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Orwell's Name for Fake News

The story thus far:

Abha Bhattarai of the WashingtonPost wrote an article on me. Read it and my deconstruction thereof here: Come See the Sausage Being Made .

Abha then asked for more comment. Being new to Twitter, I just learned about its polling feature. I put up the links so the public could read Abha’s piece and my deconstruction, then ran a binding poll, asking the public should I talk to the public through Abha, based on reading her work and my response. 69% of a good-sized (n=301) poll of the public voted that I should skip “Washington Post agitprop” and instead find an “honest and deserving journalist” with whom to work.

Public Vote on WashPost vs. DeepCapture

On Abha’s Twitter feed I publicly asked her if she would care to comment. Her response? Abha Battarai of the Washington Post ( where “Democracy Dies in Darkness” ) is now hiding this information from her followers on Twitter. How odd.

  1. Censorship is rampant on twitter,so keep in mind that some of the censorship is shadow banning by the overlords who work at twitter rather than the individual who has an account there.

    It seems the most offensive thing to the twitter overlords is not threats,cursing or graphic images but rather posting opinions or facts that they disagree with or go against their brainwashed DNC narrative.

    I would suggest twitter just come clean and post a statement like this on their homepage to clear up any confusion:

    “Here at twitter,you are not welcome here if you hold libertarian,independent or conservative views and post opinions or facts that we disagree with or make us feel uncomfortable,especially if you believe that truth is more important than any corrupt political party.”

    That should clear things up. lol

  2. …….and instead find an “honest and deserving journalist”
    funny… mean a person that could be considered truthful reporting without a agenda or making a name for themselves?

    your odds are better in a casino. IMO

        1. The Intercept has a history of screwing over sources/whistleblowers. Don’t get me wrong, Greenwald has done some great and important work, but my first statement cannot be overlooked.

          1. There were some issues with Reality Winters but I know of no others. They also support the legal defense fund for her. They made a mistake and owned up to it. They have made other mistakes and have ALWAYS owned up to them. I have never seen any other news org that has practiced ethical journalistic procedures as strictly as TI has. WaPo, NYT and most of the other news org have outed sources either on purpose or by mistake. At least TI owned up to it..

  3. You didn’t ask her publicly on her Twitter feed though. You put up a poll on your own feed, some other random person replied to her. She’s not necessarily reading every reply on ever tweet, and has no reason to reply to two random people who aren’t verified by Twitter.

    1. Yes, Your Friend, I agree with you.
      (although like Patrick, I am not fluent on Twitter – in fact, I am not even on the platform).

      Would you please clarify on this post – I read it a few times to try to understand how Abha is “hiding the poll from her followers” but not able to see that. Am a big fan of yours – indeed a lot of my learning and understanding of hedge-fund/financial markets came from your initial Deep Capture site a decade ago.

      I am stunned at the most recent news, just happened to stumble onto your site again, with respect to Maria Butina, et al.

      All the best, and do let us know a little more on Abha’s Twitter feed… I have a lot views on media/journalism/truth/fake news/et al – and it does seem difficult for the Truth to really get through.
      Take care,

      1. Patrick is also not very Twitter fluent, unfortunately.
        The fact is that this was not a normal or appropriate way to communicate with a journalist, so it shouldn’t expect a response.

        It is irresponsible to complain about journalism in a manner like this. The article was overwhelmingly accurate and fair, but Patrick chose to nit-pick and whine when he didn’t get a response in a manner he felt he was entitled to.

          1. I’m trying to help Patrick understand that he is not using Twitter in a manner that is constructive.

        1. I would have to disagree with you on your response, Your Friend.
          I don’t think Patrick is nitpicking, journalism cannot be exempt from reporting the details accurately.
          If Person A says x, and Person B reports that as Y, then clearly there is a misunderstanding. Whether it is deliberate or not is a separate issue, because true communication is hard, especially when time is in short supply to get into the heart of the matter.
          The question on this post is whether is Abha is an honest, sincere journalist or just going along with the flow of whatever is most convenient in her busy life.
          And that is a broader question regarding media the world over….
          Take care and best wishes to all,

          1. That’s a reasonable question. Another reasonable question would be, “is this an appropriate and constructive way to interact with a journalist?” I am having a hard time feeling too much sympathy for Patrick when he has been on multiple TV shows, has been granted multiple interviews, and claims he has tons of others in the works. It is not like he is not being given ample space to get his message across. Unfortunately so far his message is that there is a “deep state” meddling in the government, and he has proof, but won’t share it.

    1. You should watch the TV show Dirty Money. One episode is about big Pharma but the have 4 or 5 of the biggest and best short sellers on there. They speak openly about what they do and how the do it. These are not NSSers, these people play by the rules..

  4. Looking at the site stats, shows everybody who visited the website is from the United States plus 2 Canadians. That has never happened before, and all the views go to the shutdown homepage. They blocked the actual archived link I posted. I comment spammed it all over the internet — stocktwits, ihub, here, facebook, everywhere. We live in a full fledged Matrix and we have absolutely no recourse anymore. It’s over, we lost.

    It’s funny, last night I went for a walk, took this backway and got lost in a sheep farm. Seriously I’m not makin this up….Couldn’t get out for awhile because it was dark and covered in electric fencing; forgot my way — then this happens the next day. Weird coincidence, probably nothin to it….(I’m not making that up by the way)

    I give up

  5. This is a bit off topic. My apologies, but I bet you’ve never seen counterfeit shares on the level that currently exist with stock symbol AIM (formerly symbol HEB)

    400% of the entire O/S traded days ago…on news that the DoD has awarded a Breakthrough cancer research award to Roswell park to study AIM’s drug Ampligent. Yet the stock ended barely up on the day, after having skyrocketd early in the day. This is a never ending process.

    Every single time a PR triggers huge buying…..someone sells to counter it. This has been occurring since at least feb 2 2015, when Hemispherx (now AIM Immuno Tech) issued a PR stating that their wonder drug Ampligen was found to have a 100% success rate in curing Ebola stricken mice. The testing was done by the Army.

    They have a wonder drug that someone is desperate to stop at any cost, it seems. In 2016, their other drug was derailed just prior to manufacturing, when a convenient flood occurred in their facility. And yes, the FDA is also involved as well, strangely rejecting their drug for CFS. Sounds like dendreon again.

    Oh, and…whomever compiles the biweekly short list is apparently on the take as well, as it has almost always claimed that less than 1% of AIM shares are short (they recently rose to 5%).

    Yet another site, the Daily Reg sho list, says that about 50% of every day’s trades are short.

    I strongly suspect that criminals have been attacking the stock since at least 2009, given the message board acitvity and the difficulty the company has had moving forward, which should be easy given the success of the drug in trials.

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