just about President Trump. This IS about US, the American people and free and fair elections. DJT is ONE man against an entire Swamp. Take some responsibility and fight for your own damn God given rights and make your voice heard. He opened our eyes to the absolute corruption our “Government” has become.. THAT is Trumps legacy to America. He gave us and reminded us that WE are America NOT elected Elites. Shame on you for being a fly by night Patriot. Or maybe you are a troll attempting yet more Psy op BS to dishearten the masses, either way MAGA is alive and will be for eternity.

    1. I’m glad I had my expectations set at a low bar as far as what played out. This portion didn’t devastate me like the first part did. Myanmar has their shit together better than we do.

  5. Wow!!! Unless the election fraud is proven, the United States will never have a free and fair election again. What is at stake is far more than a single presidential election. The future of our country is in the balance. Thank you Patrick for everything you are doing to right this incredible wrong.

      1. That’s what I told Condor above, Patrick.

        (Assuming you are reading the voluminous comments ! :))

        Cheers, and many thanks for all you do (assuming you are *the* Patrick ;))

    1. My analysis as well! I’ve been saying it since the whole debacle started and I swear I am surrounded by people who don’t get what I am saying. I think people have this false hope that this is an isolated incident just to get Trump out. But I think anyone who thinks that is fooling themselves and willfully ignorant. They got away with it this time, what will stop them from doing it again and again to maintain power over us?

    2. “unless the election fraud is proven”. Really? If it’s not proven, and these people who say it is need to actually show the proof, then we need to all sit down. I think we’re being played.

  6. Wow, the greatest president in modern history surrounded by pit vipers hell bent on making sure he fails. Makes me wonder why such a strong willed intelligent man like POTUS would allow himself to have people like that on his team. Trump should have had them escorted from the white house grounds and forged ahead with a well thought out plan. What a sad ending to the best four years the country has seen in a long time. How the plan all fell apart needs to be told.

  7. Thank you all for your hard work. One hands over the remedy but it has to be implemented by the One in charge. You did your very best. That’s all any of us can do. Maybe the President had his reasons for taking the other path. Truth will be revealed in the end.

    1. Thank you for sharing Patrick. But I’m concernednfor how you or others can slip by Security with no questions asked, especially with no invitation. While I applaud your good work, I am disappointed how easy Trump’s security can be so easily manipulated regardless who you were with. Good work by you, Terrible job with WH Security.

      1. You may want read the part again where Patrick Byrne said he knew a WH staffer who had invited him to come up sometime to visit him at the WH. Patrick was just taking him up on the invite without a whole lot notice. You know a drop by, so to speak! Seems the staffer made it a point to be waiting close by when Patrick was to show up and was apparently surprised Patrick brought several people with him, including General Flynn. Seems owing to General Flynn’s presence, whom WH Security immediately recognized, thus easing the security process with little to do! As it should have been. Without Gen Flynn, the objective would have quite likely to have taken far longer and may not have even been realized! It’s as if the gods were all lined up to expedite that meeting!

      2. It is not hard to get into the White House. You can easily arrange a tour through your member of Congress. Getting into just the West Wing is easy too. WW staff are allowed to bring in visitors after 8PM or once the day’s work is done. That is how I got in. Set it up with Karl Rove when Bush was President. Usually they have a list sent to the Secret Service uniformed officers at the gatehouse but at times staffers just go meet people there as well.

    2. I think Rudy talked him into depending on his V.P. Pence to not certify the election, as it would be safer than using the E.O., and troops. Bad optics, don,t you know.

      1. The way that Pence would speak so highly of President Trump in public was so bland, emotion-less, and phony that I knew he would turn on Trump if he got the chance. He did. Cold as ice! Pence turned on the entire country and now they’re talking about him running in 2024. Not a chance!

        1. I agree. I’ve been trying to figure out why in the world he did not call in the military. Who talked him out of it?!!

  8. Patrick,
    All I can say is wow. You, Sidney & Mike are true Patriots. I continue to follow all of you and pray that the truth can finally be brought to light. Mike said we will have PDJT back for 4 years. Do you still believe that is possible?
    As much as I want DJT back as our leader, it’s important to keep our elections free & fair.
    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. We appreciate you keeping us in the loop on what’s happening. I and many others support you.
    God Bless.

    1. Vicky, I think he gave up because even in his family there were people who wanted him to concede. Ivanka and Kushner among others. He was thinking about his family. Nobody is thinking about this country anymore, we are doomed.

      1. I think this is possible. I “heard” (don’t know if it’s true), that Jared didn’t want President to have a Parler account saying it wasn’t worth his standing or something like that. Only when TW blacked out his account, was he going to go on Parler…and of course we know what happened after that. I’m trying to put myself in his place. Imagine fighting every single day in the campaign, to where he even had to be shown in a back way through a river conduit to go to his rally, because protesters had blocked any other entrance. Imagine getting elected, but immediately your appointees are attacked, crippling you from the get-go. Imagine working till late for the people, while still dodging arrows, watching family companies ruined, smeared, being cheered over pictures of his own beheading, impeachment, set up to fail, and now another trial for impeachment. And THEN. Your own friends, either through human frailty, or blatant self-interest, betray you or do a shoddy job. WHO DO YOU TRUST? No ONE person can run a baseball team. I think it was a combination of trauma bonding (those around him acting narcissistically create trauma, then say they are the only ones who can fix the trauma) and a need to trust someone, to believe that he wasn’t alone in this, he trusted his “friends.”

        There’s a story of a frog in a pot of water. If you plop the frog into boiling water, the frog can immediately tell it, and hops the heck out of there.

        But if the frog is in a pot of water, and the temperature is slowly increased, the poor frog accommodates the temperature, and so doesn’t realize it’s dangerous. And the poor frog will stay in that water until he boils to death.

        President Trump is a fighter. He could have continued to fight the enemies. But he was worn down by those he trusted the most.

        “Et tu, Brute?”

    2. Vickie he had so many people of the government media crazy lefties cheating breaking the law to fight him. One man cannot do it alone I’m sorry but you are completely wrong about this. I can’t stand disloyal people.

    3. I think Trump did not have a lot of great options, even the plan to use the National Guard or the DHS could very easily go south with so many things stacked against him, all the courts, the Supreme Court, CNN, Fox News and DHS may not even carry out his plan, probably more of the swamp there too.

    4. I don’t believe you’re correct even though things are getting pretty serious.

      I don’t believe Trump would throw us to the wolves along with the country he loves so dearly and sacrificed so much for.

      Strange things are happening here and around the world. If we knew everything so would our enemies.

      We just have to wait it out best we can and not turn our back on Trump after so many have betrayed him. He fought with everything he had and I believe he is still fighting with the help of others.

      1. Absolutely with you here! A great saga by Patrick, amazing read and well written. Call me crazy but I believe there are many things happening.

    5. Vickie Brown President Trump hasn’t let anybody down!!!! Evidently you are not a true Patriot. If you think Biden is really our President you truly need to pay more attention to details and have FAITH which is something a lot of Americans need to learn about. God Bless you and have a good day!!!

      1. Angel, This forum is discussion. Learn from what you are reading. Trump met w them for more than 3 hours to discuss options. Vicky barely said anything and u condemned her.

        All Americans have a right to state their thoughts wo someone bashing them and globally labeling them not a true Patriot. Oppose her opinion, but don’t dare to know her or anyone’s entire belief system.

        2people experience events differently. Ask questions, you may be the one changing your beliefs.

  9. Well at least we know DJT knew his options. I know PC is one of his counselors for impeachment, I hope de does right by Trump. I guess you won’t divulge what he said to you privately? Hopefully you walked out with a changed outlook on Trump that day. Thank you for working so hard on this Patrick!

    1. I definitely walked out with a changed outlook on Trump. Much more fond of him than I had expected. Maybe that is because my heart broke for him a little, to see what he was going through.

      1. Clearly Trump forgot everything he read in Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. As a CEO there is no way he would not have read that basic book

    1. Thank you for sharing Patrick. But I’m concernednfor how you or others can slip by Security with no questions asked, especially with no invitation. While I applaud your good work, I am disappointed how easy Trump’s security can be so easily manipulated regardless who you were with. Good work by you, Terrible job with WH Security.

      1. Because Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell are themselves and Mr. Byrd had given notice.. I thought he explained pretty well. They were checked in, they just didn’t have an appointment.

        1. Patrick, this makes it feel so finalized. Why have you said that if we keep it together til the end of February, no rioting or unrest, we can still win this?

  10. Just curious, but there are conflicting dates. Dec 18 and Dec 23. “We pointed out that, it being December 23, if he signed the paperwork we had brought with us, we could have the first stage”

    1. I noticed that too 🤔 and wondering if those 2 conflicting dates are some sort of Easter egg but can’t think much further on how they’d be that. Maybe bcuz I’m just so overwhelmingly saddened bcuz the more of Patrick’s account that I read the more I’m realizing there is no “plan” being carried out, there never was a “plan” & that those originally pushing that there was some brilliant master plan & to “trust the plan” were most likely bad actors, foreign &/or domestic, preying upon Patriots in some Operation Trust psyops the entire time, that we were fooled & now realizing nobody’s coming—we are stuck with the Deep State swamp demonrats having COMPLETE & TOTAL CONTROL OF ALL 3 BRANCHES & worse-they are BEING ALLOWED to get away with massive election & voter fraud just like they’ve been allowed to get away with massive corruption for YEARS, decades even. And we the people nor our great Republic nor our Constitution no longer matter to those evil people in power now & all their puppets in bureaucracy and judiciary and even our military will blindly follow orders in the face of our Constitution and Republic being destroyed by these in power. It’s a frightening realization. I’m done trusting “man”, I am only trusting God and God’s plan from now on. Power, and the wealth & status it brings, is addicting to the point folks will do ANYTHING, commit any fraud in order to keep it & get even more. As we just saw Nov 3. As we will now ALL pay the price it seems going by all the damn EO’s Biden has already signed & all that the Demonrats are saying —welcome to Orwell’s 1984 meets Nazism meets Marxism. I never thought I’d ever see America fall so far. A truly patriotic president like Trump only comes around once in a lifetime. The rest are corrupt and all, left & right, puppets of The Establishment.

  11. So disappointing, I can only imagine for the people, who worked so hard, to prove the truth. I know for myself, it is terrible to see what the left has got away with. It’s terrible, we need President Trump.

  12. So I have to believe that Trump already had a plan in place and that is what we are seeing unfold now. Our National Guard called into DC is for reasons that will benefit us.

    1. Finally, someone who still has faith in POTUS, and understands that he does indeed have a plan! When he said it had to be Rudy, well, there must be a reason for that… even if it means that Rudy will go down. He allows people to dig their own graves. He will bring about justice. He has not given up. He won. He will be back… in fact he hasn’t really left.

      1. The plan was to expose the fraud and the fraudulent politicians and media networks, not necessarily to retain the office. President Trump is still the most powerful ‘politician’ in America and has the unwavering support of much of his base. We have to leave the election behind us and look to the future. Biden will prove a rude awakening to the sleeping.

  13. Great story.. I cheered with joy on the part where you made contact with Trump.. angered by that SOB Pat.. not surprised by Rudy’s act like Sidney wasn’t sharing with him.. you know.. the guy that sold off all the metal from the twin towers to China so it could be melted down destroying all the evidence?.. I was please about you enjoying meatballs with President Trump, and he probably enjoyed that someone besides himself was eating them with him. Then the end broke my heart.. but I have a hole in my heart the size of a softball so the arrow passed right through without too much pain. My worst concerns now is hoards of migrants crashing the borders as well as armies of Chinese infiltrating this country and really messing up this country.

    1. You were talking about a DOJ special counsel. Trump has the right to appoint a “White House special counsel” and that is what I’m talking about here. A person would not have the power to bring charges.

      1. Thank you Patrick for clarifying this to the nay-Sayers
        And Thank you for your efforts. I can almost feel the heart break of knowing a solution is so close and losing it in the “swamp”.

