Sunrise Movement’s Goon-Cong Playbooks Exposed

Saturday night’s post (“WATCH: Feds Conspiring to Launch Violent Coup Blocking Election“) has drawn a great deal of attention. Careful scrutiny of the two videos in it provided links for further exploration and investigation. DeepCapture has pursued just such further exploration, and is growing increasingly suspicious that the “Sunrise Movement” stands behind a fair bit of the disruption that is going on around us. While it bills itself as, “a political action organization that advocates political action on climate change,” its internal documents (provided below) reveal that it has little to do with climate, and a lot to do with political action of the goon-ist variety with which this nation has become familiar over the last six months.

Sunrise training manuals and playbooks have previously been available only to its leadership cadre (of what we believe is < 200 people). DeepCapture has obtained these documents and has posted them to a mirrored site, so that we might make them available to the general public here (so that you can click and read them without revealing your IP to the Goons of Sunrise):

SUNRISE MOVEMENTS INTERNAL DOCUMENTS418.06 MB folder on MEGA195 files and 20 subfolders

I wish to commend the Goons of Sunrise on the thoroughness, organization, and professionalism of their doctrinal documents, and strongly suggest the reader examine them. Be sure to open the “Political Strategy” folder: among its style guides are chants such as are listed below (which give clear expression to the organization’s true aims). There are folders filled with excellent materials regarding the management of a Clandestine Cell Organization (dubbed “Hubs”) worthy of Uncle Ho, a Digital Asset Library worthy of a Fortune 1000 marketing department, and transcripts to guide persuasive telephone calls worthy of a Wall Street boiler shop. There is guidance for speaking to students in high schools (NB: schools are inviting these goons to address and recruit among their student bodies), guidance regarding language that students will find “inviting”, and guidance regarding language to to avoid (lest the movement’s true aims be revealed).

The excellence of their materials raises a question for me. The last time I was around “activists” they had trouble sending FedEx packages successfully, and organizing motel rooms for a meet-up of six people was, for them, like planning the D-Day invasion. This “grassroots movement” is as slick and well-produced as a large McKinsey engagement. Odd, that.

In any case, what do they stand for? Let them tell you in their own words, from an internal discussion of approved chants:



  • what do we want ✊✊ communism ✊✊ when do we want it ✊✊ yesterday
  • for breonna taylor ✊✊ abolish the police
  • black lives matter, brown lives matter, blue’s a job that shit don’t matter
  • Disarm! Defund! Abolish the police!
  • la migra la policía la misma porquería
  • abolish police gets these cops off our streets
  • back up, back up, we want freedom, freedom, all these racist-ass cops, we don’t need em, need em
  • no cops no KKK no fascist USA
  • I don’t see no riot here ✊✊ Why are you in riot gear?
  • NYPD: only serves the bourgeoisie!
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Fuck 12
  • Colonization built this nation, burn down the fuckin’ plantations
  • small reforms are no solution/abolition, revolution
  • don’t be bitter, don’t get beat/get off twitter, hit the street
  • don’t be scared, don’t be wary/fellow revolutionary
  • police reform is overblown/the system must be overthrown
  • We’re queer, We’re pissed/Cause trumps a white supremacist 
  • We’re queer, We’re here/To make policing disappear 
  • We’re bottoms, we’re tops/We’re here to defund cops 
  • From NYC to PDX/Keep the [cops/pigs/feds] off our necks
  • we’re not playing nice/abolish cops, abolish ICE!
  • N-Y-C to feds: fuck off!
  • N-Y-C to cops: fuck off!
  • N-Y-C to Trump: fuck off!
  • abolish police get these cops off the street
  • 1 breonna taylor 2 a little bit louder 3 we want justice for her 5678
  • it is our duty to fight for a freedom, it is our duty to win
  • NYPD: only serves the bourgeoisie 
  • Take it to the streets and fuck the police, no justice, no peace
  • (to yell at cops:) go back to staten island! Go back to staten island!
  • who’s streets: our streets/who’s cops: Wall Street’s cops
  • No KKK no killer cops


chants should be generative not reactive. ”like what do we want, communism. when do we want it, yesterday”

i also think “how do you spell racist/nypd” is played out. 

same with “no justice/no peace” and “what do we want? justice” 

and franky “black lives MA-tter” with the really whiny neener neener neener emphasis on the “A” in “matter”

 …we need to retire these. there’s so much more out there.  no movement for Black lives should ever have gotten this corny.


When recruiting in schools, however, a different tone is to be struck:


Inviting: We don’t use jargon, complex words average people don’t know, or unnecessary prose. We emphasize that this movement is for anyone who cares about our home, health, and futures. 

