What’s Crazier: The SEC or the Truth About James Foley’s Death?

News from the grassroots of Wall Street has been reaching me. An old friend from Staten Island, who seems to be wired into most scuttlebutt on Wall Street, tells me that a broker or two is telling OSTK shorts that they need not worry about the upcoming dividend because the SEC is going to step in and save their bacon. Every component of what Overstock is doing has already passed the SEC sniff test (I worked at Overstock once, have left the firm and have no relationship with it now, but those are the hoops through which I carefully jumped these last couple of years).

Overstock has over its lifetime issued ≈ 37 million shares of OSTK, it is generating ≈ 3.7 million blockchain-based tokens to trade on tZERO, and issuing them on a 1 for 10 basis. That arithmetic works for most of us. I am pretty sure I  could teach my dog to follow it. But some on Wall Street object that this is manipulative. Really, they do. That’s what they say.

So this is going to give us a chance to find out whether Wall Street players are still above the law if they “have juice”  (as was once said within the SEC about Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, when an investigator named Gary Aguirre was told to lay off him, because in the pre-2008 days the SEC was captured by powerful Wall Street interests).

The truth is, of course, it disturbs them because the settlement system is as sloppy as I say. Look up the Dole case (“Dole Case Illustrates Problems in Shareholder System” New York Times March 2017 ) or read around on this site and it will all become clear. No one knows really who owns how much, a blockchain-based dividend reveals and drives out the slop, and the oligarchy (which derives much wealth in many different ways from the fact of that slop) wants it neither revealed nor fixed. They cannot say that, so I am sure they will try to rationalize it in a dozen different ways.

The SEC exists to protect investors. No retail investor would lose a penny from that dividend going forward. The only market participants in harm’s way would be the shorts, but shorts are sophisticated investors. They were notified in July via an an 8K that this was happening. They took the risk. If the SEC responds to the lobbying they are getting from their client industry (Wall Street), if the SEC steps in and disrupts this fair and appropriate dividend from OSTK, it will be the single greatest piece of proof one could imagine that they are still in the pocket of the oligarchy. And I, who have tried these last few years to help them rebuild their reputation with the public, will be … unhappy. Actually, I will consider it the proverbial “act of war” ending a long and productive peace we have maintained.

It reminds me in some odd way of the truth about the death of James Foley (not the cover story). I thought that was one of the wackiest stories I knew, and I have felt guilty keeping the truth secret as I have, but even that angst would be topped by this one, were the SEC to interfere so openly with the proper functioning of the market in order to advantage concentrated interests by imposing a dispersed cost on the retail investing public.

If the SEC were to do such a thing as interfere with the dividend OSTK announced, might that be retaliation for my having come forward to the authorities in April, and to the public in the last week of August? Why would they feel the need to retaliate? Could there be any connection…?

What is the right thing to do? It has been weighing on my conscience a lot of late: you know, even in my recent and now publicly-disclosed whistle-blowing, I never breathed a word of Foley to anyone. Not even the current, legitimate feds. Kind of a matter of honor thing. But now I am not sure if withholding the truth from his family and the authorities is correct of me. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

  1. Very few people have the courage to speak truth to power & expose corruption on national TV like Patrick Byrne did. (Link to his interview is in reply to this post)

    Patrick has said in interviews that anyone who wants to help him could buy from Overstock. I would like to add a few suggestions:

    1)Buy from Overstock and give Overstock gift certificates to others

    2)Buy stock in Overstock.Ticker symbol is OSTK. After you buy stock place a GTC(Good Til Canceled) Limit Sell order for $200 a share or more to prevent your shares being loaned out to short sellers who might try to drive the stock price down.

    3)Download the TZERO Crypto App on your smartphone and buy Ravencoin. Overstock already owns a lot of Ravencoin and TZERO is majority owned by Overstock/Medici

    4)Join Pro freedom social network MINDS where freedom of speech is respected users earn crypto tokens for using the site.Overstock/Medici owns about 24% of MINDS

    It is up to We The People to stand up and unite behind basic principles like truth,freedom,goodwill,integrity,The Golden Rule and the Non-Aggression principle to make positive change.