      2. I remembering early on in the administration how there was a systematic plan to rid those closest to the new president. I also recall knowing who was going to be his downfall. It seemed so obvious to me. Over the last year, I have echoed the president’s sentiments of imagining the great accomplishments he could have led had he not been trying to do it with both hands tied behind his back. Thank you Patrick for answering some of my questions that lingered. I don’t know how this country will yet be saved for our children ( many who don’t see how they have been blinded by the half truths and lies in trusting whom we as parents taught them they should be able to trust) and for our grandchildren. Is it too late? Has the damage been accruing for too long? The election process must be remedied and we must have strong brave leaders willing to step up. Thank you again.

    2. I will give you this,.. YOU ARE A REPETITIVE MORON.

      White house special counsel/attorney (whatever verbiage used) and Special Counsel apparently aren’t the same thing. But you keep playing on google see if you can somehow make sense of the fact Trump could add to his white house staff any special czar he chose. Remember your love Obammy? he added multiple friends and grifters as Czars to siphon American taxpayer dollars to the downlow boys.

  14. I’m sick to my stomach. I can’t believe and don’t want to believe that he took the path of least resistance. On January 6th, after the Capitol incident, when President Trump made his short statement and told of all to remember this day and go home, I said to myself, he just told us we had a fun play day now pick up your crayons and go home. Guess he decided he had enough. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this. 😕

    1. THATS EXACTLY how i felt too. Pick up our crayons and go home- i was in the tub with alot of hope. After hearing him say THAT theres been a huge pit in my stomach and heart cramps – but STILL digging for what now, a fairy tale ending?

  15. WOW! Beyond words. With friends like those, who needs enemies . Thanks Sydney, General Flynn , Pulitzer, Lin and you Patrick for all you have and continue to do for our country. May God Bess and protect you all🙏🇺🇸

  16. This is just so sad to read. Any idea what happened to derail the plan? Did Trump just grow tired and give up? Seems he could’ve had the authority. Was literally no one supporting him? It makes me think maybe Rudy didn’t even have good intentions.

      1. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.

        Patrick Byrne Says:
        February 1, 2021 at 3:47 pm
        You were talking about a DOJ special counsel. Trump has the right to appoint a “White House special counsel” and that is what I’m talking about here. A person would not have the power to bring charges.

      2. Patrick responded to someone on this thread earlier that Trump did have the power to appoint a special White House counsel, but not DOJ special counsel. Two different things.

      3. You are just so goddamn annoying!!! I wanted at first to give you the benefit of the doubt that you maybe had legitimate concerns, but with this latest BS you have shown your cards. You are a deceitful asshat, not concerned in the least about truth or justice. Go F off!

  17. Patrick all i can say is wow!!!
    To think Rudy ruined this whole patriotic charge for Americans. This would have been a win for the American people not trump. We all have seen how hard it was for Trump to accomplish anything for 4 years. You, Sidney, Flynn all have the highest respect from us. Poor Rudy chose money over the people of the United States. We will never forget.

  18. After reading this I think Judy goes along with those staffers to stop Sidney’s involvement.
    Judy obviously did not like Sidney to get more trust than him regarding this matter.
    It is so sad that personal jealousy and credit jeopardized the working plan!
    It is so sad!

    1. It’s the truth & no matter how hard you try to troll or mock this’s what really happened. Go back to Twitter commie.

  19. After reading this I think Judy goes along with those staffers to stop Sidney’s involvement.
    Judy obviously did not like Sidney to get more trust than him regarding this matter.
    It is so sad that personal jealousy and credit jeopardized the working plan!
    It is so sad!

  20. Whether the American public believe fraud happened or not or even believe your account of all that went on behind the scenes, this will make for a great Netflix series one day. It will certainly give people something to think about. Just hope they show our President in a positive light.

    1. Netflix is Uber leftist. If they do make a series on this, they will make sure Trump, Pat, Sydney and the rest are portrayed in the most negative way possible.

      1. Need a documentary, ala D’Souza’s Obama opus.
        Bypass all the usual channels, do indie.
        Guaranteed smash hit and will pay for Krakens galore. Biden may be paddling around in the WH, but he is going to be the lamest duck that ever quacked.

  21. Respect & gratitude to you Pat, Sidney, General Powell and your team behind the scenes. I’m sure I speak for millions of supporters who believe DJT was our last hope to avoid the banana republic we now find ourselves in. Sure wish he had just let you guys try, he had nothing to lose.

  22. Disappointing. Just so sad and disappointing. At the most critical time in the nation’s history, a President (who I had thought and perceived was actually very strong) is ultimately unable to overcome the objections and maneuvering of his senior staff. Disappointing and unfortunate

  23. This makes me sick to my stomach Patrick… So after reading this, I feel all hope is lost. The United States will never be the same… I fear for my children and their futures. Thank you for all your efforts, I am blown away at what you were able to accomplish. General Flynn and Sidney Powell, like you are true patriots.

  24. A great read Mr. Byrne – I am eagerly waiting the next chapter! Like yourself, I am a libertarian, and was an avowed “Never Trumper”. (He won me over, though, in the last four years with a number of actions that increased civil liberties.) I knew from the get-go that this election stunk to high heaven and have been following you since November – thanks for your courage and all that you’ve done on this front. It seems to me that if our election was truly hacked by foreign countries, then that would HAVE to be considered an act of war. That our intelligence agencies and military allowed this to happen without any sort of action is just amazing to me. (Also that the DOJ has seemingly ignored the lower level stuff.) My takeaway is that either they didn’t believe it was enough to change the outcome, or that they wanted Trump out so badly that they turned a blind eye. Or perhaps they were complicit. Hopefully this country will get to the truth, but at this point I’m not holding my breath.

  25. It’s so unfortunate that Sidney was not retained as Special Counsel. Things could have worked out so differently. The deep state definitely won that round.

    1. So, is it a conspiracy theory because “Number, math things hard?” Or is it because being shown the truth makes you culpable for helping with the remedy? One makes you an idiot, well, they both do, really… but one makes you a coward as well.

  26. God, please let it be story with a happy ending. Its unbearable to see so much hate for one person who did nothing but good. What kind of world do we live and raising our kids in, if this goes unpunished?

  27. Wake up! This is designed to be disinformation. Every little detail of the entire sting operation has been planned for a long time. President Trump and the military are in full control. It’s time to pull the trigger…maybe at the impeachment trial next week?

    1. Haha! Thats what im thinking cynthia! Reading all through this, if true i guess DJT was just ‘TIRED’ ? He is VENGE-FULL ( in a good way) to get to whats right

  28. Many of us tend to think that POTUS has so much power, authority, what they say goes (and that is that). Perhaps reality is that there are contingents so powerful (dark, evil, connected) that even the best POTUS can’t accomplish anything without (some iteration of) their allowing it. The strongest swimmer in the world can’t succeed if oceans are being poured on them. Maybe that’s how it really is. Without these creeps, who, despite being inferiors to POTUS are connected to the evil cabal who can pour those oceans. Thus, they dare to be disrespectful, knowing for whom they really *work*. What a f’n cesspool.

    You, Powell, Flynn, Alyssa …..THANK YOU for trying.

  29. No mercy towards the pit vipers and I can tolerate Trump having second thoughts due to threats or concerns about self, family, and nation… but in this and other reveals, he seems to have left Sidney and crew high and dry: no “Sorry changed my mind can’t discuss but thanks anyway” or something similar that a thoughtful gracious grateful top guy would have done by now, and seems that hasn’t happened. Or has it, Sir?

  30. Wake up! This is designed to be disinformation. Every single detail of the sting operation has been planned for months if not years. The military and the President are in control. I’m ready for the big reveal…maybe at the impeachment trial next week?

    1. I want desperately for someone to tell me this is not over, that there is more to come, and it will turn out well. Is that too much to ask?

  31. I have a feeling PTrump had to kiss Rudy’s ass because Rudy is blocking for him in NY, using his influence to thwart the Dems from prosecuting him after he’s out of office.

  32. A wonderful expose of that evening and how you managed to get into see the President. However, I can see the President’s plan as it is coming out these days is more sophisticated than what you guys envisioned or any of us knew. I see that the President isn’t going to use Cipollone for the 2nd impeachment. Which makes me think you did get POTUS to see the light on that lawyer. As great as Sidney and Gen. Flynn are, they simply can’t be in the mix of what is going down. They do have a place, as do you, but only on the outside where you are valuable. The President’s plan is showing to be very sophisticated, more than we know. Actually it’s brilliant. He does need Rudy. He plays a big part and so do you guys. POTUS is gonna win, bigly.

  33. Well, this isn’t really surprising because former President Trump said at some of his rallies that he tended to be too loyal to former friends, etc. It IS sad though. IF the whole Truth about this past election doesn’t come out and the problems aren’t fixed, then this nation is done. Free & Honest elections are a must! Meanwhile, let us keep praying for REVIVAL. Our first love and hope should always be in God and His holy Word!

  34. Patrick ,you have an excellant writing style ,the story (facts) that you tell sadly will soon be a forgotten american story ,I still retain some hope that Donald actually did enact and sign the EO after he realised that your team was being blocked , thank you for your work and efforts ,

    1. This is so misunderstood. The EO in relation to foreign interference in our elections was signed in 2018 and renewed in 2019 and 2020 and therefore was active during DJT’s presidency without the need for signing or invoking. He simply had to act on it.

  35. Reminds me at my job as project manager in a big institution. We had a team and of course we were convinced our project was worth it. In the end it was a political decision to not continue. The decision was made by a big old outside IT company with three letters in their name. I shrugged and later resigned. Of course the other project they continued with was way more expensive and less flexible.

    I believe Trump was probably as desillusioned as you or even more. After 4 years dealing with traitors and the deep state. I remember the past interviews before he became president when he was younger. He always seemed to have issues with making quicker decisions.

    Since after the 2020 election he seemed to have switched. Still not conceding, but no clever plan in sight. At the end it looked like he was slivering out of his president role like in a dark, foggy night. No explanation what happened. No nothing. Just: I’ll be back in some form. How can a president invite millions of people on Jan 6, still speak about election fraud and then never really explain what to do and what happened?

    He might be a nice man and did a lot of good things, but I always wondered why he was so soft on his enemies. How can you let spying happen and not try to get those responsible arrested? That’s treason! One may say, well there are so many obstacles in the process and all the enemies around him. But then he had the option to hire better people! How can anybody trust Pence? My wife said right away when she saw him he’s a snake.

    That Trump let him handle the covid task force was one of the bigger mistakes for sure!

    Regarding Rudi smelling like booze in the other chapter, might have to do with his flu sickness. Many flu medications contain alcohol.

    And lawyers – what are 1000 lawyers bound to the ground of the ocean? A good start!

    Still, I do not blame Trump. At least 4 years of a standstill in the process of destroying the country. Now we’re at square 1 like in 2016 reloaded with fake elections and an usurper in the WH. A puppet of a dictatorial Glozi regime. Until the next opportunity arrives. I remember the tea party movoement. How long will it take next? Months? Years? Decades? At least some more people woke up!

  36. This is sad on so many counts but Trump has stood alone way too long. We didn’t do enough. He did everything he promised. Even opened up YEARS of concealed truth for us to deal with. And still his fellow Republicans sit on their hands because they are more worried about their personal agendas than the future of our country. Greed and sin and disgusting behavior has blinded their eyes. They didn’t care we voted for TRUMP as a country… they virtually closed their eyes to what we wanted til they realized it IS GOING TO COST THEM SOMETHING… gets me sick that we allowed crooked perverted opportunists to destroy our nation and eradicate our entire history.

  37. This is one of the most outrageous and ridiculous stories i’ve ever read….u have no proof of ANY type of voter fraud, u are with a convicted criminal of the worst kind, the naive flynny boy and sid-the-simpleton lawyer and donny t, the boorish king that would never be, wasted time talking to this group of losers, entrepreneur to entrepreneur of course….what a joke your life and donny t’s reality have always been.

    1. The evidence is beyond any reasonable doubt, and quite frankly overwhelming…most of it is also freely availability online (seriously) at Hereistheevidence dot com, I suggest every American look at it….