  • Don’t use #resistance jargon, eg: ‘45’ (referring to President #45, aka Donald Trump)
  • Don’t use hyperboles or exaggerated language that makes us seem like a liberal caricature, eg: don’t call Trump a buffoon, be sparing when talking about corruption
  • Don’t use too much activist language: avoid words like ‘direct action,’  NVDA, CD, over-use of ‘fight/fighting’, etc. Also avoid militant language like referring to Sunrise as an “army.” When you’re tempted to use those words, try taking them out by getting more specific, eg.
    • Don’t: Tomorrow we’re taking direct action to demand our leaders join the fight to stop the climate crisis.
    • Do: Tomorrow we’re occupying the offices of our members of Congress to demand they pledge to support the Green New Deal.


The astute reader will note that of the 33 approved chants, precisely 0 have something to do with climate. Yet in the guidance on recruiting in schools in an “inviting” way, one sees the Goons’ softer side: “We emphasize that this movement is for anyone who cares about our home, health, and futures.” Which they do by getting politicians to “pledge to support the Green Deal.”

Well isn’t that special.

  1. When you say Saturday’s post has gotten a great deal of attention are you referring to the four retweets and two comments it got? Or is it getting attention somewhere else?

    Today you’re tweeting about voter suppression because one guy wasn’t allowed in as a poll watcher. Are you at all interested in the numerous acts of suppression that occur in regards to closing polling places, slowing down the delivery of mail in ballots, challenging the legitimacy of absentee ballots, or the Republican lawsuit to throw out well over 100,000 ballots in a single county in Texas?

        1. Hit a nerve, did I?

          Nope. Are use this site to lay out the truth of things in the world. Believe what you wanna believe.

  2. what if…
    hacker please hack the states voter registration so you have all the info-
    then you can use that info to fill mail in ballots of people who did not and know the number needed to win…

    can a database be setup listing all gov employees and where they came from and the money that put them in those locations? could money send people to live all over the usa and then put them in office for the agenda they want.

  3. This is a reply to Mindless,
    In some cases hacking of voter registration databases wasn’t even required. Pennsylvania gave organizations like RockTheVote direct access to their SURE database. Here’s an announcement from RockTheVote.

    Now what they are finding in PA is that the SURE database is being purged. Comparison of an election day copy to a copy last week, shows registrations now missing. Here’s an example:

    Jane January Jones
    Jane February Jones
    Jane March Jones
    Jane December Jones

    They were entering fake voters and just changing middle names. We saw the same thing uncovered in Harris County TX a few years ago. Here’s a link to one of the best documented cases of election fraud that I’ve seen.

    A citizen spent her own money to copy a sample of absentee ballots and then went through them one by one with friends. They identified at least 3 different sets of handwriting, ballots with just 1 or 2 Democrats selected and no down ballot selections.

    The reason this stuff is so hard to find is that the ballots are usually sealed for 20 months then destroyed. Unless there is a court order, you have to wait almost 2 years for the public to get a look at the ballots and by that time nobody cares.

    In Arizona they have a special program where people who can’t prove their citizenship are allowed to vote for federal candidates but not local. So an illegal alien can vote for president but not the mayor. There are 38,000 people setup under that program.

  4. I am so happy that there are people like you left in this country that are strong enough, intelligent enough, and powerful enough to stand up for the less fortunate that still have and believe in great values of this great country but feel helpless to fight back for them! Thank you Mr Byrne for all you have done, and continue to do!

  5. Wow… I have lived in AZ since 1983. Didn’t know that illegals were allowed to vote in federal elections and not local. 38,000 of them. System is broken.

  6. Stinking Commies. Millie Weaver has done several reports of these scumbags, These people are all up in the Teacher Unions, and schools influencing your children to do their bidding, turning them into Their Useful Idiots. And yes that moron AOC is all up in this, everyone of them need to be burned out of their home, “it’s just property and can be replaced” then tarred and feathered and HUNG. Communism is stage four cancer to a civilized society and has NO place in it at all.

  7. Thanks for all the brilliant work minus all the southern jabs. If south hadn’t been so proud and acted more ruthless at beginning….who knows? If you surprised by Wood buying plantation, then you would probably be really surprised that I know blacks that still work on the same plantations(y’all left a couple) that their fathers did 150years ago. And are happy.

  8. We all know slavery was wrong and I agree. But, since Byrne brought up the south recently in his feud with lin I thought I would share my thoughts. 1st-I am not sure which is worse: The oppression and slavery of blacks or Byrne’s oppression of the south 150 yrs later. 2nd-Why does north leave out that south’s slavery saved blacks from death(Africa) in most cases. 3rd-north forgets to tell everyone when they say’30 mile march to the sea’that in fact the march was 70miles wide. 4th-nearly all homes were burned by north from Virginia southward(they left a few beginning in SC)just drive down the coast and anyone can see this. 5th-Some blacks fought for south in civil war and I know blacks(they don’t like north lies no more than me)that still work on the same plantations(as you label them)from 150yrs ago. I am from south and am glad North(i am glad it ended slavery) won, love blacks, believe in truth. Truth is north refused to allow blacks or southerners to leave the Union and north continues to lie 150yrs later to cover that FACT up.

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