    The corrupt politicians of both corrupt parties will not care about these principles until We The People show them We care about these principles.

    Most politicians who claim to be public servants are really self servants/crony servants.

    If We The People unite behind someone like Patrick for having the courage to expose corruption and speak truth to power on national TV, We can not only help him but also help ourselves in making a better world. Thank You

  2. So what are We The People going to do about surveillance, censorship and corruption by media/tech/finance giants and politicians? I will keep posting this plan of action for immediate change as it is the best idea I can think of for now to combat this in a peaceful,productive manner.

    1)Cancel Cable TV (All channels should be available individually so consumers don’t have to give money to stations they don’t want to)

    2)Bank with small local banks/credit unions & invest with small brokerages & insist your employer/pension fund do the same.

    3)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches.
    Some might decide to boycott Facebook,Twitter,Apple,Amazon and Google for censorship issues alone.

    4)Support a pardon for Julian Assange & Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers/truthtellers

    5)Join Pro freedom social network MINDS.com,where freedom of speech is respected & users earn crypto tokens.

    6)Use web browsers like Dissenter or Brave rather than Chrome or Safari when you surf the web.
    Use search engines like DuckDuckGo rather than Google or Bing for web searches.
    Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail.
    Post videos on Bitchute and MINDS rather than Youtube.

    7)Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint,Ubuntu or others on your computer rather than Windows or Mac.
    Keep your eyes open for alternatives to apple/android smartphones in the near future.

    8) Do NOT support the “War on Drugs” which causes more crime,death,murder,gang violence and incarcerations,enriching criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway.

    9) Support a new foreign policy where We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds.

    10) Support a worldwide effort to voluntarily help others in the hope that it will win over more people to these principles.

    Please share this plan of action with others via text,email & social media if you agree.Here’s a link to share this message.Thank You https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/943148464663228416?referrer=truthfreedompeace

  3. DONT let up the musical chairs game stops on the reocrd date and dont forget T+2 so the last day to own stock is Thursday

  4. I have noticed that tastyworks stopped taking opening orders on OSTK stock or options on friday and is only accepting closing orders.
    Also heard that Robinhood stopped taking options orders for OSTK.
    Does this mean that other brokers will follow suit shortly?
    Will the stock have to be halted soon?
    Very interesting to watch.

  5. I believe you certainly should go forward with any info you have regarding James Foley.I never researched the story about him before,but now I will .

  6. Yes please let us know about Mr. Foley. Transparency is always the best option.
    If you want to hear another one I will tell you about Janos Papp who was employed by the FBI for 7 years to imported cocaine.

  7. Lieber Patrick,

    Your Rabbi from Omaha continues to be your best adviser for civic duties as he has already done in addition to financial matters which revolve around the lack of or “discounting” of “value metrics” continuing to be avoided in pricing your “common stock” with or without a “digital dividend.” Why doesn’t Mr. Buffett listen to the pleas he has been receiving to make some “investment” in OSTK directly, including his knowledge about you having always been a most capable financial steward?

    1. Risk tolerance. And the nature of their relationship.

      Buffet likes to see a history of money coming in, and while Ovesrtock.com fits the bill, the Blockchain division does not.

      Also, there appears to be some unspoken agreement-understanding whereby Buffet keeps a hands-off approach.

      Patrick appears to be one of those kids who wants do it themselves.

  8. My advice to you Patrick, such as it is:

    Relax and disconnect.
    Rest up.
    You’re off the hook for now, legitimately, as your sense of duty has led you to resign CEO and Chairman of Overstock.com, effectively removing you from the front-line of battle.

    You recall how in 2003-2004 or so, you were envious of a mid-level miscreant who was caught by the SEC and, as the main thrust of his punishment, “relieved of his administrative duties” for a year?

    You have that now. Rest up. Won’t last. Not a year. Rest ..

  9. My advice to you Patrick, such as it is:

    Relax and disconnect.
    Rest up.
    You’re off the hook for now, legitimately, as your sense of duty has led you to resign CEO and Chairman of Overstock.com, effectively removing you from the front-line of battle.

    You recall how in 2003-2004 or so, you were envious of a mid-level miscreant who was caught by the SEC and, as the main thrust of his punishment, “relieved of his administrative duties” for a year?

