On Any Other Day That Might Seem Strange

Yesterday the shares on loan in OSTK actually increased by 170,000. Given that OSTK is indeed on the Reg SHO list, that should not be able to happen.

How odd.  If only there were a pattern….

  1. To OSTK shareholders,
    Notice that nobody can seem to find a public statement by the SEC or major brokerages on whether or not GTC limit sell orders prevent your shares from being loaned out to short sellers

    The absence of them showing public statements to clarify this issue make all the more reason to place those orders. There’s no harm in placing high priced GTC limit sell orders for OSTK at $200 a share or more.

    Don’t go by what some random guy at a broker tells you on the phone.Without a public statement in writing their words are not reliable and I would HIGHLY recommend placing those orders.

    That being said,I suspect most large shareholders are loaning out their shares to short sellers given the high return/short rebate they earn.

  2. BD’s continue to protect the owner(s) of the $30 puts bought and continually rolled up for one year or more now. Sadly, even at $9.00 common price prior, those owners did not close up shop still being intent on inflicting more damage taken out of the enterprise up through and continuing after the “digital dividend.” They refuse to allow the mechanics behind the digital dividend to operate according to the supply/demand factors inherent in free markets since their control of markets remain dictatorships designed to protect the “capital” of the “status quo” and “steal” from the main stream public’s capital pools who remain their rubes. The lack of communication by all parties with less than four business days left prior to record date, with respect to the handling of this matter is also perplexing. Regarding Fidelity, I remain fairly certain they consider themselves “competitors” to tZero’s solution and are also intent on seeing it fail. I am sorry I educated AJ and her “traders” on their floor over time including the fact that they cleaned house selling into the peak highs of January, 2018 from very low prices in the Fall prior. Divine intervention is going to be required to deal with these Devils otherwise. Where will the higher power come from?

  3. Hey Patrick get the lawyers ready..

    Merill and Goldman should pay 100X more since its the 2nd go around.

    Record date lets hope the number is crazy like 40M out and 100M holders

    Start putting together a SHORT and sweet update for TV on how syetm is Counterfeited

    Get the WASH DC people in loop and SEC and DOJ

    when the firms say they forgot to settle the trades Hang them all

    WHO sold all the shares? Get that name also and expsoe it

    Follw the sell tickets to the money Wont be easy the washed trades back and forth to get you off their tail

  4. I have been a HODLer of overstock for 2 years. There have been many let downs along the way. This digital dividend surely would be the end game. I purchased a significant number of open call contracts with expiration of 9/20 with the expectation that the “gig was up” for Naked Short Sellers. I am now bewildered with the notion that it may not be. Furthermore, my call contracts expire 9/20. If I have no skin in the game on 9/23 will I simply be out of luck. Will I not have a case to be included in a class action lawsuit? Should I be purchasing Call Options for 9/27 expiration? A bet to be placed knowing the only possible way to recover my losses is to be a part of a class action lawsuit.

  5. If this doesn’t work then OSTK needs to issue a 1:2 paper to digital token split. All new shares would be digital. None of them would exist before. No one could cover them. Then they need to issue a direct to shareholder digital dividend using #RVN. No intermediary = shorts can’t cover because the material doesn’t exist until it’s distributed. This will add value to shareholders.

  6. Maybe the Wall Street won again even with a big jump the stock price which seems less likely it’s still down so much in the last few days may not make a difference … Maybe the street is one step ahead of you PB….. ):

  7. So what are We The People going to do about surveillance, censorship and corruption by media/tech/finance giants and government? I will keep posting this plan of action for immediate change as it is the best idea I can think of for now to combat this in a peaceful,productive manner.