    2. Unfortunately, social media has given an equal voice, and a corresponding equal self-confidence, to the uninformed/ignorant as to the learned/intelligent.

    3. This little bundle of joy must be a paid troll. Go back to Twitter where you might find someone who will listen.

    4. Then you didn’t read his previous entries complete with IP addresses of where data was received abroad. The evidence is overwhelming actually. open your eyes

  38. Thank you for sharing your account of what happened. It’s so sad that President Trump had no loyal staff members. I so wish President Trump wasn’t so stuck on Rudy being involved. Rudy is just like all the others.
    Can’t wait to read your next chapter. Any ideas on how we the people can finally prove who won the 2020 election? Can we actually change anything for future elections?

  39. Sorry. But I don’t buy all this. Trump has always known people were working against him. He is a brilliant man. Of course, he knew what was in his EO. It’s ridiculous to say he didn’t. Q had said to us “it had to be this way”. Trump is allowing things to happen to prevent civil war and WW3. but Trump knows exactly what his powers and options are. I’m not concerned in the least that things are happening according to plan. He’s always told us he has more power than people realize. I think this is a load of CRAP. Why would you people trust Byrne when he’s just stumbled on the scene??? He wasn’t even smart enough to vote for him in 2016 or 2020 I believe. Y’all should have more faith in Trump after all he had accomplished!

    1. Trump is human and liable to mistakes and misjudgments. In this particular instance, were i in his shoes, i would have leaned on Michael Flynn and his plan, not Rudy! I would have done whatever it takes to storm those 6 counties and PROVE everything to the world on live TV. There was nothing to lose. If there was no FRAUD, concede gracefully. If there were shenanigan’s then you prove it before the eyes of the world. That was an opportunity lost . and these guys have had all the time in the world to cover their tracks.

    2. Trump knows if he just walked away China would move in for the kill. Trump has been warning us for decades about them. He wouldn’t have any future either by letting that happen.

      Trump has not left us. If we knew what was going on then so would our enemies. It is certainly a scary time to be living through all of this and I get anxious by some of the things I read but my gut tells me the good guys are still in control.

      Remember back when Trump had Covid and he left his hospital room to come down and say thank you to all of his supporters. No one told him to do that in fact they probably warned him not to, but he did it anyway. It is only because Trump is not a Democrat, more wasn’t made of that remarkable gesture. He wanted to say thank you to all of us for caring about him. What do Trump’s family and friends say when asked to describe him? They say he never forgets the people who were there for him. So have some faith and hold the line! Trump was like no other president in our lifetime. Courageous, calculating and fiercely loyal. So right now, more than ever, I feel we must not turn our back on him.

      1. madison is a hoax or crazy or a crazy conspiracy person. he or she dilutes our message. and makes the masses worry about us as a group. she is an outlier among us, who are normal american citizens who realize that trummp failed us in his duty to fight for us. we still love pres trump for what he did and introducing MAGA. but he failed to follow up on thhings and lost thisi part of the game. he could have accomplished a lot more had he been harder on swamp. swamp swallowed him by getting to those around him.

        the only thing that we can do now is hope that we vote in the right people @ lower levels and people like patrick do something about machine-fraud @ higher level because we can really do very little about it on our own.

        79 mllion > 68 million.
        That’s why Americans know the election was STOLEN.

        That’s why: NOT MY PRESIDENT.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA idiots.

  40. Forthcoming from the Citizens Liberty Party News Network. Episode 69.
    We begin our argument that the Former United States of America (FUSA), ended on November 3, 2020, in a successful coup of Marxist Democrats that overthrew the Declaration’s principles of majority rule and consent of the governed.
    In that coup, the written constitution of 1787 was replaced by an unwritten constitution, whose rules benefit the ruling elites of the Washington kleptocracy.
    Biden is not a legitimate President. He is an unelected tyrant, intent on cramming Marxist ideology down the throats of the majority of ordinary, common citizens.
    Part of our argument in favor of making a clean break with Madison’s republic is to stop the charade of calling Biden “President.”

    1. That is an excellent idea.
      I’ve been thinking on those lines too.
      I refer to Trump these days as RealPOTUS
      and maybe Biden could be NotPotus.
      I hate the phrase Not My President, because if you use that, then you are setting up an equivalence between THEIR petulance at having lost and their refusal to accept Trump and OUR righteous wrath at having been cheated of our win and our willingess to accept any outcome of a fair election.
      I am surprised when people suggest that. It is pure disinformation. There is NO EQUIVALENCE between their being spoil-sports and cry-babies, which they now accuse us of falsely, and our being indignant at and demanding justice for being robbed. These are not minor issues.

      We are ruled by phony rhetoric and need to set it straight.

  41. And so the country falls into the abyss. Jobs are cut, enemies will take advantage, China will advance, USA will suffer..

    I don’t understand why President Trump stuck with Rudy – a mistake that is costing us our country.

  42. It has to be Rudy because God had told his prophet the plan back in 2009 and it was told to the President Trump and Rudy way back then. They have known these days were coming and God would/will walk them through it. We as Christian have the armor of God on and are fighting in the spiritual realm. Hold the line, stand firm and watch God move.

  43. Trump did not want to win. He either made a deal or he didn’t want to do it anymore. Whichever one he let the people and the country down.

    Don’t blame it on his aides. Trump knew and did nothing. Rudy is a clown and he insisted on a clown running the show.

  44. That is just incredible. I am saddened by the people around Trump that did everything BUT help him. Thank you Patrick

  45. I understand why this had to be done. It’s excruciating. I hate it, but I understand.
    Looking forward to the curtain call.
    Thank you for playing your part in all of this.

  46. Intelligent cliff hanger in your writing…
    I want to know what kindnesses were spoken to you from someone who knew you were against the idea/perceived psychology of ‘him’. It’s a mind created construct based off your own life experience and I’m really hoping you deconstruct that process as your story continues. Sometimes we’re wrong about people because of our own limited scope. I would love for you to be mounting to this epiphany Sir, lol. Trump serves as a mirror; you initially saw only what you were…that’s the magic of people like ‘him’ they teach you more about you. 💓
    Hugs, I really dig your writing style 🤗

  47. Wow! Poor old Titan Donald John Trump. He built an empire in Manhattan dealing with mob bosses, crooked city officials, mayors, politicians on every level, etc. but he just sucks at picking good people to have around him. His whole Presidential legacy was resting on choosing the friendships of Rudy, Pat C and some other dumb asses versus the Super Hero Team of Flynn, Powell, and Byrne. Poor old pathetic Titan picked his friendships after sharing Grandma’s meatballs. How did he ever make it our of Queens? Then he slinked away to Mar-A-Lago with the parting words “The Best Is Yet to Come!”. What Best? a TV channel, a new website, a 3rd party, what could poor old DJT think would make up for leaving his beloved America to be devoured by a coup of Chyyyna stooges??
    Thank you Mr. Byrne for a very entertaining intermission story. I’ll remember it fondly as I eat my popcorn on the way to my FEMA camp for refusing my mRNA vaccine. Damn that soft-hearted Titan!

    1. Spot on!
      You just leave the most precious commodity you’ve ever had control of to thieves because everyone proved to be the scum we knew they were.
      I love President Trump, but he took an oath to serve and protect us. He took an oath. The coast of not fulfilling that will, and is, changing our country, forever. Damn you.
      The best is yet to come!!!!????

    2. Agree-well said. Each year we faced tough times for supporting Trump. Beaten bloody for attending rallies or wearing a hat. Homes burned for displaying signs. Rioting, arson of our businesses.
      We imagined a man who said never never give up would fight for us and our country.

      He never stopped rioting, never tried.
      Beatings never got a higher sentence.
      ANTIFA & BLM allowed to flourish across nation.
      Education taken over by ridiculous jokesters-only it was real.
      Universities w billion dollar tax free foundations, while jacking tuition to the sky, hiring 1/2 million dollar professors to teach one class. Biden’s loans were never stopped.
      Opportunity zones created by corrupt black Senator. ALL zones are in burned riot areas. Multinationals buying dirt cheap land, building tax deferred businesses for 5-8 years then pack up and leave blacks worse than before- but Tim Scott will get his millions.
      Chao personally oversaw her CCP father’s drug shipping business grow & Mitch still sent intelligence to China.
      Fired Flynn not Pence-even tho Pence pedo friend was real issue.
      Jobs did increase for Americans, while entire nation/gov has foreigners in charge of every IT department big & small. Every health data, military, gov, voter reg & customer svc handled by non loyal to USA Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese.
      Mike Lee changed that to fast track citizenship of these cheaply paid to 2-5 yrs. Ensuring STEM grads will never work to their potential. —not vetoed.
      Massive misinformation pandemic campaign forcing millions home, no job, no unemployment, no freedom to choose, masks that killed majority from bacterial lung infections not Spanish Flu. Now 3 masks- Trump propped up criminals, made them famous, competed w them for popularity.
      When all he needed to do was tell Americans to use their own judgment, fire Fauci for crimes against Obama admin.

      Average Americans are worse off from election 2020 to present.
      As Pat C said…the press will eat u alive!
      (Who cares!) Obviously those words carried weight w Trump instead of ‘It’s the right thing to do.’
      ‘MAGA’ voters became educated, patriotic w sense of civic duty. Trump as head cheerleader created over 1/2 of Americans willing to show up and work to keep America’s FREEDOMS.

      Issues listed here should have been corrected in a week-3 days for Trump. But they were ignored.
      Did Trump buy into ‘let it grow, Dems will be vilified’?
      We SUFFERED 4 years in lifestyle changes. Censored while Trump whined, complained at rallies-then went back to DC and did nothing.
      He promised to change vaccine laws. Instead they still have ZERO liability to kill & permanently disable us. While he put 32 billion of our money in reserve to pay meager amounts back when we are killed.

      But – those rallies – right?! Greatest President ever-right?! Yes he did some fantastic things, all wiped away in a week w man who Trump said would ruin USA and we would never have free election again.
      Let’s be very clear – we did everything asked of us and more. 80 million Americans voted for Trump. We even volunteered afterwards to find the fraud. Lost more jobs for standing up and telling truth. Frightening censorship blasted into all lives.

      Here’s what we thought would occur. Trump would seize every machine & ballot in every state. Forensically audit. And arrest obvious criminals like 5 on election night video-federal crimes. Postal workers who stole truck full of illegal ballots. Offer 100k for info. But primarily PROVE election was stolen.

      What we got- Trump walked away from us, our struggles-hardships knowing exactly what he was doing by leaving our country in the hands of the most evil masterminds ever to reach the WH.

      Now you could argue that his kid’s lives were threatened by McConnell. Or Melania said she’s done-go w her or not. But you cannot argue that Trump chose to fight for us. He was concerned about himself. Losing. He did not once say he was concerned about 80 million and the future of America.

      He will comeback w a rally – and people will go. They haven’t recognized he did not fulfill his oath of office. He did not protect us where we needed it to live our lives wo fear of being beaten senseless for driving on wrong street, wrong night. He did not protect us from foreigners having all our personal info. And he did not protect us from treason- the one item he swore he would do.

      Why wasn’t that the topic w Flynn, Powell?
      Why was issue press, ratings & 1man losing?
      Why would Trump demand Rudy stay?
      Why didn’t he fulfill his obligation to Americans and allow a fair recount?
      Don’t argue there is more to come.
      Unless it is complete military takeover (never happen w Milley) then there is nothing.
      I do not want a cheerleader running my freedom, my lifestyle, my family’s future.
      Why would you?

      1. You don’t seem to understand what a President can and cannot do. He isn’t a dictator nor a king. Maybe you could run for office and change everything. Then get back to us.