    You have that now. Rest up. Won’t last. Not a year. Rest ..

  10. You have made my day! Thank you for breathing new life into Deepcapture.com. As I have been following with great fascination the daily trading activity of Overstock, I could only conclude that the naked shorters have not been reigned in at all and in fact continue to target OSTK with their obvious manipulative trading schemes. I find it incredible that OSTK’s capitalization is traded every 4 or 5 trading days on a consistent basis!

    What I have come to realize is that the current industry traders (who are lazy by nature) have not taken the time to understand the current digital revolution underway and are clueless to its implications. The OSTK digital token dividend must stand! The time has come for the true reckoning that Dr. Jim DeCosta has described here with such great alacrity in previous times.

    p.s. If you haven’t already, please look at the Hashgraph Platform, more specifically it’s “consensus service” that is currently available and I think could really benefit TZero tremendously. I think it could be a game-breaking piece of technology with regards to its ability to handle hundreds of thousands of time-stamped transactions per second securely (asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant). Awesome stuff!!!

  11. Were you the businessman trump saw at white house and joke about at a rally in mid August?
    Keep leading from the front when you can. Better soldiers will follow.
    Disrupt the charities with token next. Charities scam too many, especially veterans.

  12. Don’t you dare back down PB! We, the loyal long term retail shareholders, are counting on you! We got massacred today and we know it’s illegal naked shorting. Enough is enough! Call on your Rabbi for a special favor if you need to. Don’t let pride stand in the way. We believe in you!

  13. Lieber Patrick,

    I will bite on your ethics question then, since it seems apparent that Mr. Buffett’s ethics in assisting in validating that his Lucky Lotto birth nation’s “Rule of Law” will remain MIA because he has become too much entrenched with “the status quo.” Therefore, the “disruptions” which you have worked tirelessly to implement in cleaning up the slop in C&S which has more easily allowed Wall Street to stealthily become “Organized Crime,” might not benefit his true nature even when attempting to show a liberal bleeding heart for those without a chance in hell on Mother Earth.

    Otherwise, with the business moats that you have established and he has no doubt been made privy to including “patents” relating to future cash flows that are certain to follow sooner rather than later with his “stamp of approval” including the proper financing, he would have already jumped in the pool with his clothes on, and prior to his wonderful journey ending at the ripe old age of 89.

    So much for him fantasizing as a little boy in Omaha about catching The Dillingers and Baby Face Nelsons robbing banks during the real Great Depression which preceded his “Great Recession” 08/09 Central Banking Implosion including his loans to Goldman Sachs that assisted in “temporarily” fixing the system.

    Your inquiry for seeking opinions on what to do seems rhetorical since you have already declared an “act of war” against what continues to be a captured SEC even if they “stand down” to the sophisticated short sided investor lobbying you have heard from your NY sources this morning.

    If they do cause you to be “unhappy” there is no doubt that this “actor” and his “wife” would have played a role in doing so as this trading week draws to an end.


    Let us look at history on a macro level for an answer to your question. After all, Dr. Byrne, you along with others have fought tirelessly the past fifteen years to put an end to the criminal under pinning that no doubt continues to destroy ways of life bolstered by providing gainful employment to countless people in the U.S. and around the globe.

    Indeed, it can be stated unequivocally, that Wall Street has become what certain founding fathers feared most about a central banking authority in any form. That being, their ultimate existence would result in producing nothing except money or currency for the sake of currency. Useless “Men in Suits”. Keine arbeit, keine Produktion, keine Wirtschaft.

    There remains other political and economic history where “good men” fought tyranny in New York during Boss Tweed’s reign. The Committee of Seventy before I “coined” The Committee of Seven Million courtesy of the earlier introduction of our known “internet” back when your movement began, should serve as an another reminder for your benefit.

    Declaring war and the aftermath which results remains painful and horrible while blameless people perish as history has proven, however; sometimes it remains a necessary evil to displace despots in central positions doing great harm to mass producers in the form of people or human capital. In our mind, since we know the pure evil we are up against when dealing with those notorious, useless “Men in Suits” on Wall Street, no better war could be waged on behalf of citizens globally at this snapshot in U.S. History since they take their cues and bows from the United States of America’s capitalistic system.

