Kibbe & Byrne Free the People

The Cone of Silence is nearly absolute these days. Journalists who have spoken to me for years, and who have been haranguing me to give them the rest of the story when I am ready to come forward, have (now that they understand it) crawled under their covers in fear of handling it. They have confirmed numerous parts of it, spoken to others involved… and still refuse to run it out of fear of angering the Powers That Be (or those that are soon to be). When the whole story is out and confirmed, I look forward to writing a piece naming them and shaming their weepiness.

Matt Kibbe does not fall into that category. He is pro-freedom, liberal, and knows that the correct way for a citizen to look at a politician, any politician, is down. He had me on for 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago. No cigars and whiskey this time, just a slow, methodical telling of my story.

  1. Matt Kibbe is a good standup guy, and a solid libertarian. Glad he had you on, and feel like this interview was the best.

  2. Do you think people maybe don’t have you on anymore because you aren’t important and continually made an ass of yourself? I’m sure some anti mask or qanon podcast would have you on in a heartbeat.

  3. money money money- it is all about the money.

    it is corp America and the gov- has nothing to do with ability.
    it is not about what you know. it is about connections.
    it is about ass kissing and who you suck-f—and blow.
    whats’s new?
    glad you are okay-dump this shit from your mind.

  4. Dear Mr Bryne.
    Im glad I found your page. I can’t tell you the glee and smiles I had when you told the FBI debriefers your fake rape story. LOL. They are usually the ones holding the cards, the information, and it is the target of the interrogation that is in the dark and off balance.
    It delighted me to see you turn the tables on the Feds using their own methods!! I’m actually chuckling now. Good on ya homie.

  5. Trump was ineffective. He ran the government like a tv show and the swamp aka pelosi did everything she could to twart him whether it hurt the country or the people she swore to represent. Now the swamp is back with one of the oldest and hungriest gators of all. But Trump did expose them for what we knew they were and exposed them big time along with a media as ready as a cat in its litter box to cover up for them. Now that we know what criminals they are, instead of running around destroying good peoples property like the zombies they are, we must attack with precision. We must identify the targets and neutralize them. That means not just diabolical politicians , but the media darlings , the zuckerbergs and Twitter tits that violate free speech. Get ready for a WAR.

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