      2. Could not have said it better. Especially the part about all of US doing our part. We crawled through broken glass for the guy for four years, stopped watching the mind control media, quit social media accounts, lost friends and family – all to express our support for him. We “braved” the COVID scourge to vote in person. We provided him a landslide victory. It wasn’t that tough, really. Biden was a pathetic, miserable candidate whose whole campaign shtick was yelling at the top of his lungs about how bad Trump is and how awful America is. Trump knew Biden was going to cheat. He started warning about it in the spring. WE knew Biden would cheat. How many of us actually thought they would get away with it? And then, after election day, warriors like Sidney, Jovan, Lin Wood, Joe Oltmann, Patrick Colbeck, and many others flooded into the public spotlight to provide irrefutable evidence of what we all already knew. And now, we have Patrick Byrne providing the saddest of closing chapters in this surreal saga. Every one of us continued to have faith that America would prevail, that she was too big and powerful to let such obvious criminal fraud bring her down. Trump was just the guy to stand in the way of America’s fall, just like he promised. While all of us were relying on that faith and certainty, we find that our warrior in the White House was surrounded by tin soldiers. Whiny lawyers in need of a good throat punch. And all the talk about Biblical Kraken, “trusting the plan”, “the storm”, etc., while it made good theater, wasn’t at ALL what was really going on. Trump and his family called the moving fans and returned to their fabulous pre-swamp life in sunny Florida, leaving the rest of us to drown in the swamp he didn’t drain. Reading Patrick’s account is sweet misery. The ending has already been written, and we don’t really want to read what comes next, but there’s no way we CAN’T.

        1. You have no idea what levels of money, prestige, intellectual heft, blackmail, extortion, and fear is leverage against anyone who gets in the way of the globalist cabal.
          Trump really is up against it and maybe he thought it was a smarter move to come out of all this alive and not assassinated….like Jack Kennedy.

          1. I can’t disagree with you on the possibility of threats against his life or those of his family. We like to think of the President of the United States as the “most powerful person on the planet.” The CIA certainly proved that wrong in 1963. What’s a population to do? As Mr. Bryne is so eloquently reporting, all our hopes and dreams of fair elections leading to four years of a duly elected President with a pro-America agenda went up in smoke the day Donald Trump hopped aboard the jet back to Florida. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have made the same decision in his position. I’d like to think Donald Trump is something special, and that given the choice between escaping the swamp for Mar-a-Lago and going AFTER the swamp for the shit they put him and his family through for four years, knowing that people like Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne are in your corner, he’s going to fight to the last breath.

        2. I feel your pain! There are still many questions in my mind not answered. This is not like Trump, to walk away after 4 hours with Byrne, Flynn and Powell, and a decision already made. There may have been a lot more to the story after they left. But I just felt that Trump is like a bee caught on spiders web, the more he fight the more tangled he gets. The other side may have much more power, obvious or hidden, than we have thought.

          My next big question is what his mind has gone through on 1/6.

      3. You would think he was a god that commands the world. He is not my savior. In my mind he reflects a set of ideas put forth that can make America strong. He is the beginning not the end. The work will be hard and brutal but it has just begun my friend if we don’t give up.

  48. It’s (WH) Special Counsel NOT Special Prosecutor, folks, but anyhow would have helped. With thanks and credit for good deeds of the past, Rudy surely is a huuuuge disappointment, as are Pat Cipollone, Mark Meadows and others. It’s hard to remotely bash Pres. Trump, and I’ll give him somewhat the benefit of the doubt that there were pressing concerns or issues influencing his decisions, but what about an apology and thanks and follow-up to Pat and Sidney and the General? He couldn’t even manage that? Now THATS SAD!!!!!

  49. To the always negative and suspicious troll “Tracker-J” -> The appointment of a “WH Special Counsel” and (by AG) a “Special Prosecutor” are 2 very different things. Why conflate them and confuse the public? Sidney was right, 100% as reported by Patrick.

    1. Exactly, why conflate them or risk confusion? People in the comments where asking a about the ‘Special Prosecutor’ role. Byrne’s article does not explain the difference you mention. Special prosecutors are often referred to as ‘Special Counsel’. So it should clearly be explained in the text.
      By the way, can you explain the difference between a “WH Special Counsel” and a simple “WH Counsel”?

      1. The WH Counsel serves the President AND staff in their official roles, ensuring legal adherence in their official duties. They would not for example be involved in personal affairs of the President. A special WH counsel would in effect be an adjunct layer assigned to the staff to focus on a “special” topic or subject area or case or event or effort… if appointed by DOJ (the Attorney General) they would have all the powers of the DOJ at hand: subpoenas for example. Without Barr or the AG or DOJ the WH Special Counsel would be limited to whatever the President is empowered to do or effect or instigate or perform as part of the Executive’s role and responsibilities. EX: If the President could order the National Guard, so could the Special Counsel(for him) designate a certain particular role or effort… if the President cannot on his own subpoena someone, neither could HIS/WH special counsel. Etc.

        1. Remember, the AG & entire DoJ WORKS FOR POTUS. Trump can order the AG to appoint a Special Prosecutor should he desire to worry about optics. However, POTUS is the most senior law enforcement official in the US, and CAN appoint a Special Prosecutor on his own. Trump can also invoke the Insurrection Act, or Martial Law in some form. He can also invoke the additional powers he has under a Declared National Emergency, which are enormous. Research the “Emergency Action Documents.” Here’s a very brief outline. First, we are already under a DNE for the china virus. Second, he declared one in his 2018 EO as well. POTUS can also use his authorities under the Constitution to “preserve, protect, & defend the Constitution.” Trump had at least four or five moves left to make when he strangely abandoned 320 million Americans. IF he has really done that. At this point, I just don’t know.

      2. “People in the comments were asking…”.

        Yeah, those people were you. You asked the same question multiple times even after Patrick Byrne himself answered your question directly. You’re just a troll.

  50. Sickening, disgusting. I saw some weeks ago you wrote the President was terribly served by his advisors. I would be interested to hear your opinion on why they pushed him the other way, i.e. why did they REALLY want him out?

  51. Oh my gosh people, get a grip. Of course that isn’t the end of the story. There’s much more detail of how the deep state is going down. Think people, have we not learned anything from the last 4 years???

  52. This is very disheartening.
    I just hope there is more to come and this is not over.
    But, following you , I have learned a hell of a lot about DC politics.
    Most of them have sold their souls.
    Thanks for your patriotism, Sir.

  53. I only have one question.

    Has anyone reached out to you yet about buying the movie rights to your story?

    Because this definitely needs to be made into a movie someday.

    1. Hollywood will sabotage it and make it into something else. Get some loyalists, a good photographer, and do a documentary…something like D’Souza’s stuff about Obama…
      that will keep the message and not sell out.

  54. Blood officially boiling. Patrick, you were an eye-witness to the death of our Republic, precipitated not just by the CCP and whoever else was involved in cheating Biden and Harris into office, but by Trump’s own people. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a more compelling case to charge some “public servants” with treason.

  55. Coming to part 5 with the ever-present, relentless, gut-wrenching hindsight rolls… reeling. Reading this was pure bliss. Thank you, can I call you Pat.

    1. I definitely walked out with a changed outlook on Trump. Much more fond of him than I had expected. Maybe that is because my heart broke for him a little, to see what he was going through.

      Yes you ,at call me, “Pat”..

  56. Rudy’s dirty. always has been. always will be. He is a drunk because he lives with a ton of sins. This was his chance to make good on them, and he failed. He is evil like the rest. just another fraud in our great land

  57. Well this is depressing. I have a hard time believing that we weren’t ready for this. The EO seemed to be preemptively planning for this exact scenario and I have a hard time believing this is over. Walking away is just not Trump’s style.

  58. I hope and pray there is another well-reasoned plan, or an abundance of them, in the works. Sydney is staying on course with her litigation, so that’s good to know. Anything you can share Patrick, without giving away critical info, is MUCH appreciated. Bless you!

  59. So how come every single pro-Trump blogger and YouTuber was going to town on the 2018 EO and how that would destroy the steal … so that probably big tranches of pro-Trump voters knew ALL about that EO … and DJT (who signed it) — DIDN’T know about it? Did he need to have to discussed on Fox & Friends? Not knocking the prez, I’m just wondering what the heck went on here.

    And yeah, Cippollone and the other incompetents should have been all over that EO.

    WHAT WAS THE POINT of the EO if it DIDN’T MATTER to anyone when it counted 2 years later?

    1. He did know about it, since he signed it and renewed it twice. He only needed to act on it, but I guess he made the judgment that he couldn’t pull it off without resistance and that it would provoke a civil war or equivalent violence…. and he decided that getting a second-term was not crucial to his long term plans. The DEMS had already threatened that there would be violence if they didn’t get their way. They then projected that successfully onto Trump.
      DJT might be a much better man than many people give him credit for being.
      And his opponents, a lot worse.

      1. a man is measured, @ least in part, by how he performs his job.

        civil war? violence? he failed his oath to uphold the constitution in that he didnt fight for fair elections. it’s not enough to see something happening. as the ceo of this country he had an obligation to follow through and ensure things got done right away.

        and that’s why he is in Mar a lago right now. and we are left with biden.

        dems have been threatening/executing violence either way. so has the fake news media.

        i dont care about who trump trusted or all this talk about loyalty. he had to follow up and get things done like there is no tomorrow.

  60. That’s an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. This explains Steve Bannon’s frustration with the Governor during interviews. I thought that Bannon was rude and gruff. Now I have an idea why. He was actually trying to help get that team focused on the important issues. Are you still working with Ms. Powell and Gen. Flynn? Our country needs your team more than ever. Please do not give up on us.

    1. ??
      Bannon has never let Byrne on the show, he knows Byrne would run circles around him. And Sidney was on the show only once before the election, when fraud was not an issue. Keeps mocking her with “servers in the moon” and “gun battles in Frankfurt”. Whilst licking the toe-nails of Rudy. Bannon threw in his weight with Rudy’s strategy, and even now he is too much of a coward to admit his mistake. In addition to that he simply does not have the intelligence to deal with the computer science of the fraud. Same with Rudy who did not even understand what Byrne was trying to tell him. Most of the fraud came from the machines, and the evidence is overwhelming. That’s why SIdney wisely concentrated on that. Was far more compelling in court than Rudy’s dumb equal protection garbage. Bannon still thinks Trump’s appearance at the impeachment trial will sway the public. As if that is going to change anything. Sorry, Bannon is way overrated.
      The sad takeaway is that Trump surrounds himself with mediocre “talent”, even though he always boasts about spotting talent.

  61. What a story! Thank you for relaying what happened.

    Dark forces have waged war in the form of a sinister global program. It’s the Great Reset unfolding, and Trump was the greatest obstacle toward getting it fully implemented. Buckle up. Pray hard. (I recommend the Rosary in particular.😇)

  62. Is there a way out of the illegal takeover of the nation? Can this new nation, this United States of Dominion ever be defeated? Voting for a return of the United States of America will be impossible. HR-1, end of the electoral college, open borders with non-citizens voting, further tweaking of Dominion down to selecting county dog catchers, packing the Supremes, everyone inside the Beltway wanting the new nation of Dominion, and a willing crap ton of useful idiots like the media, education and entertainment sure makes it look impossible to go back to any kind of America. So, Patrick, now that we know what happened, what’s the solution? Is there any way to get the Medes to break into the big party where, ” weighed, found wanting” just appeared scratched on the stone walls?

    1. A little too good at times, I thought. However if true, this explains so much post EO implementation date. So devastatingly sad. I pray Western Culture survives this evil coup.

    2. There are videos on YouTube (and likely elsewhere) featuring Byrne remembering a deck of cards (entire deck) and reciting back their order, without any mistakes. Savant of some sort, it seems.

  63. Patrick Byrne,

    Can you get Sidney to post links (on her telegram account @SidneyPowell) to these articles (@ thereby authenticating these stories?

    1. ignore this one … someone’s pointed out that SP has some posts in her telegram channel to these articles … and I (eventually) found them (had to restart my telegram feed to find them; *arg*)

  64. Mr Byrne,

    It is hard for me to think that the man you are describing was so snookered by his staff that he missed this opportunity. Seems more likely this was allowing your plan to play out, details to be revealed but never actually following through. Of course, that’s what happened but I’m thinking it was not accidental or happenstance. I’m thinking it was intentional.