    You should remain intent on a no holds barred strategy and solution in dealing with these miscreants.

    Semper Fi is not an inappropriate term for what you must remain, and how you should respond next if tyranny continues to prevail in our U.S. Financial Markets.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  14. Hi Patrick,I realize you no longer work for Overstock/Medici but since you are still a major shareholder I just wanted to post this idea/vision as I believe Overstock (and maybe you as an activist investor) are perfectly suited to bring this idea to fruition.These are ideas I have shared with social media pages of yours,Jonathan Johnson,tZero,Medici etc. over the past year.

    Imagine a website/app/network where people from all over the world unite behind the principles of truth,freedom,goodwill,integrity,humility,the Non-Aggression Principle,the Golden Rule and voluntarily helping others.A place where we use social media,networking,trade & commerce to support each other and promote these principles we share.(And a homepage that gets this message/mission statement across crystal clear).Imagine a focused,inspired user base dedicated to promoting this.

    I am thinking competition for facebook,twitter,amazon,google/youtube,apple,netflix,big banks/brokerages,Mainstream Media and even politicians! lol
    Just taking a little market share from each could turn into something awesome.

    This could simply start out as a social media website/app just to gather together those people in the world who value principles like truth,freedom,peace,the non-aggression principle and voluntarily helping others.Then it could eventually morph into a website/app where these principles are promoted upfront while at the same time being a social media,commerce,trade,digital currency,news,education,entertainment(videos and video games) and communication powerhouse.

    This type of website/network could come to fruition through the meeting and cooperation of many Overstock/ Medici affiliated companies.

    Worldstock is a domain owned by Overstock and I really think that domain name could be used to make the ultimate website as it could imply a double entendre with the 2 meanings being:

    1)World Stock of products/goods/services/financial instruments

    2)A Woodstock type of vibe/event/experience gone Worldwide encouraging people to unite behind the principles of truth,freedom,peace,goodwill,the Non-Aggression principle, the Golden Rule and voluntarily helping others.

    Picture the principled website described above as Worldstock.com , a social media/network/commerce/trade site where you could buy almost any kind of product/service from almost anywhere in the world:furniture,clothes,electronics,stocks,options,security tokens,cryptocurrency,real estate,cars,insurance,mortgages,land titles etc..

    Imagine Worldstock as the “Great Lake” website/network into which the rivers of Overstock,tZERO,Medici Land Governance,Bitt,Voatz,Minds and others flow.
    Imagine the best website in the world….

    I think liberty lovers worldwide would much rather buy and use products,information and services from like-minded people.I think liberty lovers worldwide would obviously much rather elect like-minded people to office.Overstock/Medici could provide the internet gateway/homebase to make this happen and change the world for the better.

    In my opinion,all political parties are easily co-opted & corrupted.Things won’t change much until citizens unite behind truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity.Most politicians who claim to serve the public are really self servants/crony servants.Therefore,We the People must unite behind basic principles to make positive change.

    The best hope for more freedom in general is for more people to unite behind and promote freedom worldwide.Freedom of speech is obviously essential,but I would hope that there will be a concerted effort to unite folks behind some other basic principles as well.

    “A place where people from all over the world unite behind the principles of truth,freedom,goodwill,integrity,humility,the Non-Aggression principle,the Golden Rule and voluntarily helping others.A place where we use social media,networking,trade & commerce to support each other and promote these principles we share.”

    This is the best idea I can think of to make the world a better place.Anyone got a better idea?I’m listening……

    We have a short time on this earth,which reminds me why truth,freedom,kindness,forgiveness,integrity and goodwill are of the highest value.Some may say you can’t save the world,but I would say,” why not try anyway?”
    I’ve got nothing better to do.