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  8. Story on street is That Morgan Stanley has a SELL ONLY on stock maybe others sounds about right they need clients to cover and dont want any others to buy.. Welcome to Fraud St

  9. your daily naked short data the total volume needs to be cut down due to washing of trades( they do that so all the longs think its down on volume)
    Thats a old Wall St trading trick

    Date Short Volume Total Volume Percentage Squeeze Trigger $ Value
    2019-09-16 3143909 10088815 0.31 22.42 70486440
    2019-09-13 7170733 18599902 0.39 27.01 193681498
    2019-09-12 4091270 11379779 0.36 25.12 102772702
    2019-09-11 2844226 9224992 0.31 22.98 65360313
    2019-09-10 2066086 5707031 0.36 20.5 42354763
    2019-09-09 1450115 4083335 0.36 18.27 26493601
    2019-09-06 898453 2364674 0.38 16.81 15102995
    2019-09-05 806550 1884812 0.43 15.81 12751556
    2019-09-04 732595 1587648 0.46 15.47 11333245
    2019-09-03 1026391 2113288 0.49 15.3 15703782
    2019-08-30 1240113 2628700 0.47 15.94 19767401
    2019-08-29 1009232 1966280 0.51 16.64 16793620
    2019-08-28 1328976 2716839 0.49 16.9 22459694
    2019-08-27 2118490 4440616 0.48 17.46 36988835
    2019-08-26 3232639 6505218 0.5 17.75 57379342
    2019-08-23 2377562 4571690 0.52 20.4 48502265
    2019-08-22 6196926 12430389 0.5 21.11 130817108
    2019-08-21 2017797 3687815 0.55 19.75 39851491
    2019-08-20 2446613 4440271 0.55 19.65 48075945
    2019-08-19 2373910 4507279 0.53 18.72 44439595
    2019-08-16 2951968 5900062 0.5 18.11 53460140
    2019-08-15 5011309 10843752 0.46 18.19 91155711
    2019-08-14 3081050 8946187 0.34 16.85 51915693
    2019-08-13 1947129 6934322 0.28 21.69 42233228
    2019-08-12 1250150 5606016 0.22 25.52 31903828
    2019-08-09 3041241 11151243 0.27 24.22 73658857
    2019-08-08 816761 2514631 0.32 21.59 17633870
    2019-08-07 807930 2389855 0.34 21.85 17653271
    2019-08-06 918989 2540899 0.36 21.74 19978821
    2019-08-05 991487 3279857 0.3 21.8 21614417
    2019-08-02 868818 2553734 0.34 20.83 18097479
    2019-08-01 1541614 4638771 0.33 21.8 33607185
    2019-07-31 1718803 5254529 0.33 22.57 38793384
    2019-07-30 3293218 9424076 0.35 22.72 74821913
    2019-07-29 2738566 8705774 0.31 21.33 58413613
    2019-07-26 1343611 3882801 0.35 19.81 26616934
    2019-07-25 2357181 6744106 0.35 19.55 46082889

    Total 745,444,501 1,551,775,067 48.04 34.73 25,887,675,213

    *Total includes data back to 2014-09-17. Chart truncated for viewing.

    SO YOU KNOW why the tsock is going down blasting away fake shares until longs panic and they cover Its a free money buffett

  10. Considering how very smart and shrewd you remain along with the financial genius who is your Rabbi, I find it “impossible” to fathom that those thugs in Chicago at the OCC would have been granted a wide open door into our home to plunder while this “digital dividend” was designed and implemented for being a properly vetted and communicated “financial instrument” to all regulatory authorities.

    If it becomes true that the OCC is legally going to get away with eliminating the “digital dividend” value on the underlying option table tranches, in favor of aiding and abetting focused “bear bets” much to the chagrin of bull bets to the contrary including calls, especially those $30 strike puts that have been haunting owners for at least a year in mammoth size, we will be very unhappy like you alluded to yesterday after hearing from your Staten Island, NY contact, even while the dirty deeds were coming from Chicago instead.

    At a minimum, one put “option contract” that was purchased, or “bought” and represents 100 underlying common shares, should now include 10 OSTKO “digital shares” in the contract details, and be part of adjustments since the digital dividend was declared.

    The criminals in hiding who were front running this “knowledge” connecting to their captured regulator in Chicago the past two trading days, and maybe as long as since the close of trading last Friday conveniently at under $25, are celebrating all over the internet tonight. Show them who the “smart money” is by pulling that fourth ACE of your pocket, please.

