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It is somewhat of a seller’s market at the moment: journalists are banging at my door (figuratively), documentary makers wish to speak with me, well-known authors in the midst of books are writing, etc. I am laying low abroad until arrests are made. If that means, “never,” then that means “never,” for I cannot set foot in the USA until I am confident the Deep State is getting rolled up. But in the meantime, I really do intend to lay low, not reveal any more than I have, and wait for “the wheels of the Gods to grind slow but grind small” (and preferably, not “slow” for much longer).

Given that I am providing extremely limited access to journalists, I want to find and communicate with only those journos who are in a search for the truth, and ignore those journalists and publications who are engaged in agitprop.

Abha Battarai (@abhabattarai ) of #WashingtonPost (where “Democracy Dies in Darkness”) wrote about me last week. You can read her online piece and my deconstruction thereof here: “Come Watch the Sausage Being Made.”

Abha has asked for addition comment from me. I would like you, the public, to decided for me how I should respond, with your vote. To do so, please read the essay (again, “Come Watch the Sausage Being Made“) while asking yourself, “Does this seem like an honest journalist to whom Byrne should communicate further, or does it seem like she and the Washington Post have an agitprop agenda? I will consider your vote binding (unlike the UK’s Remainers, who demand a Mulligan).

I am a Twitter-newby, but found this great use for it. Please vote in this poll:

  1. You need to spend less time commenting here and more time learning about Block Chain. If you REALLY believe in the ideals that PB is talking about then you will learn the way we are going too beat the “Deep State” which is controlled buy the “Money Coiners”. They own all the systems, public information, money, land rights, voting system, ect… We will never get enough people to have an overthrow and I don’t personally want that kind of disruption in my families’ life. But we can beat them with technology. We can take away their ability to cheat or hide the graft. Block Chain and Hash Graph are major steps in this direction and Patrick saw this years ago. Get on the Bus and start educating your self on our new weapons of mass transparency…

    Here you are only preaching to the choir

    1. No reason to shill an extremely centralized project such as HG.
      Decentralized, censorship-resistant blockchains reflect the direction needed to go. Bitcoin & Ravencoin

  2. Patrick,

    The dynamic you are trying to harness has been evolving since humanity’s first tribes. What you are trying is nothing new to it. It has hundred’s of thousands of years more experience than you. It leads you to waste your time, to do that which is least productive. There is another way.

    There are those inside Plato’s cave, and there are those who have escaped the cave.

    It is the love and care of those outside that cause them to go in and and try rescue their friends, even though their friends try to kill them. Multiply your efforts by empowering those outside the cave to do this for their friends, rather than trying to rescue the cave dwellers all on your own.

    I think this is what the alternative media is about. Empower us by continuing to teach us what you know. Understanding and wisdom, more so than facts.

    “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”



      1. Please give me a day or two to think about it and make suggestions. Thank you for all you are doing.

    1. HTH = heart to heart? I must know!

      I am not on twitter but you saw my vote.

      This blog should definitely be preserved or put into print form AS IS. Your approach and experiences with reality (bumping up to big powers) and what you find interesting about it are what many find interesting. It would also empower and teach just like George Orwell does. Orwell’s publication dates are so important.

      One Love

  3. I never saw the Sunday paper copy, so am going by a comment in the previous blogpost that it was unchanged although I really can’t keep straight what she wrote and your comments. I vote no –go to the truth movement folks . Give them some space to store their stuff on blockchain too, if you can. e mail if you want my faves.

    As to the other question, I think she was straight quoting you.

    Can’t wait for my overstock sofa to arrive this week!

    Finally and again unrelatedly,

    I hope you will all remember Ghandi’s birthday Wed. Oct 2nd in some way.

    One Love,

  4. Patrick,

    save your energy, they did what they did and will not change their tune..
    I am looking forward to see Denzel Washington play your story. Now that would be vindication indeed, though we need to see indictments along with NSS cash settlements and fines long over due.

    All the best wherever you are

  5. Patrick,I think Ben Swann would be a great choice to do an interview with and maybe even team up with him for other unrelated social media work in the future.IMO,Ben is one of the best journalists out there.

  6. Patrick,
    As you contemplate your options, please take a moment to read Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal’s piece from earlier this year in two parts.

    My company has been developing a decentralized veracity protocol for the last two years and can speak directly, and candidly, to the points made here.

    This piece is in-depth on the overall challenges we face with media and information. More so, than the headline suggests.

  7. i watched that disgusting snippet on YouTube a few days ago and now you post the vile reference. Not sure if this video is coming back to main stream or some other strange coincidence. I’m sure there are plenty of tracking sites that already know the reason. Welcome to the future.

  8. Patrick,

    You are always welcome here at the Kibbutz. Unlimited (relatively) supply of excellent wine awaits. Let me know when you can come for a visit! And we can hop down to Sharm for some great diving.

    Peace and friendship,

  9. Patrick

    Sorry, I don’t do social media. I think you should ignore the American Pravda collective and only give interviews to neutral or conservative outlets which would report you fairly. The Epoch Times is my current favorite – first time in years I’ve paid for a subscription to a ‘full service’ newspaper (I like their Arts section and China coverage).

    Why not take time now, before indictments are unsealed causing Antifa riots, to start jotting down memories for your autobiography? If your mother is alive, pick her brain because mothers never forget the funny or naughty things their kids did. Even if you don’t write the book later, your designated “Boswell” will need that information.

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