  15. here is your data on naked short selling

    Date Short Volume Total Volume Percentage Squeeze Trigger $ Value
    2019-09-16 3143909 10088815 0.31 22.42 70486440
    2019-09-13 7170733 18599902 0.39 27.01 193681498
    2019-09-12 4091270 11379779 0.36 25.12 102772702
    2019-09-11 2844226 9224992 0.31 22.98 65360313
    2019-09-10 2066086 5707031 0.36 20.5 42354763
    2019-09-09 1450115 4083335 0.36 18.27 26493601
    2019-09-06 898453 2364674 0.38 16.81 15102995
    2019-09-05 806550 1884812 0.43 15.81 12751556
    2019-09-04 732595 1587648 0.46 15.47 11333245
    2019-09-03 1026391 2113288 0.49 15.3 15703782
    2019-08-30 1240113 2628700 0.47 15.94 19767401
    2019-08-29 1009232 1966280 0.51 16.64 16793620
    2019-08-28 1328976 2716839 0.49 16.9 22459694
    2019-08-27 2118490 4440616 0.48 17.46 36988835
    2019-08-26 3232639 6505218 0.5 17.75 57379342
    2019-08-23 2377562 4571690 0.52 20.4 48502265
    2019-08-22 6196926 12430389 0.5 21.11 130817108
    2019-08-21 2017797 3687815 0.55 19.75 39851491
    2019-08-20 2446613 4440271 0.55 19.65 48075945
    2019-08-19 2373910 4507279 0.53 18.72 44439595
    2019-08-16 2951968 5900062 0.5 18.11 53460140
    2019-08-15 5011309 10843752 0.46 18.19 91155711
    2019-08-14 3081050 8946187 0.34 16.85 51915693
    2019-08-13 1947129 6934322 0.28 21.69 42233228
    2019-08-12 1250150 5606016 0.22 25.52 31903828
    2019-08-09 3041241 11151243 0.27 24.22 73658857
    2019-08-08 816761 2514631 0.32 21.59 17633870
    2019-08-07 807930 2389855 0.34 21.85 17653271
    2019-08-06 918989 2540899 0.36 21.74 19978821
    2019-08-05 991487 3279857 0.3 21.8 21614417
    2019-08-02 868818 2553734 0.34 20.83 18097479
    2019-08-01 1541614 4638771 0.33 21.8 33607185
    2019-07-31 1718803 5254529 0.33 22.57 38793384
    2019-07-30 3293218 9424076 0.35 22.72 74821913
    2019-07-29 2738566 8705774 0.31 21.33 58413613
    2019-07-26 1343611 3882801 0.35 19.81 26616934
    2019-07-25 2357181 6744106 0.35 19.55 46082889

    Total 745,444,501 1,551,775,067 48.04 34.73 25,887,675,213

    *Total includes data back to 2014-09-17. Chart truncated for viewing.


    as you can last 2 datys it was huge and take into account WASHED trades I say the nake dshort totals afetr al the years and covers is about 30-40M easy

  16. Truthfreedompeace.. Would be nice but would never work. does not play to the mass of human emotion. The worldstock.com idea is already being played out by several companies, mooning markets is just one.. RavenX is looking to do the same thing. And then there is the LARGE % of the population that hate everything social media. I use payppal and ebay and amazon and other markets but I hate FB,, IG, Linkedin, twitter and all the other soylent green social media sites. People will come if the prices are better or they can get their wigets faster. They will not come for moral reasons, or at least not enough will.

  17. The day FBI told the Foley family they believe the very obviously fake execution video is authentic, that’s when I understood that it was staged by and produced by American intelligence.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  18. The day FBI told the Foley family they believe the very obviously fake execution video is authentic, that’s when I understood that it was staged by and produced by American intelligence.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  19. certainly I for one want to hear further on the Foley death…but since you have already chosen a path that is ruffling many feathers…..potentially exposing you to unknown risks from the DS.at this point in time, i. think it best for you to keep ur commentary on your experience and understanding of the conduct involved in the weaponization of the intel agencies and the justice dept……by dangling many other experiences you have witnessed may tend to lessen your credibility with regards to one of the greatest attempts to thwart our Republic….In AWE of your courage and wisdom….with our Creator’s grace you will have much opportunity to educate us……a loyal fan…..

  20. Yes, but OSTK’s board changed the record date, and that is on them, without giving their shareholders notice that is a possibility. I don’t doubt the big boys are behind it, but mom and dad just screwed over their children.

  21. Today, President Trump called Foley’s family. What does Trump know about Foley’s death? Inquiring minds want to know v

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