    My thoughts are that from the beginning, all corruption that existed in some silly white collar crimes were always going to end up like Kleinsmith or pardoned by the next administration. We have a corrupt White House bureaucracy, a corrupt DOJ, a corrupt FBI, corrupt Senators, corrupt Congressmen, corrupt Judges, corrupt Governors, corrupt State Legislators. With all of those people protecting their honey hole, a guy coming in to expose it was never going to be successful. The only remedy would be military. And the only way to use the military legally, would be for the crime of treason. Comey, Strozk, Page, Wray, Barr, Kleinsmith, etc, are all guilty of either benefitting or looking the other way and covering it up. But lets be honest. Do we really feel justice would be served if we put them in prison for some white collar crimes that they can plea out of or get pardoned for?

    Or should we wait and set up a scenario where the crime being committed is one so grievous that it violates the law of sedition and treason, causing a military intervention and that which cannot be pardoned?

    I ask because you seem to have a grasp on the reality behind the facade. What is your opinion about whether Trump knew all along that treason needed to be the crime and the military had to get involved? Think about it. Now that Trump turned over the reigns to “the next administration” we have states opening their businesses, ridiculous mask lies exposed, election fraud being looked at in the states, etc. Would any of this happened if Trump had let Sydney and Mike’s roll play out as you all outlined? No, it wouldn’t. The hate and vitriol would continue.

    I’m holding out hope that a CEO described as you describe him, had plans he did not share with the three of you and actually knew his path was not through the corrupt system. In fact, the corrupt system might have sunk him further.

        1. I don’t buy into anything.
          I am stating facts. The facts so far are UNPRECEDENTED. That literally means ANYTHING can and should happen.

          Reverse the roles. Imagine that a right-wing group had used Russia to tap into our voting machines and load votes for Trump and there was this much evidence from every corner and suppose the courts had refused to hear them out and Trump took office with the police and FBI literally hunting Democrats left and rght, shutting down their social media platforms and booting them off jobs, even closing down Biden’s bank accounts and talking assassination, do you think for one solitary second, a DEMOCRAT would roll over just because the inauguration date had passed? No freakin’ way.

          I’ll tell you what they’d do, because that’s what I’d do myself. First they’d create an international cause out of the whole affair. Abraham Lincoln brigades or whatever would be charging off to DC to dispel the traitor and usurper in the WH. The DEMS would be on the floor of the UN asking for internatonal humanitarian intervention. There would be violent mobs aka peaceful protestors breaking out coast to coast, California would be in flames, half the inner cities would be busted up and boarded over, the trade unions would be rioting globally….Time magazine would print up Trump’s head on top of a pig roasting on an open fire.

          And, lo, in three months, Trump would be out of office and Biden would be in, and the history professors would get to work writing up how peaceful civil multiculti green protests had yet again saved the world from the evil white Christian ogres.

          Now, can we wise up and keep fighting?

    1. Marilyn, My thoughts exactly!

      And, here is some of my research from the past on Donald J. Trump: (BTW, I am Canada’s greatest Trump supporter, ever since his name was mentioned at UWO School of Business in 78′ & he was my mentor all thru the 80’s.)

      Did you know that Donald J. Trump & his brother Robert both worked with the FBI, over 30 yrs. ago? Donald J. Trump was pretending to be “the naive millionaire developer” who wanted to make a killer deal with someone & once a mark was found, Trump would bow-out & the FBI would take over! I’m sure that Trump learned a lot of FBI techniques & tricks during this time & I have even seen rumors that “Trump is FBI”!

      Another thing… I read that Trump was “vetted to run for POTUS” by some Military Intelligence, who saw the direction the USA was going in & they had to find someone that was “untouchable” by the Deep State! IF I was Military Intelligence, I would make sure that Trump & his family were safe, by appointing him as “Director of Election Interference Investigation” or something similar!

      I just cannot accept that “my mentor for the last 40 yrs. just walked away from the Greatest Scam in History”!

      Trump & company are still working on this & we just have to be patient!

      1. Yes. Trump has hinted many times that his presidency was “not a normal presidency.” He was invited by the military to run for office.
        People need to stop taking everything at face value.

        1. “military” is not one person. different generals have allegiances to different parties/people. mcchrystal for eg is anti trump…. stop it.

          he ran supported by some. he won supported by many. he failed to do the right thing and reclaim what is legally his right. what is legally OUR RIGHT.

          dont tell me he didnt see the videos of voter fraud that we all saw. and dont tell me he has more power now than he had @ the white house.

          1. exactly! Of course he saw the videos. Of course he knew the statutes. Of course he knew how to get Sidney Powell as special council if he wanted that to happen. It does not make sense this guy was blindsided by Mark Meadows, Pat Cipilone, or any other White House staff. He knew. He knew the election fraud was going to happen. He didn’t stop it, not because he couldn’t but because it needed to happen.

          2. Yes, of course there are different factions of the military. Did I say not? Obviously, there are back stabbers like Mattis.
            But the received wisdom is that Trump did not have enough support in the military to do what he wanted without provoking resistance, so I just pointed out that it was the military which asked him to run in the first place, according to some accounts. Obviously, that means SOME PEOPLE in the military.

    2. I agree with you Marilyn. There is much more to come, and each person needs to play their part. The guilty will be punished, and patriots like Patrick, will be rewarded. Heroes are being made, and will go down in history, as will the traitors.

    3. The hope and wish of every MAGA fan! However, i am sorry to say, wishful DAY DREAMING. Lets get real, it is over. Lucky if those few remaining cases ever get heard timely by the Supreme Court. Next stop is 2022. A lot will depend on what happens between now and then. DJT still remains very much in the mix.

    4. Superbly written Marilyn!

      There are far too many holes in the story. E.g.:
      – Why Trump did not follow through on the meeting if “in 200 years there probably has not been a meeting in this room like what just happened…”?
      – Why “it’s got to be Rudy”? Just because he is an old mate? Come on!
      – Why has Trump been listening to Cipollone for another month, even after he clearly confirmed he wants him to concede?
      – Are we supposed to believe Trump had no idea about EO13848 at all? Really? If nothing else, he must have been personally aware that there is an EO signed by him, written just for a situation like this.

    5. Superbly written Marilyn!

      There are far too many holes in the whole story. E.g.:
      – Why Trump did not follow through on the meeting if “in 200 years there probably has not been a meeting in this room like what just happened…”?
      – Why “it’s got to be Rudy”? Just because he is an old mate? Come on!
      – Why has Trump been listening to Cipollone for another month, even after he clearly confirmed he wants him to concede?
      – Are we supposed to believe Trump had no idea about EO13848 at all? Really? If nothing else, he must have been personally aware that there is an EO signed by him, written just for a situation like this.

    6. marilyn, we all wish you are right. however, thee only thing we can do now i hope someone like pat byrne, a doer vs talker, can help organize fair elections….

      unless immeediaate response is provided when pizza boxees are used to block off the views of election observers… stopping of countirng… etc… nothign can be done.

      trump let his chance go. made a bad decision. we have 1 year which can change who is in congress

    7. Everyone needs to realize something. There won’t be any election legislation to clean up fraud. If this last election is not dealt with and the fraud not revealed, people going to Gitmo, then we’ve already lost our country. There will be no future remedy, no future legislation, no future legal elections. It will all be covered up and done better the next time.

      What does not make sense, if this is all over with, is a whole list of things:

      Why did Joe get inaugurated at 11:47? That is not Constitutional and has never ever happened before.
      Why do people in DC record never hearing or seeing anyone involved in the inauguration?
      Why did Trump leave in Airforce 1? Others have left in Marine 1 but not Airforce 1.
      Why did Joe not arrive in a government or military aircraft and why has he not been seen outside or in one since?
      Why is Kamala not in the VP residence?
      Why are the drapes different behind oval office desk now, than the ones on Joe’s first day of signing EO’s? Why are the drapes now exactly like Trump’s were but they were not on first day? (redecorating excuse does not suffice bc the drapes are what was in Trump’s oo)
      Why does Nat’l Guard need to stay through March and maybe beyond?
      What threat has materialized or been given a heads up on planning in DC to warrant Nat’l Guard presence?
      Why did Trump buy Mara Lago? Why does it have bomb shelters and SCIFS already installed before Trump presidency?
      Why did nuclear codes/football leave with Trump? This has definitely never happened before.
      Why did Trump wish the next administration “luck” and speak of him “setting them up to succeed”? He would never have spoken of a fraudulent election installee like this.

      To me, the only thing that makes sense out of ALL OF THIS, is that Trump is no longer President. But that was the plan so that America could get over the Covid nightmare with regard to economy and small business. It was also the plan to expose these corrupt Governors and even more, expose corrupt Fauci.

      I can tell you this. If Trump was not part of a much larger plan by NSA insiders, then he was doomed to fail anyway. No one man can take on this goliath and succeed. Just look at all the GOP Senators who are demanding there was no election fraud now. Look at the actions/words of Tom Cotton, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, etc. They want Trump gone, wiped off the playing field so that their own culpability is not exposed. Trump needed them before, he does not need them now. Yet they are keeping this impeachment alive and criticizing anyone who believes there was election fraud.

      That fact alone, the actions of the GOP Senators, tells us something is up. McConnell especially, is a Chinese involved traitor. That’s a simple fact. Therefore, Trump is not done or McConnell would not be acting like he is. There is another hidden agenda. That’s why Mr. Byrne’s assessment, while I’m not questioning his accuracy, I’m saying Mr. Byrne’s conclusions are not what is really going on. You can’t tell me this guy (Trump) has had the strength to endure all of this for 4 years, and yet not planned for a known-ahead-of-time election fraud. They let it happen. It had to be election fraud. It had to be TREASON. It couldn’t be any other crime bc the military had to get involved.

      I will say this. If none of this is true, then we are already taken over and we just don’t know it yet. We’ll know soon enough and then the mark of this beast system will become apparent to everyone.

      1. The key first and foremost is exposure, Marilyn. Vermin hate sunlight.

        That is what they are obviously focused on doing. They already have shitloads of hard evidence.

        Powell has filed multiple lawsuits in the key States with a lot of Republican legislators who know they had better act, or they’ll be shown the door.


      2. I think you are quite right.
        Trump has access to privileged information that Patrick and Sidney and even Mike Flynn, at this point, do not have access to. He knows what he’s up against and what is likely to succeed and at what price.
        You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to be a politician, so I have to respect a billionaire who could be having a very nice life going through the ringer like this for the country. After a certain amount, the worth of a dollar declines severely, and he is beyond the net worth, just as he’s well above the age, when any of this would be very tempting for the perks.

      3. Marilyn,

        Let us not forget that Patrick Byrne seems to have some skill where it comes to intentionally floating a well-constructed narrative. If he had rank-and-file DOJ/FBI visibly wanting to beat the crap out of him for implying in not so many words that he’d kill someone without blinking an eye, in order to create the necessary optics for the rest of his mission, who is to say that this is the entire story…

        Actions taken as a result of the DNI’s report pursuant to the Sep 2018 EO and/or the Insurrection Act against unlawful usurpers would almost certainly not see the light of day. Yet. And just how many $trillion in assets have been seized under the Dec 21, 2017 EO? This story is not over.

        (Plus, the whirlwind solve of the Nashville “event” and the subsequent total lack of follow-up says that something much bigger happened there. The silence has been deafening.)

  65. Just curious Pat, What do you think President Trump will do next week? Will he go and represent himself along with you and Sidney and Mike? I’ve stalked up popcorn just in case. What an opportunity for the entire world to hear the evidence! What say you? I’ve read your entire three articles. I think you’re the perfect man to make it happen.

  66. Makes for scintillating reading, and I do believe Trump is/was surrounded by backstabbing deep staters, but I think he knew that. There was a plan in place long before you guys showed up. Nice touch with the Swedish meatballs addition.

    1. What I am buring to know is, were they Trump’s Scottish grandmother’s recipe, or his German grandmother’s recipe?

  67. I do not have the words to express the thankfulness I have for your efforts. I can die now knowing everything that could have been done was.

    You, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn and everyone else associated are true patriots.