  11. Well, if there is one thing Dr. Byrne proved to his previous shareholders in spite of his hyperbole over the years, it’s that he never believed the intrinsic value of his company as being greater than $750M at most, and probably much less when thinking about the share sales that preceded his final exit “stage left.”

    What a terrible way to leave his owners including such a dismal message for what may lay in store for them assuming they don’t experience “break even” cash flows sooner rather than later.

    One thing that will be interesting as this saga plays out, though, is how The Market may turn him into a greater fool for selling like he has since appearing as a charlatan for so many years of being unable to focus while always being distracted into something else away from the core business.

    Considering their disdain for him, this seems like an easy call for how they will take his own creation to greater heights since they finally got rid of what they refused to like. Could there be many multiples of capital above his exit price, even trumping whatever magical returns he is seeking elsewhere, and in the same or less time? Time will tell, and of course, time is money.

    There are external forces–his very enemies–with “virtually” unlimited capital, knowledge and market influence to finally turn Overstock and its subs into something spectacular. All they have to do is turn the switch to ON which has been turned OFF for 20 years because of Dr. Byrne.

    A Final Note to our prior “Humble Servant” who has hardly been “Humble” at All: If by some MIRACLE–what are the odds of that?–you do take down the United States of America’s “DEEP STATE” almost single handed in the weeks and months ahead, while disproving our own belief that you are clearly a gifted Irish Catholic Story Teller, you would go down in history as being a bigger HERO than William Wallace’s fictional followers ever dreamed he was.

    We have read in places that you are 6’6″ or something close but we recall meeting you in 2005, and not thinking you were that large a man, but wrong physical perceptions could have certainly played a part since you were an unimpressive speaker while attracting followers to your message of “FREEDOM!” from the tyranny of the U.S. Financial Markets.

    In the mean time, patient investors will know soon enough what’s really in store for their shares and their future, possibly without the necessity of The Good Dr. Byrne coming back to save them. Stay tuned.


    P.S. Wouldn’t have you been better off hiding in Scotland?

  12. Patrick, I have a project for you to spearhead in order to make right the crimes that continue to take place against your former company, its incumbent shareholders, as well as yourself if addressed properly including all sellers who may have “profited” or “lost” during this past week’s CF, i.e., The Class Period.

    It’s on the Yahooligan Board where criminals persist without restraint ….but in a nutshell….Overstock’s board should demand the attorneys who blessed this legally crafted “digital security”–men who you bragged about to me in an aftermath post–in partnership with the SEC, and witnessed them change the anticipated “trading venue” at the last hour to protect their Investment Bank Clients at Morgan, Goldman as well as their clients, Mr.&Mrs. Short XYZ wherever in HELL they live, in addition to the Broker/Dealers like Fidelity working for the same bad guys consistently; litigate “ON CONTINGENCY against the whole lot of them requesting and determining with the right “MATH” where the stock value would have been without their INTERFERENCE as part of recouping 20 years of dilution and “lost opportunity” INTRINSIC VALUE by their dubious actions.

    For shareholders, it would be a Munger like “Lollapalooza Effect” and event worth BILLIONS but tier the “contingent percentage” drawn after winning by those lawyers according to billion dollar thresholds with a maximum of 35 percent(let’s say $4B shareholder nets $70 per share gross, lawyers $38 gross before a Fixed Price is subtracted where the stock was fairly trading before the fraud, i.e. $17 per share as the rewards) with them paying all fees so shareholders come away with the many “tens of dollars per share” on investment that has continued to be lost.

    If those wise guy lawyers–smart mouths in suits–refuse to do it on contingency after The Kings Ransom owners already paid them as part of their inflated fees for work which failed(why no guarantees?), then OSTK and its board should sue them as well!

    Smoke a weekend peace pipe on that, or hold your breath real deep while scuba diving, and let us know what you think.

    Your Humble Sucker who played The Patsy at your Poker Table for the time being.

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