  68. I’m a very strong proponent of the President but I’m having a very difficult time believing anything. I do believe he couldn’t trust anyone and everyone wants to make money off “their time” with the President.
    I’m sad because he knew this Administration would kill everything he did so I also have hope that there’s a Plan B and he won’t leave the 80 million of us hanging. Plus he hates to lose but as the days grow darker with Biden it gets harder. I do know it’s God’s plan, and not ours or on our time table. Staying Strong & Keeping the Faith.

  69. Pat,

    What about Phill Kline? He was a part of the group at the disastrous news conference from Part I. Such a good lawyer, was he involved in any of this? The former AG of Kansas and with the Thomas More society and Amistad Project. Also Cleta Mitchell. Was she involved in any way?

  70. Any chance you could share that meatballs recipe? Oh, and Pat Cippilone and Mark Meadows should go to the gallows.

  71. One thing I don’t understand. On Jan 5th Flynn said he is 10 out of 10 sure Trump will be president for 4 more years. Weeks after the described night in this chapter.

    1. Flynn nor anybody else knew the next day’s pre-planned Capitol riot would occur, which was designed to squelch any further election fraud pursuits & provide the justification & impetus for Potus’ character assassination. Absent the riot, the political atmosphere would’ve been much different. Whether Flynn had an unplayed ace up his sleeve that was, forgive me, “trumped” by the events of Jan 6, we’ll probably never know.

  72. This is heartbreaking! So many of us sat frozen in front of our TVs and phones from November 3rd until January 20th. Hoping and praying for something to give! We watched for every sign of hope! After this meeting was announced on social media we had such high hopes believing that you three teaming together to help the President would make a difference. The following day when Sidney was refused entrance our hearts dropped again. We all knew long before the actual evidence come out that the election had been stolen. It was one more instance where we were expected to believe opposite of what we saw with our own eyes. We kept asking ourselves what was wrong, feeling that things were not adding up with Rudy and Jenna. It was obvious that they were more concerned with other things than with proving the fraud. I still ask myself each day what happened after that night to change President Trump’s mind? I know he wanted to win. I know he knew he won! Why did he listen to people who did not believe in him over the ones who were putting everything on the line to see him take his rightful place? How could this be allowed to go unchecked? January 6th never had to happen. Every single person that voted for President Trump were discounted as though we do not matter. The election was stolen from all of us and it feels as though our Republic was stolen as well. Thank you Patrick for telling your story. I wish it had a happier ending.

    1. The more I think on this it feels like a piece is missing. The man who genuinely stood up for all Americans working tirelessly to expose corruption and put America and Americans first does not match this description. I’m not sure why he’d act like he did not understand, but there must be a reason. President Trump would not ever call for violence and he did not on Jan 6th. It is wrong that the bad decisions of a few that day (many masquerading as supporters) are causing 75,000,000 conservatives to be labeled as domestic terrorists. We do not believe in violence. We love our country, our families, and our fellow citizens. We love our constitution and freedom. I hope one day we are able to understand all of this.

  73. Patrick, like you I love the 9/11 “America’s Mayor” Rudy and believe that like Trump they both have a deep heartfelt love for America, she’s the real prize of this story. Aging isn’t always graceful and clearly you were left with a disenchanted image of a beloved figure.

    I was on the edge of my chair following your story, in and of itself it’s incredible that you could virtually walk into the White House without an appointment and were able to spend hours with POTUS. Sad that Trump could not have surrounded himself with more like minded individuals like you, General Flynn, and Sydney from the onset. Even more disgusting is you confirming Trump was surrounded by backstabbing traitors throughout this shame of an election.

    I hope your story doesn’t end here and we will be allowed another glimpse behind the curtain,.. until then thank you for doing what so many of us wish we had the skillsets to shine a light on the fraud that took place during this election. Is there any hope left?

  74. Thank you so very much, Patrick, for all you have done and for putting this together to explain your perspective on what happened, I’m still so confused…why would the President sign the 2018 executive order imposing sanctions for foreign interference in our elections and then not execute it? What was his reason for signing it?( It almost sounds like he had forgotten about it and had to be reminded?) Why did he restructure special ops and replace the secretary of defense in November, two months before he left office? What became of the rumor(?) or news(?) of the server being seized in Frankfurt, Germany ? What about the SolarWinds raid in Texas? …and on and on…Lastly, why would one so dedicated to this great country as was
    Pres Trump become so quiet and then surrender when he knew he was the only one with the power to prevent the dangerous situation we now find ourselves in?.

  75. So wait a minute.. Trump puts executive order in of 2018 and we are to believe he didn’t understand what his options were? I have followed Trump for so many years and not one part of me believes he had no idea what he could do. Not trying to rag on Patrick but this story makes Trump sound like a moron who doesn’t know anything. Way too many anomaly’s to believe this and even if it is true I think maybe there was already something else going on with Trump and he knew this was not the way to go. The public view of corruption within both parties needed to be ahown. Do your research on Trump…he is a genius.

  76. A classic example of a soft coup. An inside and outside job.

    Purposefully made obvious to deliver the message.

  77. Brilliant reporting Patrick. Thanks for being an eyewitness to history. I cannot describe how crushed I feel at how close you, Mike and Sidney came to pulling the president in the right direction. I could never understand, given the plan you outlined, why Trump hesitated, why didn’t he pull the trigger? What did he have to lose at that point? Well, it’s clear that Rudy and Pat and Mark talked him down. Now what do we have? The world’s oldest, strongest democracy is gone. Our democracy has been stolen by a vile usurper and the nation’s mortal enemies. This is a tragedy and a river of tears.

  78. Thank you Patrick Byrne, General Flynn & Sydney Powell for loving our Country & to you, Patrick Byrne, for sharing this story. We had a true leader in Donald Trump. Now we are rudderless – actually worse than rudderless. How can the CCP, the Deep State, the MSMedia be getting away with this? Is there some way to rectify the “STEAL”?

  79. Such a great read!!

    Not intending to be critical, but a few typos were overlooked:

    * …my be the case.
    * …where people where military uniforms.
    *…and Sidney allowed as how one could use the DHS…
    *…He indicated one of the other lawyers, said, “Did..
    *…Do you think was a fair election?
    *…I cannot work with you if you don

    Hope that helps.

    1. For all grammar police out there, as Patrick said in the first episode, he is publishing his draft version so that people can get it earlier.

  80. Lets be honest, Trump may be a good man but a leader and a ‘street fighter’ he is not, he had all this massive power and let others push him around, bold action was needed and he coward it , thats why they stole the election from him, they knew he was weak and they were right.

  81. Sorry folks but the content was outshone by the almost farcical fiction feel of the whole piece. Come on really , Powell Flynn and Byrne trudging home in the snow. This has to be a fake account. They have just confided in POTUS and he lets them go to walk home in the snow. What a pile of shit

    1. Their chauffered ride was waiting outside for hours, and picked them up after they wandered a bit in their giddy mood. What a pile of Troll YOU are! C’mon Man!

  82. For all the world, it appears as though Trump opted for retiring and playing golf. But I can’t square this with the powerhouse of a man who for weeks flew from city to city, twice a day, to do rallies, who stood for hours regaling the adoring crowds with his courageous message of optimism. Does that man give up at the last moment and slink away?? Out of loyalty to a man who had become a senile alcoholic??

  83. President Trump’s loyalty to Rudy blinded him to the best path forward plus all the snakes that surrounded him were determined to get the transition done. Not only was President Trump let down but so was America and I fear it will never recover from this tragedy.

  84. The greatest President of our time!!! The optimism in me is saying Patrick Byrne and President Trump would never give up… So i will wait for the next chapter…. My money is on you Patrick!!!!!

    1. That’s what I was wondering. Sounds like it was put in place because Obama and crew were planning the Russia hoax.

  85. He was 1000% in and worked like a dog to win re-election.

    Perhaps he did get disheartened at the evil that began to unfold — you could even see in his midnight Election Night speech something like twinges of pain at the realization that he was getting robbed blind and he didn’t have protection coming from either the Party or the Gov.

  86. Thank you Patrick for your courage speaking out on the truth. For many of us who followed the War Room with Bannon- where Mayor Rudy was a regular guest with updates- this is devastating news. I lost faith when he said he was trusting the legislators. Anyway, between Mayor Rudy, The Mediocrity, Pat Cipollone, Mike Pence’s lack of understanding his role & Pres Trumps inner circle- we have given away a generation or more. I pray we have learned enough to turn this around. What do we do moving forward? MIke Flynn- Pres? Sidney VP?? Are there any ideas for paths forward? Thank you again Patrick for your service & incredible courage. We all deeply appreciate you & all you have done.

    1. Trumps biggest miscalculation not being a good student of history for starter antagonize Pope’s minions w/ escalator speech on down & then hiring all of the Catholics for the key jobs they sure know how do the back stabbing! Look at SC & his circle!
      Commie Pope is a very happy PAPA!
      Then who replaced him a Catholic for a second time since Kennedy!
      I don’t think he played chess ever!

  87. We are heartbroken- but the answers make sense. Thank you Patrick for your courage speaking out on the truth. For many of us who followed the War Room with Bannon- where Mayor Rudy was a regular guest with updates- this is devastating news. I lost faith when he said he was trusting the legislators. Anyway, between Mayor Rudy, The Mediocrity, Pat Cipollone, Mike Pence’s lack of understanding his role & Pres Trumps inner circle- we have given away a generation or more. I pray we have learned enough to turn this around. What do we do moving forward? MIke Flynn- Pres? Sidney VP?? Are there any ideas for paths forward? Thank you again Patrick for your service & incredible courage. We all deeply appreciate you & all you have done.

  88. Patrick, I feel your pain and that of Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn. I also heard the sadness or actually confusion in her voice in a later date interview about that meeting. I am an EE by degree and have been in IT for over 30 years, half of it specializing in IT Strategy and sourcing (feel like a lawyer often) but always with an eye to the technical side. Net, I believe that the deep, wide, and comprehensive fraud took place.

    I find anyone who denies the indicators, to either have their head in the sand or culpable. Independently, I listened to the MIT PhD data analysis about the algorithm applied to 3 counties in SE Michigan, dissected the Antrim county results (Touche there) and had friends who were poll challengers downtown Detroit. I watched the hotel hearings/affidavits, especially Michigan’s. Sadly a friend is named 5 times in the $1.5B lawsuit against Sidney Powell just from submitting her affidavit! (Her life turned upside down). I listened to the exposé of Italy gate the day of Georgia’s election, involving Leonardo contractor and Italy’s satellite. Your data in Chapter 2 is very involved. It’s amazing what you brought to light with your team. The evidence is overwhelming in my opinion.

    Frankly, President Trumps response that night in the Oval office, while appearing genuine, just doesn’t match his lack of follow-up, especially not even to one of the 3 of you (Gen Flynn, S. Powell and yourself). It doesn’t match his fighting attitude over the last 4 years. It’s just perplexing!

    Did anyone ask Pres. Trump why it had to be Rudy? And for Rudy to deny receipt of data prior to the evening Dinner (not sure if the President was there or not) is disturbing! — And something the President should have likely been briefed, along with the chaos and drinking. Is it possible he already knew? I am a strategic planner, chief of staff and data driven analytic decision maker and would have crawled out of my skin keeping all that quiet. So kudos for the soft touch, but maybe he should have been apprised of more, since you established a Frank repoire, especially since the President seemed to have given your team his ear that night. Hindsight is one thing, but you all accomplished an amazing feat.

    Thank you for your service!

    As well, do you know why none of his children involved with the exposure of the steal? His youngest Georgetown Law grad.. and I would think he’d want someone he could completely trust on the inside of this effort, a protégé perhaps.

    Overall, it just seems too surreal that this was dropped, and the pieces aren’t adding up. His lack of followup just sounds fishy. His spider-sense was up, and for it to fade is, unlikely in my view. Hmm. Why? Why? A possibility is that this was just maybe one of the shells in a larger shelf game. It’s one component. We only see the steal… but there is so much more at the macro level. Right?

    You for one saw much of that: sting operations, Wall Street/Central bank issues, foreign interference, bribed officials in all branches of government … Now combine that with stories about the Vatican, the World Economic forum, foreign government leaders resigning left and right, country-by-country, power outages, pandemics, questionable Covid statistics, vaccine protests World-wide….. chaos! Perhaps a puzzle piece. I pray for a larger plan!

  89. Well, drats. I will compartmentalize this for now, accept that it may be over, but not give up. Thank you Patrick, Sidney, General Flynn, and all of the Patriots still fighting for America.

  90. You’re writing is riveting- but not convincing. Mainly, the part about President Trump not knowing his options in regards to the EO. Of course he knew.

    Something is off — Trump is too quiet……

  91. Something about this doesn’t sit right with me.

    Even if there were staffers blocking efforts to help the President, & staff lawyers constantly telling the President what he “couldn’t do”…I thought Sidney Powell was known as someone who did NOT take being pushed around!??

    She plainly stated MULTIPLE times how she was NOT letting this fraud stand, she was NOT just letting it go & she could not “un-see” what she knew about how the fraud was perpetrated. She constantly said she was fighting for “the American People”.

    So you mean to say that she just accepted that the plan would not happen? Knowing how the President was becoming aware that he could not trust his advisors, SOMEONE needed to fight when he had no one else.

    Since you 3 found a way in, it shocks me that Sidney gave up knowing what was at stake. I’m sure that Rudy & Trump probably have a history since they’ve known each other for 30 years, but Rudy betrayed Trump. Dont we all remember the main reason we love Trump!?? Because he is NOT A POLITICIAN!!

    So someone on his side needed to do what was necessary to “play politics” and make sure that those that sincerely supported him were onboard to help keep Sidney in place as Special Counsel, even if it meant getting Rudy kicked out. Sidney is able to stop playing nice…why didn’t she!!??

    I don’t like how the tone of this writing seems to blame President Trump & make it sound as if he bailed out. I don’t think that’s anywhere near the truth.

      1. Pray on for which nation? The United States of America; that representative republic under the Constitution that no longer exists, or the new nation, the United States of Dominion?

  92. Wow…that’s an amazing story. I can imagine the 24/7 barrage Trump must have received the moment you guys left the White House.
    Maybe Trump knew Rudy would never go for it. Maybe Trump used Rudy as an excuse. I can’t blame him in some respects. He’s been through a lot, he’s 74. Time for someone else to fight our battles.
    The plan might have had a better chance if Flynn and Powell were directing in the background instead of being in front. I love both of them but they are both way to hot to have as point people.

  93. These people in high places who have given in to the enticements of the devil, who have sold their soul to the for money and power, there is no more hope for them. they have spilled innocent blood. They are all in bed with the god of this world, satan and we will meet their end when Jesus Christ returns. Our eyes are now open and the veil has been removed from our eyes. Where we were once blind, now we see. Our fight continues, we must come together to push back against these dark forces. Put on your armor of God daily. Give Thanks to God for our leaders(freedom fighters) Patrick Byrne, General Flynn, Sydney Powell, and many many others who are speaking up against these evil generation.all faithful leaders of God’s Army..These are the prophets of God in these last days..Looking forward to that day of no more sufferings and pain, No MSM, dems, rinos, antifas, killing of kids, women, the weak and weary, no lies, no deception, no chasing of fake dreams and meaningless lifestyles, . Just living a simple life and enjoy the Earth as we were meant to enjoy. Our fight against evil here on Earth continues.

    1. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE. 1) Pray the rosary daily! Watch the TRUE POWER & PROTECTION of the rosary: 2) Meditate to raise your frequency! 3) Ground yourself in nature and high vibe foods! In addition to being prepared physically, emotionally & mentally—spiritually prepare yourself, as this is a battle of good versus evil. GOD WINS! 😀🙏✝️❤️✨🇺🇸

  94. I’m feeling surprised that Trump had himself surrounded by such disloyal people who he obviously knew kept telling him what he could not do. He’s too brilliant I think not to have questioned that & seen through it at some point. So I’m assuming all the “trust the plan” crap has been just that — a load of crap 💩 bcuz that was all just some Operation Trust thing carried out by bad actors (foreign &/or domestic, potentially even “dark hats” in our own military working with the deep state swamp demonrats) and patriots not just in the USA but worldwide were deceived and there is NOTHING truly happening behind the scenes, no the military isn’t coming to save us & our Republic, that Biden & Deep State Demonrats truly have been allowed to steal this not just the presidential election but my suspicion is the House & Senate races as well, helped by the Mainstream Media who is HALF THE PROBLEM ANYHOW, and all is lost. They 💯 got away with it & most likely we will never win the White House back & possibly not the House or Senate. This is so disturbing and depressing. Trump has been the greatest President in my lifetime, surpassing even Reagan with his pro-American, pro-Christian policies. We have lost bigger than we even realize. These Deep State Globalist Cabal folks have their Agenda 2030 ready to go and that is evil for all humanity. I just feel so badly for President Trump that he was surrounded by vipers and that Rudy has become such a drunken disorganized slob who seems to have been deliberately running the clock out—has he sold out? could that have been guilt over betrayal leading him to drink so much? But mostly I feel bad for our great Republic. Americans on the Left, indoctrinated as they are, and many on the Right who have their heads buried in the sand, have no idea what kind of hell is coming now that the Deep State Globalist Cabal swamp now has total power of all 3 branches—they have needed America to fall bcuz she was standing in the way of their Agenda 2030. But Trump knew all of this — he said so many times at his rallies…that’s why I still had hope he had not truly just walked away, had hope there really was a “plan”, esp based on knowing about all of those EO’s at his disposal, bcuz I couldn’t fathom him knowing what [They] has planned for us & America & all humanity and him leaving us & our Republic at their mercy —which evil has no mercy. God help us all. I just want to cry.

  95. So….. I’m crying! I just want to give my President a hug…. Trump!!!! …. you are my President! Thank you for all you tried to do!….. I pray it isn’t over… but if it is.. He will get no judgment from this patriot. If it isn’t over well you’ve got one angry momma here willing to stand beside you and fight to the very end!!!

  96. Phenomenal – writing and substance. !!

    Slightly different note* When I read something to the effect you said Patrick, my heart breaks when I learn of another mass shooting.’ It resonated with me since people, names in the public news have apparently escaped any accountabilty or significant censure, criminal prosecution like Strok, Clapper, Clinesmith, Hillary Clinton, Big Guy and Hunter Biden just get away with with wrist slaps or nothing at all its not surprsing some people in very hard places irrationally strike out and hurt others. The truth doesn’t appear to matter.

    In NYC, where I live senseless violence on a mass scale is the new normal …. innocent people are thrown into subway trains on a near daily basis, hideous violent home invasions, the knock out game, it seems like elderly people are being punched in the face, knife, killed,people if not getting murdered are getting kicked in the face, shot, ect ect, it is a lawless society with severe consequence for innocent people who have done no harm to anyone. If the Big guy can get away with it, and others pretend its ok we have a mentally incapable president we are in the hands of the enemy- nothing really matters and the end of the country is at hand.

  97. What I just read tells me that our dear, rightful President is loyal to a fault. I sincerely hope that he can learn from this experience and gain a bit of perspective before choosing someone based on a long-standing friendship over what is good for him and the country.

  98. Thank you for writing all this out and trying so hard. You have must utmost respect.
    Please write something about what we can do from here. What can the average citizen do? What could a group do? All of this is too big to just let go. As the above comment asks, “Is there any hope for our country?”
    I’m heartbroken, but these articles have helped me heal somewhat. I saw Sidney’s tweets of not being allowed in and felt so sad. She is truly amazing!
    I’m praying often for all of you.

  99. In light of the Buffet/Byrne connection Byrne’s association with Sidney Powell is curious.

    Buffet, whom Byrne describes as his ‘Rabbi, has benefited billions from the closure of the Keystone Pipeline by Biden.

    So, did Byrne help or hinder Sidney Powell in her defense of Trump?

    1. Dear Mr. Byrne, Unless you can refute it, it does seem at least somewhat likely, from various comments and reports circulating, that Mr. Buffet stands to gain financially or otherwise be pleased with some of Biden’s policies and therefore could be approving of his election success. Wouldn’t that create a credibility conflict because of your positive relationship with him? Please comment as you can, or wish, because I think some “doubters” – which would be nice to undo – have surfaced due to this… Thanks in advance.

  100. So, the only guy President Trump, mister “you’re fired”, was able to fire was poor Jeff Session and even that after he abused the hell out of him for two years, and who wasn’t even a formidable opponent or a guy who really disliked Trump. I must infer from what I’ve witnessed in the last four years and Patrick’s story, basic Aristotelian logic, that President Trump is simply an entrepreneur who didn’t expect the onslaught he received from the day he announced. And when he realized that this will not stop until the day he leaves, that his family and business might be seriously endangered, perhaps, he decided to do his best for the country, but also make sure he doesn’t burry himself and his family in the process. Indeed, his only achievements which were material to the well-being of the country were the tax bill and the wall together with his intermittent immigration policy – the rest of it was entirely irrelevant though well-intended and hard-fought for. This of course, is not to say that the corrupt Washington uniparty did not fight him every step of the way but wasn’t this why democrats voted for the President also, twice – to drain the swamp of both parties, which regrettably made a home in his administration as well. It seems in the end, he couldn’t find within himself the courage he was calling others to display. The President is an intelligent man and he could’ve exposed not only the election fraud, but the entire illegal cabal running this country from the corrupt WallStreet, DOJ, DOD, FBI, CIA, USSC to both houses of congress – all he had to do is declassify every single document referring to any thinkable fraud and illegal activities within our government. But this would’ve meant committing his “wealth, honor and life” to the republic and its preservation – it appears this is too much to ask today for many people, including perhaps you Patrick – I don’t suppose you’re waiting on the $2,000 from Biden or wondering if there will be business to come back to on the other side. Good old Kant knew what he was talking about when he told us that virtue is doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing without expecting to be rewarded, though I suppose as a Millian libertarian you probably assign greater value to pleasures, especially the higher ones, rather than virtue. Be that as it may, there is a silver lining on the horizon for those of you who are discouraged – note that state legislatures are discovering what an immense powers they have been given by the constitution and are learning to exercise them once again for the good of the republic. This is all the result of the President’s perseverance, policies and unrelenting fights with the media and the mediocrities and cowards within his cabinet. Moreover, note the proliferation of public platforms for the spread of uncensored information – the reddit investor’s fight with Wall-street is another example of positive development – now the public understands how corrupt Wall-street has been for years though the 2008 financial collapse is still not correctly and sufficiently explained but with time all will fall into place. I fully expect the collapse of the corrupt education system nest and so much more as people can see now and are demanding change. The best is truly yet to come but we cannot wait for a savior, we must be the ones deciding and outlining our and our children’s future, anything less is so distant from the actions of the free-willed and free-thinking people we presumably are, that we might as well give up. I for one am an eternal optimist and see good in even the most desperate circumstances – try it, it’s exhilarating and wonderful.

    1. You missed the greatest achievement of Trump (assuming he is not coming back, which I doubt,) : total exposure of how deep and wide the ruling class has corrupted the country. This knowledge is going to be the best asset for the next stage of fight.

      1. Agreed, but before this process can begin, we the people must realize first that we are not divided at all (legal Americans that is), it is corrupt politicians and their lackeys – media, corporations, Hollywood, political consultants, federal bureaucracy, etc. – who are trying to divide us so that they can rule us easier.

  101. I feel like a bigger picture is being missed here.

    Is Rudy incompetent, drunk, or was he doing this on purpose to ensure Trump gained no traction?

    And, while I appreciate Trump might be a warm man, he is most certainly a fool or he did nothing (and kept Rudy close to him) to protect himself.

    From what?

    What deal did Trump make to save himself?

    He wouldn’t pardon Assange or Snowden, remember.

    Is it Epstein?

    Is it just simply to get the Senate not to convict him to save his skin?

    You guys gave him the best plan possible and he didn’t move forward with it.

    He is compromised.

    By who?

  102. You can bet your ass it was Bill Barr that derailed everything. He probably said he wouldn’t send federal assets to do what you were talking about.

  103. Patrick,
    Is the post called ‘Breaking Through The Stratosphere – Frankfort’ posted on your Deep Capture website? If not, will you post it there? I haven’t tried to get on Telegram since earlier when it was a having trouble with so many users, plan to try again soon. Meanwhile I can see Telegram posts but I cannot open any attachments etc, therefore, I’ve been reading the Election Chapters on Deep Capture, which is a very cool, interesting website, great reading on a variety of subjects. Articles are very informative.
    BTW…I knew it wasn’t Jenna, I guessed PB, but to be clear, I did not mean Patrick Byrne, enough said🤗

  104. Patrick the Patriot, many blessing to you for investing time and money for our beautiful USA. For many the reelection of DJT was a matter of personal and financial survival. DJT is a good man as you are as well. I’m in despair, our country has lost its freedoms in 11 days of biden regime. May God bless you, Atty Powell, Gen Flynn, Mr. Lindell and thousands of others with health and love for your commitment to uncovering this stolen election.

  105. This is heartbreaking. I felt sick when I saw the video in the previous chapter that showed the source/target IPs and MACs but this is incomprehensible. With that type of evidence it should have been a no-brainer. But to have the amount of people fighting against President Trump every step of the way is beyond a crime. Didn’t they realize what was at stake?

    Thank you for all you have done and sacrificed.

    Patrick, did President Trump ever see this evidence?

  106. Patrick, I basically already knew the gist of this chapter due to following you on Twitter, reading the news articles to which you linked, and watching or listening to all of your interviews. However, you added to my knowledge by providing a full account of events, and I appreciate your level of attention to detail. It was interesting to read step by step how you all actually made it into the White House without an appointment. It warmed my heart to read about the bonding moments you had with President Trump, and I know that you will carry those special moments with you!

    You wrote, “there was a faint little star of my own,” but you are actually a BIG BRIGHT star to me as I’m sure you are to others! I want to thank you again for taking the time to write all of this as well as everything you did to help and tried to do! Even though I’ve written it plenty of times before, you deserve all of the praise you receive and more! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers for your health, safety, and happiness! 🙏🙏🙏

    For the people commenting about the date discrepancy between December 18 or 23: I remember seeing Patrick tell Ann Vandersteel on Steel Truth that it was the Friday before Christmas. That IS December 18.

  107. Clearly, Trump has been a breath of fresh air and great president in many ways compared to the alternatives being presented. And he is a thousand times better than what the radical left is offering.

    However, I think we need a little context and perspective since some people seem to worship him as a noble patriot, rather than a capitalist who is simply trying to preserve his own gold-plated and excessive life-style. .

    After promising to drain the swamp, Trump surrounded himself with swamp creatures and the banksters that are looting this country.

    It was during Trumps watch that the scamdemic began and he continues to promote and justify it up to today.

    We are all in bondage wearing face diapers largely because he allowed the weaponization of medicine with an agenda and did not have the balls to get rid of Fauci and bring in the true experts.

    It is Trump that has authorized and promoted the test vaccine that is killing and debilitating many people and is very dangerous. It is Trump that fast tracked the rapidly emerging 5-G without any public debate or scientific scrutiny and it is Trump that recently pardoned the 4 Black Water mercenary murderers.

    By their fruits ye shall know them.

  108. The very first persons to be put into the camps I pray are the traitors that committed murder. The murder of a nation. God save us. Egos, money, power, etc… The great and real legacy of a failed nation that was created by God to reach the world for Him. There is no government of man that isn’t corrupt and enslaving. Praying that Christ returns soon and we are able to live under the loving rule of our King. God Bless Trump for trying.

  109. I keep oscillating between what may or may not be the “truth”. It appears to be intentional exposure for the masses of the corruption; to make them angry; to “see” the truth instead of living in our own deluded world. L.Linn drops things out there for us to look into; to “see” what we are so blind to. He exposed the website that Isaac Kappy had with all the proof of the Epstein blackmail. Kappy had a “kill swith” i.e. the password to that site was left with someone he trusted in case he was killed (which he was). Linn was contacted by that anonymous person with the site and the password. He took a picture of that note and posted it on Telegram. I did not look b/c I can’t “unsee” things that are probably true. The Great aWAKE-aning is what is happening. That’s why you are hearing lots of “buckle-up”; believe in God and pray. I think it’s going to be the fall of our empire. It just can’t go on like it has. I always tell my child, “it’s hard enough to know your own truth, never mind the truthes of others”. I am (have been) preparing for the worst (to survive) and hoping and praying for the best. The House of Cards is beginning to fall. We have no good leaders. Trump was a gift. I hope he didn’t let us down. Patrick, you know how psyops work….that’s the part that is confusing people….and meant to. Pray. This IS Good vs. Evil. Pick a lane.

  110. I want desperately for someone to tell me this is not over, that there is more to come, and it will turn out well. Is that too much to ask?

    1. I think you just pretty much summed up precisely what 75+ million Patriots are feeling right in this moment in time. We are stunned and feel so hopeless. The only thing we’ve had to hold on to is the possibility that there may be a Trump Card out there waiting to be played.

      So far, this story pretty much destroys the theory of the Trump Card. But, who knows. I do think this has challenged many of us to
      rely on our prayer life and faith. Sometimes it takes experiencing complete powerlessness to turn to our Creator.

      I know I am feeling completely powerless regarding the state of our nation and the future our kids and grandkids may face. I wonder if maybe this sense of powerlessness is an essential element to whatever the Lord has planned.

      I have to believe that there is a plan of hope still out there, even if it may or may not involve DJT specifically. I just need to continue to remind myself: All will be revealed on His schedule not mine.

    2. No. The more to come is that a great number of American is awaken, and it will come out well if everyone awake will do something to change the culture, stand for constitution and fight against the evil players.

  111. Thanks for the chapter update and all your efforts in earnest on behalf of all the honest, upstanding, hard working Americans that believe in the very core of the this constitutional republic. WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY OR SURRENDERING TO LIVE UNDER COMMUNISM. EVER. NOR WILL WE ACCEPT TOTALITARIAN, CCP-STYLE BULLSHIT TO TAKE OVER OUR NATION. EVER.

    Your efforts, along with General Flynn, Sidney and ‘Alyssa’, to right this ship of the self-serving, incompetent Beltway narcissists, criminals, communists, sociopaths and satanic psychopaths that inhabit the institution know as The Capitol is in itself a ‘Hero’s Journey.’

    I ask you and your readers to consider one, slightly overlooked simple fact: A cold day on January 20, 2017 then President-elect DJT placed his hand on a bible and said the following:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Do you really believe that Trump walked away, after receiving intelligence briefs about the hostile, cyber-warfare waged on our nation by enemies foreign and domestic, and let 2020 election interference all happen in one big, out-of-control DC dumpster fire without any recourse? On January 20, 2020 Trump just tells Dan Scavino to load his golf clubs into Marine 1 and prepare to head down to Florida for a 10:30 a.m. tee time? Buh bye swamp. Really?


    PDJT took and oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not surrender to DC hacks, nut-jobs and criminals to mention the least. Free and fair elections are what hold our Constitution together, not as some line-item to be cast off by annoyed tyrants.

    Simply put, PDJT would be committing HIGH TREASON by allowing the psychopathic enemies foreign and domestic to attempt and/or enact a coup. PDJT ain’t no traitor and damn sure didn’t commit no treason.

    Question: What’s a TrumpCard?

  112. Pat, good creative writing must be grounded in truth from a storytelling structure standpoint. Your character development skills need some upping as this lot is two dimensional and cartoon-like.

    You really believe Trump folded his tent and shipped off to Florida with his tail between his legs? And all those strategic EOs signed to give him leverage over the swamp were just photo ops, right? To quote a senile, corrupt, immoral criminal who very likely is a pedophile: C’mon man.

    The United States of America now:

    Legislative Branch: corrupted and captured
    Judicial Branch: corrupted and captured
    Executive Branch: corrupted and captured
    Armed Services (MIC pawns): corrupted and captured
    Fourth Estate (Administrative State, SES, etc.): corrupted and captured
    Media: corrupted and captured
    Wall Street: corrupted and captured
    Voting and Electoral System: corrupted and captured

    Active Military and Veterans who will faithfully serve The Oath: UNCAPTURED

    Largest armed civilian population on planet who will defend against all enemies foreign and domestic to protect God given freedom and liberty: UNCAPTURED

    CUI BONO or For whose benefit?


    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.


    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.


    Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

    or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so;

    or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof —

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

    1. We The People:Thank you for your service and sacrifice! We are so grateful for your words of hope and light in these days of darkness. Save the Children! May God Bless and Protect you & your family, Protect & Guide our Great President and his family, Protect our loved soldiers, Protect & Awaken our civilians and restore our Beloved Republic!! IN GOD WE TRUST!! 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  113. Why didn’t Trump took a paper and wrote his order on it,
    Sidney Powell is the special council of the White House?

    But he didn’t.

  114. The fundamental observation that I take away from this well-written “war correspondent’s report” by Patrick is this: Donald Trump has exceptional leadership qualities and ability to inspire the citizens of this great nation, but he could not bring himself to be ruthless on behalf of the nation when it counted most. He allowed some of his long-term friendships to blind him to the character flaws and self-serving agendas of those who claimed to be helping him but were in reality betraying both him and the nation. This is a tragic turning point in the nation’s history, one from which I fear we may never recover.

    1. Agree with all your comment above, Condor335 (except the last line).

      We WILL recover…(don’t know how exactly though 🙁


  115. Thank you Patrick. You’re a smart man. You know it’s not over. But you did your part, and that was important. Everyone needs to to their part. You can be proud that you did yours, and I’m sure it’s not over for you either. Your name will go down in history, along with those of other Patriots.

    I have a disability, so my part is to pray for POTUS and the Patriots to be successful in this second American Revolution. May God help us to take back our Republic. I also try to red pill those who are still sleeping, and explain what happened to those who are just waking up. God bless you and keep you.

  116. Can the military take action with all the proof involving so many foreign countries overthrowing our election?
    How about Italygate proof?


  117. Patrick: What are the 10 most important questions about this election that Trump needs to answer? This chapter provides me with 2 such questions: First, why was Trump insistent that Rudy must continue to lead the legal fight after declaring Sidney his Special Counsel? Second, after declaring Sidney his Special Counsel that night, why did he allow Meadows/others to block her from working?

  118. I’m so sad for President Trump. I can’t believe the deception he endured. I really agree with his quote to Pat and his so-called WH team of Lawyers; “Can you imagine what I could have gotten done over the last 4 years?” How tragic for President Trump and our Nation. My ancestors who fought for Independence in the American Revolution have got to be turned in their graves! This is not what our government should be. The Treasonous acts of all involved in cheating our Nation should all be arrested and the executed for their actions. I have not given up hope that President Trump is still our President. The rise of the righteous will prevail over evil. Patience and prayer are the key. God bless President Trump, General Flynn, Sydney Powell, and you , Patrick for sharing your information. P. S. Did you get a copy of President Trump’s grandmother’s Swedish meatballs recipe???

  119. Thanks for the truth and hard work! I almost cried. The only thing that has made sense to me is: this is the way it was supposed to go. I know it sounds quaint. Praying that enough of us are awake and stay awake to make a difference in what is to come. Praying for all the good guys. Stay in the fight. Eph 6:10-18 Grace and peace!

  120. The fundamental observation I take away from this well-written “war correspondent’s report” by Patrick is this:
    Donald Trump has exceptional leadership qualities and ability to inspire the citizens of this great nation, but he has a basic flaw that defeated him in this critical period. He could not bring himself to be ruthless on behalf of the nation when it counted most. He allowed some long-term friendships to blind him to the character flaws and self-serving agendas of those who claimed to be helping him but were in reality betraying both him and the nation. He missed his “Churchill moment”, and I fear this may be a turning point in the nation’s path from which we may never recover.